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On June 16 2000, FANCY released his next album entitled STRIP DOWN. Album features 12 tracks written by Hamid Varzi, Charlie Glass, Steve McVine, Joe Dax, Van Pupil, John O'Flynn and Ric Tess (FANCY himself).
FANCY - How Do You Feel Right Now FANCY - We Can Move A Mountain
On February 14, 2000, FANCY released his newest single "We Can Move A Mountain" produced by TESS (it means FANCY himself. The single featured three versions including the one he presented in German edition of Grand Prix Festival. The single combines the FANCY style we know him back from '80's with a bit more POP oriented sound.

Back in September 29, 1999 FANCY released next single from his D.I.S.C.O album called "How Do You Feel Right Now". Single contained two versions of the title song (including Extended one) and another track from the album "Cirque de la Lune". The title song was written by BRANDES & O'FLYNN while the latter one by JENNIFER BRANNIGAN/JOHN O'FLYNN and TESS TEIGES (FANCY himself).
FANCY - D.I.S.C.O. (Album)
In May 1999, new album entitled D.I.S.C.O. by FANCY was released. Album features 14 tracks written mostly by David Brandes and John O'Flynn. Release of the album is a major event for all of you eurodance fans.
FANCY - D.I.S.C.O. (Lust For Life)
In April 1999, new single entitled "D.I.S.C.O. (Lust For Life") was released as "preview" of Fancy new forthcoming album in May 1999. This CD contains 4 tracks written and produced by trio: David Brandes, Felix J. Gauder, John O'Flynn and Domenico Labarille. For now check AUDIO Section to listen to titles that appeared on this new single (as well as 2 others that appeared on promo CD released in closed circle in the middle of April).
FANCE - Long Way To Paradise (Remix '99)
In the beginning of 1999 German label KOCH International that in 1995 released FANCY album "Blue Planet - Zikastar" brought us a CD single "Long Way To Paradise" - Remix '99. The original version of this track appeared also on KOCH release back in 1994 in FANCY's compilation called: "It's Me Fancy". You will also find on this CD "Again & Again - You Believe In Love" that previously appeared on above mentioned album "Blue Planet - Zikastar". Speaking of this album it has been "re-released" in 1999 by KOCH International under the shortened name: "Blue Planet". Album is exactly the same as one released in 1995 however, features also "Long Way To Paradise" - Remix '99 version.
FANCY - Come Back And Break My Heart
In November, 1998 FANCY released a new single called "Come Back And Break My Heart". This track was released by 69-Records of Jupiter Records. Similar to remixed "Flames Of Love" version released earlier in 1998 also this single has been written by David Brandes (music) and John O'Flynn (lyrics). There are three versions of the song featured in this single. This is classic sound of FANCY "contaminated" by RAP. Why on earth he likes putting the RAP on his recent releases? Go figure. There is also great PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE mix for all of you who want more updated TECHNO sound. Expect new album by FANCY in 1999 that wil lbe produced by David Brandes and Felix J. Gauder.
On August 31, 1998 German label: Zeitgeist along with Polystar released compilation called BEST of FANCY as part of the series called "FETENHITS presents" This compilation features 15 tracks including 3 brand new exclusive 98 remixes of "Slice Me Nice", "Lady Of Ice" and "Chinese Eyes" done in TECHNO-RAP genre by S.W.G. Team. There is also their remix called "Mega-Mix '98" in two versions: Single Version and Maxi Mix. Good release to have especially if you don't own any of his previous compilations.
FANCY - Mega-Mix '98 FANCY - Flames Of Love (Remix 1998)
In July 1998 FANCY released two new singles. For all of you who were not satisfied with 1998 edition of "Flames Of Love" will now be happy to have REMIXED version of this hit. This excellent single featured more PROGRESSIVE sound was produced by David Brandes, Felix J Gauder and John O'Flynn and released by 69 Records under exclusive license to BMG-Ariola. On Polygram (Germany) was released another single called: "FANCY - Mega-Mix '98"featuring 2 mixes: Maxi Mix, Single Mix and bonus track (an original version of "Slice Me Nice". Both releases are MUST to have.
FANCY - Hit Party Album (1998) FANCY - Flames Of Love (1998)
In June 1998 German label JUPITER RECORDS released a new album/compilation by FANCY entitled "Fancy Hit Party". This album contains 19 songs with many of hits we know FANCY from. There are however couple of new songs: "Blue Eyes And A Broken Heart", "Deja Vu", an exceptional classic FANCY sound and para-instrumental progressive track "Flic Flac". Jupiter Records released at the same time a single with true classic track by Fancy, "Flames Of Love" featuring three updated versions and as a bonus aformentioned "Flic Flac". If you are fan of FANCY I don't need to convince you to get them both.

In April 1997, there was simply a wonderful single called "Gegen den Strom" (I think it means something like "Against the Power") released by someone called Mark Bucher from GIB as well. It was written by the team of V. Webenau / Sabrina and produced by FANCY. You will also really love this song. It is all sung in German, but again, wonderful. There is also 2 other new tracks on the CD single, the second one called "Auber Rand & Band" written by Heiler/Schrupp (they did some of the tracks for FANCY'S "Colours of Life" CD) which is also really good.

In the end of 1996 FANCY released his newest album FANCY - Christmas In Vegas. In spite of the title, there is only 1 cover version of a Christmas type song on this CD. All the other 11 songs are originals!! And, there is NO rap at all on the CD. Actually, the CD sounds just like a new FANCY album, you can tell by the lyrics on 2 or 3 of the songs that it's a Christmas album, but the other tracks just sound like the FANCY we know and love. He's gone back a bit to his more traditional sound of the late 80's/early 90's, but a bit calmer. There aren't any really powerful HiNRG tracks here like "When Guardian Angels Cry" or "Flames of Love", but you will definately enjoy the CD

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