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Title: DJ Networx vol. 10 reviewed on 08/25/01
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Trance/Techno
Index #: 504155 2
DJ NETWORX - Volume 10 Time for mixes by DJ DEAN in his resident compilations. The first one is volume 10 of "DJ Networx" a double CD featured 40 tunes in more heavy TRANCE and TECHNO sound. Once again DJ DEAN exceeded himself in compiling and mixing cutting edge tunes in this masterful performance. This newest volume captivates as always top CLUB sound in the choices of tunes he made for the track listing. As this series consistently delivers the top-notch UNDERGROUND sound, this volume should find the place in sound library all of you who are into this style. You should recognize several tunes by such projectd as DJ VISAGE, FRAGMA, DJ SCOT, KOALA or DJ DEAN himself, yet there are less known tunes as well. First CD starts with newest from KOALA - "Tribal Island" in club mix. Dynamic TRANCE with narrative female vocals with soaring strings and interesting melody line. This rather pleasant sound s turning into more monstereous HARD TRANCE in the next tune "The Judgement Day" by THE OFFICIAL GOLIATH & ANTHEM. This intoxicating sound will prevail in entire CD. TRANCE will mixed with PROGRESSIVE and DRUM'N'BASS sound here and there. You really have to be into club sound to fully enjoy the mixes from both CDs presented by DJ DEAN. For instance "What's Up" by HUNTER, LAUKS & PARIS in DJ DEAN Remix combines TRANCE melodic line with pulsating drums and bass-line that will wake up dead bodies. Same goes to "Let Us Fly" by LOS PABLOS where TRANCE peacefully meets PROGRESSIVE HOUSE. Second CDs starts with deceiving "Redemption" by DJ DERBY. This 2001 version deliver much richer sound with wider utilization of electronic instruments. Well... also this CD is quite heavy in terms of presented sound. TECHNO-HOUSE and PROGRESSIVE sound are especially distinct with good examples of such tunes as "The Ultimate" by DJ SCHWEDE, "No Gravity" by DJ SESSION ONE , "Here We Go" by DJ DEAN and several others. This particular CD is hardly TRANCE yet characteristic sound to this genre appears here and there. I prepared sound sampler featuring 8 tunes taken from both CDs. For now enjoy the sound !

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CD 1
01. KOALA - Tribal Island (Club Mix) (Half Vocal Mix)
02. THE OFFICIAL GOLIATH 8 ANTHEM - The Judgement Day (DJ Simple Mix)
03. THE REWINDERS vs. ROCKSTAR - Pro-Gen (Move Any Mountain) (Essential Hard Mix)
04. DJ SCOT PROJECT - O-Overdrive (Arome Remix)
05. FRAGMA - You're Alive (Warp Brothers Remix)
06. DJ'S@WORK - Someday… (Hard Club Mix)
07. DJ VISAGE - Rock That Sound (Club Mix)
08. DJ SCHWEDE - Soldier Of Fortune (Original DH Schwede Mix)
09. 2001:CANARIAS - Viva Canarias
10. DJ MIRKO MILANO - Stopp & Go (Original Mix)
11. HUNTER, LAUKS & PARIS - What's Up (DJ Dean Remix)
12. CHAPTER & PAGE - Revelation (Dark Moon Mix)
13. LOS PABLOS - Let Us Fly (Extended Mix) (1)
14. DJ SHOKO - Open Your Mind
15. DJ SHAH feat. NO IRON - Tides Of Time (Main Mix) (2)
16. C.M. - Love Vibration (Dogfighter Club Remix) (3)
17. DEEPACK - Drop Out!
18. JFS - Waldoria
19. RUNNINGMAN - Loneliness (Jay Frog's Club Mix)
20. ACCUFACE - How do You Feel
CD 2
01. DJ LERBY - Redemption (Villa vs. Sunstar Mix)
02. DJ SCHWEDE pres. 3R - The Ultimate (3r vs. Flinthouse Mix)
03. YAKOOZA - Stronger (DJ Wag Mix)
04. DJ SESSION ONE - No Gravity (DJ Session One Remix)
05. DJ DEAN - Here We Go! (4)
06. JAMX - Warriors (Original)
07. TERRY BONES - Getaway ( Remix)
08. THE MOON - Blow Up The speakers (Paul Hutsch Remix)
09. HENNES & COLD - Sound Of Rock
10. SMILE - Ballarina (Broad Smile Mix)
11. KILLER BAETZ - Flash Antenne
12. ATOMIC ALLIANCE vs. TRANCE GENERATORS - Rock To da beat (Trance Generators Mix)
13. DJ TEAM GROUNDZERO - Don't Stop… Fucking Technopop (5)
14. MURDERSOUND - Rockshock (Andreas Krämer Remix) (6)
15. A-C-E - Stairway To Heaven (Original Mix)
16. NORDLICHT - Cry (Hennes & Cold Mix) (7)
17. ERZMETALL - Schmelzpunkt (Flüssig)
18. SPEAKER FREAKZ - Bass Test (DJ's@ Work Mix)
19. MASS EFFECT - Alphascan (Arome Mix) (8)
20. DJ SAKIN & FRIENDS - Miami (Airplay Mix)
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Title: Tunnel Goes Ibiza reviewed on 08/25/01
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 503 457 2
TUNNEL GOES IBIZA 2001 Special edition of "Tunnel Trance" celebrating presence of TUNNEL DJs in the biggest European dance club located in Ibiza - "Priviledge". Once again similar to "DJ Networx" series this set has been prepared by it's resident DJ - DJ DEAN. Be prepared for slamming 33 leading IBIZA party smashers. DJ DEAN picked the selection to satisfy both TECHNO and TRANCE fans. His set features such fares as new from MARIO LOPEZ "Blind", SYLVER's "Turn The Tides" , new from NIELS VAN GOGH - "Electric Confusion" and several others.This is truly an outsanding compilation. In my opinion much more diversified than the reviewed above "DJ Networx 10". When making sound sampler I focused mostly on TRANCE tunes. So you will find there "Trip To Africa" by DJ SESSION ONE meets MANUEL OETTL. No not really a TRIBAL sound as you might expect from the title, but rather big room monster with great bassline and perfect synth lines. New from DJs@WORK - "Someday" is also a magnificent track with drama perfected to the high level. "Galaxy Of Time" by D-LUTION is also dramatic with synths surrounding you! One of my most favorable tunes is "Night In Motion" by NOSTRUM. This one has killer hooks to die for. From unknown to me PARA X comes "Tears". Another chilling top-notch TRANCE experience. In the same line is "Forever Friends" by GIGI LAV meets DEN DJ. The melodic line in this one is simply from another dimension. You should also fall for "Dance Nomore" by YONI. This production is gorgeous with scintillating, pumped-up synth lines! Very uplifting is also "Koala Sunrise" by ULURO sporting electronic instruments to the max! I was also excited to see Calderone Remix of "Set You Free" by C.J. BUCHANNON! "Trip To Earth" by SPACE PLANET is also an example of perfectly done pandemonic TRANCE! You will love it's sound and I am sire the dancefloor will go bizarre! I am sure that if you will listen to the sound sampler, you will fall in love with this offering. Perfect!

