E-rotic, originally was established back in 1994 by Lyane Leigh and Raz-Ma-Taz (Richard Michael Smith). Their start was quite sexy and exciting. "Max, Don't Have Sex With Your Ex" was the first hit group recorded in 1994. It was an excellent Euro-dance track, very dancable and rhythmic, quite upbeat. After this great success they came up with another hit "Fred, Come To Bed". The main subject of this song was ... REVENGE!. "After Max had sex with his Ex, I ended up in bed with Fred" sang Lyane . "It is only a song, in real life I am still a single woman" she says. Many guys would probably die to become a Fred - she has so many male fans that it is quite hard to keep them away from her. The second part of this group was Raz-Ma-Taz (Richard Michael Smith (at that time 24), a very handsome American black male; an ex-football player from Atlanta, During E-rotic's best days he became a collector of... bras. During their tournee in Germany his female fans were throwing bras on the scene. Gee! That's a popularity !!!

The group usually preformed in clothes that instead of covering the body kept them rather uncovered. Both Lyane and Richard loved to dance a lot, and their dance was quite "hot" and exotic, making not only them to sweat, but also the people watching them. The private life of Richard and Lyane was quite different. While Richard usually did not dare to miss any good night parties and usually was winning the title of the "King of Flirt", Lyane most of the time stayed in the hotel. She didn't like night escapades. She also did not like an alcohol, with just few exceptions when she drinked some champaigne on a very special occasions. Richard moved to his new house Chateau Navagne (built in 1292) near Maastricht in Belgium with his friend, Rod (from ex Fun Factory) leaving his appartment to Deon (ex PHARAO rapper) with whom he shared it.

The group released their first album "Sex Affairs" in 1995 on Intercord (INDEX: BLOW UP INT 845.586). This album includeed the whole story. "Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex", "Big Max" [Just curious what this title really meant ;)], "Sex Me", "Come On Make Love To Me", "Fred Come To Bed", "Wild Love", "Sex On The Phone" etc. Practically every song E-rotic made, was a hit on the spot. E-rotic's music is sexy, but not extremely explicit. It's great DANCE music with a very sexy vocal by Lyane. Of course "making love" sounds are all over this album, but again, even most devoted bigots shouldn't mind the way it has been done. The cartoon above is the part of CD insert, indicating that story of Max, Fred and the girl continues. As a matter of fact the story may get shifted a little bit. In the end of 1995 E-rotic released a single "Willy Use A Billy ...Boy" where new "character" was introduced to the scene. .

Probably it was not enough, because in single released in February 1996 by this group "Help Me Dr. Dick", girl is seeking further help but this time a "professional" one (smile). It looked to me that this girl needed more men! Another character: "Fritz" who has been introduced originally in track "Fred Come To Bed" finally appeared in the single released in April 1996: "Fritz Loves My Tits". Both "Help me Dr. Dick" and "Fritz Loves My Tits" were first songs by "NEW" E-rotic. New E-rotic is Jeanette Christensen (born October, 05, 1973 in Switzerland) and Rapper Terence d'Arby (born June, 19, 1963 in New York City). Lyane and Richard had "different opinions" than their manager and left the group and established the group called: S.E.X. Appeal. It remained a secured secret that Lyane even if no longer with the group was still giving her voice in all future album group released until Gimme, Gimmie Gimmie released in 2000.

