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Title: ID&T Yearmix 2001 reviewed on 02/24/02
Label: 2001 ID&T Music (The Netherlands)
Style: Various Dance Genres
Index #: 7004732

ID&T YEARMIX 2001 One more release from ID&T Music. This time it is a mix compilation by Luc Poublon and Peter Knipmeijer. As the title suggest this release features most popular tunes in 2001. You will find here 74 tunes (37 on each CD). The first CD is dedicated to more mainstream POP/HOUSE sound. Among successful tunes from this genre you will find JAKATTA's "American Dream", "Touch Me" by RUI DA SILVA, "K-Pasa" by POUND BOYS and many more. TECHNO-HOUSE is represented by "Lift Me Up" from DJ JEAN, "Infected" by BARTHEZZ or "Into Space" by PLAYTHING. Of course the discovery of 2001 - SAFRI DUO with "Played-A-Live" is there as well. TECHNO and TRANCE fans will focus their attention on the second CD. By now, you should be familiar with tunes on this CD. No wonder, most of them were big in last year. For instance "The Sound Of Goodbye" by PERPETUOUS DREAMER, "Such Is Life" by RANK 1 feat. SHANOKEE, "Rapture" by IIO and many many more. As I have mentioned above, there are 37 tunes per each CD, therefore tracks are obviously shortened. After all it is MEGAMIX. A perfect set for your car CD player or party movers. The mix is very good and selection excellent. It should statisfy everyone who like dance music regardless what genres they prefer. In sound sampler I featured 7 tunes taken from second CD. I reatined the original order and length of tracks to give you an idea what to expect. Enjoy and get this one now or you will miss the chance.

CD 1
01. GYPSYMEN - Babarabatiri
02. DEEPSWING - In The Music
03. M&S present THE GIRL NEXT DOOR - Salsoul Nugget (If You Wanna)
04. POUND BOYS - K-Pasa
05. NEGROCAN - Aquilla Esuina
06. COSMIC PEOPLE - Time To Hold On
07. STUART - Now I'm Free
08. WARM - It's In The Music
09. SONO - Keep Control
10. BASTIAN - You Got My Love
11. SANTOS - Camels
12. RAVEN MAIZE - The Real Life
13. THE ARCHITECTS - Bodygroove
14. JARK PRONGO - Rocket Base
15. FELIX DA HOUSECAT - Silverscreen
16. GREEN VELVET - La La Land
17. RUI DA SILVA - Touch Me
18. JAKATTA - American Dream
19. ATB - Let U Go
20. G-CLUB pres. BANDA SONORA - Guitarra G
21. HATIRAS - Spaced Invaders
22. FATBOY SLIM - Star 69
23. ORINOKO - Island
24. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - La Passion
26. PLAYTHING - Into Space
27. SISTER BLISS - Deliver Me (Geert Huinik Mix)
28. DEPECHE MODE - I Feel Loved
29. SAFRI DUO - Played-A-Live
30. DJ JEAN - Lift Me Up
31. BARTHEZZ - Infected
32. G-SPOTT - N-R-G
33. LOCK'N'LOAD - House Some More
34. HAMMER HOUSE - The Jumper
35. ZINI & KANTINI - Kick Ass
26. COPYCAT - 2-2-2-2
37. CLUB CAVIAR - Game Over
CD 2
01. WEST OUT WEST - Intesify
02. DELERIUM - Innocente (Falling In Love)
03. COAST 2 COAST - Home
04. BLAZE feat. PALMER BROWN - My Beat (Ambassador Mix)
05. ULTRA - Free
06. SYSTEM F - DanceValley Theme 2001
07. MAURO PICOTTO - Proximus
09. PUSH - The Legacy
10. IAN VAN DAHL - Castles In The Sky
11. PAUL VAN DYK - We're Alive
12. SYLVER - Turn The Tide
13. THREE DRIVES ON A VINYL - Sunset On Ibizia
14. PUSH - Strange World
15. 4 STRINGS - Into The Night
16. PERPETUOUS DREAMER - The Sound Of Goodbye
17. OUT OF GRACE - Obscura (Delivery 01)
18. DJ TIESTO - Suburban Train (Way Out West Mix)
19. RATTY - Sunrise
20. RANK 1 feat. SHANOKEE - Such Is Life
21. BARTHEZZ - On The Move
22. SVENSON & GIELEN - Twisted
23. MEMBERS OF MAYDAY - 10 in 01
24. ESPUMA - The Ultimate Trip
25. IIO - Rapture - (Riva Remix) (1)
26. DUMONDE - Never Look Back (2)
27. KATANA - Fancy Fair (3)
28. COLLUSION - Conspiracy (4)
29. THE ACT - Something About You (5)
30. DJ TOMCRAFT - Prosac (6)
31. MAURO PICOTTO - Komodo (7)
32. JOY KITTIKONTI - Joy Energizer
33. DA HOOL - Meet Her At The Love Parade 2001
34. MARCO V. - In Charge
35. DJ TIESTO - Flight 643
36. A*S*Y*S* - Acid Nightmare
37. THE MOON - Blow The Speakers
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Title: ID&T Trance 02 reviewed on 02/20/02
Label: 2001 ID&T Music (The Netherlands)
Style: Trance
Index #: 7004492

