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Title: Join Us - reviewed on 04/29/2000
Label: 2000 Dos Or Die / Fairlight Records (Germany)
Style: EuroTrance
Index: 333.0905.2
LIGHTFORCE - Join Us Finally the debut album from LIGHTFORCE. Group has been already well noticed in the DANCE scene after releasing two singles "Join Us" and "Take Your Time (The Riddle '99)". If you heard the singles your apetite was probably spiced up. Sp, here is the main course. Album contains 15 tracks including both forementioned titles (each in two versions). The group records in EUROTRANCE but also you will find other flavors of DANCE genres. Featured TRANCE sound in this album is rather mellow. No, it's not a critique, just a statement. There are however tracks that are very dynamic and falls into PROGRESSIVE-TRANCE like the title one "Join Me". If you look for NRG/TRANCE with cosmic feel check "Passion Lights The Way". This beatifully arranged fare brings back also DREAM dance with deliciously crafted piano section and sopran female vocal. Very, very nice. In the same mood is also "Dream Of The Dolphin". This has something from ABBA, KOSMONOVA, KAI TRACID stuck in one pile. "Evening Falls" starts almost like RICHI M and contains a female vocal that reminds me ENYA, but sang faster. For fast TECHNO I suggest you "Outa Space". This fare has fast beat, computerized male vocal and great synths work. Another fast tune "Fantasy" falls into TECHNO-HOUSE with DREAM elements. Beatifully done tune, with dramatic orchestration and haunting female vocals. Seems like LIGHTFORCE couldn't resist the temptation of making an "Asian-sound" track like WATERGATE did with "Sound Of Asia". LIGHTFORCE's "Asian Spirit" is very well done and TRIBAL sound generated by featured instruments is quite original. Group also attempted BREAK-BEAT in "Get Ready", not exactly MUSIC INSTRUCTOR I would say, yet still quite impressive and in my opinion better. The album is closed by "Millenium Dance", a slow, majestic track lasting more than 11 minutes!!! Beatiful slow DANCE. Taking together this LIGHTFORCE debut album should be a hit! With variety of genres and impressive sound spectrum this album should be part of collection for fans of TRANCE and TECHNO sound. I prepared mix containing 8 tracks from this album, and I hope it will help you to get an idea. Support the group and buy this album.

01. Join Me (Radio Edit) - 3:30 (5)
02. Take Your Time - The Riddle '99 (Single Version) - 3:32
03. Passion Lights The Way - 3:15 (1)
04. Dream Of Dolphin - 5:10 (7)
05. Eternity (Short Cut) - 3:30 (6)
06. Evening Falls - 3:57 (8)
07. Outa Space - 3:43 (3)
08. Fantasy - 3:32 (2)
09. My Love Is Real - 7:11
10. Asian Spirits - 3:16 (4)
11. Get Ready - 4:41
12. Millenium Dance - 11:47

13. Join Me (Plug'N'Play Remix) - 6:25
14. Take Your Time - The Riddle '99 (Sandbox Rockers Remix) - 3:13
15. Eternity (Watermoon Remix) - 5:38

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Title: Best Of 1991-2001 reviewed on 04/29/00
Artist: U 96
Label:2000 Guppy/Urban/Universal Records (Germany)
Style: Euro/Techno
Index #: 157 933-2

U 96 - Best Of 1991-2001 On November 13, 1991 first single by U 96, "Das Boot" was released. Ten years later we got "Das Boot 2001". If you are serious TECHNO collector, U 96, the project of Alex Christensen is a classic! Starting with "Das Boot", U 96 pushed the TECHNO scene to forefront of DANCE. This project released 16 singles and 4 albums within last 10 years. "Best of 1991-2001" is the 5th album and summarizes U 96 achievements. You will find in this album almost all singles either in their original versions or revamped to 2000's sound. Many of songs went to the top of TECHNO charts all over the Europe. Alex did the music for American movie "Cyberstorm" featuring Christina Applegate and James Marshall. So the list is long, but even more, music speaks for itself. Tracks like "Love Sees No Colour", "Night In Motion" on recorded with Daisy Dee "Love Religion", were fusing TECHNO sound with popular at that time EURODANCE style. The pick of group activity was middle of 90's and last two singles "Energie" and "Beweg Dich Baby" were released in 1998. Both were more ELECTRO BEAT oriented with style completely shifted. The revamped "Das Boot 2001" brought current TRANCE/PROGRESSIVE sound to it. Does it mean, the group is back? I hope so! Alex is talented writer and producer who recently was busy producing other acts. I hope he finally found time for his original baby. For now, you have a chance to admire his post production, and I hope many of you that are not familiar with the group sound will find it fascinating and refreshing. For sound sampler I picked 7 tracks from the frist CD containing my most favorite tracks. ENJOY!

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CD 1
01. Das Boot 2001 - 03:39 (5)
02. Underwater - 04:12
03. Heaven - 03:37
04. Club Bizarre - 04:58
05. Love Religion - 03:33
06. A Night To Remember - 05:07 (7)
07. Inside Your Dreams - 03:26 (2)
08. Love Sees No Colour - 03:45 (3)
09. Night In Motion - 03:18 (1)
10. Energie - 03:27
11. I Wanna Be A Kennedy - 03:15 (4)
12. Venus In Chains - 05:12
13. Seven Wonders - 03:41
14. Rhythm Of Life - 03:35 (6)
15. Lost Paradise - 04:06
16. Love Generation - 05:48
17. Live At Electrogorsk - 02:54
18. Boot II - 05:16

01. Club Bizarre (Radio Edit) - 4:55
02. Seven Wonders (Seven Sins Mix) - 5:05
03. Das Boot 2001 (Radio Edit) - 3:09
04. A Night To Remember (Bass Bumpers Mix) - 4:30
05. Heaven (Radio Cut) - 3:23

