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Title: Hits & Remixes 2001 -> 2006 - reviewed on 03/19/06
Label: 2005 EQ Music (Singapore) / Germany
Index #: EA 71004
KLUBBINGMAN - Hits & Remixes 2001 -> 2006 For many classic EURODANCE fans KLUBBINGMAN is known by his real name TOMMY SCHLEH who together with ENRICO ZABLER and TRIXY DELGADO formed back in 1991 an original MASTERBOY super DANCE project. TOMMY started using his KLUBBINGMAN nick back in 1981, however this name flourished after MASTERBOY project went on shelf. KLUBBINGMAN released several singles and most of the departed from classic EURODANCE and became more mainstream TECHNO/TRANCE oriented. KLUBBINGMAN is well regarded writer, artist, DJ and remixer. He released several singles, remixed countless projects/DJs such as ROCCO, TOPMODELZ, ANACONDA to name the few. Presented here "Hits & Remixes 2001 -> 2006" is the very special kind of an album. This double CD features in first CD his most known singles while the second CD delivers powerful remixes of some of those tunes featured in first one. Album starts with "Love Message". This particular tune in original form was released in 1996 for AIDS benefit. Now, almost 10 years later this tune resurfaces again. Tune Up! vs. DJ Manian Remix of "Love Message" in second CD brings this classic upbeat EURO tune to higher stage of TECHNO pandemonium with heavy TRANCE influence. TRIXY's intoxicatingly lovely yet masculine vocals join forces with plethora of spectacular club-oriented keyboard lines to deliver a powerful remix. "Revolution", next tune in the album, as a single was released back in July 2005 as a celebration of 8th birthday of cult Sunshine Live radio show. TRIXY DELGADO provided her delicious vocal to this one as well. Second CD features Tune Up! vs. Cascada Remix. Yet another intoxicating and explosive TRANCE-influenced mega production of high caliber. It reached top positions in worldwide dance charts. "Magic Summer Night" was released as single in August 2004. Album features two mixes with Cascada vs. Plazmatek Remix on the second CD. Seductively rhythmic TECHNO/TRANCE fare with laid-back feel, hypnotic bottom rumbling beneath outrageously hot hooks. Very dancable piece of work. Next is from 2003 "No Limit On The Beach". In a sense very similar in climate to "Magic Summer Night". It has that laid back part with IBIZA feel, but that should not fool you. Overall it is heavy TECHNO/TRANCE tune with some uplifting piano sections here and there. Highly charged club-anthem. What else should you expect from Axel Coon Club Remix featured on second CD? "Welcome To the Club" is one of his better known tunes. Released back in 2001 become a signature name for CD compilations under the same name remixed by KLUBBINGMAN. Entire "Welcome To The Club" CD series is flagged as official compilation od Sunshine-Live radio show. The Pulsedriver vs. Rocco Remix of this tune featured on second CD has some BROOKLYN BOUNCE feel since it delivers some PROGRESSIVE buttom. "Highway To The Sky" from 2002 is featured in three versions with Megara vs DJ Lee Remix and Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T Remix on the second CD.The first mentioned mix sports majestic synth work and hard-charging lines of beats that are incredibly powerful and commanding. Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T Remix definately invades TECHNO territory with powerful beats and bass bottom. Surprisingly track is still melodic with seductive female vocals that is startingly effective. The same female vocal entertains us in "Open Your Mind" tune that is also presented in three versions. Remixes by DJ Shah and Pulsedriver vs Rocco Remix are of superb quality. Both deliver pounding bottom and soaring synth lines zooming straight to the big room stratosphere. Taken together we have here a sweet release worth of every single dollar you pay for it. I am sure many of you wil lfind this one as a great addendum to their collection. I prepared mix containing 8 tunes. I selected 6 from second CDs (remixes) and two from the first CD. I encourage you to support this artist and buy this album. For now enjoy the sound!

for more information about KLUBBINGMAN, please visit his website at

01. Love Message
02. Revolution
03. Magic Summer Night
04. No Limit On The Beach
05. Welcome To The Club
06. Highway To The Sky
07. Wonderland (7)
08. Open Your Mind
09. Dreaming For A Better World
10. Riddim (8)

