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Title: Video - reviewed on 10/23/06
Artist: PAKITO
Label: 2006 Universal Music (France)
Index #: 984 1792

PAKITO - Video It is not that often that I am able to present you DANCE release from FRANCE. This summer project of Julien Ranouil called PAKITO did some major damage on the dance floor. PAKITO's remake of classic TRANS-X tune "Living On Video" became club hits in virtually every European club. This remake was done in ELECTRO TECH HOUSE style with similar roots as BENASSI style. This tune had a similar annoynace factor as CRAZY FROG had when became popular. I am not exactly sure why PAKITO's music became so popular (PAKITO's second single "Moving On Stereo" add even more oil to the fire). The music is rather monotonous, but maybe that's what so simple about this style yet so captivating. It is aggravating sound I must admit, yet caused near-hysterical pandemonium in dance floor. Suddenly everybody wants PAKITO. I think what really happened in music industry is that the creativity became so hard to find that almost anything sounding "different" would be heard and praised. I think PAKITO is a perfect example of this trend. When I started listening to this album I asked myself what the heck is this? However, it didn't take too long for me to get enchanted with it. One time listening might not be enough for some of you, but trust me, once you start listening to it or worse start to hit that re-play botton, you know it is too late. You just have been legally addicted to it. This "poisonous" album contains 13 tunes. "Start Me" is opening fare. Prepare for your initial injection. This is just a pre-dose to make you a bit fuzzy. Next comes "Living On Video" the first dose of buzz is ready to take effect on you. Expect shirtless intensity on dance floor when this one is on. Get your body prepared for proper show off. Yeah get ready for the next one "You Wanna Rock". The showcase of electronical pandemonium continuous with this one. The newest hit "Moving On Stereo" is next. No matter what you do no matter what you say this is as slick as other tunes in this album. Another hottie to to make your dance floor crazy. There is no really a point to go through all the titles, because they ALL are done in similar style. I have prepared sampler mix containing 8 songs from this album for your "pre-treatment". It is really fun to have this album around. It is currently released in France (link provided below), but hopefully wil lbe available everywhere soon. Enjoy insanity and insanity rules! So do you!

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01. Start Me - 1:17
02. Living On Video - 5:35
03. You Wanna Rock - 4:17 (2)
04. Moving On Stereo - 6:02 (1)
05. Funky Groove - 5:46 (7)
06. A Night To Remember - 5:55 (3)
07. Are U Ready? - 3:58
08. Blue Moon City - 5:36 (4)
09. I Do It Again - 6:23 (8)
10. Make Love - 6:04 (5)
11. Online Heart - 5:32 (6)
12. My Favorite Club - 5:18
13. Living On Video (Noot's Vocal Mix) - 6:34

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Title: Crossroads - reviewed on 10/22/06
Artist: SYLVER
Label: 2006 Byte Records (Belgium)
Index #: 00602 498571781

SYLVER - Crossroads Thank to that provided me this release, I am able to present you all 4th album by Belgian project SYLVER entitled "Crossroads". For the last 5 years SILVY DE BIE, WOUT VA DESSEL and REGI PENXTEN who are members of this project were delivering high quality VOCAL TRANCE sound. I think we still like to hear what SYLVER is going to deliver and see if this still is the sound we all have fallen in love with. This new album signals that the project might be changing it's direction. Hence likely the title: "Crossroads". I think most of us is noticing that true VOCAL TRANCE sound is no longer progressing and rather became commercially dying with no dramatic new flavor in this sound. No wonder why SYLVER in this album introduces other dance styles. I think it is both commercially and artistically needed for them to stay in mainstream. So let's see what we have in classic SYLVER sound. All time classic ABBA's tune "Lay All Your Love On Me" got "sylverized" and starts the album. I always loved ABBA and I am always looking into remakes of their classics. Here is one done in subtle EURO-TRANCE flavor. I love SYLVER vocals that deliver beauty and drama. Instrumentally wise, there is nothing to brag about. In overall this is a very nice tune, but regretfully is lacking the originality. Next is "Why" that unconciously pretends to have some influence by 2 UNLIMITED. I hoped for more. This one will not make your floor frenzy, yet it still has that SYLVER touch, but SYLVER rocketing feel is long gone. Unfortunately. "One Night Stand" is an attempt to introduce to TRANCE dominated elements of ELECTRO-HOUSE style that thank to BENASSI BROS is a new HOUSE direction many European dance floor follow. Well... for full blown ELECTRO-HOUSE ala BENASSI you should check "Seven Tears". I have to say though that SYLVER not just copied the style, but rather gave some original touch. This in fact is a good thing. I said that this album has diversified sound. Not only ELECTRO-HOUSE is here. "Lovesong" is a low beat beautiful love song. Very emotionally charged. I don't know what should I made of "On My Own" tune. Very hard to define, but it's close to ROCK !!! I am not kidding! "Keep Your Hands" is done in duo with LINDA MARTENS from MILK INC. I have prepared sampler mix containing 8 songs from this album for you to check it out! My message might not be the clear one, but "Crossroads" is still a DANCE album with some great tunes and sound. Just be prepared for some have experimentations here and there. As I said, it is a good thing, that I hope indicates that SYLVER is doing homework. Enjoy!

