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Title: Euro IV Ever In America - reviewed on 05/19/06
Artist: E-TYPE
Label: 2006 Airus Entertainment LLC (US) / Stockholm Records (Sweden)
Style: DANCE
Index #: 84277 00002

E-TYPE - Euro IV Ever In America Finally a US domestic release by King of Swedish DANCE: E-TYPE (MARTIN ERIKSSON). I am sure most of you who are serious about DANCE sound are at least familiar with this very talented Swedish singer. He has been around for a decade and still keeps delivering a hot sound. Presented today "Euro IV Ever in America" album has been released here in the US by Utah based AIRUS ENTERTAINMENT. I am very grateful for this label run by Swedish-born HENRI BONAN that they took this task. DANCE is finally picking up in States and definately E-TYPE should be introduced to American audience (unless they already visited this site and read reviewed and listened to sound samplers from most of previous E-TYPE albums). Titles for this release were selected from two previous albums released in Sweden: "Loud Pipes Save Lives" (6 titles taken) and "Euro IV Ever" (10 titles taken). No new material has been introduced. So, if you already have those two albums, you might skip getting it (unless you are a collector and want to have anything E-TYPE released). However, all others who did not have chance to get them has the unique opportunity to own this one rich of amazing EURO/DANCE songs. E-TYPE is an icon, so is his music. From his excellent 2001 "Euro IV Ever " you are presented with such incredible tracks as "Time" (with vocal provided NANA HEDIN) a priceless tune for EURO lovers. Also "Africa", "When I Close My Eyes" (another intoxicating EURO to cause pandemonium on the dancefloor!) are here . Not only fast tempo songs were taken. For instance in "Banca Banca" you sample SALSA sound. In slow "Arabian Style" dominate oriental accents while in "Borschstjii" Russian folk music elements. How cool is that? "Campione 2000" an anthem of Soccer game in 2000 is here as well. Remaining 6 titles in the album were taken from 2004 "Loud Pipes Save Lives" album. Among them are such powerful fares as "Paradise", in french "Dans Le Fantasie" in very KATE RYAN-alike style and "Forever More" that fuse powerful and upbeat EURO with some OPERA TRANCE elements. I strongly recommend this album. Please buy it to support the artist and this young US label that brought you this marvel. I prepared sound sampler with 9 tunes. Enjoy the sound and run to AIRUS website to get your very own copy of the album!

for more information about E-TYPE, please visit his US website at

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01. Loud Pipes Save Lives - 1:41
02. Paradise - 3:27 (1)
03. Life - 3:42 (2)
04. Arabian Style - 3:52
05. When I Close My Eyes - 4:07 (3)
06. Dans La Fantasie - 4:12 (4)
07. Time - 4:14 (7)
08. Banca Banca - 3:05
09. Africa - 3:38
10. No More Tears - 3:37 (5)
11. Far Up In The Air - 3:34
12. Forever More - 3:43 (8)
13. The Predator - 3:17 (9)
14. Star - 4:15
15. Borschstjii - 4:02 (6)
16. Campione 2000 - 3:33

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Title: Alive & Dangerous - reviewed on 05/19/06
Artist: DA BUZZ
Label: 2006 Airus Entertainment LLC (US) / Bonnier Music (Sweden)
Index #: 84277 00001