01. Love Message (Tune Up! vs.DJ Manian Remix) (1)
02. Revolution (Tune Up! vs. Cascada Remix) (2)
03. Magic Summer Night (Cascada vs. Plazmatek Remix) (3)
04. No Limit On The Beach (Alex Coon Club Remix) (4)
05. Welcome To The Club (Pulsedriver vs. Rocco Remix)
06. Highway To The Sky (Megara vs. DJ Lee Remix) (6)
07. Highway To The Sky (Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T Remix)
08. Open Your Mind (DJ Shah Remix) (5)
09. Open Your Mind (Pulsedriver vs. Rocco Remix)
10. Dreaming For A Better World (DJ Shah Late Night Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Greatest Hits Of The 90's & Beyond - reviewed on 03/19/06
Label: 2005 EQ Music (Singapore) / Germany
Index #: EA 70937
MASTERBOY - Greatest Hits Of The 90's & Beyond So here we are with classic EURODANCE sound. All serious die hard fans of this sound will recognize the name MASTERBOY instantenously. Their success in 90's was unprecedented. First single released back in 1990 "Dance To The Beat" became an instantenous hit and opened gates of success for this group. An amazing history and incredible pathway to reach stardom status. I am not going to talk about history of the group you should refer to provided links at the end of this review. Well... if you missed their sound or was too young back than to own one, here is your life-time opportunity to become a proud owner of their best hits in one box. Thanks to EQ Music from Singapore we have this double CD album entitled "Greatest Hits Of The 90's & Beyond". First CD contains 21 tunes representing great overview of group's history. It has "Masterboy Theme" featured in very first album followed by many very successful tunes from follow up albums. While TRIXY DELGADO was a lead vocal from the beginning there were two another female vocalists (Linda Rocco from US, and Annabell Krischak) that sang with MASTERBOY after TRIXY left. While both ladies had their qualities, MASTERBOY in post TRIXY period was not exactly the same. So such tunes as "Show Me Colours" and "Mister Feeling" are featuring LINDA ROCCO. "Porque e Vas" and "I Like To Like" in contrary feature ANNABELL KRISCHAK vocals. You will find in this album previously unreleased on any album "Nights Of Broadway". This tune from 1998 is a cover of Gibb's brother successful hit and was released as limited vinyl edition only. It was recorded in R&B style with EURO influence. Second CD (bonus CD) contains exclusive album megamix. Great 20 minutes of party music. As a matter of fact I used it as a sound sampler to present you this album. Taken together, truly masterful release. It brings not only great memory of this mega group but also delivers a powerful anthology of group's achievement. 16 years of success in one box illustrated by titles from different periods of their history. Titles are not presented in chronological order, but you will be able to hear how the sound changed with different female singers and the time they were recorded hence influence of HOUSE, R&B, TRANCE in several of them. I hope I convinced you to buy this album. I am not sure when and if another kind of "The Best Of" album will be released. I am not sure if MASTERBOY will come out with new single or not (the group never oficially ceased of existance) so this album has to suffice for the time being.

for more information about MASTERBOY, please visit their website at or our MASTERBOY Page

01. I Got To Give It Up
02. Feel The Fire
03. I Need A Lover Tonight
04. Anybody
05. Feel The Heat Of The Night 2003
06. Show Me Colours
07. El Ritmo
08. Land Of Dreaming
09. I Like To Like It
10. Genration Of Love
11. Is This The Love
12. I Want To Break Free
13. La Ola Hand Of The Night
14. Ride Like The Wind
15. Feel The Heat Of The Night
16. Mister Feeling
17. Nights On Broadway
18. Shake It Up And Dance
19. Different Dreams
20. Porque e Vas
21. Masterboy Theme

CD 2 - BONUS (Exclusive Album Megamix) (1)
01. Intro
02. Anybody
03. Generation Of Love
04. Feel The Heat Of The Night
05. Is This The Love
06. I Got To Give It Up
07. Different Dreams
08. Show Me Colours
09. Feel The Heat Of The Night 2000
10. I Like To Like It
11. Dance To The Beat
12. Porque Te Vas
13. Mister Feeling
14. Land Of Dreaming
15. Outro
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Title: The Best Of - reviewed on 03/11/06
Label: 2005 EQ Music (Singapore) / Italy
Index #: EA 70845

