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Title: In Action - reviewed on 02/25/02
Label: 2002 Remixed Records (Sweden) / Avex (Japan)
Style: Dance / Pop
Index #: AVCD-17040

SOLID BASE - In Action Veterans of DANCE scene from Sweden, duo of SOLID BASE is back with brand new album entitled "In Action". It premiered in Japan on January 2002. Many fans were waiting for this one with high expectation because SOLID BASE is one of the last projects that followed EURODANCE sound for a long time. That is probably the reason why Japanese label AVEX grabbed it as fast as they could. So, how is the album? Some of you who already got it, were not really impressed. The expectation was to have yet another EURO album, while the group delivered rather mainstream POP sound in majority of tunes. However this is only a superficial description. I found this album quite interesting. First of all SOLID BASE did not neglect EURO sound, as a matter of fact you will find some beautifully crafted EURO tunes. For instance the first song on the album "Perfect Melody" is a perfect EURODANCE tune with some POP flavor ala EIFFEL 65. Another powerful DANCE tune "This Beat Of My Heart" sports not only classic EURO beat but also is enhances with spectacular synths work and of course outstanding vocals provided by Isabelle, Very dancable and happy! The album is quite a combination of various DANCE styles. For instance "Obsession" tune brings TRANCE feel into virtually instrumental tune with limited vocals. This is truly a beautiful and joyful tune. Lotsa bigl and galloping synthesizers to have fun with! "I Like It", group's recent single is featured as well. There are two versions of them with PROGRESSIVE oriented Earthquake Mix. So if you are TECHNO freak, you got your share too. BUBBLEGUM style is represented by "I Do". Happy and naive tune but fun to listen to it and dance to. How about EURO-REGGAE? Yeah! It's here as well. Juxt check "This Is The Summer". Very melodic tune. Remaining tunes represent mainstream POP if you will. For instance "You And Me" combines a bit RAP and POP. So taken together this album targets almost anyone who like DANCE hard fans of POP with dedicated fans of EURO, bond together for fun. In sound sampler from this album I present you 6 mostly DANCE tunes. At this moment this album is available in Japan and can be order on line. Enjoy!

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01. Perfect Melody (1)
02. I Like It
03. You And Me
04. This Is The Summer (6)
05. I Do (5)
06. This Beat Of My Heart (2)
07. In Or Out Of love
08. Don't Make Me Wait
09. Boogie Man
10. Better Off Dead
11. I Want Boys
12. I See Love
13. Hold On
14. Obsession (3)
15. I Like It (Earthquake Mix) (4)

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Title: Push The Beat For This Jam (The Second Chapter) - rev. on 02/24/02
Label: 2002 Sheffield Tunes (Germany)
Index #: 012 339-2 STU

SCOOTER - Push The Beat For This Jam SCOOTER, a German long lived and extremely successful TECHNO project is back with collection of their singles. About four years ago they released "Rough And Tough And Dangerous" containing most successful singles at that time. Now after four years with 10 successful singles, 4 albums, numerous LIVE appearances and countless awards SCOOTER presents the album/compilation with tunes that kept this group on the top of German TECHNO groups. SCOOTER indeed became an icon of TECHNO sound. With current releases they return to their roots and sound more and more like they did at the very beginning. Does that mean that they regress? Of course not, as a matter of fact the very specific sound we know SCOOTER makes this group to stand out. Characteristic vocals and utilization of synths and drums with losta electronic hooks made this group very unique. This release features two CD. In first CD you will find 19 tunes that came from all their recent albums like "Fuck The Millenium" or "Faster Harder Scooter" from "Back To The Heavyweight Jam" , "I'm Your Pusher" from "Shieffield" or "Posse (I Need You On The Floor)" and "Aiii Shot The DJ" from last album "We Bring The Noise". You will also find there "Sunrise" track done by RATTY (SCOOTER in disguise). Of course the brand new single "Ramp! (The Logical Song)" is in there as well. Speaking of this tune, it is also featured in the second CD. As a matter of fact there are two versions of this tune: The Original Club Mix and Starsplash Mix. The second CD actually features some new material from SCOOTER. First song "Habanera" is an incredible TECHNO. This tune actually borrowed elements from classic opera "Carmen" by G. Bizet. Quite common practice to do some "remakes" of classic tune in more TECHNO way. Well... This is not exactly remake, but this "addendum" of classic vocal is actually very very cool! Another brand new tune is "No Pain No Gain". This one is rich with drums and is pretty fast! Big room TECHNO at it's best with powerful melodic line! Among new material is also "Loud And Clear" done in classic SCOOTER style. Another amazing fare. As a bonus second CD contains remixes of several original SCOOTER tracks and last four tunes are coming from their LIVE performance in Poland. Taken together, great treat for fans of this mega group and good buy for new comers to TECHNO scene, to listen what this group is all about. In sound sampler I featured first 6 tunes from second CDs, so you can check the new material and some remixes. Enjoy the sound!