ID&T TRANCE 02 More than a month ago I featured the first release from this new series being offered by Dutch label and music organization ID&T Music known by most you from yearly INNERCITY event. The first set was outstanding and this one is equally excellent follow-up. Among 30 tunes mixed to perfection you will find an excellent choices of various TRANCE flavors from VOCAL, through EURO to HARD TRANCE. While both CDs are mixed most of the tunes are presented in extended versions for your continuous listening pleasure. Unfortunately the name of mixes in several cases are not given. You have to trust me that you might not be able to find some versions featured here on other compilations. Both Belgian and Dutch scene unquestionably lead in making high quality TRANCE sound. However not only products from these countries are here. Anyway, take a look at the track listing. Among TRANCE anthems you will find such fares as "The Sound Of Goodbye" by PERPETUOUS DREAMER written by Armin Van Buuren, "DanceValley Theme 2001" by FERRY CORSTEN's SYSTEM F, IAN VAN DAHL's last year megatune "Castles In The Sky", RANK's 1 "Such Is Life", "Light A Rainbow" by TUKAN etc. The list is long. There are also some tunes I didn't find on other compilations that I reviewed on this site like "The Ultimate Trip" by ESPUMA, KOSHHEN's tune "Hide You" in John Creamer Remix or "Delicatement" by BENICIO to name the few. Taken together this new series is on it's way to become an important happening on DANCE scene. It will serve well as a good review what's the Dutch and Belgian TRANCE scene is all about and how it evolves. Not only that but also one of the best released in recent months. In sound sampler I featured 8 tunes taken from both CDs . Enjoy! Please buy this one and support the artists!

CD 1
01. PERPETUOUS DREAMER - The Sound Of Goodbye
02. SYSTEM F - Dancevalley Theme 2001
03. ESPUMA - The Ultimate Trip (1)
04. IAN VAN DAHL - Castles In The Sky
05. ORINOKO - Island
06. DANCE NATION - Sunshine
07. DAVID FORBES - Questions Must Be Asked (Push Remix)
08. MEMBERS OF MAYDAY - 10 in 01
09. LIQUID DJ TEAM - Liquidation
10. 5 BELOW 0 - Club Quake
11. ORANGE - Orange 1 (2)
12. D-FACTOR - The Wrong Shake
13. SOLICITUOUS - Furthermost (3)
14. FUTURE BREEZE - Temple Of Dreams
15. MARC ET CLAUDE - Tremble
CD 2
01. SAFRI DUO - Samb Adagio (Airscape Remix)
03. PUSH - The Legacy
04. KOSHEEN - Hide You (John Creamer Remix)
05. RANK 1 - Such Is Life (Original Mix)
06. DELERIUM - Innocente (Falling In Love)
07. PAUL VAN DYK - Columbia (4)
08. TUKAN - Light A Rainbow (5)
09. SONIC INC. - A Taste Of Summer (6)
10. FLOOR DIVISIONS - Yellow Reactor Room (7)
11. EON - Pocket Damage
12. BENICIO - Delicatement
13. MATANKA - Lost In A Dream (8)
14. 4 STRINGS - Into The Light
15. JUSTIN K & DJ K MIXX - Northern Lights
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Title: ENERGYPOP (18 NRG-ised Italian Floorfillers) reviewed on 02/10/02
Label: 2002 Klone Records (England)
Style: Energy / Energy-Trance
Index #: CDKOPY 136

ENERGYPOP - 18 NRG-iizsd  Italian Floorfillers Time for new releases from UK-based KLONE RECORDS. This charismatic label enters 2002 with the new series called ENERGYPOP with track listing courtesy of immortal Italian S.A.I.F.A.M. Expect what you should from KLONE compilation featuring fares from this Italian label. While S.A.I.F.A.M. themselves moved into more PROGRESSIVE/TECHNO scene, they still do record tunes falling more into NRG-style. The only problem is they do it mostly for licensing purpose. Well... KLONE did a great job of pulling some of the treasures abd put in this amazing release. Many of you would die to get this one. Among 18 NRG-ized versions of current POP smashes are some original tunes as well. The NRG tunes fall into current EURO-TRANCE influence, yet the original NRG-style is retained in many of rhem with excellent vocals and melodies pouring handsomly. This offering is truly a trip into DANCE and is very rewarding. Among some classics are "Run To Me" from GIBBS brothers production. TRANCEMISSION version is really kicking some major ass. Very PROGRESSIVE intro interchanged with dramatic fiery electronics and wild breaks will bring the house on knees. Lusciuous blue-eyed female vocals is shining as well. DIAMOND's "Im A Believer" got NRG treatment from F 50's (imagine this classic done in NRG/TECHNO. No kiddin'!). IESHA gave the TRANCE treatment to PHIL COLLINS classic "In The Air Tonight". Last year IAN VAN DAHL's "Castles In The Sky" received NRG makeover by RAFFA. Track retains it's original music line but RAFFA delivers brisk new seductive feel into it. Same goes to "You Leave me Alone" by VENUS. Truly a cutting-edge EURO/TRANCE production with tantalizing sexy female vocals. What a treat! Second CD starts with "Hunter" by KYRIA. Another marvel for NRG mavens. KYRIA usually does remake in more POP and HOUSE style, but this time she went for TRANCE inflenced NRG sound ala RADIORAMA's "Da-Di-Da". If you cherish EUROTRANCE style, you should check "Island Of The Sun" by ROBIN. Vocals on this one is limited and heavy electronic sound takes it over. KYLIE's MINOGUE "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" was revamped by S.H.E. Originally DANCE tune was further energized to the limit and S.H.E. interpretation is simply stunning. If you missed KEN LASZLO he is back in duo with KATE PROJECT in "One Small Day". Taken together you have been served with prime release, that any of you serious about DANCE music cannot afford to miss! This CD is hitting streets on February 25, 2002. To give you some rough idea I prepared the mix featuring 6 tracks taken from both CDs. Enjoy!

