1996 Nominations


Summer Is Crazy
With all the hype around dream music during the 1996 summer, someone had to come up with some kind of link between dream music and the euro-energy style. Well, DWA and Alexia did it with brio. This track has all the usual energy that can be expected from DWA's releases along with touches of dream music style's piano. One of the few excellent euro-energy songs which doesn't have a rap. The result is a brilliant release from Alexia that features the ever so great vocals of her along with the distinct sound associated to Robyx Productions.
Heaven Help My Heart
This track is a very well-done, pure energy dance hit with a beautiful female vocal (no rap!) with magnificent synths and melodies. It is very fast-paced like most of other Hi-NRG tracks. The chorus is a killer. The background synth during the chorus goes perfectly with it, filling the song with dark energy. Great vocals throughout the song. Euro-NRG lovers can't afford to miss this one! Definitely a strong candidate for the best Euro-NRG song of the year.
This Is Your Night
Vocalist Amber is mesmerizing and well complimented by the Berman Brothers extraordinary production techniques. This single proved impossible to resist to everyone. Destined to be a eurodance classic for many years to come.
Only With You
Blue System
Stunning pure Euro outing from one of euro-energy's pioneer groups. It shows a mature, aggressive vision to the music. Great orchestration and female vocal shines extra energy along side male lead Dieter Bohlen on this serious floor shaker. A definite move to the mainstream.
Feel The Rhythm
Capital Sound
The production in this song is excellent. Great main synth track, great chorus background production! They have the bright piano as well as the synth samples through the chorus...this makes it sound very full and deep. It has a great sense of movement going from one tune to the next. Strong vocals add to this song to make it a dance floor hit.
Here I Come
Captain GQ
This track is definitive Euro/NRG. Every important element in the genre is present, and the song packs enough energy to launch a Saturn 5 rocket! Energy is what it's all about. A definite advancement towards the future of the Euro-rap formula that took the world by storm in the early part of this decade. This single is an example of how incredibly addictive to the ears this recipe can be with the right production teams at the helm.
Love & Pain
Captain Hollywood
Dark energetic Euro with extrememly powerful rap. This is Euro sound of 1993-early 1994. Remixes are done by Fun Factory and Masterboy. A common eurodance track (that was release in a short quantity) that was one of the biggest summer hit in Montreal, the dj that were not able to get that track we're still looking for it in November.
Captain Jack
Captain Jack
Hey Yo Captain Jack! These people never cease to amaze me, so far, they have done no wrong. This is the most fabulously catchy euro dance track I have heard in a long time. I can't even explain how it topps La Bouche's "Be My Lover" for hookey La De Da's, but it does! Great production, and the theme is brilliant! A sexy, military, euro dance wonderland!
Crying in The Rain
Culture Beat
This track comes on when your at home, the office, or at the club and you just lose yourself in it's power. So, so energetic and wonderfully arranged. The dynamic use of synths and percussion is flawless, flawless, flawless. Culture Beat has been an under achiever since Mr. Vain IMO. Itís tough for any band to come back from such a huge hit. But this release brings to us more of what made that song so great. Just as with Mr. Vain, itís got an evil side to it; an aggressive, Iím in Charge attitude. Nothing subtle, itís just hard nose Euro, in your face. Weíre back, get on the floor and dance!
D.J. Bobo
This song has all the ingredients that gave DJ Bobo so much success. It features a beautiful chorus that you can't find on other track this year. That makes it a little bit different from the common eurodance track on the market. The CD single also feature good versions that almost everyone could like. Rene Baumann has a rich voice that fit perfectly with the female singer (Lori Glori).
In Your Arms
Power! What else can be said? Pure, hard hitting, floor shaking magic. Melodic for days, this one slams out 100% fun and is right in your face. Fast and furious, electric eurodance, this personifies what the most powerful Euro releases are heading towards. In other words, this girl is way ahead of her time.
Love Is Paradise
First Base
This is one of the most aggresive, yet beautiful pieces of music that has come out this year. This song says POWER. Itís got everything one could ask for in a good Euro-NRG song. Captivating and creative synths, haunting female vocals, pounding bass, fast aggressive rap and a catchy chorus. This one is best played LOUD. So crank the volume, watch the hair on your arms stand up and feel the electricity sizzle your insides. This song has a groove that'll make anyone dance. This track was originally released in 1995, so we were reluctant to put it on the ballot, however it became pretty hot in the end of 1995 and bloomed in 1996, that is the reason why this one is in.
