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Title: TRANCE: The Progressive Experience (mixed by DJ Vicious Vic)N.Y.C. UNDERGROUND PARTY - volume 4
reviewed on 04/29/02
Label: 2002 Neurodisc Records (US)
Style: Trance
Index #: CDP 7243 5 38969 2 9
TRANCE : The Progressive Experience (mixed by DJ Vicious Vic) NEURODISC RECORDS did it again! This very aggressive US-label based in Ft.Lauderdale, FL keeps pouring exploding stuff over and over again! This time it is a brand new release that just hit the US streets: "TRANCE: The Progressive Experience". What we have here it the compilation that features mix done by one of America's top DJ/producers: DJ VICIOUS VIC. He is one of the DJs that have been engaging into making the music for almost two decades. TRANCE and it's EPIC side sound, is the main ingredient of the presented album. VIC did an excellent job of selecting plethora of the big room titles and unique mixes. such combination created this release as must to have for any of you serious about the TRANCE. You might recognize several titles because they have been around for a while, but that are quite new to American crowd. Crowd that eagerly is trying to catch up with what Europe has been encountering for a quite long time. Right from the first beat this CD explodes with marvellous electronic music. It starts with "The Simarrillia" by CARLOS. This tune is already a classic of transcendental TRANCE, but the mix featured in here (Bradski & Jenski) might be unknown to many of you! No kidding! Try it. The beauty of the sound is stunning and exceptionally infectious! It's not the end though! No short of great tunes in this offering in general! Two tunes from HEADSTRONG "Escalator" and "Noise 4 Us" deliver soaring and pulsating club marvels! The music line in the first tune is simply dazzling that flourish with rays of cosmic synths! If you are looking into even more big room experience and classic TRANCE fares, you gotta check "No More Tears" by ALLURE. Featured Abnea Mix became truly a milestone in creating the sound of TRANCE! Among exciting offerings is also "W.E.T." by DJ ERWIN feat. SHAME. Highly charged with sexual innuendos, this tune delivers sparkling TRANCE with viciously sleeze female screaming! Dramatic in sound with powerful bottom! Taken together we are getting a solid TRANCE experience that even most demanding souls will be satisfied with! Once again I have to congratulate NEURODISC RECORDS for bringing such fine release to American audience! For now, please check the sound sampler featuring 6 tunes taken from this release. The original mixing was not retained! I concentrated on tunes! Enjoy the music and buy this release!

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01. CARLOS - The Simarrilla (Bradski & Jenski)
02. HEADSTRONG - Escalator (1)
03. HEADSTRONG - Noise 4 Us
04. LAGUNA - Sceptic Watcher (2)
05. AWESOME - Nitro
06. DJ CENTURY & WAVETRAXX - Dark Angel (Original Club Mix) (3)
07. ALLURE - No More Tears (Abnea Mix)
08. IMPACT - Live To Go
09. DJ ERWIN feat. SHAME - W.E.T. (4)
10. SUNSTAR - November Rain (5)
11. CHARGER - Remains
12. SUBTERFUGE - Prana (Gils Spiritual Mix) (6)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Techno Marathon Vol. 5 - The Ultimate Megamix reviewed on 04/21/2002
Label: 2002 Dance Network / More Music / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT10095-2
Techno Marathon - The Ultimate Megamix - Volume 5 Here it is! Next volume of "TECHNO MARATHON" mixed by legendary SWG TEAM consisting of DJ DEEP and DJ STUDIO 33. Both guys after encountering legal issues with their DEEP DANCE and STUDIO 33 bootlegs, went legitimate. After listening this release (volume 5) I concluded that in spite of the fact that there are many mixes on the "underground market" DJ DEEP and DJ STUDIO 33 remains the top digital DJs, no matter what! Presented 2 mixes on 2 CDs contain together 88 tunes mostly from TECHNO/TRANCE genres. These mixes are simply of most superior quality you can imagine! Of course the selection of tunes are a little bit limited, because every single fare has to be licensed. Producing bootlegs was much simpler tasks, because they were able to put whatever they felt was good. Here, the content was not only based on what they liked, but which license they could get. No matter what, the outcome is gorgeous. While there are many main stream tunes included, you will also find some hard-to-get more club oriented fares. I am sure each and everyone of you who likes mixes and missed true quality of both DJ DEEP and DJ STUDIO 33 will cherish the quality of this release. It's simply a matter of being part of the cult of mixing these guys created when starting producing the mixes. The legend that will never die. Both guys became part of the music history in mixing making. In sound sampler I took fragment featuring 10 songs from the second CD. No cuts were made, so the mixing is fully retained. I wasn't really looking for any particular fragment of the mix, but I simply wanted to give you a taste. Getting the real product will produce the effect, you will not hear just based on this sampler! Get it, when it lasts.