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CD 1
01. BLANK & JONES - DJ's, Fans, Freaks (Cosmic Gate Mix)
02. MARIO LOPEZ - Blind (Club Mix)
03. DUMONDE - Never Look Back (Original Mix)
04. COSMIC GATE - Melt To The Ocean
05. SESSION ONE meets MANUEL OETTI - Trip To Africa (Club Mix) (1)
06. DJs@WORK - Someday (Original Vocal Mix) (2)
07. DJ SHAH feat. NO IRON - Tides Of Time (Trance Mix)
08. D-LUTION - Galaxy Of Time (Extended Mix) (3)
09. APOTYGMA BERZERK - Kathy's Song (Greencourt Mix)
10. SKR 309 - Virus X
11. SYLVER - Turn The Tides (C.J. Stone Mix)
12. NOSTRUM - Night In Motion (Club Mix) (4)
13. HARDENBROOK - Listen To The Sound (Club mix)
14. CLAN DJ TEAM - Groovebird (Club Mix)
15. NIELS VAN GOGH - Electric Confusion (Original Mix)
16. PARA X - Tears (5)
CD 2
01. DJ DISGRESS - Follow Up (Club Mix)
02. DERB - Derb (Derbus)
03. MOTION CONTROL - The Game (Vocal Mix)
04. GIGI LAV meets BEN DJ - Forever Friends (Y.O.M.C. Remix) (6)
05. YONI - Dance Nomore (DJ Janis vs. Plus One Remix) (7)
06. STEVE MORLEY - Sacred City (Shane Remix0
07. BALTES vs. STEVENS - Eternal Silence (Trance Original Mix)
08. IMPEGMENT SYNDROM - Feel The Fire (Club Mix)
09. LUMINATION - Don't Want Your Life (Ernesto vs. Bastian Remix)
10. ULURO - Koala Sunrise (Russenmafia Remix) (8)
11. C.J. BUCHANNON - Set You Free (Calderone Mix) (9)
12. SERVAN OF LIGHT - Phyllit
13. ACCUFACE - Supernova
14. ORANGE INC. - Don't Bring Me Down
15. SPACE PLANET - Trip to Earth (10)
16. A.T. PROJECT - Aquanaut
17. BETA MUSIC - 23
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Title: BLANCO Y NEGRO MIX - 8 reviewed on 08/22/01
Label: 2001 Blanco y Negro (Spain)
Style: Dance
Index #: MXCD 1160

BLANCO Y NEGRO MIX - 8 For the first time I am able to review the compilation from this based in Spain label: BLANCO Y NEGRO. If you are collector of dance releases this label should be no stranger to you. Many great HI-NRG and DANCE tunes were released on this one. BLANCO Y NEGRO MIX 8 is set of three CD cleverly divided into sections related to various dancable styles. In spite of the name, this is not mixed compilation. The name rather reffers to the presented variety of styles. So the first one is devoted to DANCE tunes. Among known titles you will find here fares by MAGIC BOX, new from EIFFEL 65 "Lucky (In My Life)", "Daddy DJ" by DADDY DJ and several less known like very dynamic EURODANCE tune "Remember Me (Scialali Scialali)" by NICOLE BRAND. EURO-TRANCE interperation of late Freddy Mercury's megahit "Living On My Own" by MR VINX or incredibly catchy "Can't Fight The Moonlight" by SAINT ETIEN. Second CD is adressed to HOUSE mavens! This one is also loaded with cutting-edge tunes. It starts with "If I Ever Feel Better, I'll Go To The Disco" by PHOENIX followed by such tunes as " I Wanna Be Free" by CHOCOLATE PUMA, "American Dream" by JAKATTA or "Another Chance" By ROGER SANCHEZ that is actually storming also US clubs. The last CD is addressed to PROGRESSIVE & TECHNO freaks. Well guys you might find here some rare tunes like "Something" by LASGO, "Maximicing The Audience" by ELASTICA presents JESUS ELICES and many others. So taken together, set of 56 tunes that will keep your party rolling! For the sound sampler I prepared mix featuring 8 tracks taken from first and third CD! For now enjoy the music!