For more information about SYLVER visit following dediacted home pages: or

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01. Lay All Your Love On Me (1)
02. Why (2)
03. One Night Stand (4)
04. Dance With Lonelines (7)
05. You And I (5)
06. Lovesong
07. Half As Much (6)
08. On My Own
09. Seven Tears (3)
10. Keep Your Hands (8)
11. Except Me
12. The End

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Title: The First Album - reviewed on 10/22/06
Label: 2005 EQ Music / Beatwerk Records / DA (Singapore / Germany)
Index #: EA 70819

MYSTERIO - The 1st Album I waited for a long time to get this 2005 released album in my hand. Once again, courtesy of that provided me with a copy I am finally able to share my comments about this debut album by German project MYSTERIO. Presented album was released in Singapore. There is also a German edition of this album released in 2005 as well under the name "Ride On Time". I recommend Singapore edition because it contains some additional bonus remixes that German edition does not have. Let's talk about MYSTERIO. My interest in this group developed back in 2003 with their debut single "There Is A Star". One reason for my interest was the title of the song itself. Some of you who follow classic EURODANCE sound should easily recognize the title. "There Is A Star" was originally recorded by PHARAO back in 1994. With this single, producers from Austria THOMAS GREISL and STEPHEN DEUTSCH delivered a fare equipped with powerful and energetic synth line topped by absolutely frenzy KARIN JANDA's vocals. If you ever get a chance to hold on the single, you should, because of top-notch remixes. The recipe for the hit was quite simple. Revive this all time classic with today's sound using new electronica instruments. It worked for group very well and this fare topped DANCE charts everywhere. MYSTERIO recognized that this formula was a success, so they have decided to stay in that line. The next single released was "Everlasting Love 2005". This title is truly legendary and goes in history before most of us were born. It surfaced pop charts in 1967 by English POP group LOVE AFFAIR. Since then, it was re-recorded by countless artists. One version that we have to underline was done in 1978 by German artist SANDRA. This was one of her infamous hits recorded in DISCO SLEAZY style. A huge hit indeed. "Everlasting Love 2005" is presented in this album in three versions. The album version starts the album. This is upbeat NRG-TRANCE with some similarities to sound present in earlier tunes from GROOVE COVERAGE. Perfect beginning for this outstanding DANCE album. Remaining versions are provided as bonus tracks. They include Pop Radio Mix (yes as the name indicate it's a POP tune) and Extended Version (club blaster of the highest order that redifines NRG TRANCE standard). Next single was "Fading Like A Flower" from ROXETTE repertoire. The album features two versions of this tune: an album version and East Rockerz Radio Remix. Another example of slammin' excercise of delivering "revamped" classics. It's state-of-the-art, magnificent TRANCE-influenced NRG record with amazing and powerful KARIN's vocal and lots of delicious disco flourishes. In 2005 next single with two titles "I Was Made For Lovin' You" and "Take Me To The Stars" was released and both tunes are featured in the album. The first title is yet another classic. Guess what though?. It was originally recorded in 1979 by HARD ROCK legendary group KISS. However, there were EUROBEAT versions later on (just to mention one by Italian singer DAVE RODGERS) and most recently TECHNO version by SCOOTER. MYSTERIO gave this fare yet another dimension where TECHNO meets NRG at high pace. A spectacular and intense trip if you will. Once again KARIN's vocal is plan stunning! Another winner. Group also released single "Innocent" originally by MIKE OLDFIELD. You will find hard to resist this thumpin', thunderous, full vocal EURO TRANCE treat. You will find this as a true statement to almost all tunes in this album. This is truly a great album that every fan of quality DANCE have to have it. I've been told by folks from that this album sells incredibly well and only few copies are left to grab. So you better hurry. I have prepared the sound sampler that contains 10 tunes taken from this album. The sound sampler lasts almost 18 minutes. I simply did not have enough of it.