DA BUZZ - Alive & Dangerous Another important Swedish act DA BUZZ is also brought by AIRUS ENTERTAINMENT in album "Alive & Dangerous". Similar to above presented E-TYPE release, this one also features selected titles from two previous albums released in Sweden (i.e. "More Than Alive" from 2003 and previously reviewed here on and "Dangerous" from 2005). Morever, especially for this release 4 songs were prepared in targeted to North America audience U.S. Versions of such megahits as "Alive", "Dangerous", "Set My Heart On Fire" and "How Could You Leave Me". These remixes are done in mainstream U.S. POP sound. I personally don't care that much about these versions, because I always liked the original DA BUZZ sound, but on the other hand they might help this album to reach an ordinary teen exposed to radio/MTV type of style. Album starts with "Alive" where the group masterfully combined catchy melodic line with rhythmic beat. This song was placed and #1 in Swedish Dance chart. Similar in style yet more into uplifting POP side is "Dangerous". The magic of energy makes this one a proven dance floor extravaganza. "How Could You Leave Dance" is a full drama , cutting-edge DANCE fare with extremely powerful buttom. Very rhythmic and catchy in style and melody. "Tonight (Is The Night)" is yet another full drama POP tune with strong melodic and vocal hooks abound. The energy continues with "Waiting For Me". Another gorgeous DANCE offering from DA BUZZ combining best from POP and DANCE. This production has a fired-up slant that will make any dance floor frenzy. "Heaven" starts like ROCK tune, but don't get mislead, it raises into spectacular EURO/NRG with hard-charging synth lines. This is truly fascinating tune that has very unique melodic line and ultra-catchy hooks. This is deliciously infectious ditty that will make you dance instantenously. I have to admit this one was a surprise to me when I heard it for the first time three years ago, because it took certain skills and creativity to be able to modernizing this sound to a very well rounded and crafted fare. "I'll Give You All The Love" is yet another example of energized POP. Another example of group's versatility.
Taken together, this album is a great buy for both fans of DA BUZZ and all of you who just discovered this group. I hope that prepared sound sampler with 9 tunes is convincing enough. Support dance music, support the artists and the label by buying this product!

for more information about DA BUZZ , please visit their US website at

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01. Alive
02. Dangerous (5)
03. How Could You Leave Me (8)
04. Tonight (Is The Night) (4)
05. Set My Heart On Fire (U.S. Version)
06. Waiting For Me (1)
07. Wanna Love You Forever (9)
08. Heaven (6)
09. I'll Give You All The Love (2)
10. You And I
11. Lost Without You (3)
12. Stay Forever Young (7)
13. Come Away With Me
14. Don't Ever Say Goodbye
15. How Could You Leave Me (U.S. Version)
16. Alive (U.S. Version)
17. Dangerous (U.S. Version)

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Title: Tri-State - reviewed on 05/02/06
Label: 2006 Anjunabeats / UK
Index #: ANJCD004

ABOVE & BEYOND - Tri-State Finally album from ABOVE & BEYOND a very talented trio of JONO GRANT, TONY McGUINESS and PAAVO SILJAMAKI who are well known for their superb remixes and PROGRESSIVE TRANCE productions. This group was established back in 2000 and became known since their remix of MADONNA's "What It Feels Like For A Girl". Since then they did literally dozens of remixes of tracks for such projects as CHAKRA, AURORA, AYU, DELERIUM, FRAGMA, FERRY CORSTEN, MOTORCYCLE and PERPETEOUS DREAMER to name the few. In March 2006 they finally came with this debut album "Tri-State" released on one of the most successful UK indie label Anjunabeats. This album took about 2 years to make and the outcome is outstanding. I am sure when you will listen to the album you will have not an easy task to classify the music. In general it is TRANCE, but rather on down-tempo, epic side. Virtually all tracks on this album are brand new with exception of "Air For Life" they previously recorded with ANDY MOOR. All 14 tracks are mixed together and give the feeling of story to be told. The album starts with very soothing, down-tempo AMBIENT title song "Tri-State". This fare could be easily taken from emotional movie. It carries load of sophisticated strings and mysterious piano sections. Beauty within. Great beginning. This fare then transitions smoothly to "Stealing Time". Now you are getting more distinct beats and actually danceable track with male vocals provided by a newcomer RICHARD BEDFORD. This a magical journey to ethereal electronica. Another beauty. The journey continues with "World Of Fire". This tune brings more energy and speed. An uplifting, mostly instrumental TRANCE marvel. It has some action, you actually hear speeding police car in far background. This follows by "Air For Life" with a super female vocals by ZOE JOHNSTON. If you like female vocals you actually have plenty. You might hear her also on "Good For Me" a very CELTIC-like fare. ASHLEY TOMBERLIN delivers a powerful vocalise in the next full blown drama TRANCE "Can't Sleep". And the album closes yet another female: HANNAH THOMAS in "Home". I also should mention "Alone Tonight" that was recently released as single. Taken together this is very well crafted album with rather dominating down-tempo/chill out type of music. While I love album a lot, I am very sad that the trio did not give us some more powerful, and more cheerful, uplifting up-tempo TRANCE they were doing for other or under other aliases. Well... Maybe this is exactly what they wanted album to be. I prepared sound sampler with 7 tunes taken from this album. Enjoy the beauty of electronic sound!

