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Title: Prototype - reviewed on 07/24/05
Label: 2005 EMI Music / Capitol Records (Sweden)
Index #: 7243 873529 2

BODIES WITHOUT ORGANS - Prototype Most of you are probablt familiar with Swedish act ARMY OF LOVERS. Behind this project was ALEXANDER BART who recently also produced VACUUM and ALCAZAR another very successful dance project. BODY WITHOUT ORGAN is his latest creation etablished back in 2004. He does not only produce it but also plays an active part. This formation consists of ALEXANDER, MARTIN ANDRZEJ ROLINSKI (Swedish born with both parents being Polish), and ANNA MARINA SCHPTJENKO (Swedish born, but her father came from Ukrainem hence her last name). Group released several singles such as "Living In A Fantasy", "Conquering America", "Sixteen Tons of Hardware", "Gone", "Open Door" and most recently "Sunshine In The Rain". Presented album contains all of them and more. Group identify themselves as a POP group with roots to SYNTH-POP. I have to admit that sound BODY WITHOUT ORGANS presents is very refreshing. Martin's voice (his is a lead vocal) has very interesting texture. Actually it is very angelic and and at high notes. Could be confused with a female vocal at certain part. His voice is truly unique though. The album start with "Sixteen Tons Of Hardware". This is truly a great tune with classic base built on SYNTH POP style. Explosive fare with Martin's vocal gliding over massive synth lines and a buttom dominated by an intensely rhythmic punch. Right after this is another hit "Conquering America". Yet another very rhythmic tune with catchy melody and beautifully executed production. The melody is uplifting and instantly memorable. I would like to avoid comparing this project with ARMY OF LOVERS, but some similarities to both projects are very obvious. For instance next song "Son Of A Gun" has that feel. Of course vocals are different, but otherwise it brings back memory. "Voodoo Magic" is yet another example of exqusite SYNTH POP updated to 2005 sound. This clever hybrid is here to take this 80's style onto the dancefloor of the 21st century. This debut album offers all together 16 tunes. If you are into a good melodic music to cheer you up, this album is for you. JASON DAVIS from our EURONRG section wrote more extensive review of this album, so if you are interested to read his point of view on this album please click here. By all means, this is highly recommended release. I prepared sound sampler with 8 tunes taken from this release. Enjoy the music and support the group by buying this album.

for more information about BODIES WITHOUT ORGANS , please visit their fanwebsites at and

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01. Sixteen Tons Of Hardware (1)
02. Conquering America (6)
03. Son Of A Gun
04. Open Door (Ballad Version)
05. Walking The Night (2)
06. Voodoo Magic (3)
07. Sunshine In The Rain
08. Riding Through The Night (5)
09. Say I Love You (4)
10. Rhythm Divine
11. European Psycho
12. Living In A Fantasy (8)
13. Gone (7)
14. Open Door (Disco Version)
15. Sixteen Tons Of Hardware (Johan S Remix)
16. Conquering America (Johan S Remix)

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Title: Singularity - reviewed on 07/24/05
Artist: RICHI M
Label: 2004 Alien Records (Sweden)
Index #: ARCD402