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01. Everlasting Love 2005 (1)
02. Innocent (9)
03. Fading Like A Flower
04. Follow Me (2)
05. Into Forever (Feat. Peter Schlling) (4)
06. Our Hearts (7)
07. I Was Made For Lovin' You (5)
08. Children Of The World
09. What Music Does (8)
10. Sunlight (10)
11. There Is A Star
12. Take Me To The Stars (6)
13. Dancing

14. Everlasting Love 2005 (Pop Radio Mix)
15. Everlasting Love 2005 (Extended Version)
16. Take Me To The Stars (Steve Twain Club Mix) (3)
17. I Was Made For Lovin' You (Extended Version)
18. Fading Like A Flower (East Rockerz Radio Remix)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Past, Present & Future - reviewed on 09/24/06
Artist: ALEX
Label: 2006 (Sweden)
Index #: PROMO

ALEX - Past, Present & FutureMany of us keep asking themselves, will the true EURODANCE album be ever recorded again? The surprising answer comes from ... SWEDEN! TONY ALEXANDER ENTESARIAN (ALEX) released his second album entitled "Past, Present & Future" recorded in PURE EURODANCE style. ALEX has been exposed to EURO since he was 7 years old and developed true affection to this genre. ALEX has now also his own label called Both ALEX and another rising star of Swedish DANCE scene BASSHUNTER are friends and recorded using same label, before BASSHUNTER was signed by Warner Sweden. ALEX when making this album had an idea to bring the sound as close as possible to classic EURODANCE. He went as far as using instruments that were popular back in 90's to make EURODANCE. The outcome is truly extraordinary. ALEX pulled out a great album that brings back the music we have fallen in love. It has beat, it has rhythm and it has RAP that usually was the key element of EURODANCE. Album contains 13 tunes with ALEX rapping (he also produced the album) all over and vocals by several female vocalists with leading female vocal provided my MARVA CHEBIL who appears in most of tunes. MARVA competed in 2004 edition of Swedish Idol and currently is working on her solo album. Now, let's talk about the album. As I previously said, we are getting storming and well done EURODANCE package. It brings lots of high-flying dancefloor excitement throughout. If you would try to find similarities to original EURODANCE acts the closest you might think is REAL McCOY. ALEX's raps is very comparable to what O'JAY was doing. Some similarities especially in RAP section you will find with DJ BOBO as well, and musically to another Swedish project: BASIC ELEMENT. ALEX's rapping has that undertone crispy flavor that you feel like you heard somewhere. So now you know. Don't be mislead though. ALEX did not copy anyone, rather created his own sound simply using EURODANCE as a backbone for the music style. The album starts with "Everybody (Take Your Chance)", a full blown EURO tune with hot vocal bits, invigorating and mascular rapping done by ALEX. Next is "Say Your Name", an out-of-the-box smash tune with cutting edge EURO flavor. "You Gotta Fight Now" is one of my favorites. It is truly a cutting-edge EURO production that is simultaneously timeless and contemporary in its appeal. This one should satisfy traditional EURO gurus and all collectors of top quality DANCE music. "I'm Gonna Make You Mine" sports the Italian NRG style. Lush and uplifting both musically and vocally. Among other powerful tunes is "No More" with energetic melodic hooks and wild synths custom made to put dance floor to state of pandemonium. There are many more tunes that you should check out. Just keep in mind you are getting an excellent collection of original tracks done in ultimate classic EURODANCE style. This opportunity you simply cannot pass. I have prepared the mix containing 10 tunes from this offering for your consideration. It will likely not give a true climate but I hope it will deliver enough idea what to expect. Please support this very young artist and this wonderful EURODANCE album by buying this album from his label. EURODANCE needs support so you should give one to someone who is devoted to deliver it. For now enjoy the sound!

