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Title: Teamwork - reviewed on 04/22/02
Artist: DJs @ WORK
Label: 2002 Zeitgeist / Polydor (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 589 834-2

DJs @ WORK - Teamwork You heard already two singles: "Someday" and "Time 2 Wonder", now it is time for album that is being released on April 25, 2002. DJ's @ WORK is a joint project of three well established DJs: HERBY F, OLE VAN DANSK and LENNY MCDUSTIN. OLE and LENNY under the project name LUNATIC DJ TEAM were djing for several years (roughly since 1996). In 2000 they established the label called: Vinyls Vibes Records. The first single released on that label was "Bass Instinct - Friendship/Cést la belle vie". In 2001 HERBY F (TECHNO/TRANCE DJ since 1990) joined the project and the name DJs @ WORK was established. This project has not only singles on their account but also several remixes to mention such titles as: "Bam Bam Bam" by DJ KAJOWA, "Let Your Mind Fly" by TUNNEL ALLSTARS, "Wake Me Tonight" by J T COMPANY, "L'Esperanza" by TOP MODELZ, "Club Bizarre" by BROOKLYN BOUNCE and several others. After the enormous success of the team, they released the debut album "Teamwork". As you might expect both singles "Someday" and "Time 2 Wonder" (Video Version and Acoustix Mix) are included in the album. However, it contains mostly new stuff previously unreleased and the music is good! All together 17 tunes (including intro, outro and mentioned singles) gives you a ride through exciting TRANCE and TECHNO sound. So let's see what are the new tunes: "Activated" is uptempo TECHNO tune with some TRANCE-based soaring synth work and powerful beat. The melody line is haunting. Good production. As a matter of fact there are many good TRANCE and VOCAL TRANCE tunes in this album such as: "Sunrise", "Fly With Me", "Free My Mind" to name the few. For fans of more hard beat TECHNO, there are such tunes as: "Don't Stop And Listen", "Low Noize" or "You Are Real" (with great female vocal section and TRANCE feel on the top of TECHNO beat). Taken together cream your jeans release with great sound and excellent production. No single filler on this one. Virtually every featured title is at superb quality! In sound sampler I have included 8 tracks but as I said all of them are great! Don't forget to check clips to "Someday" and "Time 2 Wonder" in our VIDEO section. For now enjoy the sound!

For more info about this group, please visit their official page at

01. Intro
02. Time 2 Wonder (Video Version)
03. Someday (Short Version)
04. Activated (1)
05. I Feel Free (2)
06. Sunrise (3)
07. Fly With Me (To The Stars) (4)
08. Where I Belong
09. Free My Mind (5)
10. Don't Stop And Listen
11. Low Noize
12. From My Heart
13. You Are Real (6)
14. Don't Break My Heart (7)
15. A Part Of Me (8)
16. Time 2 Wonder (Acoustic Mix)
17. Outro

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Title: A.C.E. - reviewed on 04/22/02
Label: 2002 Antler-Subway (Belgium)
Style: Trance
Index #: PROMO

WHIGFIELD - IV IAN VAN DAHL project of CHRISTOPHE CHANTIZ (well known from ABSOLOM) after having a world success with two singles: "Castles In The Sky" and "Will I" is releasing the debut album "A.C.E.". This album is scheduled to be released in May in UK, followed by BeneLux countires as well as later in the US. It features both singles as well as the newest one "Reason". Not only though. The album has 16 tunes all together (including an intro) and most of them are powerful TRANCE-related compositions. Be prepared to get frenzy over hypnotic sound, fiery tilt synth lines and female vocals (provided by ANNEMIE COENEN)
featured on many tracks in this offering! Should you like the album? It really depends what your expectations are. IAN VAN DAHL's oscillates between TRANCE and VOCAL TRANCE. New tunes in this album do follow this pattern. Majority of fares contain female vocals. The music is interesting but not free of repetitions. The originality of ABSOLOM, was much more distinct compared with IAN VAN DAHL project. So how about more details? "After All" has some elements of HOUSE, TECHNO and VOCAL TRANCE. It's nicely crafted tune, fits good for clubs scene. Same pattern follows "Satisfy Me", but it corners more into HOUSE oriented TRANCE, again with seductive female vocals that indeed sounds great. "Nights On Java" is an instrumental monster with hypnotic melodic lines and driving synths that sends the melody soaring. It builds up though. It's starts rather as commercial repetitive track, but transforms later into thunderous TRANCE trip. "Try" is a cosmic voyage to underworld. It's engaging club smash with TECHNO/TRANCE appeal. "Lonely" is a slow, almost NEW AGE like fare to calm you down. "Be Mine" will put you back to more faster pace. Among other tunes that falls into faster TRANCE are "Nothing Left To Say" or "Tears". The album closes with "Run". Solidly mesmerizing Intrumental TRANCE. Taken together an engaging album for fans of IAN VAN DAHL but some of you might expected a bit more. I still really missed ABSOLOM. In sound sampler I featured 7 tunes taken from the album and by the way, you should also check clips to "Castles In The Sky" , "Will I" and soon to be posted "Reason" in our VIDEO section. For now enjoy the sound!