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CD 1
01. LAWRENCE - Follow Me
02. RAFFA - Castles In The Sky
03. MC BOY - When You're Looking Like That (Extended Dance Mix)
05. GROOVY 69 - Don't Stop Moving
06. F 50'S - I'm Believer
07. MC YA - Let Me Blow Ya Mind
08. FOXTER - My Way
09. VENUS - You Leave Me Alone (Venus Mix)

CD 2
01. KYRIA - Hunter
02. ROBIN - Island In The Sun (Eurotrance Mix) (4)

03. S.H.E. - Can't Get You Out Of My Head
04. BEAT DREAM - I Feel Loved (5)
05. GRETA - Looking For Heaven
06. KEN LASZLO meets KATE PROJECT - One Small Day
07. IESHA - In The Air Tonight (Trance Mix)
09. SAINT ETIEN - We Belong (6)
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Title: MAD ABOUT THE BOY - 8 reviewed on 02/10/02
Label: 2002 Klone Records (England)
Style: Hi Energy / Pop
Index #: CDKOPY 135

MAD ABOUT THE BOY - Volume 8 Next release from KLONE RECORDS in their popular series MAD ABOUT THE BOY. This series usually features artists on KLONE label and is truly the cream of the crop of recent releases. The newest installement is not different. You will hear songs that previously appeared on singles but also brand new and exclusive just for this compilation making it a must for NRG freaks. Most of the newest and hottest singles from KLONE are here like "Eternal Flame" by XQUISITE, "Hey! Baby (Uhh Ahh)" by 2 AMIGOS, "In The Air Tonight" by MR. B featuring TERESA MARIE to name the few. All of them represents what KLONE is all about. NRG sound at it's best. As I have mentioned above, the compilation features some exclusive fares making this set even more a collector item. For instance the remake of GERI HALLOWELL's recent smash of "Calling" by MASTER MAC feat. LAURELLE is a must for HI-NRG collectors. Also two brand productions from RE4MATION: "Hide & Seek" or "Silent Running" are gems as well. I was also taken by appearance of VICKY SHEPARD, an HI-NRG diva that contributes to the genre for more than a decade. This compilation features Club Euro Mix of her "Never In A Million Years" courtesy of Majic Records. Taken together another HIGH-ENERGY masterpiece at your fingertips. This CD is hitting streets on February 20, 2002.The sound sampler contains the mix of 6 tracks taken from both CDs. Support KLONE and get this one directly from them! For now enjoy the sound!

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CD 1
01. JO FRANCES - Bohemian Like You (Ross Alexander's Club Mix)
02. XQUISITE - Eternal Flame (Club Mix)
03. FLESH feat The Cast Of Ladies' Night - Boom Boom Boom (Naked Club Mix)
04. MASTER MAC feat. LAURELLE - Calling (Master Mac's Club Mix) (1)
05. 2 AMIGOS - Hey Baby! (Uhh Ahh) (Extended Club Mix)
06. SPELLBOUND feat. DEEJÉ - Oh L'Amour (Extended Dance Mix) (2)
07. MR B feat. TERESA MARIE - In The Air Tonight (Pop One! 12")
08. RE4MATION feat. MELISSA WEST - Silent Running (3)
09. DEZIRE - I Think We're Alone Now (Pop One! 12")

CD 2
01. YVONNE - Emotion (Pop One 12" Mix) (4)
02. CHEKMATE - A Little Respect (Convinced Club Mix)
03. DEZIRE - I Don't Want A Lover (Pop One! 12" Mix)
04. THE NIGHTBIRDS - Lady Marmalade (Club Mix)
05. RE4MATION feat. MELISSA WEST - Hide & Seek
06. MICHEL - Open Your Heart
07. FLESH feat The Cast Of Ladies' Night - Rock Your Body
08. VICKI SHEPARD - Never In A Million Years (Club Euro Mix)
09. XQUISITE - Mindgames
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Title: PAUL VAN DYK - The Politics of Dancing reviewed on 01/20/02
Label: 2001 Ministry Of Sound (UK)
Style: Trance/Techno
Index #: 108 402-2
PAUL VAN DYK - The Politics Of Dancing Another UK-based label, an infamous MINISTRY OF SOUND brought you this release. You might think it is PAUL VAN DYK's album. Not really. It does contain some of his own tunes but mostly what we have here is his unique DJ set. By listening to it, you will discover different side of PAUL. We all know him well from his great TECHNO/TRANCE tunes. This set is actually quite different. In inlet to this release he describes it as follows: The way I went about it was different to other mix CDs that have been done. You might think this is strange, but this is my first proper DJ Mix CD. For me, DJing is more than just mixing records together - it is about the vibe in the club, the interaction with the crowd through the music. Sitting down and compiling the tracks was the easy part in that I choose the tracks I like from minimalistic TECHNO to some TRANCEY tunes to HOUSIER music. I think it pretty much describes what you will find in this offering. Keep in mind though that PAUL did not just choose the tunes for this set, he also did remix many of them to fit better climate he was trying to achieve. It's truly an art showing superb quality of him not only as a DJ but also as a producer. Definately a release to be in your library. Good club oriented music and superb quality of sound. For sound sampler I have chosen 8 titles and mixed them together, but the original mixing was not retained. For this, you have to get the album. Enjoy the sound !