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01. BLANCO Y NEGRO MIX 8 - mixed by Quim Quer
02. EIFFEL 65 - Lucky (In My Life)
03. PREZIOSO - Let's Talk About A Man
04. LALU - Shariva
05. DA MUTTZ - Wassuup!
06. MAGIC BOX - Carrillon
07. SUPERBLONDE - It's Raining Men
08. MRICKY + DANIELI - Gloria
09. MARLA & MARIA - Yo Quiero Bailar
10. NICOLE BRAND - Remember Me (Scialali Scialala)
11. RICARDO - Dile Que La Quiero
12. FRAGMA - You Are Alive
13. DADDY DJ - Daddy DJ
14. R.A.M. - Dancing In The Moonlight
15. FLYING GIRL - Across The Universe
16. SAINT ETIEN - Can't Fight The Moonlight
17. MR. VINX - Living On My Own (Airscape Remix)
18. SUNRAY feat. KIM MAZELLE - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
19. FUNNY - The Way You Love Me
20. STARMAN - You're Sixteen

01. PHOENIX - If I Ever Feel Better, I'll Go To The Disco
03. RUI DA SILVA feat. CASSANDRA - Touch Me
04. SHORTIE - Somebody
05. JAKARTA - American Dream
06. ROGER SANCHEZ - Another Chance
07. BOB SINCLAIR - Darlin'

08. POUND BOYS - Ke Pasa
09. M & P presents THE GIRL NEXT DOOR - Salsoul Nugget (If You Wanna)
10. DEEP SWING - In The Music
11. ULTRA NATE - Get It Up (The Feeling)
12. JUNIOR SANCHEZ feat. ANGIE JOHNSON - That Girl Ain't Right
13. DISCO-TEX presents CLOUDBURST - I Can Cast A Spell
15. MANGUERA feat. OCTAHVIA - Don't Worry
16. SNIPER PARK - Obsession
17. TWIN STYLE - Baila

01. LASGO - Something (4)
02. YVES DERUYTER - Back To Earth
03. NORMAN BASS - How U Like Bass? (Warp Brothers Remix)
04. SCORPIA VOL. 1 feat. MARIAH DACAL - By Your Side
05. DJ KICK & MIDI MARK - Shh Ahh Pump It (Solar System Remix)
06. AIRHEADZ - Stanley (Here I Am) (Wippenberg Remix)
07. ELASTICA presents JESUS ELICES - Maximicin The Audience
08. MOOGUE - China Girl (Svenson & Gielen Remix)
09. BLAZE - My Beat (Ambassador Remix)
10. NATIVE - Feel The Drums (Public Domain Remix)
11. DJ JOSE vs. G-SPOTT - House Of Justice
12. DJ ONE FINGER - Housefucker
13. SHOCKWAVE - The 2nd Day
14. THE HORRORIST - One Night In NYC
15. LUCID - Out There
16. COPYCAT - Bouncer
17. SPOILED & ZIGO - Choose Me
18. NICK SKITZ - Redliner
19. TIDY GIRLS pres. LISA LASHERS - Dance 2 The House (Don't Go)

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Title: TECHNICS - DJ Set - Volume 2 reviewed on 08/19/01
Label: 2001 Warner Special Marketing (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 8573-89649-2
TECHNICS - DJ  Set Volume 2 Today let me present a new TECHNO/TRANCE series from Warner Music label. It became more and more popular to release compilations featuring DJ mixes. First volume released few months ago was very well received, setting a new standard for DJ mixes. The flagship title "TECHNICS" is in the international DJ and club scene for decades synonym for professional equipment of the absolute top class. Most of the professional DJs well known their's legendary Technics "SL120-MK 2" turntable. The company still provides the world class equipment for DJs and their turntables were used to make the mixes.CD 1 is prepared by a resident DJ of this series: DJ SHOG (Sven Greiner) who started his carrier as a DJ back in 1993 playing mostly TRANCE and TECHNO. He is currently resident DJ at several German clubs in Kiel, Heide, Rendsburg and Lübeck. He is also associated with emerging German label: Blutonium Traxx. His mix on first CD features a wide range of TRANCE/TECHNO tunes. It starts with "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" by SARAH BRIGHTMAN vs. ATB. YES! Sarah did TRANCE. Her angelic voice fits perfectly to an electronic world created by ATB. There are many excellent tunes chosen by DJ SHOG. Some of them are already TECHNO/TRANCE anthems like "Unsolved Mysteries" by KAY CEE, "Kathy's Song" by APOTYGMA BERZERK in passionate Ferry Corsten Remix and several others. From less known tunes I would like to draw your attention to "Cloudless Sky" by M-SHAPE, new KOALA tune "Tribal Island" or "End Of Time" by SUNFIRE LTD. The second CD is prepared by GREEN COURT aka MARC DAWN. If you following TECHNO/TRANCE scene for last 3 years you know the name very well. MARC started his DJing experience back in 1998. He released several singles ("Shining" kicked TOP 40 and current "Take(My Breath Away)" is storming charts worldwide) and most recently his debut album. He also remixed several other projects such as Sylver, Cosmic Gate, Dumonde, Pulsedriver, Rollergirl, Mario Lopez, Naid, Tukan, Signum, Ambassador, Mono Culture and Apoptygma Berzerk. He also produces Cosmic Gate. No wonder why, mix he made for second CD features several of his own remixes such as "Light A Rainbow" by TUKAN or "Amnesia" by ALEX BARTLETT. Be prepared for great sound experience. Taken together this new series is very excititng and will be a highlight of your collection. Another good DJ set to go that will keep your party running! I preapred and extensive sound sampler featuring 10 tunes (5 from each CD). The mix is not retained since more important factor was the featured music. Get this set, another well spent dollars! For now enjoy the sound!

