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Title: Land Of Chakrila - reviewed on 09/22/02
Label: 2002 Linus Entertainment (Canada) / Kyloe Music Production (Sweden)
Style: Euro Trance
Index #: PROMO

DYNAMIC - Land Of Chakrila I am pleased to announced that the best EUROTRANCE album of 2002 by new incoming project has just arrived! I am not sure how many of you are familiar with DYNAMIC, but if you are not, you really should. DYNAMIC comes from Göteborg in SWEDEN and consists of ERIK SKÅPDAL, CHRISTIAN RÖHSS (part of another Swedish project AURA) CLAES MÖLLER and NICOLA MANIETTE (previously part of DYNAMO, yet another Swedish project). DYNAMIC progressively walking their way to DANCE stardom. Group's first single "La Marche de la Lune" ranked at Number 1 for 8 consecutive weeks on As a matter of fact. was the project's intitial way of exposing their music to the public. Recently, Canadian label LINUS ENTERTAINMENT signed the group and released their first album featuring 12 full length tunes. They were previously available on only. What can I say? We have here quality uplifting and epic EURO/TRANCE at it's best. Let not the age full you! This very talented group of young fellows deliver mature dance sound. The quality that brings them close to other TRANCE/TECHNO oriented artist/projects such as DARUDE, PPK, ATB etc. Not only that. The music DYNAMIC presents is not just TRANCE but really a combination of EURODANCE beat with TRANCE synth strings. When I listened to this album it reminded me a bit of another dance project from Sweden reviewed here few years ago: LA CREAM and more recently Austrian RIMINI PROJECT (that from the EURO side) and SYLVER or MILK INC (from TRANCE side). The album starts with forementioned "La Marche de la Lune" that was group's first single with gorgeous fusion of PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE/DANCE. Two versions are featured in the album (radio and extended). Such tunes as "The Answer", "Make You Believe", "Naked" are truly melodic and bouncing. Please take your time and listen to this album. You will love it! There are no fillers in this album. If you like melodic TRANCE, you will like this album as well. Presented sound sampler featured 8 tunes from this offering. These are only the sampler though! You cannot afford missing the real thing. Enjoy the sound for now.

For more info about DYNAMIC please visit his Website at:

01. La Marche De La Lune (1)
02. The Answer (2)
03. Make You Believe (3)
04. Naked (4)
05. Voice Of Chakrila
06. Don't Wake Me Up
07. Breathe (5)
08. The Holy Dance Floor
09. Destination Skyline (6)
10. La Marche De La Lune (Club Mix) (7)
11. Make You Believe (Club Mix)
12. X-hale (8)

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Title: Kameleon - reviewed on 09/22/02
Artist: D-BOMB
Label: 2002 Hit'N'Hot Music (Poland)
Style: Euro/Trance/Dance
Index #: H'n'H CD 0715046
D-BOMB - Kameleon Another release on similar genre as above reviewed album, this time from Polish top DANCE group: D-BOMB. I have already reviewed three of their previous albums, now it's time for the fifth one entitled "Kameleon" (engl. "Cameleon"). From the original crew remained BARTEK now the new female vocalist, cute long-legged BARBARA and another male member MICHAL. The title of the fifth album represents changes in group (people joining in, leaving, changes in haircuts, so anything related to changes). The style also changed. The group was always recording in DANCE/POP even RAP, but now they have decided to try new formula influence by SYLVER, MILK INC., and other EURO/TRANCE oriented acts. Well... they did a good job in achieving the sound. You might get used that VOCAL TRANCE is presented by female members of forementioned projects. Well... D-BOMB used the male vocals to achieve thie goal. I have to admit, it didn't work. I find the male vocals rather annoying. It's good for RAPPING, POP but for VOCAL TRANCE...? Not really! Not in this format at least. In spite that, entire album is actually very good, probably one of the best ever released by this project. Basically, group learned how to make the good DANCE music. Very well done production with interestingly arranged synth works that's bound to please the EURO/TRANCE fans out there. These are strong elements . It's a slick, well produced offering with DANCE undertone and good melodies all over. There is a downside though. The market is already flooded with similar sound in the same vein and not really a new ground is broken here. I can only say without doubt, that you will enjoy the album if you are fan of the style. It might be a little exotic to listen lyrincs in unknown language to you, but heck... why not (there are though two titles in English). Please listen to a sound sampler with 8 tunes from the album. Enjoy!