For more information about PAUL VAN DYK visit his website at:

CD 1
01. ASHTRAX - Digital Reason
02. JOKER JAM - Innocence
04. JIMPY - Feeling Good (1)
05. PAUL VAN DYK - Vega/Filmpalast/I Want
06. SOUTHERN COMFORTER - Another Late Thursday
07. IIO - Rapture
08. SIPPING SOMA - Superconscious (So Alive)
09. TIMO MAAS - Killin' Me
11. U2 - Elevation
12. PAUL VAN DYK - Autumn
13. VIFRAMA - Cristalle (2)
14. SOLICITOUS - Furthermost (3)
15. SUBSKY - Four Days (4)
16. SECOND SUN - Empire (5)
17. PAUL VAN DYK - Out There
CD 2
01. SAGITAIRE - Shout, C'mon
02. MIRCO DE GOVIA - Epic Monolith
03. RALPHIE B - Massive
04. DAVID FORBES - Questions Must Be Asked
05. WAY OUT WEST - Activity
06. CONNECTOR - Interference
07. BLANK & JONES - Secrets & Lies
08. LEXICON 4 - Reach Me (6)
09. JAMNESIA - Reset
10. 4 STRINGS - Into The Night (7)
11. ACTIVEX - Let's Go
12. SIGNUM - In Progress
13. WALTER & GELDER - Section O
14. SOLID SLEEP - Club Attack
15. GUARDIANS OF THE EARTH - The Earth Starchildren (8)
16. NUNRG - Dreamland
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Title: 21 Century Trance - 4 reviewed on 01/20/02
Label: 2001 React Music (UK)
Style: Trance/Techno/Progressive
Index #: REACT CD 209
21 ST CENTURY TRANCE - 4 Back in May of 2000 I reviewed previous volume from this series released on UK based REACT MUSIC. If you have followed UNDERGROUND scene in UK you should find it stimulating. Once dominated by HOUSE and GARAGE it involved into truly TRANCE and PROGRESSIVE trend. This compilation will allow you to check what's happening in UK UNDERGROUND scene. 40 tunes were placed in 3 thematically different CDs. The first CD is dominated by TRANCE, TECHNO and TECHNO-HOUSE sound all in one pot. Right from the beginning you are moved into fast speed with Paul Van Dyk's remix of "10 In 01" by MEMBERS OF MAYDAY. You will find other German tunes from these genre on this CD like "Please Save Me" by SUNSCREEM vs. PUSH , "The Darkness" by DJ WAG or "Warriors" by JAM X to name the few. From UK scene comes such excellent fares as "Flesh" by JAN JOHNSON and also several tunes from Dutch writers like overkilled "Rhythmic Bazz" by YVES DERUYTER or "Fifth Entity" by MELODY OF CONSOLATION that gave an interesting offering for the club scene with this dazzling production. TRANCE fans should focus of their attention on "Into The Sun" by OLIVE INC. Featured here Liquid Child mix is an example of how to mix glorious galloping synths with thrilling female vocals and to achieve a very unique and fantastic sound. Sophisticated TRANCE of the highest caliber. The second CD falls more into mainstream UNDERGROUND sound very characteristic for UK. Most of the featured artists and DJs come from UK mainland. So you you will encounter HOUSY "Surveillance" by SURVEILLANCE, more TECHNO oriented "Prana" by SUBTERFUGE and many others. This is probably the most representative for UK club sound. The third CD caters into more PROGRESSIVE influenced TRANCE if you will. I would like to focus your attention to such tracks as "Night Stalker" by ALTITUDE, "You and Me" by BLUE SCREEN or "Breathe In You" by TEKARA feat. LUCY COTTER in Airscape Remix. All of them represents quality club-oriented TRANCE tunes in various flavor. Simply mesmerizing fares. Taken together, very interesting release. For some of you it might be important to know that tunes in all three CDs are mixed to keep your listening pleasure uninterrupted. For sound sampler I picked 10 tracks taken from all three CDs and mixed them together. Also for your information: the original mix was not retained. For now enjoy the music and get this one.

