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Title: V.I.P. - reviewed on 12/14/03
Label: 2003 In Trance We Trust / Black Hole Recording (Holland)
Style: Psy Trance
Index #: ITWT 001 ALBUM
EYAL BARKAN - V.I.P. I have been fond of electronica coming from Israel for quite some time already. Few months ago I reviewed YAHEL album and today, it's time to present another shining star of TRANCE scene in Israel: EYAL BARKAN. Having sold more than 150000 CDs in the past years EYAL etablished himself as a well know writer and producer of Israel's TRANCE. He also did roughly 2500 gigs in Israel and abroad past couple of years. Along with his brother OREN, established his own label (G.M.I.). EYAL released 5 CD albums in his country, and presented one, representing the first released internationally on DJ TIESTO's In Trance We Trust label. I have previously presented his brilliant "Voyage" (released as a single with YAHEL who also co-written that tune), and more recently brilliantly remixed by Dutch DJ COR FIJNEMAN "Revolution". If you follow Israel's TRANCE scene you know that both GOA and PSY dominates with such projects as ASTRAL PROJECTION, ALIEN PROJECT, B.L.T. and countless more). If you really have to categorize the music composed by EYAL, than it would be probably closest to PSYTRANCE. Presented albums features 12 tracks among them are two versions of "Revolution" and 12" version of "Voyage". Most of the featured tunes put you in sonic adventure toward psychedelic transformation of mind and music, with many "out-of-this world" hooks and electronica. This pandemonium of sound is cleverly represented in the title tune "V.I.P." This is very interesting album and for many of you who used to listen to mainstream TRANCE and getting tired of commercialized VOCAL TRANCE wil lbe great discovery, especially is you are into more UNDERGROUND climates. Hardcore fans of TRANCE would not be surprised (of course) since they know this sound very well. For now enjoy the sound of the sampler in which I included 7 tunes from this album.
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01. Voyage (12" Version) (1)
02. V.I.P. (2)
03. Virus
04. Revolution (3)
05. High Density (7)
06. All My Life (5)
07. Silver
08. Gysh
09. Pro Logic
10. L.D.M.S. (6)
11. Deep Blue Love
12. Revolution (DJ Cor Fijneman Remix) (4)

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Title: Die Prophezeiung - reviewed on 12/14/03
Artist: E NOMINE
Label: 2003 Maxximum Records / Polydor (Germany)
Style: Dark Dance
Index #: 076 209-2
E NOMINE - Prophezeitung I am sure most of you are familiar with ENIGMA. German project of MICHAEL CRETU that drag the Gregorian chants to a DANCE field. Many projects such as ERA, MAGNA CANTA, ILLUMINATION followed that trend. E-NOMINE is among them. Originally established by German duo: SIR FRITZ and CHRIS TENTUM. In 1999 project released their first album "Das Testament". This first album brought a new Gregorian Chant sound that became a trademark for E NOMINE: the darkness, captivating sound to scare you to death, endless fight between darkness and heaven embraced into majestic trip into mystery of church, crucifixes, signs, believes and prophecies. This newest album features 28 tracks of music, however there are only 14 true songs since each is followed by what is being called an interlude. I did previously presented you the sound of E NOMINE when reviewing certain compilations. I also recently introduced you to the music DVD version of this album in our DANCE DVD/VIDEO CD Section. There also two video clips in our VIDEOS section. All songs are sung in German language. The album starts with "Seit Anbeginn der Zeit" that opens the gates of the dark side for you to explore. Choir enriched majestic fare to send chills into your body. Among 14 tunes you will find some great DANCE fares such as "Deine Welt" that brings DANCE and TECHNO sound together. Pay special attention to haunting angelic section in this one. "Das Omen im Kreis des Bösen" is yet another DANCE tune full of mystery and wild sound. TRANCE meets dark EURODANCE with some devilish synths and gregorian choir where not only male but also female vocals are introduced. "Im zeichen des Zodiac" follows the same musical line. Spooky sound, male vocals talking through the tune and choir in the background that is trying to keep with fast pace of the galloping beats. A Wonderful composition. I don't really want to give you an impression that just fast tunes dominate the album. As a matter of fact there are many slow and beautifully crafted music. Some of them will bring ENIGMA back to your memories. Good examples of such fares are: "Mondengel" and "Der Prophet". Other songs that are in slow teritory are more into SLEAZY DANCE. Good example is "Der Blaubeermund". I am curious what you think. I prepared sound sampler featuring 6 tracks taken from this album.Enjoy the sound!

