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Title: Eye Of A Champ - reviewed on 03/26/07
Artist: DJ DEAN
Label: 2007 Tunnel Records / Germany
Index #: 8697025862
SCOOTER - The Ultimate Aural Orgasm DJ DEAN without a doubt is one of the most accomplished TRANCE/TECHNO DJ. He is TUNNEL Resident DJ and author countless compilations released on that German label. Presented today "Eye Of A Champ" is his very own album released this year. This double CD album is full of great tunes and bonus material. First CD sports 17 full blown club tunes done in extraordinary electronica. The second CD features DJ DEAN's many videos, personal interview and a wallpaper. You are getting a full package. I am sure you are familiar with many tunes featured in this album. Let's take a look. First CD starts with "Kick Da Bass" that was previously released as a single. An incarnation of classic ROCK in TRANCE shape. Next featured in the album is DJ DEAN new tune: "If I Could Be You". This full blown VOCAL TRANCE fare has been actually already featured in many compilations. Rightfully so. This one is plain gorgeous! Pulsing synths and intricate, mesmerizing rhythms combine in an intoxicating party stomper. True electronica adventure you cannot afford not to take. "Fire & Water" falls into same category. It has pounding synths as well and kick-ass bottom. Excellent club shaker. DJ DEAN delivers much more. His "Dreamworld" is yet another incredibly well produce TRANCE stomper with mesmerizing bassline, beautiful female vocals that throbs hypnotically as it builds in seductive pace. "Magma" is gloriously beautiful. Very sophisticated synths works deliver opera like sound with true BIG ROOM TRANCE feel. Stunning fare in which swirling synthesizers put the meaning of TRANCE to the next level. The album does not only features brand new production but also delivers some DJ DEAN's classics. So no wonder why tunes such as "Ballanation.04" is there or most current remix of it "Ballanation.06". Also such classic as "It's A Dream" is here as well, but in new remake of DJ MANIAN vs. YANOU. I am sad that this mix lasts only 2:50 minutes. These powerful remixers delivered magnificent HANDS UP fare in uplifting NRG style. True beauty that deserves longer version. I am sure you will find this album of great value. I have prepared 11 !!! track sound sampler from this album for your enjoyment. Enjoy the sound and buy this release! You will not regret it!

for more information about DJ DEAN , please visit their official website at

CD 1
01. Kick Da Bass (Radio Mix)
02. If I Could Be You (Radio Mix) (1)

03. Fire & Water (2)

04. Kick Off (Radio Edit)
05. Dreamworld (Album Cut) (3)
06. What I Need (Album Cut)
07. Music Is My Life (DJ Merlin & DJ C-Bass Radio Mix) (4)
08. Magma (5)
09. Ballanation.04 (DJ Dean's New Club Mix - Short Cut)
10. Teknika (Special Album Short Mix) (11)
11. It's A Dream (DJ Manian vs. Yanou Vocal Radio Cut) (6)
12. It's All Around (7)
13. Ballantion.06 (Album Mix)
14. Planet Earth (World Mix Album Short Cut) (8)
15. Third Symphony (9)
16. Brazil (When You Look In My Eyes)
17. Back To Rave (10)

01. VIDEO - "If I Could Be You"
02. Interview with DJ Dean
03. VIDEO - "Play It Hard"
04. VIDEO - "Protect Your Ears"
05. VIDEO - "It's A Dream"
06. VIDEO - "Ballanation.04"
07. Wallpaper
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Title: Jak narkotyk (engl. Like A Drug) - reviewed on 03/26/07
Artist: D-BOMB
Label: 2006 Camey Records (Poland)
Index #: C 171