For more info about D-BOMB, visit their official page at
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01. Kameleon (Cameleon) - 6:44 (1)
02. Nie ma mnie (I'm Not Here) - 6:49 (2)
03. Twoj dotyk (Your Touch) - 5:24 (3)
04. Kolorowy zawrot glowy (Colorful Vertigo) (E.L.A. Mix) - 6:49
05. Nie chce (I don't wanna) - 5:35
06. Przez cala noc (All Night Long) - 4:46
07. Nie zabijesz (You Won't Kill) - 6:56 (5)
08. Wpatrzony w niebo (Dreaming In Heaven) - 5:35 (6)
09. Przekonac Cie (To Assure you) - 7:14
10. Zielony kapelusz (Green Hat) - 4:53
11. Jump 2 The Sky (feat. DJ Omen) - 4:38 (7)
12. Take Your Chance (meets Darkman) - 6:37 (8)

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Title: S4! SASH - reviewed on 09/15/02
Artist: SASH!
Label: 2002 X-it Records (Germany)
Style: Trance/Techno/Dance
Index #: PROMO

SASH! - 4S! [The Album] Finally the wait is almost over. It took more than 2 years for SASH! to release a brand new album. "S4! SASH" fourth album in his discography will hit the streets in the end of October 2002, so for now you have the rare opportunity to preview what's coming. First single: "Ganbareh" from this album was released back in June 2002. Track became an instant hit, and obviously generated an interest of what the album might sound like. In the beginning of October second track will be released as single "Run". This on is done with BOY GEORGE. Both singles are very different, while "Ganbareh" offers good electronic sound "Run" is rather FUNKY POPster, but with good beat and rhythm. So, it pretty much tells you what the album is about. SASH! spent this "break" well and fruitful. The result is refreshing with various style and interpretations that parts this release from more and more generic electronic sound contaminating dance scene. It starts with big room "Overture". Beautiful female vocals with mesmerizing melodic line. I couldn't resist, and put that track in sound sampler. The next one is "Ganbareh" presented in Extended version. By now you were exposed to this tune ad libitum. Very good and meldic tune, showing how much SASH enjoy exotic cultures. When I made the sound sampler (featuring 10 tunes) I focused mostly in truly TRANCE/TECHNO/DANCE oriented tunes. So you will find here "Sunset", yet another magnificent vocal TRANCE uplifting masterpiece, deliciously turbulent "Nessum Dorma" with uplifting synthline, "Habibi" big room TECHNO with pounding beat for massive club play. Among other interesting tunes that I featured in sound sampler are also: "Baila Loca", rather generic but melodic tune, "S4! Sash" dark, gloroiusly ambient tune however with some energy built in, and several others. I am sure you will find this release interesting and worth of spending money. Hardcore fans of SASH! should have a blast! For now enjoy the sound of sound sampler featuring 10 tunes from this quite original release!

For more info about SASH! please visit his Website at:

01. Ouverture - 01:22 (1)
02. Ganbareh (X-tended) - 05:50
03. I Believe - 03:48 (8)
04. The Sunset (7") - 03:43 (2)
05. The Secret - 03:38 (9)
06. Run - 3:53
07. Rainforest - 6:00 (10)
08. Nessun Dorma - 5:57 (3)
09. Luna Llena - 03:25
10. Habibi - 03:50 (4)
11. Peace of Mind - 03:28
12. Baila Loca - 06:03 (5)
13. Stop Pushin' - 03:28
14. S4!Sash! - 05:41 (6)
15. The Walk - 07:01 (7)
16. Don't Be So Rude - 05:09

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Title: Cold Blood - reviewed on 09/15/02
Label: 2002 Radical Records (US)
Style: Hard Trance/Techno
Index #: PROMO

