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Title: Coctail E-Rotic - reviewed on 07/23/03
Artist: E-ROTIC
Label: 2003 Bros Music (Germany) /Avex (Japan)
Style: EuroDance
Index #: AVCD-17285

E-ROTIC - Coctail E-Rotic Few months ago I presented brand new album by E-ROTIC entitled "Total Recall" featuring group's previous hits done in TRANCE style. Few months later, we have just released yet another album from this mega EURO group entitled: "Coctail E-Rotic". I am sure, true fans of this group were waiting impatiently for this release, because of the expectation of having brand new material and material it is or... is it not? All depends on the point of view. "Coctail E-rotic" delivers characteristic for the group sound and beat that is as closest to original EURODANCE you can get. The music is uplifting and in most titles sexual innuendoes remain an important part of the album. These days when true EURO is very rare, this album shines. Fans of the group and BROS team should be pretty much satisfied. If you are expecting something dramatically new, you will not get it. I think, it is actually a plus. E-ROTIC delivers the sound we know, we love, no surprising experiments that could raise dissapointment. So how about the music in some details? Album offers 16 tunes (13 original + 3 extended versions). All the material is new, however some tunes are close to older songs. For instance, "Rave Me Dave" is very close if not almost identical to classic "Sex On The Phone". Your memory of the past time is being truly revived. The first song on the album "Lemmings On The Run" is presented twice. As an album version it is high-flying, hard-charged EURO with class and panache, while Extended Version sports some club feel. The best tune in my humble opinion is "Don't You See The Light" that is incredibly powerful and superb in every way. High flying synthesizers with Lydia's voice join forces to turn this fare into most breath-takingly beautiful and exciting dance experience. The album is literally flooded by melodic, simple-minded tracks that are simply plain fun like NRGetic "I Feel Your Heartbeat", "I'm Over You" (also in two versions, truly mind blowing and explosive EURODANCE), "Coctail D'Erotique" (imagine BAD BOYS BLUE sound in E-ROTIC interpretation, that what this tune reminds me of). "Is That The Way You Are?" have some ABBA feel of "The Winner Takes It All". Another stunning EURO I have to admit! The album also sports some hot latino sound in "Latin Lover". This is very cleverly done tune that actually levered LATIN sound to a very interesting DANCE powerhouse with EURODANCE feel. Entire album is full of enery so there is only ONE slow tune: "Bolero". It brings some passion to really calm you down. A perfect ending for the album that kept you on your feet. This CD is copy protected, however special player for Windows system is provided that plays music at lower bitrate. Also there was a multimedia track that should end-up with the album but it didn't. It is 32 MB Micromedia presentation with extended information on producers, group itself and discography playable on Windows-based systems. A cool stuff. You can download it from here (move your mouse over the world "here", click your right bottom and choose option "Save Target As ...). "Coctail E-rotic" is released in Japan by AVEX and is only available as an import. It will cost you more that $30.00 to get it with Express Mail shipping included, but there is no price for priceless material. Since virtually every fare in this album is good, I decided to prepare the sound sampler with 8 tracks to spice your appetite. Please check out the sound sampler and get the album! Support ingenious BROS team and the marvellous work done by them. For now enjoy the sound!

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01. Lemmings On The Run - 3:22
02. I Feel Your Heartbeat - 4:06 (3)
03. Rave Me Dave - 3:32 (4)
04. I'm Over You - 3:14
05. Coctail D'Erotique - 3:27 (5)
06. Kiss My Lips - 3:13
07. Latin Lover - 4:06
08. Heartbreaker - 3:50
09. Gimmy Your Jimmy - 3:40 (6)
10. Don't You See The Light - 3:50 (7)
11. Dangerous Kiss - 3:27
12. Is That The Way You Are? - 3:57 (8)
13. Bolero - 3:41
14. Lemmings On The Run (Extended Version) - 6:53 (1)
15. I'm Over You (Extended Version) - 5:12 (2)
16. Gimmy Your Jimmy (Extended Version) - 6:45

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Title: Universe (The 12th Album) - reviewed on 07/19/03
Label: 2003 BMG Berlin Musik / Hansa (Germany)
Style: Dance/Pop
Index #: 82876 50815 2

