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Title: NRG MAKEOVERS - 18 NRG Interpretations reviewed on 04/27/01
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy / Euro
Index #: CDKOPY 127

NRG MAKEOVERS - 18 NRG Interpretations Next offering from this UK label that keeps NRG genre rolling. This new CD compilation entitled NRG MAKEOVERS features 18 tunes turned to NRG marvels. All featured tracks are licensed from S.A.I.F.A.M. Most of the tunes presented here were not released on CD format yet by S.A.I.F.A.M. nor other labels. S.A.I.F.A.M. kept them as DAT versions and some of them were not even released as vinyls yet. So you have rare opportunity to owe this set of tunes to die for. First CD starts with classic from team of Sharpe/Lawson/Franklin/Monroe/Harris "Love Don't Cost A Thing" transformed into EURO/NRG by TK. RED HARDIN gave EURO/NRG touch to RICKY'S MARTIN - "She Bangs". Another "treatment" received the top notch SONIQUE's tune "Sky". SHELDON gave it a dramatic EURO/TRANCE influenced powerful NRG tune to die for. SNAPPERS presented "Celebrate Our Love" originally sang by ALICE DEEJAY. As a matter of fact vocals provided by SNAPPERS is pretty close to ALICE's. Tune itself is very close to original version. One of the best tune on the first CD is makeover of recent ME & MY hit "Fly High" performed by ANGELICA. Very interesting synth work in here delivers a powerful combination of TRANCE and NRG sound in one. Second CD is great as well. Hits like "Stronger", "Don't Tell Me", "The Sun Always Shines On TV" received new sound and look. Even FRAGMA's "Everytime You Need Me" has been revamped by S.H.E. This one has been equipped with angelic synth and truly amazing melodic line. After this makeover, tune can be played in virtually ANY dance floor. Very dramatic and haunting! The CD closes "Angel Tonight" written by by IAN J. NIEMAN and performed by TURBO! Perfect track to close perfect CD. I recommend this CD to everyone who is in search of EURO and NRG. This one is a must! This compilation hits the streets of UK in April 30th, 2001. Mix features 8 tracks taken from both CDs. Enjoy!

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CD 1
01. TK - Love Don't Cost A Thing (1)
02. R.A.M. - Dancing In The Moonlight
03. SAINT ETIEN - Can't Fight The Moonlight (Powerful Mix)
04. RED HARDIN - She Bangs
05. SHELDON - Sky
06. HOUZEBOYZ - This I Promise You
07. SNAPPERS - Celebrate Our Love
08. LAWRENCE MEETS ORLANDO - Such A Shame (Factory Team Mix)
09. ANGELICA - Fly High

CD 2
01. HELEN - Stronger
02. MC BOY - Yellow (5)

03. RAFFA - Don't Tell Me
04. ONE NATION - My Love (6)
05. MORGANA - Stop Loving You
06. DJ SPACE'C - The Sun Always Shines On TV (7)
07. LEIT-MOTIV - Happiness
08. S.H.E. - Everytime You Need Me (8)
09. TURBO! - Angel Tonight
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Title: Techno Marathon Vol. 3 - The Ultimate Megamix reviewed on 04/05/01
Label: 2001 Dance Network/ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT10068-2
Techno Marathon - The Ultimate Megamix - Volume 3 Next mix done by SWG Team as legal bootleg for Dance Network/ZYX called "TECHNO MARATHON - Volune 3". By now you should know that behind SWG TEAM are DJ DEEP and DJ STUDIO 33. After trouble with their illegal releases as DEEP DANCE and STUDIO 33 they no longer release any of them and went to fully legit products as "TECHNO MARATHON - Volune 3" is as well also recently released on SONY "CHARTMIX - vol 9". The double compilation features 79 tunes mixed in DJ DEEP and STUDIO 33 style. So if you missed their original mixing technique, here is your opportunity to refresh your memory. Both dudes do remain masters of digital mixing and this product is indeed of superior quality. I am not sure if you aware how much trouble it takes to have like 79 tracks licensed for one issue, but I can assure, it is a horrid experience. Therefore, the time to obtain all necessary licenses prevented from having current hits on. Therefore, almost all featured tracks are from 2000 with only few exceptions. By no means it really impacts this offering. The mix is great and selection outstanding. Featured songs are short but in most cases not as short as they were in their's forementioned bootlegs. About 40 tracks per each CD. This is an ultimate party mix for all of you who admire quality TECHNO/TRANCE sound. I highly recommend this release. In sound sampler I featured 10 tracks with original mixing retained wherever it was possible. Enjoy! Buy this product to support original artist and to validate DJ DEEP and DJ STUDIO 33 legal work.

