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Title: Dream Dance vol. 22 reviewed on 12/20/01
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 504817 2
Dream Dance volume 21 - Double CD Compilation Little bit late but I am happy to present next installement from DREAM DANCE series that was released in the end of November. While the series still represents the cutting enge electronic sound, it does contain several TECHNO and HOUSE oriented fares, however TRANCE tunes are still a majority. Volume 22 sports some tracks you should be already familiar with. First CD starts with "Life Is Too Short" from KAI TRACID who also provided lyrics to this wonderfully crafted TRANCE oriented Video Cut. I have presented the VIDEO Clip in our VIDEO SECTION, Also new from MARC ET CLAUDE - "Tremble" in I Love Trance Edit. This tune follow very popular nowadays EURO-TRANCE style similar what SYLVER, MILK INC. or even FRAGMA do these days. Another example of this tune composed by Armin van Buuren - "The Sound Of Goodbye" performed by PERPETUOUS DREAMER. Also new from PAUL VAN DYK: "Columbia" is featured in this compilation. This is more IBIZA oriented tune with some loops to put you into hypnotic mood. Speaking of hypnotic mood, check "Island" by ORINOKO. Featured Thrillseekers Remix provides angelic snares and synth lines. It's a throbbing and intoxicating tune with compelilling female vocals. Very interesting. From other new tunes we have frantic TRANCE by BLANK & JONES' "Fragile". Very passionate instrumental beauty. Prepare yourself to be blown away by this epic masterwork! What esle can you expect from masters anyway? MARK 'OH brings back his several years old "Never Stop That Feeling" in 2001 edition. The updated sound is brilliant with PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE mixed bottom topped with classic HAPPY HARDCORE backbone! Wonderful! The first CD also contains "Beatiful" by MATT DAREY's MASH UP feat. MARCELLA WOODS previously featured in several compilations. Second CD is also rich! It starts with new from KAY CEE - "I Feel You". A fine production with synth-driven buttom that makes most of the tracks powerful vocal and melodic hooks. Similar in power is actually track from 2000 that finally was featured in this series: "All I Need" by THE MACKENZIE feat. JESSY. Extremely catchy EURO-TRANCE with melody that is lush, airy female vocals, dynamic synthesizers and irresistibly energetic beats. Truly a powerful fare to not be missed! New from KOSMONOVA - "The Daydream" in TECHNO oriented Sascha van Holt Radio Mix is here as well. There are many more tracks to look forward to. So the best thing you can do is just to get this marvellous release! I prepared the mix featuring 8 tunes taken from both CDs. Check it out! Enjoy this mix and support the artists by buying this fine product!

