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Title: Tunnel Trance Force - Vol. 17 reviewed on 06/22/01
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 503 067 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Vol. 17 Next edition of "Tunnel Trance" is out and out BIG TIME. As you might know DJ DEAN does on regular basis mixes for this series as well as for "DJ Networx" series (volume 9 reviewed below). "Tunnel Trance - volume 17" is packed with excellent choices of 36 slamming TRANCE/TECHNO tunes. What makes this double CD offering really exciting is the fact that it features mostly new tunes that didn't appear on previously reviewed compilations. Of course there are still some you should be well familiar with like "One Minute To Heaven" by SUNBEAM, "Loving You" by MARC ET CLAUDE or "On The Move" by BARTHEZZ just to name the few. Entire setting is a concerto of upbeat TECHNO and TRANCE tunes to die for. First CD starts with ANGEL OF DEATH (Kai Tracid side project). The song is a pumping TECHNO with some thunderous throwbacks, heavenly strings mixed with diabolic climate. Good indeed. Another pumping tune more on TECHNO-HOUSE side is "Club Attack" by SOLID SLEEP. Worth of mentioning is "Körperfresser" by CLOUDBURST. This is raving TECHNO interwoven with pounding, powerful synths and a reveting melody, not to mention German rough male vocals that adds the twist to the overall darkness of this tune. This tune seemlesly is being mixed with "Loose My Mind" by MURPHY BROWN works with MIKE NERO yet another big room powerhouse TECHNO marvel. As a matter of fact mixing done by DJ DEAN is quite smooth. You are flowing from one dimension to another dimension. Incredible trip with the incredible music. Truly a hedonistic pleasure for all of you who like TRANCE and TECHNO. There are so many good tunes that I am not able to single them out, but what I have done, I prepared a sound sampler with 10 tracks from this compilation. Original mixing of DJ DEAN was not retained, but the sampler was prepared to present you with what you might encounter. This double CD is a good investment and series remains a solid seller. I strongly recommend this set. For now enjoy the sound.

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CD 1 - Sunshine Mix
01. ANGEL OF DEATH - Angel Of Death (Tracid Mix) (1)
02. SUNBEAM - One Minute In Heaven (Club Mix)
03. SOLID SLEEP - Club Attack (Junk Project Remix) (2)
04. CLOUDBURST - Körperfresser (Club Mix) (3)
05. MURPHY BROWN WORKS WITH MIKE NERO - Loose My Mind (DJ Dean Remix) (4)
06. COSMOSONIC - Access
07. DJ BJÖRN - Tracking (Club Mix)
08. MARC ET CLAUDE - Lovin' You (Dark Moon Mix)
09. DE VERGAS - The Train (Tom-X Remix) (5)
10. WELTLICHTER - Vision Of Love (Club Mix)
11. ANGEL BEATS - Emotions (Trance Mix)
12. BARTHEZZ - On The Move (Club Mix)
13. KOYAANISQATSI - Mas Y Mas (Club No Speak Mix)
14. PEARLS - Free Fall (Martin Eyerer Mix) (6)
15. ELASTICA - The Audience (Extended Mix) (7)
16. NICKY DAVIS - To Munich (Steve L Joins Planet Trax Remix)
17. SHOKO vs. DA-NIEL - The Sun
18. SHADOW WARRIORS - Oval Sun (DJ Marc De La Cruz meets George Acosta Version) (8)
CD 2 - Refreshing Mix
01. DJ SPOKE - You Are Ready 4 Me (Final Mix) (9)
02. VESPA 63 - I'm Still Free (Atmosphere Mix)
03. 2001:CANARIAS - Comin Up Strong (Sven-R-G + Bass-T Remix)
04. BM DUBS pres. MR. RUMBLE feat. BRASSTOOTH & MEE - Woomp! There It Is (Public Domain Club Edit)
05. NORMAN BASS - How U Like Bass (Warp Brothers Club Mix)
06. YODA - Definitely (DJ Scot Project Remix)
07. DJ DEAN - Turn On The Light (Club Mix) (10)
08. SCHWARZE PUPPEN - Schwarze Puppen (Russenmafia Mix)
09. SILVER LIQUID - The Shadow (Club Mix)