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CD 1
01. FRAGMA feat. MARIA RUBIA - Everytime You Need Me
02. DARUDE - Feel The Beat
03. BEAM & YANOU - The Free Fall
04. IAN VAN DAHL - Castles In The Sky
05. QU-ZAR - Hypnotize
06. ??? - The Feeling
07. DIANA FOX - Running On Empty
08. DJ BJÖRN - Tracking (1)
09. SILVER SCAN - Skies (2)
10. DJ RED 5 vs. DJ's @ WORK - Rhythm & Drums 2001
11. THREE 'N' ONE pres. SERIAL DIVA - Pearl River
12. AQUAGEN - Lovemachine
13. YVES DERUYTER - Back To Earth
14. MANUEL ARENAS - Spanish Rose
15. REVERB - Providence
16. SKYSURFER - Colors
17. FLOORKILLER - Dancefloorkiller
18. HYPETRAXX - See The Day
19. STORM - Stormanimal
20. MR. BURNS - Everlasting
21. PARKER feat. FERNANDO - Pleasure
22. KENJI OGURA feat. MELANIE DI TRIA - Kreissäge
24. SPACELAB - Cyberspace
25. NIGHTCLUB - French Kiss
26. DJ BEATHOVEN - Obsession (3)
27. PGL - The Wight Light (4)
28. PAGEMASTER - Hold On (5)
29. DJ TECH & THE SILENT STREAM - Nevereverland (6)
30. SCOTT BELLS - Deep In My Heart
31. IRIDIUM GOLD - Temple Of Light
32. THE VENTURE - Amazonia's Cry
33. TOMMY GANT feat. NANCY KHANIA - I Believe
34. DERB - Derb
35. MO - Right To Dance
36. 3 PHASE feat. DR. MOTTE - Der Klang der Familie
37. DAISY DEE - Open Sesame
38. AYLA - Ayla
39. DJ HOOLIGAN - Imagination Of House

CD 2
01. TALLA 2 XLC - World In My Eyes
03. FLOORFILLA - Anthem #4
04. UNABOMBER - 6etero 6Gay
05. DJ VALIUM - Doin' It Again
06. WARP BROTHERS - We Will Survive
07. AXEL KONRAD - R.U.F.F. Cuts
08. VOODOO & SERANO - Blood Is Pumpin'
09. FLEX - Roll The Drums
10. MARIO DE BELLIS - City Lights
11. MAURO PICOTTO - Proximus
12. BLACK SPIDER - Save Your Life
13. HUMAN FORCE - Sun Rising High
14. FROST - Acid Phase
15. NIELS VAN GOGH - Psychopath
16. CENTRAL SEVEN - Party People
17. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - La Passion
18. DANCE 2 TRANCE - Hello San Francisco
19. DJ MARK STEVENS - And My Body
20. MR. X AND MR. Y - Global Players
21. SMP pres. DJ T-KAY - The Flight
22. BLAIR BITCH - Blair Bitch (Solid Sessions Remix)
23. KILLER K - Get On The Move
25. SILENT BREED - Gegen den Strom
26. TELEPORT - Native Science F.O.S.
27. DON DIABLO - Greeings From Mars (7)
28. MR. NICEGUY - I Want It (8)
29. EGOIST - It's A Dream (9)
30. SHOKK - Folie A Deux (10)
31. JOE T. VANELLI pres. CSILLA - Play With The Voice
32. NEW VOYAGER - Quazar
33. MASS IN ORBIT - 7 Suns
34. MINDMASTER - Psychose
35. MAD DOG - Mad Dog Party
37. HOLE IN ONE - X-Paradise
39. NICKY DAVIS - To Munich
40. PIK - Speakerfreak
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Title: Tunnel Trance Force - Vol. 16 reviewed on 03/28/01
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 501 995 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Vol. 16 First edition in 2001 of "Tunnel Trance" is finally out and is packed with 36 TRANCE/TECHNO tunes to die for. As usually both CDs are mixed by DJ DEAN. The selection of music is superb and mixing allows you flawlessly move from one to another track. First CD is more TRANCE oriented. It futures some tracks you should be familiar by now like: "We Will Survive" by WARP BROTHERS, "Castles In The Sky" by IAN VAN DAHL or "R.U.F.F. Cuts" by AXEL KONRAD just naming the few. Most of the tracks though are rather new and in most cases represent cutting-edge TRANCE. The first CD starts with brand new AQUAGEN track "3, 2, 1 Feiern". As you might expect from this project the track is dynamic TECHNO/TRANCE fare with distinctive bass line and hard pounding buttom. Rather dark. If you like KAI TRACID style, try "Mysterious Skies". Beatifully crafted TRANCE with angelic and enigmatic female vocals. As I mentioned somewhere before, seems like FRENCH language is getting use heavier and heavier in TRANCE productions these days. Good example of this trend serves "La Musique" by RAINBOW WARRIOR. Track starts with seducive blue eye female vocals as intro to a extremely powerful fare with strings of heavenly synths surrounding the listener. Truly a beatiful TRANCE production for big room TRANCE circuit. As a matter of fact you are blessed with other equally potent tracks like: "Another World" by CHECKMATE or "World Traffic" by CENTRAL PARK and "Weltklang" by MARCO ZAFFARANO. Truly an oustanding offering. Second CD is more TECHNO oriented but some TRANCE sound is featured as well. It's starts with TECHNO/DRUM'N'BASS tune "Alarm" by RUSSENMAFIA. Several highlights on this CD as well. For die-hard clubbers "Die Herdplatte 2000" by GARY D in another PROGRESSIVE-TECHNO fare. Some of you who like the mellow TRANCE mixed with tought and sturdy TECHNO "Terminate" by L'AGE SYNTHETIQUE will suffice. For more club-oriented tunes turn for "Tha-P-Anthem" by DJ PASSION. Speedy TECHNO with interesting buttom CATHEDRAL-like arrangements. You should love this twist. Another example of search for new shades of sound. So taken together very good release. One of the best from this series and so far it on the top of my list of releases from TRANCE/TECHNO genre in category of mixed compilation. I am sure you wil lbe stunned by featured music. This is also the reason why the sound sampler has 12 tracks from this offering. I didn't retain the original mixing by DJ DEAN and in general I tried to give you a hint what to expect, but real thing will truly amaze you! I strongly recommend this set. For now enjoy the sound.

