FANCY - Credits

For Biography Page partially material published in insert of FANCY "Gold" and "It's Me Fancy - The Hits 1984-1994" CD Compilations from ZYX and KOCH International were used.

  • I would like to thank previous FANCY label: G.I.B. from Unterhacing, Germany. for providing me with info on FANCY and support. Thank you Gabi for your support.

  • I would like to thank present FANCY label: JUPITER RECORDS from München, Germany for providing me with newest releases. Thank you Helgard! I hope you guys will keep releasing Fancy records.

  • I would like to thank following individuals for helping me in gathering new information. I hope this list will grow the same way as the page will.

    • Leonard Dubrovsky (USA)
    • Mathias Lindquist
    • Troy Matthews (Canada)
    • Marc van Opstal (Netherlands)
    • Valentin Yuneski (Israel)

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