For more info IAN VAN DAHL, please visit their LIVE ACT page on A-S Website at:

01. Ian Van Dahl - Intro
02. Reason (1)
03. After All
04. Satisfy Me (2)
05. Will I
06. Night On Java (3)
07. Try
08. Lonely
09. Be Mine
10. Castles In The Sky
11. Nothing Left To Say (4)
12. Tears (5)
13. Interlude (6)
14. Secret Love
15. Tomorrow
16. Run (7)

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Title: IV - reviewed on 04/22/02
Label: 2002 ZYX (Germany) / Energy Production (Italy)
Style: Dance
Index #: PROMO

WHIGFIELD - IV Now album from Italy. There are still many fans of WHIGFIELD, well acclaimed DANCE project from this Queen of EURO/POP for many years. Fans of WHIGFIELD know that currently under the project is Danish born SANNIE CHARLOTTE CARLSON. There are three albums released by this artist so far and now we have the fourth. At the time of this review, the album is on limited rotation and should be soon available to general public. So, what should you expect from it? First of all GOOD DANCE! This offering has been already labeled by those who were able to listen to it, that it's the BEST album WHIGFIELD released to-date! Of course those are subjective opinions, and you are the one who will make your own based on what you will hear. I personally agree that it is good album. Especially, because it offers good DANCE sound from NRG, EURO, POP, BUBBLEGUM and even RHYTHM & BLUES worlds. So you really have a wide range of the styles featured. The production team joined legendary MARCO SONCINI who had done an excellent job with this release. It has to be noted that the standard set for this release was much higher compared with WHIGFIELD album "III" released back in 2000. The album starts with new single "Gotta Getcha" a happy POP/DANCE tune that is truly a trademark for WHIGFIELD's style. "Amazing & Beautiful" delivers good NRG beat and smashing music line. Good production and sound! Virtually every featured title is at superb quality! "Beep Beep" combines NRG sound with some TECHNO/HOUSE elements. An absolutely frenzy package I would say. Would you like to hear a BUBBLEGUM side of WHIGFIELD. Sure, you can. Just check "Boys Boys Boys". More experiments? Absolutely! How about R&B-oriented "Fantasy". No, it is not BRITNEY SPEARS though. Wanna happy POP? Here you are! Just pop-in "Candy", and you got one! How about some true EURO sound! Yes! Yes! Yes! Just check the powerful "I Knew People" and you will be transported into happy and dynamic sound of EURO. WHIGFIELD gave herself also to some VOCAL oriented TRANCE in "My Love's Gone". There is much, much more to check out though. So as you might see, you have been served with the product of many faces. Indeed a great release from this artist. WHIGFIELD is back, and it's BIG time! Hopefully, we will hear more of her in the future! For now enjoy the sound sampler featuring 6 tunes out 15 in this album!

