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Title: NRG MASTERS - Power reviewed on 10/28/01
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDKOPY 133
NRG MASTERS - Power New HI-NRG classic release from KLONE on their series called NRG MASTERS. Two previous volumes reviewed earlier this year featuring key NRG labels such RECORD SHACK and PASSION were very successful. KLONE is continuing their task to bring "hits packages" originating from major NRG labels playing an important role in this genre within last twenty years. Now it is time for Canadian label: POWER owned by VINCE DEGIORGIO who produced also most of the featured tracks. Thanks to VINCE such hits as "Savin' Myself" by ERIA FACHIN struck American Top 10 in late 80's. His work actually brought several other projects to NI-NRG mainstream in the mid to late 80's. Currently working for RCA in the US, VINCE remains an influencial person in selecting DANCE tunes for this label. Very much regarded by the NRG community and music industry! This double CD compilation features most of POWER's hits. For instance you will find here all famous hits by TAPPS such as "My Forbidden Lover", "Burnin' With Fire" and "Runaway". From immortal NRG star BARBARA DOUST came two her big hits: from 1988 "If you Love Somebody" (classic NRG tune that is part of the genre heritage) and "Take Me As I Am". Among other superb tunes are "Startstruck Love" by BOILING POINT, VANELLE's "Tell Me", CAREN COLE's "I Need A Lover Tonight" or KIM ESTY's classic "Your Love Feels Like Dynamite". Taken together this excellent compilation put together 20 all-time-favorite NRG anthems in one box. An outstanding buy for all of you who are into this genre and the only opportunity to have "best of POWER" in one offering! This set is available directly from KLONE starting November 5th, 2001. In the mix you will find 8 tracks taken from both CDs. Enjoy!

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CD 1
01. TAPPS - My Forbidden Lover
02. TAPPS - Burnin' With Fire (1)
03. TAPPS - Runaway (With My Love)
04. BOILING POINT - Starstruck Lover (2)
05. KAREN SILVER - I Don't Wanna Fall In Love Again
06. VANELLE - Tell Me (3)
07. CAREN COLE - I Need A Lover Tonight (4)
08. SHEZORAY - The Night
09. ERIA FACHIN - Savin' Myself

CD 2
01. BARBARA DOUST - If You Love Somebody (The Munich Mix) (5)
02. KIM ESTY - Your Love Feel Like Dynamite (6)
03. PATRICK L MYLES - My Heart's On Fire
04. BARBARA DOUST - Take Me As I Am (7)
05. VANELLE - Doctor for Your Heart
06. PERSUASION T- ake Me Now
07. RAINBOW - Humpty Dumpty (8)
08. ERIA FACHIN - Your Love Just Came Too Late (Blaster Mix)
09. ROSA KORBET - Love On The Run (Dance Mix)
10. YOH YO - The Main Attraction
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Title: BOYZ WITH TOYZ - The Remix Collection reviewed on 10/28/01
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDKOPY 132
NRG MASTERS - Power Another truly stunning HI-NRG compilation from KLONE this time featuring various mixes done by BOYZ WITH TOYZ. ROSS ALEXANDER who is behind this project did remixes of various tracks that are coming from KLONE as well as from other labels such as PRIDE MUSIC, ENERGISE or ACADEMY STREET just to name the few. Recent remixes of "In The Air Tonight" by MR.B feat. TERESA MARIE as well as TERESA's other hits such classic Italo tune "Gloria" or "Life Is A Rollercoaster" made BOYZ WITH TOYZ a high demanded project. Keep in mind that BOYZ WITH TOYZ have been doing their work since 1996. The project already did roughly 36 remixes of many artists. Here you have the opportunity to review their work. You will find on this double CD set ROSS ALEXANDER's own production such as "Baby You're The Best" as well as BOYZ WITH TOYZ own interpretation of all-time classic "Fascination" or "Knock On Wood". Outstanding set includes also remix of JAM & SPOON's "Angel (Ladadi O-Heyo)" in BWT feat. NINA interpretation with backing voice of TERESA MARIE. You also shouldn't pass remake of DEPECHE MODE's classic "Master & Servant" by MASSIVE EGO. Several featured titles were already reviewed in SINGLES section, so you should check them out as well. Taken together you have a unique set of unique remixes with a quite unique sound ranging from HI-HOUSE to some TRANCE synth work. This set is also available directly from KLONE. In the mix you will find 6 tracks taken from both CDs. Enjoy!

For more information about this and another releases please visit Klone/Rumour Records on line.

