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Roberto Zanetti


SAVAGE is an artistic pseudonym of Roberto Zanetti (born in 1956) - the composer, vocalist, producer and also businessman all in one person. His debut on the artistic scene took place in the end of '70s. when he was part of the group called Santarosa (one of the most famous track by this group was "Souvenir"). From the early '80s he decided to pursue his solo career. His first Italo records were by the group he established called Taxi: "to Miami" and "Kapsi cum". He produced these tracks by himself and released them in 1983 under the stage name Stargo. In the endof 1983 he recorded under the stage name we well know him right now: Savage his smash SLEAZY-ENERGY hit "Don't Cry Tonight" that become a HUGE track all over the Europe and remixed endless times. The popularity of this track was so big that he decided to follow the success and in the same year recorded his next track in the same style called "Only You". This song became a a classic of low beat ITALO-DISCO sound and is now part of any serious DJs playing Hi-Energy. His first album Tonight was also a tremendous success followed by singles like "Radio", "Time", "A Love Again", "Celebrate", "Love Is Death". In 1989 he recorder track "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" (a Hi-Nrg version of the classic techno-pop song, originally released by the group "Cutting Crew"). Also in 1989 he released album with his greatest hits. In 1994 he released album Strangelove. This album contained a number of remixes of his older songs and four mixes of "Strangelove" (originally composed by Depeche Mode). .The last single released by Savage was "Don't You Want Me" that appeared on his own label Dance World Attack Records (DWA) in 1994. This track was not present in above mentioned album.

Roberto Zanetti is also a producer (his pseudonym is Robyx). Where this name came from? It is actually interesting history. You have to go back to his school years to understand it. He used to draw cartoons in which one of the character was a rock star called Robyx. What was so special to this character I don't know, but there was probably the reason why Zanetti took this character. Robyx didn't only produced his own records but also songs performed by other artists. e.g. Claudio Mingardi "Star" (1984), Tango "Computerised Love" (1986) or Lena "Run To Me" (1987). He also has written and produced one of my favorite italo-track by Rose: "Magic Carillon" (1983) .One of the most known artists is Ice MC, for whom he wrote and produced mega hits like "It's A Rainy Day", "Think About The Way", "Take Away The Colours" and many other songs. Actually Roberto Zanetti was also singing with Ice MC. The best example is the Ice MC earlier song "Easy". Yeah! Do you remember this line: "...easy, easy to remember...". That was Savage by himself!. Ice MC recently released his new album called Dreadatour that was not produced by RobyX, however RobyX did the remix of "Give Me The Light", the track that appeared on this album. This remix in many opinions was superb to the original composed by Masterboy. The female partner in almost all early IceMC songs was Alexia (there was also another vocalist singing with Ice MC Jasmine). When Ice MC left, she started her solo career, and Roberto Zanetti became her producent. In 1996 she released smash hit "The Summer Is Crazy" (mixes by RobyX and DJ Dado) followed by the most recent track released in the end of 1996 "Number One". Roberto Zanetti is also producing songs for Raimunda Navarro ("Jesahel", "C.I.A.O"), and Double You ("Please Don't Go", "We All Need Love", "Part Time Lover", "Run To Me", "Loving You" and many others). He supports such artists as Corona, who are signed to DWA and are produced by Lee Marrow.


TITLE Index Number Label Year
Don't Cry TonightMIX 133Discomagic1983
Don't Cry TonightBest Nr 5081ZYX1983
Only You/Turn AroundMIX 195Discomagic1984
Radio/A Love AgainMIX 215Discomagic1984
Radio/Reggae RadioMIX 219Discomagic1984
A Love Again (Remix)/FugitiveMIX 223Discomagic1984
TimeMIX 257Discomagic1985
CelebrateEM 104Emergent1986
Love Is DeathMIX 292Discomagic1986
I'm Loosing YouMIX 342Discomagic1988
So CloseMIX 346Discomagic1988
I'm Loosing You (Remix)MIX 347Discomagic1988
Don't Cry Tonight ( '89 Remix)MIX 349Discomagic1989
Good-ByeMIX 355Discomagic1989
I Just Died In Your ArmsEURO 2806Euroenergy1989
Don't Leave MeEURO 2809Euroenergy1990
Don't You Want MeDWA 01.41DWA/Extravaganza1994
Don't Cry Tonight/Only You (Remixes)???DWA/Extravaganza1994

Robert Zanetti also released singles with following groups:

  • Taxi - "To Miami" (Harmony Music 83)
  • Joey Moon - "Angelica" (Harmony 83)
  • Stargo - "Capsicum" (Flashback records 83)
  • Kamillo - "Buenas Noches" (Discomagic 83)
  • Claudio Mingardi - "Star" (Best records 84)
  • Stargo - "Live Is Life/Capsicum" (new versions) (Stargo records 85)

TITLE Index Number Label Year
TonightMIX 213Discomagic1984
Maxi SinglesMIX 305Discomagic1987
Only You/Turn Around???Discomagic1984
Greatest Hits2807Euroenergy1989
More Greatest Hits and MoreIS-CD-001Inter Sonus (Poland)1990
More Greatest Hits and RemixesSON 29Sonic (Poland)1990
Don't Cry Greatest Hits???DWA/Extravaganza1994

Only You
Don't Cry Tonight
Tech Versions Mix:
1. Strangelove
2. Don't Cry Tonight
3. Only You
4. Don't You Want Me
Goodbye Mix:
1. Celebrate
2. Computerized Love
3. Love Is Death
4. So Close
5. I'm Loosing You
6. Goodbye

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