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CD 1
01. ADRIMA - Can't Stop Raving
02. CHARLY LOWNOISE & MENTAL THEO - Wonderful Days 2001
03. INTERACTIVE - Forever Young
04. MARK 'OH - Never Stop That Feeling 2001
05. TOPMODELZ - L'Esperanza
06. PORNROCKERS - Cunt Licker
07. BARTHEZZ - Infected
08. MORE Save - The World
09. DJ TRACER - Distant Lights
10. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - L'Amour Toujours
12. DJ STEVE L - Big Bad Party
13. CENTRAL SEVEN - Mystery
14. FOGGY - Come (Into My Dream)
15. MR. FRANK - Mosquito
16. AKYRA feat. MARIA RUBIA - Here Comes The Rain Again
17. BALLROOM - Brooklyn
18. FRANK BROOK - Tribeca
19. PLASTIC ANGEL - Hard Wired
20. CABA KROLL - In Your Face
21. ELECTRIC NATURE - Electric Nature
22. DJ LOVING LOOP - My One Desire
23. UNIX - Wild Pleasure
24. SHAUN BAKER - Back In Town
25. RAN-DEE - Annihilatin' Rhythm
26. DJ TRACER - Lost Love
27. LIQUID SKY - Take What You Wanna Take
28. MARIO PIU vs. FABIO MC - Invaders
29. RICHTHOVEN - Shokkfever
30. JOHN TOX - Bass Poison
31. M-TRAXX - Wake Up Little Child
32. RECALL - The Ride
33. DJ CYGLAS - Nomansland
34. MARIO LOPEZ - The Sun Always Shines On TV
35. THORSTEN F. - Under Water
36. DJ VIRUS - All Your Bass
37. RESIDENT ALIENS - Symmetry 2000
38. WARP BROTHERS - Blast The Speakers
39. JP vs. ALLSTARS - The Blue Series
40. STARLING - Red Balloon
41. POLARTRAXX - Inspiration
42. KAY D. SMITH - Heatflash
43. DJ FUTURA Low Down
CD 2
01. SYLVER - Forgiven 02. MARC JONES New Life (Junk Project Remix)
03. STEVE MURANO - Station
04. CLAN DJ TEAM - The Groove Has Changed
05. 666 - Supa-Dupa-Fly
06. MARC DAWN - Expander
07. DUMONDE vs. LANGE - Memory
08. ALEX BARTLETT - Amnesia
09. DJ 33 - We Can Fly
10. BASSRAIDERS - Prepare To Qualify
11. LETTICIA - Colour Of My Dreams
12. MARC MARIS vs. RAMONE - Lost In Love
13. QU-ZAR - Pleasure
14. VANOX & SCANDLE - The Prime Suspect
15. BODY-SHOCK - Rain In The City
16. DJ FIRE - Ulanbator
17. THE MACKENZIE - Arpegia
18. ALDRIN BUZZ - Sexomatic
19. ULTRAKOMM - UK Disco
20. DIGITAL PARADISE - I Want Everything
21. MERROW - African Spirit (1)
22. MICROBOTS - Sundancer (2)
23. DJ TALLIBAHN - Dance Now! (3)
24. STARFLEET - The Promise (4)
25. PUSH - The Legacy (5)
26. DITTO feat. DZENITA - Shadows (6)
27. VOI feat. DZENITA - Free (7)
28. GREY & FROST - Bring Me Back Light (8)
29. RAMIN & SILVER - Ibiza 3000 (9)
30. RAMIREZ - Hablando (Push Remix) (10)
31. NORTHERN LIGHT - Trusting Blind
32. MARC VAN LINDEN - Sturm der Nacht
33. DUSTIN DUVAL - Phantasia
34. MORNING CALM - Hey Yeah
35. MORPHEUS - Neo 9
36. OVERDUB feat. DOUG LAURENT - It Began In Africa
37. DJ AIR - Alone With Me
38. WAVESCOPE - Onwaves
39. DIRT BROS - 31 Secons
40. TECH-NOIR - Re-Animation
41. COSMO & TOM - Living On Video
42. DAVE 202 - Living On The Edge
43. NAID - Walking Up (Green Court Mix)
44. DJ XONIC - Back In Time
45. DJ XONIC - Sea Of Dreams
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: DJ Networx vol. 12 reviewed on 04/13/02