CD 1
01. BOYZ WITH TOYZ feat. ANGIE BROWN - Knock On Wood (Jon Dennis' Epic Stateside House Mix)
02. BRAINDAMAGE - Rocket To Your Heart (Slap & Tickle Mix)
03. TERESA MARIE - Gloria (Ross Alexander's Revisited Remix) (1)
04. BWT feat. NINA - Angel (Ladadi-O-Heyo) (Hot Tracks USA Mix) (2)
05. TERESA MARIE - What Took You So Long? (Pop One! 12")
06. DEZIRE feat. JO FRANCES - Trouble (Ross Alexander's Remix)
07. JASON PRINCE - True (Ross Alexander's Remix) (3)
08. BOYZ WITH TOYZ - Baby You're The Best (Original Club Mix)
09. DEFACTO feat. GLADIS ROBINSON - (I Know What You're Thinking) … Cheap Shoes (Original Mix)
10. SHIELD feat. LONNIE GORDON - A God That Can Dance (Boyz With Toyz Remix) (4)

CD 2
01. ZACH - Don't You Forget About Me (Bubblebass Remix)
02. MASSIVE EGO - Master & Servant (Ross Alexander's Rawhide Mix)
03. DEZIRE - I Don't Want A Lover (Pop One! 12")
04. BOYZ WITH TOYZ - Fascinated (Ross Alexander's Nu NRG Mix)
05. CANDI STATION - I Just Can't Get To Sleep At All (Mr B's Hypnosis Mix)
06. MR B feat. TERESA MARIE - Sunshine (Club Mix)
07. TERESA MARIE - Harmony (Mr B's Club Mix)
08. ANITA WARD - Ring My Bell (Mr B's Club Mix)
09. MR B feat. TERESA MARIE - In The Air Tonight (Pop One! 12")
10. TWISTER - Rock The Bass (Original Mix)
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Title: Techno Club - Vol. 14 reviewed on 10/07/01
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media / Dance Division (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DAD 504078 2

TECHNO CLUB - Vol. 13 (Talla 2XLC vs COSMIC GATE) New volume of popular TECHNO-TRANCE oriented series: "TECHNO CLUB" is out already!. Some of you might not remember this but the series' concept came from the name of ultimate and legendary TECHNO CLUB called "Dorian Gray" localized in Frankfurt's Airport in Germany (club is closed since December 12, 2000 but the spirit of it remains alive). The series always features TALLA2 XLC a legend of German TECHNO and set of well regarded in the TECHNO/TRANCE scene invited DJs (projects) Volume 14 features well-known European TRANCE project of COSMIC GATE. Ths project consists of two DJs and producers: BOSSI (Stefan Bossems) and NIC SCHAGALL (Claus Terhoeven). Both guys met around 4 years ago in the occasion of remixing such projects as SASH, NBG or DARIO G. "Mental Atmosphere" and "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" were project's first singles and almost instantenously warranted COSMIC GATE's solid position in German dance scene. Project's album "Rhythm & Drums" was ranked at German Longplay Charts in the Top. The new single: "Fire Wire" (remix of their track from several years ago) is current. The Track listing again captivates the ingenious music selection of the Protagonists. Beside the current TRANCE crushers from the clubs (SACCOMAN - "The Recall") you will also find above mentioned new single of COSMIC GATE - "Fire Wire" in LCF Remix. Actually when you will look into track listing of COSMIC GATE setting you will realize that they focused more on TECHNO style. Among of some awesome tunes in this style are "Megara" by MEGARA feat. DJ LEE or "White Bird" by VANESSA MEA !!! just to name the few. TALLA's setting is actually TRANCE oriented if you will. Among some crasing monsters you will find "Bring Me Back Light" by GRAY C. FROST feat. DAVEY D., "Liberation" by legendary UK-based DJ and producer MATT DAREY, "Sensuality" by ELAYA or "Such Is Life" by RANK 1 in TALLA's remix. TALLA actually included also his own tune: "Always". His setting includes also a bonus multimedia track. A 5 minutes video featuring interview with TALLA and COSMIC GATE. Pretty cool! For sound sampler I prepared the mix featuring 8 tunes (5 from TALLA's setting and 3 from COSMIC GATE). Enjoy the sound!

