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  November 12 , 2003
Polystar is keeping releasing great compilations, but unfortunately I cannot review them all, because I simply don't have them. So, at least today let me present you one recent one.
  • DEEP DANCE 2003 - volume 2. Second volume released on September 29th is a continuation of bringing the best of from legendary DJ DEEP and DJ STUDIO 33. Truly an outstanding compilation. In my opinion much better compare with volume 1. Looks like DJ DEEP was responsible for CD1 while DJ STUDIO 33 took care of second one. 81 tunes on both CDs with characteristic jingles I missed so much from their bootleg era. The choice of music is stunning. True, there are some older tunes, but also many new one found their home here as well. It is so hard to get license for all the tracks. I am sure if both dudes could only have more choices, the mixes would be even better. Regardless, great party compilation. 100% bullet proof for any dance floor! I prepared mix featuring 12 tunes from both CDs (6 from each). I did retained the original mix, but had to do some cut and paste. Enjoy the sound and support dudes by buying their extraordinary compilation.
Both compilations are available for purchase from www.amazon.de
  September 03 , 2003
Today two compilations featuring mixes done by SWG TEAM (DJ DEEP & DJ STUDIO 33).
  • MEGAPARK Hitmix 2003 was released back in the end of July 2003. Actually Polystar has been releasing MEGAPARK compilations for quite a long time. I never featured them because series features usually German folk music in general. I have decided though, that the most current compilation should be reviewed. There are several reasons for doing it. Good music, great mix done by SWG Team and featured DVD as part of the set. Germans love Balearic Islands. No wonder why one of the great parties take place in Playa Del Palma, capitol of Mallorca in venue called Mega Park. This CD/DVD compilation captures the climate. You will have good German folk music but also some hot current DANCE tunes, all in excellent mix on CD. DVD part captures some events in Day and Night party. Check the sound sampler in SOUND MEDLEY SAMPLER area featuring 12 tunes in original SWG Team mix Enjoy!

  • DEEP DANCE 2003 - volume 1. I am late with the review of this release, especially since volume 2 is going to be released this month. I have decided to present you this compilation, because, i know there are many devoted fans of true master of mixing: DJ DEEP and DJ STUDIO 33. Presented compilation features 81 tunes in 2 CDs. As you can expect, it is just one great party you cannot miss.You know titles that found their place in this releases. It's not that important though. The flaw of the music and climate both DJs deliver are simply priceless. Please check sampler with 12 tunes taken from both CDs in original mix.
Both compilations are available for purchase from www.amazon.de
  June 11 , 2003
These days I am not getting Polystar releases that often, however today I am presenting you fairly new two compilations.
  • TRANCE 80's - Volume 4 is next installement in POLYSTAR series dedicated to remakes of classic 80 and 90's tunes done in modern full electronica sound. It is labeled as TRANCE genre, but I might disagree with it. Granted some earlier releases might have fallen into that category, but this volume hardly does. Don't get me wrong, presented sound in here is fabulous, but it is hardly TRANCE. In fact many of them has that characteristic combination of EURO, DISCO and POP but updated with usage of synths. You wil lfind in this offerinf 40 titles, and if you are old enough to remember the original, you are into the challenge. Don't get into pitfall of comparisons. That might only hurt. Instead, look at them as brand new interpretations. So, what we have in store. Well... there is a lot to choose from. Among very interestings "remakes" is a classic PET SHOP BOY's "It's A Sin" that received treatment from recently resuscitate EURO group X-PERIENCE and remixed by GROOVE COVERAGE. "I Like Chopin" originally by SAVAGE is now taken by big room TRANCE strings and some EURO RAP by DJ K. As a matter that particular ITALO-DISCO tune is featured twice. Second CD features MARCO feat. JESSE BRADE interpreatation of this fare. that are basically remakes of some old classic tunes. Speaking of some marvellous reamkes, I have to mention "Without You". This KENNETH NILSSON timeless piece has been brought to todays's sound by TASKFORCE vs. DJ STEVE L. There are much, much more. Please listen to a sound sampler in SOUND MEDLEY SAMPLER area featuring 14 tunes taken from both CD. This is a mixed sampler but the CDs have unmixed tunes. Enjoy!

