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Title: Cztery - reviewed on 10/18/01
Artist: D-BOMB
Label: 2001 Hit'N'Hot Music (Poland)
Style: Dance/Trance/Techno/House/Euro/Pop
Index #: H'n'H CD 0813016
PHASIO - Just One More Day I already praised previous two albums of this Polish top DANCE group. JACO and BARTEK (two brothers) and AGNIESZKA are two original members of the group. There is a new member though: JACEK. "Cztery (Four)" is group's newest and fourth album. Group took approach of delivering very eclectic DANCE album. You will not be stuck with one genre only. As a matter of fact virtually any currently popular DANCE style is featured in here. Keep in mind though that all songs are sang in Polish, so the album might sound for you a bit strange, especially if you are not familiar with the language. No matter what, the music and beat speak of itself. After short instance, the follow-up song "All What I Desire" is a pumped-up TRANCE tune in the edge of TECHNO. Nice female vocal provided by AGNIESZKA adds EURO sound. The beat, the synths, the rhythm are strong points of this tune. Very good German/Dutch TRANCE school in this one! Next title "Golden Rain ... Elizabeth" is a crossover between ROLLERGIRL and ALICE DEEJAY sound, with a male vocal. Another interesting EURO-TRANCE sound. A little bit generic, yet very pleasurable. This particular song was released as a single and was immediately well received by Polish DJs. "Our Dreams" oscillates around POP/EURO ala EIFFEL 65 withour vocoder-enhanced vocals though. "I Am An Angel" starts as pounding TECHNO tune transforming into more UNDERGROUND sound with some good synths in the background. For some SAMBA/POP-alike mixed sound, check "Colorful Vertigo". For some close to EURO sound you should check "Give Me Your Body". A crossover between NRG and EURO in club edition! Good sound and good rhythm. If you need some break between the hot rhythms that this album delivers ad libitum, you should check "I Am In Love". While it is also at higher BPM, it gives a good EURO feel. Once again AGNIESZKA delivers some good vocals. Taken together an exciting album from this probably best Polish DANCE group. Too bad the group is touring only locally in Poland. They are definately could do good beyond the Polish boundaries. In sound sampler I prepared mix featuring 6 tunes from this album. Enjoy!

For more info about D-BOMB, visit their official page at
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01. Intro - 3:36
02. Wszystko czego pragne (All What I Desire) - 6:43 (1)
03. Zloty deszcz ... Ela (Golden Rain ... Elizabeth) - 4:38 (2)
04. Nasze marzenia (Our Dreams) - 4:38
05. Jestem aniolem (I'm An Angel) - 5:31 (3)
06. Kolorowy zawrot glowy (Colorful Vertigo) - 3:53
07. Daj mi cialo (Give Me Your Body) - 3:45
08. Chce (I Wanna) - 4:05 (4)
09. Pokochalam (I'm In Love) - 5:36
10. Wiecej nieba (Plenty of Sky) - 4:06
11. Etiuda na - 5:38 (5)
12. Nie zostawiaj mnie (Don't Leave Me Alone) - 6:08
13. To juz koniec (This Is The End) - 3:49

14. Zloty deszcz ... Ela (Golden Rain ... Elizabeth) (Remix) - 7:10 (6)

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Title: Die For You - reviewed on 09/17/01
Label: 2001 Bonnier Music (Sweden)
Style: Dance/Pop
Index #: 33420233
D-BOMB - Cztery This POP/DANCE oriented album comes from Sweden. Members of the group ( 19 years old ELENA PAPRIZOU and 23 years old NIKOS PANAGIOTIDIS) in spite of their Greek names both are born in Sweden from parents that immigrated to this nordic country. Their music is very dancable and combines Scandinavian beat with Greek touch. As a matter of fact ANTIQUE managed to reach top 5 on the Swedish Sales Chart with a Greek song! Not only that, ANTIQUE was also nominated in the category "Modern Dance" for a Swedish Grammy Award. With their song "(I Would Die For You)" they have entered this year Eurovision Song Contest in May representing... GREECE and took the third place. "Die For You" is group's second album and futures in general light, easy to listen and want-to-dance music. The title song I mentioned above used such instrument as bouzouki (as I said Greek's elements are in this album). This song is presented in album bith in English and Swedish. Simlar POP tune but with much more pronounced EURO backbone is "Follow Me". This is probably the song in which you can fully appreciate beatiful and strong voice of ELENA. "Ligo Ligo" sang in Greek will give you a clear example of the sound of Greece. Very melodic tune, again with some very unique instrumentation. For true EURO sound you should check "Tell Me" ,"Lonely Nights" or "Something About You". The album contains also some slower tunes but in overall this is nice dance offering. A little bit different from what you used to hear on this website. Once again, I would really like to hear ELENA in some truly EURO tunes. She has perfect voice! As a bonus album features VIDEO clip to their title song. In sound sampler I prepared mix featuring 6 tunes from this album. Enjoy!