For more information about ALEX visit his home page at:

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01. Everybody (Take Your Chance) - 3:58 (5)
02. Say Your Name - 4:27 (4)
03. I'm Gonna Make You Mine - 4:25 (6)
04. Love Is The Power - 4:58
05. I Can't Forget You - 3:55
06. No More - 4:30 (8)
07. You Don't Have To Be Afraid - 4:22 (9)
08. Escape From Reality - 4:23 (3)
09. You Gotta Fight Now - 4:22 (1)
10. Hold 'Em Tight - 3:22 (10)
11. If You Wanna Get Freaky - 4:05
12. I Don't Wanna - 4:47 (2)
13. I'd Rather Be With You - 3:58 (7)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: LOL <(^^,)> - reviewed on 09/14/06
Label: 2006 Warner Music (Sweden)
Index #: 5051011-5648-2-6

BASSHUNTER - LOL Summer of 2006 started with a hit from virtually unknown Swedish one-man project BASSHUNTER. This hit was "Boten Anna". This catchy song done in EURO TRANCE combo was about IRC (?) bot named ANNA. This was indeed an instantenous hit released by WARNER MUSIC SWEDEN. Behind BASSHUNTER is 22 year old JONAS ALTBERG. This computer-wiz kid was playing around with variety softwares and started composing music using "Fruityloops". Anyway, "Boten Anna" catapulted him straight to numero uno hit ranked top in Scandinavian charts but crossed the Baltic sea and became popular around Europe. Recently BASSHUNTER released a follow up single "Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotA" done in a very similar style. Also in August 2006 presented today album hit streets of Sweden and beyond. I was very anxious to get the album. I liked both songs so I was very curious how the album will sound like. I have to admit it took me a bit by surprise. While two mentioned tunes were EURO TRANCE hybrids there are tunes in the album that rather belong to TRANCE/TECHNO territory. The second surprise was the fact that entire album is recorded in Swedish. Usually native language does not warrant world-wide popularity, but I hope in this case will be different. Most of tunes in this album are plain good. Yes! This is very DANCE oriented album, so I am sure you will find it of interest. The album starts with current hit "Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotA". By now you should be familiar with this tune. The same goes for the next tune "Boten Anna" that as I said was the starting point for BASSHUNTER. The next tune "Strand Tylösand" referrs to the best Swedish beach where BASSHUNTER lives cross by. Ear candy with lotsa of bright, galloping synths and catchy melody. "Sverige" is very close to current NRG TRANCE style and truly an instant floor-packer with lots of soaring synths and a melody that was made to be NRGized! "Hallå Där" is another DANCE stomper. If you like soaring, melodic TRANCE of the high caliber, put this song at the top of your listening list. "Mellan Oss Två" reminds me a bit of now defunct Dutch project ALICE DJ. It has very similar melodic line yet it has some very distinct hooks. "Var Är Jag" is equally happy tune. Lots of great synths and excellent male vocals. Be prepared for a ride! In summary when you will get this album you will not be dissapointed. You will like it pretty much. It is not exactly sophisticated album, but definately fun to listen to not to mention you will lose some pounds dancing to it. There is no single down-tempo song in entire album, so the party is continuing throughout the album. I prepared rather longer mix than usually. It includes 10 tracks but I decided not to put "Boten Anna" as part of it, because you might be already tired of this tune. Get this album and support this young and promising kid from Sweden. For now enjoy the sound!

For more information about BASSHUNTER visit his home page at:

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01. Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotA / We Are Sitting With Ventrilo And Playing DotA
02. Boten Anna / IRC Bot Anna (Radio Edit)
03. Strand Tylösand / Tylösand Beach (6)
04. Sverige / Sweden (4)
05. Hallå Där / Hello There (3)
06. Mellan Oss Två / Between Two Of Us (2)
07. Var Är Jag / Where Am I (8)
08. Utan Stjärnorna / Without The Stars (9)
09. Festfolk 2006 / Party People 2006 (Remix) (5)
10. Patrik Och Lillen - Vifta Med Händerna / Patrik And Lillen - Wave Your Hands(Basshunter Remix)
11. Professional Party People (7)
12. Im Your Bass Creator (10)