For more info about E-NOMINE, please visit their official page at
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01. Seit Anbeginn Der Zeit…
02. Die Verheissung (Interlude)
03. Deine Welt (1)
04. Schwarzer Traum (Interlude)
05. Mondengel
06. Der Lockruf (Interlude)
07. Das Omen Im Kreis Des Bösen (2)
08. Lauf Der Zeit (Interlude)
09. Das Rad Des Schicksals
10. Das Orakel (Interlude)
11. Der Blaubeermund (6)
12. Sternensturm (Interlude)
13. Im Zeichen Des Zodiak (3)
14. Die Brücke Ins Licht (Interlude)
15. Laetita
16. Das Rätsel (Interlude)
17. Der Prophet
18. Land Der Hoffnung (Interlude)
19. Anderwelt (Laterna Magica)
20. In Den Fängen Von… (Interlude)
21. Mysteria
22. Friedhof Der Engel (Interlude)
23. Die Runen Von Asgard (5)
24. Das Erwachen (Interlude)
25. Schwarze Sonne
26. Endzeit (Interlude)
27. Jetzt Ist Es Still (4)

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Title: Le Voyage - reviewed on 12/02/03
Label: 2003 ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno / House / Dance
Index #: ZYX 20663-2
FLOORFILLA - Le Yoyage Italian DJ CERLA known as FLOORFILLA recently came out with his new album called "Le Voyage". DJ CERLA remains one of the leading and popular Italian DJ. This brand new album is a result of his recent tour across Europe. As a matter of fact the title hints that. I really love Italian sense of creation. There is something in Italian genes. DJ CERLA produced album that is truly inspirational music-wise. This guy has imagination no doubt about it. The album starts in typical FLOORFILLA style with "Welcome Party People". It is hard TECHNO enriched with electronic male vocal. Childish on a one side and fun on the other. The second tune "BadBoy" starts in now defunct MILLI VANILLI-like style. WOW! When I heard this intro I asked myself "What the f... ?" Where is this coming from, so i kep listening to it, and than suddenly from low BPM this fare took over to fast TECHNO tune with grain of NRG. Tell me, who would come up with such combination. Well... FLOORFILLA did! Next come "Anthem #6 (casses la boître)" sang in French. Probably reminiscence of his trip to this country. It is speedy and cool, yet another FLOORFILLA typical fare. Next comes "Kosmiklove". Imagine BUBBLE GUM meeting TECHNO/TRANCE combo! How about it? Musically adventurous. Lotsa of infectious, rolling keyboards that mingle with hot synthesizers and a bouncing production! You gotta love the female vocals sang in English with heavy Italian accent. How about some RAP done in French. No problem. You will find it in "Le Truc Bidon (All The Shit Things)". This is actually another kinda cool tune. It also has some POP elements with POP-SYNTH influence. Tell me where else to find such bizzare combination? For some more easy DANCE sound turn to "Time To Move". It sounds like DJ BOBO that went bizark TECHNO/NRG. There is a lot of sexual innuendos all over the album, either as in whole songs such as "6 Is Danger" or interludes (there are several interludeas lasting less a minute). Speaking of interludes, some of you might find them annoying, but some will find them as fun. They are anchoring elements joing some tunes together. They are weird, and titled weirdly (good example of such interlude is "Osama Rave"). Taken together it is fun and passionate album. Not exactly the TECHNO, TRANCE and HOUSE you use to, but rather versy DJ CERLA specific sound. I have prepared sound sampler featuring 8 tracks taken from this offering.

For more info about FLOORFILLA, please visit his official page at
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01. Welcome Party People! - 2:00
02. Badboy - 4:32 (1)
03. Anthem#6 (cassez la boîte!) - 3:21 (2)
04. Kosmiklove - 3:26 (3)
05. Game Over - 4:50 (4)
06. Sister Golden Hair - 3:56
07. Le Truc Bidon (All The Shit Things) - 4:26
08. Floorfilla Loves You - 0:44
09. Time 2 Move - 3:41 (5)
10. 6 Is Danger - 4:07 (6)
11. Mayday! - 3:28
12. Le Delire - 3:54 (7)
13. Was? - 0:32
14. My Melody - 5:01 (8)
15. Osama Rave - 0:56
16. Floor-Fee-La - 6:02

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Title: Hypnotica - reviewed on 12/02/03
Label: 2003 ZYX (Germany)
Style: Electro House
Index #: ZYX 20653D-2