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Title: Trilenium - reviewed on 04/10/2000
Artist: SASH!
Label: 2000 Edel Records (Germany)
Style: EuroTrance
Index: 0108592XIT
SASH! - Trilenium The new album by SASH! is out. Highly anticipated release from this artist is truly a gem. Your waiting is handsomely rewarded. 14 tracks recorded in various shades of TRANCE and TECHNO are breathtaking. Most of the music is written by Sascha Lappesen (SASH! himself), Thomas Alison and Ralf Kappener. Right from the beginning album takes to the cosmic world of SASH! The very first song "Rock The Block" starts as mysterious EURO-TRANCE with dark male vocals provided by Michel "Armeer" Williams followed by angelic female voice of Deborah Cameron. The synthesizers strings are plain incredible and beat is just out of space. Truly a top notch dance track to die for, I am speechless. If you liked the "Encore Une Fois" the debut SASH! single you wil lbe happy to learn that Sabine Ohmes, the original female voice in "Encore..." is back in "Le Soleil Noir". This track is quite different from "Encore..." with faster beat and even better synths. This wonderful EURO-TRANCE fare gradually progresses like in high action movie. Oh my! Another thrilling experience you will go thru, when you will listen that one. Also Tina Cousins is back in "Just Around The Hill" , a contemporary POP track. This one is rather slower but has outstanding orchestration and warm feeling. Speaking of POP there is also another dynamic track recorded in edge of POP/HOUSE "Tell Me Now" with voice provided by CA$H. Little bit different from SASH! mainstream, but still very well done. For more TECHNO sound if you will, try "Trilenium", the title song. Great beat and synth line in this one. Dramatic NRG sound mixed with GOSPEL is in "Halleluja". SASH! also gives himself for EURO fans, his "Together Again" is a masterpiece of EURODANCE. Female vocalist: Bla Ojne delivered powerful vocal and synths amazed me again. Of course "Adelante" is in here as well in it's extended chilling version. The album is closing with AFTER HOURS track "Chill Out No.1". This one features flutes, sound of natures etc. Perfect finish to calm you down after your dance experience. Truly a release not to be missed. I probably need no further to convince you of the album's outstanding value. SASH! again proves that he is a leading artist in electronic dance scene. I had hard time to make a sound sampler, but I hope it will give you an idea. I picked 6 amazing songs at little bit longer fragments than usually and mixed them together. I hope label and artist will forgive me, but I had to give them extended, so you could fully enjoy the beauty of this album. Buy it to support the artist and label. Enjoy the sound and run for it!

For more info about the artist, please visit home webpage at

01. Rock The Block -03:44 (1)
02. Adelante - 06:46
03. With My Own Eyes - 04:03
04. Show Me The Right Way - 03:53 (3)
05. Le Soleil Noir - 03:51 (2)
06. Just Around The Hill - 03:52
07. Tell Me Now - 03:33
08. Trilenium - 05:20 (6)
09. Halleluja - 03:57
10. Together Again - 03:41 (4)
11. Destination Unknown - 03:57 (5)
12. Multiply Teaser - 05:38
13. My Kind Of Blues - 03:22
14. Chill Out No. 1 - 04:26

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Title: Worldwide reviewed on 04/09/00
Label:2000 Zeitgeits/Polydor / Kontor Records (Germany)
Style: Trance/Techno
Index #: 543 474-2

TRANCE ALLSTARS - Worldwide Project TRANCE ALLSTARS is quite fascinating event. Six TRANCE projects: TAUCHER, SCHILLER, TALLA 2XLC, DJ MELLOW-D, ATB and SUNBEAM decided to unite their talents and released originally two singles: "The First Rebirth" following by "Ready To Flow". Both were very well received. So here we have all the guys joined together in double CD album featuring phenomenal TRANCE and TECHNO tunes. Several tracks in this album are already well known like those two mentioned above, yet many other found their debut on this album. ATB among other tunes presents his "Tune". Quite happy TRANCE I would say. It progresses very well to become a FULL blown wonder with great synths arrangements and electronic vocals. While I enjoyed virtually all tracks from both CD, I favored SUNBEAM the most. Several songs by this project are featured. On first CD you will find two of them: "Phoenix" and "Infusion". Both are truly incredible. The first one is featuring beatifully soaring TRANCE instrumental and angelic strings that are simply exceptional. The second one is gorgeous intrumental DREAM/TRANCE fare that circuit mavens are going to flip for this. Second CD features three other songs by this formation: "Outside World" that is group's long time anthem, as well as "Ten" and "Purple". All of them are powerful and impressive productions. Even if I concentrated a bit on SUNBEAM all members of TRANCE ALLSTARS project did extremely well. It is really hard for me to single out what tunes are better. Most of them are great, but be awared that not all of them will be exactly what you consider as plain TRANCE. For instance TAUCHER's "Lucky Star" that is in fact TRANCE fare has the "Cabaret" feeling into it, caused mostly by female vocals. Quite interesting twist to the genre I might say. SCHILLER's "Die Wirklichkeit" is beatifully crafted slower tune with haunting piano section. Truly an outstanding after hour tune. ATB's "Klangwelt" is totally different from what we used to have from him. It's hybrid of ELECTRO BEAT with INDUSTRIAL sound. Another twist! Taken together both CDs have to find the room in your TRANCE collection. No matter what it is almost impossible to find production by all the featured artists in one cd. So here is ths unique opportunity to own such fine collection of spectacular fares. I picked 8 tracks from both CDs and mixed them together, so you can have some feeling on what you are getting. Keep in mind though they are only 8 out of 36, so th only way to get the whole picture is to get this set for yourself. ENJOY!

CD 1
01. SUNBEAM - The First Rebirth
02. ATB - Tune (2)
03. SUNBEAM - Phoenix (3)
04. TALLA 2XLC - Seize The Night
05. DJ MELLOW-D - Something Wonderful
06. SCHILLER - Der Anfang II
07. TAUCHER - Amazone Dreaming
08. ATB - Repulse
09. TALLA 2XLC - Perfect Moments (4)
10. DJ MELLOW-D - Rain
11. SUNBEAM - Infusion (1)
12. TAUCHER - Lucky Star
13. SCHILLER - Die Wirklichkeit
14. ATB - Klangwelt
15. TALLA 2XLC - Let It Go
16. DJ MELLOW-D Naturally Voices

CD 2
01. ATB - Ready To Flow
02. SCHILLER - Ruhe (Ayla Remix)
03. ATB - 9 PM (Till I Come) (Matt Darey Mix)
04. MELLOW TRAX - Outa Space (Ramon Zenker Remix)
05. TAUCHER - Bizarre (DJ Sakin vs. Stenzel Remix)
06. TALLA 2XLC - Love's Comin' down (Moguai Remix)
07. SUNBEAM - Outside World (Schiller Remix) (6)
08. SCHILLER - Unendlich
09. TAUCHER - Alright
10. TALLA 2XLC - Energy
11. SUNBEAM - Ten (5)
12. ATB - My Dream (7)
13. DJ MELLOW-D - Basskick
14. SUNBEAM - Purple (8)
15. TAUCHER - Outside World
16. SCHILLER - Sonnenuntergang

