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Title: Gabry Ponte - reviewed on 11/23/02
Label: 2002 BlissCorporation (Italy)
Style: DANCE
Index #: PROMO

GABRY PONTE - Gabry PonteGABRY PONTE. If you have been following The Italian dance scene, you know that he is one of three guys that are part of successful commercial project EIFFEL 65. This born in 1973 DJ, started his career at 17 in his hometown: Torino where he played in local discotheque. His fame really picked up when he started working with BLISS CORPORATION in DABLITZ project. Several great highly NRGetic tunes came from this group. Most recently he worked with EIFFEL 65 and now we have his solo album, simply entitled: "Gabry Ponte". What a wonderful album it is. First of all, he departed from the EIFFEL 65 highly commercial DANCE style almost entirely. Secondly, I was stunned by the beauty of the album. It is truly a laboratory of DANCE. What he accomplished in this album is something almost impossible to achieve. He made an album that you can dance to, but you can also listen to. Both worlds are in perfect harmony. This album is an outstanding contribution to the DANCE scene for anyone: from common listener to connoisseur of DANCE music. GABRY challenging you with full spectrum of "reincarnated" sound from '30, '70s and 90's all in updated interpretation to fit 2002. The album starts with "The Man In The Moon" a typical SYNTH-POP tune with some KRAFTWERK strings with synths ingredients. Very cute fare. "Geordie" brings together classic EURO sound with TRANCE elements topped with male and female vocals. Surely to pack the dance floor! "Got To Get" represents combination of HOUSE with some passionate PROGRESSIVE bassline. Another kicker to blow you away if you are into electronic sound! In similar mood is "Sharm Café" with interesting twist of characteristic sound from the WWII era. Unbelievable and fascinating combination with very slick outcome! Next is "Time To Rock" a TECHNO/HOUSE with some TRANCE feel tune previously released as a single. This is the most known fare from this album, featured in many compilations recently released. "Always On My Mind" caters to EPIC/VOCAL TRANCE. Excellent, rousing party platter with driving synths and haunting female vocals. Be prepared for the album enpowered by the cutting-edge DANCE and ELECTRONIC sound packed into one wonderful set! For your enjoyment, I have prepared sound sampler featuring 8 tunes taken from this offering. Enjoy!

for more information about GABRY PONTE, please visit his official website at

01. The Man In The Moon - 5:02
02. Geordie - 3:35 (1)
03. Got To Get [Don Don] - 4:40 (2)
04. Sharm Café - 4:48 (8)
05. Time To Rock - 4:30 (3)
06. Always On My Mind - 4:38 (4)
07. Waterfall - 6:20
08. De Musica Tonante - 5:34 (5)
09. My Butterfly - 5:56 (7)
10. Le Voyage - 6:11 (6)
11. Memories - 5:35
12. Midnight - 6:34
13. Terra Libera - 5:36

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates featured track in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Elements - reviewed on 11/23/02
Label: 2002 CNR Music (Belgium)
Style: DANCE
Index #: 714221 012460

MINIMALISTIX - ElementsNow project from Belgium that caters to TRANCE/DREAM HOUSE influenced sound. You might remember group's first single released back in 2000 "Struggle For Pleasure". This particular track immediately jumped into top of Belgian Dance charts and was featured in countless compilatons as well as was remixed by others (i.e. Rob Searle). Group even recorded the video to this tune with lava eruptions and streams (visit VIDEO CLIPS Section to see fragment of it). There were several follow-ups like "Twin Peaks Theme" and "A Forest" with less pronounced success but managed to be in top of club charts. "Close Cover" is the group's newest single. This one is definately cashing on "Struggle For Pleasure" with very similar melodic line and heavy usage of piano section giving it DREAM feel. All four titles are featured in the album and some of them in two mixes like "Close Cover" or "Struggle For Pleasure" just to name the few. MINIMALISTIX also put their talent on giving a new feel to one of ELECTRONIC music classic "Magic Fly" with high-flying synthesizers and a hard-charging, pulsating bottom. This very specific sound combining big room orchestra with electronic marvels dominates in entire album. WILLIAM ORBIT's "Adagio For Strings" originally remixed by FERRY CORSTEN is here as well. Truly EPIC TRANCE is passionately executed. Sparkling production soaring on majestic synths to die for. Simply beautiful! Female vocals of Jamie featured In "A Forest", "Voices for Jana" or "Breaking The Waves" is inspiring and passionate. I recommend this album to all of you who like big room TRANCE with more trancendental feeling. This one is just like that. I prepared sound sampler featuring 8 tunes taken from the album. This is just a sample, but trust me the album is much more. I played it again and again and many of my friends that were stopping by just loved the sound I am sure you will do as well. Enjoy!