Label: 2001 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Trance/Techno
Index #: 506057 2
DJ NETWORX - Volume 12 I am late with reviewing DJ DEAN's "DJ Networx - Volume 12" but I have received this release just today. There is actually already volume 13 out that I will review in couple of days. I owe the review to many of you who follow this series featuring some pretty hot TECHNO/TRANCE tunes ruling underground scene. Since it's late review you are probably familiar with several tunes featured in this double set mixed by DJ DEAN. Among them is "Club Bizarre" by BROOKLYN BOUNCE. The interesting thing about the tune is the featured mix by DJ SCOT PROJECT. You will find this mix quite excititing with uplifting synths putting this PROGRESSIVE tune more into TRANCE side. Wonderful indeed! An example of another remixed tune is "Welcome To The Club" by KLUBBINGMAN done by PEDRO DEL MAR. His mix combines TECHNO sound with some NRG beat mixed with TRANCE synths. Truly a sparkling production! First CD is full of good HARD TECHNO tunes. For instance "Successful Enter" by HEADQUARTER in AXEL KONRAD (DJ VALIUM) gives the PROGRESSIVE sound new meaning! Enpowered with beautiful synth work and seductive computerized female vocal this flips into club monster. For more dynamic sound you should check "Jetlag" by DJ KIM. It doesn't get any hotter than this marvel. Mesmerizing synth lines pusling with fury throughout! The second CD is almost exclusively targeted to underground sound with heavy INDUSTRIAL and ACID TECHNO sound. If you don't have this volumw yet, you should really check it out. It's still available! To help you out, I prepared sound sampler featuring 8 tunes taken from both CDs. Enjoy the sound !

CD 1
01. CHARLY LOWNOISE & MENTAL THEO pres. STARSPLASH - Wonderful Days 2001
02. BROOKLYN BOUNCE - Club Bizarre (DJ Scot Project Remix)
03. RE-FLEX - Badabeng (Sandra Flyn vs. Marc Van Linden Remix)
04. KLUBBINGMAN - Welcome To The Club (Pedro Del Mar Mix)
05. KAI TRACID - Too Many Times (Energy Mix)
06. HEADQUARTER - Successul Enter (Axel Konrad Remix) (1)
07. LUNA PARK - Space Melody (Extended Mix)
08. DJ KIM - Jetlag (Alpha Zone Remix) (2)
09. DJ WAG - Life On Mars (DJ Wag Mix)
10. JUNKFODD JUNKIES pres. THE GAME - The Game (Club Mix)
11. STEVE L. - Big Bad Party (Avancada Remix)
12. ROB L. - Hardbeat (Paul Hutsch Mix)
13. DJ SPOKE & VESPA 63 pres. MEN IN TRANCE - Play (DJ Spoke Remix)
14. STEVE RHYNER - Dark Black Forest (Network 25 Club Mix)
15. MAT SILVER vs. TONY BURT - The Perfect Wave (Dolphin Mix)
16. ANGEL BEATS - Spaced Out (Fläche Mix)
17. ACCUFACE - Moving Melody (3)
18. SPACE PLANET - Track On (4)
19. SCHLUßLICHT - Fucking Drums (5)
20. HI-GATE - Gonna Work It Out (Original Mix)
CD 2
01. IMPEGMENT SYNDROM - Horror (Scary Mix)
02. PRO-TECH - Out Of Control (DJ Wag Mix) (6)
03. LONGY - Spiegelsaat (Acid Mix)
04. BEND OVER - Ein guter Tag zu sterben (A-Mix)
05. COSMOSONIC - Alpha (Long Piano Mix)
06. DERB - In Africa (Club Mix)
07. DJ SEQUENZA - Ich schmetze
09. CARAMBOLA - Blue Horizons (Deepack Remix)