VOODOO & SERANOL - Cold Blood WOWSER! Very impressive movement from US-based label RADIKAL RECORDS that gathered some hot European dance projects in their portfolio (ATB, KLUBBHEADS, BLANK AND JONES, BROOKLYN BOUNCE to name the few). This time they are bringing the worldwide debut album from two IBIZA-based DJs VOODOO and SERANO before it is being released in Europe (very similar case to new album from DJ SAMMY). No wonder why though. Their 2001 single "Blood is Pumpin'" became massive club tune played in many US and European club. Next single "Slide To Vibe/This Is Acid" (double tune release) received heavy rotation as well. RADIKAL is cashing on duo's club popularity. VOODOO and SERANO are not new on the dance scene. This duo is gaining more and more popularity in Europe. With two mentioned singles and several remixes for such projects as IAN VAN DAHL, N-TRANCE, JT COMPANY, HAMPENBERG, FUTURE BREEZE just to name the few, this project is one hot cookie! Now you can listen to their debut album that delivers 12 mostly highly charged and pumped HARD TRANCE/TECHNO and PROGRESSIVE sound. All three previously released tunes are here, and another 9 (including intro) are brand new. No surprise in terms of the style dominating this release. VOODOO and SERANO sticked to their formula. There is however some a bit of soft, AMBIENT mixed with TRIBAL sound like one present in "Particular Beach" for instance. If you are into speed and psychedelic TECHNO, try "When I Rock", if you would like some heavy drums, don't look further. "Stay Awake" is for you! For HARD TRANCE fans they offer "Loss Of Innocence". So taken together hard core electronic lovers will have some fun. If you like previous tunes from this project, you would like the album. For now enjoy the sound sampler featuring 6 tunes from this quite original release!

For more info about DJ VOODOO and DJ SERANO please visit ther Websites at: and

01. Slice (Intro)
02. Blood Is Pumpin'
03. Slide To The Vibe (1)
04. Particular Beach
05. This Is Acid
06. When I Rock (2)
07. Stay Awake (6)
08. Loss Of Innocence (3)
09. Cold Blood
10. Overload (4)
11. My Decision (5)
12. Dreams

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound

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Title: Club Space - reviewed on 09/15/02
Artist: CAATER
Label: 2002 CP Music (Estonia)
Index #: CPCD 0009

CAATER - Club Space (The Album)Last year I introduced you to this Estonian project with their "King Size" album. As a reminder, the project started about 5 years and was established by two producers and deejays: KALLE KUKK (28) and MARKKU TIIDUMAA (28) both born in Tallinn. The name of the project in Estonian language stands for a "speedboat". CAATER themselves described their music as mix of TRANCE and EURODISCO with ingredients of HOUSE and TECHNO. While it might be true in terms of their previous releases, their newest album presented today "Club Space" is rather strictly hardcore TECHNO and dark TRANCE. Presented album was released in Estonia, however there is traditionally scandinavian edition with a little bit different track listing. No matter which album you will get, the music is similar. Album starts with CAATER's interpretation of classic DEPECHE MODE's "Enjoy The Silence". This tune is featured twice. The album version is rather uplifting TECHNO with distinct TRANCE elements, while Bostix Remix has rather big room TRANCE flavor. Both are indeed great dance interpretations. "Master Tune" reminds me BROOKLYN BOUNCE. Recorded in less progressive style that BROOKLYN BOUNCE, yet the similarities are quite obvious. Probably female vocals and characteristic melodic line gives that impression. One of my personal favorite tunes is "Somebody". Again tune featured twice. This one is getting as close it can be to nowadays populer VOCAL TRANCE. With high-flying synth line and female vocals tune serves as good example of this particular style. "Friday" follows into TRANCE style as well though. Another uplifting tune. After this tune, style shifts more into TECHNO style with such examples as "Foam" or "Ultra Light". So taken together, an interesting follow up to their last year album. Check the sound sampler featuring 6 tunes from this album! Enjoy!

for more information about CAATER, please visit their official website at

01. Enjoy The Silence (1)
02. Master Tune
03. Somebody (2)
04. Friday (3)
05. Foam (5)
06. Ultra Light (6)
07. Global Express
08. Quartz
09. Made In Sweden (4)
10. Enjoy The Silence (Bostik Remix)
11. Somebody (Skydive Remix)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates featured track in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Vision - reviewed on 09/15/02
Label: 2002 Edel / Media Records (Germany)
Index #: 0141322CLU