BENNY BENASSI - Hypnotica Another album from Italian artist. This time is BENNY BENASSI. His "Satisfaction" single became a worldwide success and his trademark unique kinda speaker rumbler sound. BENNY BENASSI was born in Reggio Emilia, a village near Milan. If you knew that BENASSI was fan of electronic sound from pioneering German TECHNO/SYNTH group KRAFTWERK, you probably will understand where his music is coming from. "Hypnotica" is BENASSI's first album. Presented release contains CD with 14 titles on it, and DVD with 6 vids of different "Satisfaction" mixes and 1 clip of "Able To Love". In addition this DVD contain 5 other audio tunes of remixes done by BENASSI and co. Be prepared for a real mind numbing journey through ELECTRO/HOUSE sound. You might get tired throughout the album since most of the tracks seem to be inspired by "Satisfaction" , their trademark tune which opens the album. Quite amazing that the same vocodered vocals is practically present everywhere. I am not sure how long you can handle this sound, but it might be long and painful experience for some of you. The album contain a true gem promptly hidden in the middle of the album. This "little" wonder is "Love Is Gonna Save Us". Hypnotic TECHNO with amazingly arranged female vocals. Compare with other tunes in this album, this fare has quite different synths arrangements and heavenly music line. I was taken by this one. I would like to have it done in various mixes. Taken together I found this album ... very different. Will you like it? It's up to you! Listen to the sound sampler featured 7 tunes taken from CD part from this offering, it might help you to decide.

For more info about BENNY BENASSI , please visit his official page at

01. Satisfaction - 4:44 (1)
02. Able To Love - 3:27
03. No Mater What You Do - 4:07 (3)
04. Let It Be - 4:32
05. Love Is Gonna Save Us - 5:04 (5)
06. Inside Of Me - 3:50 (2)
07. I Wanna Touch Your Soul - 4:05
08. I'm Sorry - 4:36
09. Time - 4:41
10. Put Your Hands Up - 3:54
11. Get Loose - 5:10 (6)
12. Change Style - 3:45 (4)
13. I Love My Sex - 3:27 (7)
14. Don't Touch Too Much - 5:48
01. VIDEO - Able To Love (German Version)
02. VIDEO - Satisfaction (German Video)
03. VIDEO - Satisfaction (Italian Version)
04. VIDEO - Satisfaction (UK Clean Version)
05. VIDEO - Satisfaction (UK Dirty Version)
06. VIDEO - Satisfaction (Isak Original)
07. VIDEO - Able To Love (Sfaction Mix)
08. AUDIO - IN-GRID - In-Tango (Sfaction Mix)
09. AUDIO - ANN LEE - No No No (Sfaction Mix)
10. AUDIO - KMC feat. SANDY - Get Better (Sfaction Reloaded Mix)
11. AUDIO - BENASSI BROS.feat. PAUL FRENCH - Don't Touch Too Much (Sfaction Mix)
12. AUDIO - BENASSI BROS. pres. VIOLETA - I Love My Sex (Sfaction Mix)
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Title: Night Moves - reviewed on 08/12/03
Label: 2003 Aqualoop Records / Universal Music (Germany)
Style: Techno / Trance
Index #: 980 797-3
PULSEDRIVER - Night Moves Back in May 2003, second album by Schleswig-Holstein born SLOBODAN PETROVIC jr known as PULSEDRIVER entitled "Night Moves" was released. If you didn't hear the album yet, you should. Especially if you are into TECHNO and TRANCE sound. You might be familiar with at least 4 titles from this album. "Time" and "Koma" were released as single back in August 2002, "Move For Freedom" is also from 2002 (this one done with LOVESTERN GALAKTIKA PROJECT) and most recently "Galaxy" (single featuring remixes by MEGARA vs. DJ LEE and FLOORFILLA) and "Toxicated Smoke". I am sure you know PULSEDRIVER's music, not only his own featured in this album, but also from countless remixes he did for such projects as MELLOW TRAX, VENGABOYS, BROOKLYN BOUNCE or FRAGMA to name the few. He is also author of many compilations just to mention outstanding series of TRANCEMASTER and appearances of his mixes in DJ GIANTS or TECHNO CLUB. The album start with slow, exquisite piano intro to warm you up. Brilliant electronics and a hauntingly beautiful melody ending with counting down to a darky dramatic tune "Galaxy". The synth lines and melody build into a wild, mournfully sublime big room/circuit ecstasy monster. In addition female vocals helps as well. If you like DREAM-like sound "Spaced Out" will do it! An epic, sizzling synth-driven masterpiece from the very beginning to the last beat. The combination of piano section with AMBIENT climate is simply irresistible. If you are more into TECHNO sound, you've got that as well in such tunes as "Touch The Sky" (this one has also some angelic TRANCE element including blue eye female vocals to die for) or the last tune in the album "From The Deep". Actually, co-habitating TRANCE are TECHNO are dominating in the album. There are some slower tunes when POP meets electronica. Good examples include "Backyard" or "Lovesong for A Vampire". Taken together PULSEDRIVER delivered magnificent release with nicely crafted tunes both for parties and for listening pleasure. I prepared the mix containing 8 tracks from this album. Enjoy the music and support PULSEDRIVER by getting this offering.