MODERN TALKING - Universe I am reviewing the 12th album of MODERN TALKING after several weeks of it's initial release. If you are hardcore fan of this mega German DANCE project of THOMAS ANDERS and DIETER BOHLEN, you know that MODERN TALKING is now history. Very sad indeed. Both guys stormed dance charts since 1985 and after decade of silence joined their forces together to call it a quit now. No matter what, MODERN TALKING became a CLASSIC of DANCE and as such will be cited in encyclopedias. So how is group's 12th and last album entitled "Universe". There was actually quite extensive discussion on our CHATBOARD regarding this album. Some people called it a joke and dissapointment, other were praising it. I personally found this album of extreme interest. Not only both guys once again shown genuine talent in performing but also music written by Dieter is brilliant. This album is truly special. It is diversified in terms of styles. Definately album to serve both your ears and your legs. It starts with "TV Makes The Superstar". A rather POP-ish, yet catchy tune. This style was sported by the project in few last albums. With "I'm No Rockefeller" we are getting into more DANCE climate with some FRENCH folk music elements. Very uplifting production with catchy melody. MODERN TALKING reached also to Spanish subculture. Good example is next tune "Mystery". Another example of uplifting NRG tune now with some corrida flavor. "Everybody Needs Somebody" is ingenious EURODANCE production. Great melody line and incredible catchy. Truly a trademark of MODERN TALKING at it's best. Hard-charged big room stomper "Who Will Be There" will satisfy hardcore fans as well. Spectacular tune that has it's own feel with hypnotically rhythmic rolling DISCO bottom and fierce vocals. There are more examples of revitilized EURO sound in tracks like "Should I, Would I, Could I" or "Nothing But The Truth". Both sounds very alike and provide galloping combo of EURO/NRG sound in classic MODERN TALKING style. There are also slower, more ballad like tunes that offer their own unique beauty such as "Heart Of An Angel" or very SOULish "Blackbird". Taken together this last MODERN TALKING should be part of your collection, not only because it is the last album from this legendary team, but because it is just simply very good! In sound sampler I featured 6 DANCE oriented tunes. Enjoy the music and buy the album as your personal tribute to the legend!

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01. TV Makes The Superstar - 3:44 (1)
02. I'm No Rockefeller - 3:40 (8)
03. Mystery - 3:32 (2)
04. Everybody Needs Somebody - 4:09 (3)
05. Heart Of An Angel - 4:08
06. Who Will Be There - 3:47 (4)
07. Knocking On My Door - 3:36
08. Should i, Would I, Could I - 3:45 (5)
09. Blackbird - 3:17
10. Life Is Too Short - 3:32
11. Nothing But The Truth - 3:20 (6)
12. Superstar - 3:41 (7)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: The Stadium Techno Experience - reviewed on 07/19/03
Label: 2003 Sheffield Tunes/Edel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno / Hard Trance
Index #: 0147102 STU
SCOOTER - The Stadium Techno Experience Brand new album by German mega TECHNO project SCOOTER is out now for several weeks. This yet another legendary group with 15 albums in their account not to mention many singles. Two titles from "The Stadium Techno Experience" are out for a while: "Weekend" and "The Night". (check VIDEO SECTION for clips of both tunes). As usually H.P. BAXXTER dominates entire album with his loud voice. The sound is interesting as well. SCOOTER elected to do "own interpretations" of some classic tunes. For instance mentioned above "The Night" comes from ITALO-DISCO era and was originally performed by VALERIE DORE. If you know the original, you will have hard time to recognize the tune. Not that much left off the original sound. The refrain has it, but the vocal has been pitched and computerized. Generally it is hard pounding TECHNO. Another "remake" of ITALO-DISCO classic by HYPNOSIS but originally written by VANGELIS is "Pulstar". As of "Roll Baby Roll" I know it reminds me ABBA's "Arrival". Was it originally by them I don't know. The outcome is brilliant TECHNO tune with some heavy Scottish influence. "Liquid is Liquid," is a cover of an old XL Records classic by the same name. That original version was performed by a duo called LIQUID. The track was a big sensation in the fall of 1992. Before "Liquid is Liquid," LIQUID had produced the charming "Sweet Harmony" for XL. The group was considered "AMBIENT TECHNO"--until ORBITAL's serene brown album came out in 1993 and totally redefined our concept of gorgeous boom-boom music. The album has some other surprises as well. Seems to me SCOOTER give themselves also into TRANCE sound. Great examples of quality tunes from this genre is instrumental "Level One" fare gorgeous synths and defined bassline with some "sound of nature" effects in the background. "Like Hypa Said" is wicked fare. Hard to define as it gives TECHNO, TRANCE, female vocals together a new definition and new heights. Wait until 2:30 minutes of the tune and then you will enter FERRY CORSTEN's-alike big room, stunning and hypnotic TRANCE marvel, however it has it's own style and of course H.P. BAXXTER had to give his loud vocals for additional drama. I have fallen in love with this beauty instantaneously. The album closes "Soul Train". No ,it is not a SOUL track but rather AMBIENT TECHNO/TRANCE with angelic synths works for the ultimate floor experience. Taken together, very well produced album with interesting selection of the music. With this album SCOOTER proves again to stay in the cutting-edge of electronic sound. In sound sampler I featured 8 tunes taken from this release.

