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Title: Songbook - reviewed on 05/22/05
Artist: F.R. DAVID
Label: 2003 EQ Music (Singapore)
Index #: EA 70377

F.R. DAVID - Songbook I had countless requests of providing information where to get some releases from this legendary French, Tunis-born singer and composer. So, to fulfill this request I present you this double CD album released 2 years ago. Even, if it is 2003 release, the album still is available from This is a signature release from F.R. DAVID. This double CD album contains 28 titles. Many of you were also searching for lyrics of F.R. DAVID's songs. For those folks I have good news. The inlet contains lyrics of all songs included in this album. This is truly a collector item. You might know just limited number of song by F.R. DAVID but this set gives you more in depth knowledge of the music. There are fast tunes, enrgetic tunes, happy tunes, sad tunes, slow tunes. Just name it. Indeed a great composer, singer and unique personality in music industry. First CD contains such hits as "Words" (unquestionable the most popular, remixed, redone by many, megahit), "I Need You" (musically similar to "Words"), "Pick Up The Phone" (very fast tune, with great music and energy), and many others. While F.R. DAVID wrote many tunes in both CD some of them are rather his own interpretations. For instance from lengendary UK group 10CC comes F.R. DAVID's own version of "I Am Not In Love". Beautiful slow tune with delicate, quasi-feminine vocals that make this a true love song to cuddle with. He also gave a shot to GAZEBO's megahit "I Like Chopin". This one is done more in NRG side than the original composition. First rate, catchy fare. As I mentioned before the ablum contains some incredibly beautiful slow tunes that are consider solid gold love songs. Best examples are "Porcelain Eyes", mentioned above "I Am Not I Love" or "Music". Taken together; if you liked ITALO DISCO/SLEAZY sound and F.R. DAVID himself, this is set you gotta have. I am priviledged to exchange E-mail with F.R. DAVID from time to time. He works on some new material, but no matter what it is, he became an icon and is known all over the world. I wish him all the best. I prepared mix with 10 tunes from both CDs for your reference. Once again, this set is a must for all of you who cherish F.R. DAVID's music.

For more info about F.R. DAVID , please click here

CD 1
01. Words (1)
02. Year Of The Cat
03, I'm Not In Love
04. Music
05. I Need You (2)
06. Girl, You Are My Song
07. I Like Chopin
08. Rocker Blues (6)
09. Porcelain Eyes
10. Long Distance Flight
11. Take Me Back (3)
12. This Time I Have To Win (4)
13. Pick Up The Phone (5)
14. All I've Got (7)
CD 2
01. Good times
02. Stay
03. He
04. Don't Go
05. Dream Away (8)
06. I Keep Waiting
07. Sing In My Lofe
08. Can't Get Enough (10)
09. Someone To Love
10. Givin' It Up
11. Sahara Night
12. Is It Magic
13. Liberty (9)
14. Feedback Delay
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Title: Heartbeats (Special Edition) - reviewed on 05/10/05
Label: 2004 Icicle Music (Singapore) / PanAmericana Music & Records (Austria)
Index #: IMI 41136

RIMINI PROJECT - HeartbeatsMany of you are eagerly waiting for new material from this Austrian dance project that hopefully will be released soon. For time being I am presenting you album "Heartbeats". I am sure you are going to scream: What the heck? Wasn't that album released back in 2002 and reviewed in here? Well... The answer is partially YES. That is true I reviewed it in the end of 2002, however presented release is different. First of all it is originating from Singapore and now is released as a special edition 2 CD album. It is now enriched with 3 versions of "I Remember You Like Yesterday" as bonus tracks on first CD. Second CD contains several mixes of their multi platinum hits such as "No More Goodbye", "Movin' Around", "To Be Or Not To Be" and "Scream My Name". I am not going to repeat the review, but I will concentrate on the second bonus CD. You should buy this set even if you have original album, just to have some of the previously unreleased material and truly unique bonus remixes on second CD. Video Edit of "No More Goodbye" is swaggering VOCAL TRANCE, with great beat and synth work. Long Radio Version of this tune will do wonders on dance floor. Yet irresistibly catchy version to be delightfully mixed by skilled DJs for their sets. Rhythm Government Inc. Remix is darker, noisy but soaring leaning into club masses. "Movin' Around" is presented in 5 versions. Extended Version is built on Album Version presented on first CD but more suitable to club scene. Same goes to Club Mix, but this shifted gear to more HOUSE-oriented sound. However, this version still retains base melodic line and uplifting synths. Bertelson Mix is in my opinion probably the most interesting version. EURODANCE impregnated with big room TRANCE. Simply mesmerizing. SAMMY B a male vocalist that usually limits his voal appearance to single words adds some mystery with his deep voice. Of course "To Be Or Not To Be" is here as well with four versions. This tune was my favorite from the album. Rimini Style Radio Edit is unfortuntaly short tune, but melodic line is unforgettable. PanAmericana Remix is electrified by high-flying synth line and computerized feel. Taken together definately a buy not to miss! I prepared brand new sampler focusing on second CD for your enjoyment.