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Title: Who Needs Guitars Anyway? - reviewed on 04/01/2000
Label: 2000 Violent Music (Holland)/Universal Records(USA)
Style: Trance
Index: 012 157 672-2
ALICE DEEJAY - Who Needs Guitars Anyway ? ALICE DEEJAY is another project of Danski & DJ Delmundo (VENGABOYS). The song "Better Off Alone" took the dance floor by storm. At that time the project could be considered as a "one hit" wonder. Not anymore, after another single "Back In My Life" and now the album, group is finding a permanent position among most sought DANCE acts. ALICE DEEJAY are Judy, Gaby and Jane that do vocals. You can see all of them in video clip I posted in VIDEO SECTION. Rumours that the album is coming out was flying for several weeks and now we have it released. Incredibly enough it was first released in the U.S.A. by Universal Records !!! No kidding! I am not sure who in Universal Records is responsible for pulling this out, but I would like to give kudos to whomever they are. THANK YOU!!! The album indeed is very good, and if you like forementioned singles, you will like the rest. Tracks in this album were written by several people. Of course Danski & Delmundo did their parts on tracks like: "Everything Begins With An E" or the title song "Who Needs Guitars Anyway?". Both interestingly arranged TRANCE tunes, both instrumental. The latter one has angelic piano section embedded that gives additional feeling into it. I was extremely pleased with tracks written by one of the legends of Dutch TECHNO scene: Van der Kuy. I always admired his music. He gave a lot. In "Elements of Love" female vocals are fused with amazing TRANCE strings. Geez! This one is hot. His "Waiting For Your Love" gave more TECHNO touch yet the TRANCE synths are distinct. Same goes to "I Can See" and the final song "Alice Deejay". Another writers: Pronti & Kalmani that brought two first ALICE DEEJAY's song are back as well. They did three titles: "Celebrate Our Love", "Will I Ever" and "Fairytales" First two have clear resemblance to original singles. WOW! Rhythmic tune with great beat and stunning melodic line, you should fall for. The third one is done in ENIGMA-style. When mentioning writers I cannot forget about Maes & Gielen who wrote two other titles: "The Lonely One" and "No More Lies" both very dynamic. Taken together this album is filled with tunes that can easily stand themselves as singles. Truly an outstanding release. I am sure many European fans will rush to order it from US-based stores, before the album will appear in Europe. Unsusal, isn't it? For sound sampler I have chosen brande new six tracks from this album and mixed them together. Enjoy!

For more info about the artist, please visit their webpage at
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01. Back In My Life - 3:31
02. Better Off Alone - 3:34
03. Celebrate Our Love - 3:26
04. The Lonely One - 3:18
05. Who Needs Guitars Anyway? - 4:17
06. Will I Ever - 3:28 (1)
07. Elements Of Life - 3:34 (2)
08. Fairytales - 4:15
09. Waiting For Your Love - 3:44
10. No More Lies - 3:35 (3)
11. I Can See (See It In Your Eyes) - 3:44 (4)
12. Everything Begins With An E - 4:19
13. Got To Get Away - 3:40 (5)
14. Alice Deejay - 3:58 (6)

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Title: Aquarius - reviewed on 04/01/2000
Artist: Aqua
Label: 2000 Universal Records(Denmark)/MCA Records (USA)
Style: Bubble Gum/Dance
Index: 012 157 305-2
AQUA - Aquarius So, here it is! Another AQUA album and again released in the US by MCA Records, the label that brought AQUA to the US. This is so called ENHANCED CD. It contains both an album and multimedia part where you can learn more about the group, the story behind featured tracks, take a look at various pictures of the group, watch video to "Cartoons Heroes", install AQUA wallpaper or even play Fighter game. Cool features. But let's look closer to the album. The group remained faithful to BUBBLE-GUM but lyric-wise they matured. The first track featured on this CD is their current hit "Cartoon Heroes". This is really fun track to listen to. Compares POP and BUBBLE into one rhythmic dance stomper.. Truly a hit record. If you look for more hits to come, the CD is quite full of them. For instance "Around The World" done in ABBA-sque style. The group really did a good job in this one. Great DANCE tune. AQUA is in experimenting mood in this album. For instance "Freaky Friday" starts as COUNTRY tune to become fully blown POP/NRG wonder. If you need to slow down "We Belong To The Sea" or "Aquarius" will do the job very well. If you need some LATINO touch (the style that is very popular nowadays) go and listen "Cuba Libre". If you need to get some thrills "Halloween" is way to go. Starting almost like intro to "Phantom Of The Opera" soon transforms to another NRG beauty, with dramatic vocals and interesting melodic line. The album ends with melancholic yet DANCE track "Goodbye To The Circus" in which group is promising to come back. Entire album is indeed very well done. No matter if you love or hate the group, all of you who likes DANCE music should enjoy it. I am pretty amazed how good they are now keeping both the original sound yet giving to it new dimensions, new sides, showing how talented all artists, producers and writers are. For sound sampler I have chosen six tracks from this album and mixed them together. Enjoy!

For more info about the group, please visit their webpage at
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01. Cartoon Heroes (5)
02. Around The World (1)
03. Freaky Friday
04. We Belong To The Sea
05. An Apple A Day (2)
06. Halloween (3)
07. Good Guys
08. Back From Mars (6)
09. Aquarius
10. Cuba Libre
11. Bumble Bees (4)
12. Goodbye To The Circus

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Title: The Platinum Album - reviewed on 03/21/2000
Label: 2000 Violent Music (Holland)
Style: Bubble Gum/Pop/EuroTrance
Index: 9220332
VENGABOYS - The Platinum Album So the new album by this group is out. I am sure many of you were waiting for this release, since the worldwide popularity of the group is significant. You should be familiar with two tracks already: "Shalala Lala" and "Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine" that were released on singles. The first one was recorded in sort of EURO-REGGAE style while the other one was more characteristic for group BUBBLE GUM mixed with POP style. The album contains all together 10 tracks, and be prepared for more TRANCE sound that is present. Quite unusual for the original mixes coming from the group. Well... not only that though. Two tracks out of 10 are plain instrumantal. The first one: "48 Hours" is recorded as hybrid of DREAM and TRANCE! (no kidding). You will love the orchestration, interestingly arranged strings and rhythm picking up at later point. Second, also a wonderful instrumental track "Opus 3 In D#" is recorded in more progressive TRANCE. If you like the style, you will die! Beatifully done angelic strings galloping throughout the track lasting 7+ minutes. This is definately a club monster. So, how about other tracks. Well... They are not necessary hits. "Skinnydippin'" has potential because it has energy in it, "Cheekah Bow Bow (That Computer Song)" is an interesting TECHNO twisted track with computerized male vocals. Kinda cute. Unfortunately, other tracks are mostly slower like "Forever As One" that is more POP/BALLAD track or "Your Place Or Mine" that is another REGGAE track. So taken together, do not expect too much energy in this album. I found it nice rather to listen to than to dance. As additional bonus you will have Two videos: one showing you you how "Kiss" was made and another one "Kiss" itslef. Also this enhanced CD contains screensaver and icons, as well as hyperlink to Secret Internet Pages. This is you who have to make your own judgement on this album. I really hoped for more. Oh well... I have chosen four tracks from this album and mixed them together. Enjoy!