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CD 1 - TALLA 2 XLC Mix
01. TALLA 2XLC - A Warm Welcome
02. GRAY C. FROST feat. DAVEY D - Bring Me Back Light (1)
03. PASCAL DOLLÉ - Utopia
04. ROCCO & HEIST - Rescue Me (Oliver Lieb Remix)
05. MATT DAREY - Liberation (Condor Remix) (2)
06. WARP KIDS - Mistral Part One (Original Mix) (3)
07. ANDY LING - Fixation
08. ELAYA - Sensuality (4)
09. LUNA SYSTEM - The Light (Original Club Mix)
10. FRANK BROOK - Tribeca
11. TALLA 2XLC - Always
12. PUSH - The Legacy (5)
13. RANK 1 - Such Is Life (Talla 2XLC Remix)
01. COSMIC GATE - Welcome
02. COSMIC GATE - Fire Wire (LGF Remix)
03. DJ GIUS - De-Generation
04. EMBARGO - Scream (Arne L II Remix)
05. MEGARA feat. DJ LEE - Megara (6)
06. OUT OF GRACE - Obscura
07. VANESSA MAE - White Bird (Cosmic Gate Remix) (7)
08. DJ MARC LA CRUZ - Future Prison
09. A-C-E - Stairway To Heaven (Original Mix) (8)
10. DJ TIESTO - Flight 643 (Oliver Klein Remix)
11. D.J. PURE - My Definition
12. YVES DERUYTER - Rhythmic Bazz
13. TRASPONDER - Trasponder
14. SACCOMAN - The Recall
15. POWELL - I Am Ready
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Title: FERRY CORSTEN - Live At Dance Valley -MAGIK FIVE - Heaven Beyondreviewed on 10/06/01
Label: 2001 Purple Eye Entertainment BV (Holland)
Style: Teutonic Trance
Index #: CCD1505
FERRY CORSTEN - Live At Dance Valley DANCE VALLEY for last 6 years developed into full blast ultimate DANCE experience you can hardly forget. If you never heard about DANCE VALLEY, you definately should. This annual event takes place at Spaarnwoude Recreational Area in Amsterdam/Velsen (Holland) every year and is probably is one of the biggest event of this kind. The latest event took place on August 4th, 2001 (and if you plan to be there next year, please mark your calendar for August 03, 2002). This year's event featured many stages and several very well established DJs and producers such as: CARL COX, ORBITAL, TOM HARDING, SVEN VÄTH and many others including a highlight: FERRY CORSTEN. I am not going to introduce you to FERRY, because many of his releases were previously reviewed on and by now most of you TRANCE freaks should be familiar with this most prolific DJ and producer. This offering allows all of you who didn't attend the event or are simply fans of his talent to be put right back LIVE at MAINSTAGE where he played. This was truly a massive DJ set filled with several exclusive tracks FERRY produced just for this event. You will find here the biggest tracks played at DANCE VALLEY but also have an opportunity to learn what's coming, in it's sneak preview. With re-shaped classic tunes such "My Dance" by FUNK EINSATZ and interestingly sounding "Dance Valley 2001" by SYSTEM F you are getting a CD with some hard to get remixes and the sound that will haunt you. Indeed this is the compilation that all of you fans of FERRY CORSTEN should get and TRANCE fans cannot afford to miss! Look at the track listing that is excellent and add to it a great mixing experience and you should have a good picture of what's coming on you. Please take a moment and listen to the sound sampler featuring 7 titles from this DJ set (the original Ferry's mix was not retained). Enjoy the sound and run for this CD before it is too late.

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01. WAY OUT WEST - Intensify (Part I)
02. JAN DRIVER - Soulshaka
03. MARK JAMES - Hot Like The Sun
04. BELOW 0 - Club Quake (Oliver Klein Hard Mix) (1)
05. PRAHA presents XIAN - Pachinko (2)
06. RANK 1 - Such Is Live (Marco V Remix)
07. FU MAN CHOO - Outlaw (Praha Remix) (3)
08. THE INFERNAL MACHINE - Realistic (Infernal Machine Remix)
09. MONOBOY feat. DELORES - The Music Is You (4)
10. SYSTEM F feat. ARMIN VAN BUUREN - Exhale (Inhale Remix)
11. M.I.K.E - Sunrise At Palamos
12. SIGNUM - In Progress (5)
13. SYSTEM F. - Dance Valley Theme 2001
14. BARTHEZZ - On The Move (Riva Remix)
15. EON - Pocket (6)
16. CEQUENZA - Sonic Blue
17. FUNK EINSATZ - My Dance (7)
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Title: Tunnel Trance Force - Vol. 18 reviewed on 10/06/01
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 504 531 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Vol. 18 Few weeks ago I presented you with special edition of "Tunnel Trance" called "TUNNEL GOES IBIZA 2001". Now, it is time for the next regular volume: 18. Once again DJ DEAN delivers the best power crasher double mix you can get these days. Fans of this series will be pleased with the selection. Already in the TOP TEN Compilations Charts, the list of fans of this series is on the rise. The track listing for this compilation was picked by DJ DEAN himself. The newest volume captivates current cutting-edge TRANCE and TECHNO sound divided into 2 CDs featuring two mixes. The first CD is definately TRANCE-oriented. The mixing is excellent and track listing is unbelievable. No matter who you are, no matter how you feel, if you like the TRANCE, the heaven is here. Among 18 tunes on this first CD you will find tunes by MARIO LOPEZ, KAI TRACID, TUKAN and others. In most cases, they represent BIG ROOM TRANCE experience you will have fun to listen to. In this extraordinary selection you will also find "Get Your Things Together" by CAMILIA. Ultrafast, synth-rich fare that will take you on a special spin. You might already know few titles since it takes time to select tunes for compilations, but by no means it affects the quality of this offering. The mix itself is an excellent show of synth fireworks flawlessly moving from one to another tune. The second CD is more TECHNO/HOUSE oriented. No wonder, after all, it is the club sound that predominates around. Some hard charged fares such "Ousiders" by ACCENTER & THREE 0, overplayed "Into The Space" by PLAYTHING, "Bad House Music" by DJ DEAN himself and many others are here as well. Definately this mix is for all clubbing souls to digest. For the sampler mix from this 38-track rich compilation, I have chosen 10 representative tunes taken from both CDs (8 from the first CD and 2 from the second). Hopefully it will help you to make some decision if you will. Enjoy the sound and get this compilation to support the dance music!

