hazell2.jpgFew British female singers have made the major impact on the international dance music market that Hazell Dean has achieved. During the Eighties Hazell had no less than ten major hit singles in the U.K. charts alone, and her records packed dance floors wherever they were played around the world. Although Hazell did not have her first hit until 1984, she had already paid her dues and demands as a singer, writer and performer by then. Her professional singing career started back in the Seventies and she was at one point managed by the late Vic Billings who, during the Sixties, had guided the careers of both Dusty Springfield and Kiki Dee.

Hazell recorded several singles during this period, albeit without any commercial success, and she developed her stage confidence with many tours and live appearances, working with many of the biggest names in entertainment, and appearing at the LONDON PALLADIUM among many other top venues. Hazell developed her singing style by performing pop and soul numbers, but she eventually started veering towards dance music, marking a new stage in her career. in February 1984 she had her first chart entry with the double A-sided "Evergreen/Jelous Love" which made the U.K. Top 75. Two months later Hazell was back in the pop charts with her electrifying recording of "Searchin' (I Gotta Find A Man)" which sailed to number 6 and remained in the Top 75 for 15 weeks.

hazell1.jpgBetween then and the end of the Eighties Hazell became a chart regular, thanks to hit singles like "Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)" which reached number 4, and spent 11 weeks in the Top 75, "Back In My Arms (Once Again)" which reached number 41, "No Fool (For Love)" (number 41), "They Say It's Gonna Rain" (number 58), "Who Is Leaving Who" (number 4), "Maybe (We Should Call It A Day)" (number 15), "Turning Into Love" (number 21), and "Love Pains" (number 48). Hazell was one of the first artists to work with the top writing and production team of Stock, Aitken and Waterman (who subsequently had over a hundred Top 40 hits) and her recording of "Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)" provided them with their first all-important TOP 10 HIT. She went on to have worldwide success, and appeared regularly in Europe. Her records were also best-sellers.

In the United States Hazell was three times voted the 'BEST LIVE PERFORMER' by the Federation of American Dance Clubs, and although she failed to crossover into the general pop charts many of her singles topped the various import and dance charts there. Hazell has continued to be a major attraction on the club circuit, but she has also developed her talents as a songwriter and producer. Among those who have recorded her songs are Bad Boys Inc., Upside Down, and Aretha Franklin's backing singer Sandra Feva. She has also recently started recording again and it can only be a matter of time before the name Hazell Dean is once again back in the pop charts.

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TitleWho's Leaving Who
Label1988 EMI/PWL (England)
Index #12 EM 45
  • 1. Who's Leaving Who (Bob's Tambourine Mix)
  • 2. Who's Leaving Who (Bob's Tambourine Instrumental Mix)
  • 3. Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) (Extended Version)
  • TitleMaybe (We Should Call It A Day) - Remix
    Label1988 EMI/PWL (England)
    Index #12 EMX 62
  • 1. Maybe (We Should Call It A Day) (Extra Beat Boys Remix) - 6:42
  • 2. Maybe (We Should Call It A Day) - 6:33
  • 3. No Fool (For Love) (The Murray Mix) - 5:50
  • TitleTurn Into Love
    Label1988 EMI/PWL (England)
    Index #12 EM 71
  • 1. Turn Into Love (Extended Version)
  • 2. Turn Into Love (Instrumental - Long Version)
  • 3. You're Too Good To Be True
  • TitleTurn Into Love
    Label1988 Capitol Records (USA)
    Index #V-15416
  • 1. Turn Into Love (Disconet Edit) - 6:32
  • 2. Turn Into Love (The Danae Jacovidis Edit) - 7:27
  • 3. You're Too Good To Be True - 3:56
  • TitleLove Pains
    Label1989 Lisson Records (England)
    Index #DOLEQ 12
  • 1. Love Pains - 7:55
  • 2. More Than Words Can Say - 4:30
  • TitleBetter Off Without You
    Label1991 Lisson Records (England)
    Index #DOLEQ 19
  • 1. Better Off Without You (Lickin' Mix) - 7:12
  • 2. Love Pains (The Rawhide And Bullwhip Mix) - 6:26
  • 3. Are You Man Enough - 3:29

  • TitleGreatest Hits
    Label1996 EMI (England)
    Index #7243 8 38331 2 2
  • 1. Searchin'
  • 2. Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go (Extended Version)
  • 3. Evergreen
  • 4. Jelous Love
  • 5. Back In My Arms Again
  • 6. They Say It's Gonna Rain
  • 7. Turn It Into Love
  • 8. You're Too Good To Be True
  • 9. Who's Leaving Who
  • 10. Maybe (We Should Call It A Day)
  • 11. No Fool (For Love)
  • 12. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
  • 13. Searchin' Whatever I Do/Stand Up (High As A Kite Megamix)
  • 14. Who's Leaving Who (Bobs Tambourine Megamix)


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