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Artist Title Catalog Number Year Sound
FRANCIS COOPER Don't Tell Me Why HRG149 1995
BABY GOLD Natural Girl HRG148 1995
JEFF DRILLER I'll Kiss You HRG147 1995
DEE DEE WONDER May Day HRG146 1995
MICHELLE ROSE Sunday Night HRG145 1995
MARA NELL Red Ferrari HRG144 1995
CY-RO Blue Jeen HRG143 1995
NIKITA JR. Like A Boom Boom Boomerang HRG142 1995
MADDY LAYNE Wake Up And Dance HRG141 1995
GARÇON Bazooka Man HRG140 1995
CINDY Sex On The Beach HRG139 1995
LADY ENERGY Oh Bandolero HRG137 1995
LOU LOU MARINA Latin Lover HRG136 1995
JOE BANANA Virtual Reaction HRG135 1995
JEE BEE Wings Of Fire HRG134 1995
BLACK EVA Sex And Fever Nights HRG131 1995
DEE DEE WONDER Darkmoon Fighter HRG130 1995
MONY HONEY Devotion HRG129 1995
PRINCESS F. Technotronic Flight HRG127 1995
NIKITA JR. Dancing In The Jungle HRG119 1995
CINDY Jammin Spanish Man HRG118 1995
MADDY LAYNE Joy And Sorrow HRG117 1995
CIAO CIAO Running Over The Night HRG115 1995

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