For more info about the artist, please visit their webpage at
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01. Shalala
02. Lala 24/7 In My 911
03. Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine)
Uncle John From Jamaica
05. Cheekah Bow Bow (That Computer Song) (1)
06. 48 Hours (2)
07. Your Place Or Mine?
08. Skinnydippin' (3)
09. Forever
10. As One Opus 3 In D# (4)

11. Video Tokyo: Making Of Kiss (mpeg/quicktime)
12. Video Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine) (mpeg/quicktime)
13. Screensaver + Icons
14. Hyper Link To Secret Internet Pages

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Title: Album - reviewed on 03/19/2000
Label: 1999 D.W. Factory/BIT Music/CNR Music (Belgium)
Style: Happy EuroTrance
Index: ARC 20028-2
POCO LOCO GANG - Album This album was released back in the end of 1999, yet I received the copy of it just few days ago, so excuse me for the delayed review. POCO LOCO GANG is a project from BELGIUM. There were already four singles out of this album: "Poco Loco", "Tropical Paradise", "Let's Go To The Party" and "Come Along" (thanks Ruslan for correcting me on that one) as well as video to the latter one. Both singles and video are included. I thought you might find this album an interesting one. While both Holland and Belgium bring these days an excellent TRANCE sound, this album is something else. First, indeed the TRANCE is here as well but with surprising twist. Basically, most of the tracks contains characteristic synths for the style, yet they were given more happy NRG flavor to it and in many cases borrowed also other styles like the LATINO beat on "Going Down To Cuba". I am not sure how to summarize the style of this albu, so I called it HAPPY EUROTRANCE. Indeed happy and unique, I might say. It is also quite hard to single out which song is better over another, simply beacuse what's great about the album is the fact that every single track featured could move any dance floor and all are simply good. Both female and male vocals are balanced well and are quite interesting. Indeed a good album to have if you want something to dance to. Oh. I almost forgot. You have also an additional bonus. MPG video of their "Tropical Paradise". Cool! Isn't it? I have chosen six consecutive tracks from this one and mixed them together. Great value for your money!
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01. Let's Go To The Party - 4:09
02. Poco Loco - 3:54
03. Tropical Paradise (Na Na Na Hey Hey [Kiss Him Goodbye]) - 3:45
04. Feel The Summer - 3:58
05. Come Along - 3:50
06. Going Down To Cuba - 4:03 (1)
07. Set Me Free - 3:51 (2)
08. Feeling - 3:31 (3)
09. I'm Alive - 3:47 (4)
10. Touch The Sky - 3:22 (5)

11. Poco Loco (Remix) - 4:18 (6)
12. Let's Go To The Party (Remix) - 3:27
13. Tropical Paradise (Remix) - 3:44

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Title: Year Of The Dragon - reviewed on 03/09/2000
Label: 2000 BMG/Hansa (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index: 74321 74517-2
MODERN TALKING -  Year Of The Dragon Looks like MODERN TALKING is releasing their album in 1 year cycle. Their 8th Album "Alone" was released a year ago, and now the brand new 9th album called "Year Of The Dragon" was released in first days of March 2000. The immortal duo THOMAS ANDERS and DIETER BOHLEN is back. You probably know by now that several weeks before the album release we had a single "China In Her Eyes". The single itself represented good DANCE and gave some hope that the new MODERN TALKING album would bring back good EURODANCE sound. Indeed it did (at least in major part). All songs (but one) for the entire album were written by DIETER BOHLEN and produced by LUIS RODRIGUEZ. So how is it? DIVERSIFIED! Album features 19 tracks and roughly 9 of them are DANCE. Remaining are more into slow POP or BALLAD style. Is this good or bad? It depends. For all of MODERN TALKING lovers hungry for DANCE it might not be enough. However, because of diversification, group actually can reach broader audience and it is good. My favorite track from this album is "Time Is On My Side". Extremely powerful song combining uplifting EURO-NRG sound with TRANCE and PROGRESSIVE strings very ALICE DEEJAY-like. By far, one of the best from this 9th album. Actually when you will check other tracks they tend to have similar hybridization between two styles. A sign that MODERN TALKING would stay with mainstream of DANCE. What remains constant throughout the album is voice of THOMAS ANDERS that did not change during all these years. This album is a must for all gropu fans. I have no doubts about it. Listen to the mix. I have chosen 7 DANCE tracks for sound sampler and I skipped all slower tunes. I am warning you though that slower tracks are actually majority of this album, but the high quality of all remaining DANCE tracks should satisfy you quite well. After all there are 19 songs. Number unusual for albums. Oh... If you wondered if Mr. Singleton appeared. Yes he did, but only in one song (last in the album, that is actually a video version of "China In Her Eyes".
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01. China In Her Eyes (Album Version) - 4:22 (7)
02. Don't Take Away My Heart - 3:37
03. It's Your Smile - 3:31
04. Cosmic Girl - 3:41 (4)
05. After Your Love Is Gone - 3:41 (6)
06. Girl Out Of My Dreams - 3:58
07. My Lonely Girl - 4:00 (5)
08. No Face No Name No Number - 3:59
09. Can't Let You Go - 4:22
10. Part Time Lover - 3:11 (3)
11. Time Is On My Side - 3:37 (1)
12. I'll Never Fall In Love Again - 4:39
13. Avec Toi - 3:52
I'm Not Guilty - 3:39
15. Fight For The Right Love - 3:42
16. Walking In The Rain Of Paris - 3:41
17. Fly To The Moon - 3:37 (2)
18. Love Is Forever - 3:24
19. China In Her Eyes [feat. Eric Singleton] - 3:10

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Title: Album - reviewed on 02/26/00
Label: 1999 Snake's Music (Poland)
Style: Sleazy Energy
Index #: SM 0557 CD
COLLECTIVE - Album Album by this Polish group already caused some fuzz on our Message Chatboard few weeks ago, when Raff from The Masters Of Eurobeat Website introduced it. I didn't have this album at that time, so I couldn't give you my opinion, but finally I got it. I already said it before when I reviewed some Stachursky release, that POLAND keeps good DANCE alive. In case of COLLECTIVE that statement applies as well. Entire album is recorded in style we call now SLEAZY ENERGY and was quite popular in the middle of 80's with groups like MODERN TALKING or BAD BOYS BLUE for instance. If you never had contact with this style, now you have a chance. If you are one of those who missed it a great deal, this is the opportunity to owe a collection of interesting tunes and have a journey to the past. Group consists of two young fellows: PIOTR SULIKOWSKI and MAREK DULEWICZ and as far as I know they also released an album with some remixed songs originally done by MODERN TALKING. All the featured songs in ALBUM are recorded in English, so many of you listening to this music would have hard time to localize the artists. There is no clear credit who wrote the test and music, so I assume that the original artists did. Taken together, nice album and I am sure if you like this style, you will enjoy it very much. To give you an idea abot the music I prepared mix containing 8 tracks from this album. Enjoy!.
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01. Call Me (when You're Sad) - 3:43 (6)
02. Let Me Hold Your Hand - 3:34
03. Queen Of Broken Hearts - 4:03
04. Sometimes (You're Too Far) - 3:56 (1)
05. I Don't Know - 4:10
06. U Are The One - 3:39
07. Love Is ... - 7:17
08. It's Not Too Late - 3:49 (3)
09. Let Me Try - 3:46 (5)
10. Walk Into The Light - 4:06
11. I'm Falling In Love - 3:53
12. Deep In My Heart - 5:10
13. Let's Take A Ride - 3:36 (2)
14. Here Comes The Rain - 3:59 (4)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Gimme Gimme Gimme - reviewed on 02/19/00
Artist: E-ROTIC
Label: 2000 Intercord (Japan)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: TOCP-64046