For more info about the group, visit their official page at

special thanks goes to KING PIGEON for his comment on "Liquid Is Liquid" tune
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01. Ignition
02. Maria (I Like It Loud) (1)
03. Weekend
04. Take A Break (2)
05. Pulstar (3)
06. The Night
07. Roll Baby Roll (4)
08. Level One (5)
09. Like Hypa Said (6)
10. Liquid Is Liquid (7)
11. A Little Bit Too Fast
12. Soul Train (8)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: We Love Italo Disco - reviewed on 06/06/03
Label: 2003 Clubland Records / Sony Music (Germany)
Style: Dance/Trance/Techno/Euro/Pop
Index #: EPC 512369 2

MASTERBLASTER - We Love Italo Disco I know there have been a lot of fans of this new German trio project of SASCHA VAN HOLT, RICO BASS and MIKE DE VILLE. Their first single "Hypnotic Tango" did very well all over the world. Further review of this album is done by Chris Sarris a Greek/Euro Dance DJ from Birmingham, AL. I do not necessary agree with all the points made in this review, but I have decided to give this unsolicited review a try, since you might be tired of my point of view. So here it is: "I am a relatively new fan of MASTER BLASTER. I have been playing some of MASTER BLASTER's singles in the clubs for the past few months now such as "How Old R U", "Hypnotic Tango", and "Another Life." MASTER BLASTER reminds me a lot of some of DJ BOBO's older stuff such as "Somebody Dance With Me", "Freedom", and "Let The Dream Come True." This CD is EURODANCE at it's finest and covers a lot of Italian dance covers. The CD starts out with an "Intro" getting you ready for the CD stealing snippets and melodies from the CD. The first real track is "How Old R U." This song is one of the best on the CD and has a great melody/chorus and sure to keep people on the dance floor. This song is slowly making it big all over the world right now and is very trancy for a euro dance track. It is a cover of song from MIKO MISSION. The next track is very similar to "How Old R U", but is probably the best track on the CD and it's called "Hypnotic Tango." It has a high voice singing the chorus much like what is heard in the songs by German techno group SCOOTER. The track is highly danceable and very catchy. It was originally by MY MINES. The next song is "Panama (Quima Ya)" and this song hard TECHNO/TRANCE and mostly and instrumental track. "Another Life" is another great DANCE track and sounds a lot like a track from the 80's or FREESTYLE. It has a DISCO feel to it and it is another track to keep people on the dance floor for the next year. This is one of my favorite tracks to play in the club because it's so easy to blend with many other songs. "Delerium Mind" is a good track, but it is mainly a listener track. It's got a good beat, but nothing spectacular. "The One" is a great track and sounds a lot like "How Old R U" when it gets to the chorus. It also has a great chorus. "Pay 4 Ur Life" has a very fast beat and it's a tough song to get people dancing to. I think this song makes for excellent driving music. "Get Closer" (originally by VALERIE DORE) is another one of those songs with which sounds to be an older track in the background and the music is blistering. It sounds operatic with a EURO beat and melody. I like this song. The final regular track on the CD is "Happy Children" (originally by P. LION). It is reminiscent of some of the other songs on the CD and seems to be more of a filler track. The "Italo Boot Mix" is awesome. It takes all the songs from the CD and mixes them together and makes one huge 11 minute track. This track sums up the CD and basically shows that MASTER BLASTER has a future with awesome dance tracks for the Euro crowd. The CD closes with a cool "Outro"! Enjoy!!" As a sound sampler I used track 11 "Italo Boot Mix". Please support this group and buy their product.