In the beginning of June 1996 new E-rotic released next single called: "The Power Of Sex" from the album that has been released in the end of June under the same name. This album contained songs performed by "old" and "new" team. Intercord (E-rotic's label) never "advertised" personal changes in the group and after all even in Jeanette was shown as a singer in fact Lyane remained behind (due to the contract she had to keep). . People who didn't know that E-rotic has been completely replaced were in vain. Anyway, Power of Sex was a nice album. I think fans of E-rotic liked it a lot. Some titles were already known. Just to mention:"Willy Use A Billy ... Boy", "Help Me Dr. Dick", "Fritz Love My Tits". There were also new songs. Many of them. "Ecstasy" was the track in the same way as all E-rotic tracks from the first album were made. Happy eurodance, rhythmic and dancable. "Power of Sex" was down beat POP song into more balladic mood. Nice and slow to be danced "body close to body". Sorta "inviting" title."Love And Sex Are Free" is HOUSE-ish melodically reminding ACE OF BASE."Talk To Your Girl" was anemic TECHNO-HOUSE. They were trying hard but this track was rather weak. "Erotic Dreams" had full orchestration intro building up the climate for the track (that "thing" lasted for first 1'30" minutes) followed by sexy invitation by Jeanette to play. This reminded 1-800-CALL-ME type of phone service. The body of the track was however very dancable EURO-TECHNO Dance track. In fact it was one of the most interesting and original songs from the entire album. Could really make you "aroused". If you like SLEAZE and REGGAE hybrid, the track "Gimmie Good Sex" probably satisfied your needs. "Freedom" was sleazy HOUSE track that could easily be identified as a future anthem for love and peace. I think the message this track carried was very important. Promoting Freedom, Peace, Love and Dreams. SEX is not just a low animal instict, but rather an act of LOVE. This message was clearly sent to all the bigots who envision the sex only that way. Altogether fans of E-rotic will not be dissapointed. If you liked the first album and you got accomodated with the style, Power of Sex is for you.

Around October 1996 E-Rotic had a new single called "Gimmie A Good Sex". At that Terence d'Arby left the group and was "replaced" by another American singer/dancer: Ché Jouaner (born 1970 in Memphis,Tenessee from Haitanian/French family). For last 10 years he lived in Frankfurt (Germany). He is not only singing, but also dances and do some modelling. In the end of 1996 group was on tour in Europe, visited Finland where E-rotic is a quite popular group

In June '97 E-rotic released their third album called Sexual Madness. In my opinion it was a pretty good one. Not exactly the same sound you remember from Power of Sex nor from Sex Affairs by original E-Rotic. The group was experimenting introducing PROGRESSIVE/DREAM sound that is quite obvious in the title "Give Me Delight". Nice TECHNO/ENERGY production was represented for instance by the track "Don't Say We're Through". This particular one reminded me a bit of compositions by Dieter Bohlen, however this track has more PROGRESSIVE touch than you could expect from Dieter. If you like POP, REGGAE and SLEAZY styles all in one track, you should listen "All I Desire". You will be pretty much satisfied. In quite similar style but a bit more HOUSE-ish was another one called: "I Want You". I believe you want to know if there was any good EUROENERGY sound. The good news is that there was at least one track in that genre. "Gotta Get It Groovin'" was a powerful dance track reminding old good E-rotic and other euroenergy releases back from 1995. Real DITTO! for dance floor. Quite dancable was also "Shenandoah", however was not as powerful as the previously mentioned one. "Send Me Message Of Love" is another example of EUROENERGY/TECHNO sound. Good synths and keyboard arrangements with good vocals make this track also a powerful option for dance floor. All together it is very nice and good release. erotic5.jpg - 5.57 KAll fans of this group should be not only satisfied but actually delighted. This is also good choice for eurodance hunters.

Just in the end of August '97 the group released a new single that did not appear on their recent album with their version of ABBA megahit: "The Winner Takes It All".

The 1997 year was also the year where E-rotic was changing it's own image with fascinating, modified music concept. All this happened with their fourth album called Thank You For The Music". If you recongnize the title you know what does it means: E-ROTIC GOES ABBA. This album was E-rotic's tribute to unforgetable now classic Swedish Pop group ABBA. This was beatifully crafted album and a real treat for all of you who love ABBA. Jeanette's (in real Lyane) voice was great as usually.

On April 1998 group released their next album (the fifth in their collection). This album targeted mostly toward Japanese crowd has subtitle The Best Of... suggesting sort of summary of previous releases by this group. In fact it was true. 12 titles in this album already appeared on all 4 previous recordings. Also there was almost 4 minute megamix of 5 of their biggest hits entitled "The Horniest Single In The World". This album was produced by David Brandes and Felix Gauder assuring that the music on this CD is pure EURODANCE. I would mislead you if I leave you with the feelings that all songs featured in this album have been previously published. This album featured two brand new titles: Baby Please Me and In The Dark Of The Night both written by David Brandes and John O'Flynn. The first of them is a typical E-rotic song with mild sexual content (as usually for this group), recorded in style we well know this group from. The second is slower breath-taking eurodance song. Great synths and beat so close to releases by Missing Heart. Truly a great song! I feature three samplers from this album: the first song from this album (also as Mini SEXMix on Main Page) as well as the two last brand new tracks. If you don't know this group at all the album is a MUST, if you are familiar with them this will complete your collection.