E-ROTIC - Gimme Gimme Gimme New album from E-ROTIC released in January 2000 is here. Once again, the group released the album in Japan, where they are being truly appreciated. My understanding is, that European release should follow soon. As previous releases, this one also produced by BROS team (JOHN O'FLYNN, DAVID BRANDES, FELIX GAUDER & DOMENICO LABARILLE). This is truly an outstanding EURODANCE album. You really should not compare it to previous by this group. The sound is evoluting in each of them, yet it retains the basis of good beat and sound of EURODANCE. This album contains 15 tracks with many EURO gems. Best tracks from this genre are represented by the title song "Gimme Gimme Gimme" (Extended version), with stunning synths and galloping rhythm. The female vocal that does no longer belong to LYANE LEIGH is weaker, but still good for style the group is devoted to. If you really want to get the "classic" E-ROTIC sound, you should check "I'm Horny"! Yeah! seems that Fred is back! If you are really dead fan of EURODANCE following tracks will make your day (or maybe even a month): "Dynamite", "Get Away", "Missing You" and absolutely gorgeous "In The Heat Of The Night". When I listened to this one, I had feeling I was back in 1995. Dramatic strings and hypnotic arrangements. Geez! I want more, more, more!!! If you are looking for some slower, low BPM tracks you have them as well, just to mention: "Don't Make Me Wet" recorded in more EURO-REGGAE style. This album does not contain weak songs (well... maybe with an exception of "Mambo No. Sex" that I dismissed already long time ago, when it was released as a single, but it is my own opinion, some of you might find this interesting anyway). "Gimme Gimme Gimme" album is a MUST! for genre serious fans!. I prepared the mix containing 8 tracks to give you an idea what you will be dealing with. You have option to get this album now (it will cost you about $35.00 with shipping included when you order it from Japan) or wait a little bit longer and get European release.
I wish group all the best, and hope they will keep bringing great EURODANCE sound in the future.

For more info about the group, please refer to my E-Rotic Page

Buy this album from CD Japan

01. Gimme Gimme Gimme - 4:00
02. Get Away - 3:08 (8)
03. Hearts Are Changing - 4:24
04. Chico Chaco - 4:04
05. Missing You - 3:39
06. In The Heat Of The Night - 3:49 (4)
07. Don't Make Me Wet -3:23
08. Touch Me - 3:29 (7)
09. Don't Go - 4:04 (6)
10. Mambo No. Sex - 3:04
11. I'm Horny - 3:51 (5)
12. Dynamite - 3:24 (3)
13. Shy - 4:56 (1)
14. My Heart Goes Bumm Bumm - 3:47
15. Gimme Gimme Gimme (Extended Version) - 6:25 (2)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Back From The Future - reviewed on 02/19/00
Label: 1999 Nitelite Records/Do It Yourself (Italy)
Style: Italo Disco/Dance
Index #: DO IT 01-99 CD

DEN HARROW - Back From The Future I am guilty of not reviewing this album earlier but I simply received it finally few days ago. This is DEN's 7th album in his discography after last released back in 1996 on S.A.I.F.A.M. As you might know, DEN left that Italian label and moved to another one. This new album that was a project conceived by him and MAX MOROLDO brings again some of his older hits totally re-worked with updated sound to late 90's including extensive use of synthesizers and PROGRESSIVE strings. If you have been fan of this ITALO DISCO star, you should be delighted with the album. "Back To The Future" contains not only single songs but also two interesting megamixes. The first one: "Italian Megamix" include several of his hits arranged in ITALO-DISCO style yet updated with more EUROENERGY sound into it. Another one called "European Megamix" is recorded more in EURODANCE style with heavy usage of synths. Album have also slow songs more into SLEAZY side of ITALO like "Darling" reminding a bit GAZEBO style or ballad like "Living 4 U" written and dedicated to DEN by ALESSIA. Another "tear squeezer" is "Give You My Love". You might find it ineteresting that some male backing vocals on this album are done by SILVIO POZZOLI, another ITALO-DANCE star. So taking together I do personally like the album. However, I am missing nore new songs. I believe, that DEN having still many fans around the world should give us more than just "remakes". There are few new songs in this album, but not enough to satisfy all of us looking for new stuff. I prepared the mix with 7 tracks from this album to give you some ideas.

For more info about the artist, please refer to my DEN HARROW Page

01. Italian Megamix (Radio Edit)- 4:29
- Mad Desire (Italian Megamix Radio Edit) - 1:29 (4)
- Bad Boy (Italian Megamix Radio Edit) - 0:49 (5)
- Future Brain (Italian Megamix Radio Edit) - 1:28 (6)
- Catch The Fox (Italian Megamix Radio Edit) - 0:43
02. Don't Break My My Heart (Euro Radio Edit) - 3:31 (1)
03. Mad Desire - 4:43
04. Bad Boy - 4:23
05. Future Brain - 5:13
06. Catch The Fox - 5:25
07. Charleston - 4:17
08. European Megamix (Radio Edit) - 4:36
- Catch The Fox (European Megamix Radio Edit) - 0:32
- Charleston (European Megamix Radio Edit) - 0:32
- Future Brain (European Megamix Radio Edit) - 1:22
- Mad Desire (European Megamix Radio Edit) - 0:53
- Bad Boy (European Megamix Radio Edit) - 0:43
- Don't Break My Heart (European Megamix Radio Edit) - 0:34
09. Let Me Go (Eurobeat Radio Edit) - 3:51 (2)
10. Go Away - 3:40 (3)
11. The One - 3:58
12. Darlin' - 4:20
13. Living 4 You - 4:22
14. Give You My Love - 3:29