LUCA ZETA - The Best Of I am late with presenting LUCA ZETA's "The Best Of" album released last year. It was not my fault, I finally received this album couple of days ago. So voila! Here it is. LUCA ZETA actually never released an album, but rather several singles such as "Got To Believe", "Hold Me Tonight", "Star", "I'll Be Good To You" all featured in this album and most recently "Through The Barricades". Interestingly presented album was released first by Singapore-based EQ MUSIC label in the middle of 2005 while the Italian edition called "The Beats Of Luca Zeta" followed couple months later. The track listing for both albums is almost identical. You might not be familiar with LUCA ZETA but in local Italian scene he established himself as famous DJ, an extraodinary artist and producer of DANCE music. His sets as DJ are always very popular. Now you have the opportunity to meet him in the presented album that features 10 song and 6 bonus tracks with more club-oriented version of the tune featured in the album. "The Best Of" starts with "I'll Be Good To You". It is a one happy POP/DANCE tune with highly energetic riffs done in Italian style. Yummy! In bonus section this track is offered in it's Extended Mix that is much more club friendly. I like that pounding synths featured in this version. The next one "Star" has been released as a single in December 2004. This is truly NRG/EURO-TRANCE fare done in galloping and muscular style. Flawless instrumentation and interesting male vocals. This title has been doubled by Trance Club Mix featured in bonus section. Yeah! This one is da bomb! Very energetic with this pure EURO beginning that suddenly moves into EURO/TRANCE territory with LUCA's voice reaching falsetto. Yeah. The title of the mix might be a little off. It's not really a TRANCE if you will, but rather electronically enhanced high end BPM track. No matter what, I am sure this one will send the hard-core EURO fans into orbit! "Song Of Joy" is also presented in two versions. The album version is nice DANCE tune supported by computer generated riffs. This is kinda uplifting, danceable but forgetable. On the other hand, it's Extended Rave Remix falls into D'AGOSTINO sound with delightful strings and lucious synthesizers underlining pumping buttom. "Got To Believe" it's right into DANCE NATION style. Happily crafted DANCE tune. You will get even more kick out of Trance Club Mix that actually sounds like TRANCE tune with driving synths and passionate LUCA's vocals. With interest I listened to "Flames of Love" FANCY signature track. I was a bit hesitant because the caliber of original would likely be hard to match. In a sense I was right. LUCA's voice is not exactly the same as FANCY, but with help of the computer work it reached some limited similarities. What was of interest though, the way LUCA ZETA approached sound. It has that updated EURO/TRANCE feel with original NRG feel retained. There are more tunes in this album and I hope you will be delighted to know it is still available to buy. I am presenting you with a sound sampler containng 8 tunes from this intersitng and worth to have album. Give it a try! I am sure you will be taken!

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01. I'll Be Good To You
02. Star
03. Song Of Joy (feat. Jordi Carreras & Mark)
04. Got To Believe
05. Calling (feat. Nina S)
06. I'm Ready (6)
07. We Belong (8)
08. Flames Of Love (1)
09. Everyday (5)
10. Hold Me Tonight (4)
11. I'll Be Good To You (Extended Mix)
12. Star (Trance Club Mix) (2)
13. Song Of Joy (Extended Rave Remix) (3)
14. Got To Believe (Trance Club Mix) (7)
15. Calling (Club Remix)
16. We Belong (Extended Mix)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Open Your Heart - reviewed on 03/04/06
Artist: T.M.-JOY
Label: 2005 (6) Music Sternchen Records (Germany)
Index #: MS LP 426009149002

T.M.-JOY - Open Your Heart In 2004 I have revieved album by very interesting German project T.M-JOY of MARCUS DUPPACH and FLORIAN ZINK who sings for the group. "Open Your Heart " is group's 4th album that was originally planned to be released in December 2005, but actually hit the streets in 2006. Album features 16 tracks and 3 bonus remixes to die for. Similar to the previous album, group keeps staying with uplifting HI-NRG/EURO sound, heavily enriched with electronica of various sorts. Album starts with "In Silence". Right from the very beginning you know that you will be exposed to an incredibly lush and intoxicating sound that fills this album and trip is just starting. This first fare is done in SLEAZY NRG style, but updated with more sophisticated synths that is offered by today's technology. Next is the title song "Open Your Heart". A combination of POP sound with some NRG strings. I was not exactly fond of this one at first, but maybe because I didn't listen to it long enough. You should take time. It will grow on you. Also more on POP side is "More ..." (nomen omen). Excellent vocal and great melody too, with lots of fantastic hooks. Well done I must say! "The Sweet Hello" is very BAD BOYS BLUE-alike tune. I love it! Very bright, infectious melody with charmingly innocent male vocals. I am sure all of you who liked that BBB signature sound, will love this tune as well. One of the highlights of this album. In similar style is next tune:"Why Don't You Talk With Me". It's yet another uplifting beauty aiming to the late 80's/early 90s German Hi-NRG sound. Simultaneously "cute" and seductively masculine. I am sure you will also fall in love with next song: "Come Back" that again invades BBB-like teritory. Incredibly catchy tune, rich in uplifting synthesizers that are big, bright and bouncey. "You Are My Fantasy" is a melodic trip to more classic NRG sound with haunting male vocals. It has beat, it has rhythm, it has mystic feel and even have some DREAM elements a la ROBERT MILES. Magnificent synths glide over beautiful melody and a compellingly rhythmic bottom line. This one is followed by "Why You Let Me Go". I was amazed by truly uplifting, glorious synthesizers that soar on this big-room beauty. Timeless piece of dance music, and Gee! this male vocal reaching falsetto is just out of this world!. Heavenly treat. Special attention needs "Kaca Kaca" tune. I put this tune in sound sampler, but it does not do the justice. You have to listen this tune in it's entirety to truly experience this POP/NRG fusion with sparkling female vocals by Turkish artist Arzu C. This fare is actually a theme song for Turkish movie "Otobus Sevdasi". Another incredible trip to melodic NRG underlined by spaceful synth pattern is in "Heartbeat". This is a gorgeous production, and track itself is one of yet another highlights of this album. This release contains also some down-tempo tunes. "All The Whispers" is very ENIGMA-alike production. It's dramatic, angelic, yet ghostly female vocal in French language adds to the darkness and mystery (this French touch is also present in "Wanna Fly With You"). Oh my! You feel like being embedded in that mystic atmosphere and ready to explode. Not to worry! You will stay calm as this track closes with beautiful finish. You will be in love. Among bonus remixes heavily influenced by electronica, you cannot afford to miss is "I Wish You Were Here" in Weatherstorm's Desire For A New Start Remix. Fierce EURO-TRANCE production with wild electronica, gorgeous melodic baseline and thunderous, swirling, heavily synthesized strings! Another "Oh my! I cannot believe my ears" kind of song. Weatherstorm's Sanddrift Feather Mix of "More ..." is a pure TRANCE joy. This one gives you a full bucket of dazzling electronics. Powerful, hard-charging synths gallop gracefully around spoken male vocal. A treat for both NRG and TRANCE fans. Taking together you are being presented with solid album to satisfy almost any end-listener who likes DANCE. I prepared 10 track sound sampler from this release. Of course I couldn't feature all the songs, and I was probably not able to capture real climate of this album. You really have to have this album to experience it's beauty. I think you already know it is a MUST for you to own this beauty.