For more info about PULSEDRIVER, please visit his home page at:

01. Intro - 2:10
02. Galaxy - 3:50 (1)
03. Spaced Out - 4:41 (5)
04. Koma - 4:52 (2)
05. Touch The Sky - 4:55 (6)
06. Backyard - 4:42
07. Time - 5:06
08. Take Me Away - 4:34
09. Move For Freedom - 4:27 (7)
10. Lovesong For A Vampire - 4:42
11. Close My Eyes - 4:12 (3)
12. Night Moves - 4:37
13. Toxicated Smoke - 4:17 (8)
14. From The Deep - 3:02 (4)

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Title: Lifestyle - reviewed on 08/12/03
Artist: BEAM vs CYRUS
Label: 2003 Capitol Records (Germany)
Style: Techno
Index #: 7243 5 90248 2

BEAM vs. CYRUS - Lifestyle I am sure names of both DJs are familiar for many of you that are into TECHNO scene. BEAM previously recorded with YANOU. Project of BEAM vs. YANOU delivered such club monsters as "Free Fall", "Sound Of Love", "Rainbow Of Mine" (2000), "On Y Va" (1997). BEAM vs. CYRUS project was launched in 1999 at Berlin's LOVE PARADE with "Launch In Progress". Since than this project released such singles as "Thunder In Paradise", "Take This Sound", "Lifestyle", "All Over The World" and most recently revamped McHAMMER's hit "You Can't Touch This". "Lifestyle" album was released in June 2nd and features all the previously released as singles titles. Some of them are actually featured twice in remixes. For instance "Lifestyle" is presented in club-oriented TECHNO Original Version, while MEGARA vs. DJ LEE Edit that is still done in TECHNO style gives much richer sound and more dramatic feel. I am not sure why the project tooks McHAMMERS tune, but there must be a reason, I don't know. They created rather pathetic TECHNO-HOUSE version out of it. It's doing fine in charts, but I simply don't like it. Album contains some new material as well. "Global Evolution" can pretend to be UNDERGROUND TECHNO if you will. It is rich with pounding progressive synthesizers. A wild ride for one, a boring trip for another. Take your pick. Another very similar sound is "Mission Started", done in very similar style as "Thunder In Paradise" or "Launch In Progress". Basically it's TECHNO with limited female vocals that appears here and there enlightening us that Mission started. This one actually has some euphoric keyboard arrangements and not as boring as in other tunes synth work. Boys also tried some more HARD TECHNO on edge of INDUSTRIAL and ACID sound in their "Hard Stuff". This is truly club oriented trax. Taken together this release is on a weak side, unless you are hardcore TECHNO fans. I expected bit more from this duo of talented DJs. Oh well... Maybe next time. In sound sampler I am presenting mix containing 8 tracks from this album. Enjoy the sound and support the artists by buying their product. This sound sampler is to give you an idea what sound is featured, but to judge it fully, you have to get the album. Enjoy for now!.

For more info about the project, please visit their home page at: or
BEAM's Home Page at or
CYRUS' Home Page at

01. Intro - 2:17
02. All Over The World (Video Mix) - 3:22 (1)
03. U Can't Touch This (Radio Mix) - 3:37 (3)
04. Lifestyle (Megara vs. DJ Lee Edit) - 3:15 (6)
05. Take The Sound (Out Of My Head) (Radio Mix) - 3:18 (4)
06. Global Evolution (Original Mix) - 7:02 (8)
07. Launch In Progress (Video Mix) - 3:52 (5)
08. Thunder In Paradise (Video Mix) - 3:12
09. Mission Started (Original Mix) - 7:23 (7)
10. Lifestyle (Original Mix) - 7:44
11. All Over The World (DJ Isaac Remix) - 7:11 (2)
12. Hard Stuff (Original Mix)
13. Thunder In Paradise (DJ Scot Project Remix) - 9:30
14. Outro - 2:09