D-BOMB - Jak Narkotyk (Like A Drug)It has been more than four years since the Polish Dance group D-BOMB recorded the last album: "Kameleon". The group is back with their newest album released back in December of 2006 entitled "Jak narkotyk (engl. Like A Drug)". The group is now man only, so no more cute female vocals. The album is not exactly the strongest one, but still has some good dance tunes. It features 11 fares and as bonus there are two mixes including "D-BOMB Mix vol. 3" lasting more than 15 minutes. Let's take a close look at what we have here. The album starts with "Nie wiem sam (engl. I Don't Know)". This is quite a ripoff of PAKITO style. I am not sure if D-BOMB is trying to cash on that sound though. The outcome is kinda cool, because PAKITO-style has been well merged with upbeat NRG sound, and that's the differentiating factor. Male vocals leaves a lot to be wished for, but melodic line saves the track. Next is "Powiedz co czujesz (engl. Tell Me What Do You Feel)". This tune is recorded in EURO POP style but swirls more into NRG arena. It has that rumbling feel, but on the other hand it is a lot of tougher and darker than true HIGH NRG sound usually is. After all it is seductive and powerful. ELECTRO-BEAT influences "Shake Your Boom Boom". I am not sure about this experiment, but outcome is not bad. I think one might consider this tune as a DISCO retreat. Surprised? You should be! I really had hard time to classify this one since it sports multiple layeres of variety of genres. It is catchy though. Speaking of RETRO-DISCO there is another tune that might fit the bill: "Obejmij (engl Hug Me)". In addition it has joyful HOUSE feel with some hands-in-the-air kind of party flavor. I also found the title song "Jak narkotyk (engl. Like A Drug)" of interest. I was impressed by it's gorgeous, pulsating synths that is making this track pretty cool electronic HOUSE/NRG hybrid. This pretty much covers dance tunes that I found good and there are probably more you might like. I also have to warn you that album goes beyond DANCE. D-BOMB included some RAP/R&B tunes such as "Jesli chcesz (engl. If You Wanna)" or "Oczy pelne lez (engl Water Eyes)" to name the few as well as some more POP oriented tunes. So, just keep in mind that this is not just a pure dance album. I have prepared mix containing 6 tunes and I have chosen only dance songs. I hope you will like the sampler and the music. If you do, I hope you wil lget the album and will support the artists.

For more information about D-BOMB, please visit her home page at

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01. Nie wiem sam (engl. I Don't Know) - 4:23 (1)
02. Powiedz co czujesz (engl. Tell Me What Do You Feel) - 4:28 (4)
03. Shake Your Boom Boom - 4:25 (2)
04. Jesli chcesz (engl. If You Wanna) - 3:28
05. Obejmij (engl. Hug Me) - 4:58 (6)
06. Mysle (engl. I Think) - 3:27
07. Przypominasz mi (engl. You Remind Me) - 4:55
08. Jeszcze raz, kochanie (engl. Honey, One More Time) - 4:05 (5)
09. Do szalenstwa (engl. Get Crazy) - 4:06
10. Oczy pelne lez (engl. Water Eyes) - 3:32
11. Jak narkotyk (engl. Like A Drug) - 4:58 (3)

12. Mysle Summer Mix (engl. I Think Summer Mix) - 3:48
13. D-BOMB Mix vol. 3 by DJ. Arti - 15:43
13. VIDEO - Mysle (engl. I Think)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: The Ultimate Aural Orgasm - reviewed on 02/09/07
Label: 2007 Shieffield Tunes / Germany
Index #: PROMO
SCOOTER - The Ultimate Aural Orgasm Today brand new album from German super group SCOOTER is being released. Believe it or not but it has been 21 years since H.P. BAXXTER and RICK J. JORDAN formed a group than known as CELEBRATE THE NUN back in 1986. They surfaced as SCOOTER back 1994. "The Ultimate Aural Orgasm" is approximately 17th album released by this group (I might be wrong with the number though, I think I lost the count). Anyway, I don't think that I need to introduce the group. I only wanted to mention that SCOOTER now has a new member: MICHAEL SIMON replacing JAY FROG who left the group in August 2006. So let's talk about the album. It is double CD release. The first CD is actually the album while the second CD is a bonus disc containing few remixes and video material. This album comes with SCOOTER's "signature" sound, with "shouting rap" delivered by H.P. BAXXTER with elements of a the roar of the crowd taken from their live performance. There is already one single out from this album called "Behind The Cow" released in January 2007 and also video to this particular track. 14 tunes are featured on the first CD. I have to admit I have mixed feelings about the album. I am not sure what's cooking but it seems that SCOOTER is testing new territories. Their music was usually rather commercial TECHNO and this album is no different yet it goes to other commercial sounds. The album starts with "Horny In Jericho". It is a short, slow, truly introductory fare. This one features some industrial pandemonic sound with male announcing the album vocal embedded within. "Behind The Cow" features lyrics from KLF's "What Time Is Love". SCOOTER seems to like referencing to KLF, this is not the first time they are doing it. Anyway, this song is what you might expect from SCOOTER. No surprise here, neither any novelity. I have no clue what "Does The Fish Have Chips" , the next tune, is all about? This is crossover of HEAVY METAL and PUNK ROCK. What a traumatic experience. It might be also "traumatic" differently for female featured in this tune (YES! She is moaning with pleasure). Thanks God, there are other tracks that safe the day. I am fond of several of them. For instance "U.F.O. Phenomena" revisits KRAFTWERK SYNTH-POP/TECHNO sound raising it to another height. Very interesting and creative instrumental arrangements in this one. "Ratty Revenge" is cool tune as well. It has that TECHNO/EURO combo feel. I missed RATTY project from SCOOTER, but this one bring some cool memories back! This album really get better with latest tunes. Stunning TECHNO/TRANCE production in "Love Is An Ocean" with heavenly synths all over the place (and I mean in good sense not chaotic). I prepared 8 track sound sampler from this album for your enjoyment. I hope it will help you. No matter what, SCOOTER remains one of the most successful commercial TECHNO group and what's important one of the most productive one. Enjoy the sound!