For more info about T.M.-JOY, please visit their homepage at:

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01. In Silence - 3:23 (1)
02. Open Your Heart - 3:42
03. The Way You Smile - 3:45 (2)
04. More … (Short Single Edit) - 3:29 (3)
05. The Sweet Hello - 4:26 (4)
06. Why Don't You Talk To Me - 3:44
07. How Deep Is Your Love - 3:34
08. Come Back - 3:53 (5)
09. Wanna Fly With You - 4:11 (6)
10. I Wish You Were Here - 3:34
11. Save Me (I Can't Let You Go) - 3:01 (7)
12. You're My Fantasy - 3:52
13. Why You Let Me Go (New Vocal Relive Mix '05) - 3:56
14. Kaca Kaca (feat. Arzu C) - 4:14 (10)
15. Heartbeat - 3:27 (8)
16. All The Whispers (Wheatherstorm/J.C. Carlten Remix) - 4:27
17. I Wish You Were Here (Weatherstorm's Desire For A New Start Remix) - 4:45 (9)
18. More ... (Weatherstorm's Sanddrift Feather Mix) - 4:48
19. Open Your Heart (Dick's G-Funk Remix) - 4:27

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Everytime We Touch - reviewed on 03/04/06
Label: 2006 Robbins Entertainment (US)
Index #: 76869-75064-2

CASCADA - Everytime We Touch"Everytime We Touch " is CASCADA's debut album amazingly released in the US first! I found that not only incredible, but promising for American audience who lack exposure to quality DANCE music. Thanks to Robbins Entertainment CASCADA (NATALIE HORLER) a 25 years old German singer has now opportunity to become a popular singer here in the US. CASCADA does what is a combination of VOCAL TRANCE and EURO NRG. High speed tunes will surely bring any dance floor alive. If you like LASGO, GROOVE COVERAGE, SYLVER or MILK INC. you will find similarities here. Most of the tracks were written and produced by YANOO and DJ MANIAN. If you are following current German Dance scene these names should be familiar to you. The album entertains 14 tunes. By now you already should heard some of them, like the title song "Everytime We Touch" or most recent single "How Do You Do". "Everytime We Touch" originally released back in February 2005 opened worldwide doors for CASCADA and became her signature tune. This was not her first single though. Back in 2004 she released "Miracle" and "Bad Boy". Both tunes are featured in this album as well. So how about the music in this album? American audience might find the music corny and riffs cheezy. Partially, reason for it is the fact that American market is rather anti-DANCE. In my opinion, mostly because of limited exposure and derogatory labeling of people who subscribe to that music style. This is changing and this album definately helps to achieve this. What else you have to keep in mind is fact that this is commercially driven album and should be treated as such. Fun to listen to and be easy with. This was achieved in 100%. YES! I do like this album. I actually like it a lot. There are many more songs that those four titles I mentioned. For instance "Ready For Love" is a high-octane treat. Great vocal, galloping synths and knock-out production. True candidate to become next powerful single. (Robbins are you listening?) Album contains also some interesting covers and remakes. Suprisingly well revamped early 80's KIM WILDE's "Kids In America" brings a lot of energy and power. Same goes (maybe at lesser degree) to originally by NIK KERSHAW's "Wouldn't It Be Good". Also hard-charged cover of X-PERIENCE's "A Neverending Dream" is worth of your money. The album does not only deliver full-blown energy but also some down-tempo tunes. Among three of them is cover of SAVAGE GARDEN's "Truly Madly Deeply". This after party tune will do great also as a standalone single. It matches perfectly mainstream America. Taken together one great offering already charted in Billboard's TOP ELECTRONIC album chart (for March 11th, placed as the 3rd in first week of entry !!!). I prepared a sound sampler with 8 songs taken from this outstanding offering. Please support CASCADA and other dance artists entering American market. Buy this album to show your very much needed support!

