1998 Nominations


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The Sun Will Be Shining
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor
The masters of euro finally released a eurotrack, "Let Sun Will Be Shining", after releasing some R'n'B tracks. 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor has given us several eurodance classic over the past 4 years, like "Fly", "Dreams". They're simply one of the best eurodance producers out there.
introduced by (Niklas Adolfsson)
One of the most expertly constructed Future Trance tracks that hit dance scene in 1998. Originally produced in 1997, this one is simply brilliant. Beautiful, driving synthwork with beautiful buildups and breakdowns that work magic on the dancefloor.
introduced by (Gene Whitmore)
The Music I Like
After releasing some slower songs, she released this smashing energy song. It has a typical Alexia style, pianos, strings and synths mixed together with Alexias powerful voice and blended into an energy dancehit. .
introduced by (Niklas Adolfsson)
Love 4 Real
Basic Element
The group is not a newcomer for you who follow the dance releases. This Swedish group already has been on the market for several years, however lately not as active as they have should be. In 1998 group released their come back album called "Earthquake". The nominated song has appeared on that album and represents good hybrid of EuroNRG sound and TECHNO synths with interesting instrumental arrangements and RAP. Taken together nice come back and great track!
introduced by (Kris Gregorsky)
From Heaven To Heartache
Bad Boys Blue
The triumphant return of Bad Boys Blue to Coconut Records in 1998 was music to all their fans' ears. The release of their CD "Back!" saw many of their all-time classics remixed for a '98 Eurodance audience, along with several brand new songs which we were all waiting for. "From Heaven To Heartache" stands out as the BEST new Bad Boys Blue track in years... with it's classic masculine cutting-edge Euro-NRG atmosphere, and, the inclusion of the same female vocalist who was part of their huge hit "Come Back and Stay" from the late 80's. Ironically, this new BBB track wasn't written by core writers Hendrick & Hartmann - but by Germany's bad boys of Europop E-Rotic (David Brandes, John O'Flynn, Felix J. Gauder). Either way, this one is an instant classic with fans of Bad Boys Blue everywhere. Gothic and emotionally rich, "From Heaven To Heartache" is signature BBB through and through.
introduced by (Troy Matthews)
You're A Woman '98
Bad Boys Blue
WOW! Second nomination from this group! Seems we do not have enough of their sound. While "From Heaven to Heartache" was their new release, "You're A Woman '98" is Bad Boys Blue remake of the song released in 80's. This one is actually for fans of EuroNRG with RAP componenet. Eric Singleton who did rapping for Modern Talking is back in this release, this time with boys. Track has been nicely produced by Andy Matern.
introduced by (Kris Gregorsky)
Ich Bin Wieder Hier
This superb song is based on Rozalla's song "Everybody's Free". It's got a great synthline and a great well arranged melody. Jasmins (Blümchen) vocals is powerful and at it's best. A real smashhit song combining great melody and vocals.
introduced by (Niklas Adolfsson)
Tina Cousins
If you remember SASH! song "Mysterious Time" (nominated for 1998 Euro song as well) you should remember Tina. She gave wonderful vocal to that track. "Pray" is the song Tina did on her own and it became her second masterpice of 1998. This song contains excellent instrumental background, but its main strong point is Tina's vocals, as usual she astonishes her listeners with her beautiful voice. The song also contains a choir backup which definitely adds to the comforting feeling of this song.
introduced by (Arek Sycko)
Here I Go Again
The follow-up to "Angels Crying" is this killer single. As with it's predecessor, this song also went to platinum status in E-Type's native Sweden (now there's a region of the world that knows their Euro!). What more to say, except that Martin Ericksson proves once again how to write and produce EXQUISITE Euro-NRG which fans of the genre can hold up and be proud of. The female vocals by Dilnarin "Dee" Demirbag are second to none, and are a perfect match to the dynamite music.
