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Title: Riot On The Dancefloor - reviewed on 03/31/12
Label: 2012 Sony Music (Germany)
Index #: 8691935192

GROOVE COVERAGE - Riot On The DancefloorWith “Riot on the dance floor” being their 4th album, GROOVE COVERAGE doesn’t need any special introduction after 10 years of successful dance music career. Although it took them almost 6 years to release a new album, the wait was really worth it! The album features 11 songs and 4 bonus extended remixes. Considering that out of 11 songs only one is a slow ballad, this is a real treat for any dance music fan. With Axel Konrad and his Suprime Studio production behind it – every song has been crafted in the style of the latest ELECTRO POP genre with pumping beats, catchy melodies, and beautiful vocals by Verena! With all these modern up to date elements, it’s still a very well balanced album that doesn’t go overboard with any extreme sounds and can truly stand a test of time, just like a lot of their previous hit songs from early years.

The album starts with “Angeline”, originally released as maxi single in 2011, an upbeat EURODANCE tracks that is close to HANDS'UP style but keeps a more relaxed groove and beat. But have no worries since in the bonus remix section of the album you can find Cc.K Hands’up Remix of it to get your blood pumping on the dance floor. The next track is “Think about the way”, a remake of the classic Roberto Zanetti (Robyx) track originally by Ice Mc feat Alexia. It’s not an easy task to remake EURODANCE hit of such caliber, but in this case I think it has been accomplished very successfully. This is not an exact cover, but rather a remake with a brand new rap by Rameez to fit with new pumping ELECTRO beat and vocals by Verena who does a great job capturing emotions of the original track. Bonus section of the album features pumping ELECTRO remixes of this song by DJane Housekat (another project from Suprime Records) and Rob & Chris (with Rob Mayth behind it). “Riot on the dance floor” is the next track, and it should have a warning that once you start listening to it you will not be able to keep yourself still and might have an urge to cause your own riot on the dance floor! For the fans of GROOVE COVERAGE, you will find some resemblance in the hook of this song to their “Runaway” hit with a similar electro guitar riffs. “Dangerous” is another great original ELECTRO POP track, with a very catchy melody, bouncing beats, and nice vocals. “Darkness” starts with an emotional dark string arrangement and a verse featuring deep vocals by Verena that make you guess if this is going to build up into a DANCE track or will continue as a ballad. The surprise is over once the melody gets lifted up with an upbeat section of the refrain/chorus, and with a same surprise drops back to the second verse with dark strings. This is not just a beautiful song, but also an example of a great arrangement work. To stay true to their Groove “Coverage” name, album continues with a cover of Mike Oldfield & Anita Hegerland “Innocent”. Originally released by GROOVE COVERAGE as a maxi single in 2010, it was great to see them include it on this album since it fits so well with the rest of the tracks. This is another great ELECTRO POP cover with additional club mix included in the bonus section of the album. Following that is 2k12 remake of Mike Oldfield w/Maggie Reilly “Moonlight Shadows” – the song that put GROOVE COVERAGE on the map of international dance scene back in 2002. This is a brand new version, with all new beats, updated sounds, and a bonus rap section featuring P.S.Y. On a roll with covers, the next track is “Shout” originally performed by The Free and written by Felix J. Gauder (of E-Rotic, Missing Heart, God’s Groove, and Novaspace fame). A fantastic HIGH ENERGY cover in a modern ELECTRO POP style. Once you satisfied your appetite with “coverage”, here comes a new original “The world is mine” track, a PROGRESSIVE ELECTRO POP track with a marching rhythm resembling some of the popular US hits (Britney and others would be jealous lol!!!). Great catchy melody and vocals – another original hit! “I want it” is a fun DANCE track with a catchy piano hook, electro pop beats, and some naughty vocals to top it all. But sooner or later, the Riot on the dance floor has to come to an end, and after a string of 10 pumping dance tracks that you will enjoy without skipping a beat – you are treated to a beautiful ballad written by Verena - “All that matters”. You can really feel all the deep emotions that went into writing of this track. The melody and lyrics of this wonderful song will give you goose bumps. The album concludes with 4 bonus remix tracks which I have mentioned above.

Today a lot of dance music projects concentrate on releasing singles and often under different alias names to make into the charts. It is great to see that through all these years GROOVE COVERAGE stayed true to their name, to their style, and to the quality of their releases. To have a full album with so many potential hits and no fillers is a true achievement that GROOVE COVERAGE and Axel Konrad production team should be very proud of!!!

Album Reviewed by TWISTER
The album entered at number 4 on our EURONRG TOP 10 Albums in March 2012.

