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Euro-Dance Hits WWW recently changed the format of compressing WAV audio samplers that were posted in various parts of the site. Many of you have reported the problem in reading them. This page was created to explain the format and hopefully to help you fixing the problem.


The WAV compression format used currently is called: GSM 6.10. Basically, this format compresses and decompresses audio data conforming to the ETSI-GSM (European Telecommunications Standards Institute-Groupe Special Mobile) recommandation 6.10. This is one of Audio Compression CODECS included with Windows 95. I am not sure if it is included with Windows 3.11, but is should be.

This format is very efficient in compressing WAV files allowing to keep higher quality of sound and much smaller size of the sound file. It has been choosen so you can download them faster and play longer.

1. Do you have this CODEC installed?

If you cannot play this file automatically and you are working with Windows it is possible you do not have this CODEC installed. You can check that by going through the following steps:

  1. choose CONTROL PANEL
  3. In MULTIMEDIA folder there are five tabs on the top. Please choose: ADVANCED
  4. You are now presented with TREE format MULTIMEDIA DRIVERS List
  5. Look for AUDIO COMPRESSION CODECS and expand this list by clicking on corresponding icon
  6. Look for line: Microsoft GSM 6.10 Audio CODEC

    If line exists:
    1. Highlight this line and click on it
    2. Now you will be presented with options:
      Use this audio codec
      Do not use this audio codec
    3. Click option Use this audio codec

    If line does NOT exists:
    You DO NOT have this CODEC driver installed

2. I do have CODEC installed but I still have problems

If you have this CODEC and the problem still exists go through the following steps:

  1. using Windows Explorer check your directory: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM, if the file: msgsm32.acm exist. If your CODEC was installed this file has to be there.
  2. OPEN your SYSTEM.INI file with any text editor (use NOTEPAD.EXE included with Windows) and look for line:[drivers32]
  3. FIND if in the list below following statement exists:
  4. if it does NOT exist, please enter this line right after the line: [drivers32] and save the file
  5. Reboot your computer

3. I do NOT have this CODEC installed on my system.

If you don't have this CODEC installed it means that your Windows 95 was installed without full Multimedia support. Do the following steps but you will need your original Windows 95 disks or CD handy.

  1. In CONTROL PANEL choose the option: Add/Remove Programs
  2. After selecting this option you will be presented with a menu that have three tabs on the top. Choose WINDOWS SETUP
  3. You will now be presented with the list of installed components. Look for MULTIMEDIA and click on the line (NOTE: please DO NOT uncheck the box on the left, just highlight the line).
  4. After higlighting please look at the bottom of the menu. There is a botton called: DETAILS, please click on it.
  5. You will now be presented with list of 11 components of Multimedia in your system. The first option listed is: Audio Compression

    If the Audio Compression box is unchecked it means you did NOT install any AUDIO compression CODECS.
    1. Check the Audio Compression box and click OK. You will now come back to the Add/Remove Programs Menu.
    2. Click the botton: Have A Disk and install the missing component.
    3. Reboot the computer. You are now ready to go.

4. I followed all your tips and I still cannot get things to work.

Oh well. You guessed it. I could only help you as much as I know the Windows (and I do not know that much anyway) . I suggest you to visit Microsoft Website ( and ask for help. I only have Windows 95 and I am not sure if it works with Windows 3.11. If you will find better way to help others in this problem, please let me know. I am also considering to change the Audio file format to MP2 in near future.

If all these advices will fail, you can always get the GSM 6.10 player. If you want to do so and learn how to install it in Windows 3.11 or Windows 95 CLICK HERE. You may also simply directly download Windows 95 version or Windows 3.11 version. After all, remember! This is worth it, if you want to hear what's new on Euro-Dance !!!

If you have comments please E-mail me