13. Boten Anna / IRC Bot Anna(Instrumental)
14. Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotA / We Are Sitting With Ventrilo And Playing DotA (Extended Version) (1)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Last Goodbye - reviewed on 09/13/06
Artist: DA BUZZ
Label: 2006 Bonnier Music (Sweden)
Index #: 334 22623

DA BUZZ - Last Goodbye "Last Goodbye" is the latest album in DA BUZZ discography. I am not sure if it is means no more music from this very popular Swedish trio, but I hope I am wrong. The album starts with the title song "Last Goodbye". Very happy EURO-POP tune that actually promoted the album very well. Technically very well and melodically convincing. ANNIKA THÖRNQUIST, a female vocalist never sounded better than she does on this uplifting charmer. Next in the album is "World 2" with musical style very close to "Last Goodbye". Tune is melodic and bright without any cheesy sweetness. Again ANNIKA's vocals is terrific and powerful. Fare is lushly produced, yet memorably catchy and irresistibly sweet. "Soon My Heart" is up-tempo DANCE tune done again in EURO-POP style. Sparkling vocals over fierceless melodic line. Not the best tune from the album, but definately still one of it's highlights. "Give Me Your Hand" is a down tempo POP tune underlined with some ROCK-like bottom and middle east elements. "Tell Me No Lies" is yet another POP tune with intention to be a DANCE track. It's cute and catchy with that classic DA BUZZ sound we know group from. "Without Breaking" does DISCO in modern style. Very powerful DANCE tune indeed. One will appreciate great beat and catchy hooks. The happiness is all over in thid sparkling potentially smash hit song. "Life Is Good" is another example of DA BUZZ bringing to a mainstream EURO influenced POP marvel. Full powerful vocal over pounding production is just too HOT to handle without jumping! This is massive! Speaking of jumping, next one "Together We Get The Power" will keep you in the same mood. Another happy EURO-POP tune. "The Echo" follows the same formula. While the most of the tunes in the album follow EURO-POP style in different flavor, there is one track that is actually a remix of "Last Goodbye", presented in the end of the album, that is out of this style. Cabrera Remix of "Last Goodbye" is done in very popular in clubs BENASSI style. It sounds really different than the original, yet still is very interesting. Consider it as trip to unknown to DA BUZZ territory. It is a good and successful trip. Taken together, DA BUZZ did it again. Very good album that is doing very well in Europe and has good chance to be a hit in the US. DA BUZZ music is simply universal! I have prepared mix containing 8 tracks taken from this album for your enjoyment, so check it out!

For more information about DA BUZZ visit their home page at:

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01. Last Goodbye (3)
02. World For 2 (7)
03. Soon My Heart (4)
04. Give Me Your Hand
05. Tell Me no Lies
06. Without Breaking (5)
07. Life Is Good (6)
08. Together We Got The Power (1)
09. The Echo (2)
10. Live My Life Without You
11. Here I Am
12. Last Goodbye (Cabrera Remix) (8)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: 21st Century Girl - reviewed on 09/13/06
Label: 2006 Supreme Music - Zeitgeist (Germany)
Index #: 06024 9854092 3