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CD 1 - ISDN Mix
01. DJ DARKZONE - The Human Form (Vocal Club Mix)
02. MARIO LOPEZ - Blind (CJ Stone meets Mr. Phillips Club Remix)
03. KAI TRACID - Too Many Times (Energy Mix) (1)
04. PEDRO DEL MAR - Harder ?! (Club Mix)
05. SUGAR M. - Wonderful Life (Accenter & Three O. Mix) (2)
06. CAMILIA - Get Your Thing Together (Vocal 12" Mix) (3)
07. DJ DEAN - Sky Is The Limit (Club Mix)
08. JAY FROG - Pushin' (Pulsedriver Remix)
09. NEXUS - Return From Flatliner (Original 12" Mix) (4)
10. JET SET - Island Of Dreams (Extended Mix) (5)
11. DANCE NATION - Sunshine (Wippenberg Remix)
12. SAM PLING pres. MIKE DRAGON - Infinity 2001 (Fridge vs. Vectrex Mix)
13. TUKAN - Light A Rainbow (Green Court feat. Marc Dawn Remix)
14. SPACE PLANET - Diamond Star (6)
15. ACCUFACE - Red Sky
16. TRIQUE ONE - Dreamworld (7)
17. JFS - Heavens Gate (8)
18. P.G.L. - Sunshine
CD 2 - DSL Mix
01. ACCENTER & THREE O. - Outsiders (Original Club Mix)
02. MALONE - Read My Lips (Mikem Extended Club Mix)
03. PLAYTHING - Into Space (Original Extended Mix)
04. DJ OVERDOG - I'm The DJ (Overdog Mix)
05. BASS KINGS - The Rhythm (Dominators Remix)
06. S.O.D. - State Control (PGL Mix)
07. MATRIX - Intoxicating 2001 (Ray Clarke Remix)
08. DJ DEAN - Bad House Music (Club Mix) (9)
09. TUBE - Fusion (Club Mix)
10. BELOW 0 - Club Quake (Silent Harmony Remix)
11. DJ SHOKO - Are You Ready?
12. ELECTRIC NATURE - Electronic Music (Tom Wax & Jam Jacarta Mix)
13. NETWORX 25 - DJ … (Major Melon Mix)
14. DJ WAG - The Darkness (Yakooza Remix)
15. DJ FAIT - Emergency (Hard Club Remix) (10)
16. DANIEL WHITE - Virtual Ambience (Part One)
17. ORANGE INC. - Timeshift
18. DJ CYGLAS - Read My Heart (Airfire Mix)
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Title: PULSEDRIVER In The Mix 1 reviewed on 09/28/01
Label: 2001 Antiloop Records (Germany)
Style: Trance/Techno
Index #: 368.0002.2
Pulsedriver In The Mix 1 Somehow I missed this release when it was out back in June 2001, but it is really worth of your attention. First of all it features full length mixes on two CDs done by PULSEDRIVER, secondly it is actually firmed by SOUND VISION label that you should well know from their amazing TRANCEMASTER series. While PULSEDRIVER mixes were already featured in several recent releases like TECHNO CLUB vol. 11 for instance, his setting featured in this compilation is quite different than what you used to hear. First of all the dominating sound is TRANCE, and in the style of TRANCEMASTER series. Basically it is more oriented club/underground TRANCE than the mainstream more commercial TRANCE featured in other compilations. Some tunes still should ring the bell like "Icarus" by FLUTLICHT, amazing big room epic "Release Me" by FACTOR 9 that many of you asked when I presented in MONTHLY VIDEO MIX live performance of PAUL VAN DYK who did use it in his set, "Viva Canarias" by 2001:CANARIAS and few others. Mostly though you are exposed to tunes you probably didn't have chance to listen to before. This is an additional and big adventage of this setting. PULSEDRIVER vel SLOBODAN PETROVIC is not only just DJ but also producer and composer with his brand new album "Sequence" released few weeks ago. No wonder why several of his remixes are found in this set as well. For instance very well done "Snowflakes" by DEE AGE where PULSEDRIVER heavily used electronics combined with some virtuoso piano section, also his mix of "Skydiver" by DJ SNOWMAN is an art by itself! . Taken together this double CD DJ set is a must for all of you who are into cutting edge TRANCE and TECHNO. You will be delighted with choices of tunes and incredible sound that will take to a multidimensional trip. In sound sampler I am featuring 10 tunes taken from both CDs. Enjoy it and get this release when you still can!