On March 3rd, 1999 the group released their latest album (the sixth in their collection). This brand new album: "Kiss Me" was released by Intercord ... Japan! Yes! Japan not Germany! I am not sure if there are plans of releasing a German edition yet, but I am sure if you wil lstart bombarding parental Intercord in Germany, the album might get released. I am sure fans of this group were waiting for this one. It was almost a hopeless wish, since group was recording mostly in Eurodance/EuroEnergy genre. A style as you all know is fading away from European dance floor. Luckily enough Far East still loves this style and is powerful enough to keep the genre alive. Most of you probably does not need my recomendation. Entire album is written and produced by BROS (David Brandes, John O'Flynn and of course Felix J. Gauder) unquestionable geniuses of eurodance. If you know style of E-ROTIC you know what to expect. Great dance with sexual innuendos! I am presenting you with six tracks from this album in mini megamix I quickly made. It should help you to judge the quality of the album and great dance music from eurodance. If you missed this style, here you have! Gift from heaven! :) This album is not as strong as previously released by this group, yet good enough to chase for it! Album was later released by JUPITER RECORDS, under a different name: "Mambo No. Sex". The track listing was virtually the same, however the title song "Kiss Me" did not appear and was replaced by "Mambo No. Sex" that was also released as a single..

Seventh album from E-ROTIC called "Gimme,Gimme,Gimme" was released in January 2000. Once again, the group released the album in Japan, where they are being truly appreciated. As previous releases, this one also produced by BROS team (JOHN O'FLYNN, DAVID BRANDES, FELIX GAUDER & DOMENICO LABARILLE). This is truly an outstanding EURODANCE album. You really should not compare it to previous by this group. The sound is evolving in each of them, yet it retains the basis of good beat and sound of EURODANCE. This album contains 15 tracks with many EURO gems. Best tracks from this genre are represented by the title song "Gimme Gimme Gimme" (Extended version), with stunning synths and galloping rhythm. The female vocal that does no longer belong to LYANE LEIGH is weaker, but still good for style the group is devoted to. If you really want to get the "classic" E-ROTIC sound, you should check "I'm Horny"! Yeah! seems that Fred is back! If you are really dead fan of EURODANCE following tracks will make your day (or maybe even a month): "Dynamite", "Get Away", "Missing You" and absolutely gorgeous "In The Heat Of The Night". When I listened to this one, I had feeling I was back in 1995. Dramatic strings and hypnotic arrangements. Geez! I want more, more, more!!! If you are looking for some slower, low BPM tracks you have them as well, just to mention: "Don't Make Me Wet" recorded in more EURO-REGGAE style. This album does not contain weak songs (well... maybe with an exception of "Mambo No. Sex" that I dismissed already long time ago, when it was released as a single, but it is my own opinion, some of you might find this interesting anyway). "Gimme Gimme Gimme"album is a MUST! for genre serious fans! The German version of this album called "Missing You" was released on April 17 2000. The track listing is similar but there are few differences. "Mambo No. 6" that appeared on Japanese Edition has been replaced by two versions of "Queen Of Light" (the song never made to Japanese release) and Extended Version of "Missing You" was added as well. The song "Queen Of Light" was also released as a single in February 2000, with three different mixes.

Also in February 2000, the group was participating in German countdown for Grand Prix Eurovision 2000 that took place on Friday 18, 2000 in Bremen. The song they presented was their newest single at that time: "Queen Of Light" and is a superb EURO production by David Brandes, unfortunately without success and as I have been told, the performance was weak. It was a sad moment for EURODANCE. The style already fainted from German dance scene and we had high hopes for the group to win and revive the genre. It really shouldn't matter after all. I hope David Brandes and Co. from BROS Music will not get discouraged. We all love their production and we hope for many great releases to come.