For more information about CASCADA, please visit her home page at

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01. Everytime We Touch - 3:19 (1)
02. How Do You Do! - 3:15 (2)
03. Bad Boy - 3:12 (3)
04. Miracle - 3:38 (4)
05. Another You - 3:37
06. Ready For Love - 3:23 (5)
07. Can't Stop The Rain - 3:28
08. Kids In America - 3:00
09. Neverending Dream - 3:23 (6)
10. Truly Madly Deeply - 4:12
11. One More Night - 3:42
12. Wouldn't It Be Good - 3:27 (7)
13. Love Again - 3:28 (8)
14. Everytime We Touch (Yanou's Candlelight Mix) 3:15

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: The Best Of And More - reviewed on 02/21/06
Label: 2005 ZYX / RoJam Records (Germany)
Index #: ZYX 20731-2

LIAN ROSS - The Best Of And MoreIn current nostalgic karma, several labels do release retrospective albums. An excellent example of this trend is released in 2005 by ZYX, album "The Best Of And More" by German famous songstress LIAN ROSS. I am not sure how many of you remember or have knowledge of this prolific singer of DISCO/HIGH ENERGY era, but if you don't the opportunity to meet her just became available. LIAN ROSS was recording at the same time as C.C. CATCH. She was quite popular but level of her popularity never really matched one of C.C. CATCH, and it was unfortunate. LIAN ROSS managed to bring several major hits such as her signature songs "Fantasy" or "Say You'll Never". As a fact of the matter "Fantasy" has been revamped in 1998 and most recently in 2004. Behind 2004 makeover, a stunningly elegant and beautiful version in new EURONRG heights, was LUIS RODRIGUEZ. The man who was responsible for success of MODERN TALKING and C.C. CATCH album he produced, as well as most recently for success of MARK ASHLEY's terrific single "When I See The Angels Cry". LUIS RODRIGUEZ is also a producer of this "The Best Of And More" album. LIAN ROSS has a very unique in texture, angelic voice. This voice became a signature voice of the style referred as SLEAZY NRG. I was and still am truly impressed of her vocal abilities. Featured album contains 12 songs including those two hits I mentioned above and more. You will find here (no surprise) her truly lovely interpretation of MODERN TALKING's mega hit "You're My Heart, You're My Soul". From her more recent material two songs "One More Chance" and "Hello It's Me" are included. Both songs written by Italian team of Crotti, Ambrogio/Ricco and Luigi are refreshing, with more updated sound. LIAN ROSS sounds great here. I believe she is still performing and I hope more material is coming. Most recently her concert in Moscow was a huge success showing support for her and her music. If you are new to 80's European DISCO/HIGH ENERGY sound this album will be revealing, if you know the artist, this release is a must! I have prepared sound sampler with 8 songs taken from this album. I hope it will help you to get to know this artist better or re-discover her if you already know her music. Enjoy!

For more information on LIAN ROSS's releases, please visit
The Eurodance Encyclopædia

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01. Say You'll Never 5:48 (1)
02. Fantasy - 5:30 (2)
03. Scratch My Name - 5:17 (3)
04. It's Up To You - 5:34 (4)
05. Neverending Love (Song) - 5:44
06. Oh Won't You Tell Me - 4:49
07. Do You Wanna Funk - 6:49
08. Feel So Good - 4:26
09. Say Say Say - 5:36
10. Neverending Love (Rap) 5:34
11. Don't You Go Away - 5:32 (5)
12. You're My Heart, You're My Soul - 5:15 (6)
13. One More Chance - 3:00 (7)
14. Hello It's Me - 3:22 (8)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Luckystar - The 3rd Album - reviewed on 01/18/06
Label: 2005 Music Sternchen Records (Germany)
Index #: 426009149001