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CD 1
01. KAI TRACID - Life Is Too Short (Video Cut)
02. MARC ET CLAUDE - Tremble (I Love Trance Edit)
03. PERPETUOUS DREAMER - The Sound Of Goodbye (Above & Beyond Radio Edit)
04. PAUL VAN DYK - Columbia (Paul van Dyk Remix-Edit)
05. ORINOKO - Island (Thrillseekers Remix-Edit) (1)
06. BROOKLYN BOUNCE - Club Bizarre (Single Edit)
07. BLANK & JONES - Fragile (Liquid Love Short Cut) (2)
08. LASGO - Something (Radio Edit)
09. ESCANOR - Are U Ready (Escanor Orginal Radio Cut) (3)
10. JOHN JOHNSON- Buenos Aires (Radio Edit)
11. MARK OH' - Never Stop That Feeling 2001 (Radio Cut)
12. RATTY - Living On Video (Original Radio Edit)
13. PLUG'N'PLAY - Time To Bob
14. PUSH - The Legacy (Radio Edit)
15. RANK 1 feat. SHANOKEE - Such Is Life (Radio Edit)
16. PLASTIC ANGEL - Afterglow (Short Mix) (4)
17. AIRPLAY - The Music Is Moving (Radio Edit)
18. TRANCEHEAD - Set U Free (5)
19. MATT DAREY's MUSH UP feat. MARCELLA WOODS - Beautiful (Matt Darey's Radio Edit) (6)
20. SLAM - Lifetimes (Radio Edit)
CD 2
01. KAYCEE - I Feel You (Radio Edit)
02. THE MACKENZIE feat. JESSY - All I Need (Video Edit) (7)
03. KOSMONOVA vs. C-STARr - The Daydream (Sascha van Holt Radio Mix)
04. LUNA PARK - Space Melody (Full Moon Single Cut)
05. TALL PAUL vs. INXS - Precious Heart (Riva Edit)
06. KLUBBINGMAN - Welcome To The Club (Radio Edit)
07. SYLVER - Forever In Love (Green Court Radio Edit)
08. DUMONDE vs. LANGE - Memory (Original Mix-Edit)
09. COLLUSION - Conspiracy (Radio Edit Original) (8)
10. ORION vs. AYLA - Eternity (Radio Edit)
11. DARUDE - Out of control (Back for more) (Radio Edit)
12. JAMES HOLDEN - One For You (Radio Edit)
13. X-ISTENZ - Dreamz (Album Version)
14. TOBY LEE CONNOR - Wicked Games (Radio Version)
15. DJ´S@WORK - Someday (Vocal Radio Cut)
16. DJ NONAME - I'm Your DJ (Radio Edit)
17. D-ILLUSION - Permanent Vacation
18. OVERDUB feat. DOUG LAURENT - It Began In Africa (Future Shock Radio Edit)
19. NOW - Ride Me
20. CRYSTAL - New Order (Digweed & Muir Bedrock Radio Edit)
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Title: FLOORFILLA - Mix Nation reviewed on 12/16/01
Label: 2001 ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno House/Progressive
Index #: ZYX 81374-2
Techno Marathon - The Ultimate Megamix - Volume 4 Let me present a compilation done by FLOORFILLA aka DJ CERLA entitled "Mix Nation". You might recall FLOORFILLA based on his recent hits "Athems #2,3,4,5" as well as the album he recently released that was also reviewed on this site earlier this year. FLOORFILLA does the LIVE ACT as well. It features DJ CERLA and MC MOMO and both guys are currently on tour in various European cities. "Mix Nation" is a double CD compilation featuring the live session of DJ CERLA & MC MONO. When you will look at the track listing, you will notice that many tracks are already known. Well... reviewed compilation is German release so it was delayed few month compare with original Italian edition. By all mean it does not make this offering less attractive. As a matter of fact this great compilation should be part of your CD library. The track listing also tells you what kind of music you should expect. Majority of it is TECHNO and TECHNO HOUSE with some TRANCE tunes popping in. Even if several tunes are of German origin, you will notice very specific taste in music DJ CERLA is fond of. As a matter of fact it reflects the Italian trend in TECHNO sound. It is more HOUSY and INDUSTRIAL oriented TECHNO compare to German releases. You will find here also some original DJ CERLA/FLOORFILLA productions like "Sahara Rave" or "The Megamix" featuring his "Anthems" tunes. As a bonus he thrown also his own track back from 1993 called "Roterdam 93". From other Italian tunes you will find SAIFAM's Q-ZAR - "Dirty Beat", MARIO PIU's "Communication", SKAM's - "K-Linka" and several others. I was also happy to see two tunes from RAMIREZ featured in FLOORFILLA mix: "El Gallinero" mixed by SQ-1 and "Un Minuto Para Evacuar". So taken together a great offering from this talented Italian DJ with good club music. Check it out. The sound sampler features 8 tunes taken from both CDs. ENJOY!