introduced by (Troy Matthews)
Space Inviders
Another Scandinavian group that brought a happy sound. I am not sure if I should compare this group to "Aqua" another Scandinavian group that was a hit year before, but if you know this song you will know why such comparison seems to be obvious. "Space Inviders" is a fun track. Simple melody, simple and funny, pure joy! This is probably the reason why this song was so popular during summer '98. No doubts it should have it's own spot in the category of Best Euro songs of 98.
introduced by (Kris Gregorsky)
Dance For Eternity
Kai Tracid
"Dance For Eternity" is a Eurogressive song that became a huge dance hit during the summer, when I first heard it. The background has huge similarities to B.B.E.'s "Seven Days And One Week", but there is something different about the track which makes it unique, and not "Seven Days '98". Its a powerful song, but somewhat dark and downtempo not like a Vengaboys release. There are also vocals, which also makes another difference... after listening to it for a while, I forgot about my thoughts about it sounding like B.B.E.. I nominated this song, because of its uniqueness and power, which many songs lacked during 1998, and it sounds as if you are on a magical journey.
introduced by (Peter Kinch)
Kosmonova vs. Fiocco
What do you get when you combine Fiocco's "Affilato" with a Kosmonova project... "Celebrate" by Kosmonova vs. Fiocco. Released in Germany around April of 1998 on DosOrDie/Sony, Celebrate flew up the charts. After knowing a fair bit about Kosmonova due to previous releases, I anticipated this track, but after hearing "Affilato", Fiocco seems to be the dominating force in the song. The songs power is undescrible. The best mix to listen to is the Extended Mix, because it is simply longer. After these two groups combined to make "Celebrate", is there anything that they could release to top this? Well, with these two groups collaborating, how could it not be an amazing piece of work. Definitely one of the most powerful and energetic songs of the year.
introduced by (Peter Kinch)
You're My Heart, You're My Soul '98
Modern Talking
Usually it is not popular to nominate remixes for the best song of the year, but in this case it would be a sin not to do so. It's not just a perfect euro-rap combination and the reputation of disco-classic that make this flawless track to be the absolute favorite for the prestigeous title of the best euro song of the year. The release of this single announced the unexpected reunion of the most popular disco-group after 11 years of break. It initiated the numerous comebacks of euro-veterans (mostly '98 remixes) and brought a lot of joy to euro-lovers.
introduced by (Kreshimir Herceg)
To My Heart
Ahhhh.... My all-time favorite track from Mauro Farina has been covered PERFECTLY by SAIFAM sweetie Morgana. The soaring Euro-NRG atmosphere Farina is again able to attain in this new version boggles the mind and eardrums - as nobody in the world can do Italo-NRG as good as Mauro and his strong Factory Team in Verona. Morgana's sugar-sweet vocals and perfectly sequenced vocal layering make this new version of Farina's perennial classic a joy to listen to again, and again, and again. Canadian Eurodance fans can look forward to "To My Heart" being released domestically in '99! Bravo!
introduced by (Troy Matthews)
Time Of Change
It's not that often that Spain delivers the world of Eurodance gems like this. "Time Of Change" is actually a remix/re-release - as the original was first heard roughly four years ago from Italy. It rocked back then, and '98 saw it return with full fervor. Your ears just can't escape the song's irresistibly catchy melodies, utopian percussion lines, and blue-eyed vocals from NRG sweetheart Sara. Let this track take control and you'll be melting right off the dancefloor! All this wonderment brought to you from one of SAIFAM's sister labels Chin Chin Pum in Spain - the same people who delivered "Material Girl" from Moon's Girl last year. Truly another step forward for contemporary Hi-NRG.
introduced by (Troy Matthews)
Mysterious Times
SASH! feat. Tina Cousins
A track that combines the power and energy of driving synthlines with the passion and grace of Ms. Cousins vocal performance. The vocals retain a presence in the memory that remains long after the actual music ends.
