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Welcome to Catalog/Sound Samplers Page for Italian label : HI-NRG Attack. This label belongs to the company called: Live Music Studio that has been established by two very talented Italian guys: Federico Rimonti and Claudio Accatino. Both guys are working together for last 15 years. The results of this joint efforts are great eurobeat releases. I am proud to present their music.

For more information about label please contact their Web site http://www.livemusicstudio.com/


October 07, 1999
Again, you had to wait for a long time to hear new releases from this excellent EUROBEAT oriented label. I have posted SIX sound samplers taken from their three 1999 releases. They were added to newly created 1999 Releases Section.

February 10, 1999
You had to wait almost a year to see this page being updated. Here you are. TEN sound samplers of most recent releases from end of 1998 were added to 1998 Releases Section. Hopefully more to come soon!

April 26, 1998
TWENTY samplers from 1997 were added to 1997 Releases Section that is now completed.

July 04, 1997
All pages from 1994 until 1997 are now fully functional. Enjoy Hi-NRG attack full eurobeat sound and don't forget to check their home page for details.

June 21, 1997
Page for 1997 and 1996 releases are the first for your enjoyment. Pages for 1995-1994 are now in preparation.

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