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Title: Erotic Secrets - reviewed on 02/03/13
Label: 2013 Basement Sound Studio (Germany)
Index #: 4 222 633

ACTING LOVERS - Erotic SecretsThe third album by German group ACTING LOVERS entitled “Erotic Secrets” is out. Back in December of 2011, I reviewed their previous album. I am happy to report that the group retain the style they showcased before. Basically they cater to the sound that made such classic EURO groups as E-ROTIC or S.E.X. APPEAL famous. PATRICK THOMPSON who is behind the process keep delivering tunes that are original, full of energy, and most importantly are basically fun to listen to. You can imagine based on titles of the songs, there are many “sexual” innuendos. However, they are all on fun not really explicit side. Now, about the album as a whole. This is really good one. It sports 15 tunes. While most of them are upbeat dance there are few slower tunes as well. For instance “Summertime” or “Don’t Lie To Me” are both happy, sunny summer EURO-REGGAE tunes that will keep you moving. “Summertime” was released in August 2012 as a single, perfect for your beach parties. On the ballad side we have “Stay”, very pleasant tune to your ears with peaceful female vocals delivered by Kathryn McCunningham. The album starts with controversially titled “A.N.A.L.” tune. The acronym actually stands for “Alex Needs Another Lover”. Music is fantastic. Very upbeat, EURO/HIGH-ENERGY tune with superb masculine vocals topped with female sexy vocals. This one kick ass as it crosses E-ROTIC with ALICE DJ sound. Outcome is astonishing. “Curtain Falls”, the second tune is on EURO side as well with passionately beautiful and tempting female vocals and sparkling production. Truly a delightful song. Great to listen to. This fare was released as single back in May 2012 and was first one from the album. We all got excited then. It spiced our appetite for this incoming album. One of my personal favorites is “If You Need Me Tonight”. It is HIGH-ENERGY tune. I listened this one many times, and it finally stroked me. It has some similarities to BAD BOYS BLUE “Train To Nowhere”. I said similarities. I might hear it but you might not., just my point of view. Actually I can hear influence of BAD BOYS BLUE in yet another beautifully crafted tune: “Angels Never Come Back”. I highly recommend this title and single that was released in December 2012 with five remixes, all out of this world. This tune entered our February 2013 “EURO-HINRG TOP 50 CLUB CHARTS” at second position! Well deserved! If you look for majestic EURODANCE fares, you will fall in love with “Cam 2 Cam”. Great uplifting song with fantastic female vocals to die for. I hope it will be released as next single from this album. It begs for more remixes. Great material for club scene and circuit parties to work with. On the same note is "The Power Of Good Bye". Brilliant full-on EURO treatment. It's a solid masterpiece with passionate sound that's simply magnificent. Another deserving title is “You And Me”. You have two versions in this album. One of them is Extended one, club friendly. Done in typical fast pace of E-ROTIC/S.E.X. APPEAL style with lotsa energy and sexually charged duo female/male vocals. Iam sure you will have neverending fun with it. There are many more tunes that will bring happiness to your life and hopefully brighten your mood. Taken together, an outstanding release. ACTING LOVERS through years matured to a great act. The album peaked NUMBER ONE at entry in our February 2013 ”EURO-HINRG TOP 10 ALBUMS”. Fantastic!

I prepared sound sampler with 10 dance tunes taken from this album and I hope it will provide some idea. Please support this group and this amazing DANCE album by buying this release. For just 14 EUROs you can owe this marvel. For now enjoy the sound!

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01 A.N.A.L. - 3:54 (7)
02 Curtain Falls (Radio Edit) - 3:45 (1)
03 When Love Dies - 4:09 (3)
04 Summertime (Radio Edit) - 3:33
05 Unforeseen - 4:45
06 Cam 2 Cam (Radio Edit) - 3:53 (4)
07 If You Need Me Tonight - 3:28 (2)
08 You And Me - 3:13 (8)
09 Don't Lie To Me - 4:10
10 Angels Never Come Back (Radio Edit) - 3:56 (5)
11 Stay (Female Version) - 3:50
12 Robbie 3:47 (10)
13 The Power Of Good Bye - 3:58 (9)
14 You And Me (Extended Version) - 6:09
15 If You Need Me Tonight (Extended Version) - 6:19 (6)

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