10. VIRTUAL DJ - From Sunset To Sunrise (Gigi Lav Mix)
11. DJ SHOKO - The Power
12. DK KRID KID feat. T-ROB - No Escape (Full Version)
13. KILLER BEATZ - Welcome To My World (Hard Mix)
14. T-BONE - Abyss
15. MARC VAN LINDEN - Sturm der Nacht (Nur für Dich) (MVL & D-Gor Original Mix)
16. DJ RICHARD & JOHNNY BASS - Everybody (7)
17. ARNE L II - We Came In Peace (Original Mix)
18. DA BOOKA - Can U Feel The Rhythm
19. O-MIND - Kick The Nation (8)
20. S.Y.S. - Overdrive (Club Mix)
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Title: DJ FERRY CORSTEN - Globaltrancemissions_02 N.Y.C. UNDERGROUND PARTY - volume 4reviewed on 03/29/02
Label: 2002 Moonshine Creative Media (US)
Style: Trance
Index #: MM 80169-2
DJ FERRY CORSTEN  - Globaltrancemissions_02 Serious fans of FERRY CORSTEN, an unquestionable talented and widely recognized as one of the world's top TRANCE DJs and producers will get exctatic over this new set released domestically especially for US market. FERRY CORSTEN, who produces under disguice using such aliases as SYSTEM F, GOURYELLA (along with DJ TIESTO) or MOONMAN remains on high demand by many artists to do remixes of their work As a DJ he headlines places he appears IN LIVE, virtually in every continent! I am extremely pleased to present you this second edition of GLOBALTRANCEMISSIONS (the first volume, that I never reviewed was actually released last year). FERRY delivers a set inspired by very specific club atmosphere of IBIZA clubs. Be prepared for truly seamless, melodic epic mix that all of you TRANCE music fans will find essential for their collection. FERRY carefully has chosen 12 vibrating TRANCE fares for this set. It starts with "Sugar 1" by YAHEL. This phenomenal producer from Israel, has proven to be one of the most interesting personalities in TRANCE scene these days. His music has special touch stamped by his individuality. Presented tune is a pure journey into rich, pounding synth lines and electronic wizardry. Fascinating fare to blow your mind. Next is "Eternity" by ALIBI in Thrillseekers Remix. Also a TRANCE tune surrounded by dynamic synth lines and compelling bits of hot female vocals. Speaking of female vocals. You should check OCEANLAB feat. JUSTINE SUISSA in "Clear Blue Water" featuring an original FERRY's very own remix. Stunning VOCAL TRANCE tune with Justine's intoxicating vocals. This one will bring you to higher degree of unspeakable listening experience. FERRY brings also his own remixes of other tunes such as "My Dance" by RANSOM and "In The Beginning Again" by ROGER GOODE. His own "Lost In Motion" tune under SYSTEM F. is featured as well. The set is simply incredible. This vinyl-based mix is also an incredible work of art (keep in mind that you will hear some scratches here and there). I prepared a sound sampler with 6 tunes taken from the mix! The original mix was not retained! The sampler serves only as a brief encounter with what you have. The CD is a must! Get it now! The music experience this CD delivers is simply priceless!