For more info about this group, please visit following pages: and

01. Gotta Getcha
02. Amazing And Beautiful (1)
03. Beep Beep (2)
04. Boys Boys Boys
05. Fantasy
06. Candy
07. I Knew People (3)
08. My Love Is Gone (4)
09. Get Get Get
10. Take Me to The Summertime
11. Outside Life
12. Welcome To Fun (5)
13. Fun Fun
14. Every Single Day And Night (6)
15. Tomorrow

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Title: Celebration (2 CD Limited Edition) - reviewed on 04/21/02
Artist: DJ BOBO
Label: 2002 BMG Berlin Musik (Germany)
Style: Dance/Pop
Index #: 74321 93008 2

DJ BOBO - Celebration DJ BOBO is truly an icon of European DANCE music, and I am sure most of you has heard of him on many occasions. After his last album he has been quiet for a while, however it did not mean he faded away. As a matter of fact he is now celebrating his 10th Anniversary of being active singer, writer and producer. No wonder why the new album is simply entitled "Celebration". He has the reason to celebrate though. He has been an icon of EURODANCE, crowned as KING OF THE DANCE music. He produced countless albums and experiemented with various styles of the music. Many of you missed his classic sound. many of you praised him for making new music. As always it is hard to please everybody. DJ BOBO always cared about his fans. He made the music for everybody, teaming with such EURO producer fame as AXEL BREITUNG! Presented album is a retrospective view of his music done in recent years. However, there is a twist. Most of the older tunes were revamped to 2002 sound. So such treatment received "Somebody Dance With Me", "Pray", "There Is A Party", "Freedom", "Let The Dreams Come True" and several other titles. Another interesting feature of this album is plethora of invited artists to work with DJ BOBO on some of the featured tunes. For instance ATC is featured in "Together", beloved MELANIE THORTON who recently died in airplane crash is featured in "Love Of My Life". EMILIA gave new meaning to BOBO's "Everybody". Indeed an excellent line-up of tunes and artists. The album is released as a single CD album (blue cover) or double CD in Limited Edition. Taken together, this album is a journey to BOBO's achevements over a decade and clearly shows an eclectic nature of music he produces. In sound sampler I featured 6 tunes from the album and I only focused on his DANCE revamped tunes. Keep in mind though that the album delivers many styles of music, so you should get it to appreciate also other genres featured. Enjoy the sampler and remember, please support this artist by buying this album!

for more information about DJ BOBO, please visit his official websites at

CD 1
01. Celebration
02. Somebody Dance With Me (2002) (1)
03. Everybody (with Emilia)
04. Tell Me Why (with Gölä)
05. Where Is Your Love (with No Angels)
06. Pray (2002) (2)
07. Love Of My Life (with Melanie Thorton)
08. Together (with ATC) (3)
09. There Is A Party (2002)
10. Freedom (2002) (4)
11. Love Is The Price (Spanglish Version)
12. Respect Yourself (2002)
13. What A Feeling (with Irene Cara)
14. It's My Life
15. Lonely 4 You (DJ Bobo feat. Tone)
16. Let The Dream Come True (2002) (5)
17. Around The World
18. Wonderful Day
19. Shadows Of The Night (with VSOP)

CD 2
01. Colors of Life (Pure Mix)
02. Take Control (New Version)
03. Radio Ga Ga (Queen Dance Traxx feat. DJ Bobo)
04. Celebrate (Latin Version)
05. Come Take My Hand (The New Atlantis Version)
06. Love Is All Around (UK Radio Version)
07. Lies (Video Version)
08. Keep On Dancing (New Version) (6)
09. I'll Be There (Single Version from Spain)
10. Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Video Version)
11. Nightfly
12. B&B Megamix + Bonus Multimedia Track

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Title: Weekender - reviewed on 04/15/02
Label: 2002 Dos Or Die (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance/Rave
Index #: 333.0906.2

