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Title: Strike !!! - reviewed on 12/15/01
Artist: GARY D
Label: 2001 DJ's Present / PIAS Recordings (Germany)
Index #: 556.2077.020

GARY D. - Strike !!! Finally the third album from this Hamburg-based DJ - GARY D. was released back in November 2001. He succesfully have been recording music for several years now with such titles as: "Ice Machine Head", "Kinetic Pressure", "Radium" and many others including two albums. This newest offering consists of two CDs. First let me warn you, the first CD CANNOT be played on your PC. Do not even try, your computer will freeze. There is actually a warning stating it! Not to worry though. Your regular PC will play the music without problems. As of music expect quality electronic adventure. The album starts with exciting "Intro/Strike Back" tune to put you into the mood. A wonderful introduction followed by such tunes as "My Houzze" or an GARY D anthem "Die Herdplatte 2000". Both tunes went high in TOP 30 of German Dance Hit lists. For some INDUSTRIAL/BREAK BEAT sound turn to "Welcome 2 Da Future". Even if the track starts as BREAK BEAT sort of fare, it turns to HARD TECHNO with some TRANCE strings at the end. Same goes to other tunes like "The Fly" or "Bang To The Beat". Both represents great combination of TECHNO and TRANCE sound. Speaking of TRANCE, GARY D. gave an example of HAMBURG-played tunes in this genre. Such tunes as "Energy", "Fantasy" or "The Navigator" are good examples! GARY D. also developed very specific electronic sound that is very characteristic of him. You can taste it in "Open Your Mind" or "To The Moon". The second (bonus) CD contains a video clip of "Die Herdplatte 2000" and three other tunes. Taken together this new offering from GARY D. is a good collection of club music. All of you who like electronic version of DANCE genre will have fun. In sound sampler I featured a mix of 6 tunes taken from the first CD. Enjoy the music and get the product.

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CD 1
01. Intro/Strike Back - 1:16
02. Welcome 2 da Future - 7:09 (1)
03. My Houzze - 7:14 (2)
04. Here I Go - 6:39 (3)
05. Die Herdplatte 2000 - 3:40
06. Bang To The Beat - 6:21
07. The Fly - 8:24 (4)
08. To The Moon - 6:25 (5)
09. Fantasy - 7:29 (6)
10. The Navigator - 7:09
11. Rock Dat Sound - 5:46
12. Open Your Mind - 6:42

01. Die Herdplatte 2000 (Video Clip) - 3:40
02. The D. Trance Anthem 2000 (Gary D. & High-Ko Hardline 2001 Remix) - 8:00
03. Springworld 2001 (Gary D. & High-Ko Tranceline Remix) - 6:31
04. Energy - 6:02

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Title: Locomotion - reviewed on 12/15/01
Artist: FANCY
Label: 2001 ZYX Records (Germany)
Style: Dance/Pop
Index #: ZYX 20610-2

FANCY - Locomotion Few months ago we had album "Fancy for Fans" and now another album "Locomotion". While FANCY remains in my heart as the one who made me love the HI-NRG sound of the era when he came out with such beatiful tunes as "Bolero" or "Flames Of Love" I hardly can stay calm seeing his fall from the grace. For the new album (after the flopped "FANCY For Fans") I hoped that FANCY will utilize his ingenious talent and produce some breathtaking tunes. My hopes were not met. The album is mediocre at the best. While FANCY did deliver some new tunes such "A Voice In The Dark" (this one have some resemblence to his great production from the past) or "Die For You" done in TANGO-style (great for dancing gradmas), "Why Oh Why" (actually good NRG tune with some drama on the diet pill) to name the few, he failed to give the album we actually would like remember. He did some remakes of his old tunes such as "Fools Cry" or "All My Loving" (THE BEATLES classic). He also went for such classic as ROY ORBISON's "Pretty Woman" or "Locomotion" from KING & GOFFIN vault. I am not sure exactly who FANCY is targetting with this album. I believe it has no chance among younger crowd, the more mature audience might like it. I do not believe he will capture attention of the generation that didn't know him from his previous big beatiful songs. It's sad though. He still has a powerful voice and musical talent. He just fails to manage it properly. I gather FANCY is trying to catch the groud with various styles (like his horrid interpretation of HIP-HOUSE style he tried in "Fancy For Fans" album). I still believe that his angelic voice cannot be used to just sing ANYTHING. The color of his voice is so specific it has better utility in the style he recorded in his past. Well... It is my opinion. I do have this album and I will buy next one, regardless what it will be in there. FANCY is a legend and as such will never die! I created a sound sampler with 6 tunes from this offering. Enjoy the music and wait is not over yet (I hope).