Give Me The Light
Ice MC
If ever there was a Euro anthem, this is it. This song (produced by Masterboy) defines what Euro/NRG is all about. The dynamic state of the art production and gothic ambiance was achieved.The different male rap - more of a rasta rap - works dynamically along with the sultry/dreamy female vocal to bring this track to it's glorious crescendo time and time again. The simple yet infectious melodies and rhythms are totally Euro. Mixmasters Masterboy have created THE modern day dance masterpiece.
Love Message
Love Message
Here's a track that not only celebrates Euro dance artists' on a highly respectable level, but also addresses some very taboo subjects like AIDS and safe sex. Other dance/pop artists' have contributed to various causes, but no record could have the type of powerful impact that records like Band Aid or "We Are The World" could have on the mainstream as a whole. For this reason, I have chosen this particular record as a record to "know" for 96! Brilliant production by Masterboy and appearences by World's Apart, U96, Fun Factory, E-Rotic, and Scooter. If these artists' are sending out a message to tell the world that if huge ground-breaking megastars like this are working this hard to address these subjects, then maybe, it is an issue to sit up and take notice about. The production is of the highest calibur. " Love Message" is melodic, memorable, and equally as catchy. The concept as a whole, is unforgettable! Truly a landmark in Eurodance!
Energy Of Light
Magic Affair
What no rapper and itīs good? The answer is YES, with 2 powerful singing woman on vocals and superb music there is no need for a rapper. Very interesting track that was very popular in Europe in the middle of 1996. This is the best they have made since Omen III, and defenitely a huge hit.
Show Me Colours
A totally unmistakable Eurodance gem! Masterboy really knows how to use their computers and sequencers, REALLY. Flawless piece of work, it brings you right up there and doesn't let you down. The synths are so simplistic, it sounds like it was done on one of those mini casio keyboards from the pre-set button. But it works so well! Itís got enough energy in it to keep your interest for hours and Linda Roccoís voice is very curious. Something is really, different, from most vocalists. A definite hit to come.
Missing In The Rain
T.H. Express
Farina does some fantastic stuff in this one. This is dark euro at its best. Great synths throughout this song. Amazing chorus...the background hard pianos sound great. Kudos to the change in baseline too, we can all use a change from the generic one (ie the one that Outta Control uses in their cover of "One of Us"). Great strong vocals with a souly edge that fit the dark mood of the song perfectly. Excellent all around song...full of variety and style...it sounds very polished production-wise, and has nothing lacking as far as vocals.
Forever Young
I think that not only is this record hot!, but these artists' are well on their way! Strong melodies, and catchy, hook-oriented tracks grace their debut LP Virtues Of Life. " Forever Young" is one of those tracks that are absolutely brilliant! because of it's unique sound. Covers that do not sound like covers, always continue to fascinate me, take the new La Bouche remix for "Fallin' In Love" for instance, they took a track and with one little remix, they managed to take the track to a higher level, "Forever Young" is no exception. Temperando more than justice to this classic Alphaville track. Lush piano's, lovely strings, and a strong melody push this track straight to the top, and soon it will eventually crossover into mainstream markets. This is a somewhat rare event for Canadian artists' to get this type of exposure. The dance music industry should now start to take Canadian talent more seriously!
We Are The World
Twenty For Seven
They are back faster and better than ever with the great rapper "Stay-C" that shows why he is one of the best and a new female singer called "Stella" she really makes a good work here in this fast and great song. Masterful work by Ruud van Rijen. Extremely Poweful synths, fast pace, catchy minor key melody, complementary rap. It's a very complete song, in sense that it has all necessary components of Eurodance in right proportions.
Move Your Body
Unlimited Nation
This song is simply beautiful. The vocals go with the song very nicely. The chorus/hook portion of the song is one of the best you ever heard. The main synth track is fantastic. It's remix by Cabballero that made this song stand out. Excellent synth work, similar to Mr. John "You gotta move me". Chorus is somewhat on a cheesy side, and rap could use a lot of improvement. The song sounds very full, and is packed energy.


BLUE SYSTEM What would Euro/HiNRG be without Blue System? A lot less vibrant and eclectic, that's what. Dieter Bohlen is a true genius in every sense of the word. With the release of "Laila" last year and "Only With You" in the Summer '96, he continually shows the industry that he can change and adapt to any musical style. His classical training background would likely explain that. His new CD "Body to Body" is no exception, truly a work of art with many new gems to be found on. Dieter Bohlen - a true visionary with a gift for creating classic and dynamic music which changes and adapts with whatever styles and trends are occurring. This man is one of the pioneers who created 'europop' in the 80's with the hugely successful Modern Talking (we miss you Thomas Anders). The 90's have been no different. Since 1987, Blue System has continued where Modern Talking left off, giving the world more and more perfection. This is one of the few artists who I believe, lives in his recording studio. Think of it, over 10 full albums released during the past 9 years! The actions of Blue System speak as loud as it's words... and the words are magnificent! Truly one of the great composers of our time.