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CD 1 - ODYSSEE 2001
01. AQUAGEN - 3, 2, 1 Feiern (New Club Mix)
02. WARP BROTHERS - We Will Survive (Aquagen Remix)
03. AXEL KONRAD - R.U.F.F. Cuts (Extended)
04. IAN VAN DAHL - Castles In The Sky (Peter Luts Remix)
05. SKY SURFER - Colors (1)
06. DAS LICHT - 3 (2)
07. P.G.L. - The White Light (Russenmafia Mix)
08. THOMAS TROUBLE - Mysterious Skies (DJ Shah Club Mix) (3)
09. RAINBOW WARRIOR - La Musique (Vocal Mix) (4)
10. DRAGON - The Dragon (Metal Ice Cream Mix) (5)
11. ROOKY- Secrets (Vectrex Remix)
12. DJ DEAN - Pain Brain (Age Mix)
13. P2 - Fade To Grey (JamX & De Leon's "Dumond" Mix)
14. CHECKMATE - Another World (Mickey D. Mix) (6)
15. WILLIAM HAWK - Return To Innocence (Mario Lopez meets Tommy Gant Remix)v
16. ANGEL BEATS - Brightness (TTF Mix) (7)
17. CENTRAL PARK - World Traffic (Hiver & Hammer In Progress Mix) (8)
18. MARCO ZAFFARANO - Weltklang (Speech Lab Remix)
CD 2 - Sylvester Mix
02. GARY D - Die Herdplatte 2000 (Harddisc Mix)
03. L'AGE SYNTHETIQUE - Terminate (Rage Mix) (9)
04. COMMANDER TOM - Are Am Eye?
05. ACCENTER & THREE O. - Acid Bitch (Dub Club Mix)
06. S.H.O.K.K. - Folie A Deux (Klub Mix)
07. DJ PASSION - The-P-Anthem (10)
08. DJ JO vs. TOM-X - U Got It (Club Mix) (11)
09. REE LIGHT - I Need You (Fat Club Mix) (12)
10. LADY TOM vs. MARC VAN LINDEN - Motion (Club Mix)
11. ODYSSEY OF LIGHT - The Breath
12. TEKKIE - Lost In space (Hard Mix)
13. PULSARTRAXX - Destination ( Mix)
14. BEAM & YANOU - The Free Fall - The Exposition
15. SILVER LIQUID - Take Your Time (Trance Mix)
16. ACCUFACE - Travelling Without Moving
17. HUNTER & LAUKS - Excessive Life
18. RUNE - Beyond The Sun
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Title: NRG MASTERS - Record Shack reviewed on 03/23/01
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: Classic High Energy
Index #: CDKOPY 125
NRG MASTERS - Record Shack High praise goes to this UK-NRG oriented label for launching a new series of double CD compilations called NRG MASTERS. This series will focus on key labels in the history of classic NRG/POP. You are provided with true rare opportunity to obtain than massive tracks you either never knew or missed first time around or simply plug those gaps in your collection. The series starts with RECORD SHACK. This label was one of pioneers in the 80's with stream of international hits from in-house producer/song writer IAN LEVINE. Among 18 songs featured here in full length you will find such anthems like EVELYN'S THOMAS "High Energy" which provided the genre's theme song. Well... this offering is loaded with other very influencial classics like "So Many Men, So Little Time" by MIQUEL BROWN, "Caught In The Act" by EARLENE BENTLEY and "Love Gone Mad" from THEE prototype of "boys band" SEVENTH AVENUE. So taken together you have an offering with so many gems from this genre that I am not even counting them. With full versions featured it make this offering a dream come true for HIGH ENERGY circuit. This compilation hit the streets of UK in March 19, 2001. Mix features 8 tracks taken from both CDs. Enjoy!

