3rd Annual Cyberspace EuroEnergy Awards
(1998 Edition)

General Information

The Annual Cyberspace Euro-Energy Awards aim to become a World Wide Web prestigious awards to recognize best achievement in this dance music genre in the past year. They are being given annually since 1996. We believe, they should help to keep the great Energy sound alive around the world.

For 1998 the awards are given in three following categories:

  • the best Euro Artist of 1998
  • the best Euro Song of 1998
  • the best Euro Label of 1998

You, cyberspace surfers from all over the world who do appreciate Euro-NRG(Hi-NRG), Eurobeat, Euro-Techno (Trance), Euro-Progressive and Dream style grant these awards. TWENTY titles from Euro tracks released or remixed in 1998, TEN Groups/Artists that had significant impact on Euro scene in 1998 and FIVE labels were selected by the 1998 Nominating Committee. These awards are restricted to the artists and tracks recorded in Euro-NRG(Hi-NRG), Eurobeat, Euro-Techno (Trance), Euro-Progressive and Dream styles and to labels that were most successful in promoting these styles in 1998

Your votes WERE taken from February 01 until February 28 1999.

Among all of you who participated in voting in 3rd Edition of Annual Cyberspace Euro-Energy Awards, European CD compilations and album prizes will be drawn courtesy of Eurodance Hits WWW and Linodance.com. E-mail notification for CDs winners will be send on March 08, 1999. The final list of the CD winners will be announced on March 29, 1999.

In addition S.A.I.F.A.M. PUBLISHING GROUP label that was nominated in category of BEST label of 1998 will give 5 of their CD compilations as well! Please note that we did NOT inform you about the prizes granted by this label before or during polls were open, to avoid the influence of your voting!

Your participation was INVALUABLE!

This is and will be in the future, the opportunity for you a common listener to award them. You don't need to be a professional DJ or VIP in music industry to vote, but you have to have heart for the Euro-Energy as genre. We count on you to make this event a success in years to come.

The award recipients were announced on March 06, 1999. They will receive Certificate Wall marbleized Plaques.

These awards are NOT sponsored by any label, candidates for awards are being chosen solely based on opinions of the members of the Nominating Committee and were granted based on votes obtained from visitors that casted their votes.

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