for more information about ABOVE & BEYOND , please visit their website at

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01. Tri-State
02. Stealing Time (7)
03. World On Fire (4)
04. Air For Life (1)
05. Can't Sleep (2)
06. Hope
07. Liquid Love (3)
08. In The Past
09. Alone Tonight (5)
10. Good For Me
11. For All I Care (6)
12. Indonesia
13. Home

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Title: Always In Trance - reviewed on 05/02/06
Artist: KALWI & REMI
Label: 2006 My Music / Poland
Index #: My Music 08

KALWI & REMI - Always In Trance Below I reviewed an ELECTRONICA album from Hungarian SHANE 54. Today I decided to present you another actually even more TRANCE oriented album by another Central European project. This time from Poland. I think most of you did not know that TRANCE is being made there, but here is clear evidence. Actually TRANCE remains rather underground club sound in Poland and presented album is in fact the first EVER released TRANCE album by original Polish DJs. "Always In Trance" is a debut album by KALWI & REMI, a talented duo of KRZYSZTOF "KALWI" KALWAT and REMI POSPIECH. Both guys started their careers as radio DJs and now become one of the most popular TRANCE groups in Poland. They also became popular in Germany TRANCE clubs and likely will be played in other countries. As a matter of fact, this album is destined to be released not only in Germany but also in Holland, Belgium and France. So let's talk about music in this album. Don't expect radically novel and original TRANCE sound. Since native Polish TRANCE scene is virtually non-existent, no wonder that influence from known ELECTRONICA names is "hearible". No metter what this album is a great beginning. It starts with "Explosion". This particular track became a Radio hit already back in 2005. It combines elements of HARD TRANCE, TECHNO with some BENASSI like BREAK BEAT. However, this similarity is only superficial, it actually has much more power and very interesting arrangements that makes this one more unique and more personal for this duo. In addition female vocals is outstanding. This track already is storming German clubs. It is not a complicated tune, yet it is very catchy! Indeed perfect for dance floor to stir some activities. The next one is "El Ninio" track. This one is a hot full drama TRANCE monster with layers of swift, mesmerizing synths, dynamic breaks, gorgeous blue-eyed female vocals and overall epic feel that is incredibly powerful. One of my favorites from this album. The next is group's newest hit "Independence". Another exceptionally well arranged TRANCE tune. This one has also that mesmerizing feel feel with bassline that rises and falls hypnotically. The male vocals here are not my cop of tea, but overall you can live with it. Powerhouse to the maxximum! "Take My Hand" is compelling fare that is invading TRIBAL HOUSE territory. A bit misplaced in my opinion. You will appreciate the fact that album has produced by JOHN MARKS "Revolution" track. It is actually featured in two mixes. KALWI&REMI Version starts as hard beat TECHNO, but it transforms into bouncy TRANCE as it progresses. You can compare their sound with JOHN MARK's version and this interpretation is just a state-of-the-art electronic TRANCE pounder. Lot's of wicked, high-flying synths underlined by wild, pounding buttom. Superb big room dance tune. Taken together great starter for this duo and I hope we will hear more from them pretty in the future. The sound sampler featured 7 tunes taken from this album. Enjoy the trip to Polish TRANCE!

for more information about KALWI & REMI , please visit their website at

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01. Explosion (Dj Theo remix) feat. Olga (7)
02. El Ninio (Alchemist Project Remix) feat. Olga (1)
03. Independence (2)
04. Take My Hand feat. Creo (6)
05. Positive
06. Reason feat. Creo (5)
07. Kalwi & Remi vs John Marks - Revolution (3)
08. Higher
09. Massive Noise
10. Bonus Track: Casteam - Keep It (Kalwi & Remi Remix)
11. Kalwi & Remi vs John Marks - Revolution (John Marks Vision) (4)