CD 1
01. MEMBERS OF MAYDAY - 10 In 01 (Paul Van Dyk Mix)
02. TIMO MAAS - Killin' Me (Jan Driver Remix)
03. TAIKO - Silence
04. X-PRESS - Future
05. RAMIREZ - La Musika Tremenda (Yves Deruyter Remix)
06. OLIVE INC. - Into The Sun (Liquid Child Remix) (1)
07. SIGNUM - First Strike (2)
08. JAN JOHNSON - Flesh (Tiesto Mix)
09. SUNSCREEM vs. PUSH - Please Save Me (3)
10. DJ WAG - The Darkness (Yakooza Remix)
11. JAM X - Warriors
12. YVES DERUYTER - Rhythmic Bazz (Progressive Mix)
13. TERRY BONES - Getaway (Technomachine De Remix)
14. FIFTH ENTITY - Melody Of Consolation (4)
CD 2
01. SURVEILLANCE - Surveillance (Blu Peter Remix)
02. SUBTERFUGE - Prana (Dub Mix)
03. STEVE GIBBS - Tokyp (Praha Mix)
04. WAY OUT WEST - Intensify
06. X-CABS - Breaker
07. CONTACT - Contact (Original Global Mix)
08. OUR HOUSE - Solition Wave
09. DJ GEE - True Emotion (Da Hool Remix) (5)
10. VITAE - Energy Flow (6)
11. CL MCSPADDEN - Barracuda
12. ROCCO & HEIST - Paradiso Rush (303 Filta Mix)
CD 3
01. ANGEL Kite - (Evolution Mix)
02. JOHN TRULOVE - Gongala
03. LA RISSA - I Do Both Jay and Jane (Praha Remix)
05. ANTARTICA - Lazarev (Under The Iceshelf Dub)
06. ALTITUDE - Night Stalker (7)
07. MONOBOY feat. DELORES - The Music In You (Theme from Around The World in 80 Raves)
08. BLUE SCREEN - You & Me (8)
09. TEKARA feat. LUCY COTTER - Breathe In You (Airscape Remix) (9)
10. DRAX & SCOTT MAC - Sublime (3 AM Mix)
11. KAY CEE - Unsolved Mysteries (Club Mix)
12. LEGEND B - Journey
13. CLASSICAL RENAISSANCE - Jerusalem (10)
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Title: DJ Networx vol. 11 reviewed on 01/13/02
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Trance/Techno
Index #: 504815 2
DJ NETWORX - Volume 11 Next volume of DJ DEAN's "DJ Networx - Volume 11" brings best TECHNO/TRANCE tunes from last months of 2001. I didn't have time to present you this release earlier, so the features titles might not be new to most of you who are into these genres. Neverthless, as each volume of this series is worth of getting, this is true for this offering as well. DJ DEAN choices are usually good and his turntable mix will keep your party rolling. This compilation features 40 tunes (20 on each CD). The first CD starts with "Emergency 911" by PREZIOSO feat. MARVIN in TECHNO HOUSE oriented Bostic Remix. Another cutting-edge tune "Too Many Times" by KAI TRACID received more INDUSTRIAL/PROGRESSIVE treatment from Warmduscher. This one merges flawlessly with "Joyenergizer" by JOY KITIKONTI. As you see, not that many surprises so far. For some more HARD TRANCE sound with BREAKBEAT elements you should fall for "Do What We Would" by ACZESS. Another track that edges TRANCE and PROGRESSIVE TECHNO is "Blitz" by KONOVAX. TRANS-X's classic "Living On Video" got psychodelic treatment from COSMO & TOM. If you never heard "The Sun - So Bright" by ACCUFACE, you should. High pace TRANCE at it's best. A highlight of this offering for sure. Same goes to full-drama fare "Sequence Of Your Mind" by TRIPLE SEVEN BEATS. Second CD is actually even more TECHNO oriented than the first one. It starts with pumped-up ACID-TECHNO fare "Mix It Baby" by C-TRAXX. Good club fare to set the move to some heavy DRUM and BASS adventure if you will. Well... it morphs with incredibly speedy big room TECHNO/TRANCE marvel "Energizer" by MURPHY BROWN und NU-NRG. Beautiful female vocals from the space shines through the tune. Indeed an intoxicating adventure. Another speedy marvel "Incoming" by DJ VORTEX & ARPA'S DREAM delivers some hard, dark music baseline that matches perfectly a follow up tune "No Out" by ANGEL BEATS. There are more tunes you should check it out, if you didn't do that yet. To help you out, I prepared sound sampler featuring 8 tunes taken from both CDs. Again, nothing will do the justice, you should get this product for your own consumption. For now enjoy the sound !