For more info about the group, please refer to my FANCY Page

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01. A Voice In The Dark - 4:01 (1)
02. Die For You - 3:14
03. Fools Cry - 3:16 (2)
04. Pretty Woman - 2:53
05. Sail Away - 3:44 (3)
06. Keep On Going - 3:44 (4)
07. Why Oh Why - 3:37 (5)
08. Love Has Called Me Home - 5:10
09. Locomotion - 2:40 (6)
10. Saltimbanco - 4:02
11. All My Loving - 1:58
12. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck - 2:12

13. Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (Maxi Cut) 4:31

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Title: Past-Present-Future - reviewed on 11/28/01
Label: 2001 United Music (Monaco) / EMI (Austria)
Style: Progressive/Techno

Index #: 7243 521414 2 5


DJ VISAGE - Past-Present-Future Thanks to Sara Valdemarin from United Music who sent me this CD I am able to review finally released and highly anticipated album by DJ VISAGE entitled: "Past-Present-Future". This is the debut album from DJ VISAGE, however singles from this project are circulating for several years now and all of them are present in this album containing all together 18 tunes. Fortunately we also have great new material here that makes this album an important part of the DJ VISAGE discography. All the tracks were written by NORBERT REICHART and others. NORBERT is also producer of this project as well as other projects like immortal IMPERIO or PIZZA BOYS to name the few. I am not going to discuss tracks you should alredy know but I will focus on new material. One of my most favorite tunes in this album is "Eternal Dreams". If you loved IMPERIO tunes or "The Return", one of DJ VISAGE previous singles, you will love this one as well. Angelic voice provided by SARA and the DREAM flavor with intense TRANCE synth backbone makes this a breathtaking offering. You will be exctatic! I guarantee it! If you like the drama in truly DJ VISAGE style you should listen to "Thunder" that is soon to be released as a single. This tune has something from "Star Wars" filled with more PROGRESSIVE strings and interesting RAP by MC WILL BURN. This is a interesting combination, surely making this fare a new club hit DJ VISAGE is bringing to a dance floor. You also cannot miss "Sueno Futuro". The wonderful sound with great synth lines and mysterious dark voice right from the beginning. This one combines TRANCE sound with Italian DANCE elements, yet another gorgeous combination. Do you remember "Formula" the track DJ VISAGE started with. Hey! You have on this album a new interpretation: "Formula 2002". This one is your foretaste of the official Formula 1 2001. Similar to the original version you will hear in the background engine noise and the words spoken by the German F1 anchor HEIKO WASSER. This tune is also planned to be released as a single. I also would like to draw your attention to AMBIENT tune "Monophonia". Truly beautiful mind buggling tune to listen and relax to. Fascinating. Taken together this is very good album. It's true we had to wait for it for a long time, but the final product is simply great. Great music and powerful melodies in entire album. This one is not to be missed not only by fans of DJ VISAGE but also by fans of hot TECHNO sound. In the the sound sampler I presenting mix of 6 brand new tunes from DJ VISAGE featured in this album. Enjoy!