  • TRANCE VOICES - volume VI. I know, at the time I am presenting you this volume, the next just has been released. When I will get vol. VII I will present it immediately, but for now, I have to settle with vol. VI released back in March, Since this compilation is already couple of months old, you are probably familiar with most of the titles featured in here. TRANCE VOICES series has aspiration to present you the greatest VOCAL TRANCE anthems. While the previous volumes fit the description, volume VI parts from what true TRANCE VOICE genre is. I think just to have female vocals and TRANCE strings are not enough to fill the bill. One reason is, that these days so many remakes are flooding the dance floor, so not that many choices are left. Granted such remakes as "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" by NOVASPACE or "Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 by SNAP! (if it is VOCAL TRANCE I just don't know my TRANCE) are great dance tunes. Well.. there are many remakes making this particular release very similar with one I reviewed above. Even if I not find this offering excititng, it is a still good buy for all of you who look for some cool, mainstream tunes done in current sound. You can always take a look at track listing to see what's in store. Don't forget to check sampler with 14 tunes taken from both CDs.
Both compilations are available for purchase from www.europemusic.com
  April 13 , 2003
  • TRANCE 80's - Volume 3 released back in February 2003 is the third volume of this newly established series by POLYSTAR. Since the covers of various dance-genre related tunes are poisoning the dance floor everywhere, there was not a problem to compile a new volume. This compilation features 40 tunes all released in 2001 and 2002. The first CD startes with "Hypnotic Tango" by MASTER BLASTER that made this new group a hit in dance floor worldwide. Tunes such as "Guardian Angel" by NOVASPACE, "More Than A Feeling" by JAN WAYNE, or classic SYNTH-POP of YAZOO's "Don't Go" covered by ANDRE VISIOR all from the first CD, are pretty well known tunes already. French "Joe Le Taxi" popular in early 80's was revamped into big room VOCAL TRANCE by AURIA POZZI. PRETENDER's "I'll Stand By You" received HARD TRANCE treatment from GRANDSTAND. Other classics such NIK KERSHAW's "Wouldn't It Be Good", ROBIN GIBBS's "Juliet" were covered as well. The second CD is also full of "updates" with such tunes as DJ SAMMY "Boys Of Summer" ANIMOTION's POP-classic "I Engineer" by 2 DJ's & ONE and many many others. If you liked volume 2 you will like this one as well. Please listen to a sound sampler in SOUND MEDLEY SAMPLER area featuring 12 tunes taken from both CD. As a reminder, this is mixed sampler but the CDs have unmixed tunes. Enjoy!

Order this compilation from www.europemusic.com
  January 26 , 2003
I have recently received two compilations released at the end of 2002 that would be of interest to all of you who fall for TRANCE sound.
  • TRANCE 80's - Volume 2 is a second release in the new POLYSTAR series. As you might realized, there have many incoming releases in TRANCE genre that are basically remakes of some old classic tunes. POLYSTAR is cashing on such trend and opened series devoted just to the tracks that fall into this category. I did not have volume 1, but let me present you volume 2 and hopefully soon volume 3 (due to be released in first days of February 2002). This compilation features 40 tunes and some of them should be familiar to you, since they already became hits. Good examples of such tunes are "Because I Love You" in MARK "OH and DIGITAL ROCKERS interpretation of this 1999 tune by RAY HORTON originally in rather slow POP. Another already familiar tunes shouldbe "Ordinary World" by AURORA, MAD'HOUSE's interpretation of MADONNA's "Like A Virgin" and "Holiday" or actually quite old (from 2000) TRANCE interpretation of "The Power Of Love" by FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD. There are many covers I have not chance to hear before and I am sure some of you might enjoy them a lot. For instance CLUB CANDY took classic DISCO tune "Words" originally by F.R. DAVID and turned to a high speed TRANCE/DANCE fare. Many other classics such "Hey Little Girl", "Sailing" (no kidding! ROD STEWART's kicker has been "vandalized" as well), "Let's Chant", "Running Up That Hill" got their treatment as well. Taken together a very good release with some unique tunes you might not get anywhere else. Please listen to a sound sampler in SOUND MEDLEY SAMPLER area featuring 12 tunes taken from both CD. This is a mixed sampler but the CDs have unmixed tunes. Enjoy!

  • TRANCE VOICES - volume V. I haven't reviewed volumes from this series for about a year (volume II was reviewed in Janury 2002) because I never received volume III nor volume IV, however today I am able to present you volume V released in December of 2002. This very interesting series caters to what is now called VOCAL TRANCE. If you follow the TRANCE sound as a genre, you know that this style involved from instrumental side of TRANCE toward vocal side with female singers being practically a must. While this is in general true for the genre, this is not necessary the true for the compilation I present. Why is that? Well... It "supposed" to be VOCAL TRANCE compilation but in fact it is rather TRANCE or even HOUSE/NRG compilation if you will. I think what heppened was that the folks responsible for putting this one together either run out of idea or simply had hard time to get licenses for fares that were more appropriate. Don't get me wrong! The compilation is still very good but you simply have to be more open-minded about the music. It still DANCE and there are very good tunes by such projects as GROOVE COVERAGE, ALEX BUTCHER, IAN VAN DAHL, DANCE NATION, TUKAN and many others. Fans of SCOOTER will be thrilled to listen to a debut "cover" by SCOOTER's AXEL COON! Very cool! Take a look at track listing and listen to a sound sampler with 12 tunes taken from both CDs.
Both compilations are available for purchase from www.europemusic.com

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