For more information about this and another releases please visit Klone/Rumour Records on line.

CD 1
01. MIQUEL BROWN - So Many Men, So Little Time (1)
02. EVELYN THOMAS - High Energy
03. EARLENE BENTLEY - I'm Living My Own Life
04. SEVENTH AVENUE - Love's Gone Mad
06. EARLENE BENTLEY - Stargazing
08. EVELYN THOMAS - Masquerade
09. MIQUEL BROWN - Close To Perfection

CD 2
01. EARLENE BENTLEY - Caught In The Act (4)
02. MIQUEL BROWN - He's A Saint. He's A Sinner
03. LAURA PALLAS - Emergency (5)
04. BARBARA PENNINGTON - All American Boy (6)
05. SEVENTH AVENUE - Ending Up On A High
06. EVELYN THOMAS - Reflections
07. EARLENE BENTLEY - The Boys Came To Town (7)
08. EASTBOUND EXPRESSWAY - Primitive Desires
09. SEVENTH AVENUE - I Hear Thunder (8)
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Title: NRG MASTERS - Passion reviewed on 03/23/01
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: Classic High Energy
Index #: CDKOPY 126
NRG MASTERS - Passion Second set from this series was also released on March 19, 2001 to keep your higher state of desbelief. This one is a tribute to yet another classic UK-NRG label PASSION. This label rose to prominance on the NRG scene in the mid-80's and was characterized by diverse range of artists and producers. All PASSION key releases are featured in presented set. So you will find here a mega international hit "Eat You Up" by ANGIE GOLD, "Break Me" and "Got To Get You" by CHARADE. Of course it is not it! Among 22 tracks you will have the opportunity to listen to highly acclaimed artists in this genre like PEOPLE LIKE US, CAFE SOCIETY, JESSICA WILLAMS or QUANTIZE in immortal "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling". As a crop of the cream the smash UK hit that became huge in every single NRG club in the world: "Male Stripper" by MAN TO MAN. Another set that undoubtly will find room in every NRG collector. Mix features 8 tracks taken from both CDs. Enjoy!

For more information about this and another releases please visit Klone/Rumour Records on line.

CD 1
01. ANGIE GOLD - Eat You Up
02. MAN TO MAN - Male Stripper
03. PEOPLE LIKE US - Deliverance
04. ASTAIRE - Love Trap
05. CAFÉ SOCIETY - Somebody To Love
06. CHARADE - Break Me
07. LOUISE THOMAS - Feels Like Love
08. NICCI GABLE - Strange Desire
09. ASTAIRE - Turn Me On Again
11. KELLY MARIE - Born To Be Alive

CD 2
01. CHARADE - Got To Get You
02. ASTAIRE - The Power Of Love (5)
03. HEAT-X-CHANGE - Thunder And Lightning
04. QUANTIZE - You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling/Lovin' Suite
05. ANGIE GOLD - Applause
06. PEOPLE LIKE US - Midnight Lover (6)
07. NORMA LEWIS - Give Me Back My Heart (7)
08. TRACY ACKERMAN - Take My Body (And I will Take Your Love)
09. PEOPLE LIKE US - Resurrection (8)
10. CHARADE - Victim Of Love
11. ZONE BROS - Do You Wanna Funk?
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Title: Techno Club - Vol. 12 reviewed on 03/11/01
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media / Dance Division(Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 501854 2

TECHNO CLUB - Vol. 11 (Talla 2XLC vs DUMONDE Next volume from this pure TECHNO-TRANCE oriented series. You might recall that I reviewed previous volume last year and I gave a little bit background on it. Basically the concept came from the name of ultimate TECHNO CLUB called "Dorian Gray" that was localized in Frankfurt's Airport in Germany. The club is now closed but legend continues. All previous releases in this series contained two mixes (sort of "a DJ battle"). This one is no different. The first CD is mixed by veteran of German TECHNO - TALLA 2XLC, and the second by DUMONDE, a project of two well known DJs: JAMX (Jürgen Mutschall) and DELEON (Dominik de Leon). So let's start with TALLA 2XLC who marked 2000 as year of "conquering the U.S.A.". He appeared live in Miami, L.A, San Diego, San Francisco, he even made it here in Washington, DC. His mix featured 15 tunes with several already huge club monsters like "Devotion" by YAHEL, his own "World In My Eyes" or "Wasteland" by KAMAYA PAINTERS. As you might expect he has chosen mostly TECHNO fares for his performance. He also put several interesting TRANCE as well just to mention "Viola" by MOOGWAI, dramatic in synth-line "Escape" by AGE 2 or "My Generation" by AIRFIRE with beatiful piano section and angelic female vocal putting this tune in verge of DREAM sound. The second CD mixed by DUMONDE project features the combination of TECHNO and TRANCE as well. Indeed a very interesting mix with many incredible highlights like "The Afterword" by JASON NEWMAN, "Loving You" by ROB SEARL vs. VINYL BABY or "Release Me" by FACTOR 9 just to mention the few. Entire mix is cutting-edge offering for both DJs and many of you who like this type of music. Outstanding release! In sound sampler I featured 8 tracks from both CD's. I couldn't present you the original mixing since I hand picked tracks but trust me, it is very good job done by both teams. Enjoy! and don't forget to buy this one!