for more information about RIMINI PROJECT, please visit their official website at

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CD 1

01. Scream My Name
02. No More Goodbye
03. Another Night (8)
04. Up And Away
05. I Call The Sun
06. Movin' Around
07. Think About The Way (6)
08. To Be Or Not To Be
09. It's My Life
10. I Remember You Like Yesterday
11. Fall In Love Fall In Pain
12. Hi We Are Rimini Project


13. I Remember You Like Yesterday (New Radio Mix)
14. I Remember You Like Yesterday (Extended Version)
15. I Remember You Like Yesterday (Club Mix) (7)

CD 2

01. No More Goodbye (Video Edit) (1)
02. No More Goodbye (Long Radio Version)
03. No More Goodbye (Rhythm Government Inc. Remix) (2)
04. No More Goodbye (Harmonic Street Mix)
05. Movin' Around (Extended Version)
06. Movin' Around (Club Mix)
07. Movin' Around (Instrumental)
08. Movin' Around (Bertelson Mix) (3)
09. Movin' Around (Moonchild Mix)
10. To Be Or Not To Be (Rimini Style Radio Edit)
11. To Be Or Not To Be (Extended Version)
12. To Be Or Not To Be (PanAmericana Remix) (4)
13. To Be Or Not To Be (Toronto's House Tribute Mix)
14. Scream My Name (Base Frequency Version) (5)
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Title: Nightime Calls - reviewed on 05/10/05
Artist: SYLVER
Label: 2005 EQ Music (Singapore) / Byte Records (Belgium)
Index #: EA 70700

SYLVER - Nighttime Calls I am late with reviewing of this brand new SYLVER album. I have chosen to presented you version released by Singapore-based EQ MUSIC. Compare with original album this one have three additional versions of most popular tune from this album: "Love Is An Angel". I am sure you familiar with SYLVER so you know her voice, you know her music and you probably know what to expect. Well... Not quite. Indeed she is focusing on commercial site of VOCAL TRANCE, so I was eager to lay my hands on it, but unfortunately, I am not exactly sure if it fully satisfied my taste. The album starts with forementioned "Love Is An Angel". Little boring, underworked track, but SYLVER's voice did the trick. I think arrangements could be more dynamic and melodic line more dramatic. "Take Me Back" is sweet with acceptable production. A tad boring, but overall would be of interest. "The Summer Is Calling" is another hit from this release. Production here is much better with an irresistible melody and interesting arrangements. Synths are screaming loud and exploding brilliantly beneath the dark, mournful main line. "Who Am I" is guitar POP/ROCK fare. What the heck was that??? YUCK! No kidding we have more unexpected bombs like that in here. Another example is "Changed", . Slow tune, pressumably a showcase of SYLVER's diversity. I understand experiments like that might be of interest to a limited audience. God forbid! I wanted pure dance, if I want another style I know what to listent to. Well... Don't worry, there is still plenty to listen to. Tracks like "Sympathy" "Tomorrow" or "Fallin'" fit the bill. So in summary this could be much better album. SYLVER's voice rescue this otherwise mediocre release. I prepared sound sampler with 6 tunes taken from this offering. I do warn you though, I selected mostly dance tunes, so it is not exactly the best representation of the content.

for more information about SYLVER, please visit her official website at

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01. Love Is An Angel
02. Take Me Back (1)
03. The Summer Is Calling (Summer Solstice) (2)
04. Who Am I
05. Make It
06. Drowning In My Tears (3)
07. Sympathy
08. Changed
09. Where Did The Love Go (4)
10. Falin'
11. Tomorrow (5)
12. Don't Call Me
13. Where Did I Go Wrong
14. Sometimes
15. Love Is An Angel (Groove Coverage Remix) (6)
16. Love Is An Angel (DJ Wout Remix)
17. Love Is An Angel (Original Extended)