On September 27th 2000, Intercord Japan released compilation (album) entitled "Dancemania presents E-ROTIC Megamix". It could be easily called "The Best of E-ROTIC In The Mix". Anyway, if you don't know what Dancemania is let me explain it shortly. This is very popular series released on Intercord Japan bringing good dance tunes. It always has been good source for dance floor. The only problem it is hard to get and of course being released in Japan, is quite expenisve. E-ROTIC was featured in this series many times. Since the group is very popular in Japan, Issey Nisawa & Seki Sekimoti decided that would be a great idea to bring the group back in one huge continuous megamix. And HUGE it is! Almost 75 minutes of E-ROTIC! Can You handle it? If you like the group and EURODANCE, I am sure you will. Mix features 26 songs and 6 of them are brand new. Four of them ("En Mon Coeur", Move Me Baby", "Ooh LaLaLa" "Test My Best") were written by David Brandes, Jane Tempest and of course with words by John O'Flynn. Two remaining are just one title "Cat's Eye" and one of them is remixed by Fred Ventura himself (yes he is still around but mostly in Japanese market). "Cat's Eye" is written by Japanese writers Yuichiro Oda, Yoshiko Miura and Kako Someya (for English version) and definately falls into EUROBEAT style still very popular in Japan. All other new songs are pure EURODANCE in style we know E-ROTIC from very well. This release is a must both for E-ROTIC fans as well as devoted lovers of EURODANCE.

Titles by Ex E-rotic
TITLE Index Number Label Year
Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex BLOW-INT825.662 Intercord 07/1994
Fred Come To Bed
1. Radio Edit (3:56)
2. Extended Version (5:14)
3. The Bed Fred Remix (5:08)
4. The Groaning E-Rotic Remix (4:54)
5. Intsrumental Version
BLOW-INT825.855 Intercord 02/1995
Fred Come To Bed (Remixes)
1. Dance The Fred (5:46)
2. Trance The Fred (5:07)
3. The Original Fred (3:57)
BLOW-INT825.866 Intercord 04/1996
Sex On The Phone
1. Radio Edit (3:54) 2. Extended Version (6:06)
3. D1 Remix (5:44)
4. D2 Remix (5:51)
BLOW-INT825.879 Intercord 06/1995
Sex On The Phone (Remixes)
1. The Hotline Remix (4:31)
2. The House Remix (4:21)
3. The Fast And Hot Sex Max Remix (5:12)
BLOW-INT828.045 Intercord 08/1995
Willy Use A Billy... Boy
1. Radio Edit (3:41)
2. Extended Version (6:37)
3. Safe The Sex Re-Max (5:37)
4. Instrumental (3:40)
BLOW-INT828.060 Intercord 10/1995
Willy Use A Billy... Boy (Remixes)
1. The House Remix (6:03)
2. The Dance Remix (4:44)
3. Willy's Latex Remix (5:07)
BLOW-INT828.071 Intercord 11/1995

Titles by New E-rotic
TITLE Index Number Label Year
Help Me Dr. Dick
1. Radio Edit (3:42)
2. Extended Version (5:43)
3. Club Version (4:57)
4. Instrumental Version (3:42)
BLOW-INT828.082 Intercord 02/1996
Help Me Dr. Dick (Remixes)
1. The First Aid Remix (5:57)
2. Dr's Hospital Remix (5:05)
3. The Emergency Remix (7:09)
BLOW-INT828.083 Intercord 03/1996
Fritz Love My Tits
1. Radio Edit (4:07)
2. Extended Version (5:42)
3. Club Version (5:37)
BLOW-INT828.105 Intercord 04/1996
Fritz Love My Tits (Remixes)
1. The Dance Remix (4:43)
2. The House Remix (4:33)
3. The Trance Remix (6:29)
BLOW-INT828.122 Intercord 04/1996
The Power Of Sex BLOW-INT845.596 Intercord 06/1996
Gimme Good Sex
1. Radio Edit (3:51)
2. Extended Version (5:56)
3. Bump'n Grind Mix (5:11)
BLOW-INT828.131 Intercord 10/1996
Gimme Good Sex (Remixes)
1. Happy Hour Remix (5:27)
2. Butterfly Remix (7:33)
3. Step & Slide Remix (5:28)
BLOW-INT 828.148 Intercord 10/1996
Turn Me On
1. Radio Edit 3'44"
2. Extended Version 5'52"
3. Club Version 4'56"
BLOW-INT 828.148 Intercord 07/1997
The Winner Takes It All BLOW-INT 8 84406 2 Intercord 08/1997