AQUAGEN - Weekender We had to wait almost 2 years for the next album album by AQUAGEN a project of OLAF DIECKMANN and GINO MONTESANO. This new album: "Weekender" released in the beginning of April 2002 features 10 tracks so it is kinda short, however obviously the quality over the quantity would be a mark for this release. First of all it features an amazing remake of PETER CETERA's "Hard To Say I'm Sorry". This title released as a single back in February, became a huge hit for this group reaching highest chart positions in many dance oriented polls and is played virtually everywhere in Europe in time this review is being written. It is TECHNO tune combining POP elements, masculine vocals and of course hard TECHNO beat. Sizzling synth-driven tune. There are many other tunes among all 10 in this album. "Summer Is Calling" is uplifting NRG/TECHNO tune for instance, "Everyday" is clever hybrid of TRANCE and HOUSE, "Take A Chance" is a big room, TRANCE with scintillating synths that also dominates in "Paranoix". You also gotta check "Strings Of Harmony". Truly a mesmerizing trip to big room TRANCE world with beatiful synths and an irresitible, mid-tempo faring. Truly phenomenal TRANCE is also "Saturn 8". This one is so powerful that it will blow your mind! Taken together indeed a great album to have. AQUAGEN really shifted their work from TECHNO to more club oriented TRANCE and the outcome is plain fantastic! In sound sampler I feature 7 tracks out of 10. You are also welcome to check video to "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" in our VIDEO section. ENJOY!

For more info about this group, please visit their official page at

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01. Download Sequenz - 1:27
02. Rock The Disco - 4:53
03. Hard To Say I'm Sorry - 3:23 (1)
04. Summer Is Calling - 6:51 (2)
05. Dreamland (Everybody's Free) - 3:39
06. Every Day - 6:24 (3)
07. Take The Chance - 7:51 (4)
08. Paranoix - 5:51 (5)
09. Strings Of Harmony - 7:49 (6)
10. Saturn 8 - 3:41 (7)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound

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Title: Destination - reviewed on 04/15/02
Artist: MABEL
Label: 2002 Popron Traxx (Czech Republic) / Gitana (Italy)
Style: DANCE
Index #: 017450-2

MABEL - Destination Now time for ITALIAN dance. I am sure that you probably heard already several hits from this artist such as "Disco Disco", "Bum Bum" or "Don't Let Me Down". All of them were popular in countries where melodic dance from EURO/NRG is still on top. All these titles are included in this album. There are all together 17 tunes with many tunes featured in doubled versions, so it is cool! MABEL's music is rather simple. It represent crossover between POP, NRG and EURO. It's plain fun! Behind MABEL is 28 years old singer, musician and producer in one: PAOLO FERRALI. His carrer includes singing and playing in bars, doing some heavy ... ROCK gigs, and recently he focused himself almost exclusively for DANCE. Among tunes featured in this album I would like to focus your attention on such fares as "Space" representing cool combination of NRG and TRANCE. While the track is more instrumental, the dynamic tempo and blasting synths are big attitudes! MABEL's interpretation of QUEEN'S "Living On My Own" is timeless! This old school anthem was morphed into kick-ass DANCE tune. Great job! Taken together, this debut album from MABEL is definately a happening for DANCE scene. Good music, nicely balanced, makes this an attractive offering to anyone who like to dance. Sound sampler featurs 6 tunes taken from this release.

for more information about MABEL, please visit their offcial website at

01. Disco Disco (Disco Radio Mix)
02. Bum Bum (MTJ Extended Radio)
03. Don't Let Me Down (MTJ Radio Edit)
04. Land Of Sex (MTJ Platonico Radio)
05. Come To Light (MTJ Moonlight Mix)
06. Living On My Own (MTJ 10Q Radio)
07. My World (MTJ Radio Mix)
08. Hey Girl (MTJ Radio Mix)
09. Space (MTJ Hammer Radio)
10. Final Destination (MTJ Extended Mix)
11. Disco Disco (In-Da Radio Mix) (1)
12. Bum Bum (MTJ Alternative Mix) (2)
13. Land Of Sex (MTJ 80's Mix) (3)
14. Come To Light (MTJ Sunlight Mix) (4)
15. My World (MTJ Extended Mix)
16. Living On My Own (MTJ 10Q Extended) (6)
17. Space (MTJ Hammer Mix) (5)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates featured track in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Here We Go Again - reviewed on 04/02/02
Label: 2002 Kontor Records (Germany)
Index #: 013543-2 KON