CD 1
01. SARAH BRIGHTMAN vs. ATB - A Whiter Shade Of Pale (ATB Remix) (1)
02. KAY CEE - Unsolved Mysteries (VIP Mix)
03. CYGNUS X - Superstring (Rank 1 Remix)
04. JAN JOHNSON - Flesh (DJ Tiėsto Remix)
05. APOTYGMA BERZERK - Kathy's Song (Ferry Corsten Remix)
06. FORCE MAJEURE - Redemption (Webdrivers Remix)
07. RALPH FRIDGE - Mystery (Kay Cee Remix)
08. M-SHAPE - Cloudless Sky (Ian Van Dahl Remix) (2)
09. JUSTIN K & DJ K-MIXX - Northern Lights (Club Mix)
10. KYAU vs. ALBERT - Outside (Voodoo & Serano Remix) (3)
11. FRAGMA - You Are Alive (Blank & Jones Remix)
12. PAFFENDORF - Be Cool (Club Mix)
13. KOALA - Tribal Island (Extended Vocal Mix) (Full Vocal) (4)
14. SUNFIRE LTD. - End Of Time (Sunset Mix) (5)
15. SOLID SLEEP - Club Attack (Junk Project Remix)
16. LEGEND B - Journey (Club Mix)
17. DJ SCOT PROJECT - O-Overdrive
18. CAMILIA - Get Your Things Together (Pitfire Remix)
19. ESSENTIAL DJ TEAM - We Hate To Rock (Essential Hardhouse Mix)
20. DRAX LTD. II - Amphetamine (Heckmann 2001 Version)
21. DJ GIUS - De-Generation (Club Mix)
CD 2
01. MARC DAWN - The Sound Of Whispering (Intro)
02. NAID Waking Up - (Green Court Remix)
03. CULTURE BEAT - Insanity (Kay Cee Remix)
04. TUKAN - Light A Rainbow (Green Court feat. Mark Dawn Remix) (6)
05. THE OH! - Eternity (Trance Mix) (7)
06. AIRPLAY - The Music Is Moving (Original Vocal Mix)
07. ALEX BARTLETT - Amnesia (Green Court Mix) (8)
08. HEADSTRONG - Escalator (Club Mix) (9)
09. THE DIGITAL BLONDE - Legato (Club Mix)
10. SYSTEM F. feat. ARMIN VAN BUUREN - Exhale (Original)
11. TONY WALKER - Fields Of Joy (Flutlicht Remix)
12. MINIMALSITIX - Struggle For Pleasure (Rob Searle Remix)
13. MARC AUREL - The Sun (Dumonde Remix)
14. GREENCOURT feat. DE/VISION - Take (My Breath Away) (CJ Stone Remix)
15. A-C-E - Stairway To Heaven (Club Mix)
16. DUMONDE - Never Look Back (Full On Vocal)
17. CHAPTER & PAGE - Revelation (Dark Moon Remix) (10)
18. MARIO LOPEZ - Blind (CJ Stone Remix)
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Title: PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT - Volume 1 -PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT - Volume 1reviewed on 08/18/01
Label: 2001 Mix Connection Multimedia (US)
Style: Progressive House
Index #: MCM51451-2
PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT - volume 1 (continuous mix by DJ MARKSKI) Another DJ Mix. This time by American DJ with Polish background. Most of you who live in Chicago, IL area knows this name: DJ MARKSKI. He is not only a club DJ but also do some radio shows in that area. On the top of it he owns and signature two DJs stores in Chicago. A leading place in US to get most current hits directly from Europe. DJ MARKSKI spins almost anything that has label: DANCE. From classic EURODANCE, thru TECHNO, TRANCE to PROGRESSIVE HOUSE. He finally released his first official compilation on Chicago's label MIX CONNECTION MULTIMEDIA entitled "PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT - Volume 1". This offering contain his continuous mix of tunes that belong mostly to PROGRESSIVE HOUSE genre. The selection is interesting, yet very heavy! This is truly a club house sound for bad boys! With such tracks as "Fuck On Cocacaine" by DJ YOURI, "O-Overdrive" by DJ SCOT PROJECT, "Concentrate" by AXEL KONRAD you will be exposed to a firework of drum and basses. This set that should be available nationwide, should do good in American TECHNO clubs, since it seems to me American club scene falls more into PROGRESSIVE sound than anything else that belongs to the megagenre: TECHNO. Mixing technique is good, however jingles like: "DJ Markski's rocking the beats progressive style" here and there are rather annoying. Hope it will not appear on future releases. Taken together good set from great DJ. Hope more like this will appear on domestic market, and hopefully DJ MARKSKI will also feature other dance styles. We know he is good at them as well, For now enjoy the mix featuring 6 tunes taken from this offering Enjoy!

For more info about DJ MARKSKI , visit his page at

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02. PLAYTHING - Into Space (Public Domain Mix)
03. DJ SCOT PROJECT - O-Overdrive ("O" Mix)
04. QUO VADIS - Sonic Boom (Life's Too Short) (1)
05. DERB - Derb (Derbus Mix) (2)
06. AROME - Somebody (DJ Scot Project Remix) (3)
07. AXEL KONRAD - Conentrate
08. MO-DEM - Contact (Warp Brothers Mix) (4)
09. D-DEVILS - 6th Gate (5)
10. THUNDERPUSS - Papa's Got A Brand New Pig Bag
11. DJ YOURI - Fuck On Cocaine
12. DA RICK - Lucifer (6)
13. A*S*Y*S* - Acid Nightmare
14. AVANCADA - Pump, Jump, Break (Warp Brothers Terror Horns Mix)
15. MAURO PICOTTO - Komodo
17. DON DIABLO - Casa del Diablo (Casa del Dorito Mix)
18. STORMTRAXX - My Acid Dream
19. MAURO PICOTTO - Proximus
20. MARC ET CLAUDE - Loving You (Ratty Remix)

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Title: IN TRANCE WE TRUST 006 - DJ Cor Fijneman -MAGIK FIVE - Heaven Beyondreviewed on 08/18/01
Label: 2001 In Trance We Trust / Black Hole Recording (Holland)
Style: Trance
Index #: ITWT 006CD
IN TRANCE WE TRUST 006 - DJ Cor Fijneman Are you ready for DJ COR FIJNEMAN again? His debut in previous volume of IN TRANCE WE TRUST reviewed below brought a fresh impact to this series. No wonder why he was invited to prepare this release. With this issue we are getting more of specific sound he is currently playing. A combination of TRANCE with more brutal PROGRESSIVE HOUSE elements. This offering featuring COR's LIVE turntable mix is indeed an adventure not to be missed especially if you are into club climates! CD starts with "Moment By Moment" from IMPACT. Perfect starter to set the mood. Brilliant electronics and a hauntingly beatiful melody combine here for a dynamic, darkly dramatic effect that's incredibly mesmerizing. The synth lines, melody and female vocals build into a wild, mournfully subline big room ecstasy monster. COR masterfully moves to "Depts Of Time" by JACOB & MENDEZ. This tune also falls into TRANCE category with female vocals and artfully done synth work. Among 16 tunes are other incredible tunes. For instance "Escalator" by HEADSTRONG delivers slamming electronic experience to die for. Incredibly infectious in every detail! If You liked now overplayed DJ TIËSTO's "Flight 643" you should enjoy Orkidea's Wintergalactic Mix which in my opinion is richer than the original version. If you would like to sample COR's own production. This mix features his own title "10 PM" as well as his own mix of "Sunshine" by DANCE NATION. You will also find on this CD productions that you should be already familiar with like "Open Your Eyes" by INSIMA or "Mysteries Of Life" by AIRWAVE to name the few. Sound sampler features 6 tunes taken from this offering, however it will not do the justice. You really have to listen to the original CD. The music is simply perfect for club freaks and mixing technique is superb. Get this one while it is still around! For the time being enjoy the sound!