10. TAIKO - Die Blechtrommel (Nick Sentience Remix)
11. ACCUFACE - Journey Into Sound
12. THOMAS TROUBLE - Insane Asylum (SMP Club Mix)
13. SPACE PLANET - Mercy On The Earth
14. DJ PURE - Trancescape (Hammer Mix)
15. AREK - Space Night
16. MENTAL MIRACLE - Trip to Fantasy (Alternate Mix)
17. JFS - Stereophonic
18. ATOMIC TWINZ - Don't Stop
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: DJ TOP 40 - Volume 6 reviewed on 06/21/01
Label: ZYX/Dance Network (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: DNT 10073-2
DJ TOP 40_ - Volume 6 Not bad, not bad at all! Next set of "DJ TOP 40" from ZYX has been recently available. This series keep compiling what's seems to be a digest of what is currently popular in German dance scene. This double CD set is firmly divided into 2 parts. The first one (CD 1) features mostly TECHNO and TRANCE tunes. The choices are good and you should enjoy it very much so! No wonder why such tunes as "DJs, Fans & Freaks" by BLANK JONES, "Exploration Of Space" by COSMIC GATE, "Rhythm And Sex" by PAFFENDORF have been featured in here. All of them were well received in Germany. Of course there are more excellent tunes featured in here. For instance "We Call It Techno" by S.O.L. vs. GAT-CHA feat. LALU delivers array of sizzling synths hooks. Lucious female and male vocals adds additional twist to this TECHNO marvel. Another catchy TECHNO tune with definite TRANCE addon is "Die Verführung". Track is generally instrumental but you will like catchy melodic line and very sensual female vocals in French! I am always aroused by this language, and it's touch in this electronic fare is just marvellous. You gotta check it out. Another electronic beauty is definately "Flashback" by MARC MARIS vs. RAMONE. Fireworks of exploding synths will blast you off. Sparkling production and beatiful dance music. "Living In Love" by TRANCEPORTER goes to the same class! Do you remember tune "Voyage, Voyage" by DESIRELESS? Wait until you will hear "remake" by LEGEND B. This is heavy TECHNO remake of this timeless piece with some original? pieces of vocals. Really different from the original one, but what the heck! It's just another try to "revamp" this classic! Taken together you should enjoy the first CD. The second one sports variety of DANCE genres. It's POP, it's HOUSE, it's TECHNO, it's ... almost anything. Tracks like "Lucky Star" by NICKY NYCE, "Italo Dancer" by FLOORFILLA, "My Beat" by BLAZE feat. PALMER BROWN were tossed together to make a one "garden salad" of dance. Definately a good buy for some of you, who just would like to have well rounded dance compilation without paying a special attention to a certain style. In sound sound sampler I featured 6 tracks takenn from both CDs (five from CD1 and one from CD2). Enjoy!

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CD 1
01. BLANK & JONES - DJs, Fans & Freaks (D.F.F.) (Short Cut)
02. COSMIC GATE - Exploration Of Space (Radio Edit)
03. JUNKFOOD JUNKIES - The Journey (Original Radio Cut)
04. PAFFENDROF - Rhythm & Sex (Video Mix)
05. LEGEND B - Voyage
06. DJ ARNE L II - Gravediggers Have More Fun (Radio Edit)
07. BEAM vs. CYRUS - Take This Sound (Out Of My Head)
08. OFF-CAST-PROJECT - Into The Light (Sascha de Vries vs. Mario Lopez Mix)
09. SHAUN BAKER - Somebody (Radio "Live In Studio Mix" Cut)
10. TRANCEPORTER - Living In Love
11. S.O.L. vs. GAT-CHA feat. LALU - We Call It Techno (A Day At The Parade Radio Edit) (1)
12. GROSSMAN/SPRANGER - Die Verführung (Männerträume Teil 2) (2)
13. THOMAS TROUBLE - Insane Asylum (Radio Edit)
14. DES MITCHELL - The World Is Yours (Radio Mix)
15. U-PHONICS introduced by DJ TANDU - Running (Ayla Radio Edit)
16. NICKY DAVIS - To Munich (3)