STARSPLASH - Here We go Again CHARLIE LOWNOISE (previously in duo with MENTAL THEO) along with FRANK FRITZE formed this project called STARSPLASH. Their single "Wonderful Days" (originally recorded by CHARLIE LOWNOISE and MENTAL THEO back in 1994 as HAPPY HARDCORE) revamped with TRANCE twist became huge hit all over the European clubs (it is included in this album). The second single "Free" released in February 2002 was an original tune. It has beautiful female vocals over hard beat. It's more TECHNO than the HARDCORE. However entire album is rather combination of club TECHNO and HARD TECHNO mixed with HARDCORE as you could expect from the master of this style himself, as CHARLIE was back in middle 90's. This is very visible in "Forward Ever, Backward Never". Pumping beats, computerized male vocals with some female choirette pounding around. Tune combines dark atmosphere with high flying drums. "Hands Up" is an example where STARSPLASH combines hard beat with some sophisticated synth strings flickering around. Good kicker for hard-charging, progressive dance floors. An example of VOCAL TRANCE is "Sometimes". Beautifully composed tune with delicate piano section that makes this fare an interesting offering for fans of this style. The album in general is really recorded at high end of BPMs. So be prepared for some serious dancing. If you like combination oh TECHNO and TRANCE, you should also check "Deep In My Heart". Another stunning example! For some of you who wants some serious DRUM'N'BASS experience, project has such titles as: "Rainbow In The Sky" or "Get Loud". If you like GIGI D'AGOSTINO style you should check "I Wanna Hold U" n sound sampler I am featuring 6 tunes done mostly in TECHNO genre, since this is the style that dominates this album. Enjoy the sound, and find this album!.

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01. Starsplash Intro - 2:00
02. Free - 3:22 (1)
03. Forward Ever, Backward Never - 5:50 (2)
04. Wonderful Days - 3:14
05. Hands Up - 5:59 (3)
06. Sometimes - 6:49
07. Deep Inside My Heart - 7:25 (4)
08. Fantasy - 5:25
09. Rainbow In The Sky - 6:02
10. I Wanna Hold U (... Beetle Song) - 5:34
11. Gimmie A Star (Splash!) - 6:05
12. Get Loud! - 5:45 (5)
13. Light Up The Night - 5:46(6)
14. China Lounge - 3:14

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates featured track in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Wanna Be With Me? - reviewed on 03/24/02
Artist: DA BUZZ
Label: 2002 Edel Records AB (Sweden)
Index #: 0137072 ERE/ERE 137072

DA BUZZ - Wanna Be With Me? Same time last year I have reviewed the debut album from Swedish trio DA BUZZ entitled "Da Sound". Just few days ago, this group released the second one entitled "Wanna Be With Me". As you might recall, DA BUZZ is POP/DANCE project consisting of: ANNIKA THÖRNQUIST, PER LINDÉN and PIER SCHMID. For some of you who would like to refresh their memory about this group let me remind you that all started back in 1998,when Pier and Per met in a studio. Both guys were into different styles with Pier into Jazz, Soul and Funk and Per devoted to Heavy Metal and Dance. They started working together and wrote several songs. Annika was discovered by them when she played in a local band in Karlstad, Sweden. Together group started playing as a band and appeared LIVE on several occasions causing "buzz" , that's where the group's name originated from. Now with the second album, group established their solid position in Swedish dance scene. Album starts with the title song "Wanna Be With Me?" The most dynamic tune from this release, I have to say. Melodic line puts this song to prime cut EURO fare. Album is pretty versatile in terms of the futured styles. DANCE dominates though. Not only the title song belongs to this genre, but also such fares as "In Your Dreams", "Stronger Than Words Could Say", "This Night I Am In Love" or the closing tune "I Go Crazy". Other tunes fall into little bit different categories. For instance "Wonder Where You Are" or "Sorry Baby" represent crossover between mainstream POP, DANCE with some LATINO elements. "Together As One" is very slow ballad-like tune. So if you like some slower tunes this will do the job. Taken together if you like DA BUZZ from their first album, you should enjoy this one as well. In sound sampler I am featuring 6 DANCE tunes taken from this offering.