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Title: Around The World - reviewed on 08/03/03
Label: 2003 KOCH Universal (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: 06024 9865360
BAD BOYS BLUE - Around The World After 2 years of silence, BAD BOYS BLUE one of the last true EURO-NRG groups on the market is releasing tomorrow their brand new album. There has been many changes within the group meanwhile. JoJo Max left the group and only John Edward McInerney and Andrew Freddie Thomas (original members) are now core of this very successful project in 80's and 90's. Group no longer is affiliated with Coconut Records (the label they started their career on). The material for this album was recorded between September 2002 and May 2003. "Around The World" is group's 18th album (I truly lost the count, so correct me if I am wrong). There was an exciting rumor going around that the album was being produced by BROS team (e.g E-ROTIC, MISSING HEART). This is true. DAVID BRANDES produced the album (who also provided backing vocals) along with help of GARY JONES who mixed most of the tunes, DOMENICO LABARILLE, JUERGEN FRITZ, DOMENICO LIVERANO and HANS STEIGEN who arranged them. In addition female vocals was provided by LYDIA MADAJEWSKI (current voice of E-ROTIC). Music was written by DAVID BRANDES and JANE TEMPEST, words by JOHN O'FLYNN, CHRIS NORMAN and JOHN McINERAY himself. You might remember that it is not the first time BAD BOYS BLUE turned to BROS team to produce their album. Back in 1999, the album entitled "... continued" was also produced by them. So how about the music. If you recently visited KOCH UNIVERSAL page and looked for BAD BOYS BLUE you could hear sound samplers of every tunes from this release (not good enough to give you a feel about the album though). On the top of it, in July 2003 "Lover On The Line" was released as a single with mixes done by NOVASPACE and PULSEDRIVER. This album is very special. I know some of you (including myself) based on KOCH samplers were pretty much afraid what's coming. Well... wait until you will get the album, than you will appreciate the featured sound. Imagine a task bringing classic sound of BAD BOYS BLUE to 2003 yet keep the upbeat sound written by BROS Team. That was hard task, but I think outcome is very good. Don't expect E-ROTIC because of DAVID BRANDES and JOHN O'FLYNN, or past sound of BAD BOYS BLUE. What you have here is a hybrid, but with very distinct feel. This captivating album features POP, DANCE, EURO-TRANCE sound to pick wide crowd. It starts with melodic HIGH-NRG title song "Around The World" to put you in the dance mood. Do you remember "Train To Nowhere" from 1989? If you do, you will have deja-vu with "Cold As Ice". This tune bring dark Gregorian chant and uplifting dancebeat to a stunning outcome. "A Bridge Of Heartaches" delivers powerful EURODANCE tune with Lydia's vocal styled together magnificently. "Join The Bad Boys Blue" is fast pace HI-NRG fare. Yet another uplifting EURODANCE marvel is "I'm Your Lover". Very catchy fare with creamy synths that soar. "I'm Living For Your Love" starting as majestic DANCE fare transforms into happy FLAMENCO-like fare. An excellent production. Album also features few slow tune. For instance "Think About You" brings back memory of such wonderful lowbeat NRG fares as "The Queen Of Hearts" from 1990. If you like tear squzzing ballads, you gotta listen to "Babe". You have to dance to this one with the person you love. Very hearthly song. Another beauty on the slower side is "Baby Come Home". It does have energy though and great lyrics. So taken together album is very good. Don't just listen to it once and justify. Rather spend some time and appreciate its beauty. It will grow on you. For sound sampler I prepared the mix containing 9 tracks from this releases. Again, none of the sound samples will do the justice. Just get it and listen to it and than you know what I mean.

For more info about the group, please refer to my Bad Boys Blue Page

01. Around The World - 3:52 (1)
02. Cold As Ice - 4:18 (8)
03. Baby Come Home - 3:08
04. Think About You - 4:15 (6)
05. Lover On The Line - 3:49 (2)
06. A Bridge Of Heartaches - 3:59 (3)
07. Join The Bad Boys blue - 3:02 (9)
08. Babe - 3:48
09. Heaven Or Hell - 3:58 (7)
10. I'm Your Lover - 3:38 (4)
11. I'm Living For Your Love - 3:45 (5)
12. Only One Breath Away - 3:58
13. Around The World (Remix) - 3:45
14. Lover On The Line (Extended Version) - 7:17

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound

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