introduced by (Gene Whitmore)
How Much Is The Fish
Scooter came back strong even though they lost Ferris Bueller. Along with Alex Coon they made this happy rave track. It contains great synths pipe sounds and trademark H.P. vocals. This is defintely one of 1998 finest tracks.
introduced by (Arek Sycko)
Sequential One
DREAM DANCE with some EUROGRESSIVE elements Sequential One no longer exist as group. It only exists as a remix team. Andre Tanneberger went solo and produced the marvellous track 9PM as A.T.B. end 1998, Woody van Eijden (one of the other members) also went solo, vocalist Morpha now has a project called VIRUS. Imagination has some trance elements and of course the great voice of Morpha.
introduced by (Maurice Meerten)
We Like To Party
The second major Vengaboys release of 1998 is a definite party anthem. First released in the Benelux and the GSA area, this song has been Top 10 whereever it hit, and its obvious why, because it is an amazing song with a lot of power. The Airplay mixes are brilliant Eurogressive-house, while the BCM mixes are harder future trance and are as powerful. After hearing the song a few times, "the Vengabus" can easily invade your head. An obvious pick for '98 and even watch it continue into '99 in the UK and North America.
introduced by (Peter Kinch)
White Widow
This fairly unknown Belgian group released an exquisit progressive track. "Spy" contains more vocals than usual progressive songs which makes it seem almost a eurodance track, but the instrumental background definitely shows a harder edge to this song that screams; It's progressive. The awards like this should give the opportunity for less known groups, yet promising a bright future. White Widow is group like this and "Spy" is definately the song that should be heard of.
introduced by (Arek Sycko)
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2 UNLIMITED The bombshell announcement that 2 Unlimited were to be reconstituted with new vocalists hit the international dance music community with a thud. With a change in style on top of the change in faces, reactions to 2 U II have not been the kindest in many quarters. However, with some very strong pop tracks and judicious use of the remix talents of some of Germany's biggest Future Trance acts, the producers behind 2U have been able to redefine the act to fit with the new musical tastes of the Euro dance community. They still have a long way to go to apporach the cult status of the 2U of Ray and Anita, but the new 2 Unlimited have secured their position in the music panorama.
introduced by (Gene Whitmore)
ABSOLOM The Belgian dance scene is bringing us very forefront sound. Absolom is one of Belgian project that so far brought us 3 singles, yes they left significant impact on club scene. After "Secret" released back in 1997 that actually became a hit in 1998, group introduced also in 1998 next single "Where" beatifully done TRANCE/PROGRESSIVE track. In spite the fact that only 3 songs were released so far, the project gained recognition among DJs playing this genre, morever it has been featured in most all recent compilations with DREAM/TECHNO sound. Let's hope the group will bring more goodies in near future. They well deserve this nomination.
introduced by (Kris Gregorsky)
BAD BOYS BLUE 1998 was a big, big year for Eurodance. One of the main reasons was the return of Bad Boys Blue to their home label Coconut Records/Germany. The band returned and released the stunning CD "Back" - with many of their classic songs from the 80's remixed for the '98 dancefloor. More importantly, the album included a number of brand new tracks, which many hard-core fans immediately fell in love with - as this was the BBB they fell in love with years ago. It seemed the Boys lost the special 'magic' during their few years at Intercord - as their time spent away from Coconut only saw two or three notable hits. However, "Back" with Coconut, BBB are singing new gems like "From Heaven To Heartache", "From Heart To Heart", "Out Of the Blue", and "I Believe". Watch out in early February as the Boys continue pleasing their fans with their follow-up CD "...Continued".
introduced by (Troy Matthews)
BLÜMCHEN This German singer still in her teen age is stirring dance scene for several years recording mostly in HAPPY HARDCORE. In 1998 she released her next album "Jasmin" and one of the song from this album: "Ich Bin Wieder Hier" that was Blümchen's version of 1991 hit "Everybody's Free" by Rozalla version hit hard dance floor. She proved to be a talented artist and deserves to be nominated in this category.