CAATER - Club Space (The Album)MARIO PIU is unquestionable icon of Italian TECHNO scene. He was one of the pioneers of this sound in Italy. Well regarded producer and DJ with appearances in many clubs all over the world and 12 years in music industry. You are probably familiar with many tracks produced by himself or in collaboration with another well regarded writer, producer and Italian DJ MAURO PICOTTO. Such tunes as "Techno Harmony", "Dedicated", "Arabian Pleasure" became huge hits in TECHNO scene. His most recent single "Love Game" (in collaboration with PRINCIPE MAURICE) is already storming clubs. Check the VIDEO section for some of the clips featuring these titles. Presented album "Vision" contains most of previously released single and some new material as well. If you didn't have a chance to check MARIO's music, here is your chance. Among new titles you are getting "Chemic", more into AMBIENT site of TECHNO with HOUSE feel, "Twister" with deliciously turbulent synth lines, the soaring epic TECHNO/TRANCE fare "Sensation" or dark TECHNO sound with ethereal synth lines in "Unicorn". Check the sound sampler featuring 6 tunes from this album! Enjoy!

for more information about MARIO PIÚ, please visit his official website at

01. Wind - 1:02
02. The Vision - 5:54
03. Love Game - 6:04 (1)
04. Techno Harmony - 6:24
05. Nature - 6:02 (2)
06. Chemic - 5:55
07. Twister - 5:17 (3)
08. Sensation - 5:25 (4)
09. Unicorn - 5:13 (5)
10. Sfyflex - 4:00 (6)
11. Communication - 5:16
12. Dedicated - 4:53
13. Mas Experience - 4:48
14. Communication (Yomanda Remix) - 2:40

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates featured track in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Heaven - reviewed on 08/30/02
Artist: DJ SAMMY
Label: 2002 Robbins Entertainment (US)
Style: Dance/Trance
Index #: 76869-75031-2

DJ SAMMY - Heaven Very, very unusual to have DANCE album by well regarded European DJ being released FIRST in the US. Robbins Entertainment has been promoting DJ SAMMY for almost a year with an enormous success of DJ SAMMY/YANOU single "Heaven". No wonder why the album is entitled simply like that. Speaking of DJ SAMMY, I already reviewed several of his releases in past few years. DJ SAMMY was born in Mallorca (Spain) back in 1969 and is probably currently one of the most known Spanish DJs. You probably know his project LOONA that features his partner of many years: MARIE JOSÉ. She is also featured in several songs in this finally released album. DJ SAMMY is a very productive DJs with almost 200 gigs a year (imagine that!), so he has no or little time to spend time on his own music. Well... Maybe it took a while, but we finally have his new album that was just released. Album features 13 songs and they are recorded in several flavors of DANCE style. Not only original songs are here but also some "remakes" or even "own interpretations" of the classic songs or melodies. For instance, he brings big room TRANCE sound to now classic "California Dreamin'". Sizziling production topped with LOONA happy vocals. Of course "Heaven" single is here as well. This song became a huge hit all over the Europe and here in the US. The female vocals belong to DO. The album features two versions and one of them: Candlelight Mix is actually very slow, ballad like. It's OK though, because this version closes the album. TRIBAL/TRADITIONAL sound of "El Condor Pasa" has been violated by powerful TRANCE strings. There are more cool "remakes" in DANCE style such as "The Boys Of Summer" that starts ala-FRAGMA and actually stays that way throughout. LOONA and MEL give the vocal part. You probably want to know what's original and new. You should not be dissapointed. There are few. For instnace "Beautiful Smile" that is truly uplifting EURODANCE/TRANCE tune with LOONA's vocal as well or magnificent "Vive El Presente" with male vocals provided by DICAPRIO. While many tunes are infact energetic dance, there are also slower one like "Sunlight". So taken together an interesting offering. I am glad we are priviledged here in America to have this album first. I am just curious how European release will differ. :-) Enjoy sound sampler featuring 6 tunes taken from this album.