Please listen to the sound sound sampler containing 9 song taken from this release. We hope it will give you a taste of what to expect. Enjoy the sound!

For more information about GROOVE COVERAGE visit their page at:
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01. Angeline (Radio Edit) - 3:31 (1)
02. Think About The Way (Single Edit) - 3:13
03. Riot On The Dancefloor - 2:58 (2)
04. Dangerous - 3:22 (7)
05. Darkness - 3:03
06. Innocent (Radio Edit) - 2:57
07. Moonlight Shadow 2k12 - 3:00 (3)
08. Shout - 3:06 (4)
09. The World Is Mine - 3:08 (8)
10. I Want It - 3:02 (9)
11. All That Matters - 3:10
12. Think About The Way (Djane Housekat Remix) - 4:02
13. Angeline (Cc.K Remix) - 5:02
14. Innocent (Club Mix) - 4:22 (6)
15. Think About The Way (Rob & Chris Remix) - 4:56 (5)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: I Don't Like Disco - reviewed on 01/15/12
Label: 2012 Little Boom Records (France)
Style: DANCE
Index #: 15111966

AMANE LEAR - I Don't Like DiscoAfter almost 3 years since her "Brief Encounters" album AMANDA LEAR is back with exquisite brand new one entitled "I Don't Like Disco". C'est Magnifique!!! It is very impressive release that many fans of this iconic Diva were waiting for. Apparently, several titles were released last year as mp3 singles that served as an appetizer preparing us for main course. One of them was the title song from the album "I Don't Like Disco". There were several mp3 packages. Among them was Almighty Remix EP with three versions. These remixes were simply fantastic offerings out-of-this-world. Truly mesmerizing, beautiful fares with the kind of dazzling synth line that one can simply call epic. This was topped by haunting Amanda's vocal to die for. Kudos go to writters: Chris Richards and Peter Wilson (drop by to our FORUMS and say hello to Peter since he quite often visits the forum). Another one was "Chinese Walk" with several mixes floating around. Impressive, breath-taking HI-NRG with EURO-ish edges. Uplifting and powerful with sultry Amanda's vocals. The album version is in more classic EURO side for more club sounds you need to search for remixes. Now, back to album. It was produced by Alain Mendiburu and Steve Campioni. The album features all together 10 tunes. 9 of them are pure DANCE fares. It starts with "I Don't Like Disco" followed by "What A Surprise", a very happy tune with some intersting big room kicks here and there. "Windsor's Dance" reminds me a bit "Chinese Walk". It is very danceable with solid beat and haunting refrain. It would be great if this tune get remixed. It has potential. One of my favorite track is "I Need A Silence". This is epic masterpiece. Beautiful, mind-blowing NRG fare with gorgeous melody that swoops and soars like majestic bird over an aggressive, extremely powerful bottom and Amanda's vocal is simply terrific. Please, someone make a remix of it. So much potential it has! "La bête et la belle" has some ROCK edge that makes this one very unique. I love very seductive refrain. Check Amanda's LIVE performance on to this tune. Cool! "Money Money" has cabaret feel. Not exactly Lisa Minelli style, but close. It has power, it has beat and a seductive vocal with chorus in the background. "I Am Mad" starts with quasi-flamenco intro lasting split second and than builts up to sparkling NRG fare. It has a contemporary feel. The melody is kinda repetitive, but the outcome is quite interesting. "Super Hero" is melodic and invigorating NRG tune. Very driving, kinda dark in tone. Overall we are getting plethora of dance tunes without "fillers up". Solid album featuring what is currently played in dance floor with dash of rock added here and there to give the production some unique edges. One would hope that some bonus remixes could be included, since only 10 tunes are featured. AMANDA LEAR once again proves that her voice is timeless. She sounds great. AMANDA returns to the roots of her artistical karma. Taken together really great album. It might be difficult for you to get CD version (at least it was for me), but the album is available in mp3 format in many internet places!

The album reached number 1 on our EURONRG TOP 10 Albums in January 2012.

I have prepared the sampler containing 9 song from this album and I hope it will encourage you to get this album. For now enjoy the sound!

For more information about AMANDA LEAR visit her page at:

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01. I Don't Like Disco - 3:26 (1)
02. What A Surprise - 3:16 (5)
03. Windsor's Dance - 3:32 (2)
04. Money Money - 3:06 (4)
05. You're Mad - 4:04 (9)
06. Super Hero- 4:14 (7)
07. Icon - 2:45
08. I Need Silence - 3:16 (8)
09. La bête et la belle - 3:22 (3)
10. Chinese Walk - 3:10 (6)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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