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CD 1 - Talla 2 XLC Mix
01. TALLA 2 XLC - New Frontiers (Intro)
02. LOST WITNESS - 7 Colours (Moguai Vocal Mix)
03. CHROME - Traveller
04. YAHEL - Devotion (Original Mix)
05. TALLA 2 XLC - World In My Eyes (Marc La Cruz UK Club Mix) (1)
06. MOOGWAI - Viola (Original Mix) (2)
07. RETROJUNKIES - Reseached
08. MASS IN ORBIT - 7 Suns (Trance Mix)
09. KAMAYA PAINTERS - Wasteland (3)
10. OLIVE INC. - Into The Sun
11. AGE 2 Escape (4)
12. TRANSMOTION - Message No. Five (La Forge Remix)
13. BABY ELEPHANT - The Moove (Reemove Mix)
14. ATOMIC ALLIANCE - The Countdown
15. AIRFIRE - My Generation (5)
CD 2 - Dumonde Mix
01. DUMONDE - Never Look Back (Intro)
02. MR. PHILLIPS - 7th Day (Mr. Phillip' Wednsesday @ BCM Mix)
03. JASON NEWMAN - The Afterworld (6)
04. DAS LICHT - 3 (7)
05. KAYLAB - Here We Go (JamX & De Leon Mix)
06. YVES DERUYTER - Back To Earth (Rave Mix)
07. NINO LOPEZ PROJECT - E-xperience
08. FREE STATE - Different Ways
09. ROB SEARL vs. VINYL BABY - Loving You (Rob Searl Remix)
10. P2 - Fade 2 Grey (Dumonde Remix)
11. APOLLO - Charisma (8)
12. FACTOR 9 - Release Me (Svenson & Gielen Mix)
13. TOM WAX joins JMAX & DELEON - Wake Up (On & Off)
14. MISS S. KAY - Planet Nougat
15. DE LEON & JAMX - I Don't Know
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Title: Dream Dance vol. 19 reviewed on 03/11/01
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 501855 2
Dream Dance volume 19 - Double CD Compilation Also a new installment from DREAM DANCE series is now available. This series remains to be a very good seller since it proved a good quality of music (like BRAVO series for TOP-40). One thing to remember about this series is the fact that the music featured is mainstream of TECHNO and TRANCE. So usually you will find tracks that are widely played not only in clubs but also on the radio. Also name DREAM HOUSE in title is actually obsolete, since not that many production in this genre surface the earth these days (maybe with exception of "Fiji" by ATLANTIS vs. AVATAR feat. MIRIAM STOCKLEY, since it is a crossover between DREAM and TRANCE, a very delicate line indeed). As usually you have 40 songs to choose from and many of them are brand new and/or already quite well known just to mention "Exploration of Space" by COSMIC GATE, "The Free Fall" by BEAM & YANOU, "Castles In The Sky" by IAN VAN DAHL and others. From the classic psychodelic era of VISAGE we have their "Fade to Grey" done in TRANCE mood by P2. Very interesting interpreation of this classic with actually quite similar sound to original! Speaking of TRANCE, you might find interesting Rank 1 Remix of SYSTEM F's "Cry 2001". This big room cult fave gets tapped with this "new" interpretation you should be delighted with. Same in line is York Remix of "Una Musica Senza Ritmo" by DEGENERATION. The second CD starts with "Loving You" by MARC and CLAUDE. While I am sure most of you following the genre know the track quite well already, the featured Bodyshock Dream Dance Edit might be new and even more fascinating. I have to admit this is a very progressivley made circuit marvel with seductive female vocal and hypnotic bottom. This CD features also brand new from KAYLAB "Here We Go". This is also rich CD with amazing tunes like "City Lights" by MARIO DE BELLIS, "The Touch" by BALTES vs. STEVENS or "Ocean Of Emotion" by DJ SESSION ONE just to pick few. So taken together if you collect this series, you have to get it. Again the only problem I have is the fact that versions featured are short or in many cases simply abruptly shortened. This is the price you have to pay to have 40 tunes in one offering. For the sound sampler I have chosen 8 tracks from both CDs. Enjoy !