for more information about MINIMALISTIX, please visit their official website at

01. Close Cover - 3:30 (1)
02. Magic Fly - 2:53
03. Twin Peaks Theme (Fallin) - 3:49 (8)
04. Adagio For Strings - 3:34 (2)
05. Struggle for Pleasure - 3:50 (3)
06. Theme From Great Cities - 3:47
07. A Forest - 3:48
08. Voices For Jana - 3:56
09. Blue Bell - 3:34
10. Breaking The Waves - 3:40
11. "Water" Brian String Orchestra - 3:10 (4)
12. Let Me Fly Into Your Heart - 3:37 (5)
13. Gymnopédies: Lent et Douloureux - 2:50
14. Into Violin Trees (New Dark Strings) - 6:53 (6)
15. Struggle for Pleasure (Brian New Mix) - 6:12
16. Breaking The Waves (Brian Koner Mix) - 6:39 (7)
17. Close Cover (Brian After Dark Remix) - 4:15

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Title: Album - reviewed on 11/12/02
Artist: 2 PM
Label: 2002 Tribe Records (Norway)
Index #: TR 10018

2 PM - AlbumLet me present you an album by less known to me Norwegian DANCE/TRANCE project 2 PM. They really scored with their single "Sonata" based on well known MOZART classic tune: "Sonata Nr. 11". This particular single stayed as Numero Uno for unprecedented long time on Norwegian Hit list. As a matter of fact it seems that group decided to cash on it's success. OPERA TRANCE is not exactly the novel style. It has been around for a long time, however it never kicked. I personally like the sound of the genre and 2PM did an excellent job with several tunes recorded in that style. The albums starts with dark "Messiah". Opera singer, male deep vocal, church bells and soaring synths made this tune a seductive beginning for the album. If you like updated EURODANCE style "facelifted" with modern synth work and wonderful female vocals "Open Your Mind" is for you (two versions: album and Extended are featured). Also in two versions is "Mountain King", yet another classic tune (based on EDVARD's GRIEG - "In The Hall Of Mountain King") that got TRANCEY treatment. "C'mon" is pure DANCE tune starting with some whistle action ala DJ ALIGATOR PROJECT but that's where similarity ends. What takes over is the high pace melodic line. incredibly potent rhythm and intensive electronic pandemonium. "Fantasy" is a sizzling and powerful EURO with shimmering, blue-eyed female vocal that takes over! YES! Of course, album couldn't miss pure VOCAL TRANCE (all inspired dance acts nowadays use that approach). Here it is in "Little Star". For a split second I thought that ALICE DEEJAY joined the crew. Similar in style though with very uncomplicated lyrics, and very dancable. Mostly instrumental "Last Dance" blasts off with incredibly catchy, synth and chant driven electronic sound. Basically the album is filled with infectious, dynamic dance music. We are quite lucky these days to get some good EURO alike album. Recently reviewed RIMINI PROJECT and DYNAMIC albums with this one, shows that dance music is still alive and kicking. I prepared sound sampler featuring 9 tunes taken from the album. Enjoy!

