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"Better no headline than a negative one." And: 'It's alright to underestimate yourself sometimes". And: "'If you flip out with success,you'll come down as fast as you went up".

FANCY knows what he is talking about. In 1984, he kicked off the most successful career of any German disco artist by immediately scoring twice in the singles charts with "Slice Me Nice" and "Chinese Eyes" . FANCY's convincing stage talent and predestination for show business manifested itself first in theater productions at the capuchin boarding school (yes, he was going to be a monk) and high schools he attended.

At age 12 Fancy began playing guitar, while still in training to be a monk. He listened to Ted Harold, whose record "Moonlight" was the first one he bought. His father, a down-to-earth craftsman, was not particularly at ease with his son's choice of careers, and pleaded the case for a more conventional existence. In vain, as it quickly became evident. Upon graduating high school, FANCY made ends meet with numerous jobs, and founded a band called Mountain Shadows (styliwise heavily influenced by Cliff Richard, with which he covered all of the current hits. At the same time, the determined young performer began approaching record companies with his own compositions and productions.Then FANCY asked Todd Canedy to write a song for him. Thoroughly enthused with the result, FANCY made a demo of "Slice Me Nice", and promptly took it to Toni Monn, whose track record already included numerous hits for Amanda Lear.

The list of hits that this team went on to produce has given the international competition a real run for its money.

The third single, "Get Lost Tonight", emulated the success of the first two chart breakers. In 1985, FANCY had his first opportunity to perform on French television, carried off his first live performances in the USA, and began preparing his next smash hit. The masterpiece that literally infected Spain with FANCY-fever was entitled "Bolero". This song soared to Number One and hel the position for six months! The Spanish media were so enthused, that at a record company presentation and press conference there, FANCY found himself speaking into more than fifty tape recorders at once. The next day, regardless of where FANCY turned the dial on his car radio, he was on the air... During the summer of 1986, FANCY was on the road, performing in large dance hails across the United States, in Swedish "People's Parks", and, of course, in Germany's most renowned large discos.

"Lady Of Ice" went Gold in Scandinavia, while "China Blue", yet another hit single, earned FANCY another appearance in German TV's major national hit parade show (ZDF-Hitparade). Preparations for his brand new LP, "Flames Of Love" were begun in the autumn of 1987, and at the beginning of this year, FANCY was able to completely capture the Polish TV audience with his performance of the title track ('they even went so far as to reschedule their Saturday night program to make room for a second performance!')

The new album contained not only fresh hits from the tried and tested team of FANCY/Monn, but a selection of FANCY's own compositions as well. As the first single release, "Flames Of Love", clearly shows as composer and producer of his own songs, FANCY knows exactly what his young audience wants: dancable and moving pop songs of international quality. The fact that he also conceived and realized the video for the track, which has already debuted on Tele 5 (a German private TV broadcaster), clearly demonstrates that the man from Munich in no way flts into the stereotype of the test-tube artist.

He released two other albums with the tested sound. "All My Loving" releases in 1989. It contained his another Ultra-mega hit "Angel Eyes". In 1990 he released the album "Five", simply his fifth. "When Guardian Angels Cry" from this album was in the same mode as previously released "Flames of Love". This mega-hit was widely played in 1990 all over the Europe. FANCY wanted to stay in the track, so on ZYX label he released a rap version called "When Guardian Angels... Rap". In this recording he got a help from Grandmaster Tess & Steve D 5. This was practically an introduction to his 6th album called: Deep In My Heart released in 1991. This particular album has many of his previous songs redone in RAP/HIP-HOUSE style. Don't worry FANCY, did not RAP, it has been done by Steve D5 & Grandmaster Tess. I am not fond of this album, and FANCY did not do more songs in this style. Thanks God!.

After few years FANCY released in 1995 his next album called: "Blue Planet Zikastar". This album included his new hits: "Again & Again" and "I Can Give You Love". It is his new sound of FANCY, more POP than HI-ENERGY. There is however couple of songs like "Prince of Darkness" for instance, that brings his sound from '80s.

In April 1996 FANCY released his next album entitled: "Colours of Life". Similar to "Blue Planet Zikastar" he is into a new style with almost nothing left from his sound we loved him for. "Deep Blue Sky" the song opening the album might remind you some of old FANCY but nothing like to make you drop. The next "Road to Avalon" is a cute track with a limited to "talk" more than "sing" vocal reminding a little bit of ENIGMA. Interesting track "Way of Freedom" sounds almost exactly as "The Prince of Darkness" from his previous album, and it is quite good old FANCY style. Worth of mention is also his title song: "Colours Of Life", done in HIP-ENERGY style, something he tried in his sixth album. This one is much better though, but you still have to accept the fact that there is RAP. For me this is the mix I can hardly stand in him anyway. FANCY did not stop experimenting. He done also a reggae style in "Money". My personal favorite track in the album is "Changing My Ways". It is POP-ish track with ENERGY touch. I like it because I can hear MY FANCY. If I was regreting to spend 34 Deutches Mark on buying it, this particular song made me believe that it was worth it. Don't get me wrong, in my opinion the album all together is not a bad one. If you didn't know FANCY before you might be even impressed, but if you are fan of his previous styles you will be dissapointed. It is quite sad that even devoted to HI-ENERGY artists like FANCY, has to go thru style changes to stay in business. I love FANCY in his HI-ENERGY time, I still like his new style, but I will never forget "Bolero" and "Flames Of Love". Both songs are still played from time to time in the Europe and US (mostly gay clubs though). FANCY worked very hard and fully deserves his place in HI-ENERGY "Hall of Fame".

FANCY like many Hi-Energy artists (e.g. Dieter Bohlen of "MODERN TALKING" and later "BLUE SYSTEM") has wrote and produced tracks released by other artists. He wrote for his long time protege GRANT MILLER. His voice did not get any close to FANCY's but still couple of tracks are worth to be mentioned: "Lost In Paradise" (this one happened to be my favorite), "Wings of Love", "Colder Than Ice" (this one was actually originally sang by FANCY himself). FANCY produced hits like "Money", "Jasmin China Girl" by ITALO-DISCO star Mozzart and for his other protege - Tom Carabba ("The Deliverance", "Without You"). FANCY has also a professional relationship with other artists mentioning: Amanda Lear - French MEGA Diva of Euro-Dance of '80s, Linda Jo Rizzo, Robert Grace and many other including Classic Italian duo Albano and Romina Power. He also wrote and produced the smash hit in the U.K. charts "Cocoon", the theme song for "The Hitman and Her", a popular British music T.V. Show with Pete Waterman (the well known writer from the Stock, Aitken and Waterman team and PWL Records, U.K)

When working, FANCY performs convincingly, and never lets up on the gas pedal. Privately, he leads a quiet life. His studies in psychology, esoterics and astrology have taught him moderation, and how to put things into their true perspective "I am a moon child" he once said in an interview. And with a twinkle in his eye he added, that anytime someone wants to argue with him, instead of the usual jab in the ribs, he would rather give them a book...

In between touring and studio work, you might unexpectidly find FANCY behind his studio, where, because of his love for animals, he started a small farm and is already looking after ten goats! They can usually be seen jumping around to the strong beat of FANCY's dance floor hits

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