For more info about DJ SAMMY, please visit his official page at

01. California Dreamin' (1)
02. Heaven
03. Sunlight
04. The Boys Of Summer (2)
05. El Condor Pasa (3)
06. Beautiful Smile (4)
07. Unbreakable
08. Paradise Of Love
09. Viva El Presente (5)
10. Take Me Back To Heaven
11. Sunchild (6)
12. Sunlight (Bossa Nova Vibes)
13. Heaven (Candlelight Mix)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound

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Title: No 2 - reviewed on 08/30/02
Label: 2002 Media Sound (US)
Style: Dance
Index #: 00001 54548 5

DJ SAMMY - Heaven For Eastern/Middle European immigrants here in the US I have this album. It has been released by Polish formation MARSZALEK BAND based in Chicago. They already gained reputation of being Chicago's STACHURSKY-like, a well known Polish DANCE project. The group is lead by PIOTR MARSZALEK, known locally showman. He received his musical education back in Poland. Presented album is their's second one. MARSZALEK BAND does do DANCE music, however they do not limit themselves to just one style. As a matter of fact they offer much wider choices of styles. The album proves it very well. Among some good DANCE tunes are very catchy TRANCEY/NRG "Jestes piekna jak milion dolarow". Good melodic line. If you are not Polish, you obviously will not understand the lyrics. However, they usually bring some deeper thoughts. That can be only appreciated by native speakers of the language. But what the heck music itself will give you an idea. Other very dancable tunes are "Byc Dla Ciebie" ,"Cadillaki Elvisa" or "To Be All For You". All these songs are fast NRG oriented tunes very close to EURODANCE sound. On the other hand you have some more POP/REGGAE oriented tune such as "Pierwszy Dzien" or rather dark HOUSEY/TECHNO tune with strong RAP component "Przy-rap-slowia". You should enjoy the album. It's different, it might be naive for some of you, but if you like simple dance, you might have your lottery ticket right here. Listen to a sound sampler featuring 6 tunes taken from this album. Enjoy!

For more info about MARSZALEK BAND, please visit their official page at

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01. Intro
02. Jestes piekna jak milion dollarow (You are beautiful like a million dollars) (1)
Byc dla Ciebie (Being For You) (2)
04. Pierwszy dzien (First Day) (5)
05. Kochaj ... (Give Love)
06. Escape (instrumental)
07. Przy-rap-slowia (6)
08. Victoria
09. Cadillaki Elvisa (Elvis' Cadillacs) (3)
10. To Be All For You (4)
11. Victoria (English Version)

BONUS TRACKS (all instrumental)
12. Jestes piekna jak milion dollarow (You are beautiful like a million dollars)
Byc dla Ciebie (Being For You)
14. Przy-rap-slowia
15. Kochaj ... (Give Love)
16. Victoria
17. Pierwszy dzien (First Day)
18. Cadillaki Elvisa (Elvis' Cadillacs)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound

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Title: Armin Van Buuren 004 - Transparance - reviewed on 08/09/02
Label: 2002 United Recordings (Holland)
Index #: UTD 8001

ARMIN VAN BUUREN 004 - Transparance Getting back with reviews, let me present quite delayed review of brand new album/compilation from this well recognized Dutch DJ and producer. Even if the review is in late, the release is still available from from US-based Euromusic World internet music store, so you still can be lucky to get one. "Armin Van Buuren 004- Transparance" is fourth full-length release by ARMIN eho along with DJ TIËSTO, FERRY CORSTEN and other DJs represent the main TRANCE/PROGRESSIVE force in Holland. You should be prepare for a surprise. You might recall ARMIN playing good melodic TRANCE in his settings but this offering is different. While you still have upbeat TRANCE tunes here and there, ARMIN focused more on the climate he wanted to create, the karma of relentless sound to keep your mind stimulating. The job was perfectly done, and I am sure you will certainly value it, but some of you might get dissapointed and even find this offering a boring one. Well... The nusic does the justice and you really have to listen to entire CD to appreciate the quality of the music. So, ad rem. I prepared a sound sampler with 10 tunes taken from both CDs. Be warned though, that these are only examples, the real thing is what you should get to make up your mind! As always enjoy the music and borderless sound.

for more information about ARMIN VAN BUUREN, please visit his official website at