For more info about DJ VISAGE, please visit his official page at:

01. Intro - 0:49
02. Rock That Sound (Airplay Mix) - 3:49
03. Dance (2001 Remix) - 4:26
04. Scream! (Album Version) - 3:41
05. Get Ready To Fly (Original Mix) - 3:50 (2)
06. Geil! (Fiocco Remix) - 5:08
07. Formula 2002 (Preview Version) - 3:59 (5)
08. The Total Beat (English Radio Mix) - 3:36
09. Eternal Dreams (Original Mix) - 3:23 (1)
10. Monophonia (ambient Mix) - 4:07
11. Thunder (Album Version) - 3:58 (3)
12. Geil! (DJ Beam & Yanou Remix) - 3:27
13. We Got The Beat Back (Short Mix) - 3:03 (4)
14. The Return (Video Version) - 3:29
15. Sueño Futuro (Album Version) - 4:06 (6)
16. Formula (Monte Carlo Radio Mix) 3:42
17. Kickin' Da Bass (Album Version) - 3:41
18. Outro - 0:56

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Intuition - reviewed on 11/24/01
Artist: DJ ENCORE feat. Engelina
Label: 2001 Universal (Denmark)
Style: Euro/Trance/Dance/Pop
Index #: 014 453-2

DJ ENCORE feat. ENGELINA - Intuition After giving the review of brand new album by a Danish project HAMPENBERG, I had to look into a debut album from yet another project from this Scandinavian country. So, let me present you "Intuition" by DJ ENCORE feat. ENGELINA. As a matter of fact I had so many requests to review this album than I had no choice but try to get it. So here it is. Many of you by now should be familiar with Danish dance floor (not only because of AQUA but other dance projects this country is keep bringing in). So few words about the project. DJ ENCORE and ENGELINA are: ANDREAS B. HEMMETH and ENGELINA LARSEN, both in their early twenties. They have debuted this year with single "I See Right Through To You" a theme to "BIG BROTHER" TV Show. People watching this TV show were flabbergasted with the theme and wanted to know who was behind the music. That really helped to push the single out and reached immediately double platinum status. Actually ANDREAS met ENGELINA when he was writing the music to this theme, the voice of ENGELINA perfectly fit with the music that's how they did an amazing duo. After the success of this single on October 1st, 2001 group released presented album "Intuition" with 17 tunes recorded in various dance genres. Even if the styles varies the synth work is present in virtually all of them. Basically project achieved to bridge TRANCE and other styles into one solid production. All lyrics were written by ENGELINA and music was composed by ANDREAS. If you would try to compare their music the closes would be SYLVER meets FRAGMA, yet it's just a comparison. DJ ENCORE project has it's own unique flavor! Album starts with cosmic "Intro" featuring sound of drops and rising beach mood. Perfect slower beginning to dynamic content of the album. This Intro seamlessly moves to "Open Your Eyes", a beauty EURO-TRANCE fare you cannot pass. ENGELINA's voice perfectly fits the mood. Next comes the "I See You Right Through To You" tune, so if you didn't hear it before, here is your chance. "High On Life" starts as slow CHILL OUT tune but not for a long time, it blasts into stunning EURO-TRANCE marvel. In similar mood is "Talk To Me". This is NRG-etic TRANCE with prominet vocal sections provided by ENGELINA. Another dance gem! The title song "Intuition" is a very slow, ENYA-type fare enhanced with violin section. "You'Ve Got A Way" follows presenting turbo-charged POP-ish tune with great kicking synth bottom. "Walking In The Sky" starts as slow tune that blooming into intense big room fare aimed at the hottest TRANCE floors. Next come one of my favorite "Chemistry" a true EURO-sounding gem. Extraordinary powerful synth lines, epic IBIZA-like breaks and a bottom line that will knock you down. Taken together very interesting album that I recommend to all of you who enjoy sensual electronica sound topped with female vocals. For the sound sampler I prepared the mix containing 6 tunes. Enjoy!

For more info about DJ ENCORE, please visit to their official page at:

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01. Intro - 1:48
02. Open Your Eyes - 4:46
03. I See Right Through To You - 3:49 (2)
04. High On Life - 3:51 (4)
05. Talk To Me - 4:19
06. Intuition - 4:03
07. You've Got A Way - 4:26 (5)
08. Walking In The Sky - 3:32
09. Chemistry - 4:22 (3)
10. Out There - 4:28
11. Show Me - 3:16
12. Stay - 3:22 (6)
13. Another Day - 5:13

14. You've Got A Way (DJ Encore Pop Mix) - 3:44
15. High On Life (UK Single Mix) - 3:50
16. Walking In The Sky (DJ Encore Pop Mix) - 3:18
17. Contradictions (You've Got A Way) - 4:14

