Magic Mix Series


  • This series has been released by Polish label Sonic with tracks licensed from Discomagic
  • Every CD features FULL versions mixed together by Polish Radio DJ Marek Sierocki
  • Entire series consists of 6 disks features the mega hits from Italo-Disco era with last CD including relatively current hits
  • Discomagic was the label that in the beginning of 80's started the invasion of Italo-Disco in Europe. In several CDs you will find artists like: Savage (today producent of Double You, Alexia and until recently Ice MC), Radiorama, Wish Key, Lee Marrow (still recording very attractive hits), P. Lion, Albert One (260 pounds of body), Ryan Paris (with probably his most know hit: "Dolce Vita")
  • This series was targeted for Italo-Disco Fans and DJs.
  • AUDIO SAMPLERS from each of this CD will be available in the near future

As far as I know this series is still available. DO NOT inquire about it here, however the address is posted below. I am not their salesman. Sorry! However, you are welcome to E-mail me if you have any other questions. If you will place an order with this company, I kindly ask you to mention that you heard about it on Eurodance Hits WWW. After all maybe I will get a discount on my next purchase from them. Thank you!

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