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Artist Title Catalog Number Year Sound
BLACK EVA I'm Crazy For Your Love HRG218 1997
DEE DEE WONDER Feel Good HRG217 1997
CIAO CIAO Harmony HRG216 1997
JUNGLE BILL Sexy Toy, Sexy Joy HRG215 1997
LOU-LOU MARINA I Believe You HRG214 1997
BABY GOLD Memories Of Love HRG213 1997
LIVE MUSIC GANG I Lose My Shoes HRG212 1997
LESLIE HAMMOND Want You And Need You HRG211 1997
HRG UNITED Come On In Tokyo HRG210 1997
MARIA NELL Rain Man HRG209 1997
GIORGIA BARROWS Don't Wanna Let You Down HRG208 1997
JOE BANANA Boom Boom Sexy Lady HRG207 1997
DOLLY POP Together Forever HRG206 1997
FRANCIS COOPER Turbo Night HRG205 1997
LOUISE Music Is A Melody HRG204 1997
LUCKY BOY You And Me HRG203 1997
LILLY The Mirror Of My Life HRG202 1997
JEE BEE Summertime HRG201 1997
JEFF DRILLER Rocket In My Pocket HRG200 1997
MICHELLE ROSE Wanna Be Your Lover HRG199 1997
CIAO CIAO You Are The Only One HRG198 1997
TRI-STAR Dancing In Maharaja HRG197 1997
FRANZ TORNADO Tornado Superchild HRG196 1997
LOU LOU MARINA Take Me Up And Higher HRG195 1997
PRINCESS F. Infidelity HRG194 1997
REMY PANTHER Bad Boy Can Believe Me HRG193 1997
MARA NELL Look Into My Eyes HRG192 1997
CHRIS Power Of My Love HRG191 1997
NIKITA JR. Dancing Is My Fever HRG190 1997
JUNGLE BILL Master Mind HRG189 1997
CY-RO Delta Force HRG188 1997
CLAUDIA VIP Walking Down The Street HRG187 1997

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