1997 CD Winners

Among all of you who voted in the 1997 edition of Annual Cyberspace Euro-Energy Awards, several CDs were drawn. All CDs were donated by Eurodance Hits WWW - Home of Awards.

Winner (Country)Cd Title
John-Paul Benoist (North Tyneside, U.K.)HIT MANIA DANCE'97 (CD Compilation)
G. Bond (Sydney, Australia) FORMEL EINS - Nightmare Hits (2 CD Compilation)
Mathieu Chevalier (Le Gardeur, Canada)MR. PRESIDENT - We See The Same Sun (Album)
Scott Fraser (Calgary, Canada)EUROENERGY - Dance On The Web 1 (Compilation)
Christos Georgakis (Lincolnwood, Illinois, USA)HIT PARADE DANCE PROGRESSIVE 2 (CD Compilation)
Diego G. Hara (Buenos Aires, Argentina)RAVE BASE 10 (2 CD Compilation)
Brian Hollingworth (Macgregor, Australia)BOOM - Rave Collection (2 CD Compilation)
Ramit Islam (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)JUST THE BEST vol 12. (2 CD Compilation)
Richard Kedra (Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA)RAVE BASE 8 (2 CD Compilation)
Mital Kotecha (Racine, Wisconsin, USA) CLUB SOUNDS vol. 3 (2 CD Compilation)
Joseph M. Loglisci (Brooklyn, New York, USA)VIVA DANCE vol. 9 (2CD Compilation)
Rob Norton (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)PROFONDO ROSSO PROGRESSIVE (CD Compilation)
John Paul Seve (Plano, Texas, USA)MAXI DANCE SENSATION vol 24 (2CD Compilation)
Martin Troberg (Sturefors, Sweden)VIVA DANCE vol. 10 (2CD Compilation)

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