17. MARC MARIS vs. RAMONE - Flashback (4)
18. DEE AGE - Snowflakes (5)
19. TORY KAY vs. DONKEY DOO - Welcome (To The Jobparade)
20. DIE ÄRZTE - Rock'N'Roll Übermensch (Star & Emerson Three Bad Kiddaz Mix)

CD 2
01. DAVID MORALES pres. THE FACE - Needin' U (2001 Main Radio Edit)
02. WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTIONS - Lifechange (More Bubbles Radio Edit with Fade)
03. DELEGATION - You And I
06. DELEGATION - One More Step To Take (Layton & Stone Remix)
07. FILUR - It's Alright (Radio Edit)
08. ONE LOVE - I Don't Know
09. HATIRAS feat. SLARTA JOHN - Spaced Invader (King Unique Radio Edit)
10. MABEL - Don't Let Me down (New Short Radio Edit)
11. NICKY NYCE - Lucky Star (Radio Edit)
12. GIGI D'AGOSTINO & ALBERTINO - Super (Riscaldamento)
13. RE-FLEX - Ubap
14. FLORRFILLA - Italo Dancer (Radio)
16. ASTROLINE - Close My Eyes (Sam-Pling vs. Steve L. Remix Edit)
17. AIRHEADZ - Stanley (Here I Am)
18. DISC-O-MAGIC - Partytime (6)
19. BLAZE feat. PALMER BROWN - My Beat (Ambassador Mix)
20. LEXY & PAUL - You're The One
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Title: Techno Club - Vol. 13 reviewed on 06/09/01
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media / Dance Division (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DAD 503150 2

TECHNO CLUB - Vol. 13 (Talla 2XLC vs DJ TANDU) Volume 13 of popular TECHNO-TRANCE oriented series: "TECHNO CLUB" is out!. Let me remind you that the concept came from the name of ultimate TECHNO CLUB called "Dorian Gray" that was localized in Frankfurt's Airport in Germany. Club staarted functioning back in 1984 as UNDERGROUND oriented club and now is closed (last party took place back in December 12, 2000). The spirit of this legendary club however remains and is contiuned with this series where TALLA 2XLC, also a legend of German TECHNO invites various DJs to present their mix settings. This time it is DJ TANDU. If you following German TECHNO scene, you should know that behind DJ TANDU is talented producer and DJ INGO KUNZI. Since 1993 he keeps inspiring club scene with his productions under various projects like INTRANCE, AYLA and of course DJ TANDU. He is also well known as a DJ with worldwide experience, playing TRANCE and TECHNO settings. He produced several remixes for such well known projects as: SCHILLER, SAKIN & FRIENDS, WATERGATE or KAI TRACID to name the few. Currently he works with Danish project SAFRI DUO. Their debut album was just released (June 2001). The track listing of his mix, featured on second CD captivates the ingenious music selections. Beside the current TRANCE crushers from the clubs there is the No. 1 hit from the German Dance Charts BLAZE feat. PALMER BROWN: " My Beat " (Check VIDEO SECTION for clip to this tune) as well as the Megaseller of the SAFRI DUO: "Played a Live" (video clip also available in VIDEO SECTION). Of course, I cannot forget about TALLA 2XLC own mix featured in first CD. This mix is indeed an excellent collection of TECHNO marvels. You will find here tunes by TALLA himself such as "It's The Sound That Counts" (marvellous dark TECHNO/TRANCE to spin the big room) or "Darkness" as well as his remix of MISSING HEART's "Tears In May". Among other projects are such amazing tunes as "Never Look Back" by DUMONDE, speedy TECHNO in IBIZA-style "The Mystery" by MYSTERY just to mention the few. Taken together an outstanding release for fans of the style. Good party item and handy tool for DJs. In sound sampler I featured 8 tracks from both CD's. The original mixing was not retained. I hand picked tracks but you have to get the "real thing" to fully appreciate the richness of this compilation. For now enjoy the sound!