For more information about MOONSHINE CREATIVE MEDIA, visit their home page at

01. YAHEL - Sugar 1 (1)
02. ALIBI - Eternity (Thrillseekers Remix)
03. OCEANLAB feat. JUSTINE SUISSA - Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten Remix) (2)
04. RISING STAR - Clear Blue Moon (3)
05. SUNSCREEM vs. PUSH - Please Save Me (4)
06. TRANQUILITY BASS - Razorfish (Above & Beyond Progressive Mix)
07. DELERIUM - Underwater (Rank 1 Remix)
08. SYSTEM F - Lost In Motion
09. LANGE feat. SKYE - Drifting (5)
10. EON - Pocket Damage (6)
11. RANSOM - My Dance (Ferry Corsten Remix)
12. ROGER GOODE - In The Beginning Again (Ferry Corsten Remix)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Virus Techno Compilation reviewed on 03/29/02
Label: 2002 Dieffe S.r.l. (Italy)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: PF 01 CD
Virus Techno Compilation This rather commercial compilation comes from Italy. I have received it from DIEFFE s.r.l. I am not sure if you are following Italian DANCE scene, but it is being dominated by ACID TECHNO and PROGRESSIVE sound. This compilation is the best example of this trend. you will find on this CD 40 tunes (20 on each CD) in continuous mix done by DJ SHORTY. First CD is more comercial TECHNO/TRANCE oriented and features mostly non-Italian tunes but not only though. You will find here several fares that you should be already familiar with like "Welcome to The Club" by KLUBBINGMAN, "Baya, Baya" by SAFRI DUO, "Life Is Too Short" by KAI TRACID and many others. Fans of classic DREAM sound have revamped ROBERT MILES's "Children" done in PROGRESSIVE style by 4 CLUBBERS. As a matter of fact it is so close to "Club Bizarre", recent tune by BROKKLYN BOUNCE, I thought it was a mistake. Well... check it out, how "Children" sounds in this PROGRESSIVE flavor. Highlight of the mix is brand new tune from DATURA "Will Be One". I was very interested to check it out. I really love this group and we didn't have anything new from them for ages. They didn't dissapoint! This tune has some familiarity to the style I know them from severla years ago, once again utilizing Spanish language. Very dynamic tune with some straight-line beats and lush strings. Very interesting indeed. Another good example of TRANCE is "Music Planet" by QU-ZAR. This combines flying high synths with rough female vocals. An interesting combination. "Gates Of Mind" by STERBINSZKY & TRANZIDENT has strong similarities to "Castles In The Sky" by IAN VAN DAHL. "To The Beat" by STARLIGHT reminds very much so EIFFEL 65. The second CD is almost exclusively devoted to Italian-born ACID HOUSE/TECHNO sound. You will find there new track from CLAUDIO LANCINI - "Pirata" (co-written by M. MORELLA), sexually charged "Lick It" by DIVA NOVA, "Virtual Love" by VIRTUAL DEEJAY (track co-written by one and only SALVATORE CUSATO), "Only Kick" by BRAIN OVULATION influenced by AGE OF LOVE and several others. Most of the groups are not known to me, so you have to check the CD. It is very good club sound especially for BASS'N'BEAT oriented clubs. In sound sampler I am presenting you 10 tunes taken from both CDs. Enjoy the music and let's the beat roll!