for more information about SCOOTER, please visit their official website at

CD 1
01. Horny In Jericho
02. Behind The Cow
03. Does The Fish Have Chips?
04. The United Vibe (8)
05. Lass Uns Tanzen (6)
06. U.F.O. Phenomena (4)
07. Ratty's Revenge (3)
08. The Shit That Killed Elvis
09. Imaginary Battle (7)
10. Scarborough Affair (5)
11. East Sands Anthem (2)
12. Love Is An Ocean (1)

01. Aiii Shot The DJ (Live Track)
02. Am Fenster (Live Track)
03. Trance-Atlantic (Special Live Version)
04. Fire (Full Length Version)
05. Apache (Flip&Fill UK Mix)
06. Behind The Cow (3 AM Mix)
07. Behind The Cow(The Video)
08. Behind The Cow (Making Of)
09. Photos
10. Band Interview
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: The Remix Album - reviewed on 02/09/07
Label: 2006 Balloon Records (Germany)
Index #: BA 029369-2

CASCADA - The Remix AlbumAbout year ago I reviewed debut album: "Everytime We Touch " by CASCADA's. As you might remember interstingly this debut album was released first in the US before it was released in CASCADA's homeland Germany. Thanks to amazing promotional power of US Label Robbins Entertainment, CASCADA gained incredible popularity here in the US. As a matter of fact their "trademark" sound became so popular to the degree that other groups were trying to cash on it. CASCADA sound is now categorized as HANDS UP style. Truly uplifting EURO/TRANCE sound with intoxicating synths and haunting female vocals. Presented today "The Remix Album" released in Germany last year does not contain new tunes. It focuses on remixes of some of the most known CASCADA fares. Trust me they are all good. It is like having set of singles in one box. You will not find any remixes of "Everytime We Touch". This particular track got so much airplay that became tiresome. Instead, you are being exposed to remixes of other CASCADA's tunes and some of them already got their own fame. You have two mixes of "Miracle". One is US Club Mix and another Alex M. Remix. The first one is dynamic TECHNO/TRANCE fare with angelic vocal undertone that takes over the entire song. It is exactly what you should expect from CASCADA, power, rhythm and vocal. Truly cool club showcase. Alex M. remix is quite different. It invades HOUSE territory with some ELECTRO influence ala BENASSI BROS. Well... It's trendy to do mix in this style, so I would be surprised if such mix would not be created. On the other hand I would be curious to hear what BENASSI would do to this track. Anyway, it is cool in a sorta way. Of course I have to mention "Ready For Love" tune. Three versions are featured: Club Mix, Italo Brothers New Vox Mix and finally Klubbingman Remix. Oh my God! This is perfect. Of course I had to focus on Klubbingman Mix after all he is front man of MASTERBOY. Absolutely stunning mix in every tone and string! It's a state-of-the-art HANDS UP beauty that delivers exquisite melodic hooks and big room synths are just out of this world. Very majestic track indeed. I also should mention Italo Brothers New Vox mix. It's done in ITALO HOUSE format but has some NRG elements scattered here and there. You still might find it hard to resist this Euro-synth treat. If you really like shirtless activity in the dance floor, I can tell you that Dan Winter Remix of "One More Time" will cause just that! Exciting, first rate big room EURO TRANCE beauty. If you are looking for more PROGRESSIVE flavor from CASCADA, I am sure you will be delighted with Mainfield Hardpace Remix of "Can't Stop The Rain". Hard-edged, full-throttle, roaring electronica at it's best. Taken together if you have previously fallen in love with CASCADA this album is definately to have. Even if you didn't this one wil lgive you a new look into this very interesting and highly successful project that gained worldwide popularity. Support CASCADA and get this release! I have prepared mix containing 9 tunes taken from this release. I actually have chosen 4 tracks and presented two mixes for each of them and as a bonus I threw fragment of Ivan Fillini Remix of "A Neverending Dream". Very exciting revisit to this classic! For now enjot the sound!