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CD 1
01. FLOORFILLA - The National Intro
02. PAFFENDORF - Be Cool
03. KLUBBHEADS - Hiphopping
04. DJ TAYLOR & FLOW - Dance The Planet (1)
05. FRAGMA - You Are Alive (Warp Brothers Remix)
06. WARP BROTHERS - We Will Survive
07. DJ MIRKO MILANO - Stopp & Go
08. A*S*Y*S* - Acid Nightmare
09. FLOORKILLER - Rebel Mc (2)
10. RI.BA & BOOSTER - Kraft (3)
11. DJ CERLA - Sahara Rave (4)
12. ALI BABA - Hocus Pokus
13. Q-ZAR - Dirty Beat (5)
14. SKAM K - Linka
15. DJ CERLA - Rotterdam 93
16. RAMIREZ - El Gallinero (SQ-1 Remix)
18. DJ VISAGE - Rock That Sound
CD 2
01. FLOORFILLA - The Megamix
02. S.M.S. feat. REHB - La vie C'est Fantastique (6)
03. MASH - I Like The House (7)
04. SLIPPERS - Funkadelik
05. PULSEDRIVER - Cambodia
06. B-BLAZE - Loveless (8)
07. CISCO KID - Pizzaman
08. MARIO PIU - Communication (Mauro Picotto Remix)
09. RAMIREZ - Un Minuto Para Evacuar
10. MALONE - Read My Lips
11. DJ SCOT PROJECT - O (Overdose)
12. DA HOOL - Meet Her At The Loveparade
13. SANTOS - I'm Not Homesick (Moguai Remix)
14. AFRIKA BAMBAATAA - Funky Heroes (Jan Driver Remix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Techno Marathon Vol. 4 - The Ultimate Megamix reviewed on 12/05/01
Label: 2001 Dance Network/ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT10068-2
Techno Marathon - The Ultimate Megamix - Volume 4 We had to wait for almost 8 months for the next mix done by SWG Team aka DJ DEEP and DJ STUDIO 33. Finally it's here in legal bootleg for Dance Network/ZYX called "TECHNO MARATHON - Volune 4". For fans of both DJs that became famous mixers for bootlegs released as DEEP DANCE and STUDIO 33(both guys no longer participate in these bootlegs) this is the taste of the original mixing. The double compilation features 71 tunes mixed in both DJ DEEP and STUDIO 33 in their famous style. When you will look at the track listing you should recognize familiar titles but there are also several tunes I didn't see in other compilations. Neverthless, this is simply a great party stomper for TECHNO/TRANCE fans. Several flavors are introduced from HARD HOUSE to a romantic TRANCE flawlessly moving from one to another. You will love to have it in your car or anywhere you go. Choices are great and music wonderful. I will not single out any titles. This compilation is rather a review of what is hot in club scene and tracks usually shorter, therefore this set is for all of you who collect mixes or simply want to have a good time. In sound sampler I took fragment featuring 7 songs. I didn't do any cuts and decided to present you the original mixing. Get this one soon, before it is too late. For now enjoy the sound!

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CD 1
01. BARTHEZZ - On The Move
02. SCOTT BELLS - Deep In My Heart
03. MARIO LOPEZ - Blind
04. MOOGUE - China Girl
05. AEON - Masterpiece Of Emotion
06. OBI BABY - Hey DJ
08. SCOTTY - Don't Stop (The Party)
09. FLEX - Roll The Drums
10. LOVESTERN GALAKTIKA PROJECT - Galaktika Are You Ready?
11. PULSEDRIVER - Cambodia
12. LA LUNA - Kisses Of Fire
13. SMP pres. DJ T-KAY - In Your Mind
14. FLEX - Communication
15. DUPLEX TRAX - Maximum
16. CENTRAL SEVEN - Mystery
17. CRIZZ LEE - Why Not
18. HENNES & COLD - Sound Of Rock
19. SAM PLING pres. MIKE DRAGON - Infinity 2001
20. OHM BOYZ - Deep Down Below
21. COSTELLO & POWELL - Once Upon A Time
22. SOME 1 - Tonight
23. KOALA - Tribal Island
24. PETER LUTS vs. G-BRIC - Pacific Wish
25. NEIGHBOUR DJ - Frequency
26. RICHTHOFEN - Shokkfever
27. COSMO & TOM - Living On Video
28. ULTRAKOMM - UK Disko
29. STURGEON - Blow Your Mind
30. A-NICE - Orange Split
31. CHIKKAZ - Right To Dance
32. EGOIST - Firedance
33. RAMIREZ - La Musica Tremenda
34. DJ GLENN - I Love You
35. PHOSGEN - Aggerfakt