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CD 1
01. YORK - Farewell To The Moon (Radio Original Cut)
02. COSMIC GATE - Exploration Of space (Radio Remix)
03. TOM NOVY feat. LIMA - Music Is Wonderful (Radio 2)
04. BEAM & YANOU - The Free Fall (Single Edit)
05. DJ RED 5 vs. DJ'S @ WORK - Rhythm & Drums 2001 (Ragga Mix)
06. BARCODE BROTHERS - Dooh Dooh (Darude vs. JS10 Remix - Edit)
07. P2 - Fade To Grey (Voco Short Edit) (1)
08. VOI feat. DJ FROST & TALLA 2XLC - Maid Of Orleans (Radio Mix) (2)
09. BISMARK - Make A Dream (On Air Mix)
10. ATLANTIS vs. AVATAR feat. MIRIAM STOCKEY - Fiji (Lange Edit) (3)
11. RMB - Deep Down Below (Humate Remix)
12. PLASTIC ANGEL - Sweet Sixteen (Short Vocal)
13. XEON PROJECT - In My Eyes (Short Cut)
14. OLIVE INC. - Into The Sun (Liquid Child Radio Cut)
15. KYAU vs. ALBERT - Outside (Airplay)
16. BLANK & JONES - Beyond Time (Short Cut)
17. PEARLS - Free Fall (Radio Mix)
18. SYSTEM F. - Cry 2001 (Rank 1 Remix - Edit) (4)
19. DEGENERATION - Una Musica Senza Ritmo (York Remix - Edit) (5)
20. THE THRILLSEEKERS - Synaesthesia (En Motion Remix - Radio Edit)
CD 2
01. MARC ET CLAUDE - Loving You (Bodyshock Dream Dance Edit)
02. MARIO DE BELLIS - Citylights (Radio Edit) (6)
03. 4 STRINGS - Daytime (Vocal Radio Edit)
04. R.B.A. - No Alternative (Quo Vadis Remix - Edit)
05. SVEN VÄTH - L'Esperanza (M. Mayer Edit)
06. LADY TOM vs. MARC VAN LINDEN - Motion! (Frank Künne Short Cut)
07. ORGASMIC VIBES - Fear (Short Cut)
08. TALLA 2XLC - World In My Eyes (1 A.M. Radio Edit)
09. CAATER - Dance With You (Radio Edit)
10. KAYLAB - Here We Go (Short Edit)
11. D-ILLUSION - Take My Dream (Radio Mix)
12. BALTES vs. STEVENS - The Touch (Short Cut) (7)
13. DJ SESSION ONE - Ocean Of Motion (Trance Radio Edit) (8)
14. FORCE MAJEURE - Redemption
15. ROOKY - Secrets (Single Edit)
16. WILLIAM HAWK - Return To Innocence (Mario Lopez meets Tommy Gant Remix)
17. JASON NEWMAN - The Afterworld (Radio Edit)
18. IAN VAN DAHL - Castles In The Sky (Radio Edit)
19. BILLY MORE - Up & Down (Don't Fall In Love With Me) (Pulsedriver Radio Edit)
20. RESISTANCE D. - You Were There (Oliver Lieb Remix - Edit)
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Title: Trancemaster 28 reviewed on 03/06/01
Label: 2001 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 302 4102-2
TRANCEMASTER 2oo8 Just few days ago I reviewed "TRANCEMASTER Vol. 27" and now it is time for volume 28. If you already listened to previous volumes you should be ready for the load of high quality TRANCE and TECHNO stuff. Once again compilation delivered uncompromised sound in this set with 24 full length tracks. First CD starts with heavy TECHNO fare by YVES DEUYTER "Back To Earth". This is scrumptious and dark production. Good hard club fare to get you going. If you are looking for good TRANCE production you will be in heaven. There is plenty of them just to mention "Day Time" by 4 STRINGS, "Providence" by REVERB vs. FLASH GORDON and many others. "Day Time" is very emotional with cascading synth lines and scintillating strings. Pure big room TRANCE to surround you! "Right In Motion" by NOSTRUM is yet another beauty with soaring strings and dazzling synthesizers over turbo-charged buttom. Angelic voice in the distant background adds additional mystery to the drama. WOW! As a matter of fact first CD is flooded with beautiful TRANCE sound. For instance from FERRY CORSTEN label TSUNAMI comes "Field Of Joy" by TONY WALKER. The tracks starts as TECHNO fare but slowly evolves into dazzling TRANCE. An ultimate big room pleasure. Another tune "Altitude" by CASCADE provides melodic backdrop in this turbo-charged TRANCE majestic tune! The CD closes Italian tune composed by MAURO PICOTTO "Sweet Dreams" performed by CRW. Club masterpiece. The second CD starts with TECHNO-HOUSE tune "Impetuous" by COLLUSION in Extended Version. This is quite different version compared with one featured in video (clip to this track is featured in our VIDEO Section). Essential for club scene. This CD is actually more TECHNO oriented that the first one with such tracks like "Lost Emotions 2001" by FIRE & ICE, "Dance" by APOLLO or "Weltklang" by MARCO ZAFFARANO just to name the few. Fans of TRANCE will also find this CD exciting with tracks like "4 Elements" by GAIA. Featured Extended mix is simply a phenomenal TRANCE fare and an unforgettable experience. One will appreciate the powerhouse rhythm highlighted at key intervals by the haunting electronic piano strings. Taken together this compilation is just unreal. With such fine selection and beautiful music you will have two hours of experience that will stimulate your mind and your feelings. You will wish this to not end! In sound sampler I feature 8 tracks taken from both CDs. Enjoy quality music!

