1996 CD Winners

Among all of you who voted in the 1996 Annual Cyberspace Euro-Energy Awards, several CDs was drawn. I regret to inform that Bjorn Hardestam (Eurodance WWW, Sweden) was not able to donate CDs, therefore the wiiners will obtain CDs only from my own private collection.

Winner (Country)Cd Title
Yoshi Akiyama (Japan)VIVA Dance vol. 6 (2 CD Compilation)
Arbi Amir (USA) EARLY CLUB HITS (2 CD Compilation)
Wilburn Chan (Canada) RAVE BASE 7 (2 CD Compilation)
Ying Chen (USA)MASTERBOY - ""Colours" (Album)
Errol Corpuz (Canada)BLUE SYSTEM "Body To Body" (Album)
Eduardo Corres (Spain)CLUB MIX UNITED (2 CD Compilation)
Ricardo Cortes (USA)VIVA liebt dich vol.2 (2 CD Compilation)
Jeff Foley (Rep. South Africa)MAXI DANCE SENSATION vol 22
Kutchapon Kongsitti (USA)U 96 "Heaven" (Album)
Andrew Lloyd (Australia)MAXI DANCE XXL vo.3 (2 CD Compilation)
Roger McCormick (England)MORE THAN MILES 3 (Compilation)
Patrick O'Neal (USA)TOP 96 (Die Besten Hits Des Jahres) (2 CD Compilation)
Zdenek Smetana (Czech Rep.)RAVE BASE 8 (2 CD Compilation)
Tomasz Zolnierczyk (Canada)JUST THE BEST vol. 10 (2 CD Compilation)