GROOVE COVERAGE - 21st Century Girl "21st Century Girl" is the third album in GROOVE COVERAGE discography. Some might find in controversial especially if the expectation was to have DANCE album. In fact, this is much more complicated. GROOVE COVERAGE definately went out of the box of being labeled as just DANCE project. In fact, this album is very hard to define due to tracks recorded in different styles. From DANCE through dark ROCK to down-tempo ballads. This makes this offering actually very interesting. It shows that GROOVE COVERAGE feels at home in different styles. Basically musically very advanced and mature. Great artists. Album starts with "Summer Rain". At the very beginning this tune has very ACID TECHNO/PROGRESSIVE feel that rocket forward into uplifting yet dramatic NRG TRANCE in typical GROOVE COVERAGE style. "21st Century Digital Girl" borderline between DANCE and ROCK with heavy metal guitar sections added here and there for additional shocking effect. "Never Ever Stop" is hands-up down-tempo tune that mix POP elements with hard charged synths. "Holy Virgin" is one of the tunes from the album that became a hit! It starts actually as a down-tempo tune that emerges into fast pace TRANCE fare with a vocals and layers of cascading keyboards that swirl in around the lushly uplifting synthesizers for a real anthemic treat. "Call Me" or "When I Die" style-wise are very similar. Less anthemic though, yet the power of GROOVE COVERAGE is in both of them! "Angel From Above", one of the most incredible tunes from this album delivers remarkable DANCE fare with beauty on it's own. High-flying synths bring chills to your spine. Dazzling production, incredible synthesizers and, of course and amazing vocals. Truly a breath-taking offering for NRG TRANCE lovers. Throughout entire album I have noticed the regularity in their DANCE tunes. They have those very slow, down-tempo sections that turn to fast pace, hard to stop blasting sections. It goes back anf forth that way. Good example of this is also "Indonesia" tune. How about other styles in this album I have mentioned? "November Night" is a spectacular down tempo candle light ballad done in CELINE DION style. "Moonlight Shadow" got also a treatment. Another candle light, very, very (and I mean) very slow song! If you remember original by MIKE OLDFIELD or some newer remixes like one done few years ago by MISSING HEART, this is completely different. You will recognize the song, but the style is virtually 180 degrees different. It still very beautiful! "Rock" is self explanatory. GROOVE COVERAGE enters ROCK room. You are the one that should justify if you like the room or not. There are more experiments on this album that I will let you discover if you haven't done that yet. Get the album and you will know better. For now enjoy the mix containing 8 songs from this album for your enjoyment!

For more information about GROOVE COVERAGE visit their home page at:

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01. Summer Rain - 3:59 (3)
02. 21st Century Digital Girl - 2:52
03. Never Ever Stop - 3:04
04. Holy Virgin - 3:48 (7)
05. Call Me - 3:32 (6)
06. What You C Is What You Get - 3:34
07. Angel From Above - 3:09 (2)
08. November Night - 3:20
09. When I Die - 3:31 (5)
10. On The Radio - 2:58 (1)
11. Rock - 2:33
12. When Love Lives In Heaven - 3:40
13. Moonlight Shadow (Pure&Direct Version) - 4:19
14. Indonesia - 3:06 (8)
15. Let It Be - 3:32 (4)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Burning Thru - reviewed on 09/10/06
Label: 2006 R.E. Mix Production (US)
Index #: 37101 19065

YOUNG FIRE - Burning Thru EURODANCE style as you all know has not been "exactly" mainstream for a long period of time. However, from time to time there are either some old projects appearing with a new material, or some brand new and upcoming projects that decided to try this territory in spite of uncertainty of it's commercial success. One of them is YOUNG FIRE based in Rhode Island, here in the US. This project involves a duo of RICARDO and EVALDO that writes, arranges, performs their music as well as produces upcoming artists and groups. Presented today is their debut album released in August 2006. YOUNG FIRE themselves describe the music in the album as of variety of styles which include EURODANCE, DANCE, CLUB, VOCAL TRANCE and more. The album starts with "Here We Go Again" that was group's first single. You will find this tune in three versions (Album Version, Old School Remix and in foreign language "Jà Não Posso Mais"). It is exploding EURODANCE that gradually morphs to something wild that's best described as E-TYPE meets FANCY on diet pills. RICARDO's voice might not be as strong as FANCY's but it has that angelic subtile sound that is intoxicating and captivating at the same time. Track itself is rich of pulsating and mesmerizing synthesizers that join forces for a wickedly hypnotic ride. "Street Of Dreams" is equally appealing! Yet another unforgettable EURO tune with big, soaring synths, driving bottom line over which flows seductive male vocals. Great melody with drama within and oustanding production. EURO purists should be prepared for the next tune in line "Just Like Fire". This one is yet another hottie. It delivers mesmerizing power that takes DANCE sound to new heights, yet the classic EURO roots are clearly identifiable. An instant hit! Trust me, there are more of such tunes. How about the next one? "The Power Of Love" is one of my favorite. Wow! This one is a scintillating EURO sound at it's best. Pounding, thunderous baseline structured perfectly for a "to become" classic DANCE hit. I am sure you will endulge yourself when listening to this one. I really had to play it many times. It so catchy, it is going to drill a hole in your brain and I mean in a good sense! If you are into more updated NRG TRANCE sound, "I'll Never Love Again" is going to bring you chills! It is beautifully crafted combo of explosive synth work and rolling keyboards topped with male vocals that sound wild and passionate. Incredible power, beautiful melody and cutting-edge production. There are more tunes that fall into hit category such as "What's On Your Mind", "Let me Be The One" (another EURO tune to fill your appetite for quality sound), or "I'll Never Be The Man I Used To Be" (this tune just entered our TOP 40 NRG CHART for September 2006 at position 35 as the album itself at position #8). If you became a bit exhausted after being exposed to so much energy and uplifting sound, YOUNG FIRE provides you with two down-beat tunes. One is a ballad "One Day, Someday" and second one is down-tempo EUROPOP scorcher "For So Long". So taken together you are getting a great release. Iif you are EURO fan, you will cherrish this album for many months to come. I strongly recommend to buy this album, since good quality DANCE is not always easy to get by. Especially if it comes from US, that is deprived of this style. Please support this new group by buying their product. For now enjoy the sound sampler with 8 tunes taken from this outstanding offering!