for more information about DA BUZZ, please visit their offcial website at

01. Wanna Be With Me? (1)
02. In Your Dreams (2)
03. Wonder Where You Are
04. Stronger Than Words Could Say (3)
05. Sorry Baby
06. This Night I Am In Love (4)
07. Together As One
08. Let The Music Heal You (6)
09. Keep On Lovin' Me
10. Key To My Heart
11. I Go Crazy (5)

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Title: Victory (The 11th Album) - reviewed on 03/16/02
Label: 2002 BMG Berlin Musik / Hansa (Germany)
Style: Dance/Pop
Index #: 74321 92037 2

MODERN TALKING - Victory MODERN TALKING, the German legendary NRG group is back again with their just released 11th album entitled "Victory". Both DIETER BOHLEN and THOMAS ANDERS have been bringing us great dance tunes for almost 20 years, making this formation one of the most successful ever DANCE projects. The new album continue the success story of MODERN TALKING. Even if the group is considered as NRG/DANCE project it evolves with every single album. "Victory" is indeed an example of it. Not only some breathtaking DANCE tunes are featured here, but also music that you don't necessary will dance to, but simply will listen to. In similar style as "Win The Race" from previous album, is the first tune called "Ready For The Victory" as well as "10 Seconds to Countdown". Both songs are beautiful and done in classic MODERN TALKING style with incredible THOMAS ANDERS vocal that are as good as they get in danceworld. About 50% of the album is actually DANCE, and some of them including this one are getting close to the past MODERN TALKING sound that we all love wholeheartly. "I'm Gonna Be So Strong" falls more into NRG/EURODANCE sound with updated synth hooks to fit 2002. Among other DANCE tunes are "Higher Than Heaven" recorded in quasi EURO-TRANCE style, but in most of the part it is simply a very dynamic and beautifully crafted EURO tune. I love the lush strings and some subtile pianos flourishing over wonderful synthesizers and of course THOMAS voice. A wonderful tune! Also "When The Sky Rained Fire" or "Mrs. Robota" are perfect examples of hot DANCE sound. Not only pure DANCE tunes fills the album, you will find plenty of slover, ballad-like tunes. For instance "Don't Make Me Blue" is a slow heartbreaking POP-tune. Perfect tune to dance body-to-body. Truly loveable tune. In similar mode is "You're Not Lisa". As of some experimentation adventure MODERN TALKING was exercising in this album is FUNKY/DISCO-oriented "Juliet". Among other tunes is "Summer In December". Recorded in POP-style it brings an interesting combination of POP and elements of black RAP all topped with climate of ...French streets of Montemartre sound. Taken together MODERN TALKING offers once again a good release, proving that group remains a solid source of good quality sound! In sound sampler I featured ONLY DANCE oriented tunes. Enjoy the music and buy the album to show your support for the group!

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01. Ready For The Victory - 3:31 (1)
02. I'm Gonna Be Strong - 3:30 (2)
03. Don't Make Me Blue - 3:52
04. Juliet - 3:37
05. Higher Than Heaven - 3:33 (3)
06. You're Not Lisa - 3:05
07. When The Sky Rained Fire - 3:41 (4)
08. Summer In December - 3:36
09. 10 Seconds To Countdown - 3:20 (5)
10. Love To Love You - 3:29
11. Blue Eyed Coloured Girl - 4:13
12. We Are Children Of The World - 3:16
13. Mrs. Robota - 3:27
14. If I... - 4:50
15. Who Will Love You Like I Do - 4:01 (6)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Trance & Acid - reviewed on 03/16/02
Label: 2002 Sony Music / Dance Division (Germany)
Style: Trance/Acid
Index #: DAD 506129 2