CD 1
01. COSMIC GATE - Hardcore
02. 4 CLUBBERS - Children (3)
03. 220 VOLT - Cut Off The Dock (2)
04. KLUBBINGMAN - Welcome To The Club
05. LUNA PARK - Space Melody
06. RAVERS ON DOPE - Hardcore Vibes
07. ADRIMA - I Can't Stop Raving
08. ROCCO - Everybody
09. SAFRI DUO - Baya Baya
10. DEE DEE - Forever
12. QU-ZAR - Music Planet (4)
13. FOGGY - Come … (Into My Dreams)
14. STERBINSZKY & TRANZIDENT - Gates Of Mind (5)
15. KAI TRACID - Life Is Too Short
16. DATURA - Will Be One (1)
17. STARLIGHT - To The Beat (6)
18. IAN VAN DAHL - Will I
19. DJ SPECIALE - Mystical River (7)
20. MILK INC. - Walk On Water
CD 2
01. DARIUSH - Ira
03. X-TERMINATOR - Virus Techno
04. MEGAPHONE - Waveform
05. DANY T - Digital Expression
07. PROJECT ALPHA - Tribute 4 Tribe
08. MAVOR vs. MARK NAILS - Computer Revolution
09. DIVA NOVA - Lick It
10. NITRO - 20 Bit Converter
11. VIRTUL DEEJAY - Virtual Love (8)
12. PLEXX - Always Bassline
13. DJ BONEBREAKER - Husten! (9)
14. NEBULA - Orbital Park (10)
15. DJ KOZMO - I Wanna F…
16. SANDRA FLYN - 1st Period
17. DARKON - Last Minute
18. ACID STEP - Lazy
19. SOUL DOWNLOADERS feat. PABLO B - Nevermind
20. DATA PROCESS - The Chorus People
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Title: TRANCE_FIXED V 2.0N.Y.C. UNDERGROUND PARTY - volume 4reviewed on 03/23/02
Label: 2002 Neurodisc Records (US)
Style: Trance
Index #: 0499 2 50261 2 2
TRANCE _FIXED V2.0 mixed by DJ SESSION ONE I used to review mostly European releases, however it's time to look for more of domestic one. First of all the TRANCE and TECHNO sound is now blooming across US. While in most cases played music originates from Europe, some US producers and DJs are starting playing with these genres. Several US-based labels are also starting recognizing the power of the sound. Among them is Ft. Lauderdale, FL based - NEURODISC RECORDS. I have been in Florida on several occasions and I have to admit that many clubs there were indeed flooded with this electronic sound. No wonder why this label leads in this trend. Today, I am presenting you two releases from NEURODISC RECORDS. The first one is "TRANCE_FIXED V 2.0" released in February 2002. It features continuous mix done by DJ SESSION ONE himself. DJ SESSION ONE from Blutonium Records made his mark after highly praised smash club hit "No Gravity". This tune got it's share of popularity also here in the States moving crowds nationwide. For the first time you will have a chance to listen to DJ SESSION ONE's very own, proliphic DJ set featuring 12 truly dazzling TRANCE tunes. His choices of tracks are simply outstanding. Be prepared for aggressive sound, wonderful hooks and dance experience you will encounter for more than 60 minutes. With such epic TRANCE tunes as "Next" by NEXUS, "C'est Syntone" by SYNTONE, "Get Your Thing Together" by CAMILIA, "Under Water" by THORSTEN F. you are into unforgettable treat. I have to admit, when I was listening to the set, I was truly in disbelief that you can just go and buy it here in the US. I have to congratulate NEURODISC RECORDS for such fine and priceless release. All TRANCE fans would cherish this compilation! I guarantee it. I will be looking forward into more cutting-edge sound coming from this relatively young label that already assured their presence in US dance scene! Please check the sound sampler with 8 tunes taken from the mix! I know it will not need further intro after you listen to it. You will be literally running to get it! The music experience in this CD is simply not to be missed by anyone serious about TRANCE.