RICHI M - Singularity I am late with the review of most recent album by RICHI M. Mea culpa. I did make RICHI M page here on several years ago, when I got so impressed with his music. I sort of stopped following him around 2002, but I definately should. Last album before "Singularity" this talented Swedish TRANCE composer and DJ released back in 2002. So, there was approximately a 2 year break. If you were waiting for his new material, the wait is over and presented album was worth of waiting. RICHI M once again presents himself as a creative, out-of-the-box composer of ELECTRONICA. Epic TRANCE "Touch The Sky" opens this release. The synth lines in this fare are plain amazing, strong and powerful. The breaks are real "hands-in-the-air/make-em-scream" affairs. Next is "Ederlezi" recorded with YSA FERRER who delivered a solid vocal performance. Track seems to be done in Bregovic style. "Drop The Bass" invaded HOUSE territory. It's a good fare, but nothing to brag about. There are many other tunes that combines DANCE, TECHNO, TRANCE and GOA TRANCE styles . Showing all together that RICHI M feels comfortable with any ELECTRONICA style. Good examples are represented by such tunes as "Eternity", "Symphony of Trance" or heavily influenced by GOA TRANCE "Lift Off" (if I would not see credit I would be 100% sure it is ASTRAL PROJECTION). In the middle section of this fare you will encounter a haunting female vocal that gives this tune surprising TRIBAL touch. Indeed a spectucular outcome. "Eternity" is a beauty on its own. Hypnotic throughout, this fare delivers spectacular combination of high flying synths and terrific music line topped with RICHI M vocals. Inspired, no doubt. "Deep Down" is a TECHNO-HOUSE tune on life support. Hmm... Not bad, but hardly in the line of other tunes in this album. Well... Maybe I should take it back. For true ELECTRONICA pandemonium you have to wait until mid section starts. "This Is My Life" is a terrfic dance. Too bad it has been delivered in a very short version. Just few sec above 3 mins. Such richness of dazzling synth lines and epic production deserves more than that. It might be counterbalanced by 9 mins lasting "Symphony Of Trance". It is indeed thundereous TRANCE smash. It has got hot, ominous synth lines (highlighted by a haunting female vocals), exploding over a wildly rhythmic and compassionate DREAM buttom. Within 9 minutes you are presented with several moods. Gratifying experience to everyone who like gorgeous, EPIC TRANCE sound. I am recommending this album wholeheartly. The music is truly beautiful, and even if considered TRANCE, RICHI M has his own style that is distinct from German TRANCE and GOA coming from Israel. I have prepared sound sampler with 6 tunes taken from this album. There is much more to listen to. Trust me! For now enjoy the sound of RICHI M.

for more information about RICHI M , please visit his official website at or our page here

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01. Touch The Sky - 7:08 (2)
02. Ederlezi - 3:36 (1)
03. Drop The Bass - 7:16
04. In My Life - 3:34
05. Singularity Vol. 1 - 1:37
06. Eternity - 8:08 (4)
07. Deep Down - 6:17
08. This Is My Life - 3:32 (3)
09. Lift Off - 9:38 (6)
10. Touch The Sky (Radio Version) - 3:20
11. Singularity Vol. 1 - 1:00
12. Symphony Of Trance - 9:10 (5)
13. Phuket Nightlife - 7:45

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Title: Far Away - reviewed on 07/21/05
Artist: LASGO
Label: 2005 Robbins Entertainment (US) / Antler Subway (Belgium)
Index #: 76869-75052-2

LASGO - Far Away I am not breaking news with "Far Away" album by Belgian project LASGO. I am late but this is one of the albums that should be presented here on LASGO is a project of trio: EVI GOFFIN (female vocalist), 34 yr old PETER LUTS and DAVID VERVOOT who wrote majority of music and text. I am sure most of you are familiar with LASGO, since we presented here both their music and video clips. "Far Away" is definately an interesting and exciting offering from this project. While LASGO belongs to "Dutch/Belgian" school of VOCAL TRANCE , presented music went beyond this boundary. While still various flavor of VOCAL TRANCE occupy most of the album some more POP related tracks found their way to the album. Album starts with "Surrender" a dynamic EURO TRANCE fare enpowered with beautiful EVI's vocal and a melody that you'll be humming instantly. "All Night Long" represents crossover between POP and HOUSE. I understand need for diversity, but definately not my cap of tea. "Deep In Your Heart" is exceptionally well done NRG fare. Lots of infectious, rolling keyboards that mingle with some hot synths action and a bouncing dance production. "Only You" once again is more in NRG territory, and has some DISCO influence in it. Not exactly 80's style, but some flavor of that era has it's stamp here. Another pumping tune "Still" has some U-2 feel. Massive assult on clubland's global forces, too bad tha't in short form. Extended version would do better justice, but after all it is just an album. As I said, some POP is here as well. Very down tempo "True" ballad-like tune fits that bill. "Who's That Girl" features male vocal by DAVID VERVOOT instead of EVI. This is NRG influenced POP tune with some rolling synths here and there. Well... if you really want to get some quality VOCAL TRANCE from LASGO, than you finally arrived to your spot. "Yesterday" is such a tune. Beautifully crafted TRANCE tune, melodically superior. The title track "Far Away" is an instrumental journey to TRANCE experience. Beauty on it's own. It starts very slowly. Harp section has this starting element joined few second later by fast pace synth beat. Sorta JAZZY TRANCE kinda thing. Than it moves to BIG ROOM TRANCE experience to die for. Mouth watering experience if you ask me. LASGO also sported a remake of "Hold Me Now" originally from 1983 by THOMPSON TWINS. No, not exactly TRANCE version of this song, but interpretation is interesting. Taken together if you did not buy this album yet, you should. It is available domestically. Sound sampler from this album features 6 tunes. Enjoy the music and support the artists by buying their product.