15. Don't Break My Heart (Club Radio Edit) - 3:44
16. Let Me Go (Club Radio Edit) - 3:45Sunny - 3:37

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Nirwana- reviewed on 02/04/00
Artist: AYLA
Label: 1999 Unsubmissive/Edel (Germany)
Style: Trance
Index #: 0106872UNS

AYLA - Nirwana AYLA probably does not need an introduction to all of you who are into TRANCE sound. This project is around since 1995 when they released first single called "Ayla". Behind the project is Ingo Kunzi (DJ TANDU) who collaborated with such producers as DJ Taucher, ATB or Torsten Stenzel who are responsible for many AYLA's remixes. Most recent single "Angelfalls" released on November 15, 1999 was received very well in German clubs. The debut album: "Nirvana" was released on December 6, 1999 and brought all essential AYLA's productions. Album starts with Trance Mix of "Liebe". Mystic intro with sound of falling water drops will drive you fast into full blown TRANCE beauty. Great synths creating an amazing orchestra-like effect. You will find "Ayla" remixed by Taucher and DJ Tandu himslef. Taucher mix starts with thunderstorm effects and gives dark, mysterious feel to this now classic TRANCE track. Great work on synthesizers as you can expect from him. Tandu remix is done more in TECHNO-HOUSE with elements of TRIBAL sound. Also "Angelfalls" is presented in two mixes. Radio Cut and Particular Beach. The latter version is a slow TRANCE with meditation type of feeling in it. One of my favorite track by this gro called "Into The Light" is also featured here. This is perfectly done fast EUROTRANCE with a lot of energy built in it and beatiful strings here and there. Check the video to this one in our VIDEO SECTION. Beatiful song and great video as well. Couple of brand new songs are featured as well just to name the few: "Dreamland", "Karawane" or "Sunday". Not exactly to die for, but stil lgood. "Sunday" is loaded with PROGRESSIVE strings retaining TRANCE main line. This has potential for good single. Probably the weakest track in the album is "Karawane". Sort of SAMBA done in TECHNO-style with some flute and cimbals. Have no idea what is it. Anyway, fans of the group should get this one. As usually, I made sound sampler. I picked 6 tracks and mixed them together. Enjoy!

Also visit DJ TANDU home page as:

01. Liebe (Trance Mix) - 6:54 (6)
02. Angelfall (Radio Cut) - 3:44
03. Vegas - 5:27
04. Ayla (Taucher Remix) - 9:33 (2)
05. Sunday - 7:14 (3)
06. Dreamland - 3:26
07. Karawane - 5:19
08. Ayla (Part II) - 3:20
09. Into The Light - 6:54 (4)
10. Out Of The Light - 6:44 (5)
11. Angelfalls (Particular Beach) - 3:49
12. Ayla (Tandu Remix) - 5:31 (1)
13. Liebe (ATB Remix) - 5:47

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Mythos - reviewed on 02/04/00
Label: 1999 Unsubmissive/Edel (Germany)
Style: Trance
Index #: 0106812UNS

MYTHOS 'N DJ COSMO Another release on Unsubmissive label and another debut album. "Mythos" by MYTHOS 'N DJ COSMO was released on January 3rd, 2000. This project has been established back in 1998 by Alex Kilb (producer of group INTRANCE) and Thomas Gudel. So far this project released three singles: back in 1998 "The Heart Of The Ocean (Titanic)" . It was a great success and ranked high in German Charts and was played virtually everywhere. Partially the success was due to the movie itself. Next single "Unchained Melody" released back in July of 1999 was also a theme from movie (as you guessed "Ghost"). The third and newest single "Send Me Angel" released on December 6, 1999 was originally recorded by REAL LIFE back in 80's. Check the Video Section to see video clips. They are great! You will find all of them in this solid TRANCE debut album. Since I got both albums: AYLA's and MYTHOS 'N DJ COSMO's at the same time, I was able to compare them. Both cater to TRANCE sound and I found "Mythos" more fascinating release than the AYLA's album. Partially because this one feature more new tracks and gives better feel what this project is capable of. For instance "Sunset" is magnificent after hour track with dazzling synth lines. Also "Love Is A Shield" remake is great TECHNO featured Alex Klib's vocals. Also INTRANCE's track "Music 2000" found it's way to this album (group itself was part of this recording). Another ground breaking, synth-driven smash. As usually I made sound sampler. Taken together great debut album for this project with many slamming tracks to take you over. I highly recommend it to all serious TRANCE collectors. I picked 6 tracks from this album and mixed them together. Enjoy!

01. The Heart Of The Ocean (Iceberg Mix) - 6:47 (3)
02. Somewhere Out There - 5:53 (1)
03. Unchained Melody (Extended) - 7:28 (4)
04. Sunset - 4:00 (5)
05. Send Me An Angel - 5:44
06. Don't Smile (Timm Thaler Theme) - 5:25 (6)
07. Love Is A Shield - 5:50
08. The Bell Track - 6:02
09. Music 2000 (Radio Edit) (featuring INTRANCE) - 3:39 (2)
10. Surenety - 5:25
11. The Heart Of The Ocean (2481 Nautical Miles Deep Mix) - 6:46
12. Rock Me On- 5:21
13. Eclipse - 4:50

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: L'Amour Toujours reviewed on 01/30/00
Label:1999 ZYX (Germany)
Style: Electronic/Techno
Index #: ZYX 20536-2
Gigi D'Agostino - L'Amour Toujours Gigi D'Agostino is an Icon of Italian TECHNO. He is also one of the pioneers of DREAM HOUSE along with Parrini and later Miles. In the end of 1999 Gigi released this double CD album featuring some of his current singles and brand new material. Truly an outstanding collection of contemporary dance masterpieces. This album features 2 CD divided thematically. The first one entitled CHANSONS FOR THE HEART features tracks that punches more on lyrics and more heartful sound. This CD starts with quite dynamic "Another Way". Beatifully done TRANCE-like track with interesting lyrics. Similar path represents "Elisir". Very rhythmic song with great fusion of contemporary piano section and NRG feeling in it. Another amazing track (that I am sure is already known to you) is smashing "La Passion". This one progresses from plain beat tune to a full blown orchestrated monster! I falled in love with "L'Amour". This TRANCE/DREAM masterpiece redefines standards for these genres. Withour words this one draw feelings from you. You can hear nostalgy, love, dreaming. Plain gorgeous track. Just listen to it and take a journey to neverland. So taken together the first CD should feed your emotions. You will travel thru many dimensions of your soul. Unbelievable. While you can easily dance to CD 1, CD 2 called BEATS FOR THE FEET just makes you to do it. It starts with dynamic PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE "La Dance" hypnotic powerhouse to fill dance floor. More TRANCE like "La Marche Electronique" will keep the power going. For some afterhour sound pick "My Dimension", with beatiful piano intro convoluting into hypnotic space sound with galloping synths. Unbelievable. This CD is filled with massive big room tunes to die for. If you don't have this album yet, go for it. You cannot go wrong with it. Guaranteed! For sound sampler I picked 7 tracks and mixed them together for your continuous pleasure. It should only spice your appetite. The dinner is way better! ENJOY!