For more information about this US-based label, visit their home page at

01. NEXUS - Next (Long Version)
02. SURENO - Guideline (Original Version) (1)
03. SYNTONE - C'est Syntone (Club Mix) (4)
04. DJ SESSION ONE - Journey Through The Time (Syntone Remix) (8)
05. NEXUS - Return From Flatliner (Original Mix) (2)
06. CAMILIA - Get Your Thing Together (Vocal 12" Mix) (3)
07. SILVERBLUE - Step Back (Silver Bullet Remix)
08. THOMAS TROUBLE - Echoes (Michael Fubeder Remix)
09. THORSTEN F. - Under Water (Planet Fuse Mix) (5)
10. NORMAN DJ - Electronic Technology (Michael Fubeder Remix) (6)
11. THOMAS TROUBLE - Insane Asylum (SMP Club Mix) (7)
12. DJ SESSION ONE - No Gravity (Club Mix)

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Title: GARFIELD SIGNATURES 01 reviewed on 03/23/02
Label: 2001 Neurodisc Records (US)
Style: Trance/House
Index #: 0499 2 50241 2 8
GARFIELD SIGNATURE - House And Trance Revisited 01 Yet another brilliant release from Neurodisc. This one is from September 2001. I decided to present you this offering because the featured music is timeless and compilation is still available. Don't miss your chance to own such a quality TRANCE/HOUSE fares. This is also mixed CD. 12 upfront tunes are mixed by DJ GARFIELD, currently resident DJ at Stereo Nightclub in Ft. Lauderdale. DJ GARFIELD comes from England with long track of DJing worldwide. His geeks include playing in such mega clubs as ESSENCE (voted one of the five super clubs along with Gatecrasher, Cream and Ministry of Sound), SPACE, AMNESIA and PACHA in Ibiza. After moving to US, he acquired residency at famous Miami's LIQUID Nightclub following by CROBAR at Miami, UTOPIA in Las Vegas and countless clubs across the US. Here we have a debut cutting-edge mix by DJ GARFIELD. CD features 12 tunes and you probably should be familiar with some titles. It starts with TRANCE anthem "Free" by TILLMAN UHRMACHER feat. PETER RIES. What makes this track so special is Marc'N'Ace Mix, hardly featured on other compilations. The music flow is dramatic, interwoven with pounding, powerful synths and riveting melody. "Cocaine" by YAKOOZA should be familiar to all of you who are into TECHNO-HOUSE. This tune was pretty big back in 2001. You should appreciate firework of synths and pretty much heavy BREAK BEAT elements in this one. Set is truly outstanding featuring one of my favourite TRANCE tune"Light A Rainbow" by TUKAN. Not only though. There are several driving tunes I did not have a chance to present you before. For instance "Mental Atmosphere" by ANDORA or "Inside Your Gates" by GREEN COURT. Both are incredible journey to the world of uplifting synths. This GREEN COURT's track is very pro-bible. Dramatic narrative about Jews being expelled from Egypt follows with dazzling array of electronic beat and instrumentation. Pure-synth driven contemporary TRANCE blaster with DREAM edge. Amazingly powerful! Another tune I never presented is "Paranoid" by HYPETRAXX. As you might expect DARK PROGRESSIVE sound dominates in here. Masterfully crafted and high octane fare to die for. So taken together, you are being exposed to pure UNDERGROUND sound. All tracks are in their extended versions so it's another plus. The turntable mix is excellent and warrants a good listening experience. In sound sampler I featured 7 tracks from this compilation. Check them out! Please support the label and the music by purchasing this CD. At $13.00 it is a true bargain!

For more information about this US-based label, visit their home page at
For more information about DJ GARFIELD visit his page at

01. TILLMANN UHRMACHER feat. PETER RIES - Free (Marc'N'Ace Mix) (1)
02. YAKOOZA - Cocaine
03. COSMOSONIC - Access
04. ANDORA - Mental Atmosphere (2)
05. GREEN COURT - Inside Your Gates (3)
06. TUKAN - Light A Rainbow
07. THIRD WAVE - Moving On
08. NOMAX - Sensoria (Gary D. & Dr. Z. Mix) (4)
09. PRO TECH - Control (5)
10. HYPETRAXX - Paranoid (6)
11. THE COLORS EP2 - Orange
12. AQUALORDS - Moon Revolution (7)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Dream Dance vol. 23 reviewed on 03/17/02
Label: 2002 Sony Music Media / Dance Division (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 506255 2