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CD 1
01. YVES DERUYTER -Back To Earth (Rave Mix)
02. VOODOO & SERANO -Blood Is Pumpin' (Original Club Mix)
03. DJ RED 5 vs. DJ'S @ WORK - Rhythm & Drums 2001 (Special Mix)
04. 4 STRINGS - Day Time (Gizeh Remix) (1)
05. REVERB vs. FLASH GORDON - Providence (Reverb's Vocal Mix) (2)
06. KAYLAB - Here We Go (JamX & De Leon Mix)
07. NOSTRUM - Night In Motion (Extended Mix)
08. TONY WALKER - Field Of Joy
09. CASCADE - Altitude (3)
10. TONY H - www.tony h. com (Yahoo Mix)
11. DAVE 202 - Silver Ocean (4)
12. CRW - Sweet Dreams
CD 2
01. COLLUSION - Impetuous (Extended Version)
02. GAIA - 4 Elements (Extended Version)
03. SMITER - Both Places
04. DRAGON - The Dragon (Fridge Mix) (5)
05. FIRE & ICE - Lost Emotions 2001
06. DEE MARK - Moonwalker
07. APOLLO - Dance
08. ORGANZA - Aloha (6)
09. MARCO ZAFFARANO - Weltklang (Speech Lab Remix)
10. DOGMA - Dimension (Club Mix)
11. PLASTIC BOY - Can You Feel It (7)
12. THREESOME - Mohave (8)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: DJ TOP 40 - Volume 5 reviewed on 03/05/01
Label: ZYX/Dance Network (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: DNT 10063-2
DJ TOP 40_ - Volume 5 After almost 7 months new set of "DJ TOP 40" was released by ZYX. Since it's original launch it has been a good source of German dance tunes. As such it still fits the purpose. You will find on this double DC set 40 tunes mosntly from TECHNO and TRANCE genres. These days there are so many compilations on the market, making the ultimate choices almost impossible. Well... you might probably be a victim of this dilemma when looking at the content of this set. Most of the tracks featured here are from 2000 and if you are into these genres, I am sure you already made essential shopping, but in other hand if you are looking for the compilation that features just this sound, this one might be good for you. Essential tracks such as "Bass, Beats & Melody" by BROOKLYN BOUNCE, "Anthem # 4" by FLOORFILLA, "It's My Turn" by ANGELIC or really overkilled "Silence" by DELERIUM feat. SARAH MCLACHLAN are here. You will also find tracks by BLANK & JONES, GIGI D'AGOSTINO, MARIO LOPEZ and others that are already floating around. You will also find newer tunes like "R.U.F.F. Cuts" by AXEL KONRAD, "Die Sirenen" by GROSSMANN/SPRANGER and several others. What makes this compilation a good buy is it's consistency and quality in terms of choices for the featured tracks. It gives you a good overview of what is being played and featured in German charts. For sound sampler I prepared a mix featuring 8 tracks from this double CD that I didn't presented before. Enjoy!

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CD 1
01. BROOKLYN BOUNCE - Bass, Beats & Melody (Video Eit)
02. AZZIDO DA BASS - Dooms Night (Timo Maas Radio Edit)
03. AXEL KONRAD - R.U.F.F. Cuts (Radio Mix)
04. DIE AKUSTIKER - Das Ohr (Avancada Radio Mix) (1)
05. BEAM & YANOU - The Free Fall
06. ULTRA - Free (Short Cut)
07. FLOORFILLA - Anthem # 4
08. DJ RED 5 vs. DJs @ WORK - Rhythm & Drums 2000 (Ragga Edit)
10. GARY D. - Die Herdplatte 2000 (Junkfood Junkies Dampfkessel Radio Mix) (2)
11. THE CROW - What You're Looking
12. SHAUN BAKER - On A Helium Trip (Radio Version)
13. MAX VOLUME - Don't Miss The Partytime (Radio Edit)
14. CK - Boing Boing
15. GROSSMANN/SPRANGER - Die Sirenen (Männerträume Teil 1) (3)
16. MASTER LUKE - Scared
17. RAUMFAHRER - Traumreisev
18. NOSTROM - Atomkraft (4)
19. ANGELIC - It's My Turn (Original Mix)
20. DELERIUM feat. SARAH MCLAHCHLAN - Silence (DJ Tiesto Remix Edit)