introduced by (Kris Gregorsky)
DJ QUICKSILVER DJ Quicksilver became huge in 1997, and became better during 1998. The Euro hits "Planet Love/Adagio", and "Timerider/Escape To Paradise" are both double singles which are high energy euro-progressive releases. The two albums released in 1998 were "Quicksilver" (UK), and "Escape 2 Planet Love" (Germany), and are filled with excellent club music, which you can listen to anywhere. Truly a great artist.
introduced by (Peter Kinch)
E-TYPE Martin Ericsson and Stockholm Records delivered the year's very best Eurodance album - "Last Man Standing". E-Type has maintained the traditional feel of the 'good ole Euro' we all fell in love with from 93-96 from initial Eurodance pioneers Culture Beat, Real Mccoy, and La Bouche. However, he has taken the genre to new heights and levels ... with the rap now sounding very robotic and highly synthesized (as opposed to a Black rapper), and of course, the female vocal counterpart full of dynamic emotion and panache. Not only can E-Type create brilliant Euro, but he also shows an amazing ability to write mainstream Europop a-la the Backstreet Boys and N-Sync, yet dare I say his writing is a little better?!?! Obviously, E-Type's first big hit in '94 - "Set the World On Fire" was only a pre-cursor to what he delivered the Euro-NRG world in '98 ... and by the look of it, the US & UK will be hearing lots more from Mr. Ericsson in '99 - as E-Type gets released domestically in those regions. Yippee!
introduced by (Troy Matthews)
KOSMONOVA Almost unheard of outside of Europe, Kosmonova is probably the best Future Trance artist in the business. Kosmonova enjoyed success with the excellent hits Take Me Away and Celebrate during 1998, and every hit by Kosmonova is a masterpiece. To top the year off, the third release in 1998 "Singin' In My Mind" features the powerful vocals of former Culture Beat artist Tania Evans. The teaming up of Tania Evans could soon take Kosmonova to an international audience, because Tania Evans' work is respected by millions around the world. Supernova, the long awaited album was released in October features several hit-worthy songs, and also a megamix of the first four Kosmonova hits. Without a doubt, Kosmonova is one of the greatest dance artists of 1998.
introduced by (Peter Kinch)
MODERN TALKING Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders back together... or "Back For Good" as their 1998 CD boasts. This is a story that swept across the Internet faster than the plotlines of the Star Trek movies. Since their breakup in 1987, Bohlen and Anders continued on their separate ways until it seemed the neither one of them had many new musical ideas left to continue on successfully. However, the reunification of these two musical powerhouses proved that 'they still got it!'. New offerings on "Back For Good" like "We Take the Chance" and "Anything Is Possible" showed their very strong fanbase that Modern Talking can still SOUND like the old Modern Talking --- yet with a late 90's flair which works brilliantly. 1998 also saw this dynamic duo touring throughout Europe, promoting their CD which just happened to go #1 in about eight European countries! Welcome back boys!
introduced by (Troy Matthews)
SASH After a 1997 filled with almost universal praise as the leading light of the Future Trance movement, 1998 started rather rocky for the group, astheir first single "La Primavera" was received rather coldly. But as has been the experience of many a Euro act this decade, the first release from an album often tends to be more experimental (remember Culture Beat's "Inside Out" single from 1995). International success with "Mysterious Times" and "Move Mania" has been matched with countless remix projects in both Germany and the UK that have kept Sash!'s name in the spotlight for the entire year and broaden the appeal of Future Trance beyond the boundaries of continental Europe.
introduced by (Gene Whitmore)
VENGABOYS Vengaboys have arrived. With three major single releases during 1998, they have shown that they can perform. Aside from releasing "Up & Down", "We Like To Party", and "Boom Boom Boom Boom", they released two albums in the Benelux, plus one in almost every market in Europe. The success doesn't end in Europe... they released both "Up & Down" & "We Like To Party" in the US & Canada. Their albums are full of party anthems, and future hits. With all this, Vengaboys have proven that they are the best new group/artist of 1998, and overall, the best group/artist during the year as well..