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CD 1 - Talla 2 XLC Mix
01. TALLA 2XLC - It's The Sound That Counts
02. DUMONDE - Never Look Back (Dumonde Just Talking Mix)
03. THE MYSTERY - Mystery (1)
04. MAG - Taking Over Space (2)
05. SHADE ON GREY - Moving On
06. STEVE MORLEY - Sacred City (3)
07. MISSING HEART - Tears In May (Talla 2XLC Mix)
08. SONOROUS - Glass Garden
09. TALLA 2 XLC - Darkness
10. MARK BRAIN - Stonehenge (4)
11. NOSTRUM - Night In Motion (5)
12. GLOBAL CEE feat. RAPHAEL - Return to Forever
13. DJ CYGLASS - Read My Heart (DJ Da Bomb Remix)
14. WELTLICHTER - Vision Of Love (6)
01. AYLA - The Intro
02. BALLROOM - 4 A.M.
03. JOHN JOHNTON - Buenos Aires
04. MARCO V. - In Charge
05. FLUTLICHT - Icarus (The Flight)
06. SAFRI DUO - Played-A-Live (DJ Tandu Remix)
07. ANAKIN - Can You Hear Me
08. TOMCRAFT - Prosac
09. LITTLE JAM - Wings Of The Eagle (Future Breeze Remix) (7)
10. NEXUS - Return From Flatliner
11. COLLUSSION - Impetuous
12. PHONETIC feat. ARNE LII - Galactica
13. BLAZE feat. PALMER BROWN - To My Beat (Ambassador Remix)
14. TWO OF OZ - Rose (8)
15. KAY CEE - Unsolved Mysteries (Extended Club Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Trance Nation 2001 - Ferry Corsten reviewed on 06/09/01
Label: Ministry Of Sound (UK)
Style: Trance/Techno
Index #: TNCD5

TRANCE NATION 2001 - Ferry Corsten - System F Ministry of Sound a leading TRANCE label and underground UK club recently released fifth edition of TRANCE NATION series (this CD compilation is also called "TRANCE NATION 5", so bear in mind that it is the same one). This double CD features two mixes done by FERRY CORSTEN, the world's most prolific TRANCE DJ and producer. You might not known that, but FERRY took 2 months vacation earlier this year and spent some time off with his fiance LIA in Phillippines. Even if this CD bear name TRANCE in the title, you will notice clear change in featured music. Partially because electronic dance scene shifts more into HARD TECHNO and CHILLOUT styles. This is not just a shift but rather evolution of music. In fact hearing SCHILLER's clock-chime epic "Das Glockenspiel" spun next to the straight-up TRANCE of "Strange World" from "Universal Nation" creator PUSH and MARIO PIU presents DJ ARABESQUE's eurotastic "The Vision" it becomes really obvious that musical diversity is at play within the technotic subgenera. Further evidence of contrasting sounds of TRANCE-inspired grooves can be witnessed on RUI DA SILVA's numero uno hit "Touch Me". THE THRILLSEAKERS' exstatically happy "Synthaestesia", COSMIC GATE's animated "Fire Wire" (with accompanying dance) and DJ TIESTO's remarkable remix of "Flight 643"; which along with output as KAMAYA PAINTERS and GOURYELLA (together with FERRY), has reinforced TIESTO's reputation as one of the leaders of the new school. The summery style of this volume is all set to strike unwitting clubbers who've forgotten that there must be a light to compliment the shade of a harsh winter and accompanying hard soundscape. Rinsing, rolling rhythms, lush rushy breakdowns and arpeggiating keyboard sequences signal the coming summer. For sound sampler I took 6 tracks from both CDs. The original mixing has not been retained.
(fragments of text written by James Horrocks that appeared on the insert of this album, were used in this review).

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CD 1
01. SCHILLER - Das Glockenspiel (DJ Tiësto Remix)
02. JAN JOHNSON - Flesh (Tilt's Going Home Mix) (1)
03. PUSH - Strange World (2000 Remake) (2)
04. PARIO PIU' presents DJ ARABESQUE - The Vision (Vision 1 Remix)
05. TENTH PLANET - Ghosts (Original Mix)
06. MARCEL ET CLAUDE - Loving You (Ratty Remix)
07. JOSHUA RYAN - Pistol Whip (Original Mix)
08. COSMIC GATE - Fire Wire (DJ Scot Project Remix)
09. NORMAN BASS - How U Like Bass (Tauberts Remix)
10. WARRIOR - Voodoo (Dubby Mix)
11. SLUSHNIK LUNA - Sun (Original Mix) (3)
12. THE THRILLSEAKERS feat. SHERYL DEANE - Synaesthesia (Fly Away) (The Thrillseakers Club Mix)
13. JOHAN GIELEN presents ABNEA - Velvet Moods (DJ Tiësto Remix)
14. GOURYELLA - Tenshi (Original Mix)
15. KAMAYA PAINTERS - Westland (Original Mix)
16. XTASIA - Sweetness (Moogwai Remix)
17. APEX - Virtuoso (John Johnston Remix)
18. JUNK PROJECT - Composure (Moogwai Remix) (4)

CD 2
01. RUI DA SILVA - Touch Me (Original 12" Mix)
02. ORION - See Me Here (Skope's Dub Mix)