For more info about COR FIJNEMAN, visit his page at

01. IMPACT - Moment By Moment
02. JACOB & MENDEZ - Depths Of Time
03. INSIGMA - Open Your Eyes (Odyssey One Mix)
04. AIRWAVE - Mysteries Of Life
05. TRANSMOTION - Message No. Five (1)
06. INTIMO - Spirit In The Sky (2)
07. HEADSTRONG - Escalator (3)
08. OLIVER LIEB - Lightspeed
10. DJ TIĖSTO - Flight 643 (Orkidea's Wintergalactic Mix)
11. CITIZEN CANED - The Journey
12. CORTINA - Music Is Moving (Kumara Remix)
13. CHARLIE - Burn & Shiver (Airheadz Remix) (4)
14. MARCO V. - Magnitude (5)
15. DANCE NATION - Sunshine (Cor Fijneman's Feel Fine Remix)
16. L'AGE SYNTHETIQUE - Terminate (Rage Mix) (6)

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Title: Trancemaster 30 reviewed on 08/18/01
Label: 2001 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 302 4106-2
TRANCEMASTER 3oo0 For more TRANCE sound you really should look forward for new release from TRANCEMASTER series now at volume 30! Once again we have an interesting set of 23 tunes on 2 CDs that was mastered this time by SLOBODAN PETROVIC (PULSEDRIVER) himself! I said it before and I will repeat it again. It is the best series for this genre currently on market! No doubt about it. Selection is stunning and music is just plain wonderful. If you missed vinyl releases of some cutting-edge tunes, this offering is for you. What makes this set of special value for committed to TRANCE DJs is the fact that included mixes are all in their extended versions in most cases available only on vinyls. Be prepared for transcendental journey into the world of electronically generated music, into the dimensions you didn't know they existed. The ride is a pure hedonistic pleasure and it starts right from the first tune: "Shadows" by DITO filled with gorgeous melody and soaring synth work. First CD features such gems as new from MARIO LOPEZ - "Blind" in dazzling CJ Stone meets Mr. Phillips Club Remix, "Sacred City" by STEVE MORLEY from Suck Me Plasma Record or "Redemption" by FORCE MAJEURE to name the few. Also some tracks you should be already aware of by DJ SCOT PROJECT, SYSTEM F. or DELERIUM. Second CD is no shorter of marvellous TRANCE tunes. You will find here such titles as "Horizon" by JIMMY GOLDSCHMITZ vs. PETER LUTS, new from RALPH FRIDGE - "Mystery" or "Touch Me Part 2" by ARMIN VAN BUUREN in hot Vincent De Moor Remix. When comparing this offering with previous releases, one might notice less UNDERGROUND feeling and more shift toward mainstream club TRANCE scene. I am not going to try to convince you that this has to be in your collection. Audio sampler will!. I included 10 tunes from both CDs in the mix for your listening pleasure. For more music you gotta get the real thing. Your money will be wisely spent! Guaranteed!

CD 1
01. DITO - Shadows (Original Mix) (1)
02. MARIO LOPEZ - Blind (C.J. Stone meets Mr. Phillips Club Remix)
03. DELERIUM feat. LEIGH NASH OF SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER - Innocente (Falling In Love) (DJ Tiėsto Remix)
04. SYSTEM F. feat. ARMIN VAN BUUREN - Exhale
05. STEVE MORLEY - Sacred City (2)
06. DJ SCOT PROJECT - O(Overdrive)
07. FORCE MAJEURE - Redemption (Webdriver Remix) (3)
08. M-TIK - Don't Stop Me Now (Dub Mix) (4)
09. MATT DAREY pres. MASH UP - Liberation (Temptation-Fly Like An Angel) (Ferry Corsten Remix)
10. RIDDLER & HEADCRUSHER - Plasma-Free (5)
CD 2
01. THE MYSTERY - Mystery (Original Mix)
02. SQUARE - Nova (4 Strings Remix) (6)
03. JIMMY GOLDSCHMITZ vs. PETER LUTS - Horizon (Jimmy Goldschmitz Remix) (7)
04. RALPH FRIDGE - Mystery (Darbucca Remix)
05. ARMIN VAN BUUREN pres. RISING STAR - Touch Me Part 2 (Vincent De Moor Remix) (8)
06. ULTRA 5 feat. J. CEE - Potion (Andy & The Lamboy Ultra 5 mix) (9)
07. REVIL O - Witness 2001
08. DJ SPOKE - Nightflight Komet (10)
09. FUTURE SHOCK - Reality (Miss Thunderpussy Remix)
10. SAM-LING vs. N. FREEMAN - Nuit Arabe (Original Club Mix)
11. LITTLE STAR - Petite Etoile
12. DJ VORTEX & ARPA'S DREAM - Incoming
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Mad About The Boy 7 reviewed on 08/17/01
Label: Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy/Dance
Index #: CDKOPY 130
Mad About The Boy 7 Now time for HIGH ENERGY fans. KLONE RECORDS released on August 6th, next volume of their most popular series. As usually you will find there KLONE's favorite artists such as CHEKMATE, TERESA MARIE, DEZIRE, SUSHI or DIVA DELUX to name the few. Several tunes already appeared on CD singles like "What Took You So Long" by TERESA MARIE, "Thank You" by E.M. PROJECT feat. LINZI or "Fascinated" by BOYZ WITH TOYZ for instance. Not only that, you also find here some exclusive fares like "No Frills Love" by TAMMI LAVETTE, "I Just Can't Get To Sleep At All" by CANDI STATON, "Ocean Drive" from SOUTH BEACH, "Long Hot Summer" from SUNDOWNERS and "Angels" by RIMINI. Special contribution delivered KAMOUFLAGE with their version of "Against All Odds". I found here also very interesting interpretation of JAM & SPOON tune "Angel (Ladadi O-Heyo)" done by BWT feat. NINA. Ross Alexander's Extended Mix of this track delivers powerful NRG combined with state-of-the-art synth work. Indeed a gem for all of you who appreciate such combination. NINA's angelic and poweful voice adds to it's originality. This offering also making a welcome return to the scene of highly acclaimed NRG producer IAN LEVINE who is responsible for featured in here tunes by SOUTH BEACH and RIMINI. So, be prepared for 18 vibrating tracks across both CDs in this one of the strongest issues from this series. In sound sampler I created mix containing 6 tracks from this release. I hope it will convince you for the value of this priceless set! Enjoy!