For more info about ANTIQUE, visit their official page at
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01. (I Would) Die For You - 2:59 (1)
02. Follow Me - 4:25 (2)
03. Athena - 3:52
04. Ligo Ligo - 3:42 (3)
05. I Agapi Ine Zali (Na Moto Pis) - 3:34
06. Tell Me - 3:29 (4)
07. Lonely Nights - 3:40 (5)
08. Filla Me - 4:39
09. Something About You - 3:32 (6)
10. Kalimera - 3:43
11. Why (Mellan) - 4:47

12. (I Would) Die for You (Greek Version) - 2:57
13. Tabla Dreams - 3:09
Video Clip (I Would) Die For You

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Title: 2001 - reviewed on 09/14/01
Label: 2001 Lightning Records / Bonzai Records (Belgium)
Style: Techno Trance
Index #: 2-01-054
YVES DERUYTER - 2001 It is indeed very hard to write the review in such griefing time here in US after deadly stroke of senseless act of terror. Today let me present you a new album coming from a veteran of Belgian TRANCE and TECHNO scene YVES DERUYTER. With more than 16 years of DJ and producer activity YVES became truly an icon. During his tenure as DJ he played in famous clubs such as Baroccis, Globe, Cherrymoon or Extreme. He co-produced music with Frederico Santini and most recently with DIRK M.I.K.E. DIETRICKX such projects as PUSH, M.I.K.E. MOON PROJECT etc. He is not only known within the Belgian rave and club scene but also worldwide. He played already in world's largest parties such as infamous MAYDAY, TRANCE ENERGY, NATURE ONE, GATECRUSHER and others. His most recent singles "Back To Earth" and "Rhythmic Bazz" (June 2001) became club hits and are included among 10 tunes in this brand new album. YVES's music represents journey to TECHNO, TRANCE, RAVE and HOUSE well balanced among these genders. The album features all together 10 full length tracks all in extended versions. It starts with Rave Mix of his"Back To Earth" tune. This is TECHNO in it's HARD edition. Album in general have more TRANCE-TECHNO oriented flavor. "Spiritual Feeling" is a perfectly done TECHNO/TRANCE tune rich with outregously hooky synth line and thrilling feel sending your mind to a neverending land. "Music-Non-Stop" is another thrilling dance experience with angelic TRANCE buttom and full-throttle synths. Scattered male vocals adds to the mystery. For more galloping synths check "Me & My Miracle". You should fall for this very mood inspiring fare. From ambient to very loud and aggressive entertainment, it's pure 8 minutes of unforgettable experience. For some BASS'N'DRUMS sound check the current hit "Rhythmic Bazz". For gorgeous instrumentation check "Transfusion". The album closes rather psychodelic TECHNO TRIP "Shake That ...". So, taken together you getting an excellent TRANCE offering that you cannot afford to mix. The quality music featured in this album should satisfy anyone who falls for TRANCE. In sound sampler I featured 6 tunes from this album. Enjoy!
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01. Back To Earth (Rave Mix) - 3:55 (1)
02. Spiritual Feeling - 8:15 (2)
03. Music-Non-Stop - 6:47 (3)
04. Me & My Miracle - 7:55
05. Who To Choose - 7:42
06. My Style - 8:04 (4)
07. Rhythmic Bazz - 8:04 (6)
08. Filter Trip - 7:20 (5)
09. Transfusion - 7:50
10. Shake That - 7:25