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CD 1
01. FLUTLICHT - Icarus (The Flight)
02. SILVERTEAR - So Deep (Wire Remix) (1)
03. MAT SILVER vs. ENDYMION - Violet Sky (Matt Silver Clubmix) (2)
04. ROOKY - Secrets
05. GIZEH - Feelin' Good (3)
06. DAYDREAMER - Daydreamer (Fridge vs. Vectrex Remix) (4)
07. XALLUX - Take A Trip (Xallux Trip)
08. APOTYGMA BERZERK - Kathy's Song (Ferry Corsten Remix)
09. FACTOR 9 - Release Me (Svenson & Gielen Remix)
10. DJ NICK - Space Vibration (5)
11. REVERB vs. FLASH GORDON - Providence
12. 2001:CANARIAS - Viva Canarias
13. YONI - Dance No More )Pgs Remix) (6)
14. DEE AGE - Snowflakes (Pulsedriver Remix)
15. CLINT FABIAN + DJ R. KAY - Panorama
CD 2
01. VOI feat. DJ FROST & TALLA 2XLC - Maid Of Orleans (Joan Of Arc Mix)
02. PALE X - Nitro
03. PINBALL vs. DJ PALON - Wildstyle
04. ICEBREAKER - Too Cold (Aquaplex Mix)
05. TAIKO - Silence
06. MARCO V - In Charge
07. S.O. PROJECT - Direct Disco
08. AROME - Somebody (DJ Scot Project Remix)
09. SERGEANT PEPPER - Charge (Rocco Remix)
10. P.G.I. - The White Light (Russenmafia Remix) (7)
11. PHRENETIC SYSTEM - Intensity (8)
12. MUSIX - Is This The Way I Feel (9)
13. T-BONE - Abyss
14. DJ SNOWMAN - Skydiver (Pulsedriver Remix) (10)
15. HAND'S BURN - Armstrong On The Moon
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Title: Sound Of Ibiza 2001 reviewed on 09/23/01
Label: 2001 Dance Network / More Music (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance/House
Index #: DNT 10076-2
Sound Of Ibiza 2001 - Double CD Compilation DANCE NETWORK has been around for a while and is known from releasing good quality music. Today let me present you their newest offering "SOUND OF IBIZA 2001". This double CD is divided thematically. First CD is almost exclusively focused on cutting-edge TRANCE you can expect from IBIZA clubs. You will find on this CD many tunes that were huge this summer like "On The Move" by BARTHEZZ, breathtaking "Light A Rainbow" by TUKAN in CJ Stone Radio Remix and several others. There are also less known to me gems like "Spirit Is Free" by TOX 'N' STONE in mix I didn't hear before by TALLA 2XLC. While TALLA usually does TECHNO, his remix is a delicious TRANCE with haunting female vocals and really incredible brilliant synthesizers that soar gloriously throughout. THREE DRIVES ON A VINYL came with rather CHILL-OUT tune "Sunset On Ibiza". Perfect tune to calm you down after the party. There are more interesting tunes like "Shadows" by DITTO or under same name by PURE LIGHTS. More TECHNO oritented audience should like "Read My Heart" by DJ CYGLAS. This brilliant tune combines not only cutting-edge TECHNO but angelic TRANCE melodic line and amazing sound effects that will touch your imagination. NICKY DAVIS with his "To Munich" delivers contemporary electronic sound. Imagine yourself on the beach at the evening with stars above you and thrilling melody going thru your ears. WOWSER! Also don't miss new tune from YVES DERUYTER "Rhythmic Bass" closing the first CD. Second CD is almost exclusively dominated by EURO HOUSE sound. This particular sound is widely played in Ibiza clubs. So you will find here tunes by ETIENNE DE CRACY, SOUL PROVIDERS, DAWN MADISON and others. Taken together a nice set of tunes. For your enjoyment I prepared the mix featuring six tunes from this offering. Check it out!