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CD 1
01. PREZIOSO feat. MARVIN - Emergency 911 (Bostic Remix)
02. KAI TRACID - Too Many Times (Warmduscher Remix)
03. JOY KITIKONTI - Joyenergizer (Palco Mix)
04. PLUG'N'PLAY - Time To Bob
05. TOMAHAWK - Where Is The Bassdrum (Original Mix)
06. A-NICE - Orange Split (Frank-E & Mars-L. vs. Charly Lownoise Remix)
07. MAGIC BOX - Carillon (Rocco Remix)
08. ACZESS - Do What We Want (Klubdoctorz Flatline Remix) (1)
09. KONOVAX - Blitz (DJ Schwede Remix) (2)
10. DJ SCHWEDE - Boom… Boom… 2001 (DJ Schwede Mix)
11. COSMO & TOM - Living On Video (Bush Remix) (3)
12. SHOCKWAVE - The Prophet (The World Of God) (New Arch Mix) (4)
13. TERENCE - Maniac 2001
14. 2 PHASE - Up Da Bass (Original Mix)
15. ACCUFACE - The Sun - So Bright (5)
16. TRIPLE SEVEN BEATS - Sequence Of Your Mind (Breakbeat Mix) (6)
17. DJ TOM - The Message (DJ Shah Remix)
18. S.H.O.K.K. - Isn't It All A Little Strange (Krazy Nut Mix)
19. E-WOK - Go Back (Original Mix)
20. ÜBERDRUCK - Drugface
CD 2
01. C-TRAXX - Mix It Baby! (Pit Bailey Remix)
02. MURPHY BROWN und NU-NRG PRÄS - Energizer (Club Mischung) (7)
03. DJ VORTEX & ARPA'S DREAM - Incoming (Aroma Mix)
04. ANGEL BEATS - No Out (Club Mix) (8)
05. KILLER K - Ready For Take Off (Extended Version 1)
06. QUESTION MARK - The Birds
07. PINBALL vs. PALON - Wild Style
08. THE MOON - Sushi (Paul Hutch Remix)
09. DJ TEAM GROUNDZERO - Here We Come To Get The Bass
10. 3-FORCE - Secret (3-Froce Club mix)
11. THE PARAGOD vs. VASQUEZ - Open Your Mind
12. SUPREME DREAM TEAM - Summerdance
13. N-SON-X - Take Me to The Bass
14. DJ MIKE NERO - Heartattack (Attack Mix)
15. BRANDMEIDER - Da Secret
16. BUSH - Future (Part One)
17. SODA POP - An Other State Of Mind (Original Mix)
18. JFS - Everything Is Clear
19. ENERGY FLASH - Answer
20 ULTRARAVERS - Din Daa Daa (Cut Mix)
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Title: Tunnel Trance Force - Vol. 19 reviewed on 01/13/02
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 504814 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Vol. 19 Another DJ DEAN mix also on TUNNEL RECORD's this time on thir flagship series "Tunnel Trance Force" Volume 19 is definately not to be missed. Again, since the review is late, you might recognize some tracks, but still it does not interfere with the great value this compilation offers. DJ DEAN delivers 36 super powered mostly TRANCE oriented fares! Truly an outstanding release to be part of your collection. First CD starts with "Living On Video" by RATTY. I have no idea, why so many different projects are remixing this TRANS-X classic, but I do not mind. RATTY's Original Mix of this tune is great. One should appreciate it's heavily electronic sound with a soaring and majestic synth lines. I hope you remember TOMMY SCHLEH from MASTERBOY. Well here we have his co-authored tune with DJ SHAH "Welcome To The Club" in his solo project KLUBBINGMAN. Featured PULSEDRIVER vs. ROCCO Mix rules! It will nuke your dance floor in a flash! From the first CD let me focus your attention to several tunes. One of them is "Endless Love 2001" by FUNKY DIVAS again in Pulsedriver Mix. Slammin' synthesizers soar with a thunderous power in this one. Female blue-eyed angelic vocals adds to the drama. Some of you are probably tired of TRANCE already, since many tunes that surface the dance floor these days are similar in a sense. Well... I still consider this style amazing and mind-stimulating. No wonder why I find "When The Night Is Falling" by AURELIA so attractive. An outstanding synth works and majestic sound makes this tune spectacular fusion of DREAM and TRANCE. Percolating experience I might say. First CD features other TRANCE marvels worth of your attention like "Eruption" by SILVER LIQUID, "The Poem" by DANY LEMON or intense "Journey Through The Time" by DJ SESSION ONE to name the few. The second CD subtitled "Snow Mix" is quite different from the first one. The sound is more TECHNO/PROGRESSIVE with many looped strings and hooks. Also TECHNO HOUSE is one of the dominating styles. This second CD starts with "Ravers Rules" by TECHNOBOY followed by another HARD TECHNO hammering "Don't Stop ... Fucking TechnoPop" by DJ SHOKO vs. GROUNDZERO and "Rewire Your Brain" by RE_ANIMATOR. Taken together this is a good release. I have chosen 10 representative tunes taken from both CDs (7 from the first CD and 3 from the second). It should give you an idea of what to expect. Definately a buy! Enjoy the sound and get this compilation to support the dance music!

