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Manuel Stefano Carry was born on June 04, 1962 in Boston, Massachusetts (USA) where his father worked as an architect. As a 7 year old child he learnt how to play piano and guitar. He moved to Italy when he was 4 or 5. His parents divorced, so he (as well as his sister and brother) stayed with his mother. At home they always spoke Italian; so, in spite of the fact that he was born in USA, he had some troubles with English at school. During his high school years (Milan, Italy) he was further developing interest in music. Also at that time he started to attending the judo and bodybuilding club - "Club Sportivo". As an 18 years old teenboy he also attended the breakdance school.

From early age he knew that he wanted to be a part of showbusiness. His good look and very well defined body he gained in the sport club paid off. He was discovered as a photomodel and it was the first step toward fulfilling that dream. Soon after he met Roberto Turatti who at that time was a DJ in "American Disaster" a discoteque in Milan. Turatti and Miki Chieregato became his producers and their goal was to make Manuel a star. At that time also his artistic pseudonym was choosen: DEN HARROW. This name originated from Italian word: denaro that stands for nomen omen: MONEY

He was preparing himself to storm dance floor. He took extensive vocal lessons. His two first songs: "To Meet Me" and "A Taste Of Love" became quite popular in South European countries, but for real success he had to wait until 1984. This year became a milestone for his career. He released his first official single "Mad Desire" that sold approximately 1 million copies and won 3 golden records. In 1985 he releases "Future Brain" that made him win "Festivalbar" and Vota La Voce". His next singles released in 1986 : "Bad Boy", "Charleston" and "Catch The Fox" made him one of the most beloved disco star in Europe. These singles sold a total 1.5 million copies, received a Golden record in France, where three "TOP FIVE" singles in Italy. Also in 1986 he was a recipient of SILVER OTTO, a prestigious grammy award from the biggest and most popular German music magazine: BRAVO.

In 1987 he released two singles from his second album "Day By Day". With the first one "Born To Love" Den won his second "Fesivalbar" and the other single that so far seems to be his biggest hit: "Don't Break My Heart" that became number 1 in Germany and reached the "TOP FIVE" in Italy, Spain, Greece and Benelux and was awarded A Gol status in France and Platinum status in Canada. When he sung that song in Peters Popshow concert in Westfalenhalle (Dortmund, Germany) he caused a massive hysteria. This song is now a part of Classic Italo-Disco sound. Also that year he received a GOLDEN OTTO.

1988 was also very successful year for him. In Germany and England Den reached the top charts for 12 consecutive months and received his second grammy, overtaking Michael Jackson in charts and obtained a Golden Record. He ranked with BRAVO on 4 place and in 1989 on 9.

in 1989 he released his third album "Lies" that attracted attention of German's BMG/Ariola, earning more than 19 millions German Marks. Two companies "ADIDAS" and "COCA-COLA" hired him for their commercials.

In 1992 he signed a new contract with German Polydor label and released his four album "All I Want Is You" produced by Jennifer Rush and Natalie Cole. Album fast reached Number 4 in the German charts and was sold in 800,000 copies!

In 1993 he released his fifth album "Real Big Love" that was produced by Natalie Cole

Many factors were part of Den Harrow success: his music, his look and his clothes. The most famous European cloth designers were creating his fashionable and interesting outfits. How about his voice you might ask? Well, he really never had a strong one. I am presenting you 4 samplers. When you will listen first two you will hear a relatively weak voice when you will listen another two they appear like somebody else is singing them. In fact you are right. In most cases his hits were song by Tom Hooker that was also produced by duo Turatti/Chieregato. If I will have enough info about this artist I will make a separate page for him. Den Harrow's first real live tournee that started from Italy took place in 1987. This tournee as well as his album "Lies" a record in which Den Harrow started to sing with another voice started the rumour that Den Harrow doesn't sing his song. Not the first time nor the last time in music industry happens that voice and look does not necessary match the same artist. He still believes that he can sing, he went to England to further master his voice. Beside "Lies" he released three other albums: "Overpower" (1985), "Day By Day" (1987) and recently (1996) in One Way Records album I,Den that contains many of his previosuly releases tracks updated to present sound.

In 1996 he started working with Mauro Farina at SAIFAM with one of their label ONE WAY Records, where he recorded several new tracks: "Take Me", "The Universe of Love", "Taste Of Love", "I Feel You", "Future Brain 2000" and "Don't Break My Heart 2000". Also Farina's Factory Team remixed some of his old production (for instance "To Meet Me"). On One Way Records he released his sixtth album "I Den"

In 1999 he left S.A.I.F.A.M and recorded his 7th album "Back From The Future that was released on Niteline Records.


(GE) - German release, (IT) - Italian release

Day By Day
Day By Day
LP: 208110, CD: 258110
LP: 209833, CD: 259833
LP: 209347, CD: 259347
I, Den
I, Den
I, Den
Back From The Future
CD: DO IT 01-99CD

To Meet Me
A Taste Of Love
Don't Break My Heart
You And The Sunshine
Take Me
The Universe Of Love
I Feel You
Future Brain 2000
Don't Break My Heart 2000

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