for more information about SCOOTER, please visit their official website at

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CD 001
01. Ramp! (The Logical Song) - 3:53
02. Aiii Shot The DJ - 3:30
03. Posse (I Need You On The Floor) - 3:50
04. She's The Sun - 3:45
05. I'm Your Pusher - 3:48
06. Fuck The Millenium - 3:58
07. Faster Harder Scooter - 3:42
08. Call Me Mañana - 3:40
09. We Are The Greatest - 3:27
10. I Was Made For Lovin' You - 3:32
11. How Much Is The Fish? - 3:45
12. Sputnik - 3:06
13. Greatest Beats - 3:05
14. Bramfeld - 5:16
15. Monolake - 4:27
16. New Years Day - 6:39
17. Firth Of Forth - 3:38
18. Sunrise (Ratty's Inferno) - 5:39
19. Siberia - 2:53

CD 002
01. Habanera (Big Room Mix) - 5:59 (1)
02. No Pain, No Gain - 5:54 (2)
03. Loud And Clear - 4:30 (3)
04. Am Fenster - 4:16 (4)
05. Ramp! (The Logical Song) (Original Club Mix) - 7:23 (5)
06. I'm Your Pusher (Airscape Mix) - 7:47 (6)
07. Faster Harder Scooter (Signum Remix) - 7:20
08. Ramp! (The Logical Song) (Starsplash Mix) - 7:17
09. Posse (I Need You On The Floor (Live) - 4:05
10. Faster Harder Scooter (Live) - 3:46
11. Aiii Shot The DJ (Live) - 3:36
12. Call Me Mañana (Live) - 3:45
13. How Much Is The Fish (Live) - 3:51

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Title: Armin Van Buuren 003 - In Motion - reviewed on 02/20/02
Label: 2001 United Recordings (Holland)
Index #: UTD 022-8

ARMIN VAN BUUREN 002 - In Motion Better late than never. I was waiting for this CD for a long time and I am finally able to present it to you. Even if released in 2001 the featured music in this album is immortal. The good news it is still available to be purchased from US-based Euromusic World internet music store, so you still can be lucky to get one. "Armin Van Buuren 003- In Motion" is third full-length release by this 26 years old well established Dutch DJ and producer. ARMIN along with DJ TIËSTO, FERRY CORSTEN and other DJs represents the TRANCE/PROGRESSIVE force in Holland. This new album with 27 tunes represents his LIVE PERFORMANCE setting. In a sense, this offering is rather compilation than the album. It features not only his own tunes such as: "Startheme", "Clear Blue Moon" (under the project RISING STAR) but also tunes by other regarded DJs and project such VINCENT DE MOOR, AIRWAVE, RANK or ORION to name the few. This is very personal set from ARMIN. Very similar in style and climate to his previously released several months ago "Armin Van Buuren 002- Basic Instinct". This is truly a club set that you have to listen and mediate to. The eclectic in sound with various flavor of PROGRESSIVE, TECHNO, TRANCE and TRIBAL fares, this album represents journey to the world of electronic music with synths orchestration that will put your state of mind to a n unknown dimension. You have to be prepared for very sophisticated work of art and twisted mind. Album indeed beautiful and if you are into PROGRESSIVE/HARD TRANCE, definately to have. The sound sampler features 8 tunes taken from both CDs. Enjoy the music and mystic journey to a timeless sound.

for more information about ARMIN VAN BUUREN, please visit his official website at

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CD 001
01. SOLID SESSIONS - Janeiro (Harry Lemon Remix)
02. DAWNSEEKERS - Shaman's Wake up
03. ORINOKO - Island (Saint And Sinners Remix) (1)
04. RISING STAR - Startheme (2)
05. DJ CYBER - Marco Antonio
06. MARC AUERBACH - Muke (Marc's Original Mix) (3)
07. EVOLUTION - Crocodile Man
08. BLAKSTONE - One Thing
09. DJ NUKEM - Instinct
10. HI END SYSTEM - Lost
11. CAPETOWN - Stringizer
12. D-FACTOR - The Wrong Shake
13. SIGNUM 5 - Yards (4)
14. VINCENT DE MOOR - Flowtation 2001 (5)