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CD 1 - Winter Mix
01. RATTY - Living On Video (Original Mix) (1)
02. KLUBBINGMAN - Welcome To The Club (Pulsedriver vs. Rocco Mix)
03. VANESSA MAE - White Bird (Cosmic Gate Mix)
04. AWEX - It's Our Future (Rock'N'Roll Mix)
05. Y.O.M.C. - In My Mind (Y.O.M.C. Airplay Mix)
06. THE JOKER - Milky Way 2001 (Plug'N'Play Remix)
07. FUNKY DIVAS - Endless Love 2001 (Pulsedriver Mix) (2)
08. KOSMONOVA vs. C-STAR - The Daydream (Sascha van Holt Club Mix)
09. MARIO PIU' aka ARABESQUE - The Vision (Original Mix)
10. AURELIA - When The Night Is Falling (Extended Version) (3)
11. SILVER LIQUID - Eruption (4)
12. ACCUFACE - Speed (5)
13. WARP BROTHERS - Blast The Speakers (Crash Your Head Mix)
14. DJ ASTRID pres. WALTER SOLO - Coming From Another World (Mario Lopez Remix)
15. DANY LEMON - The Poem (Nordlicht Mix) (6)
16. DJ SESSION ONE - Journey Through The Time (Syntone Remix) (7)
17. MOTORCRAFT - Eternity Forever (Extended Mix)
18. TRIQUE ONE - Just A Little Bit Sad (D-Mind Version)
CD 2 - Snow Mix
01. TECHNOBOY - Ravers Rules (K-Traxx Remix)
02. DJ SHOKO vs. GROUNDZERO - Don't Stop … Fucking Technopop (Underground Mix)
03. RE_ANIMATOR - Rewire Your Brain (D-Gor Mix)
04. THOMAS TROUBLE - Echoes (Michael Fusseder Remix) (8)
05. GARY D. feat. DR. Z - My Houzze (Hardline Mix)
06. DAVE JOY - First Impression (S.H.O.K.K. Mix)
07. GIGI LAV - The Right Way (Trance Generators Remix) (9)
08. DJ DEAN - Don't Stop (Club Mix)
09. UNIVERSAL DREAM - House Of Music (Aquaplex Remix) (10)
10. KLINISCH TOT - Klinisch tot (Club UK Mix)
11. CINDERELLA - The Realm (DJ Spoke Remix)
12. T-BONE - Watch Yourself
13. STARFUNK - Stupid Games (Club Mix)
14. ULTRAKOMM UK - Disco (Piano Mix)
15. DJ CENTAURY & WAVETRAXX - Lazarus (Club Mix)
16. MENTAL MIRACLE - Future (Original Mix)
17. ORANGE INC. - Reach Out
18. DJ A.M. - Ritmo el Molto Forte (DJ Kim's Trance Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: ID&T Trance reviewed on 01/06/02
Label: 2001 ID&T Music (The Netherlands)
Style: Trance
Index #: 7004262

ID &T TRANCE New double CD compilation from Dutch ID&T Music. I am sure the label is familiar to you. These guys are behind the infamous INNERCITY event. This offering as an ultimate collection of current TRANCE anthems floating in all dance clubs all over the world. The selection is indeed impressive. While the track listing might be familiar to all of you who follow TRANCE scene, this compilation captured the best of them. Both CDs are mixed, so for some of you it will add value. You can simply put first or second CD into your CD player and let it go for hour and half uniterrupted for the dancd experience. Let's take a look what we have than. First CD starts with TRANCE anthem "Flight 643" by DJ TIËSTO followed by angelic Airscape Mix of "Turn The Tide" by SYLVER. Still from Dutch scene comes FERRY's SYSTEM F. feat. MARC ALMOND and their's "Soul On Soul". Among known tunes are also some less known gems. For instance "Basic Factory" by DIGITAL LEVEL. Transcendental sound flows thru each and every sense of yours. Spectacular hooks and beautiful melodic line in this marvel will keep you at high pace. Beautiful. Right after this is "Stringer" by RIVA. While the line is rather monotonous the fare has something catchy. It rises up and down. Actually it is quite good for more electronic oriented HOUSE clubs. Of course I couldn't miss "Wishful Thinking" by COMANOVA with angelic female vocals that is really intoxicating in a sense. Of course some other highly popular tracks are there such as "Let U Go" by ATB or "On The Move" by BARTHEZZ. The second CD is loaded as well. Many known titles in this one as well just to tunes by such projects as MAURO PICOTTO, RANK 1, MARIO PIU, COLLUSION, CHERRYMOON TRAX and others. Taken together an exciting release. Great package especially for all of you who buys sporadically, because this particular offering gives you the opportunity to have some best TRANCE tunes in one package. Call it a commercial compilation if you wish, but still one of the best recently released. In sound sampler I featured 8 tunes taken from both CDs . Enjoy! Please buy this one and support the artists!

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CD 1
01. DJ TIESTO - Flight 643
02. SYLVER - Turn The Tide (Airscape Mix)
03. SYSTEN F. feat. MARC ALMOND - Soul On Soul
04. OUT OF GRACE - Obscura
06. SISTER BLISS feat. JOHN MARTIN - Deliver Me
07. COAST 2 COAST feat. DISCOVERY - Home (DJ Tiesto Remix)
08. DIGITAL LEVEL - Basic Factory (1)
09. RIVA - Stringer (2)
10. THE THRILLSEEKERS feat. SHERYL DEANE - Synaesthesia (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
11. COMANOVA - Wishful Thinking (3)
12. ULTRA - Free
13. ATB - Let U Go (Wippenberg Remix)
14. MO'HAWK - Previous Years (4)
15. BARTHEZZ - On The Move
CD 2
01. MAURO PICOTTO - Like This Like That (Megavoices Claxixx Mix)
02. RANK 1 feat. SHANOKEE - Such Is Life (Marco V Remix)
03. MARIO PIU' aka ARABESQUE - The Vision
04. COLLUSION - Conspiracy
05. THE MOON - Sushi
06. NINO LOPEZ PROJECT - Experience
07. DUMONDE - Never Look Back (DJ Tiesto Remix)
08. LAZY JONES - Let Me Tell You
09. PUSH - Strange World
10. SQUARE - Nova (4 Strings Remix) (5)
11. SHADE ON GREY - Moving On (DJ Astrid Mix) (6)
12. COSMIC PEOPLE - Time To Hold On (Pants & Corset Remix) (7)
13. CLINT FABIAN - Panorama (8)
14. CHERRYMOON TRAX - Needle Destruction
15. STORMTRAXX - My Acid Dream
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Techno Club - Vol. 15 reviewed on 01/06/02
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media / Dance Division (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DAD 504816 2