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Title: Laptop DJ - reviewed on 04/17/06
Artist: SHANE 54
Label: 2006 EMI Music / Hungary
Index #: 3594592

SHANE 54 - My Laptop For the first time I am looking into ELECTRONICA sound incoming from Hungary. SHANE 54 (ELOD CSASZAR) is well known ELECTRONIC music dance producer in his homeland. He has done several remixes for TRANCE projects/artists and finally has his own album. Actually this album does not only features his own music but also his own remixes for other artists. I found this album of interest. You might find it "weird" in a sense. I actually have hard time to classify the genre featured in this album. Definitely it is ELECTRONICA. Is it TRANCE? YES! and NO! That's why it has that novelty factor in. I would say it is combination of various styles with one common denominator of beautifully crafted and perfectly used synthesizers. The album starts with "Altass El" by SHANE 54 feat. MESTER TAMÁS. It has some SADE feel, yet the synth works puts this tune to some laid-back type of ELECTRONICA. Next tune "És Mégis" featuring vocal of KIRÁLY LINDA puts us into a quality VOCAL TRANCE. This one is done very similar to tunes by such artists as SYLVER or LASGO. I bet you will find hungarian lyrics exotic. You probably don't hear this language often. Following these tune there are two original SHANE 54 fares: "Valahol" and "Les Maitres Du Temps". First one is from POP territory, yet nicely rounded with interesting vocals. The second one sports full ELECTRONICA drama. I was pretty much enjoying it's dark feel, driving synths rumble beneath a dreamy piano lines here and there. This one can be played in peak hour or as a chill out tune. Take your pick. Truly beautiful tune that surely will touch your mind. "Afrika" has a ROCK feel, if you care about this style. I did not. However, what it shows is a wide range of melodic lines SHANE 54 is capable to write. Eclectic from the beginning to the end. Well... Let me concentrate on what I found more interesting. Definitely it would be NU NRG remix of "Vampire". I always find NU NRG music of great creativity. No wonder I was really looking forward to hear their remix. WOW! I was taken to the next height. CARRIE SKIPPER who provided a vocal for this tune did a fantastic job to make this full blown MELODIC TRANCE an exceptional club fare. Extraordinary production overall. I might say! There are more ELECTRONIC sound invadingTECHNO territory such as "Mindhalálig Melletern" or "Fantastic". Taken together this album is something special. It would not be a choice for anyone who wishes to have plain vanilla electronica but rather would fit more sophisticated audience. I prepared sound sampler with 6 tunes for you to get some idea. I would be cautious to justify this album by this sampler though. Enjoy the sound!

for more information about SHANE 54 , please visit his website at

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01. SHANE 54 feat. MESTER TAMÁS - Altass El
02. KIRÁLY LINDA - És Mégis (Shane 54 Remix) (6)
03. SHANE 54 - Valahol (Intercity Album Mix)
04. SHANE 54 - Les Maitres Du Temps (3)
05. KFT - Africa (Shane 54 Szavanna Mix)
06. LETTO - Requiem For A Dream (Monkz vs Shane 54 Remix)
07. SHANE 54 - 1000 Lullabies (5)
08. SHANE 54 feat. CARRIE SKIPPER - Vampire (Nu Nrg Remix) (4)
09. PINK FLOOD - Hologram (S54 Dub) (2)
10. ZSÉDA - Mindhalálig Mellettem (Shane 54 Remix)
11. VAN EYDEN & HAMPSHIRE feat. SHANE 54 - Futuristic (Shane 54 Remix)
12. SHANE 54 - Attack Of Evil Tomatoes (Shane 54 & Soliquid Mix) (1)

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Title: My Sound - reviewed on 04/17/06
Artist: DJ SHOG
Label: 2006 Sony BMG / Germany
Index #: 82876 77537 2

