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Title: Burning Temptations - reviewed on 12/28/11
Label: 2011 Basement Sound Studio (Germany)
Index #: 4 222 623

ACTING LOVERS - Burning TemptationsACTING LOVERS is a German EURODANCE/HIGH-ENERGY project that in many instances might remind you one of E-ROTIC or S.E.X. APPEAL. Behind the project is a talented writer and producer Patrick Thomson. Acting Lovers released in 2009 their debut album “Get It While It’s Hot” and now they are back with brand new one released in the middle of December 2011 entitled “Burning Temptations”. I just need to mention that there are two editions of this album. The Regular one (the one being reviewed below) as well as Special Edition. The difference between them is that the last one contains: a remixed version of "Kingdom of Love", a remixed version of "Mr Nice Guy", a rap version of "Vampire's Kiss" - two different extended versions (compared to the regular album and the download version), and a different cover artwork. The album is produced by PATRICK THOMSON and DANNY CICCONE (who also provided male vocals in the album). Patrick also composed music for most of tunes and did lyrics to some along with Davis O’Flynn. The album starts with incredibly dynamic EURODANCE “Thief Of Hearts” tune. It aggregates intense androgen charged male vocal by Danny Ciccone and high key female vocal provided by Kathryn McCunningham topped with uplifting melodic line. It also sports some EUROTRANCE undertone. With “Hotline Lover” next track on the album, you are getting into E-ROTIC/S.E.X. APPEAL style. Terrific and infectious fare. Kathryn’s vocal is powerful and seductive. You should avoid comparison between Lyanne, Lydia (vocalists of E-ROTIC) and Kathryn voice. They all have their special sound. “Gimmie Good Love” is a happy Dance tune with melodic hooks and convincing vocals. I like that harmonica elements built in so it in line with Wild West theme of the album. Next is “Love Is Not A Sin”. A killer EURO tune. You will love that haunting sound and very well crafted vocals. “Kingdom Of Love” is pumped-up rhythm track in E-ROTIX/S.E.X. APPEAL style full of glorious synths and a terrific vocals. The album features Radio Edit, you might consider checking The Queen Remix of this tune that appears on limited edition of this album. “Ray’s Way Is Gay” is featured in two versions: Radio Edit and Extended Version (more club friendly). It is an interesting EURO-POP tune, rather on slower side. I really love the next tune “Running Wild”. This is massive. What we have got here is a luscious, traditional EURO/NRG piece with kind of swirling, sophisticated production that it is hard to come by. It’s gorgeous, melodic, old-school beauty to die for. Too bad that only Radio Edit version is featured in the album. However, you can get CD single of this tune that features four mixes (Radio Edit, Extended Version, Håkan Johansson Remix and Instrumental version). Really worth for all of you who crave for quality EURO sound. “Enjoy That” is a typical classic HIGH-ENERGY tune. Strong female vocals give it an irresistible, late night flavor that is simultaneously a bit sad and incredibly sexy. “Come With Me” is a pounding EURO with predominant male vocals. Nicely crafted fare that is joyful and uplifting without getting too sugary sweet. “Let The World Stand Still Tomorrow” is a majestic, sizzling HIGH ENERGY tune with hot, throbbing bassline and a fierce diva vocals. The piano section is a welcome surprise. Nicely done. “Vampire Kiss” is astounding in every way. Both male and female vocals are perfectly suited to this rousing production underlined by giddy, galloping synths and a bright, deceptively uplifting melody. One of my favorites from the album (yet again for Extended version you have to look into Limited Edition). “Mister Nice Guy” once again brings E-ROTIC/S.E.X. APPEAL into the picture. This is solid, exciting HIGH-ENERGY with traditional production and nice vocals again. Very melodic and catchy tune that will stay with you for a while, may surprise you to sing it yourself. “I Want Your Love” is the last original track on the album. Perfect finish for the perfect album. An exquisite, sophisticated DANCE marvel that sounds phenomenal. Taken together really great album. I wish Patrick and the group more success in near future and more worldwide recognition they rightfully deserve!

I have prepared the sampler containing 10 tunes taken from this album and I hope it will provide some idea. Please support this group and this great DANCE album by buying this release. For now enjoy the sound!

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01. Thief of Hearts (Radio Edit) - 4:35 (10)
02. Hotline Lover - 4:04 (2)
03. Gimme Good Love - 3:26
04. Love Is Not A Sin - 3:49 (8)
05. Kingdom Of Love (Radio Edit) - 4:04 (4)
06. Ray's Way Is Gay - 4:14
07. Running Wild (Radio Edit) - 3:52 (1)
08. Enjoy That - 4:08
09. Come With Me - 4:07 (3)
10. Let The World Stand Still Tomorrow - 4:04 (6)
11. Vampire's Kiss - 3:46 (9)
12. Mister Nice Guy - 3:45 (7)
13. I Want Your Love - 3:59 (5)
14. Enjoy That (Extended Version) - 8:12
15. Ray's Way Is Gay (Extended Version) - 7:32

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