01. Messiah (1)
02. Sonata (2)
03. Open Your Eyes (3)
04. Mountain King
05. C'mon
06. Fantasy (4)
07. Little Star (5)
08. Last Dance (6)
09. Hand In Hand
10. The Crow (7)
11. Hysterica
12. Sonata (Extended)
13. Open Your Eyes (Extended)
14. Mountain King (Extended) (9)
15. C'mon (Extended) (8)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates featured track in sound sampler from this album

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Title: The Next Chapter - reviewed on 11/12/02
Label: 2002 A45 Music (Germany)
Index #: 0140882A45

MARIO LOPEZ - The Next ChapterI am late with the review of this album that was released back in August of this year. I got it just few days ago. I am sure name of MARIO LOPEZ (real name: THOMAS SCHATZ) is familiar to all of you who like melodic and uplifting TRANCE sound. This 33 years old DJ and producer has been successfully pursuing DJ career but also became highly respected producer and remixer. His debut album "Mother Earth" back in January of 2001 brought some huge club anthems such as "Sound Of Nature Part 1, Part2" and "Into My Brain" to name the few. Since then, MARIO did countless remixes for such project as CJ STONE, 666, GREEN COURT etc. He also worked on his new album not to mention extensive DJing in one of the most prestigious dance club in Hannover: "Fun 2000". Since the debut album we had several good tunes by MARIO himself. Absolutely stunning "Blind" with big, glorious synths and a hot pounding bottom. This title in CJ Stone & Mr. Phillips Video Edit is in the album that also contains another 14 tunes and video clip to "Feel so Good" as a bonus. So, how is music though. MARIO remains faithful to TRANCE sound throughout the album. Well... not exactly. It is also filled with some rather rough, wild and PROGRESSIVE quasi HOUSE tunes. Good example is the opening tune: "Feel So Good". It gets all these elements plus some drum action in SAFRI DUO-like style topped with sexy and sensual female vocal giving this fare a VOCAL TRANCE feel. "Missing 2000" is MARIO's cover done in NRGetic HOUSE style. Not to worry though, the NRG-TRANCE is in there as well. Kinda cool kicker. ACID sound with some hard-charging and galloping synths dominates in "Dance Electric" also some electronically charged BREAK BEATS are thrown here as well. If you like AIRWAVE you will love "Free Your Mind". It's large room, majestic EPIC TRANCE released also as single back in the end of April 2002. "Future Trance" and "Eternally" are done in the same category but with more aggressive keyboard and synth action in the first one and angelic female vocals haunting the second one. Both very interesting. Truly PROGRESSIVE style in this album is represented by "Reincarnation 2002". Also "The Sun Always Shines on TV" back from 2001 is here as well. There is even almost classic DREAM sound ala ROBERT MILES in "The Answer Is You". So taken together, we have a full-throttle dance album you should enjoy. For now check the sound sampler featuring 9 tunes taken from this release. Enjoy!

for more information about MARIO LOPEZ, please visit his official website at

01. Intro - 1:10
02. Feel So Good (Original Club Mario Lopez Mix) - 7:16 (1)
03. Missing 2002 (Remix Short Mix) - 3:35
04. Dance Electric (Special Parade Edit) - 4:50 (2)
05. Free Your Mind (Original Video Edit) - 3:48 (3)
06. Future Trance (Club Mix) - 6:22 (4)
07. Eternally (Short Cut) - 2:14 (5)
08. Angels From Heaven (Radio Edit) - 3:08 (6)
09. Reincarnation 2002 (The Story Of Extasy) - 6:10
10. The Sun Always Shines On TV (Video Edit) - 3:31 (7)
11. The Answer Is You (Short Cut) - 3:12 (8)
12. Blind (CJ Stone & Mr. Phillips Video Edit) - 2:53
13. Free (Club Mix) - 6:57 (9)

14. Free Your Mind (Classixx Radio Mix) - 3:04
15. Feel So Good (Paul 'N' Johnsen Video Remix) - 3:28
16. VIDEO: Feel So Good (Paul 'N' Johnsen Video Remix) - 3:28

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates featured track in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Heartbeats - reviewed on 11/02/02
Label: 2002 Sony Music (Austria)
Index #: COL 5100412