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CD 1 - Chansons for The Heart
01. Another Way - 6:02
02. L'Amour Toujours - 6:56
03. Elisir - 5:33
04. The Riddle - 4:44
05. La Passion - 7:35
06. The Way - 6:42
07. Star - 5:23 (1)
08. Bla Bla Bla (Drammentenza Mix) - 6:32
09. L'Amour - 3:31 (2)
10. Music - 6:52 (3)
11. Passion - 4:59
12. Bla Bla Bla - 4:15

CD 2 - Beats For The Feet
01. La Dance - 4:53 (4)
02. Movimento - 4:53
03. La Marche Electronique - 5:16
04. Cuba Libre - 4:41
05. My Dimension - 6:36 (5)
06. The Riddle (Instrumental) - 4:05
07. Tekno Jam - 9:49
08. Coca e Avana - 3:18
09. Bla Bla Bla (Dark Mix) - 5:38
10. Electro Message - 3:51 (6)
11. Fly - 5:15 (7)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Hampenberg - reviewed on 01/30/00
Label: 1999 Polydor (Denmark)
Style: Eurotrance/Techno
Index #: 543 209-1

WATERGATE - The World of ... Watergate I have this album since December, but never really had time to listen to it. Shame on me! I almost missed a treasure! I seem to be predigious these days. I was concentraiting on releases from artists I knew or was looking for something unusual. Well you had both WATERGATE album reviewed as a sample of the first approach and STACHURSKY's album as result of the second one. Well... HAMPENBERG album is definately a finding I almost missed. Behind this project is Morten Hampenberg from Denmark. Yeah, not only MISS PAPAYA, CAMILOT or AQUA are coming from this small European country. HAMPENBERG is a full blown stunning TRANCE/TECHNO album with many breathtaking tracks. Right from the beginning you are greeted with uplifting "Last Night" with ENYA-like strings here and there. An interesting female vocal on many songs in this album is provided by Mary D. Very sensual and sexually charged voice I might say. You will hear it in "I Need You", a DREAM-TRANCE stomper for instance. She is even more explicit in "Grab That Thing". This album delivers various flavors of TRANCE. Let's take "Dream Love" for instance. Slammin' TRANCE with graceful synth line worked for a contemporary DREAM feel and again Mary D. great vocal gives the final touch. This track has also a great deal of NRG within. You can't be bored when you are listening to this album. The closing song "Pressure" is a soaring, glorious TRANCE perfectly chosen to finish the album. Great release worth of everybody's attention. I am sure you all into this style will agree with me on that. As usually I made sound sampler. I picked 6 tracks and mixed them together. Enjoy!

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01. Last Night … - 3:27
02. I Need You - 3:52 (6)
03. With Some Class - 4:13
04. Waterworld - 3:48 (1)
05. Grab That Thing - 3:26 (2)
06. L.A.P.D. - 3:37
07. Mystica - 4:19
08. Dream Love (feat. Ingun) - 3:26 (5)
09. Desert Island - 5:23 (3)
10. Travelling - 3:50
11. There Is A World (feat. Mary D.) - 5:06 (4)
12. Pressure - 3:45

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: The World of ... Watergate - reviewed on 01/20/00
Label: 1999 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Eurotrance/Techno
Index #: DAD 496793 2

WATERGATE - The World of ... Watergate I am sure if you are fan of DJ QUICKSILVER and his new project WATERGATE, you were waititing for this album. WATERGATE brought last year three interesting singles: "Heart Of Asia", "Maid Of Orleans" and "Mull Of Kintyre". They are included in this album. I had high hope for this album, since I have been fan of both DJ QUICKSILVER and TOMASSO DE DONATIS who writes most of DJ QUICKSILVER songs. After listening this release I actually had mixed reactions. Album is definately worth of attention, but I have feelings like it was done in a hurry. Don't get me wrong! The album contains interesting tracks that were not released as singles yet and are marvellous like "Infinity" for instance. Interesting symbiosis between TRANCE and EURO. I really enjoyed the melodic line of this track. Also AYLA's remix of "Chi Mai" gives a great feeling. Perfectly mixed keyboard and orchestration sections. Both Tomasso and Orhan took a trip to TRIBAL sound. "Secret Garden" combines TRIBAL vocal with interesting TECHNO/TRANCE sound. Similar elements you will find in "Bamboo". After listening to this album I felt like having apetizer and dinner but no desert. I simply wanted more. I am sure this TEAM have more tracks in their pipe-line, I only hope we will not wait for them too long. For sound sampler I picked 6 tracks and mixed them together. Enjoy!

Also check following sites related to this group: and

01. The World Of … - 2:51
02. Maid Of Orleans (The Battle II) (Video Mix) - 3:48
03. Infinity (Club Mix) - 6:00 (6)
04. Heart Of Asia (DJ Quicksilver 'Q' Mix) - 7:10
05. Little Bear - 4:56
06. Mull Of Kintyre (DJ Quicksilver Remix) - 6:13
07. Terra - 6:04
08. Chi Mai (Ayla Remix) - 6:39 (2)
09. Fire 'N Spice - 4:44 (3)
10. Secret Garden - 4:10 (4)
11. Maid Of Orleans (The Battle II) (John B. Norman Mix) - 7:20 (1)
12. Bamboo - 4:26 (5)
13. The Way Of Life - 4:48

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: 20th Century Hits - reviewed on 01/20/00
Artist: BONEY M. 2000
Label: 1999 BMG Musik Berlin (Germany)
Style: Disco/Techno
Index #: 74321 70052 2

BONEY M. 2000 - 20th Century Hits BONEY M is truly a classic DISCO group. Together with GOOMBAY DANCE BAND and ERUPTION took the European DISCO floor by storm back in 70's. Practically every single song group recorded became an instant hit. Live performances of this group were really great shows. Great music, great voices and great attires. I am not sure how many golden and platinum discs this group had but I am sure it is close to GUINESS record. In the end of 1999 group released this album. Before couple of singles were released featuring some of their ULTRA MEGA hits revamped to 90's sound. Just to mention "Ma Baker" or "Daddy Cool". This album will not reward you with new singles (and it is unfortunate because the group still exists and is actually on tours quite often). The genius of Frank Farian who is behind of most of the songs by this group is unquestionable. Frank never performed with the group live but the male voice on the original recordings belongs to him. I do not remember the name of the guy who was a dancer with the group but he was a dynamite on the floor. I am not sure if you knew that, but Frank Farian was also behind the quite succesful group MILLI VANILLI. Anyway, If you never heard BONEY M (and it is close to impossible), you should get the album, if you did hear them before you have the rare occassion to refresh your memory. Some of their original recordings (a little bit rearranged but with original flavor) are in there. I was also amused by the fact that MICHEL CRETU (SANDRA's husband, and guy behind the group ENIGMA) did some keyboard works on this album and had a leading role in arrangements of this album. Interesting, isn't it? I prepared the mix with 7 tracks from this album to give you some ideas. Get ready to dance!