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CD 001
01. SARAH MCLACHLAN - Fear (Hybrid's Super Collider Mix)
02. WAY OUT WEST feat. TRICIA LEE KELSHALL - Mindcircus (DJ Dazzle's Royal Air Force Mix)
03. BUSY BOYS feat. NAT - Flow Emotion (Galea And Lush Mix)
04. VIRIDIAN - Sunhump (Classified Project Remix #2) (2)
05. JOKER JAM - Innocence (Paul Van Dyk TPOD Remix)
06. WEEKEND PLAYERS - Into The Sun (Riva Remix) (3)
07. SPACE LOVERS - Spacelover (Daniele Tino Space Dark Mix)
08. KONKRETE - Law Unto Myself (Dub Version)
09. ALPHA BREED - Beyond The Moon (Freejack's Energy Mix) (4)
10. ROBERT & JARON - Walls Of Indonesia (5)
11. AQUANUTS - Deep Sea
12. TASTE EXPERIENCE - Highlander (Ralphie B's Massive Mix)
13. SHANE - Too Late To Turn (Armin Van Buuren Remix) (1)

CD 002
01. PROJECT MEDUSA vs. EXOR - Moonshine (Exor Mix Part II) (6)
02. 2 PLAYERS - Signet (7)
03. MIDWAY - Monkey Forest
04 FUTURA LEGEND feat. CHRISTINE - Restless Nature (Signum Remix) (8)
05. BODY - SHOCK Mars - Plastic (10)
06. 4 STRINGS - Into The Night ( Coast To Coast Remix)
07. AVALANHE - Friendzone
08. PUSH - Tranzy State of Mind
10. AIRWAVE vs. RISING STAR - Sunspot (9)
11. M-DIVA - Reachin'Out
12. RANK 1 - Awakening

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Substance (2CDs Limited Edition) - reviewed on 05/05/02
Label: 2002 Gang Go Music / Edel Records (Germany)
Index #: 013904-2 GAG

BLANK & JONES - Substance BLANK & JONES are back with brand new full length album "Subtance". This album is so special by so many means. First of all, the album is actually mixed. Secondly it is double CD set, thirdly ... it is just beautiful! Ditto to both guys for delivering such marvellous offering. First CD serves as journey through the TRANCE sound. Journey that is very interactive with your senses. It starts with rather ambient intro "Substance". Very passionate beginning with some mysterious hooks and beats even enriched by some NEW AGE, trancendental sound pouring drop by drop into the pot of marvellous TRANCE abyss. The next is "Desire". This one is very BLANK & JONES in style well reminding their previous fares. Predominantly instrumental powerful production with female vocal touch! The outcome is exploding! It is followed by TECHNO/TRANCE thunderous "Watching The Wave". Next tune "Coming To Life" delivers dazzling synths and powerful riffs all over! You will be mesmerized by it's brilliant music line and beautifully crafted electronic sound. Even more explosive is "Elve's Cry". Another beautiful high flying and passionate TRANCE fare. BREAK & BEATS fans should check "Suburban Hell". While the tune falls into this style, it still has a lot of more PROGRESSIVE/TECHNO touch! Well... there are truly many more tunes to check n the first CD, but trust me, the music presented here is of outstanding quality. Second CD features 5 tunes and they are simply hard to get mixes of previously known tunes. Taken together, truly an outstanding album with marvellous music to cherish! Please take your time and listen to the sound sampler that features 7 tunes from this double CD album! Enjoy!

for more information about BLANK & JONES, please visit their official website at

CD 01
01. Substance - 2:42
02. Desire - 6:43 (1)
03. Watching The Wave - 7:17
04. Coming To Life - 5:49 (2)
05. Elve's Cry - 5:17 (3)
06. Suburban Hell 5:36
07. Closer To The Edge - 7:10 (4)
08. The Art Of Love - 6:06 (5)
09. D-Battery - 5:10
10. It's Alright - 5:19
11. Golden Moon - 8:35
12. Desire (Ambient Mix) - 8:05

CD 02
01. Secrets & Lies (Solid Sessions Remix) - 5:59
02. Sweet Revenge (Airwave Remix) - 3:41 (6)
03. DJs, Fans & Freaks (Marco V Remix) - 5:17
04. Secrets & Lies (Saints & Sinners Remix) - 5:59
05. Fragile (Liquid Love Remix) - 4:26 (7)

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