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Title: The Album - reviewed on 01/11/05
Artist: SPOOT
Label: 2004 EQ Music (Singapore) / Italy
Index #: EA 70659

SPOOT - The Album One more album licensed by Singapore-based EQ MUSIC label. This time by 32 years old DJ SPOOT from Italy. I am always excited to hear album from Italy. I love this country, I love their art, music, fashion. SPOOT in his album brings combination of classic ITALO DANCE mixed with HIGH ENERGY and updated TRANCE touch. Did I just invent new genre name? Well.. Who cares? Anyway, there are many "remakes" of some classic ITALO DANCE and EURODANCE tracks. I know, I know, you are probably going to say: One more remake and I will puke. Well guys and girls hold your horses. I might be tired of remixes as you are, but I actually like what SPOOT has done. No matter if you know originals or not, the sound is cool, energetic, female vocal dramatic and synth work exceptional. Album starts with remake of DJ BOBO's "Take Control 2004". WOW! What a drama? Magificent female vocal ala original with great beat and synth work makes this bona-fide DANCE music masterpiece. Actually there is also Maxx Da Bass Radio Remix of this tune featured at the end of the album. This version is even more heavy indoctrinated by synth job making it another riveting pounder. SAVAGE's "Don't Cry Tonight" received double treatment in album and Mainstream Radio Mix versions. While the original version was SLEAZY DISCO, SPOOT speeded it up and added additional hooks making this fare hotter than ever, and this one's gonna fly on every dance door. Another new "interpretation" worth of mention is LAURA BRANIGAN's "Self Control". This is wild new hardloor remix of this classic track, with pumped up bottom and lots of slammin' new instrumenatlization heavily dominated by synthesizers. TRANCEY, yet accessible for all. HOT, no doubt about it. I do not want to mislead you that this album is only filled with "remakes". In fact there are some original tunes such as "Morning Sun", "Lost Horizon" or "Cry". They perfectly fit in this album. I am sure you will have fun to listen to this album. If you like DANCE music this is yet another not to miss catch. I prepared sound sampler with 8 tunes from this album to give you a rough idea. If you don't have it, get it.

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01. Take Control 2004
02. Morning Sun (DJ's aka. Spoot) (1)
03. Don't Cry Tonight (2)
04. Hymn (DJ's aka. Spoot) (3)
05. Reflections (DJ's aka. Spoot) (4)
06. Listen To The Voices
07. In Zaire (DJ's aka. Spoot)
08. Self Control (7)
09. Lost Horizon (Observer vs. Spoot) (8)
10. Take Control 2004 (Maxx Da Bass Radio Remix) (5)
11. Cry (Riot303 vs. Spoot) (6)
12. Don't Cry Tonight (Mainstream Radio Mix)

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Title: The Best Hits Collection - reviewed on 01/09/05
Artist: DJ RAD
Label: 2004 EQ Music (Singapore) / Canada
Index #: EA 70701

DJ RAD - The Best Hits Collection I have to admit I am impressed by releases from Singapore-based EQ MUSIC. These guys have that fifth sense what is good in DANCE genre. Tracks they are licensing are not always coming from well established artists and DJs, yet the quality of music is superb. This is the case with presented album "The Best Hits Collection" by less known Polish-born Canadian DJ RAD (RADOSLAW DROBNY). I have to admit this 24 years old DJ is a great find. Highly unlikely you are familiar with is music, however he already released couple of singles on Canadian Ti Amo Records such as "Digital One", "Question Of Time" (with JOEE), "Come Home", "If Tomorrow Never Comes" and "I Am Calling You". He also did remixes for such artists as ORION TOO or JOEE to name the few. "The Best Hits Collection" album consists of two CDs. The first CD contains 11 titles, and the second CD has bonus tracks and extended remixes. DJ RAD's music is based on electronica. With ease he operates synthesizers, drums and other electronic instruments. You will have TECHNO, TRANCE, NRG, both on cheesy and fully professonal and original sides. The first CD starts with VOCAL TRANCE tune "Come Home". Originally released as a single back in 2003 became a huge hit in Asia. Hot and hard tune that run the gamut from steamy NRG sound to soaring VOCAL TRANCE. There are several tunes in this style such as "Round And Round", "I'm Calling You" or "If Tomorrow Never Comes" to name just few. With "Get Down Everybody" he is shifting more into ACID TECHNO with lotsa drums and bass. This is a galloping club tune, a bit generic for my taste, but doing great on dance floor. TECHNO style also dominates in "Turbulence". Yeah. Title of this tune sorta indicates it. This one is gearing up toward more club oriented crowd. This trend is sustained in "Northern Lights" to please the crowd. Some nice big synths in this one delivering spacey touch. Top-notch keyboard works in this one. Second CD gives you ultimate club experience. You will find extended mixes of many tunes from first CD. Good catch for DJs. I've been told by, internet store carrying this album that they have sold hunderds of copies of this release. You really have to hurry up, because you might be too late. Taken together this album is generic and cheesy, yet great DANCE catch. Not exactly the most ambitious trip I have seen, but music is extremely catchy. Once you will start listening to it, you will get attached. Guaranteed. I have prepared mix containing 8 tunes taken from both CDs. I would like to warn you though. I have selected rather generic tunes from this release, but there are more to listen to. So take is with grain of salt. After listening, hurry to get it. The clock is ticking.