03. SISTER BLISS feat. JOHN MARTYN - Deliver Me (Lee Coombs Remix)
04. ORIGIN - Refined Intricacy (Original Mix)
05. BERDROCK - Beautiful Strange (Voyager's Platinum Remix)
06. LUZON - The Baguio Track (Bedrock Remix)
07. TANY WALKER - Field Of Joy (Ferry Corsten Remix)
08. STYLUS TROUBLE - Sputnik
09. NATIOUS - Power Crazed (5)
10. SYSTEM 7 - Needljuice
11. MEKKA - Diamondback (Original Mix)
12. HUMAN MOVEMENT feat. SOPHIE MOLETA - Love Has Come Again (Original Mix)
13. OLIVER LIEB - Lightspeed (Original Mix)
14. FREEFALL - Skydive (I Feel wonderful) (John Johnston Tribal Dub)
15. KID VICIOUS - Re-form (DJ Tiësto Remix)
16. BT - Never Gonna Come Back Down (Hybrid Echoplex Dub)
17. TATA BOX INHIBITORS - Freet (Trisco Remix) (6)
18. DJ TIËSTO - Flight 643 (Original Mix)
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Title: Dream Dance vol. 20 reviewed on 06/05/01
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 503068 2
Dream Dance volume 20 - Double CD Compilation New offering from DREAM DANCE series just has been released. Everytime I am getting a new volume, I am always eager to put the CD on and listen what it offers. Once again, I have been rewarded with excellent choices of music. Series itself became so popular that SONY decided to open series own website. No wonder, this set remains a flagship of TRANCE from this label. First CD features essential tunes that you might already heard (I fetured them either in REVIEWS section os our VIDEO clips area) like "Stanley (Here I Am)" by AIRHEADZ, "Turn The The Tide" by SYLVER, "Unsolved Mysteries" by KAY CEE and countless number of other tunes. My attention caught new fare from DUMONDE - "Never Look Back". Big room TRANCE with killer synth work underlined with female vocals. A true TRANCE masterpiece wonderfully pumped up and oustandigly produced. Also "Oval Sun" by SHADOW WARRIORS stands out as uplifting yet dark TRANCE tune. Another intense experience. Second CD is also a spectacular journey to the sound. As you probably noticed true DREAM sound is hard to find, yet SONY found some to feature on this CD. This is true especially for such track as "Timelapse" by SPRING where the sound of singing birds is being embedded to hard hypnotic synth lines. This CD has many outstanding TRANCE tunes like "The Gate Of Passion" by NEO PROJECT, "Fly (Away)" by VINCENT DE MOOR or "Journey" by GOLDEN EYE PROJECT. The CD closes newest single from MISSING HEART - "Tears In May". Seems to me that MISSING HEART is finally surfacing the German Dance scene, thanks to a powerful label as SONY. Taken together yet another marvel from this consistently outstanding series. The sound sampler features 8 tracks from both CDs. Enjoy !

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CD 1
01. BLANK & JONES - DJ's, Fans & Freaks (Short Cut)
02. MEMBERS OF MAYDAY - 10in01 (Paul Van Dyk Short Mix)
03. JAM & SPOON feat. REA - Be Angeled (Vandit Club Mix - Edit)
04. ANGELIC - Can't Keep Me Silent (Radio Edit)
05. CJ STONE - Shining Star (Single Edit)
06. GREEN COURT feat. DE/VISION - Take (My Breath Away) (CJ Stone Edit)
07. AURORA feat. NAIMEE COLEMAN - Ordinary World (Original Radio Mix)
08. DUMONDE - Never Look Back (Dumonde Radio Edit) (7)
09. AIRHEADZ - Stanley (Here I Am) (Wippenberg Short Mix)
10. DJ TOMCRAFT - Prosac (Radio Edit)
11. SYLVER - Turn The Tide (Radio Edit)
12. GLOBAL CEE - Return To Forever (Radio Cut)
13. SHADOW WARRIORS - Oval Sun (Original Mix) (8)
14. KAY CEE - Unsolved Mysteries (Elektrochemie LK Remix - Edit)
15. PREZIOSO feat. MARVIN - Rock The Discothek (Video Edit)
16. MOONMAN - Galaxia (Solar Stone Remix Edit)
17. MIKE & CHARLIE - I Get Live (Tom Wax Remix - Edit)
18. GOURYELLA - Tenshi (Radio Version)
19. SUNBEAM - One Minute In Heaven (Future Breeze Radio Cut)
20. MAURO PICOTTO - Like This Like That (5 AM Remix Edit)
CD 2
01. BROOKLYN BOUNCE - Born to Bounce (Music Is My Destiny) (Video Edit)
02. RUI DA SILVA feat. CASSANDRA - Touch Me (Radio Edit)
03. ULTRA - Let Freedom Reign (Short Cut)
04. DES MITCHELL - The World Is Yours (Radio Mix)
05. CYBERSTORM - Skylight (Blue Mix)
06. NEO PROJECT feat. ANA - The Gate Of Passion (2)
07. VINCENT DE MOOR - Fly (Away) (Radio Version)
08. VEGAS - God Stepped Out Of Space (3)
09. DJ SESSION ONE - No Gravity (Video Edit)
10. ORGASMIC VIBES - Moments In Friction (Wet Dream Dance Mix)
11. D-ILLUSION - Live Your Dream (Radio Edit)