MARK ASHLEY - LuckystarThe appeal of this young man's dreamy EURO DISCO music has been growing at a massive pace since his last full album. MARK ASHLEY is the stunning German vocalist that has a vocal so close to industry icon THOMAS ANDERS (solo/ and ex-MODERN TALKING lead), that in the market left vacant by his peers he has grown into quite the icon. This, the third full album from the angelic vocalist is a continuation of what one would expect from him as an artist - melodic, frothy EURO DISCO with excellent vocals. In the last 2 years he has had to chart hits with "When I See The Angels Cry" (one of the best modern EURO DISCO tracks ever produced I'd say) and the slightly less successful "I'll Be There For You Tonight". The great thing with MARK ASHLEY is that his music is consistently outstanding both vocally and in production. Who's says Mr. Bohlen is the only person who can make this music memorable? On that note, of course we see the stamp of a DIETER BOHLEN pen all over the music, and in the production ethic; and at times lately the God of EURO DISCO FANCY. I feel this is his best album to date, and is strong all the way through with out a single fumble. "Luckystar" is a lovely mid-tempo track, and will be the lead single from the album - with remixes soon be available commercially I have heard. The next track "Little Lady Love Me" has a distinct M.T./BLUE SYSTEM lyric style, and is quite beautiful. The octane of the album is launched on the FANCY-esque feel of "Higher Than Heaven" - a very EURO based up tempo song with a gorgeous hook and I think should be the next single with out doubt! It also shows Mark's wonderful range dramatically and is a stand out on the full album. "Run For Cover" is a blatant homage to THOMAS ANDERS's finest HiNRG material. I must say, that I hope the next T.A. album reflects a bit more of this style; which is what fans want - not elevator music. Again, this sounds like a FANCY production more than one by MR. BOHLEN, and is simply gorgeous. "Never Lie To Me" is perfect if you enjoy EURO DISCO with a slightly COUNTRY feel to the rhythms (think "In The Rain Again" by GRANT MILLER). Don't confuse the next track "To the Moon And Back" with SAVAGE GARDEN. This song is very ITALODANCE flavoured in style with a nod and a wink to the best of the GAZEBO singles lyrically, albeit more up tempo BPM wise and has some gorgeous piano riffs throughout the mix. Fans of the current BODIES WITHOUT ORGANS smash "Gone" will adore the next track "Save Me (Don't Break Me)". It features a vocoder rap section and some old-school BLUE SYSTEM stadium effects on the production. I'd say this could be a single as well especially in Nordic territories, as it's very pan-European in sound. Sparkling piano and a passionate vocal over a DJ ROSS/GABRY PONTE styled arrangement makes "Undying" a rather smashing and new vibe to the album. The vocals are of course pristine, but I would expect if released as a single in Italy it would be huge. I'll say it again, as it's hard to point out what would be best for a single follow up with such solid choices on this album, but for fans of late 80s EURO DISCO this is ‘the' track on the album (think "Angel Eyes" by FANCY). Next up is "I Can't Live Without You", which is of course highly melodic but not as hot as the others on the album in my opinion; but works perfectly in an album set. Again, lots of acoustic piano riffs that is a great listen. For me personally, I was quite moved by the production on the potent "Greatest Love". If you listen closely to this one, you'll find EURO DISCO as a genre defined. Magically moving like a power ballad with a dance beat and orchestration that not too many years ago would have required a symphony orchestra to accompany the vocalist. I believe with EURO DISCO seeing it's biggest resurgence since the 1998 period, this will be well received by passionate fans of more glamourous dance music. "Life!" is a bubbly up-tempo track, and again a nice fit for the album; even the percussion is rather Swedish (no not IKEA!). To end the main section of the album we are treated to another BWO homage called "Your Love Is My Love" that echos the "Living In A Fantasy" style of that group. It is down-tempo and the orchestral feel is breathy and fluid to the ear. It adds a nice dimension to the album which to some may seem to sound repetitive musically on one listen. It takes several listens to truly appreciate this album for the beautiful listen it is as a whole. I can get rather lost in euro disco music as it is so damn lush, and for a classically trained musician like myself I can see the subtle nuances between the songs and their complexities. The album continues with a powerful version of "Luckystar" called the "Another Vision Mix" - this is the one I'd base the club mix on. The boyz of WEATHERSTORM (aka T.M. JOY) make their presence on the 'EURO DISCO meets TRANCE' remix of "Run For Cover". The ATB sound is the vibe on their next remix of "I Can't Live Without You". If you like the current chart hit by ATB called "Humanity", I think you'll quite like this one (albeit a male vocal of course). "Never Lie To Me" is remixed by DICK VAN TOON on the rather odd 70s disco mix, and to be honest is not a good fit for the album. It is a stripped down very old-school mix that I'd skip by quickly. The album ends with the instrumental version of the album's finest track "Undying", and for the sake of remixing for DJ-s, or for listening to it's a perfect closure to a rather outstanding release from this artist. Fans of this genre from the beginnings in the 80s until today, will find great pleasure in owning this album.
Enjoy the sound sampler with 8 tunes taken from this exceptional release.