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01. Sunny - 3:37
02. Daddy Cool - 3:51 (1)
03. Ma Baker - 3:50
04. Rivers Of Babylon - 3:17
05. Gotta Go Home - 3:20
06. Rasputin - 3:27
07. Painter Man - 2:58 (5)
08. No Woman No Cry - 3:20
09. Brown Girl In The Ring - 3:33
10. Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday - 3:21
11. Kalimba De Luna - 3:42
12. Felicidad (Miami Ocean Drive Mix) - 3:46
13. Mary's Boy Child/Oh My Lord - 3:43
14. Carribean Nightfever - Megamix (106 BPM) - 4:34
(Hooray! Hooray!, Brown Girl In The Ring, No Woman No Cry, Calendar Song)
15. Disco Megamix (130 BPM) - 6:24
(Daddy Cool, Ma baker, Sunny, Painter Man, Rivers Of Babylon, Belfast, Gotta Go Home, Rasputin)
16. Sunny (Club Mix remixed by Doug Laurent) - 4:10 (4)
17. Ma Baker (Club Mix remixed by SASH!) - 4:31 (3)
18. Daddy Cool (Club Mix remixed by Nouri & Marek) - 4:08 (2)
19. Rivers Of Babylon (Club Mix remixed by Doug Laurent) - 3:57 (6)
20. Gotta Go Home (Club Mix remixed by Nouri & Marek) - 4:18 (7)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Now I'm Singin' ... And the Party keeps on rollin'- reviewed on 01/10/00
Label: 1999 Universal Records (Germany)
Style: Eurodance/Eurogressive
Index #: 157213-2
ROLLERGIRL - Now I'm Singin' ... Who is that ROLLERGIRL? She has gained a lot of attention with three of her singles "Dear Jessie", Luv U More" and more recently "Licht und Farben". If you want to see her in action, please visit our VIDEO CLIP area. The vocalist, ROLLERGIRL herself is a young, cute blond girl Nicci Juice born November 19, 1975 in a small German city Lünen. Her first single "Dear Jessie" (originally from 1989) became an anthem of LOVE PARADE event, and song itself found a high position in dance chart (13). The success of this group is immense. I am actually not surprised. All her songs including one that appeared on the album are produced by ALEX CHRISTENSEN himself. If you do not recognize the name, shame on you. Alex is U 96. While U 96 did not come out with anything new, Alex did a marvellous job on this ROLLERGIRL album. He was not only producing songs in this album but he also wrote music for some of them (i.e. "Now It's The Time", "You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'" and others). If you were impressed with singles you should like the album. It's a good dance. Not typical EURODANCE nor TRANCE, they have though elements of both. The album includes 12 tracks plus 2 remixes of "Luv U More" and "Dear Jessie" done by Green Court and Mark OH. Both are impressive. Taken together nice buy for all of you who are into dance. I picked 6 tracks for sound sampler. Enjoy!

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01. Introducing Theme - 1:28
02. Make My Day (Now You Know) - 4:06 (3)
03. You Make Me Feel Like Dancin' - 4:20 (1)
04. Luv U More - 3:41
05. Now It's The Time - 4:16 (2)
06. Olé, Olé Singing Olé Ola - 3:56
07. It's A Fine Day - 4:21 (6)
08. I Keep On Rollin' - 3:47
09. Dear Jessie - 3:32
10. Rollergirl - 4:28
11. Licht und Farben - 6:43
12. Goodbye - 3:57

13. Luv U More (Green Court Remix) - 8:04 (4)
14. Dear Jessie (Mark'OH Remix) - 5:53 (5)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Moje najlepsze piosenki (My Best Songs) reviewed on 01/10/00
Label:1999 Snake's Music (Poland)
Style: Dance
Index #: SM 0578
STACHURSKY - Taki Jestem As I stated in one of my previous rewievs STACHURSKY is one of the most prominent stars of Polish dance scene. In last days of December of 1999 he released his latest album (6 th) consisted of 2 CDs entitled "Moje najlepsze piosenki" (engl. "My Best Songs"). The vocalist (Jacek Luszczok) is with the group from the very beginning (5 years) and this album is a retrospective view on STACHURSKY music over past years. The vocalist himself is so far the only Polish artist that did recording with DJ BOBO. He and DJ BOBO did "This World Is Magic" version for Polish market (this song is featured in the album as well). He also recorded in Milan, Italy. His collaboration with talented Italian producer CARLO FATH resulted in several great dance tracks just to mention marvellous "Kim dla mnie jestes". STACHURSKY shines as the biggest DANCE star in Poland. He writes, plays almost any type of dance. You will find EURODANCE, HOUSE, POP etc. You might find the language problematic, since most of you will probably not understand Polish. Hell with it, the music is good. I hope the artist will start recording more in English language so he can become even more known worldwide. For sound sampler I picked 8 tracks and mixed them all together. ENJOY!

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CD 1
01. Taki jestem - 4:31
02. Stay Baby - 4:54 (1)
03. Pa pa Bra pa pa pa - 3:43
04. Przyjaciele - 4:13
05. Jak w niebie - 3:55
06. Cholerny czas - 3:50
07. Chcesz czy nie - 4:20 (2)
08. Kim dla mnie jestes - 4:18
09. Nikogo nie ma - 3:15
10. Urodzilem sie aby grac - 4:24 (4)
11. Milosc jak ogien - 3:39
12. Kowbojskie zycie - 5:11
13. Tego wlasnie chcesz - 4:10
14. Gdy zaplaczesz - 4:26
15. Zostanmy razem - 4:27
16. Ty I Ja - 4:16 (3)
17. Czekalem na taka jak Ty - 4:07
18. This World Is Magic - 4:16

CD 2
01. Intro
02. Jezeli mozesz (Taki jestem) - 5:04 (5)
03. Po prostu taki sam - 6:15
04. Potrzebny mi Twoj wzrok - 5:48
05. Wstyd - 5:10 (6)
06. Polska '94 - 3:47
07. Usta, dlonie, oczy, uda - 4:40 (7)
Cierpienie, bol - 5:12
09. Twoj znak - 3:45 (8)
10. Jezeli mozesz (Taki Jestem) (Bass Version) - 5:04
11. Jezeli mozesz (Taki Jestem) (Duma Version) - 4:46

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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