for more information about LASGO, please visit her official website at

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01. Surender - 3:10 (1)
02, All Night Long - 3:59
03. Deep In Your Heart - 3:23
04. Only You - 3:34 (2)
05. Still - 3:49 (3)
06. True - 3:54
07. Who's That Girl - 4:16
08. Yesterday - 3:42 (6)
09. Far Away - 5:35 (4)
10. Lying - 3:08
11. Tell Me - 4:46 (5)
12. Tonight - 4:47
13. Hold Me Now - 3:55

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Title: Mind The Gap - reviewed on 07/21/05
Label: 2004 Avex (Taiwan)
Index #: AVICD60355/6

SCOOTER - Mind The Gap I am also late with this 2004 release by TECHNO mega group from Germany: SCOOTER. "Mind The Gap" was released back in 2004. There were three editions of this album. Basic, Regular and DeLuxe. I am presenting you an Taiwanese edition of this album that is still available from I am sure I don't need to introduce this veteran TECHNO group. First CD features 13 tunes along with multimedia part containing "Shake That!" video and some group's photos. As you might expect from creative SCOOTER the album has kinda weird starts with "Killer Bees" tune. The first regular tune is "One (Always Hardcore)" released also back in 2004 as a single. Same goes with the next tune "Shake That!". Yet another 2004 successfully released tune as a single. "My Eyes Are Dry" is also a TECHNO tune with with some bouncing, POP-HOUSE production and french "counting in" vocals to spice the flavor. "All I Wanna Do" is full of gapper effects and extremely high speed tune with definately HARDCORE feel. After all SCOOTER were and still are doing this style from time o time. So here it is. Next is "Jigga Jigga", group's top notch TECHNO tune from 2003. I always like this track. Granted. It is very commercial TECHNO but I really like that ENYA-like sections as part of the tune. I also like it's dynamic and kinda hands-in-the-air production type."Trance-Atlantic" highlights a thundering, darkly sexy TRANCE production with big, beautiful synthesizers gliding ever skyward as the rhythms intensidy and fly almost on their own. I am big and fan of TRANCE sound, and this tune is an exceptional example of great quality of this style. Again, has commercial backbone, yet it has this uniqueness. Gorgeous! Album also sports most current single (actually released in 2005) "Suavamante". This is LATINO-influenced TECHNO. Yeah! SCOOTER is definately experimenting. "The Chaser" is exactly what SCOOTER is famous of. Hard beat, shouting vocal, fast speed. This one is also topped with some OPERA female vocals. This tune combines actually TECHNO and TRANCE with this unique OPERA TRANCE experience. Yet another very well done experiment. Second CD features LIVE performance as part of SCOOTER's "We Like It Loud" 2004 tour. Taken together a must for all SCOOTERS fans out there. The mix I prepared features 6 tunes taken from first CD. Enjoy!

For more info about SCOOTER, please click

CD 1
01. Killer Bees
02. One (Always Hardcore) (1)
03. Shake That!
04. My Eyes Are Dry (2)
05. All I Wanna Do
06. Jigga! Jugga! (3)
07. Panties wanted
08. Trance-Atlantic (6)
09. Stripped
10. Suavemente (4)
11. The Chaser (5)
12. The Avenger's Back
13. Trip To Nowhere

01. Shake That! Video
02. Photos
01. Intro
02. Maria (I Like It Loud
03. Weekend!
04. Friends
05. Waiting For Spring
06. Let Me Be Your Valentine
07. Faster Harder Scooter
08. Break It Up
09. Frequent Traveller
10. How Much Is The Fish?
11. Nessaja
12. Jigga Jigga
13. Hyper Hyper
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