12. SVENSON - Clubbing On Sunshine (Mellow-D vs. Pulsedriver Remix Edit)
13. TIMELAPSE - Spring (Short Cut) (4)
14. AUDIOTUBE - Transcendental Express (Blue Pm Mix)
15. JAMES HOLDEN - Horizons
16. SHANE - Toujours (Original Mix - Edit) (5)
17. DJ QUICKSILVER - Ameno (Video Mix)
18. CYGNUS X - Superstring (Rank 1 Remix)
19. GOLDEN EYE PROJECT - Journey (6)
20. MISSING HEART - Tears In May (Talla 2XLC Mix) (1)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: DJ Networx vol. 9 reviewed on 06/05/01
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Trance/Techno
Index #: 502162 2
DJ NETWORX - Volume 9 Another excellent compilation from SONY. This time volume 9 of "DJ Networx" a double CD mixed as usually by DJ DEAN. Once again he has chosen 40 tracks representing TOP TRANCE and TECHNO sound. Consistent to previous releases CD is more devoted to TRANCE/TECHNO sound. Well... not necessary at least the first CD starts with a PROGRESSIVE TOP tune from BROOKLYN BOUNCE - "Born To Bounce". I know it is not exactly a brand new one, by DJ DEAN keeps his mix more club oriented, so no wonder such a CLUB marvel has been chosen for starer! As a matter of fact first three songs on this CD follow that category, but with "Exploration Of Space" by COSMIC GATE the mood starts to change. I would like you to check Green Court Remix of "The Darkness Is Calling" by WICKED TWINS. I have to admit, it is one of the most powerful mixes of this tune I heard so far. Another example of outstanding remixed is one done by PULSEDRIVER for DEE AGE's "Snowflakes". For upbeat TECHNO you should check "Dream" by DJ CYGLAS vs. DJ PURE. This track is hot! Synthesizers intensify and take off! Just listen to it! One of my favorite tunes on this CD is a new fare "Angellight" by RED SECTOR. Fast TRANCE and percolating buttom! The German spoken male vocals adds to it's darkness and ghostly female vocals makes this one even more mysterious. The second CD in more ACID TECHNO and RAVE oriented. If you like BASS and DRUMS you gonna have lotsa of them on this CD. It's starts with speedy "Universe Of Dreams's" by RADIUM feat. DJ INSIDE following by PROGRESSIVE sound of YVES DERUYTER in his monster club hit "Back To Earth" and many other tunes. This CD is is really strictly TECHNO club oriented. Massive! Taken together another good release from this series coming from TUNNEL CLUB resident CD. As a matter of fact, TUNNEL club takes sabbatical in IBIZA to the biggest club in the world: "Ibiza Super-Discothec Privilege", where such DJs as DJ DEAN, COSMIC GATE, NILS VAN GOGH, CHARLY LOWNOISE, BLANK & JONES, PULSERDIVER and many more wil lbe playing every Tuesday. Sound sampler features 8 tunes taken from both CDs. Enjoy the sound !

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CD 1
01. BROOKLYN BOUNCE - Born To Bounce (Music Is My Destiny) (Club Mix)
02. PUBLIC DOMAIN - Operation Blade (Bass In The Place..) (Original Mix)
03. BEAM vs. CYRUS - Take This Sound (Out Of My Head) (Midnight Journey)
04. COSMIC GATE - Exploration Of Space (Extended Mix)
05. PREZIOSO feat. MARVIN - Rock The Discothek (Album Version)
06. R.B.A. - No Alternative (Extended Version0
07. WICKED TWINS - The Darkness Is Calling (Green Court Remix) (1)
08. DEE AGE - Snowflakes (Pulsedriver Mix) (2)
09. VOI feat. DJ FROST & TALLA 2XLC - Maid Of Orleans (Joan Of Arc Mix)
10. P.G.L. - Klang
11. DJ CYGLAS vs. DJ PURE - Dream (Aquaplex Remix) (3)
12. DJ TOM-X Power Pad (Extended Mix)
13. DJ GOLLUM & DJ YANNY pres. NEO CORTEX - Prepare (Club Mix)
14. SIMON KEY - Check The Beat (Extended Mix)
15. RED SECTOR - Angellight (2001) (Ambition Club Remix) (4)
16. DJ SESSION ONE - Ocean Of Emotion (DJ Worris UK Remix)
17. REVERB vs. FLASH GORDON - Providence (Reverb's Remix)
18. ACCUFACE - Let's Strike It Up (5)
19. XALLUX - Take A Trip (Marc 'N' Ace Remix)
20. SILVER LIQUID - Good For The Soul (6)
CD 2
01. RADIUM feat. DJ INSIDE - Universe Of Dreams (Trance Generators Remix)
02. YVES DERUYTER - Back To Earth (DJ Scot Project Mix)
03. AROME - Somebody (Hangover Help Mix)
05. THE DARKMAN - Illegale
06. EMBARGO! - Scream (Attack Mix) (7)
07. BUSH - Cosmic Vibes
08. DJ GENETIC - 2Test2 (Hennes & Cold Mischung)
09. KILLER BEATZ - Stillstand (8)
10. OFF-CAST-PROJECT - Into The Light (Sascha de Vries vs. Mario Lopez Mix)
11. VOODOO & SERANO - Blood Is Pumpin' (Original Clubmix)
13. ROUGE SQUADRON - Outside World