DJ SHOG - My Sound So finally the debut album by DJ SHOG is out. I am nnot exactly sure why it took so long to get the album made, but there might be a reason. I am sure if you are following German TRANCE scene, the name of DJ SHOG is familiar. One of more prominent German TRANCE DJ they have. DJ SHOG released several singles. His music was featured in many TRANCE and TECHNO compilations. He also have done many remixes for such projects/artists as DJ SAMMY, LASGO, CJ STONE and countless others. This album features most of his well know songs published several years ago, so the content might not necessary be shocking. If you like mainstream club TRANCE, you should enjoy this album a lot. The album starts with his most current tune "Jealousy". This tune does not need recommendation. Great VOCAL TRANCE with BIG ROOM feel. Galloping, synth-driven winner in this genre. "Another World" back from 2003 is his well known production that is enhanced by DREAM hooks and female vocals alike to early KAI TRACID production. I would say a classic in TRANCE genre. In the same line is his even earlier tune from 2002 "This Is My Sound" in CJ STONE remix. Another example of dramatic TRANCE sound packed with big synths and massive, mesmerizing, floor-packing rhythms. His previous single "Running Water" is here as well. One would appreciate kick-ass, galloping synths and angelic female vocals. Great and refreshing production. "Be The One" starts very slowly but shortly blows into fast pace TRANCEY production. This mood builder if you will. It has drama, it has soul, it has mystery. Very nice tune to listen to and likely to dance to. I am very impressed by it's feel. Another tunes of DJ SHOG you should be familiar with is his "The 2nd Dimension" from 2002, "Live 4 Music" from 2004 and many others. I will not further single out tunes. Basically, this album is loaded with quality TRANCE. Your buy would be justified! I have prepared sound sampler with 9 tunes taken from this outstanding offering. Enjoy the sound!

for more information about DJ SHOG , please visit his website at

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01. Jealousy
02. Another World (4)
03. This Is My Sound (CJ Stone Edit) (1)
04. Running Water
05. Be The One (feat. Ida) (8)
06. Go (9)
07. Surrounded By Your Love (feat. Aven)
08. Tribute (6)
09. Rush Hour (2)
10. Live 4 Music (5)
11. Don't Push Me Down (feat. Anita Kelsey)
12. Don't Stop (3)
13. Nightlights
14. The 2nd Dimension (7)
15. This Is My Sound

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Title: Dance & Breakfast - reviewed on 04/09/06
Label: 2006 Universal Strategic / Italy
Index #: PROMO

DANIJAY - Dance & Breakfast Today review of debut album by Italian DANIJAY entitled "Dance & Breakfast ". DANIJAY (DANIELE ZAFFIRI) started DJing roughly 11 years ago in a small club in Recco near Genoa. It took him several years to break inti Italian DANCE scene. His got his break in 2003 wuth his single "I Fiori Di Lilla". Since than he released several other singles such as "Say Me", "Luna Nera", "Il Gioco Dell A'more", and finally in January 2006 he released "Dance & Breakfast " album. The album combines several DANCE styles currently quite popular in Italian DANCE club scene. So we will have touch of BENASSI's ELECTRO-HOUSE ("Condition" in DJ Morgan Elektro Remix), we also see some D'AGOSTINO influence (i.e. "L'Impazienca" in Canotta XXL mix or "Arcobaleno"), some EURO POP (i.e. "I Fiori Di Lilla" in Gabry Ponte Remix) and some very interesting big room EURO-TRANCE fares (i.e. "Vampires"). When you look at the track listing you will notice that "L'Impazienza" tune has been featured in 4 versions, "Turn Around" in 2 versions. That was a bit surprise to me. Well... I can understand that by having four versions of the same tunes gives certain opportunity to show different flavors of the same tune and ability to present different style. So, probably if this was the reason, that DANIJAY did the job well. On the other hand maybe it would be a better idea to put more material. Granted, album features 17 tunes, but did DANIJAY run out of concept what to put in album? Anyway, if you like good DANCE sound that you are in for a good treat since this album delivers it. This album keeps re-defining the world's contemporary club and DANCE POP standards simultaneously. The results is quite interesting. DANIJAY built well crafted hybrid that takes POP sensiubilities of acts like EIFFEL 65 to the next level. You will like those bits of PROGRESSIVE HOUSE and ELECTRO HOUSE woven into a PROGRESSIVE big room tapestry that's also loaded with melodic panache and punch. You can justify yourself, what you think about this release. As usually I am providing you with sound sampler. This one contains 10 tunes. Enjoy the sound!