CULTURE BEAT Since 1993's "Mr. Vain", Culture Beat has shown incredible staying power and dominance in the Eurodance field. They are also showing everyone that they can change with the times and trends, both musically and visually. Their music will go down in Eurodance history as being among the best to come out of this decade, and thus, will influence future Euro/NRG bands which don't even exist yet. Their newest album is a great success. All of their singles were hits, from "Inside Out" to "Crying in the rain" to "Take Me away" and finally "Walk the same line". One of the most important groups in Eurodance scene these days
D.J. BOBO He has consistantly put out great eurodance songs. Although he may have branched out in a new direction this year, he has still made two great songs for us. It is doubtful that he'll stray too far from dance music, ut he'll always put out something for his old fans. DJ BoBo is also known as the God/King of Eurodance. With that popularity and support, he went on to release his fourth album in October this year. This new album is not really Euro-Energy album as you could expect from his previous releases. There are only two Euro-NRG tracks in the album (something that's unusual for an Euro-NRG orienated artist like DJ BoBo). Anyway, his influence on the Eurodance scene is still enormous and he's still a very talented Euro-NRG artist. So he is also one of choices for the best artist of 1996.
FIRST BASE What was initially a failed German project, was brought to Canada in late January with the introduction of "Love is Paradise". An instant hit and hands down the most popular euro-dance club track this year in the Toronto area at least. This success has brought with them an opening for their recent second release "Heavenly". With expectations being so high, this song has been dismissed by some but itís a real grower and another terrific song. They will be releasing a third single sometime in 1997, making them one of the most exciting projects in some time. No question, strong candidate for the band of the year.
ICE MC One of the best eurodance male artist since his album "Ice 'n' green", he's back with his album "Dreadatour". Two single were taken from that album "Give me the Light" and "Music For Money", two great titles this year. "Music for Money" is still young , but it promises to be a success. He's a talented rapper, sometimes you're not able to understand what he's saying because I think he's talking in "Creole". That makes him special. This year he decided to quit Robyx to join ClubZone, the label of the Masterboy family.
IMPERIO After storming the international charts with hitst like Cyberdream, Atlantis and most recent single Return To Paradise, Imperio is continuing his successful story. The stylistic variety of this group is impressive. With the super euro producer Norbert Reichart behind it, the destiny of Imperio was already set right when it was born. Their first album contains 10 Euro-NRG tracks and 8 of them reached the top-10 chart in Austria. The unique combination of organs and strings produce the sound of imperio. With the powerful female vocal, the result was the highest level of ENERGY. This year they changed their style from Hi-NRG to dream house and their second album reflects a lot on that. Although most of the tracks in the new album are dream house, there are still a few ones that have the Hi-NRG elements in them. Let's hope N. Reichart will produce more Hi-NRG songs in the future. The part that we, as fans, should do is to give Imperio our maximum support and vote them for the best artist of 1996.
LA BOUCHE Who can argue with the impact La Bouche has had? This group is simply incredible. Although their first album was half R&B, and half eurodance, their singles all included faster, upbeat versions. These remixes are truely incredible eurodance. Melanie's vocals are among the best in the world of dance. Being able to get regular (or any!) airplay on MTV USA is next to impossible, but La Bouche have done it Their most recent release is a EURO, EURO, EURO remix of "Falliní in Love". The single has yet to be spotted, but the two months or so airplay it has received has stirred up more than just a few people.
MASTERBOY Here's a band with so much energy, creativity, and passion stored up that they just have to write hits constantly ... both for themselves and others. Truly an amazing accomplishment, to be able to follow a huge hit, with another, then another, then another. Kudos to whoever influenced these guys (and girl), they obviously learn VERY quickly. I believe Masterboy is JUST starting to give us a look into their busy minds, as this momentum for eurodance continues to snowball worldwide. Clear the path for this band, they'll need the room! Their newest album "Colours" have proved again that this group is one ofthebest Euro-dance group for last several years.
T.H. EXPRESS Even though the best song of this group, which is another Mauro Farina project, was released in 1995, this year he followed up with an album, released in 2 countries. This year's single, which shares the name with the album, is another cover of "Love 4 liberty", but very well done.
TEMPERANCE No question about the talent on this band. Virtually unknown this time last year, they have really made a name for themselves this year. They are finally starting to get notice outside of Canada, in no small part due to their terrific "Forever Young". They are on the verge of exploding in the US market. Their album is full of hits, including from 96, "Take me Away", "Forever Young" and the most recent "Lost in Love" This is but a few of their numerous terrific creations. Super Stars in the making.
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