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CD 1
01. BARTHEZZ - On The Move
02. PLAYTHING - Into Space
03. TUKAN - Light A Rainbow (CJ Stone Radio Edit)
04. TOX'N'STONE - Spirit Is Free (Talla 2XLC Club Mix) (1)
05. THREE DRIVES ON A VINYL - Sunset On Ibiza
06. ALPHA BREED - Enlightenment
07. DITO - Shadows (2)
08. LN MOVEMENT - Golden Desert (Part 2)
09. RAMIN - Pie Jesu (Kai Tracid Mix)
10. DJ CYGLAS - Read My Heart
11. PURE LIGHTS - Shadows (3)
12. MOOGE - China Girl
13. NICKY DAVIS - To Munich (4)
14. THE LODGERS - Moments In Love (Doug Laurent vs. Miss Thunderpussy Remix)
15. C.T. & FRIENDS - Next Summer
16. RUSSIAN ROULETTE - Clap Your Hands
17. YVES DE RUYTER - Rhythmic Bass

CD 2
01. ETIENNE DE CRECY - Scratched
02. KM 5 vs. CASEY feat. THE TRUMPETMAN - What Could Be Wrong
03. DAWN MADISON - Time Is Right
04. EAST WEST CONNECTION - Once I've Been There (Ian Pooley's Main Mix)
05. DAVEY DEE & MOUSEE T - La Casa
07. JAY WILLIAMS feat. BARBARA TUCKER - Get On Up (K.J.'s Classic)
08. SOUL PROVIDERS - Try My Love
09. BO DISKO - So In Love
10. D-WEED - It's Gonna Be Alright
11. NASCIMENTO - More Than A Feeling
12. 88 KEYS & DANIEL GARCIA - Real Love
13. ONLY PARADISE - You Got The Way
14. STARK - You
16. BLAZE feat. PALMER BROWN - My Beat (5)
17. SHADOW WORRIERS - Oval Sun (6)
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Title: TRANCE NATION - America Two reviewed on 09/23/01
Label: 2001 Ultra Records (US) / Ministry Of Sound (UK)
Style: Trance
Index #: UL 1081-2
TRANCE NATION - America Two If you are a true follower of TRANCE releases, the name of the series TRANCE NATION should ring the bell. This particular series is being released by UK-based MINISTRY OF SOUND featuring mixes by SYSTEM F (FERRY CORSTEN). MINISTRY OF SOUND launched "US edition" of TRANCE NATION series with first volume "TRANCE NATION - America" mixed by Los Angeles based TAYLOR and NYC-based Belgian born JIMMY VAN M (resident of "Twilo"). Today let me present a next installement "TRANCE NATION - America Two" this time featuring two sets. First done by German DJ/ producer ATB (ANDRE "ATB" TANNEBERGER) and second by Miami-based GEORGE ACOSTA. I am sure most of you are familiar with ATB. His two albums were previously reviewed on this site as well as many singles as well as his video clips (also from his SEQUENTIAL ONE era) are presented. ATB presents mix featuring 14 tunes. Most of them should not be a surprise for all of you who are getting European releases, and set might not be all together that exciting. Keep in mind though that this set is US release with breaking into American club scene sound. Usually, if we were getting European offering their original release in Europe was usually distant. Not in this case. Featured tunes are in most current, like for instance the newest tune by ATB himself "Let U Go", "Castles In The Sky" by IAN VAN DAHL or tunes by BARTHEZZ, MAURO PICOTTO and several others. Selection done by ATB is very careful to accomodate American dance scene that is slowly being exposed to the sound. He is avoiding a shock some of clubbers not being exposed to this sound might encounter. GEORGE ACOSTA comes from Miami scene that is actually one of the most TRANCE/TECHNO oriented scenes in entire country. He is well regarded American DJ/Producer with impressive dossier. His mix features a combination of various shades of TRANCE from big room stomper "Exhale" by SYSTEM F to more TECHNO/HOUSE oriented tracks by SURREAL or MARIA RUBIA. He also features his own tune "Talking Over Space". Both mixes are of excellent quality and worth of your money. I strongly recommend to visit ULTRA RECORDS label website to see what other compilations and series are being released by them. This label is really devoted into bringing a quality club sound from Europe to American scene. Please check impressive track listing and listen to the sound sampler featuring 10 tunes from this release. Enjoy!