CD 002
01. SONIC INC. - A Taste Of Summer (Fire & Ice Vital Remix)
02. RANK 1 feat. SHANOKEE - Such Is Life (Marco V. Remix)
03. ORION - See Me Here (Skope's Vocal Remix)
04. SYSTEM F - Needlejuice
05. YAHEL - U Inside
06. RALPHIE B. - Massive (6)
07. DRAX and SCOTT MAC - Sublime (7)
08. ULTRAVIBE - Choose Freedom (8)
09. AIRWAVE - Save Me
10. MOOGWAI - The Labirynth (part 2)
11. WARRIOR - Voodoo (Oliver Lieb Remix)
12. BISMARK - Just A Moment
13. RISING STAR - Clear Blue Moon

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Title: Dedicated - reviewed on 02/16/02
Artist: ATB
Label: 2001 Kontor Records (Germany)
Style: Techno House/Euro Trance
Index #: 0136302KON

ATB - Dedicated After more than two years ATB (André Tanneberger) is back with brand new album released on January 28, 2002 entitled "Dedidacted". ATB does not really need an introduction. He established himself in German TECHNO scene for a quite long time since his project SEQUENTIAL ONE. Two singles: "Hold You" and "Let U Go" taken from this album have been already played around. Just recently the third single "You're Not Alone" was introduced as well. If you are following ATB's music, you will notice quite distinct difference between this album and his previous ones either under ATB or SEQUENTIAL ONE. ATB is moving more into IBIZA-style TECHNO HOUSE with rich synth section so characteristic for current EURO-TRANCE/TECHNO by group like FRAGMA. The two formentioned singles are the best examples. ATB in his compositions utilizes female vocal. Supreme vocal indeed is provided by ROBERTA CARTER HARRISON, a well established Canadian singer formerly with THE WILD STRAWBERRIES. Her resume includes performance with such singers as CHERYL CROW or ALANIS MORRISSETTE to name the few. Her voice is quite unique. It i's strong yet delivering velvet feeling making tunes she performs in truly a marvellous experience. Album itself is not simply a DANCE album. Granted there are tunes that fall into that category, but this release offers more. It gives you a cpecial touch that goes beyond such simple classification. For instance the title song "Dedicated" is good TECHNO-HOUSE fare, yet the relaxing feeling makes it more sensual. The hooks present all over are additional bonuses. "Get High" is a combination of the STREET SOUND with R&B touch with some NEW AGE elements built in. Slow and beautiful instrumental tune to touch your senses. Seems ATB is trying to introduce a bit newer sound to the music he composes. Not exactly the same in style but quite similar in feeling is "I Can't Stand..". Another exit from the sound we know him. This majestic tune delivers superb production and catch low BPM melody line. Beautiful. Don't get impression though that slow tunes do dominate. You have muh faster tunes such as "Halcyon" or "Basic Love" to balance. Sound sampler from this album features 6 more DANCE-oriented tunes, but to get real feeling you simply have to get the album. Enjoy!

For more info about ATB, please visit his official page at:

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01. Dedicated - 4:15 (1)
02. Hold You - 3:31
03. Get High - 5:59
04. You're Not Alone - 5:57 (2)
05. Halcyon - 4:00 (3)
06. Let U Go - 3:30
07. I Can't Stand … - 5:53
08. Hero - 4:24
09. I See It - 4:25
10. Basic Love - 7:27 (4)
11. I Wanna Cry - 4:23 (5)
12. Remember - 6:22 (6)

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Title: UNITED Is Back - reviewed on 01/27/02
Artist: UNITED
Label: 2001 Tic Tac (Poland)
Style: Dance/Techno/Pop
Index #: TIC 213-4-2001 CD