For more information about this and another releases please visit Klone/Rumour Records on line.

CD 1
01. TERESA MARIE - What Took You So Long (Pop One 12") (1)
02. DIVA DELUX feat. DEE - Pure And Simple (Club Mix)
03. EVOLUTION feat. JB - Dancing In The Moonlight (Frontloader Club Mix)
04. BWT feat. NINA - Angel (Ladadi O-Heyo) (Ross Alexander's Extended Mix) (2)
05. CHEKMATE - Supreme (I will Survive) (Survival Mix)
06. BOYZ WITH TOYZ - Fascinated (Ross Alexander's Nu NRG Mix)
07. CANDI STATON - I Just Can't Get To Sleep At All (Ross Alexander's Verano Mix)
08. SOUTH BEACH - Ocean Drive (3)
09. PATTI RAVELL - Whole Again (Feline Club Mix)

CD 2
01. DEZIRE feat. JO FRANCES - Trouble (Ross Alexander's Remix)
02. E.M. PROJECT feat. LINZI - Thank You (Stan's NRG Mix)
03. SUSHI - Overload (Club Mix)
04. MR B feat. TERESA MARIE - Let The Sunshine In (4)
05. SUNDOWNERS - Long Hot Summer (5)
06. RIMINI - Angels
07. TAMMI LAVETTE - No Frills Love
08. DIVA DELUX - I Need U (6)
09. KAMOUFLAGE - Against All Odds
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: MAGIK SEVEN - Live In Los Angeles (mixed by DJ Tiësto) -MAGIK FIVE - Heaven Beyondreviewed on 07/14/01
Label: 2001 Black Hole Recording (Holland)
Style: Trance
Index #: BLACK HOLE CD 19
MAGIK SEVEN - Live In Los Angeles Finally a new mix done by DJ TIËSTO from his own series MAGIK. You might recall that last year I presented "MAGIK SIX" featuring his live mix from WILDLIFE event in Amsterdam. "MAGIK SEVEN" is DJ TIËSTO's live mix recorded from his live appearance in MAYAN THEATRE in Los Angeles back in April 2001. The mix features 15 cutting-edge tunes. Choices for the mix made by DJ TIËSTO clearly show that he is really diversifying in the sound he presents. It is no longer just a big room TRANCE but rather various shades of electronic sound more in the EPIC side. This mix prepared for US audience is testing the crowd endurance to a more sophisticated club sound. This was a risky experiment, yet his appearance met with a huge enthusiasm. showing that we here in the US are open for what we think is new in the elctronic sound, yet it has been already spreading in European clubs for a long time. The mix starts with "People Want To Be Needed" by THE AURANAUT. You will hear the crowd going nuts after Holly Adams introducing DJ TIËSTO. Track itself is an aggressive EPIC TRANCE with some oriental influence. Perfect beginning for the journey you are about to start. Among stellar tunes you will find such beauties as "Open Your Eyes" by INSIGMA (amazingly produced drama tune to die for), or "Stringer" by RIVA (very rhythmic electronic stumper). Definately a collector item this CD is. Delicious, mind--numbing experience you could wish for. You will be taken by by wickedly hypnotic snares and synth lines in many of the featured tunes. A throbbing experince you cannot afford to miss. If you are fan of DJ TIËSTO talent, this CD is for you. You will spend 77 minutes in good trip into electronic havoc if you will. In sound sampler I featured 6 tunes taken from this release. Hopefully it will give you some idea. Enjoy!