CD 2
01. ATB - Let U Go
02. THE MYSTERY - Mystery
03. SCHWARZE PUPPEN - Schwarze Puppen
04. KILLER K - Ready For Takeoff
05. 2 BLACK 4 U - Stormy Weather
06. DJ SESSION ONE - No Gravity
07. UNDERFISH - Carice (1)
08. C.T. & FRIENDS - Next Summer (2)
09. QU-ZAR - Pleasure (3)
10. NORDLICHT - Cry (4)
11. PLAYTHING - Into Space (5)
12. FLOORRFILLA - Anthem 5 (6)
13. SILVERSCAN - Skies (7)
14. A.S.Y.S. - Acid Nightmare
15. MALONE - Read My Lips
16. RON SUPERIOR - Machinery
17. GAZ - Acid Kills Your Brain
18. SONIC INC. - The Taste Of Summer
19. BAD HABIT BOYS - Bastards
20. ENERGY - Partytime
21. DJ LUNA - The Deejay (C.O.P. Project Remix)
22. DJ DARKZONE - The Human Form
23. CALIDO - El Calor
24. ÜBERDRUCK - Drugface
25. N-SON-X - Tonwaren
26. DIVA NOVA - Lick It (Chicago Mix)
27. HEADQUARTER - Successful Enter
28. TOX'N'STONE - Spirit Is Free
29. JET SET - Island Of Dreams
31. CHUPA - Arriba
32. NICKY DAVIS - To Munich
33. GLADIATORS - Now We Are Free
34. NATHALIE DE BORAH - Baronesse
35. TOUCH - Wanna Be
36. AGE Z - Escape
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Title: NRG MAKEOVERS - 18 NRG Interpretations reviewed on 12/05/01
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy / Euro
Index #: CDKOPY 134

NRG MAKEOVERS 2 - 18 NRG Interpretations New release from KLONE again featuring some hot covers in pure NRG/EURO style. Folks from KLONE went again to S.A.I.F.A.M.vault and digged from some rarities. Geez! What a fruitful treasure hunt. You will find some amazing tunes that were revamped by masters from S.A.I.F.A.M. into hot NRG marvels. Many of tunes featured in this offering were previously unreleased even by S.A.I.F.A.M. labels, so it's an additional incentive for ruture owners of this "little wonder". I have to admit most of the tune are work of art. Imagine that! BILLY JOEL goes NRG!!! His "Uptown Girl" was giving an extensive treatment by HOUZEBOYZ. Same goes to EDDY GRANT's "Electric Avenue" that received a "face lift" by MASK. Also some ballad/mid-tempo tracks are now should hit the dancefloor. Among them are: cover of ROBBY WILLIAMS' "Eternity" done in EURO-TRANCE/NRG style by LAWRENCE, another BILLY JOEL's tune "Just The Way You Are" done by DJ OCTOPUS, or "Angel" by MC BOY. Some truly classics DANCE tune were also "remade". One of my favorite is of course "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" from ULTRAVOX done by LAWRENCE (again!). ABBA's "Honey Honey" received cosmetic operation from FACTORY TEAM in interpretation by HOUSECREAM. Not only older tunes were "remixed". Some current dance hits were subjected to it as well. For instance "I Turn To You" originally by MELANIE C, got some NRG feel but still with TRANCE baseline by SHELDON. "Someday" by DJs @ WORK was redone by DOCTOR GROOVE. The EURO-TRANCE style is retained but BPM was raised slightly and more NRG beats were added. What a wonderful interpretation! Worth of mentioning is FRAGMA's - "You Are Alive" by THE SNAPPER.Taken together yet another release that should make you NRG lovers satisfied. Thank you KLONE! Great job! I prepared the mix featuring 8 tracks taken from both CDs. Enjoy!

For more information about this and another releases please visit Klone/Rumour Records on line.

CD 1
01. LAWRENCE - Eternity (1)
02. SHELDON I - Turn To You
03. MC BOY - Angel
04. DOCTOR GROOVE - Someday
05. JERRY DALEY - You're The Best Thing (Dance Version)
06. BOYS & GIRLS - Down Down Down
07. MARIO - Dream To Me
08. JILLIE - You Can't Say
09. HOUSECREAM - Honey Honey (Factory Old School Mix)

CD 2
01. KYRIA - Gotta Tell You
02. HOUZEBOYZ - Uptown Girl (5)