for more information about MARK ASHLEY , please visit his website at

Senior Correspondent Reviewer, EURONRG Section
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01. Luckystar - 3:33 (1)
02. Little Lady Love Me - 3:39 (2)
03. Higher Than Heaven - 3:34 (3)
04. Run For Cover - 3:32
05. Never Lie To Me - 3:25
06. To The Moon And Back - 3:44
07. Save Me (Don't Break Me) - 3:33 (4)
08. Undying - 3:24 (5)
09. I Can't Live Without You - 3:46
10. Greatest Love - 3:29
11. Life! - 3:34 (6)
12. Your Love Is My Love - 4:29
13. Luckystar (Another Vision Mix) - 3:34
14. Run For Cover (Weatherstorm's Sign Of Life Remix) - 4:15 (7)
15. I Can't Live Without You (Weatherstorm's Sunlight Remix) - 4:08 (8)
16. Never Lie To Me (Dick's Vegas Remix) - 4:49
17. Undying (Instrumental Version) - 3:24

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: The Fans Of Modern Talking - reviewed on 01/18/06
Artist: MARK ASHLEY feat. T.M. JOY
Label: 2005 Dance Street (Germany)
Index #: DST 76081-2
MARK ASHLEY feat. T.M. JOY - The Fans Of Modern Talking "The Fans Of Modern Talking" is a special double CD from MARK ASHLEY. It was released about month later from his "Luckystar" album. This is edition directed to his fans. First CD features material from his two previous albums. 19 tunes with pure SLEAZY ENERGY music. In review of "Luckystar" Jason, well described the music played by MARK ASHLEY, so I will not repeat it. However, if you did not hear about MARK or you just discovered him by the "Luckystar" album, presented here set is must to have. First CD starts with one of the most powerful track I heard from MARK, "When I See The Angels Cry". Amazingly done tune. Combining sophisticated drama of FANCY's "Flames of Love" with subtle voice of MODERN TALKING-alike. You should check video to this tune (click here). This CD is loaded with hot stuff, that will melt hearts of any fans of MODERN TALKING out there like fare "The Fans Of Modern Talking" or "Dream Of Great Emotion" that feature signature sound from that legendary project. There are many other fares subscribing to this sound, hence the title of the album. MARK keeps this sound alive, and I am greatful that he does. This is DANCE album in it's entirety. No slow tunes (there are some with a bit lower BPM, but not too low to qualify as slow tunes). Taken together this is a great release. Listeners not familiar with MODERN TALKING will consider this release as corny and cheesy, but fans will find it a dream come true. Second CD is truly directed to MARK's fans. You fill find there megamix with tunes taken from first CD, 6 karaoke versions of his songs, you can sing along with, if you like this kind of activity. There are also two video clips and wall paper. Entire package to enjoy. I prepared mix with 10 selected tunes from the first CD. Enjoy the sound and always I encourage you to support this artist and get the album.

for more information about MARK ASHLEY , please visit his website at

CD 1
01. When I See The Angels Cry (1)
02. I'll Be There For You Tonight (9)
03. Save Our Love
04. Dream Of Great Emotion
05. On A Sunday (2)
06. You Got Me With A Smile
07. The Fans Of Modern Talking (3)
08. Mareen (7)
09. Say You'll Be Mine
10. You Are The One (8)
11. Love Is Stronger
12. I Love You So (JC's Dancer Mix)
13. My Valerie (10)
14. Love Is Like The Sea (4)
15. You Are The One
16. It's Just The Way I Love You So
17. Lover Why (5)
18. Forever Blue (6)
19. Sarah

01. MARK ASHLEY Megamix
02 You Are The One
03. I'll Be There For You Tonight
04. The Fans Of Modern Talking
05. On A Sunday
06. Dream Of Great Emotion
07. Mareen
09. Dream Of Great Emotion
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Manadrynkowy Sen - reviewed on 01/11/06
Label: 2005 Universal Music (PL)
Style: DANCE
Index #: 06024 9 87394 3 3