14. DJ SHOKO - Extrem
15. PRO-ACTIVE - Technicidad (J-Frog Club Mix)
16. HUNTER, LAUKS & PARIS - Reflection
17. FLOORKILLER - Dancefloorkiller (Base 1 Remix)
18. PAGEMASTER - Hold On (Junk Project Mix)
19. BRANDMELDER - More Than Watch (Original Mix)
20. JFS - Weak Winter
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Title: Trancemaster 29 reviewed on 05/26/01
Label: 2001 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 302 4104-2
TRANCEMASTER 2oo9 All right! My favorite series these days TRANCEMASTER has a new volume: 29. Again, the set not only did not dissapoint me, but made me like it even more. Set of 23 TRANCE tunes all in extended versions are being served. This is an ultimate set for DJs playing this genre, since the featured mixes as I said are extended and tunes are usually available in vinyl format only, not to mention close to impossible to get them here in the US. Some of tunes are quite well known like "Tenshi" by GOURYELLA, but for me most of the remaining titles were actually new. Every track is unique and music is very spacy and beatiful, fitting both clubs as well as for playing loudly in your headphones. The selection is superb as well. I actually had trouble what to select to sound sampler, because I personally liked almost all the titles. First CD features many tracks that you will enjoy immensely. For instance Aquaplex Mix of "Too Cold" by ICEBREAKER is very fast PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE tune with rhythmic buttom and dark synths surrounded by DRACULA-like male vocals. Dramatic and intense.Tracks like "Return To Forever" by GLOBAL CEE or "Moving On" by SHADE ON GREY are just pure BIG room TRANCE to die for. It is short of anything has been just released as well). For more PROGRESSIVE shade of TRANCE check tunes like "Kathy's Song" by APOPTYGMA BERZERK (interesting combination of exquisite synths with male vocals that is just chilling experience. Big room marvel!) or "Emotions" by GEORGE ACOSTA (featured DJ Marc La Cruz Remix is just paralyzing!). For some BREAK BEAT with TRANCE twist check "Blue Sun" by DJ X-SONIC. Very interesting creative combination I might say! Second CD is equally good. I will not be listing titles you should check, because entire CD is just worth of your attention. This offering is again not to be missed. I am personally sad, that my collection starts from volume 26. The series is a collective item and just a tool if you are DJ. The club success is guaranteed! Run to get it, or you will miss the opportunity! In sound sampler I featured 10 tracks taken from both CDs. Enjot the sound!

CD 1
01. APOTYGMA BERZERK - Kathy's Song (Victoria Mix by VNV Nation)
02. GOURYELLA - Tenshi
03. ICEBREAKER - Too Cold (Aquaplex Mix) (1)
04. GLOBAL CEE - Return To Forever (3)
05. SHADE ON GREY - Moving On (Are You Strong Enough) (DJ Astrid Mix) (2)
06. APOTYGMA BERZERK - Kathy's Song (Green Court Remix) (4)
07. SERVAN OF LIGHT - Phyllit
08. GEORGE ACOSTA - Emotions (DJ Marc La Cruz Remix) (5)
09. DJ LEE - Heartattack (Trance Version)
10. FUTURE BREEZE - Mind In Motion (Vintage Mix)
11. DJ X-SONIC - Blue Sun (Electro Mix)
12. TIMELAPSE - Spring (6)
CD 2
01. DJ PASSION - Kingston Kitchen (7)
02. SPACENOAH vs. X DREAM - Rainbow (Twilight Version)
03. AURELIA - Vampire's Song (8)
05. ICEBREAKER - Frozen (9)
06. VESPA 63 & DJ INSIDE - Tears (DJ Spoke Bonus Remix) (10)
07. MARC MARIS & RAMONE - Flashback (Ramones Continental Mix)
08. ULTRAVIBE - Choose Freedom
09. HEADSTRONG - Escalator
10. ORBITAL VELOCITY und MARC LINDBERG - Last Voyage 2001 (Stefano Di Carlo Mischung)
11. DJ LOREN. X. - Empire Days
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Title: Euphoria - True (mixed by Dave Pearce) reviewed on 05/19/01
Label: 2001Telstar Records (UK)
Style: Trance/Progressive/House/Hard House
Index #: TTVCD3176