For more info about DJ RAD , please visit his official page at

01. Come Home (Original) (1)
02. Round And Round (Radikal Radio Mix) (2)
03. I'm Calling You (7)
04. If Tomorrow Never Comes (Radikal Radio Mix)
05. Get Down Everybody (3)
06. Turbulence
07. Northern Lights (4)
08. The Anthem (5)
09. Waking Waves
10. Last Goodbye
11. Underground Nation (6)
01. Come Home (Extended Club Mix)
02. Round And Round (Radikal Club Mix)
03. I'm Calling You (Xntrix Remix)
04. Question Of Time feat Joee (DJ Rad Edit)
05. If Tomorrow Never Comes (Extended Club Mix)
06. It's My Life feat. CJ (DJ Rad Remix) (8)
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Title: Mobius - reviewed on 01/09/05
Artist: QED
Label: 2004 EQ Music (Singapore) / UK
Index #: EA 70622

QED - Mobius Yet another licensed released by this Singapore label. This time it is album done by quite hot UK duo of VALENTIN and KRISTINE HENDRICKS. Both Valentin and Kristine authored most of the songs in this album, and Vakentine provided her vocals for this release. Originally this album was released back in the end of 2003 by SIREN, and licensed by EQ MUSIC in 2004. As you might realised NRG TRANCE is quite cheesy these days, and some of you might find this album in the same line. However, this album is more. Style-wise QED presents combination of HARDCORE TECHNO, mixed with EURO, and splashes of TRANCE giving this duo a unique sound and proving that QED has a pretty good ear for music. "Love Bites" and "Hardly A Day" are true strong openings for this offering. "Love Bites" is unquestionable great EURO-NRG song with strong TRANCE ingredients in it. VOCAL TRANCE elements are provided both by Valentin and Kristine. I am not sure if you are into male VOCAL TRANCE, but is kinda different from what you are hearing these days. Following this one is "Hardly A Day" tune with strong TRANCE feel. The album version does not do justice to this fare so if you like it try to find released as a single club version. Powerful tune of the highest caliber. "Islands" invades borderline of cheesenest. Don't get me wrong. It is still a great tune but guilty of being rather generic EURO TRANCE. "Vampyre" with the feel of an epic song has been broken into three parts (Prelude, Soul and Body). The first part is slow piano section on etiude side. Next part blasting off on the fast pace with Kristine vocal inviding OPERA TRANCE teritory. On the top of it background choir chant adds some celtic touch. Stunning production. The third part is more dynamic. Mostly instrumental but still with OPERA TRANCE as a dominating genre. While above described tunes are good DANCE fares, album is actually more eclectic in style. You will find here such tracks as "Epilogue" (this is ... ROCK tune, no kidding!, obviously I don't care about but it shows group possibilities), "Dark Side Of Your Heart" - a ballad, etc. Taken together simply great album not just to dance but also to listen to. I prepared sound sampler with 6 tunes (I only selected DANCE genre). Support this duo and buy this album

For more info about QED, please visit their homepage at:

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01. Love Bites (1)
02. Hardly A Day (2)
03. So It Is (Kiss The Dream) (5)
04. Islands
05. Alone (4)
06. Dark Side Of Your Heart
07. Unaware (6)
08. Running Away
09. Vampire - Prelude
10. Vampire - Soul (3)
11. Vampire - Body
12. Epilogue (Hardly A Day Part 1)
13. Love Bites (Ean Sugarman Remix)

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