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CD 1
01. ATB - Let U Go (Clubb Mix)
02. PUSH - Strange World (2000 Remake)
03. DELERIUM - Innocente (Mr Sams's The space Between Us Mix)
04. TAUCHER - Pictures Of A Gallery (Kay Cee Remix) (1)
05. COAST 2 COAST - Home (2)
06. SMIKE VAN ART & A.J. SONIC - Medusa (Fridge Remix) (3)
07. SAFRI DUO - Played A-Live (The Bongo Song) (Original Club Version)
08. IAN NAN DAHL feat. MARSHA - Castles In The Sky (Extended Mix)
09. BARTHEZZ - On The Move (Dumonde Mix)
10. NINO LOPEZ PROJECT - Experience (ATB Remix)
11. MAURO PICOTTO - Like This Like That (Album Mix)
12. PLUMMET - Damaged
13. M.O.R.P.H. - Maximum Overdrive (Extended Remix)
14. SANTA CRUZ - Imagine (DJ Jan & Christopher Chantiz Remix) (4)
CD 2
01. MEMBERS OF MAYDAY - 10 In 01 (Paul Van Dyk Mix)
02. LEXOS - The Key
03. STEVE MORLEY - Sacred City (Shane Remix) (5)
04. SYSTEM F. - Exhale
06. FREE RADICAL - Surreal
07. MARIA RUBIA - Say It (Rob Searle Main Mix)
08. DUMONDE - Never Look Back (Original Mix) (Just Talking)
09. DERB - Derbus
10. YAKOOZA - Stronger (DJ Wag Mix) (6)
11. GEORGE ACOSTA presents M.A.G. - Talking Over Space (George Acosta Mix) (7)
12. DJ SNOWMAN - Skydiver (Pulsedriver Remix) (8)
13. ANGEL OF DEATH - Angel Of Death (Tracid Mix)
14. DJ SCOT PROJECT - O (Overdrive) (Arome Remix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Euro Heaven 3 (18 NRG Resurrections) reviewed on 09/05/01
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy/Dance
Index #: CDKOPY 128
EUROHEAVEN 3 Mavens of quality HI-NRG/EURODANCE are getting their reward in this next amazing release from KLONE. They are back with volume 3 of very successful series: "EUROHEAVEN". As always all the titles featured in this set are coming from S.A.I.F.A.M.. If you recently visited S.A.I.F.A.M. website you noticed that current trend this label follows is rather TECHNO club sound than anything else. Do not get mislead though. This mega Italian label still produces great dance records but at this point the music is mostly at DAT format and mainly for licensing purpose. So, the titles you will find on this CD are yet to be (if they ever will) released on S.A.I.F.A.M. labels themselves. Therefore, this set in a sense is truly a unique offering for all of you who missed the DANCE sound coming from S.A.I.F.A.M. Thanks to KLONE Records such opportunity became a reality. The series' accent remains on contemporary NRG sound as it is from the very beginning. Most of the featured titles are covers and received NRG-etic treatment that prolly would never appear on the original recordnings. For instance, MADONNA's controversial tune "What It Feels Like For A Girl" received makeover from IN.DEEP, Classic "It's Raining Men" got face lift by EAST END. Already dancable FUNNY's tune "The Way You Love Me" was remade by DB. Not only that, the new treatment received also SOLID BASE super hit "I Like It" by VARADEROS. If you like what UNLIMITED BEAT did with their medleys of many POP/DANCE stars, check their brand new mix of ... BRITNEY SPEARS tunes! No kidding. When you will browse both CD you will find many, truly dancable tunes to choose from. However, the only original production coming from FARINA/TURATTI is newest fare from WILDSIDE "Queen Of Love". So taken together get this double CD offering, because at this point it is your only chance to check what S.A.I.F.A.M. is "hiding". In the mix you will find 7 tracks taken from both CDs. Enjoy!

For more information about this and another releases please visit Klone/Rumour Records on line.

CD 1
01. EAST WEST - It's Raining Men (Storming Vocal Mix) (1)
02. SHELDON - I'm Like A Bird (Dance Remix)
03. IN.DEEP - What It Feels Like For A Girl
04. RED HARDIN - Nobody Wants To Be Lonely
05. BOOSHIDA - Inner Smile
06. KYRIA - Thank You (Dance Version) (2)
07. VICTORY - Loving Each Day
08. WILDSIDE - Queen Of Love (3)
09. UNLIMITED BEAT - The Hits Of Britney Spears