EUPHORIA - True Well... I am late with the review of the next compilation from UK series EUPHORIA. Usually I am getting them when visiting London, but this volume I picked up in Virgin Megastore in San Francisco during my recent stay there. This volume is entitled "True" and is mixed by DAVE PEARCE himself. I am sure DAVID's sounds familiar to all of you who follows UK TRANCE scene and some of you might remember another EUPHORIA set entitled "Transcendental" that I reviewed back in January. He is one of the most prominent figures in UK scene I might say. DAVID made a lot of efforts to include his favorites tracks in this release. He was frantically working on getting clearance for featured tracks. He partially was able to fulfill the task. When you will look at the track listing and are "familiar" with the titles, you will notice that DAVE did not trap himself with just a one DANCE style. Instead he made eclectic choices with tracks ranging from PROGRESSIVE, TRANCE finishing on HARD HOUSE not to mention some other more "weird" ones as well. DAVE wrote his own introduction in the leaflet enclosed with this compilation. What he said was that the aim of this compilation was once again to give you a true Euphoric experience. He also picked some favorites like "Ghosts" by TENTH PLANET, his firm favorite at TALL TREES, mostly because of the brilliant VINCENT DE MOOR mix that DAVE likes the most. He also highly recommended amazing productions by PUSH and JAN JOHNSON you should listen to with your headphones on! He gave some upfront treats from his NuLife label such as Coast To Coast Mix of "Shout" by SAGITAIRE and "Happiness" by SOUND DE-ZIGN. He also included "Fire Wire" by COSMIC GATE not to mention his "old" mates WARP BROTHERS. I would like to focus your attention on other tracks as well. For instance "Remember Me" by JORIO was remixed by SPACE BROTHERS. This mix is an incredible combination of HOUSE and TRANCE, with angelic female vocals that takes you to a seductive journey. Beatiful. DAVE also included a boolteg version of '92 "Don't You Want Me" by FELIX. If you are old enough to remember the original you will be stunned but this version. It retains some familiar melodic line but otherwise it is quite different. Fabulous! PROGRESSIVE fans should look into "Butterflies" by TRANSGENIC TOOLS. The second CD starts with "Pachinko" by PRAHA pres. XIAN. Very interesting hybrid of HARD HOUSE and PROGRESSIVE-TRANCE. It has beat, transcendental feeling and exciting music line to drive you to a different dimension. The second CD closes "Diamondback" by MEKKA. TRANCE tune done in dramatic style, a perfect ending for this fine compilation. Taken together you have an uiltimate compilation with electronic music without boundaries. Something to dance to and contemplate to. If you want to catch DAVE live this summer, you better be ready to visit Balearic Islands. He will be playing on selected Friday nights in BCM Majorca and every Saturday from June 16th in San Antonio Ibiza. For now, enjoy this set and get the taste of what you might get when you will see him LIVE.

CD 1
01. MOBY - Hymn
02. JAN JOHNSON - Flesh (Tilt's Going Home Dub)
03. RUI DA SILVA - Touch Me (Original 12")
04. MAURICE - Feline (Original Union Mix)
05. TRISCO - Musak (Steve Lawler Remix)
06. SISTER BLISS feat. JOHN MARTYN - Deliver Me (Original Mix)
07. DJ DAN pres. NEEDLE DAMAGE - That Zipper Track
08. JDS - Nine Ways (Darude vs. JS16 Remix)
09. SOUND DE-ZIGN - Happiness (Coast To Coast Remix)
10. CITIZEN CANNED - The Journey (Original) (1)
11. TNETH PLANETH - Ghosts (Vincent De Moor Remix) (2)
12. JORIO - Remember Me (Space Brother Remix) (3)
13. IAN VAN DAHL - Castles In The Sky
14. U.H.T. - Mash It Up
15. ANGELIC - Can't Keep Me Silent (Original Mix)
16. AGNELLI & NELSON - Vegas (Fear & Loathing Remix)
17. FELIX - Don't You Want Me (Bootleg) (4)
18. TRANSGENIC TOOLS VOL. 1 - Butterflies (Butterflies Flight Mix)
19. JAVA & JAN - You Drive Me Crazy
20. SATOSHI TOMIE feat. KELLI ALI - Love In Traffic (Satoshi's Dark Path Remix)
CD 2
01. PRAHA pres. XIAN - Pachinko
02. MANSUN - I Can Only Dissapoint U (Perfecto Remix)
03. NATIVE - Feel The Drums (Original Mix)
04. SANTOS - Camels (Saint's & Sinners Remix)
05. HAITRAS - Spaced Invader (Darren Emerson's Underwater Remix)
06. JOSHUA RYAN - Pistolwhip (Original Mix)
07. WARP BROTHERS - We Will Survive (Club Mix)
08. COSMIC GATE - Fire Wire (Club Mix)
09. MARIO PIU' pres. SJ ARABESQUE - The Vision (Vision 1 Mix)
10. ALTITUDE - Nightstalker (5)
11. ANDY LING - Fixation (6)
12. SAGITAIRE - Shout (Coast To Coast Mix)
13. PUSH - Strange World (Spectrum Remix)
14. PUSH - Strange World (2000 Remake)
15. JAN JOHNSON - Flesh (Tiesto Mix) (7)
16. JUNK PROJECT - Composure (Sollar Stone Mix) (8)
17. LYRIC & NATALI - Over Emotion
18. MEKKA - Diamondback
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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