introduced by (Peter Kinch)


COCONUT RECORDS Although they are mainly focused on one group, Coconut Records brought the Eurodance world one of the very best albums of 1998. The return of Bad Boys Blue to this label signaled that they were back in business and ready to once again take on the world. What sets Coconut apart from their 'competing' labels like Hansa (Modern Talking) or Jupiter (Fancy) is they have that heartfelt emotion still packed within the music. This is likely thanks to label owners' Karin Hartmann and Tony Hendrick - two people who Eurodance lovers worldwide owe a lot of thanks to. Also, it's hard to find a voice much better than John McIrney's when it comes to singing songs about love and heartache. Only Fancy can surpass John's vocals ... but '98 didn't produce the big hits for Fancy that Bad Boys Blue achieved. 1998 also saw the departure of Euro star Haddaway from Coconut Records ... but not before he released his CD "Let's Do It Now" and the single "You're Taking My Heart" which was done very well. Coconut Records has always been the label Eurodance lovers could rely on for high quality, state-of-the-art masculine music which nobody else can seem to do as well.
introduced by (Troy Matthews)
DOS OR DIE probably the powerhouse of Future Trance in Germany, this lable has an incredible roster of acts in its stables, from Adrima, Interactive and Kosmonova to DJ Quicksilver, Hypertrophy and Absolom. Their releases are eagerly awaited by fans of the Future Trance genre in the USA, and they seem to have the magic touch in finding and supporting new acts.
introduced by (Gene Whitmore)
EDEL Edel has become one of the most successful indie labels world wide now, and many artists are now enjoying releases around the world. Brooklyn Bounce has enjoyed a good year with an album and several singles being released throughout the world. Mark Van Dale with Enrico has become successful worldwide with Water Wave, and the newer hit Power Woman. Scooter, one of the biggest acts in Germany had a Top 3 hit (How Much Is The Fish) during the summer, and the new album "No Time To Chill" was also released. 2 Eivissa, Blumchen and other groups have also enjoyed success throughout 1998. Edel has only now began to break out world wide, and it will see further success with its Eurodance artists during 1999.
introduced by (Peter Kinch)
SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT After a less successful run of hits during 1997, Sony Music is back in 1998 with several mega-hits during 1998. Artists signed to Sony that released singles or albums during 1998 include: Kosmonova, DJ Quicksilver, Absolom, Dolphin's Mind, Kai Tracid, Culture Beat, Alexia, 2 Unlimited (in Germany), Bif, Pharao, Daze, and numerous others, and these names alone need little to no explanation. Sony promotion is excellent, as many of these artists are well known, and their albums receive a wide audience. Bif, an alternative artist who is signed to Sony had her hit "Spaceman" remixed and released, became without doubt one of the biggest hits in Canada during 1998. An excellent label, and the success will continue during 1999.
introduced by (Peter Kinch)
S.A.I.F.A.M. PUBLISHING GROUP Mauro Farina and his busy Factory Team in Verona keep pumping out the tunes - seemingly 24 hours a day. Not only are they capable of producing excellent cover versions of contemporary pop gems like "High" by Red Garden or "As Long As You Love Me" by Bakerstreet, but the SAIFAM team can write absolutely stunning original Italo-NRG marvels which nobody in the industry can match. Kikka's "Don't Make Me Live Without You" was a big winner with fans in '98, along with Radiorama's "Beautiful Man", Wildside's "Open My Door", and Libra's "Take Me With Your Love". The studio wizardry that exists at SAIFAM would probably blow most other studio's out of the water, as these Italians really have their 'machine' well tooled for doing what they do. There's probably an espresso machine in every hallway, in every room, studio, etc., as there seems to be no imaginable way this team of talented individuals can stop working. 1998 was also the year SAIFAM began selling CD singles of their priority artists like Radiorama and Ken Laszlo - and they're doing it all online! Bravo!
introduced by (Troy Matthews)
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