For more information about CASCADA, please visit her home page at

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01. Ready For Love (Club Mix)
02. Love Again (Club Mix)
03. Can't Stop The Rain (Club Mix) (8)
04. Miracle (US Club Mix) (5)
05. One More Night (Dan Winter Remix) (3)
06. Ready For Love (Italo Brothers New Vox Mix) (1)
07. A Neverending Dream (Ivan Fillini Remix) (9)
08. Love Again (Rob Mayth Remix)
09. Wouldn't It Be Good (Club Mix)
10. One More night (Club Mix) (4)
11. Can't Stop The Rain (Mainfield Hardspace Remix) (7)
12. Ready For Love (Klubbingman Remix) (2)
13. Miracle (Alex M. Remix) (6)
14. Kids In America (Album Mix)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Do Kraja - The 8th Album - reviewed on 01/14/07
Label: 2006 Menart (Croatia)
Index #: 385601090322

COLONIA - Do Kraja Last year I presented you COLONIA's "Najbolje od Svega" album. Courtesy of MenArt label that provided me copy of group's newest (8th in discography) album "Do kraja" I am able to present it to you today. COLONIA's history starts back in 1996 when two DJs: BORIS DJURDJEVIC and TOMISLAV JELIC along with INDIRA VLADIC-MUJKIC (female singer) established this one of the most successful Croatian project. I am sure by now you should be familiar with them, since their popularity well exceeded local stardom. Their songs were released in many compilations in many countires including Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Russia and many others. Presented "Do kraja" album is group's latest offering and was released in December 2006. Album contains 14 tunes. Style-wise its truly an eclecti offering. I am sure you will appreciate the featured music. It oscillates areound POP, NRG with elements of SOUL and FOLK influenced by Mediterranean flavor. Album stars with groups current hit "Da Kraja". It's a happy tune. Very catchy melody with whistling elements underlining entire tune. The production is first rate. An instant hit if you will. "Pogledom me skini" is next in que to become a hit from this release. It has that catchy overtone that will haunt you for a while in a positive way. INDIRA's voice is as powerful as ever. Great tune for everyday listening. The album is not short of good tunes. Next "Oci u oci" is yet another hot one that uses more electronica than the previous two mentioned. This one blasts off with incredibly catchy, synth-and-chant driven POP/NRG-TRANCE sound. A blast to play. As I said at the beginning this album goes beyond just uplifting DANCE. Other styles are featured as well. If you have some taste for REGGAE COLONIA delivers it as well. Great example is "Fjaka". Very laid-back tune to warm you up. What's interesting about this fare is use of some NRG elements and melodic line that joins those two world. Very cute! COLONIA also borrows some hot Spanish sound in their "Samo da si fu" at least at the beginning. This fare contains signature COLONIA sound with melody that is truly fabulous. Combo of fiesta and energy fused into one hot unforgettable fare. Group also invades HOUSE BREAKBEAT terrirory with "Party On". You might think that it's going to be yet another BENASSI BROS copycat. Absolutely not! Morever COLONIA skilfully used synth to give that touch yet achieved another level by adding layer of uplifting NRG style. An outstanding production and flavor you hardly can find anywhere else. In a sense it reminds me a bit of INFERNAL's "From Paris To Berlin" tune, but it has much more original sound. Taken together, I am sure you will find something for you and you have a lot to choose from. I do recommend this release to virtually everyone. It will satisfy almost any audience. As usually I am providing a sound sampler. The mix I prepared from this album contains 8 tunes for your listening pleasure. Keep in mind it only has "pre-screen" value, you have to buy the real thing to appreciate it's value. The music is worth of your money. So spread words about COLONIA worldwide! Enjoy!

for more information about COLONIA, please visit their website at

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01. Do kraja - 4:11 (1)
02. Pogledom me skini - 3:39 (3)
03. Oci u oci - 3:43 (2)
04. Tipicno muski - 3:29
05. Dvoje - 3:30 (4)
06. Fjaka - 2:47
07. Samo da si tu - 3:39 (5)
08. Party on! - 4:17
09. Nedostaješ mi - 4:09 (8)
10. Nisam više tvoja - 3:46
11. Svašta mi pada na pamet - 3:52
12. Devotion - 3:43 (6)
13. So sexy (Eric's Magic Touch Remix) - 4:51 (7)
14. Do kraja (Pop Remix) - 3:48

