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Title: Self Control - reviewed on 12/20/09
Artist: ALEX
Label: 2009 (Sweden)
Index #: 732047012740

ALEX - Past, Present & FutureBack in 2006 I reviewed TONY ALEXANDER ENTESARIAN (ALEX) album entitled "Past, Present & Future" that some of you might remember was recorded in PURE EURODANCE style. That album had limited worldwide exposure. In 2009 ALEX is back with his newest album entitled "Self Control". This album is now available worldwide (including in US) thank to his distribution company: Musichelp. Congratulation! The album is also available in iTunes and from his home page. When I reviewed Alex's album 3 years ago, I had provided some background information on him. Let me briefly refresh your memory. Alex adventure with DANCE music begun when he was 7 years old. Both ALEX and another artist I am sure you are familiar with: BASSHUNTER are friends and recorded using same label, before BASSHUNTER was signed by Warner Sweden. "Self Control" in a sense is a continuation what ALEX started with "Past, Present & Future" album. He remains faithful to fast pace EURODANCE sound. While in previous album he was using instruments popular back in 90's to make EURODANCE, in this one he moved to more modern sound. Also, leading female vocalist remains the same: MARWA CHEBIL who competed in 2004 edition of Swedish Idol. Album features 14 tunes. Most of them are dynamic, up-tempo tunes. The first tune "Put Your Hands Up" that was previously released as a single sports uplifting EURO-POP sound with happy MARWA's vocal and ALEX rapping. Police sirens throughout the tune is additional touch. "The Real Talk" is a very good club-oriented tune. I had distinct feeling it is influenced by E-TYPE. As a matter of fact ALEX's voice has some similarities with E-TYPE's. Cool indeed! You can judge it by yourself. "Moonlight", the third tune in the album has been also released separately as a brand new single. This one is going to send NRG mavens to a next orbit. Beautifully NRGized with interesting production and of course sparkling MARWA's vocal. Spectactular keyboard lines and hypnotic sound rolls with other tunes. Great example is "Upside Down". This one is turbo-charged fare that easily might sweep dance floor! Another massive track "Fight For Revolution" features very dramatic keyboards, with sound that has clear potential for big club room venue. The action continues with "The Human People". In my opinion, without a doubt, one of the best dance tune on the album. This is classic EURO sound that could be easily identified with such groups as BASIC ELEMENT or REAL McCOY. I really like this tune. Both MARWA's and ALEX's vocals are impressively matching, music has gorgeous flowing and instrumentally is simply amazing. Great job! "Word's Can't Hurt Me" is more in EURO-HOUSE space. Lovely tune, but might not be as memorable as others. "Lose The Pressure" has lotsa synths built in, almost like it has been invaded by vocoding. I think it is just my perception though. The album closes with "Lose Control" (title released back in 2007 as a single). Perfect dynamic ending of the dynamic album. Taken together be prepared for the album that offers explosive and high-octane fares. There are no slow tunes (with one exception of "Interlude", but this is really a short brake so you can catch the breath). I did not review all the tunes from the album, but I am sure you are getting a drift here. Morever, I have prepared the mix containing 10 tunes taken from this album that hopefully will give you some ideas. Please support this young and aspiring artist and this interesting DANCE album by buying this release from his site, Amazon or from Itunes. EURODANCE needs your support, so do the artists making it in this century. For now enjoy the sound!

For more information about ALEX visit his home page at:

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01. Put Your Hands Up (feat. Marwa) - 3:30 (1)
02. The Real Talk - 4:27 (6)
03. Moonlight (feat. Marwa) - 3:58 (3)
04. Love Selecta (feat. Iffectz & Marwa) - 4:07
05. Upside Down - 4:49 (8)
06. Interlude - 1:58
07. Fight For Revolution (feat. Iffectz & Marwa) - 3:41 (4)
08. The Human People - 4:36 (7)
09. Words Can't Hurt Me - 3:01
10. Lose The Pressure - 4:22 (5)
11. Make You Move - 3:40 (10)
12. Let Me Be The One - 3:27
13. How I Feel - 4:40 (9)
14. Lose Control - 3:55 (2)

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