RIMINI PROJECT - HeartbeatsI remember, when last year I reviewed "Dance Balance", the debut album from this Austrian project of multinational origin (SCANDINAVIA - Anna Louise Molander from Sweden, SAMMY B and his sister SARAH K from France) I was quite ecstatic! Now more than year later the group is back with their second album after celebrating the success of their two recent singles: "No More Goodbye" and "To Be Or Not To Be". Expect highly energetic EURO sound heavily influenced by TRANCE synths. Groups is already enjoying worldwide success including US market through their US promoters: DANCE ZONE PRODUCTION. Similar to their first album, their second one is loaded with some great dance tunes. Definately "No More Goodbye" is one of the strongest, contemporary EURO-TRANCE hit to die for. The album starts with yet another potential smash hit: "Scream My Name". This tune delivers happy EURO sound with fired-up synths and some bassline from 2 UNLIMITED school. Speaking of some classic EURO. I mentioned previously that SAMMY B. does very good RAPPING in best EURO style available around, bringing back memory of ICE MC. Indeed the group delivered lucious remake of ICE MC's "Think About The Way". Speaking of remakes, they also add some new twist to REAL McCOY classic "Another Night". Swaggering vocals sizzle here with masculine prowess, backed up impressively by the muscle of some hard-charging, floor-packing synthesizers. Excellent tune! Actually the album is filled with high quality dance tunes. For instance "I Call The Sun" is truly high-flying, absolutely gorgeous and dazzling top-notch EURO/TRANCE production topped with pounding, hypnotic bottom and lotsa pulsating riffs. A riveting dance stomper. From their debut album comes group's original hit "Moving Around" in DOME Edit. The version they performed on video (included in the album). Taken together well produced album to satisfy all of you savvy for good dance. For now enjoy the sound sampler featuring 8 tunes taken from this album. Enjoy!

for more information about RIMINI PROJECT, please visit their official website at

01. Scream My Name (1)
02. No More Goodbye (Radio Edit) (2)
03. Another Night (Album Version) (3)
04. Up And Away (Album Version)
05. I Call The Sun (Album Version) (4)
06. Movin' Around (The Dome Edit)
07. Think About The Way (Album Version) (5)
08. To Be Or Not To Be (Radio Edit)
09. It's My Life (Album Version) (6)
10. I Remember You Like Yesterday (Album Version) (8)
11. Fall In Love Fall In Pain (Album Version) (7)
12. Hi We Are Rimini Project (Album Version)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates featured track in sound sampler from this album

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Title: The Beauty Of Silence - reviewed on 10/06/02
Label: 2002 Avex Trax (Japan)
Style: Euro Trance
Index #: AVCD-17137

SVENSON & GIELEN - The Beauty Of Silence If you are TRANCE fan you should be familiar with such names as JOHAN GIELEN and DJ SVENSON (SVEN MAES). Both guys released under AIRSCAPE TRANCE monster "L'Esperanza". The incredible success of this tune opened this duo of DJs and producers doors to clubs all over the world. GIELEN & SVENSON released also other TRANCE marvels such "The Beauty Of Silence", "Twisted" or most recently "We Know What You Did". They also produced and released stuff under other names such as SVENSON & DJ JON, BOCCACCIO LIFE (1998 "Time - There's No Way", 1999 "Angels") or BODY HEAT (1997, "Gonna Make You Feel", 1998 "T-Fobia") and others like BALEARIC BILL, ABNEA or DES MITCHELL to name the few. Now under SVENSON & GIELEN, we finally have their album out. It has been released in the end of August in ... JAPAN. GIELEN has many supporters in that country, served on many occasions as resident DJ there, so no wonder why AVEX took the initiative and both guys released there "The Beauty Of Silence". The title tune recorded back in 2000 was another breakthrough in their carrier and had a huge play in Japan. That is probably the reason why it was used to title this album. So how about the music in this offering? You have here all the singles released by this duo under SVENSON & GIELEN: "The Beauty Of Silence", "Twisted" and "We Know What You Did". All of them featured twice in various mixes. In sound sampler I focused in general on new tunes. So you have here beautifully crafted EUROTRANCE "Unknown Pleasure" with angelic vocal provided by SIMI NAH. High flying synth and DREAM melodic line makes this offering truly a chilling experience. You will love those hooks, turns and surprises. Truly charged tune, SIMI NAH also provided vocals to "Evol in Love". Another outstanding, smashing EUROTRANCE. I know that hardline TRANCE fans will call this cheesy tune, but hey... who said it has to be UNDERGROUND-oriented album in the first place. It's gorgeous, dancable tune. Enjoy the sound for now. "Fujirama" is very elegant, powerful and hard-galloping tune that gracefully slows down in the middle to give transcendental feel. "Answer The Question" is also energetic tune but rather on the dark side of TRANCE. Once again the incredible synth work dominates the main theme. The presence of masculine male vocals adds the mystery to this tune. Sounds kinda russian to me though. You will appreciate truly incredible thrusting synth lines that are both mesmerizing and seductive. This one is hot. So taken together, you gotta get this one if you can. For the sound sampler I have chosen 7 tunes (mostly new one). Enjoy the sound!