For more info about DJ TIËSTO, visit his page at

01. THE AURANAUT - People Want To Be Needed
02. THREE DRIVES - Sunset On Ibiza
03. SCHILLER - Das Glockenspiel (Humate Remix)
04. BALLROOM - Come Along! (Chrome Remix)
05. INSIGMA - Open Your Eyes (Original Insigma Mix) (1)
06. JAN JOHNSON - Flesh (DJ Tiėsto Mix)
07. RIVA - Stringer (2)
08. M.I.K.E. - Sunrise At Palamos
09. PUSH - Strange World (2000 Remake) (3)
10. UTAH SAINTS - Lost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb's Main Mix)
11. MARIO PIU aka DJ ARABESQUE - Bass Control
12. DJ TIĖSTO - Flight 643 (4)
13. THE GREEN MARTIAN - Industry (5)
14. PLANISPHERE - Moonshine
15. CJ BOLLAND - The Prophet (6)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: DJ TIËSTO - Revolution reviewed on 07/14/01
Label: 2001 Circa Recordings / Virgin Records (UK)
Style: Epic Trance / Progressive
Index #: 7243 8 10354 2 9
DJ TIESTO - Revolution If you still want more of DJ TIËSTO you can! Here is another compilation (this time featuring two CDs) including best PROGRESSIVE and TRANCE sound you can get. When you will compare the track listing of this compilation with the one reviewed above, you will notice several overlapping tunes. One reason is that both releases were made in approximately similar time frame and DJ TIËSTO featured in both of them the tracks he currently use for his sets. It doesn't make this compilation less attractive. As a matter of fact with total 30 tunes featured in here this offering will make you even more fulfilled! The sound is fascinating and that what really counts. DJ TIËSTO divided this compilation into two sets and even gave them the name. The first CD is called: DARKSIDE while the second one BRIGHTSIDE. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the first CD will feature more aggressive and mystic sound. CD starts with new offering from DELERIUM (with LEIGH NASH replacing SARAH McLACHLAN). The NASH's voice is equally beautiful and the music itself will blow your mind. You will also be moved by LEAMA and her "Melodica" tune. It's another TRANCE marvel with the haunting female vocal adding the mystery to this wonderful production. Great choice! If you will browse the content of this first CD you will find other tunes by such projects as AGNELLI & NELSON, KAMAYA PAINTERS and many many others. Listening to this CD will be a gratifying experience. Guaranteed! The second CD is no short of great tunes as well! Many amazing tunes just to mention "Mysteries Of Life" by AIRWAVE, "Open Your Eyes" by INSIGMA, 2000 Remake of "Strange World" by PUSH and several others. You will be definately happy with the selections. Great release once again showing an incredible talent of DJ TIËSTO and his vision on how to present the music. The sound sampler features 6 tracks taken from this release. Enjoy!

For more info about DJ TIËSTO, visit his page at

01. DELERIUM feat. LEIGH NASH - Innocente (Faling In Love) (DJ Tiėsto Remix)
02. LEAMA - Melodica (1)
03. LN MOVEMENT - Golden Desert (Part 2)
04. BEN SHAW feat. ADELE HOLNESS - So Strong (Original Mix)
05. JOKER JAM - Innocence (2)
06. BULLITT - Cried To Dream (Max Graham Remix)
07. DJ DAZZLE - From Within
08. HARDY HELLER AND RAY BOYLE - Lovin' (Fred Numf vs. Five Point O Remix)
09. J.T. FUNCTIONS - Running On E
10. WHEED BASKIN - Castle Rock (Fred numf vs. Five Point O Remix)
11. KAMAYA PAINTERS - Wasteland (Chab Remix)
12. BALLROOM - Passenger (Marc O'Tool Remix)
13. AGNELLI & NELSON - Vegas (Fear & Loathing Remix)
14. V-THREE - Resistance (3)
01. THE AURANAUT - People Want To Be Needed
02. THREE DRIVES - Sunset On Ibiza (Original Mix)
03. GOLDENSCAN - Sunrise (Pulser Remix) (4)
04. INSIGMA - Open Your Eyes (Insigma Mix)
05. AIRWAVE - Mysteries Of Life (5)
06. UTAH SAINT - Lost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb's Main Mix)
07. YAHEL & EYAL BARKAN - Voyage
08. JAN JONHSON - Flesh (DJ Tiėsto Mix) (6)
09. RIVA - Stringer
10. MOOGWAI - Labyrinth Part 1
11. M.I.K.E. - Sunrise At Palamos (Original Mix)
12. DJ TIĖSTO - Flight 643 (Original Mix)
13. THE GREEN MARTIAN - Industry
14. PLANISPHERE - Moonshine
15. PUSH - Strange World (2000 Remake)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: IN TRANCE WE TRUST 005 - DJ Cor Fijneman -MAGIK FIVE - Heaven Beyondreviewed on 07/12/01
Label: 2001 In Trance We Trust / Black Hole Recording (Holland)
Style: Trance
Index #: ITWT 005CD
IN TRANCE WE TRUST 005 - DJ Cor Fijneman This is my first chance to review the release from IN TRANCE WE TRUST series, released by the label under the same name coming from BLACK HOLE PRODUCTION. You really should keep your eye on this series, since it bring a great TRANCE sound from around the world mixed by leading DJ (previous editions were mixed by: MISJA HELSLOOT, STIGMA, LARS HOLTE and JOHAN GIELEN. This volume is not different. Mix was prepared by local Dutch DJ COR FIJNEMAN. You might not be really familiar with him, but in fact he has been in the music industry for many years. His is devoted to quality TRANCE and has produced several tracks for DJ TIËSTO, THE DOWNSEEKERS and others. He recently remixed such projects as BT or MAJOR LEAGUE. COR also composes his own music (like in two featured tunes in this set: "Mohave" by THREESOME or "No More Tears" by ALLURE (along with DJ TIËSTO). This compilation features all together 16 tunes (including two mentioned above). COR did an oustanding job in choosing the titles for his turntable mix that itself is extraodinary. Among other titles that need your attention are tunes done by CLUBMASTERZ, MOONTRIBE, TWENTY-SOMETHING and many, many others. If you didn't get recently any other TRANCE compilation, the money you spent on this one will be your best investment. This particular compilation was such a big success that COR was invited to make volume 6 that will hit the streets on July 16, 2001. I am sure another piece of gold to get. For now enjoy the mix of 8 tunes from this offering (the original mixing was not retained). Enjoy the quality music!