03. HELEN - Touch Me
04. MASK - Electric Avenue
05. THE SNAPPER - You Are Alive (6)
06. LAWRENCE - Dancing With The Tears In My Eyes
07. BOOSHIDA - There You'll Be (7)
08. DJ OCTOPUS - Just The Way You Are (8)
09. ALEX PARTY - Wrap Me Up
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: N.Y.C. Underground Party - Volume 4N.Y.C. UNDERGROUND PARTY - volume 4reviewed on 11/19/01
Label: 2001 Dee Vee Music (US)
Style: Trance/Techno/House
Index #: DVM 0001
N.Y.C. Underground Party - Volume 3 In March of 2001 I reviewed "N.Y.C. Undergroud Party - Volume 3", CD mixed by LOUIE DEVITO. Now after long period of time LOUIE is back with next volume: "N.Y.C. Undergroud Party - Volume 4". Once again, this compilation gives a short overwiev of what is being played in Underground clubs of New York City (in spite of the tragedy, life still have to go on) and yet another celebration to support dance music all over the world. First of all, let me say it's not a HOUSE compilation (after all the HOUSE is not not only what's popular in NYC dance floor), but rather a truly eclectic in styles set. Don't get me wrong there is also HOUSE in there by LOUIE went beyond there exploring other dance genres. For some fans of HARD-HOUSE he got "Derb" by DERB. A perfect club tune fusing HOUSE feel with TECHNO drums and beats. Great beginning. Next comes "Blow The Speakers" by THE MOON a stunning PROGRESSIVE club monster from Belgium. The German TECHNO is represented by now a bit outdated tune "Blood Is Pumpin'" by VOODOO & SERANO, but hey, we always get European stuff a bit later especially to be featured in compilation. Next comes "Feels So Good" by CHARLOTTE. Wowser! Very nice EURO-NRG/EURODANCE (YES! YES! YES!) oriented tune with strong female vocal, catchy music line and some TRANCEY distant feeling. Definately fans of this style we fall for this one. The next fare: "Without You" by DIGITAL ALLIES has these elements ad libitum. This is rather instrumental tune with some limited male vocals that are becoming more pronounced when the track begins to end. Truly spectacular, big room DANCE tune to keep all of you clubbers at high pace. Once you are already at the high heart beat, you will continue the excercise with another club marvel: "Ladies & Gentleman" by ROBBIE TRONCO. You will feel like being in the middle of one of the STAR WAR battle. No kidding! Morever, tunes futures also sample of LOLEATTA HALLOWAY's "Dreamin'". American TECHNO/HOUSE oriented sound represnts THUNDERPUSS with "Papa's Got A Bran New Pigbag". For some HOUSE tunes you should listen to "U Turn Me" by BYRON STINGLY. If you want more TRANCE sound you should definately check "Stand Still" by AUBREY. This one is massive club tune. Slammin' synthesizers that soar with a thunderous power and exquisite female vocals. Great! Taken together good club CD compilation you should definately get. On the top of great music you will also support Twin Tower Fund that provides aid tt families of firefighters, police officers, victims and all ho were involved with September 11, 2001 tragedy, since a portion of the proceeds will be given to this fund. In sound sampler I featured 6 tracks from this offering. Check them out!

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02. DERB - Derb
03. THE MOON - Blow The Speakers
04. VOODOO & SERANO - Blood Is Pumpin'
05. CHARLOTTE - Feels So Good (1)
06. DIGITAL ALLIES - Without You (2)
07. ROBBIE TRONCO - Ladies & Gentleman (6)
08. THUNDERPUSS - Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag
11. AUBREY - Stand Still (3)
12. JESSICA FOLKER - To Be Able To Love (4)
13. JANA - More Than Life
14. INFORMATION SOCIETY - Running (Remix) (5)
15. MASSIVE - Who Am I
16. SUPERCHUMBO - The Revolution
17. FATBOY SLIM - Star 69 (What The …)
18. BAD BOY JOE - N.Y.C. Underground Party Volume 4 Medley