CD 2
01. BLANK & JONES - Beyond Time (Short Cut)
02. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - La Passion (New Radio Cut)
03. MYTHOS'N DJ COSMO - Hymn (Radio Mix)
04. PASHA BROS. - You're My Sun (Sunny Radio Edit) (5)
05. CENTRAL SEVEN - Party People (DJ Shah Edit) (6)
06. GREEN COURT vs. DE/VISION - "Shining (7" Radio Cut)
07. MARIO LOPEZ - The Sound Of Nature Part 2
08. X-TRANCE - Dancefloor Virus
09. DJ PREDY feat. SAIINA - Fly Away (7)
10. CLUB HEROES - Da Lost Piano (Mellow Trax Short Edit)v 11. DJ MOTION ONE - Ultimate Melody (Radio Cut)
12. DJ LAWLESS - Prophecy of X-tasy (Go To Hell Radio Mix)
13. KOSMONOVA - Discover The World (Short Version)
14. GAIA - 4 Elements (Radio Edit) (8)
15. BILLIE RAY MARTIN - Honey (Chicane Remix)
16. SANTOS - Camels (Video Cut)
17. PAUL JOHNSON - Noise (Original)
18. ROBBIE RIVERA - Mental Drive
19. FRAGMA - Toca's Miracle (DJ Garry 2001 Remix)
20. ROLLER JAM - Magic Summernight (Freestyle Radio Cut)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: N.Y.C. Underground Party - Volume 3 MAGIK FIVE - Heaven Beyondreviewed on 03/03/01
Label: 2000 E-lastic Recordings (US)
Style: Trance/Techno/House
Index #: ERCD 5002
N.Y.C. Underground Party - Volume 3 Another bummer on my side. Being focused on what is released in Europe I neglected US, so I missed that one as well. Let me present you volume 3 of "N.Y.C. Undergroud Party", CD mixed by LOUIE DEVITO. What might be an underground sound in NYC is already a mainstream sound of European clubs (at least in large part). Many tracks should be known to you already very well and do not need introduction. You will find in this set "classic" tracks like "Pitchin'" by HI-GATE, "Sandstorm" by DARUDE, "Kernkraft 400" by ZOMBIE or "Someone" by ASCENSION. Also quite recent tunes were featured like "Castles In The Sky" by IAN VAN DAHL or very popular last Summer "I Turn To You" by MELANIE C. in very dynamic and conquering mix. I also found several excellent tracks I didn't see on any other recently reviewed compilations. One of them is an amazing OPERA TRANCE tune "Spente le Stelle" by opera singer EMMA SHAPPLIN. I was paralyzed when I heard it for the first time. The composition written and produced by Jean-Patrick Capdevielle is an apogeum of cutting-edge TRANCE with intoxicating melodic line, synths from heaven and incredible soprano of EMMA. Together producing unbelievable experience. This tune already reached high position in BILLBOARD magazine !!! (no kidding!). Other tracks that were previously unknown to me are "Final Chapter" by MIKE MACALUSO. Combination of TECHNO and PROGRESSIVE. The synth work is excellent as well. From team of DANSKI and DJ DELMUNDO, we have here "Kiss" performed by DJ SUGAR KID & BAD BOY JOE. Starting from track 12 we enter UNDERGROUND HOUSE with tracks like "Dive In The Pool" by BARRY HARRIS, "Don't Want Another Man" by DYNAMIX and few others. The CD closes with "NYC Underground Party Vol. 3 Medley" in BAD BOY JOE's Radio Edit. This is all traxx from the comp in the mix. Neat! Taken together I learn a lesson that it's time to start looking for domestic releases. Here in the US we are getting already releases from TRANCE/TECHNO genres, but they are usually lagged compared to their original date of releases, but seems this is now improved. Get this CD, if you like dance music. LOUIE DEVITO done an excellent mixing job providing you with good party stunner. In sound sampler I featured 6 tracks from this offering. Check them out!

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01. MELANIE C - I Turn To You
02. EMMA SHAPPLIN - Spente le Stelle (1)
03. MIKE MACALUSO - Final Chapter (2)
04. ZOMBIE NATION - Kernkraft 400
05. DJ SUGAR KID & BAD BOY JOE - Kiss (3)
06. ASCENSION - Someone (4)
07. IAN VAN DAHL - Castles In The Sky
08. BLUE HARVEST - Plan B (5)
09. HIGH GATE - Pitchin'
10. MELLOW TRAX - Outa Space
11. DARUDE - Sandstorm
12. BARRY HARRIS - Dive In The Pool (6)
13. MADA & MOODY - Blackout
14. DYNAMIX - Don't Want Another Man
15. BLACK LEGEND - You See The Trouble With Me
16. THE LOVE BITE - Take Your Time
17. NYC UNDERGROUND PARTY Vol. 3 Medley - Bad Boy Joes's Radio Edit

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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