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01. Intro - 2:32
02. How Old R U? - 3:19
03. Hypnotic Tango - 2:55
04. Pamana (Qu Ma Ya) - 7:33
05. Another Life - 3:34
06. Delirium Mind - 5:33
07. The One (Back In Your Arms) - 6:16
08. Pay 4 Ur Life - 6:23
09. Get Closer - 7:31
10. Happy Children - 7:38
11. Master Blaster Italo Boot Mix - 11:36 (1)
12. Outro - 2:09

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Title: More Than Alive - reviewed on 06/06/03
Artist: DA BUZZ
Label: 2003 Edel Records AB (Sweden)
Style: Pop/Dance
Index #: PROMO

DA BUZZ - More Than Alive Just few days ago third album by Swedish project of ANNIKA THÖRNQUIST, PER LINDÉN and PIER SCHMID was released. I remember their first album "Da Sound" released back in 2000. At that time it was quite sensational among all of us who followed the DANCE scene. Two years later group released "Wanna Be With Me", their second album. Now we have their third offering "More Than Alive". I liked the group, so I have waited with anticipation what this new album will bring. Listening to it for the first time was a disspointment for me. Group really shifted to more POP sound and I was expecting pure DANCE. There are some really great DANCE tunes though. "Alive" is an excellent example where the group combined catchy melodic line with rhythmic beat. This particular song released as the first signle from the album is already in Scandinavian Dance charts and climbing (#1 in Sweden). It's on the way to become a global smash. "Can You Feel The Same Way Too" moved more into POP side, yet it retains terrific vocal, melodies and production within the DANCE genre. "Cause I Need Your Love" has some similarities with ABBA sound if you will. It's POP/DANCE in more commercial venue. This is in fact a powerful fare, brilliantly done. You will like it. "Stop Look Listen" is almost plain DISCO sound taken from 80's. Nothing to brag about, but I found interesting that group actually decided to give that sound a shot. "Heaven" starts almost as a ROCK tune, but it raises into spectacular EURO/NRG with hard-charging synth lines and a great blue eye vocals. I have to admit this one was also a surprise to me, because it take a skill and creative mind to be able to modernizing this sound to a very well rounded and crafted fare. "I'll Give You All The Love" is yet another example of energized POP. This is also strong production showing group's versatility. "U and I" is also a nice DANCE sound with Spanish elements. It's a gloriously glitzy and melodic. This pretty much wraps the DANCE side of this album, everything else is rather POP sound. "Wanna Love You Forever" is actually happy fare for the summer. Not gonna make a club monster, but will have fans to dance it to. It has potentials to become a hit! Another tune that has potential is "Tonight Is The Night". The way it's done now it has limited drama, but remixed could be a material for single and you will fall in love with it. So taken together, the album has to be listen to it. Some of you will like it, some of you won't. All is subject of opinion. I can tell that group matured over the years and is capable of producing almost any type of sound. In sound sampler I am featuring 7 tunes taken from this album. Enjoy!

for more information about DA BUZZ, please visit their offcial website at

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01. Alive (1)
02. Tonight Is The Night
03. Wanna Love You Forever
04. Can You Feel The Same Way Too (2)
05. Cause I Need Your Love (5)
06. Stop Look Listen (3)
07. Heaven (7)
08. I'll Give You All The Love (6)
09. U and I (4)
10. Fantasy
11. Don't Ever Say Goodbye
12. Wonder Where You Are (Remix)

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Title: Believe - reviewed on 05/13/03
Artist: 4 STRINGS
Label: 2003 Spinnin' Records (Holland) / Ultra Records (US)
Style: Euro-Trance
Index #: UL1164-2

4 STRINGS - Believe We in US are priviledged to be the first to hear the debut album by the Dutch project of CARLO RESOORT: 4 STRINGS. CARLO is not new to a TRANCE scene. As a matter of fact he has been producing club music for last 9 years. He scored several major clubhits under other names. For instance as CARLOS he had a worldwide club hit "The Silmarilla" back in 1998. His other projects include ALENA ("Turn It Around") or MADELENE ("Beautiful Child", "A Deeper Love"). The first 4 STRINGS' single was released back in 2000 "Day Time". It was a massive club hit played worldwide. Next was instrumental "Into The Night" that received major play as well. The demand was rising for this tune, but as you all know instrumental versions are not exactly radio DJ-friendly. It was logical choice to add vocals and that is how "Take Me Away (Into The Night)" was born. 4 STRINGS later released follow up fare "Diving" and most recently "Let It Rain". The female vocalist is 22 years old VANESSA van HEMERT who previously worked with ... ALICE DEEJAY. "Believe" album features all mentioned above titles and new material. Among new tunes are "Revelation". It is uplifting TRANCE with lotsa NRG built in further enriched with bright, galloping synths and extra catchy melody. VANESSA sounds wonderful, sexy and shimmering. "Let It Rain" is featured here as Interlude and Album Version. This fare has celtic feeling that transforms into beautiful TRANCE marvel with giddy, galloping synths and bright, deceptively uplifting melody. Very uplifting is also "Summer Sun". It is combination of IBIZA-style TECHNO/TRANCE with velvet voice and blasting synths that are taking over while the tune progresses. "Beside Us" brings up to light yet another stumper with distant female vocals in a lively, invigorating production ripe. The music is wonderfully composed. It is amazing how it begins to rise to a mesmerizing, full blown TRANCE gem. Truly a lucious and intoxicating production. Of course I cannot miss the title song "Believe". I hope it will be released as a single. This is very silky EURO-TRANCE with sparkling synths with meaningful lyrics. A fantastic, full blown track to give you goosebumps. You will love the texture of this one. Trust me! Taken together very well crafted album with 18 tracks that surely will stimulate your mind. The album offers you also video clip to "Take Me Away" as a bonus. I recommend this album as a valued addendum to your dance collection. Not to mention you should support this sound by buying this release. I think it is very important that you will do that, so American labels will get more and more European releases. After all for industry, it is just money, for us is definately something we want to live for. For now enjoy sound sampler featuring 9 tunes representing mostly new material since I am sure you are already aware of project's previous songs. Enjoy!