CD 2
01. SNAPPERS - Survivor (4)
02. TK - Teenage Dirtbag
03. DB - The Way You Love Me
04. SAVANNAH - Reach
05. VARADEROS - I Like It (5)
06. HANNA - These Days (6)
07. M STEVEN feat. RAFFA - Theme For A Dream
08. KYRIA - Here With Me (7)
09. BBC - Why Oh Why
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: Dream Dance vol. 21 reviewed on 09/02/01
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 504153 2
Dream Dance volume 21 - Double CD Compilation Another set from DREAM DANCE series arrived and once again a solid release. As you might noticed I recently reviewed several compilations with TRANCE and TECHNO sound. Since most of them are coming in near similar time, they suffer what I call "redundancy". No wonder why you will listen to the some tracks you already known. Since the series rightfully claims that it features THE BEST of tunes from these genres presented selection validates this statement. You will find here such well known tunes as "Cambodia" by PULSEDRIVER (featured mix is done by FRAGMA so the sound shifts a bit toward TECHNO-HOUSE), "Tides Of Time" by DJ SHAH feat. NO IRON (in GREEN COURT Remix) and several others tune. Since this one comes after LOVE PARADE that took place in the middle of July in Berlin, some tunes related to that event are here as well. For instance THE LOVE COMMITEE presented "Loveparade 2001 - You Can't Stop Us". I am not sure if you are aware that this year event was in great jeopardy. This tune delivers the message that the event is unstoppable. To celebrate the event also DA HOOL delivered the 2001 Remix by HOOLIGANS of originally written for the LOVE PARADE: "Meet Her At The Love Parade". Among interesting tunes you will find newest from KAI TRACID. After relative long period of silence he came with new fare "Too Many Times". The CD features Yoda Remix. Sound is not exactly original yet the tune offers glorious TRANCE with wondorously lush synth lines dominating it. For more exquisite, big room TRANCE you gotta check "Fly" by DETEKTOR! Truly a floor packer, joyful extravaganza of synth fireworks and gorgeous music! I was also flabbergasted by the fact that finally INFERNAL got some recognition. Few months ago I reviewed their debut album, but they had to wait to be included in BEST selection with their "Muzaik". I can only scratch surface, so for full enjoyment you have to get the product. Owners of previous volumes do not need invitation. They know the solidness of the series. Others should get it for it's quality. The sound sampler features 9 tracks from both CDs. Keep in mind though that I featured tracks I didn't present in any other previous reviews, so it doesn't represent this release very well, just trust me that it's good. Check the track listing and try to find other tunes in different sound sampler from previously reviewed compilations. For now enjoy this mix!

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CD 1
01. KAI TRACID - Too Many Times (Yoda Remix - Short) (1)
02. THE LOVE COMMITEE - You Can't Stop Us (Short)
03. BARTHEZZ - On The Move (Radio Edit)
04. TUKAN - Light A Rainbow (CJ Stone Radio Edit)
05. PULSEDRIVER - Cambodia (Fragma Remix - Edit)
06. BLANK & JONES - Nightclubbing (Shorty Cut)
07. DJ SCOT PROJECT - O (Overdrive) (Airplay Mix)
08. MIRCO DE GOVIA - Epic Monolith
09. ANAKIN - Can You Hear Me (Radio Vocal Mix)
10. VOODOO & SERANO - Slide To The Vibe (Single Edit)
11. DELERIUM feat. LEIGH NASH - Innocente (Lost Witness Remix Radio Edit)
12. DJ SHAH feat. NO IRON - Tides Of Time (Green Court Remix Edit)
13. DANCE NATION - Sunshine (Bradski & Jenski Mix - Edit)
14. DJ SAKIN & FRIENDS - Miami (Airplay Mix)
15. PAFFENDORF - Be Cool (DJ Gary Trance Remix - Edit)
16. ORGASMIC VIBES - Booming Sands
17. PLAYTHING - Into Space (Original Radio Mix)
18. MOOGUE - China Girl (Radio Cut)
19. DA HOOL - Meet Her At The Loveparade (Hooligans 2001 Radio Edit)
20. SCHILLER mit HEPPNER Dream Of You (Fernsehfassung)
CD 2
01. ATB - Let U Go (Airplay Mix)
02. DARIO G - Dream To Me
03. SYSTEM F feat. MARC ALMOND - Soul On Soul (Barthezz Remix - Edit) (8)
04. LOVESTERN GALAKTIKA PROJECT meets DAISY C.I.O - Galaktika - Are You Ready? (Dreamscape Edit) (3)
05. MARK BRAIN - Stonehenge (Progressive Radio Edit)
06. MILK INC. - Lovin' A Lie (Video Mix)
07. DETEKTOR - Fly (Dok Ponticelli Remix - Edit) (2)
08. JIMMY HILL & SARAH G. - The Joint Track
09. INFERNAL - Muzaik (Oaul Hutsch Remix - Edit)
10. 2 MEN AHEAD - Blue Moon (Original Version - Edit)
11. LIQUID BREEZE - State Of Mind (Radio Edit) (5)
12. DJ CYGLAS - Read My Heart (Airfire Remix - Edit) (4)
13. SKYSURFER - Colors (After Midnight Cut)
14. M-SHAPE - Cloudless Sky (Ian Van Dahl Radio Edit)
16. SYNTONE - C'est Syntone (Single Edit) (6)
18. SARAH BRIGHTMAN vs. ATB - A Whiter Shade Of Pale (ATB Remix / Radio Edit)
19. THE JOKER - Milky Way 2001 (Radio Edit) (9)
20. FUTURE BREEZE - Temple Of Dreams (Radio Edit) (7)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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