To learn more about about YOUNG FIRE visits following sites:
Website at
My Space at

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01. Here We Go Again 4:56 (1)
02. Street Of Dreams - 4:23 (2)
03. Just Like Fire - 4:31 (8)
04. The Power Of Love - 4:29 (3)
05. For So Long - 4:47
06. I'll Never Love Again - 4:30 (4)
07. What's On Your Mind ? - 4:32 (5)
08. One Day, Someday - 5:58
09. Let Me Be The One - 4:09 (6)
10. I'll Never Be The Man I Used To Be - 4:47 (7)
11. My Love, My Joy, My Everything - 4:51
12. I'll Always Remember You - 6:30

13. Jà Não Posso Mais - 4:56
14. Here We Go Again (Old School Remix) - 5:13

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: The Best - reviewed on 09/10/06
Label: 2006 Dancing Paradise (Tancevnyj Raj) (Russian Federation)
Index #: TP-301

MASTERBOY - The Best MASTERBOY has been one of the most prominent and influencial EURODANCE group ever. It's popularity went beyond Europe taking by storm countries worldwide since it's first single inception back in January 1990. MASTERBOY became THE EURODANCE group throughout 90's. At the end of 90's, when EURODANCE faded away, group no longer was making the music and the last original single "I Need A Lover Tonight" was released in October 2002. There was also remake of one of their classic "Feel The Heat Of The Night" released 2003, but that was virtually it. There were some hopes with "I Need Lover Tonight" that if the single make it, the album will follow. This was a great tune, done in true classic MASTERBOY signature sound, but it flopped, partially because EURODANCE in 2002 was a style no longer widely accepted. However, for EURODANCE fans, it was a light in the tunnel. Unfortunately, it was not enough to justify releasing the new album. Interestingly, group already produced some material for a new album, but it never made it until ... NOW! Russian label Dancing Paradise (Tancevnyj Raj) keeps releasing classic material in their series called "Disco Legends 90-x". Within this series, they also released presented today album "The Best". While there are several "The Best Of" albums of MASTERBOY released by many labels, this particular album is a uniqueone. Dancing Paradise label was able to put their hands on, on three tunes that were supposed to be part of the newest MASTERBOY album, that as I said, was never released. So, for the first time fans of MASTERBOY have the opportunity to hear what they might have been missing otherwise. The first previously unreleased tune is "Ice Ice Baby". This is a happy tune. Not exactly true EURODANCE, but rather POP/DANCE fare. TRIXY DELGADO's voice in this one is as powerful as ever. Tune itself is produced very well with catchy melodic lines. The next of three is "Say Yeah", this is also a happy and uplifting fare that got more of true EURODANCE flavor with great melody and again terrific TRIXY's voice. The last of three is "Lucky Lie". In my opinion another "could be" dance floor stomper. Dazzling production catches fires with bright melodic line, keyboards and happy TRIXY's vocals. In addition, brilliant electronica further enpowers this fare. Listening to these new tunes, one would feel terrible that album have never been made. "The Best" also contains "Feel The Heat Of The Night 2003". This is a remake of their classic tune from 1994, allegedly also to be part of the "unreleased" album. It actually saw the light, since it made as a single. It has more powerful synths that the original tune, to provide more updated sound invading TECHNO/TRANCE territory. You should be familiar with remaining 15 tunes, so I will not spend time to talk about them. Taken together, you should get this album, because it seems to be a collector item at this point and the content that you will not get anywhere else. I cannot advice you how to get it on internet. I have received this album as a gift from one of visitors who lives in Russia. So the only thing I can suggest you, is to ask the Russian friend (hopefully you have one) to get it for you. It is worth it! The sound sampler I am providing contains all three unreleased tunes, mentioned 2003 remake of "Feel The Heat Of The Night" and couple of less known but good tunes. Enjoy the sound and good luck in your treasury hunt!