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Duck Off - reviewed on 11/23/01
Artist: Hampenberg
Label: 2001 Polydor (Denmark)
Style: Trance/Pop
Index #: 549 698-2

HAMPENBERG - Duck Off Back in 1999 I reviewed the debut album "Hampenberg" by this project. Album reached platinum status and was sold in 60000 copies with several singles released like "Grab That Thing", "Last Night", "With Some Class". To introduce "Duck Off" album (official release November 26) group released first single "Salsation" followed by soon to surface "Duck Toy" . Behind HAMPENBERG is MORTEN HAMPENBERG joined by THOMAS SALING (he co-authored most of the songs) and female singer. This new album is a bit different compare to their debut release. First of all, the featured sound is not just TECHNO/TRANCE but rather more PROGRESSIVE. Not only that, you will find tunes that are far from these dance styles. For instance "Sex On The Beach" is a JAZZY-HOUSE, "Been There Done That" is a very slow after hour instrumental tune. This one should cool you down. More POP-oriented, rich in guitar instrumentation "Smile It's A Wonderful Feeling" closes this album. Let's get back to the mainstream style featured in this album. It starts with "Duck Toy", fast, PROGRESSIVE/HOUSE tune falling into ACID sound. Impossible to resist when dancing in the club. My favorite track from this album is the second tune: "Take Control". Dark, driving and seductive EURO TRANCE marvel. It starts with fast synth work followed by a seductive female vocal and exquisite synth-driven heavenly melody and intoxicating beat. Truly a beautiful tune. "Salsation" is also a TRANCE tune with some SALSA elements built in. Imagine SALSA and TRANCE in one pot! Who would think of that. Female vocals adds additional excitement here. "Don't Lie To Me" is another example of galloping EURO-TRANCE reminding a bit of SYLVER. What you will love about this tune is growing drama and vocal foundation creating truly cutting edge stomper. Wonderful! Taken together a very interesting new offering from this Dannish project. After all Denmark is not just a BUBBLE GUM. For the sound sampler I prepared the mix featuring 6 faster TRANCE/TECHNO tunes. Enjoy the sound!

For more info about HAMPENBERG, please visit to their official page at:

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01. Duck Toy (5)
02. Take Control (1)
03. Salsation (2)
04. Away From Home
05. Don't Lie To Me (3)
06. Recykle (6)
07. Trainspotting (4)
08. Listen Up
09. Sexy Lady
10. Sex On The Beach
11. Been There, Done That
12. Smile It's A Wonderful Feeling

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Some Things - reviewed on 11/23/01
Artist: LASGO
Label: 2001 Antler-Subway (Belgium)
Style: Trance/Dance
Index #: AS 5980 / 7243 537 309 2 5

LASGO - Some Things Few weeks ago I posted the video clip to "Something" tune by LASGO. By that time this song was storming the dance floor in Europe and actually won BEST SINGLE category in Belgian 2001 TMF Award. Fare done very similar to SYLVER style, caught immediate attention all of you who likes EURO-TRANCE with haunting female vocals. Well, no wonder why. Both SYLVER and LASGO projects are coming from Belgium. LASGO consists of PETER LUTS, DAVID VERVOOT and EVY GOFFIN who provides the angelic voice to the project. You should be already familiar with PETER LUTS who not only produces LASGO, but also authored some wonderful remixes such as "Close My Eyes" by ASTROLINE, "Castles In The Sky" by IAN VAN DAHL feat. MARSHA or "Horizons" with JIMMY GOLDSCHMITZ to name the few. Presented debut album "Some Things" released on November 19, 2001 contains not only "Something" tune, but also their new smash hit "Alone" in two versions: Album and special IAN VAN DAHL remix. Let's talk about the other tunes featured in the album. First of all do not expect EURO-TRANCE album per se. True several tunes fall into this category but there are more variations sported. For instance "Heaven" that still have some interesting TRANCE synth work falls more into fast POP/NRG tune in general. This combination still delivers a powerful and entertaining offering. "Follow You" just reminds me more SYNTHPOP than anything else, yet the EVY's gorgeous and sensual vocal adds to the drama. If you are into slower tunes you will cherish "Cry". Truly a beautifully crafted fare, with intense backbone and excitingly sensual vocals. You should also check mostly instrumental tune "Cloud Surfers" with the background of playing children and synths out of the space to cause goose bumps . Same goes to "Feeling". Great tunes in great music line. Taken together yet another interesting release from Belgium to fulfill the desire for quality EURO-TRANCE sound. In extended sound sampler I featured mix of 6 tunes, but again it should only give you an idea what the album is all about. Enjoy the music and remember. SUPPORT THE ARTIST by buying their product