MANDARYNA - Mandarynkowy Sen MANDARYNA gained her initial recognition as part of very popular Polish POP group ICH TROJE. In private life she is (was) wife of the leading vocalist from that group. Presented album "Mandarynkowy Sen" is her second one and was released in August of 2005. In her solo career she shifted interest from POP to DANCE and quite easily became uncrowned queen of current Polish DANCE. Several tunes in this album were written and album as a whole was produced by Germans: Harald Retinger and Uli Fisher. If you like DANCE style you should like this album pretty much. You will find here several brand new and original tunes such as "Every Night" that was actually released also as a single to be a prelude to the album. You also will hear some covers. For instance "A Spaceman Come Travelling" originally from repertoire of CHRIS DE BURGH received a total DANCE makeover. Same goes to "You Give Love A Bad Name" originally by ... BON JOVI! This particular tune became second single. Melodically very agressive and uptempo DANCE track. I was quite impressed what has been to this otherwise ROCK fare. If you have REAL PLATER installed, you can check VIDEO for this song here. Album in general is recorded in English language, however couple of songs are in Polish and one in Spanish. Most of the featured titles are falling into DANCE category. All three mentioned above titles are good representatives, but there are more. "I Wanna Fly" is yet another example of a tune where catching melody line meets well crafted and uplifting MANDARYNA's vocals. One of the best DANCE song from this album. "Esta Noche" borrows some Spanish riffs. Happy tune to dance on the beach. Reminds me a bit of some LOONA's stuff. If you would like to move to a slower tune, you have very down tempo, romantic "I Don't Wanna Fall In Love". In summary, this is a very good release that would do you good if you want to listen to some catchy tunes or are in the mood for dancing. I prepared mix with 7 selected tunes taken from this album. Enjoy the music and support this artist.

for more information about MANDARYNA, please visit her website at

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01. Every Time - 3:07 (2)
02. Winda Do Nieba - 3:56 (1)
03. You Give Love A Bad Name - 3:19 (6)
04. A Spaceman Came Travelling - 3:42 (3)
05. Po Prostu Chce (I Don't Wanna Fall In Love) - 4:07
06. I Wanna Fly - 4:24 (7)
07. Esta Noche - 3:26
08. Don't Say Goodbye - 3:14
09. Stay Forever - 3:14 (4)
10. Possessions - 3:33 (5)
11. I Don't Wanna Fall In Love - 4:07
12. VIDEO for Every Time

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Breathe - reviewed on 01/11/06
Label: No Label at time of review

BORN TO BREATHE - Breathe BORN TO BREATHE is the project of 21yr TOBIAS MAGNUSSON from Sweden. This is a unique situation, TOBIAS contacted me recently and asked to check his music he posted on, a website for producers and artists that are not signed to labels and making their music available to be purchased. BORN TO BREATHE has actually full album that could be released but for now can be purchased by a title or a whole. I was a little bit hesistant to check the stuff, since I am getting such requests on daily basis and in most cases I feel that not giving any feeback is better than give a bad one. This was not a case here. When I started listening to music by BORN TO BRETHE I was mesmerized. Right from very first tune I was taken by spectacular DREAM sound and amazing piano work. This is the style that entire album caters to. I had a flashback when ROBERT MILES "Children" appeared first time and made the DREAM HOUSE a leading style at that time. Well... BORN TO BREATHE does DREAM too, but it is not MILES if anything it mind remind another Swedish project RICHI M. However, BORN TO BREATHE style it is more dramatic and aggressive. It is not just a sweet music you can fall into sleep, but rather extremely energized uptempo electronica where piano plays the most important role. After listening "Cry Me A Tear" and "Winds, A Prelude Into Infinity", you will know what the music of this project is all about. Magnificent, powerful and truly beautiful mind stimulating sound. After completing listening to the album I went back to project's website and read more about TOBIAS. He mentioned that he is part of ... METAL band!!!!!!!! I thought I would flip. I sent him an E-mail asking bluntly: How on earth member of METAL group like yourself could make such beautiful mind-stimulating music? I received a modest reply from him : "Well, I haven't always been a member of METAL group. I'm in my roots a instrumental ROCK guitarist where technique and emotion/feeling is big part of the music and then I've always fooled around with a lot of diffrent music styles. I guess when I made some of the songs I had alot in my mind that needed to get out of there..." I only hope that he will produce more of this music and I wish him to get signed (or maybe he should not, because he might get corrupted by the industry). Anyway, this music from his heart is well worth of listening and buying!!!! Yes, Please support him by getting this album from his site at Please listen to a sound sampler containing 6 tunes project has on the website. Enjoy the trip.

For more information about BORN TO BREATHE , please visit project's website at

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01. Cry Me A Tear (1)
02. Winds, A Prelude Into Infinity (2)
03. Free (3)
04. Mindless Anthem (Piano Part) (6)
05. Dreaming
06. Exploring The Universe
07. Breathe (Theme) (4)
08. My Way, My Vision (5)
09. Down (Heavy Dance)
10. Mind Creation

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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