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01. Feel The Heat Of The Night - 3:46
02. Generation Of Love - 3:38
03. Anybody - 3:52
04. Dance To The Beat - 3:44
05. Shake It Up And Dance - 3:37
06. Is This The Love - 3:43
07. I Got To Give It Up - 3:35
08. Mr. Feeling - 3:50 (8)
09. Show Me Colours - 3:33
10. Land Of Dreaming - 3:34 (7)
11. Porque Te Vas - 3:26 (6)
12. Just 4 You - 3:44
13. I Need A Lover Tonight - 3:57 (4)
14. Feel The Heat Of The Night 2003 - 3:34 (5)
15. Different Dreams - 3:44
16. Everybody Needs Somebody - 3:56
17. Ice Ice Baby - 3:29 (1)
18. Say Yeah - 3:35 (3)
19. Lucky Lie - 3:24 (2)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Trancing Queen - reviewed on 09/06/06
Label: 2005 The Music Company (Finland)
Index #: TMC 154210

DJ ENSAMBLE presnts Trancing Queen This album released by Finnish wonderboy back in 2005 is really worth of reviewing. I received this album recently and it is available for purchase from the link provided. DJ ENSAMBLE took some greatest ABBA hits and "converted" them to TRANCE wonders. The album "DJ Ensamble presents Trancing Queen" features 14 songs plus a megamix. All tracks are made for dance floor and trust me, they are all the bomb! I seldom am die hard fan of ABBA so I was really curious what DJ ENSAMBLE did to tracks. We just recently encountered "Hung Up" tune by MADONNA that featured some ABBA elements. Not only MADONNA took ABBA to her repertoir. Other projects had ABBA remakes in thier portfolios like ABBACADABRA from UK-based Almighty Records that provided some stunning HI NRG versions or UNLIMITED BEAT from immortal Italian SAIFAM label to give you just few examples. Album starts with "Summer Night City" a highly charged NRG-track nicely done in BIG ROOM TRANCE. Trademarked ABBA sound received an intoxciting treatment that put this track on next level of immortality. Very intriguing throughout! Next is "The Winner Takes It All". This classic got scorching revisit as well. Beauty in it own BIG ROOM TRANCE with angelic female vocals makes this tune yet another winner from this album. Other all time classics such "Dancing Queen", "Mamma Mia", "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" were "revamped". The common thing between all these tunes is lots of wild electronics at work here, cool breakdown and builds-up with just enough of the original's timeless NRG/POP hooks that keep you wondering what's more can be done with ABBA tunes. I am sure when you will listen to this album, you will pick your favorite tune. I did pick up mine: "Lay All Your Love On Me". This tune just recently was done by SYLVER, and if you liked her version you will love this one. A mournful, haunting dance experience with an edge. Among fourteen tracks featured in this album, you will find two extended mixes of "Summer Night City" and "One Man One Woman". These are both winners especially if one choose to play them on the dance floor. Entire album is extremely hot. Yes! It is released last year, but it is still available. The buy you cannot afford to miss! So hurry! For now enjoy the mix with 8 tracks taken from the album (no, it is not bonus megamix included in the album, but in house made one) Enjoy the trip to ABBA classic in TRANCE style!

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01. Summer Night City - 4:36
02. The Winner Takes It All - 4:23 (1)
03. Dancing Queen - 3:24
04. Lay All Your Love On Me - 4:40 (2)
05. One Man One Woman - 4:05
06. Knowing Me Knowing You - 3:48 (4)
07. When All Is Said And Done - 3:38 (7)
08. S.O.S. - 3:59 (8)
09. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme - 3:49 (5)
10. Voulez-Vous - 3:20
11. Mamma Mia - 3:26 (6)
12. Love Light - 3:34
13. Megamix - 6:00
14. Summer Night City (Extended Version) - 5:46 (3)
15. One Man One Woman (Extended Version) - 6:34

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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