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Title: Just One More Day - reviewed on 09/14/01
Artist: PHASIO
Label: 2001 Kaliber Records / Reactive Music (Sweden)
Style: Trance/Techno/Hard House
Index #: KRCD1
PHASIO - Just One More Day Now let's move to SWEDEN. PHASIO (Stefan Engblom) is a new discovery in TECHNO/TRANCE scene in this Scandinavian country. Very young and talented guy is already known as a DJ and Radio personality. Presented debut album "Just One More Day" was released in Sweden back in May 2001. This multi-genre oriented album focusing on electronic sound of TECHNO HOUSE with it's HARD feeling as well as with elements of TRANCE. The album is very dynamic with high BPM tracks and pounding beats in most of the featured tunes. PHASIO represents a new generation of Swedish composers that are reaching to more novel sound. While you might try to compare him with EARTHBOUND or RICHI M for instance you actually shouldn't. PHASIO is in great route for his own sound that he is developing successfully. Entire album will keep uou energized. All 13 tunes (without intro and outro) are at 140-152 BPMs. Try to do anything else than dance. It will not work. The album starts with intro (prolog) followed by current PHASIO's single "C.P.C.O (Chain Saw Phasio Cut Open)". A speedy to pain tune with fierce electronics to tickle your senses. "That's Style Is My Style" is PHASIO's motto of what he stands for in his music: TECHNO-HOUSE and electronic sound! Another TECHNO oriented tune is "Sex Me". Well at 141 BPM it might be a challenge but it can be handled. The music is rather monotonic yet the sound is quite interesting. "The Way Home" falls into EURO-TRANCE at least it's music line. Some kick ass bass is featured in "Phat Bass Kickin'". Quite unusal is "Dance Tonight". It like DISCO tune pressed thru electronic machinery. Funny and original! HARD HOUSE oriented "4+4=24" should be received well in HOUSE floor. Vere frenetic and psychedelic sound. "God Of Nothing" rises the speed to 155 BPM. Fast experience. Taken together an interesting multi-genre offering from PHASIO who also wrote all the featured tunes. I wish this young fellow a success. In sound sampler I featured 6 tunes from this album. Enjoy!

For more info about PHASIO, visit his official page at
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01. Intro
02. C.P.C.O. (Chain Saw Phasio Cut Open)
03. That Style Is My Style (1)
04. Sex Me
05. The Way Home
06. Phat Bass Kickin' (2)
07. Dance Tonight
08. 4+4=24 (3)
09. The Cure
10. Hard Top
11. God Of Nothing (6)
12. Dive (4)
13. Get With This
14. Why Didn't You Stop (5)
15. Outro

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Title: Sequence (Limited 2 CD Edition) - reviewed on 08/31/01
Label: 2001 Polydor Zeigeist / Aqualoop Records (Germany)
Index #: 589 154-2

PULSEDRIVER - Sequence PULSEDRIVER (Slobodan Petrovic jr) was born 27 years ago in Schleswig-Holstein. This very friendly fellow started his DJ adventure back in 1990 playing HOUSE, TECHNO and TRANCE mostly in clubs located in Northern part of Germany. Under the name DJ TIBBY he also established collaboration with GARY D. ("Energy" from 1997 or "Firedance" from 1994). As AQUALOOP he released "Twilight Zone" back in 1996. This track became a club hymn and was licensed by many labels. It was also found in several compilations. A true international fame and respect for Slobodan started in 1997 under his current project PULSEDRIVER. He is being envisioned as one of the true innovators of harder, driving and kicking TRANCE. With his "Rhythmic Trip" he entered international club and RAVE scene. Later released titles such as "Timemachine" and "I'm Rushin" became also club monsters. The sound played by PULSEDRIVER is often called TRANCECORE. PULSEDRIVER is known not only as a DJ but also as a very talented remixer and producer with stuff done for MELLOW TRAX, E-NOMINE, AYLA, PAFFENDORF, BROOKLYN BOUNCE, SIGNUM and many other projects including VENGABOYS. Presented album "Sequence" features most of his singles such as "Take U High", "Kiss That Sound", "Your Spirit Is Shining", "I Dominate U" or most current single "Cambodia". Not just that though! Album features also several new titles such as "Eternity", "Pictures", "Fly" or "Recycle". As a bonus you have video clip of "Cambodia" and several pictures of PULSEDRIVER. Taken together this album delivers truly pounding and highly charged TRANCE sound. If you will be lucky to get the LIMITED EDITION, you will rewarded with an extra CD featuring exclusive PULSEDRIVER mix with his most known 6 tunes. This is definately a great buy. Even if you have some of his titles already on singles or compilations this offering put them together in one exciting set! The sound sampler features 6 tracks from this excellent album. Enjoy!