KAI TRACID - Trance & Acid Also finally a new album from German DJ and producer KAI TRACID entitled "Trance & Acid" released on January 28, 2002 is here. KAI TRACID was very successful with his recently released such singles as "Too Many Times" or "Life Is Too Short". You can take a look at video clips to these fares in our VIDEO section. Most of you interested in TRANCE sound should know KAI name very well. His career started back in 1997 when combination of TRANCE and ACID styles started dominating the dance floor. As a matter of fact KAI took two parts of it TRAnce and aCID as his signature name TRACID (real name KAI MAC DONALD). "Trance & Acid" is KAI's second original album. You might be familiar with three volumes from the series called "Kai Tracid DJ Mix", but they simply featured his DJ set. "Trance & Acid" Limited Edition album that I am presenting consists of thwo CDs: First one is AUDIO CD with 13 songs covering 1999 to 2001 period and DVD with four video clips and some other goodies like biography, discography, photos and some other stuff for fans. In Audio CD you will find well known tunes such as mentioned above current hits "Too Many Times" or"Life Is Too Short" with vocals provided by Vernon, and some older ones like "Tiefenrausch (The Deep Blue)" or very successful back in 1999 "Destiny's Path" (2 versions including HARD PROGRESSIVE TRANCE oriented remix by Warmduscher) with haunting vocals by Jade. The album contains also some new tunes. They do however oscillate around ACID style like "Suicide", "Voyager" or the title song "Trance & Acid". The album closes with transcendental TRANCE fare "The Worst Pain Of All". Tune has very limited lyrics performed by Sandra (she also did the vocal part in "Tiefenrausch (The Deep Blue)", "Suicide" and "Trance & Acid"). On the side note. This album is being specially protected and CANNOT be played on PC or MAC. Such protection became a standard on recent albums released in Germany). In sound sampler I featured 6 tunes from the album and I did focus mostly on new stuff from KAI.

for more information about KAI TRACID, please visit his official websites at or

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01. Tracid Theme - 1:16
02. Tiefenrausch (The Deep Blue) (The Deep Blue Radio Mix) - 3:56 (1)
03. Bad Shape - 6:26 (2)
04. Destiny's Path (Video Mix) - 4:05
05. Message Without Words - 4:09 (3)
06. Too Many Times (Video Cut) - 3:51
07. Suicide - 7:13 (4)
08. Life Is Too Short (Video Cut) - 3:44
09. Peyote Song - 2:24 (5)
10. Trance & Acid - 7:05
11. Voyager - 7:17
12. Destiny's Path (Warmduscher Remix) - 6:26
13. The Worst Pain Of All - 2:40 (6)

01. Destiny's Path Video Clip - 4:04
02. Tiefenrausch (The Deep Blue) Video Clip - 3:48
03. Too Mant times Video Clip - 3:46
04. Life Is Too Short Video Clip - 3:41

DVD includes also biography, discography, photos and other feaures

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Title: BB02 - reviewed on 03/10/02
Label: 2002 Universal Records (Denmark)
Style: Techno/Trance/Dance
Index #: 016 675 2

BARCODE BROTHERS - BB02 BARCODE BROTHERS, the Danish TECHNO duo of CHRISTIAN MØLLER NIELSEN and ANDERS ØLAND is back with their second album, titled simply "BB02" that was released on February 25, 2002. The debut album "Swipe Me" back from July 2000 opened the door for this project. Many titles became hits just to mention such fares as "Dooh Dooh", "Flute", "Tele" or "It's A Fine Day". Now in 2002 they served as well rounded dance album, that surprisingly is very colorful with tunes that follow into various DANCE genres. So it's not just another European TECHNO or TRANCE album, but rather a fusion of all popular DANCE styles in one solid release. Album starts with BREAK BEAT oriented "Intro" with some sparkling synths to top computerized vocals. Next is "SMS" and your first surprise. BARCODE BROTHERS delivered very interesting EURO sound ala EIFFEL 65. This comparision is really superficial, because this tune has it's own value and identity. The music is light, the vocal is not overcomputerized, the melody line is catchy. Simple a sweet fare. Good material for hit! "Akustik" falls into POP-ish TECHNO/HOUSE if you will. Melody on this one is catchy as well. "Need U" is high octan TECHNO club scorcher that transforms into VOCAL TRANCE with terrific female vocals added for addition spice. Another example of DANCE tune that combines energy with dramatic synth work is "Live 2 Love". This one gets as close to EURODANCE as it can be in light of today's trends in dance music. It's an extra hot tune for fans of energy. In my opinion one of the best if not the best DANCE tune from this album! Simply fantastic! The next tune "Slave" falls into the same category. Another impressive NRG-charged fare with big room synths work, gorgeous melody and good male vocals. Next is "Give Me". Also NRG-etic as the previous two, but more into TECHNO-HOUSE side with some synth rich sections. With this track we enter more true TECHNO oriented teritory. "Adele" with it's TRIBAL touch caters into mid-eastern culture. An interersting combination of rhythm and computerized vocals with some heavy usage of electronic instruments. The album closes rather lengthy and nostalgic in climate "Outro". Slow, cooling out, down-tempo fare, a perfect finish for the high pace beats you encountered during the album. So taken together, this second album not only is validating the popularity of this project but also shows how talented are BARCODE BROTHERS. I do expect some singles from this release. Some songs simply scream to be remixed for club-oriented scene. In sound sampler I included 7 tunes. Enjoy the quality music and support the group by getting this product on CD not MP3 files!