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Title: Trancemaster 31 reviewed on 11/02/01
Label: 2001 Vision Soundcarriers (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 302 4107-2
TRANCEMASTER 3oo1 If you were eagerly waiting (like me) for a new TRANCE compilation from TRANCEMASTER series, your patience is now handsomely rewarded. New volume (3001) is now out and again mastered by SLOBODAN PETROVIC (PULSEDRIVER). Expect the rewarding compilation that should satisfy your high expectation you probably developed toward this series. You have 24 full-length tracks to choose from. Some of them you probably know, but even if you do, probably featured mixes might not sound familiar unless you got the single. That's probably the one of the most favorable points of this release as well as others from this series. First CD starts with two already huge club hits such as "Outside" by KYAU vs. ALBERT (in Voodoo & Serano Mix) and "Rhythmic Bazz" by YVES DERUYTER remixed by DJ MIND-X in rather psychedelic TECHNO/TRANCE style. New tune from DJ SAMMY vel LE PETIT SAM - "Musika" is featured as well. This fare falls more into TECHNO-HOUSE than TRANCE, but hey, rich synth work is here, so wht not?. I would lieke to draw your attention to stunning big room TRANCE wonder "Voyage" by DJ MIND-X. Angelic female vocal singing in French, with beatifully crafted instrumental bottom, warrant an eternal journey into cosmic/dream dimension. Wonderful production and marvellous melodic line. In very similar climate is done next tune "Dark Angel" by DJ CENTAURY & WAVETRAXX. This one is faster with trully galloping synths yet, the bottom remains in the edge of DREAM/TRANCE experience with some background choir giving it a truly Gothic feel. You might already know "Can't Keep Me Silent" by ANGELIC, but you really should check Julian D'Or UK Remix featured in here. Truly a high-flying, dazzling synth-ride with breathtaking female vocals. Also second CD is no short of wonders. It's starts with TRANCE club hit "Sunshine" by DANCE NATION. Featured Wippenberg Remix delivers brilliant sense of melody and rhythm. If you didn't hear this version, you really should. With wide-tracking synth line and a phat, pumped-up rhythm track for a killer sound this one is not to be passed by. My another personal recommendation for big room TRANCE fans is "Eternal Silence" by BALTES vs. STEVENS or "Ritmo El Molto Forte" by DJ A.M. So, taken together yet another convincing release from this series. In the tough economical time, you still have to spare some money for this one. First to keep the music business alive and secondly you simply cannot afford not to have it. In audio sampler I featured 8 tunes from both CDs. Well... you really have to get the real thing for more experience. The sampler is just an appetizer so get ready for the main course and get this CD right NOW!

CD 1
01. KYAU vs. ALBERT - Outside (Voodoo & Serano Mix)
02. YVES DERUYTER - Rhythmic Bazz (DJ Mind-X Mix)
03. LE PETIT SAM pres. IN - Musika
04. GREY C. FROST feat. DAVEY D. - Bring Me Back Light (Marc La Cruz Remix)
05. DJ MIND-X - Voyage (Dogma Remix) (1)
06. DJ CENTAURY & WAVETRAXX - Dark Angel (Original Club Mix) (2)
07. TILLMANN UHRMACHER - On The Run (Ocean To Shore Club Extended)
08. THE WARP KIDZ - Mistral Part 1 (Spacenoah & X-Dream Remix)
09. ANGELIC - Can't Keep Me Silent (Julian D'Or UK Mix)
10. MONTINI TRAXX - The Sound Of Innocence (Jamie's Extended Mix) (3)
11. DEE MARK - Time & Space (4)
12. SUBSUNDAY - Do Not Resist
CD 2
01. DANCE NATION - Sunshine (Wippenberg Remix)
02. S.H.O.K.K. - Isn't It All A Little Strange (Flutlicht Mix)
03. PUSH - The Legacy (Club Mix)
04. ORION vs. AYLA - Eternity (Darren Tate Mix)
05. DAVE 202 & PHIL GREEN - At The End (Original Mix) (5)
06. RMB - Horizon
07. BALTES vs. STEVENS - Eternal Silence (Vocal Club Mix) (6)
08. SYNTONE - Connected To The World
09. LAGUNA - Mystic Cymbal (7)
10. DJ ESTEEM - Destiny
11. DIP T JONES - Unity (Gobo Mix)
12. DJ A.M. - Ritmo el Molto Forte (DJ Kim's Trance Mix) (8)
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