TECHNO CLUB - Vol. 15 (Talla 2XLC scans TOMCRAFT The second compilation to be presented in 2002 is a new volume of popular TECHNO-TRANCE series: "TECHNO CLUB" at volume 15 that was released in the end of 2001. Everytime when reviewing new releases from this series I am refreshing your memory about how the concept was born. Well... Let me do it again, for all of you who are new to it. The series came from the name of ultimate and legendary TECHNO CLUB called "Dorian Gray" localized in Frankfurt's Airport in Germany. Club was closed on December 12, 2000 but the spirit of it remains alive. As a matter of fact leading DJs that played in that club still are meeting in various venues. This is exactly the case with TALLA2 XLC a legend of German TECHNO who invites other leading DJs to be part of various volumes. In Volume 15 we have THOMAS BRÜCKNER vel DJ TOMCRAFT. I am sure if you follow German TECHNO HOUSE scene, the name is very familiar. His carrer really took off back in 1995 with the tune "This Is No House". Later on he established partnership with ENIAC ("All I Got") and with SUNBEAM ("Versus"). He is still very fruitful producer, composer and working DJ. His mix featured in this compilation contains mostly TECHNO stuff. It starts with "Freak" by WILLERBY, a truly psychotic TECHNO-HOUSE with some hard bassline all over the place. You will also find "updated" 2001 version of his mega club hit "Prozac". This version is enriched with more powerful instrumentation and pumped up dance action. There are several INDUSTRIAL oriented tunes oscillating between ACID TECHNO and DRUM'N'BASS. For instance "Ver.Di-Plus" by NEXT GENERATION is poisoned with some HIP rapping here and there. Not bad, not bad. For some more psychotic TECHNO look for "The Rock" by MOGUAI pres. PUNX. You shouldn't miss DJ TOMCRAFT's Remix of BROOKLYN BOUNCE's "Club Bizarre". Taken together DJ TOMCRAFT's choices are interesting and mix itself is well done. TALLA 2XLC have chosen more TRANCE oriented sound. For intance "Step Back" by SILVERBLUE or "Amnesia" by ALEX BARTLETT are examples of truly intoxicating big room TRANCE. TALLA also introduced couple of his own tunes such as "I Believe" or "Come With Me". Second CD includes also a bonus multimedia track. A 5 minutes video featuring interview with TALLA and DJ TOMCRAFT. Taken together a solid offering for all of you electronic mavens. In sound sampler you will find mix featuring 6 tunes from TALLA's setting. Enjoy the sound and get this release!

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CD 1 - TALLA 2 XLC Mix
01. TALLA 2 XLC - Peaceframe (Intro)
02. TALLA vs. FROST - I Believe
03. SILVERBLUE - Step Back (Silver Bullet Remix) (1)
04. ALEX BARTLETT - Amnesia (Marc Dawn pres. Green Court Mix) (2)
05. THREE DRIVES - Sunset On Ibiza (Yves Deruyter Remix)
06. MARC'N'ACE - Under My Skin (3)
07. MARCO V - Indicator
08. BLANK & JONES - Fragile (Liquid Love Remix) (4)
09. FIREWALL - Reflections (Lange Mix)
10. TALLA 2XLC - Come With Me (UK Club Mix) (5)
11. PERPETUOUS DREAMER - The Sound Of Goodbye (Armin's Tribal Feel)
12. LONGY - Spiegelsaal (Acid Mix)
13. DITO feat. DZENITA - Shadows (Remix) (6)
01. WILLERBY - Freak (Pony Love Dub)
02. DJ TOMCRAFT - Prozac (Tony H. Yeah Remix)
03. GENERATION NEXT - Ver.di-Pulse (Club Mix)
04. MOGUAI pres. PUNX - The Rock (Radio Cut)
05. ÜBERDRUCK - Drugface
06. BROOKLYN BOUNCE - Club Bizarre (Tomcraft Remix - Edit)
07. LIQUID OVERDOSE - Contact (Original Mix)
08. ATB - Let U Go (Clubb Mix)
09. MEMNON feat. SEROYA - Desire (PFN vs. The Light Remix)
10. COMMERCIAL BREAKUP - Bizarre Love Triangle (Johannes Heil Remix)
11. CHRIS COWIE - Reaktor (Direct Connect E.P.)
12. TOK TOK vs. SOFFY O - Missy Queen's Gonna Die (Original Mix)
13. FELIX DA HOUSECAT - Silver Screen - Shower Scene (Laurent Garnier Remix)
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