For more info about COR FIJNEMAN, visit his page at

01. ORGANZA - Aloha
02. ART OF TRANCE feat. CAROLINE LAVELLE - Breathe (12" Vox Mix)
03. ALLURE - No More Tears (Abnea Remix)
04. ASCENSION - Someone (Thrillseekers Remix)
05. CLUBMASTERZ - Cyberdrive (Syntone's Airforce 1 Remix) (1)
06. SVENSON - Clubbin' On Sunshine (Svenson's Original Mix) (2)
07. FREON - Heaven's Gate
08. 4 STRINGS - Day Time (Gizeh Remix)
09. TWENTY-SOMETHING - Something (Morphing Mirror) (3)
10. OUDJA - Never Tell What You Think (Pulsedriver Remix) (4)
11. MOONTRIBE - Star Search (5)
12. DENZEL D. - A Binary Star (6)
13. BABY D. - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Rank 1 Remix)
14. THREESOME - Mohave (7)
15. DJ VINCENZO - Zong Axels (DJ Montana Remix) (8)
16. THE ACT - Something About You (DJ Garry Remix)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: EXOTIC ROBOTICS - Pleasure 141X reviewed on 07/08/01
Label: 2000 Atmospherex (US)
Style: Progressive/Trance
Index #: 0977100012
EXOTIC ROBOTICS - Pleasure 141X Let me present you something different. In the age of digital sound and digital motion there is a search for new ways to present music. The New York based ATMOSPHEREX decided to take the advantage of the technology and last year produced a set of CD and DVD featuring PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE sound. I apologize for presenting this 2000 release in July 2001 but I just recently received this set. First let me tell you that most of you who are into AMBIENT and more PROGRESSIVE TRANCE sound will find this offering a very exciting one. The choice of tunes is excellent and most of them actually reached only UNDERGROUND scene, making this set even more attractive. Most of featured tunes come from 1999-2000, yet the sound is plain incredible and refreshing. The first CD is just the audio CD. Tunes are beautifully mixed and tracks seamlessly move from one to another. So if you just want to encounter the music, pop this beauty to your CD player and you will enter the electronic sound instaneously. However, if you wish for more excititng visual encounter, take the DVD an put to your DVD player. You will be entering of psychedelic world of visual effects. I think the DVD part is a must for any VJ in their booth. Combination of sound with computer generated visuals is just something that current VJ have to make on their own, but thanks to ATMOSPHEREX the job is done for them. "EXOTIC ROBOTICS - Pleasure Mix 141X" is ATMOSPHEREX's first release in this genre and hopefully not the last one. I indeed strongly recommend this set. For the sound sampler I used ATMOSPHEREX own's REAL/VIDEO clips. You have five of them in very low quality, but it should give you an idea what's in store. Enjoy the sound and visuals.

If you want to buy this compilation or other great euro releases, visit

02. I'm Not Existing (2)   OLIVER LIEB/LSG BIONIC DOTS
03. First Floor Deadlock (3)   STARECASE MADAME CHAO
05. First Light (5)   JAMES HOLDEN BIONIC DOTS
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: SEX, SWORDS & SANDALS - Epic Anthems reviewed on 07/07/01
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy / Euro
Index #: CDKOPY 129
Sex, Swords & Sandals Brand new offering from KLONE RECORDS a UK label devoted to NRG sound. SEX, SWORDS & SANDALS is their newest and Anniversary compilation. Definately a treat for all of you NRG mavens! The set features 3 CDs. Two of them contain 10 full length tracks and the third one is a mix of 18 tunes called "The Toga Party Mix" done by DJ ROSS ALEXANDER. What folks from KLONE did was to include some of KLONE's more known hits (both original and "remakes"). All of them done in dramatic NRG sound. You will find such classics as "Wicked Game", "California Dreaming", "Manic Monday", "Killing Me Softly" or "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" just to mention the few. These classics received an NRG treatment, that push them to a new height. Some of them you probably already heard because several titles appeard on previous KLONE compilations as well as singles released by this label. No matter who you are, but if you admire pure HIGH-ENERGY this set will definately be a highlight of your collection. If you already own some of these titles, you still should get it. Such a spectacular collection of tunes do not come often, and also the price will fit everyone's pocket. Morever, as I mentioned above, the third CD features megamix. This mix itself would move your party! To get you some ideas I prepared Mix featuring 6 tracks taken from first and second CD! For now enjoy the music!

For more information about this and another releases please visit Klone/Rumour Records on line.

CD 1
01. ABIGAIL - Constant Craving
02. PRINCESS PARAGON - Kiss The Rain
03. PRIMA - Don't Cry For Me Argentina
04. DEZIRE - Nobody Does It Better (Dempsey & Makepeace Mix)
05. DEVORAH - Bittersweet Symphony
06. GIRLFRIENDS - I'll Be There For You (Theme From "Friends")
07. ILLUSIVE feat. AMANDA ABBS - Amoureuse (High Men Mix)
08. SUZANNA DEE - American Love
09. BON BON - Sexy Boy (Enfant Terrible Mix)
10. JACKIE CLUNE - Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem Of World Contact Day)

CD 2
01. PAUL PARKER - Wicked Game (East Side Mix)
02. BOYS OF A NEW AGE - Wonderful Life
03. PARADOX feat. TONY CARNEGIE - No Matter What
04. CHEKMATE - Truly Madly Deeply (Savage Mix)
05. HIGH JINX - California Dreaming (European Excursion Mix) (5)
06. POPCORN feat. JADE - Manic Monday
07. ATLANTA feat. PIX - Killing Me Softly (6)
08. MISS B feat. MAXINE BARRIE - Diamonds Are Forever (Bondage Mix)
09. KAMOUFLAGE feat. LOUISE ENNIS - Say What You Want (Mr. B's Mix)
10. TOP GUN - Take My Breath Away

CD 3 - The Toga Part Mix
Performer: Song Title: 01. PAUL PARKER - Wicked Game
02. TOP GUN - Take My Breath Away
03. ABIGAIL - Constant Craving
04. BOYS OF A NEW AGE - Wonderful Life
05. DEZIRE - Nobody Does It Better (Boyz With Toyz Mix)
06. SUZANNA DEE - American Love
07. HIGH JINX - California Dreaming (Club Mix)
08. BON BON - Sexy Boy
09. ATLANTA feat. PIX - Killing Me Softly
10. DEVORAH - Bittersweet Symphony
11. MISS B feat. MAXINE BARRIE - Diamonds Are Forever
12. ILLUSIVE feat. AMANDA ABBS - Amoureuse (Premier Temps Mix)
13. PRIMA - Don't Cry For Me Argentina
14. PARADOX feat. TONY CARNEGIE - No Matter What
15. CHEKMATE - Truly Madly Deeply
16. GIRLFRIENDS - I'll Be There For You (Theme "Friends")
17. PRINCESS PARAGON - Kiss The Rain
18. JACKIE CLUNE - Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem Of World Contact Day)

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