UNITED - United Is Back As you well know most album I review come from Western Europe. Only from time to time I am able to present you album coming from Easter European countries like Poland od Russia. Today let me present you brand new album from Polish group UNITED entitled: "United Is Back" released in 2001. Actually, back in 1997, I did review their previous album: "U-Xit-Me". Few words about this group. UNITED was established back in 1994 by MARIUSZ ROGOWSKI and BARTEK PIASECKI. Their first record was released in 1995. The group immediately was noticed and in 1996 they received the award of best DANCE group in Poland. Group performed with such acts as FUN FACTORY, CULTURE BEAT and DJ BOBO. in 1996 they released their second album "Koniec Gry (The End Of The Game)" and in 1997 mentioned "U-Xit-Me", their best album. After relatively long time of silence the group is back with MARIUSZ ROGOWSKI (original member) and two new artists: MARCIN NIEWIADOMSKI and GRAZYNA JANIAK. Presented album have 14 tracks. It has been recorded in various DANCE genres. It's starts with electronic Intro done in BREAK BEAT style. Right after comes "Jeszcze Jedna Noc (One More Night)". This is POP-influenced DANCE tune with male vocals. More dramatic and distinct sound appears on "In Memory of JFK". This is TECHNO/DANCE tune with some original JFK speech included. Next is "Baby Go 2000" tune, another TECHNO fare with some drums action ala SAFRI-DUO. If you like happy REGGAE style, you will enjoy "Chcemy Robic Tak Jak Oni (We Want To Do As They Do)". True TECHNO sound is presented in "Stranger". You will clearly hear U 96 influence in this one. Instrumentally rich with computerized male vocal appearing all over the place. "To Ja Max (It's Me - Max)" is done in popular in the US HIP-HOUSE style. This tune is also offered in Long Version and in it's 2001 edition. "Naprawde Nie Wiem 2000 - "I Really Don't Know"). This one is recorded in simplified EURODANCE/TRANCE style. Most of you who like true dance music will like this one. o you will find here. Taken together an interesting offering for all of you who like dance. It's not RIMINI PROJECT, SYLVER, ALICE DEEJAY but it is UNITED. With their own style and music. Enjoy the sound sampler containing 6 tunes taken from this album.

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01. Intro - 1:01
02. Jeszcze Jedna Noc (One More Night) - 3:40
03. In Memory Of JFK - 3:50 (1)
04. Baby Go 2000 - 5:25 (5)
05. Chcemy Robic Tak Jak Oni (We Want To Do As They Do) - 4:41
06. Stranger - 3:31 (2)
07. To Ja MAX (It's Me - MAX) - 3:43
08. Naprawde Nie Wiem 2000 (I Really Don't Know 2000) - 5:40 (3)
09. No Powiedz Me (So, Please Tell Me) - 3:30
10. Come Get It - 3:23 (6)
11. United IS BACK - 3:57
12. To Ja MAX (It's Me - MAX) (Long Version) - 5:14
13. Chcemy Robic Tak Jak Oni (We Want To Do As They Do) (Extended Version) - 5:22
14. To Ja MAX (It's Me - MAX) (2001 Edition) - 4:45 (4)
Daddy DJ (Chico & Tonio Radio Edit) - 3:36

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Title: Let Your Body Talk [Limited Edition CD] - reviewed on 01/08/02
Artist: DADDY DJ
Label: 2001 RKG Records / Sony Music (UK)
Style: Dance/Pop
Index #: DAN505184 2

DJ DADDY - Let Your Body Talk DADDY DJ, french Dance project became popular last year with release their megahit "Daddy DJ". The single was reviewed here as well as video to that song is presented in our VIDEO SECTION. Up to day this trio has three singles: one mentioned above, "The Girl In Red" and brand new, also taken from this album "Over You". This project consists of DAVID, a 24 old singer born in New Caledonia, JEAN-CHRISTOPHE who plays keyboards and did remixes for such projects as GIGI D'AGOSTINO, DEAD OR ALIVE and BLONDIE. The last member of the group is CHARLY, born in Martinique. The album features all together 14 songs. All the mentioned above singles are in here. As a bonus you got four additional versions like Ian Van Dahl Radio Edit of "Over You" or J&B Trance Club Mix of "Daddy DJ" tune. They are good and enhancing this album. If you listen to other songs featured in this album, you might get a little bit dissapointed. That might by a bit off from what we call DANCE. True, there are still some like instrumental track "Louder" or COSMIC-oriented dub - "Nightmares" or even slow-starting title tune: "Let Your Body Talk" but remaining tunes are rather slow POP if you will. For instance "Little Baby Girl" is a slow mover good for body-to-body dance. In a similar mood is "U See". Taken together an interesting release. If you will get this LIMITED EDITION CD, you will also get cute stickers that are included! I hope to see more tunes from this group in the future. Sound sampler from this album contains 6 tunes. Enjoy!

For more info about DADDY DJ, please visit their official page at:

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01. Daddy DJ (Chico & Tonio Radio Edit) - 3:36
02. Where Are You? - 3:28 (6)
03. Over You (Original Radio Edit) - 3:34
04. Let Your Body Talk - 4:31
05. Little Baby Girl - 4:53
06. U See - 4:47
07. In My Dreams - 3:20
08. The Girl In Red (Live Mix) - 5:01 (3)
09. Louder - 5:16 (4)
10. Nightmares - 5:24 (5)

11. Daddy DJ (J&B Trance Club Mix) - 5:59 (1)
12. The Girl In Red (Chico & Tonio feat. J&B Club Mix) - 5:50
13. Daddy DJ (Mr. Manu Underground Remix) - 5:50
14. Over You (Ian Van Dahl Remix Radio Edit) - 3:16 (2)

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