I would like to thank CJ for providing me with some more detailed information on the project.

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01. Intro
02. Take Me Away (Into The Night)
03. Revelation (1)
04. Fly Away (2)
05. Let It Rain (Interlude)
06. Let It Rain (3)
07. Diving
08. Summer Sun (4)
09. Besides Us (5)
10. Interlude
11. Waterfall
12. Day Time (6)
13. High On Life (7)
14. Eastern Vibe
15. Forever Young
16. Summer Sun (Ibiza Mix) (8)
17. Believe (9)
18. Outro

01. Take Me Away (Into The Night) - VIDEO

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Title: Critical Path - reviewed on 05/13/03
Artist: CRITICAL 7
Label: 2003 Port One Studios (Canada)
Style: Electronica
Index #: PROMO

4 STRINGS - Believe I rememember, it was in late 80's when for the first time I heard ENIGMA in a local DJ store. Nobody paid attention to it, resident DJs called it boring and not worth to pick it up. I had different prospective and said this is going to be huge. Well... I have proven to be right. Why am I saying it? I have recently received this album from a Canadian indie group that is trying to break to dance industry. These days electronic sound is focusing on TECHNO and TRANCE and as we all know it is starting wearing off, is very repetitive and predictible. It became a very challenging task to create something new using the electronic instruments. Well... CRITICAL 7 seems to be in a good path to achieve the new dimension of the electronic sound. To create their unique sound, CRITICAL 7 reached for elements taken from POP, ALTERNATIVE, CLASSIC, OPERA even LATINO sound. One might see, that such combination could create pandemonic cacophony. Trust me, in contrary the outcome is very inspirational and timeless. The featured music has a deeper meaning. Each track on this album follows a chronological order and was designed to specifically represents the emotions experienced along the way. As group describes it: "The music in "Critical Path" has some uplifting moments, which are intentionally restrained. The lyrics, content and textures are purposely dark." The group refuses to be classified by genre and I have to agree. The richness of this album in sound and emotions can be hardly classified and matched by others. The electronica is enhanced by female vocal provided by PATRICIA BELMONTE . Her voice is very unique. It's not classical angelic sound you used to hear in popular these days VOCAL TRANCE but rather rough, textured voice with very unique feel. All these ingredients come together to a solid release. From epic big room marvels with sweeping synth lines and thounderous bass to delicate, romantic NRG sound. You have it all. I am sure DANCE fanatics will fall for instrumental "Libera Me". A darkly intense and edgy DREAM/TRANCE pounder. "Trancendental Shutdown" is a GOA TRANCE fare full of whickedly hypnotic snares and synth lines with compelling distant bits of female vocals. This one is intense! "Emotional Suicide" delivers a technoid ballad with deep lyrics. And so on, so on! I am not going to describe every title from this album. As I said: Each and every of them have a special feel and meaning. You have to experience it all by yourself to understand how wonderful it is. I am providing you with the sound sampler containing 7 tunes from this album, but it is just a fraction of what you encounter. I recommend this release, not only because of it's beauty, but also because it is rare to have so devoted project, going thru so much to achieve the success. No matter how they will do, I know that what they delivered is finally something new, something surprising and entartaining my mind and hopefully yours! Enjoy the music and buy this release!

For more information on CRITICAL 7 visit their home page at:

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01. Prelude
02. Lost & Delirious (1)
03. Emotional Suicide
04. Broken
05. In Your Mind (2)
06. Libera Me (3)
07. Dies Irae (5)
08. Breakaway (4)
09. Trancedental Shutdown (6)
10. Critical Path (7)
11. Postlude
12. Within Awhile (Secret Bonus Track)

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