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This page is devoted to ITALO DISCO/DANCE. Here is what you are or will be able to find here:

Check these Italian dance labels sites NOW!

I just have added link to this Italian site called: Live Music Studio Home Page. This one is NOT to be missed by any of you who are devoted to Italo-Disco at the best Hi-Energy style. They are home of Italian Dance label called: Hi-NRG Attack. If you thought that there is no more Italo-Disco coming out. You are DEAD WRONG! After neverending search for this style you finally got lucky !!!

This is another link I just added to an terrific Italian label called: TIME Records. This Italian label is known from such Hi-Energy artists like: GIPSY AND QUEEN, LES BLUE BELLES, and many others. You will not find info on these artists there (you still have to use my Time Records Page to do so), but what you will find is an extensive info on other artists signed with this label and popular in Europe: i.e. DATURA, DJ DADO, BOY GEORGE etc. There are also areas like: Jukebox (where you can hear the music), video clips and video album. As of December 21, 1996 that site is only 1 week old. Pretty cool one. Check for yourself. Site in Italian but English version is in preparation.

Eurodance Hits WWW had an U.S. Official Website for this dance corporation, however BLISShas now own site in Italy, therefore this area will no longer be available here. You should be checking Blissco Site for new info about artists, labels, get some help on how to make good DJ tapes and get other informations. Euro-Dance Hits WWW and Blissco will remain in close relationship, and some special area for joined efforts will be soon created. Stay tuned!

DWA just recently has introduced their presence on internet. This is the parent label for artists like Alexia, Double You. Alse featured artist previously signed with that label Ice Mc. Load information about them and other artists, current catalog etc. Definately a place to visit for all of you Italo freaks!
Benvenuro Edizioni Musicali

Benvenuto Edizioni Musicali is yet another well established Italian publishing and record company. Based in Crema, just 40 kilometres from Milan in the heart of Lombardy, BENVENUTO EDIZIONI MUSICALI was set up five years ago by Roby Benvenuto, a professional dance-music producer who had previously worked for several successful independent Italian labels. A team of highly professional and experienced producers and musicians guarantee high quality of dance songs and remixes. Their productions are licensed in Europe and throughout the world - including various countries in South America, South East Asia as well as in and around Poland, Bulgaria, Baltic Republics, Russia... ! More than 300 superb music compositions are included in the ever expanding and developing BENVENUTO EDIZIONI MUSICALI publishing catalogue, as well as various compositions in cooperation with some of the most famous and renowned publishing houses: EMI, WARNER CHAPPELL, MCA, DO IT YOURSELF, ZYX MUSIC... to name but a few!

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