For more info about LASGO, please visit their official page at:

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01. Intro
02. Something
03. Heaven
04. Blue (1)
05. Don't Belong 2 U (6)
06. Follow You
07. Cloud Surfers
08. Alone (2)
09. Cry
10. Pray (3)
11. Feeling
12. Something (Peter Luts Remix) (4)
13. Alone (Ian Van Dahl Remix) (5)

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Title: Euro IV Ever - reviewed on 11/19/01
Artist: E-TYPE
Label: 2001 Stockholm Records (Sweden)
Style: Eurodance/Dance/Pop/
Index #: 016355-2

E-TYPE - Euro IV Ever It has been a long time since E-TYPE last album "Last Man Standing". Well... E-TYPE is not only still standing but as a matter of fact is glowing bright! This brand new full album to be released on November 21, 2001 is exactly what all EURODANCE fans were waiting for. The name of the album "Euro IV Ever" points to what the style of the album is indeed. MARTIN ERIKSSON (the man behind the name of the project) proved to be a King of Scandinavian dance. This album once again showed that this title is well deserved. You will find here several slamming EURO tunes to die for. Of course "Life" is here. This particular title was just released on single (November 12) and immediately climbed on highest positions in Scandinavian charts and surely will be hitting Pan-European charts as well. Typical E-TYPE style with big room instrumentation and smashing rhythm. He is accompanied with beatiful, made for EURO sound female vocalist NANA. No doubt a chart crasher! Well... there are more EURO tunes to die for. This album contains several fares that surely are to be my favorite EURO cuts these days. One of them is "Time" (with NANA again). This marvel clearly reminds such hits as "Angels Crying" or "Here I Go". Simply priceless for EURO lovers. This tune is hypnotic, filled with intense synth work. There are indeed many other tunes that are worth to be mention like "Africa" or "When I Close My Eyes" (another intoxicating EURO to cause pandemonium on the dancefloor!). Not only fast tempo songs are featured in this album. You will find many slower one and some of them are actually in different styles. In these songs E-TYPE used multinational flavors. For instance in "Banca Banca" he fallen for some SALSA sound. In "Arabian Style" you will find oriental elements (very exotic and fascinating track at low BPM). In "Borschstjii" you will hear elements of Russian folk music. Don't be mislead though, still at high BPM and in good EURO style. Great combination and masterfully done fusion. From truly slow tunes I recommend "Star". It's a beatiful LOVE song to dance in two with bodies tight to each other. In album you also find "Campione 2000" an anthem of Soccer game in 2000. Taken together this album is a true dance masterpiece that will bring emotions to your heart and unstoppable desire to dance. I would like to congratulate E-TYPE and Stockholm Records for delivering such a gem. I strongly plead to all of you, to get this album and support such a fine production. We all should make sure that albums like that could surface. However, only good selling points can help. So do EURO community and yourself a favor. Buy this album when it is available! For time being enjoy the sound sampler containing 6 EURO tunes from this album, but keep in mind it is just a top of the iceberg! It cannot replace the real experience after you have the album in your hands.

