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Eurodance Hits WWW is proud to present several audio clips by this artist that were recordered during last 14 years. Many of you might find other tracks by him more interesting that the one I present. They are my personal choices and reflect only my subjective taste, so please restrain yourself from sending me E-mail asking why this and not that. I will not answer them. I believe that selection I made should well illustrate FANCY success.

Each review is accompanied with sound sampler recorded in Real Audio 3.0 format. To Listen the sampler please click on the following icon: .

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Presented sound samplers are for promotional and demonstration purpose ONLY! All rights of the producers and of the owners of the work reproduced are reserved.

WE CAN MOVE A MOUNTAIN 2000 Jupiter Records (Germany)
ON FIRE 1999 69/Jupiter Records (Germany)
D.I.S.C.O. [Lust For Life] 1999 69/Jupiter Records (Germany)
HOW DO YOU FEEL RIGHT NOW 1999 69/Jupiter Records (Germany)
TRY MY LOVE 1999 69/Jupiter Records (Germany)
WHEN CLOWNS CRY 1999 69/Jupiter Records (Germany)
DEJA VU 1998 Jupiter Records (Germany)
FLIC FLAC 1998 Jupiter Records (Germany)
FLAMES OF LOVE '98 (Remix) 1998 Jupiter Records (Germany)
COME BACK AND BREAK MY HEART 1998 Jupiter Records (Germany)
LONG WAY TO PARADISE (Remix '99) 1998 KOCH International (Germany)
THE DICEMAN 1997 G.I.B. (Germany)
CHANGING MY WAYS 1996 G.I.B. (Germany)
WAY OF FREEDOM 1996 G.I.B. (Germany)
FLY AWAY 1995 KOCH International (Germany)
HUMAN LOVER 1995 KOCH International (Germany)
PRINCE OF DARKNESS 1995 KOCH International (Germany)
WAIT BY THE RADIO 1994 KOCH International (Germany)
WHEN GUARDIAN ANGELS CRY 1990 Metronome (Germany)
ANGEL EYES 1989 Metronome (Germany)
NO TEARS 1989 Metronome (Germany)
FOOLS CRY 1988 Metronome (Germany)
FLAMES OF LOVE 1988 Metronome (Germany)
BOLERO (Hold Me In Your Arms) 1985 Metronome (Germany)

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