For more info about JOHAN GIELEN please visit his Website at:

01. The Beauty Of Silence
02. Unknown Pleasure (feat. SIMI NAH) (1)
03. Twisted (Energy Mix) (2)
04. Fujirama (3)
05. Outward Voyage
06. Beachbreeze (4)
07. We Know What You Did
08. Answer The Question (5)

09. Falling Star (6)
10. Evol in Love (feat. SIMI NAH) (7)
11. Twisted (Jacob And Mandez Dub)
12. The Beauty Of Silence (Pump Mix)
13. We Know What You Did (Gielen Mix)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound

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Title: Face The Future - reviewed on 10/06/02
Artist: RICHI M
Label: 2002 Stockholm Records (Sweden)
Style: Trance/Goa Trance/Techno/Progressive
Index #: 016 370-2
RICHI M - Face The Future When I first heard RICHI's M music back in 1998 I simply have fallen in love with his sound. I was so flabbergasted that I also created his first home page here on Now, 5 years later I am still impressed by his music. Today I am presenting you THIRD album in his discography. Album was released few months ago, but I finally received it just yesterday. All of you who like variety of TECHNO-oriented tunes should be pleased. This offering brings more sophisticated sound that is not restricted to just one genre. As a matter of fact RICHI M explores not only TECHNO or GOA TRANCE he is very well known of, but also get into more PROGRESSIVE side. Not only that. RICHI M incorporated in his album something that is becoming very trendy these days in electronic music. It's MIDDLE EAST TRIBAL with some AFRICAN ingredients sound built into blasting TRANCE. There are several examples of this approach like "United Colours" or closing tune "Sons Of Heaven" to give you examples. "Progressive" gives as the title suggests PROGRESSIVE feel. There is also what I consider classic RICHI M sound from "Perfect World" era of 98. Such tracks "Live In A Dream", "Face The Future" or "El Ritmo" deliver big, beautiful synthesizers and production that's bound to please fans of this talented artist. Slammin', hard-edged TRANCE tunes. As I mentioned before RICHI M does also some GOA TRANCE like in "Aramandori". Very ASTRAL PROJECTION-like tune. So taken together very good release. For sound sampler I picked up 8 tunes so you can get better feeling what's the album is all about! Enjoy the sound!

For more info about the group, please visit my Richi M page or his official page at

01. Ancient Sumeria - 02:01
02. Face The Future - 03:07 (1)
03. Get Kinky - 07:03 (2)
04. Inside Of Me (Radio Version) - 03:27
05. Live In A Dream - 03:20 (3)
06. Progressive - 08:53
07. Lily's Back - 03:05 (4)
08. Aramandori - 07:43
09. El Ritmo - 03:10 (5)
10. United Colours - 06:27 (7)
11. Inside Of Me 1.0 - 04:05
12. Inside Of Me 2.0 - 04:45 (6)
13. Sons Of Heaven - 09:13 (8)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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