For more info about this artist, please visit to his official page at:

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01. Norby 4 Ever (Live at Dreamland)
02. Life (feat. Nana) (2)
03. Africa (feat. Nana) (3)
04. Banca Banca
05. Arabian Style (feat. Nana) (Live at Dreamland)
06. When I Close My Eyes (feat. Nana) (4)
07. Loneliness - Ring The Alarm
08. Star
09. Time (feat. Nana) (1)
10. No More Tears (feat. Nana) (5)
11. Borschstjii (feat Marki-Markki - The Dragon Kill) (6)
12. Campione 2000 (BONUS TRACK)
13. Oh Weda (song from Sveakampen)

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Title: Sex Generation - reviewed on 11/09/01
Artist: E-ROTIC
Label: 2001 Avex Trax (Japanese Edition / 2001 EPark (German Edition)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: AVCD-17012 (Japan) / 367.3012.2 (Germany)

E-ROTIC - Sex Generation New full album from this truly EURODANCE group that still records in this genre. I lost count which album it is, but looks to me it's 13th (counting all albums I have in my collection). If you know E-ROTIC and their sound, the album will not really be a surprise! "Sex Generation" was released 2 DAYS AGO and again in JAPAN, followed by it's German edition later to be out later this year. "King Kong" was released as a first single from this album. Team of writers and producers remains unchaged (of course). So most tracks were written by DAVID BRANDES, JOHN O'FLYNN, JANE TEMPES. Again CHRIS NORMAN contributed as well in REGGAE oriented tune "Untouchable Feeling". DAVID BRANDES and FELIX J. GAUDER produced the tracks with help of DOMENICO LABARILE. The album features 15 tunes and extra treat, an animated video to "Billy Juve (with Willy's Wife)", featuring BILLY the condom reuniting with WILLY the banana. Well for more story you have to get the CD since inlet features a cartoon story of mad Professor that goes by Dwight E. Dicky (how original) who's mission is to destroy the most immoral symbol of lust with special forces targeted to terminate BILLY BOY. Oh well... you really have to follow entire E-ROTIC story to get an idea what's this is all about. Nevermind though, let's talk about the music. In general it is classic EURO sound characteristic for E-ROTIC, featuring upbeat music and simple lyrics focusing or various sexual issues, but rather in a funny way, not provocative. American audience might find them lame but again, take it easy. It's just funny way to talk about sex. Among tunes that are copy-cat's of their previous releases are "Rock Me Baby", "Bad Boy", It's Just A Little Flirt" or "Billy Jive", but there are also slower tunes that are quite exciting. For example "Cry Like A Child" is rather slow POP-oriented tune or very ABBA-sque sounding "The Story Is Over" (sound's quite similar to "The Winner Takes It All", but BROS team already showed their compassion for ABBA legacy). From the slower tracks I particularly like "Skin to Skin". Starts as very slow tune but picks up later to a down tempo EURO marvel. Female vocal by YASMINE a new vocalist (originally from DAS MODUL) is exciting and quite similar to the voice of LYANE LEIGH an original E-ROTIC vocalist. Another interesting thing is that this time most tracks extensively use male rapping that was really only minimally present in recent E-ROTIC releases. Taken together, nice album but nothing novel that will throw you on your knees. I personally would like to have also some more modern-sound EURO with some synth works like was actually done in Extended version of "Billy Jive". I think you should look for singles, I hope they might feature this kinda TRANCEY EURO sound. As a matter of fact "Billy Jive" is being released as a single in Japan as well. For time being enjoy the sound sampler from this album containing 8 tunes!

Update as of January 2002:
The European edition of this album (cat # 367.3012.2 released by ePark is now available. The track listing is the same. The only difference is the order of the tracks as well as the video clip was omitted.

For more info about the group, please refer to my E-Rotic Page

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01. Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife) - 3:39
02. Mi Amante - 4:23
03. King Kong - 4:01
04. Untouchable Feeling - 3:33
05. Crying Like A Child - 4:05
06. Rock Me Baby - 3:47 (4)
07. It's Just A Little Flirt - 3:35 (1)
08. The Story Is Over - 4:00
09. Bad Boy - 3:41 (7)
10. Sex Machine - 3:19 (5)
11. Molly Dolly (Loves A Lolly) - 4:06 (6)
12. Skin To Skin - 3:17 (8)
13. Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife) (Extended Version) - 6:53 (2)
14. Mi Amante (Extended Version) - 7:49
15. King Kong (Extended Version) - 6:10 (3)

Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife) - VIDEO CLIP (not present in German edition)

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