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Title: Avantura - reviewed on 01/14/07
Artist: KARMA
Label: 2006 Menart (Croatia)
Style: DANCE / POP
Index #: 385601090242

KARMA - Avantura For some reason I never had a chance to present you another very popular DANCE project from Croatia: KARMA. Both COLONIA and KARMA remain core DANCE projects in this Balkan country. KARMA is coming from the town of Umag and was established in 1999 by NENO and PIPI who actually have been working together since 1993. KARMA's music has been influenced by Italian and German sound. No wonder why you might hear influences by such groups/artists as GIGI AGOSTINO, MOLELLA, EIFFEL 65, SCOOTER or SASH to name the few. Presented today "Avantura" is group's fifth original album released in July 2006. Album features predominantly high power DANCE music. It offers 13 album tracks and 5 bonus tunes (3 of them are remixes of "Pusti da te vodi ritam"). This is very energetic and powerful stuff. Right from the very beginning with "Kraljica leda" you are entering the world of ultimate DANCE. Very glitzy NRG fare with ulimate female vocals by TARA that combines power and softness (almost oxymoron, but not in this case) topped by sing-a-long melody, and lots of big, bright, galloping synthesizers! "Pusti da te vodi ritam" , next tune on the album is genuine hit. Incredibly potent rhythm track powers this inspiring beauty as it intensifies on top with dazzling synths, keyboard and haunting female vocals and some NENO's male vocal bits. All together you have four versions of this tune in the album. Basically different strokes for different folks. Pick one you like. Next is "Anakonda". Tune kept in high BPM range with catchy melody. Brilliant turbo-charged stomper for any dance floor to get frenzy about. The party goes on with "Saša 2006" tune done in DISCO-HOUSE combo. A bit monotonous in parts, but still good to dance to. "Mirne duše" starts with ROCK-like intro, but not to worry it blasts into full NRG stomper right after. Very pleasant fare indeed. I am not sure what "Paparazzi" track is doing here, but what the heck. It's combo of REGGAE with RAP with some middle asia folk sound influence here and there. Not my cap of tea. One have to mention the title song "Avantura" with melodic line characteristic to GIGI D'AGOSTINO, but that were the similarity ends. This is full blown DANCE fare with NENO trying to be H.P. BAXXTER a frontman of SCOOTER. I am not sure about it though, but TARA saves the vocal. She is dramatic, she is vocally strong not to mention beautiful. "Uspomne" employed good deal of electronic instruments, making this one an ultimate trip to ENERGY meet TECHNO/TRANCE world. Stylistic from late 90's and it is very good indeed. If you like EURODANCE as close as it can get into classic sound, you should listen to "Pusti me na miru". I was taken by this marvel instantenously. There are more tunes you have to listen to, and you can do it by getting album that is plain outstanding release. For your preview I prepared sound sampler with 8 tunes. I am sure you will be convinced to get it ASAP. Enjoy!

for more information about KARMA, please visit their website at

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01. Krajlica leda - 4:32 (1)
02. Pusti da te vodi ritam (Karma vs. Pipi RMX) - 4:00
03. Anakonda - 3:53 (7)
04. Saša 2006 (Karma RMX) - 4:18
05. Mirne duše - 4:18 (4)
06. Paparazzi - 3:27
07. Od danas sam tvoja - 4:13
08. Avantura - 4:18 (5)
09. Uspomene - 4:20 (2)
10. Pusti me na miru (Bastino free Q) - 4:01 (6)
11. Priznaj mi (D.Z. Shark And M Dee J Original Radio) - 3:56 (3)
12. Decko ajde oladi 2006 (Karma RMX) - 3:51
13. Sedam dana 2006 (Dee Jay Time By D.Z.Shark And M Dee J Remix Radio) - 4:20

14. How Do You Want Me - 4:18
15. Amore mio (D3 Summer Groove Radio) - 3:45
16. Pusti da te vodi ritam (Neno DJ's Retro Extended RMX) - 5:09
17. Pusti da te vodi ritam (KARMA vs. Pipi Extended RMX) - 5:31 (8)
18. Pusti da te vodi ritam (Eurosong Mix) - 2:57

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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