for more information about DANIJAY, please visit his website at

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01. L' Impazienza (Bikini) - 3:14
02. Encanto (Spanglish Extended) - 4:03 (1)
03. The Sound of Love (Extended) - 4:29
04. Vampires (Extended) - 5:49 (7)
05. L' Impazienza (Canotta XXL) - 5:17
06. Turn Around (Extended) - 3:44 (9)
07. Condition ( Dj Morgan Elektro Remix) - 4:20 (3)
08. Luna Nera (Live Edition) - 4:21 (2)
09. I Fiori di Lillŕ (Gabry Ponte Remix) - 5:38 (6)
10. Happiness (Remake 2006) - 4:40 (5)
11. Il Gioco Dell'Amore (Extended) - 5:04
12. Say Me (Extended) - 4:08 (8)
13. Il Tauro (Extended) - 4:25 (10)
14. Turn Around (Sander Remix) - 5:04
15. L' Impazienza (Provenzano Remix) - 5:04
16. L' Impazienza (Jordi Carreras Remix) - 5:11 (4)
17. Bonus Track Tonight - 3:02

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Title: Nabolje od Svega - reviewed on 04/09/06
Label: 2005 Menart / Croatia
Index #: 3858882869126

DANIJAY - Dance & Breakfast Two years ago I have reviewed COLONIA's "Dolazi oluja" album. Now a little delayed review of this Croatian group "Najbolje od Svega" most recent album released last year. COLONIA was founded back in 1996 and became one of the most popular Croatian DANCE acts with now 7 albums in their portfolio released within last 10 years. Group gained a worldwide success with their single "Za tvoje snene oci" recorded in English version as "A Liitle Bit Of Uh La La La". I was very interested to see if the presented release would fit a bill of being forefront DANCE album. You will have the opportunity to judge it yourself based on sound sampler I prepared. Of course I couldn't put all the songs featured in this album, but you should get some idea. The album starts with title song "Najbolje od Svega". The beginning is really dark and dramatic. Sends chills into your spine. It pretty fast evolves into fast pace EURO-POP tune. I was thrilled by this thumpin' thunderous, full vocal EURO-synth treat. It's got solid big room, EURO vibe and great synth lines that send the melody soaring, a rumbling, red-hot rhythm fare. Next is "Nema Nade" with some SAFRI-DUO-alike sound. Basically a lot fo drums used in this one. Yet it has clearly EURO buttom with very melodic line. Quite intense. The only English spoken track on this album is the next one "Time". An interesting departure to more DISCO sound with some HOUSE elements. The production here is beautiful with quite nice and smooth result. If you are looking for some hot NRG-TRANCE sound. Here it is! "Tako Kratko Te Znam". It is really EURO track and the TRANCE elements are mostly pronounced in synths used. One of my most favorite tunes from this album is "Padaju Domine". It has that upbeat SLEAZY DISCO sound with updated synth work. Very rich sound and dramatic female vocal. Great melodic lines and incredibly melodic synthesizers mesh magnificently here, providing an incredible showcase for COLONIA. I am recommending this album to anyone who is hungry for some good dance. I would only warn you, that there are also some slower tunes, but I guess they give a great breaks between more pumped up tunes. Sound sampler from this album contains 7 tunes. Please buy this release and support these artists. Enjoy!

for more information about COLONIA, please visit their website at

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01. Najbolje od svega (2)
02. Nema nade (7)
03. Time
04. Sad te ima sad te nema
05. Tako sexy (1)
06. Meni treba ljubavi
07. Tako kratko te znam (3)
08. Drugi covjek
09. Padaju domine (4)
10. Ni traga ni glasa (6)
11. Varalico
12. Nema nade (Harem Rmx)
13. Time (Eurodance RMX) (5)

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