for more information about PULSEDRIVER, please visit his official website at

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CD 01

01. P.U.L.S.E. (Intro) - 2:49
02. Cambodia - 5:14
03. Take U High - 4:50
04. Kiss That Sound - 5:15
05. Your Spirit Is Shining - 5:51
06. Barracuda - 4:51 (1)
07. Set U Free - 4:15 (2)
08. I Dominate U - 5:15
09. Something For Your Mind - 4:45
10. Eternity - 5:31 (3)
11. Pictures - 4:51 (4)
12. I'm Rushin' - 5:06 (5)
13. Fly - 5:19
14. Recycle - 5:14 (6)


01. I Dominate U - 4:07
02. Your Spirit Is Shining - 3:26
03. Take U High - 3:24
04. Kiss That Sound - 1:10
05. Cambodia - 3:00
06. I'm Rushin' - 3:28

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Title: Moor - reviewed on 07/12/01
Label: 2000 Combined Forces (Holland)
Style: Trance
Index #: 7243 524752 2 3
DARIO G. - In Full Color This is yet another release back from 2000, but again I just recently received and it is still available. I belive name of VINCENT DE MOOR is familiar to all of you who value high quality dance music. VINCENT is just 27 years old DJ. His music is very mature and creative. His first music project was FIX TO FAX and later he started using his real name. The real breakthrough came with his "Systematic" back in 1996. At that time VINCENT also did several remixes. VINCENT is very productive musician. He released many singles and two album (including this one). "Moor" album is very specific. First of all it doesn't include any tracks previously released as singles. As a matter of fact most of the tracks were written especially for this album. VINCENT is the composer and writer of all featured tunes with exception of "Carte Blanche" that was written in collaboration with FERRY CORSTEN. The album is ont just a TRANCE one, but rather shows more diversity in ultimate electronic sound. Clearly masterpiece of big room TRANCE are such titles as "Worlds Of Doubt", "United 4 Ever" or "Shamu" to just name the few or more DEEP TRANCE oriented fares like "Feeling On" or "Lover Lady". On the other hand you will find INDUSTRIAL oriented tunes such "Human Mystery" or "Maindistance To The Sun". These rather represent the experimentations with electronic equipments. Album contains all together 14 tunes. Each tracks are not clearly separated from each other, but rather overflows on the top of each other creating a super mix. You will not be disturbed by breaks and feel like being part of the transcendental journey right from the beginning to the last minute! Taken together if you didn't have a chance to grab this album earlier, you have it now, so better hurry, because such opportunity might not be soon available to you. In sound sampler I featured 6 TRANCE-oriented tunes. Enjoy!

For more info about VINCENT DE MOOR, visit his official page at
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01. Worlds Of Doubt - 6:22 (1)
02. Shamu - 5:34 (2)
03. Arena De Olympia - 0:43
04. Olympia - 5:43 (3)
05. Between 2 Fires - 6:30
06. I Know Your Dreams - 6:34 (4)
07. Maindistance To The Sun - 4:46
08. Feelin On - 5:44
09. Carte Blanche - 6:06
10. Human Mistery - 7:55
11. Eternity - 4:47 (5)
12. United 4 Ever - 6:00 (6)
13. Lover Lady - 4:12
14. Fin de Musique - 2:55

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