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01. Intro - In Full FX - 1:48
02. SMS - 3:36 (2)
03. Akustik - 4:12
04. Need U - 4:09 (1)
05. Interlude - Beatbox II - 0:54
06. Live2Love - 3:34 (3)
07. Slave - 3:49 (4)
08. Give Me - 4:28 (5)
09. Adele - 3:38
10. Die 4 U - 4:31 (7)
11. Interlude - Elektrik - 1:06
12. Disko - 4:12
13. Trafikk - 4:15
14. Free ..? - 3:58 (6)
15. Outro - ducing - 7:16

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: In My Memory - reviewed on 03/09/02
Label: 2001 Blackhole Recordings / Magik Muzik (Holland)
Style: Trance
Index #: Magik muzik cd 01

DJ TIESTO - In My Memory Yet another album from 2001 that I received late, but I am sure fans of TRANCE sound will be interested to check. DJ TIËSTO born in 1969 is not ony well recognized and regarded TRANCE DJ worldwide, but also very talented producer and remixer. Along with FERRY CORSTEN, ARMIN VAN BUUREN and MARKO V represent the leading force in Dutch TRANCE scene. He also founded BlackHole Recordings label that with it's diversity and sublimal style became a leading one on it's own. I already have presented several of his sets like "In Search of Sunrise #2", "Summerbreeze" or series of his live performances like "Live In Amsterdam" or "Live In Los Angeles". Presented album is much, much different compare to what uou used to hear. First of all DJ TIËSTO concentrated exclusively on his own music. All the featured songs are written or co-written by TIËSTO. The music is actually far from what you would hear in the club. TIËSTO went more into your mind. He gave more to contemplate and to listen to, than simply dance. In a sense it could be well a NEW AGE album if you will, yet it has it's own charisma and feel. The album starts with "Magik Journey". This more than 11 minute track gives you a true feeling of travelling through time and different world. Very dark, ambient tune slowly moves into transcendental sound with incredible philharmonical orchestration that reminds a prolog to a science-fiction movie. After almost 3 minutes of this introduction the track moves into hard pound TRANCE with PROGRESSIVE bassline with angelic female vocals scattered throughout. Quite amazing transformation, however some of you might found this combination rather trivial. I do not! One of the most interesting tunes in this album in my humble opinion. It is followed by "Close To You", a slow tune with sweet female vocals (YES! actually with lyrics). Another interesting piece is represented by "Dallas 4 PM" from TECHNO/PROGRESSIVE teritory. However, If you are indeed into PROGRESSIVE, go ahead and check "Obsession" as well. This is heavily influenced by HOUSE piece with leading drum section. There are also two of his relatively new and actually club oriented tunes: "Flight 643" and of course "Suburban Train". Taken together, very interesting CD to listen to. Since TIËSTO is gettng his well deserved recognition here in the US, this album has been released domestically by Nettwerk (LA based counterpart of Blackhole Recordings). In sound sampler Im presenting 6 tunes. Please support TIËSTO and get this release. For now enjoy his very own music!

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01. Magik Journey (1)
02. Close To You
03. Dallas 4 pm (5)
04. In My Memory (6)
05. Obsession (2)
06. Battleship Grey
07. Flight 643
08. Lethal Industry (3)
09. Suburban Train (4)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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