Title (1) Sex Affairs
Label 1995 Intercord (Blow Up) (Germany)
Style Euro-Dance
Index # BLOW UP INT 845.586
  • 1. Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex - 3'29"
  • 2. Big Max - 4'20"
  • 3. SexMe - 3'58"
  • 4. Come On Make Love To Me - 3'26"
  • 5. Fred Come To Bed - 3'56"
  • 6. Wild Love - 3'58"
  • 7. Sex On The Phone - 3'54"
  • 8. Falling For a Witch - 3'45"
  • 9. Take My Love - 4'57"
  • 10. Final Heartbreak - 3'45"
  • 11. Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex (Remix) - 6'12"
  • 12. Fred Come To Bed (Remix) - 5'45"
  • Title (2) Power of Sex
    Label 1996 Intercord (Blow Up) (Germany)
    Style Euro-Dance
    Index # BLOW UP INT 845.596
  • 1. Willy Use A Billy ... Boy - 3'41"
  • 2. Why - 4'13"
  • 3. Help Me Dr. Dick - 3'42"
  • 4. Ecstasy - 3'59"
  • 5. The Power Of Sex - 3'35"
  • 6. Love And Sex Are Free - 3'21"
  • 7. Talk To Your Girl - 4'47"
  • 8. Fritz Loves My Tits - 4'08"
  • 9. Erotic Dreams - 4'49"
  • 10. Tears In Your Blue Eyes - 3'57"
  • 11. Gimmie Good Sex - 3'50"
  • 12. Angel's Night - 3'54"
  • 13. Freedom - 4'07"
  • 14. Willy Use A Billy ... Boy (The House Remix) - 6'02"
  • 15. Help Me Dr. Dick (The First Aid Remix) - 5'54"
  • Title (3) Sexual Madness
    Label 1997 Intercord (Blow Up) (Germany)
    Style Euro-Dance
    Index # BLOW UP INT 4 84470 2
  • 1. Sexual Madness - 3'47"
  • 2. Turn Me On - 3'44"
  • 3. Save Me - 3'17"
  • 4. Give Me Delight - 4'53"
  • 5. Don't Say We're Through - 4'40"
  • 6. All I Desire - 3'48"
  • 7. I Want You - 3'22"
  • 8. Gotta Get It Groovin' - 3'51"
  • 9. Shenandoah - 3'56"
  • 10. Send Me A Message Of Love - 3'55"
  • 11. Is It You - 3'37"
  • 12. When I Cry For You - 4'04"
  • Title (4) Thank You For The Music
    Label 1997 Intercord (Blow Up) (Germany)
    Style Euro-Pop
    Index # BLOW UP INT 8 22606 2
  • 1. Intro - 3'00"
  • 2. The Winers Takes It All - 4'44"
  • 3. Angel Eyes - 4'26"
  • 4. Fernando - 4'14"
  • 5. Chiquitta - 4'14"
  • 6. Lay All Your Love On Me - 4'20"
  • 7. One Of Us - 3'32"
  • 8. Dancing Queen - 3'28"
  • 9. Money, Money, Money - 3'01"
  • 10. Rock Me - 3'06"
  • 11. S.O.S. - 3'15"
  • 12. Waterloo - 2'49"
  • 13. Thank You For The Music - 3'57"
  • 14. Outro - 4'34"
  • Title (5) Greatest Tits
    Label 1998 Intercord (Blow Up) (Germany)
    Style Euro-Pop/Eurodance
    Index # BLOW UP INT 8 22622 2
  • 1. The Horniest Single In The World - 3'59"
  • 2. Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex - 3'30"
  • 3. Willy Use A Billy Boy - 3'41"
  • 4. Help Me Dr. Dick - 3'42"
  • 5. Fred Come Back To Bed - 3'57
  • 6. Turn Me On - 3"45"
  • 7. Gotta Fet It Groovin' - 3'52"
  • 8. Gimmie Good Sex - 3'51"
  • 9. Fritz Love My Tits - 4'06"
  • 10. Sex On The Phone - 3'54"
  • 11. Sexual Madness - 3'47"
  • 12. S.O.S. - 3"15"
  • 13. The Winner Takes It All - 4'44"
  • 14. Baby Please Me - 3'24"
  • 15. In The Dark Of The Night - 3'40"
  • Title (6) Kiss Me [Japanese Edition]
    Label 1999 Intercord (Japan)
    Style Eurodance
    Index # TOCP-64008
  • Kiss Me - 3:24
  • Temple Of Love - 3:15 (1)
  • Give A Little Love - 3:55 (6)
  • Don't Talk Dirty To Me - 3:24 (2)
  • Oh Nick, Please No So Quick - 3:21 (3)
  • Wild And Strong - 4:18
  • Sam - 3:26
  • Do It All Night - 3:46 (4)
  • Dance With The Vamps - 3:57
  • Dr. Love - 3:15
  • Makin' Love In The Sun - 3:55
  • Wish You Were Here - 3:13
  • Oh Nick, Please no So Quick (Flute Version) - 3:33
  • Kiss Me (Extended Version) - 6:25 (5)
  • Sam (Extended Version) - 6:04

    ( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album
  • Title (6) Mambo No. 6 [German Edition of Kiss Me Album]
    Label 1999 69-Records/BMG (Germany)
    Style Eurodance
    Index # 74321 71225 2
  • Mambo No. 6 (Radio Edit) - 3:03
  • Temple Of Love - 3:17
  • Give A Little Love - 3:55
  • Don't Talk Dirty To Me - 3:24
  • Oh Nick, Please No So Quick - 3:20
  • Wild And Strong - 4:18
  • Sam - 3:26
  • Do It All Night - 3:46 (4)
  • Dance With The Vamps - 3:57
  • Dr. Love - 3:14
  • Makin' Love In The Sun - 3:56
  • Wish You Were Here - 3:11
  • Oh Nick, Please no So Quick (Flute Version) - 3:32
  • Mambo No. 6 (Extended Version) - 4:59
  • Sam (Extended Version) - 6:05
  • Title (7) Gimme Gimme Gimme [Japanese Edition]
    Label 2000 Intercord (Japan)
    Style Eurodance
    Index # TOCP-64046
  • Gimme Gimme Gimme - 4:00
  • Get Away - 3:08 (8)
  • Hearts Are Changing - 4:24
  • Chico Chaco - 4:04
  • Missing You - 3:39
  • In The Heat Of The Night - 3:49 (4)
  • Don't Make Me Wet -3:23
  • Touch Me - 3:29 (7)
  • Don't Go - 4:04 (6)
  • Mambo No. Sex - 3:04
  • I'm Horny - 3:51 (5)
  • Dynamite - 3:24 (3)
  • Shy - 4:56 (1)
  • My Heart Goes Bumm Bumm - 3:47
  • Gimme Gimme Gimme (Extended Version) - 6:25 (2)

    ( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album
  • Title (7) Missing You [German Edition of Gimme Gimme Gimme Album]
    Label 2000 69 Records/BMG (Germany)
    Style Eurodance
    Index # 74321-71225-2
  • Queen Of Light - 4:00
  • Get Away - 3:08
  • Hearts Are Changing - 4:24
  • Chico Chaco - 4:04
  • Missing You - 3:51
  • In The Heat Of The Night - 3:49
  • Don't Make Me Wet -3:23
  • Touch Me - 3:28
  • Don't Go - 4:04 (6)
  • Gimme Gimme Gimme - 3:58
  • I'm Horny - 3:51
  • Dynamite - 3:24
  • Shy - 4:56
  • Missing You (Extended Version) - 6:11
  • Queen Of Light (Extended Version) - 5:04
  • Title (8) Dancemania presents E-ROTIC Megamix
    Label 2000 Intercord (Japan)
    Style Eurodance
    Index # TOCP-64084
  • Turn Me On
  • Dynamite
  • Cat's Eye
  • Sex On The Phone
  • Gimme Gimme Gimme
  • Do It All Night
  • Fritz Love My Tits
  • Willy Use A Billy Boy
  • Temple Of Love
  • Help Me Dr. Dick
  • Gotta Get It Groovin'
  • Kiss Me
  • Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex
  • In The Heat Of The Night
  • Missing You
  • Oh Nick Please Not So Quick
  • Fred Come To Bed
  • Get Away
  • In The Dark Of The Night
  • Wild And Strong
  • The Winner Takes It All
  • En Mon Coeur (1)
  • Move Me Baby (2)
  • Ooh LaLaLa (3)
  • Test My Best (4)
  • Cat's Eye (Ventura Mix) (5)

    ( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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    Henning Solberg (Norway) for INDEX info for some of previous E-rotic releases
    Peter Yuen for some new details
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