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Artist Title Catalog Number Year Sound
LUCKY BOY Listen To My Mistery HRG186 1996
LOUISE Love Sex Honey HRG185 1996
GINA LATINA Magic Moment HRG184 1996
LILLY Money Cannot Buy My Love HRG183 1996
LIVE MUSIC GANG Christmas Party Tokyo HRG180 1996
DOLL SISTERS Baby Kiss Me All Night HRG179 1996
JEE BEE Music In The Rhythm HRG178 1996
MICHELLE ROSE Passion And Love HRG177 1996
BABY GOLD Crazy For You HRG176 1996
MARA NELL Back To Melody HRG173 1996
GORDON JIM Wonder Woman HRG171 1996
BLACK EVA Love On Internet HRG170 1996
LUCKY BOY Baby OK Baby Allright HRG169 1996
MARTINA DRY Lies On The FAX HRG168 1996
REMY PANTHER Gimme A Chance HRG167 1996
LADY ENERGY Sex Kamikaze Girl HRG166 1996
DEE DEE WONDER Honky Tonky Radio HRG165 1996
JEFF DRILLER Take My Hammer HRG164 1996
JOE D. TOASTER Spider Boy HRG163 1996
NIKITA JR. Citizen Band Lady HRG162 1996
LIVE MUSIC GANG Energy People Limited HRG161 1996
DOLLY POP Kobra Is My Killer HRG159 1996
LOUISE In The Dark Of My Heart HRG157 1996
LOUISE Deep Risk HRG156 1996
JEE BEE Touch And Kid Me Up HRG155 1996
CHRIS Not For Money HRG154 1996
HRG UNITED Greatest Lover HRG153 1996
CIAO CIAO Can't I Love You HRG152 1996
FRANZ TORNADO Danger HRG151 1996
MARTINA DRY Wild Temptation HRG150 1996

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