Dream Dance volume 23 - Double CD Compilation Next volume from DREAM DANCE series was recently released (end of February). This particular series remains a solid sale for SONY MUSIC. Proven to be one of the most solid sets in TRANCE/TECHNO oriented genres on the market gives the listener an opportunity to collect quite popular, rather mainstream tunes. Serious clubbers will probably try to turn to get more sophisticated sound, but for average Joe Doe this is a perfect compilation. As usually the set features 40 tunes divided equally to both CDs. No real surprises as goes for the title selection. First CD features such hits as "Heaven" by DJ SAMMY & YANOU feat. DO, DJ TIËSTO very own "Urban Train" (listed on other compilations as "Suburban Train"), "Infected" by BARTHEZZ or SAFRI's DUO - "Baya Baya". N-TRANCE is back with 2002 version of their mega hit "Set You Free" originally back from 1995. This "facelift" includes more EURO-TRANCE oriented feeling. Speaking of "remakes", ADRIMA did "Can't Stop That Feeling" , DUNE's RAVE anthem back from 1996. An interesting remake indeed. Some quite new tunes are here as well. For instance after relatively long period of silence NIELS VAN GOGH is presenting you his new and original tune "Another Joy". Combination of TECHNO with some TRANCE strings and BREAK BEAT elements. PLASTIC AGE presents "Trancespotting". This tune is causing some serious buzz in TRANCE/RAVE scenes these days. You have probably noticed that the classic music became a serious source of sound for some TRANCE-oriented projects. This time SYMPHONIC took MAURICE RAVEL's "Bolero" and processed it through heavy synths and bass beats. The outcome? Hmm... Let ask MAURICE. Oh... we can't... He is quite dead! :-) Second CD is also interesting, but seems to me it is more club-oriented (if you actually can with shortened tunes). It starts with rather TECHNO-HOUSE fare "Tarantula" by FAITHLESS. 2000 remake of all-time ROBERT MILES classic "Children" by GROOVE(A)HOLICS is featured here as well. The main theme has been spared however some additions and "update" brings this one to more TRANCE-friendly scene. I still like the original better though. For serious TRANCE freaks "Move Your Body" by BACKSLASH is real threat! If you like some more PROGRESSIVE touch check DJ WAG's own "Life On Mars". The second CD closes with quasi NEW AGE interpretation of PHIL COLIN's "Another Day In Paradise" by DNS III. In sound sampler I am presenting you "only" 10 tunes and I have to say, I wanted to do more, but than I think you simply have to get this setting to appreciate it's richness! So for now check the sampler and get the compilation! A good buy as always! Very good set, trust me!

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CD 1
01. DJ SAMMY & YANOU feat. DO - Heaven (Green Court Remix - Edit)
02. DJ TIËSTO feat KIRSTY HAWKSHAW - Urban Train (Radio Edit)
03. IIO - Rapture (Radio Edit)
04. KAI TRACID - Message Without Words (Album Version)
05. JAN WAYNE feat. LENA - Total Eclipse Of The Heart
06. CJ STONE - Into The Sea (Moonrise Edit)
07. N-TRANCE - Set You Free (Rob Searle Edit) (1)
08. STARSPLASH - Free (Peter Luts Remix - Edit) (2)
09. MISS SHIVA - Dreams 2002 (Cosmic Gate Remix Edit) (3)
10. SAFRI DUO - Baya Baya (Future Breeze Radio Edit)
11. WOODY VAN EYDEN - Together (Radio Mix)
12. DJ SAKIN & FRIENDS - Little Paradise (DJ Sakin's Mix) (4)
13. ADRIMA - Can't Stop Raving (Radio Version)
14. KISSOGRAM vs. WOODY - If I Had Known This Before (Woody's Fumakilla XTC-Express-Mix Edit)
15. NEILS VAN GOGH - Another Joy (Radio Cut) (5)
16. PLASTIC ANGEL - Trancespotting (Radio Mix)
17. X-ISTENZ - Melody (6)
18. BARTHEZZ - Infected (Radio Edit)
19. RAVE ALLSTARS - I Need Your Love (Main Mix)
20. SYMPHONIC - Bolero (Single Edit) (7)
CD 2
01. FAITHLESS - Tarantula (Radio Edit)
02. DJ I.C.O.N. - Save You (Short)
03. PPK - ResuRection (Radio Mix)
04. AEON - Masterpiece Of Emotions (Original Radio Cut) (8)
05. STORM - We Love (Mellow Trax Remix - edit)
06. BBE vs. EMMANUEL TOP - Orion (BBB Radio Mix)
07. GROOVE(A)HOLICS - Children 2002 (Radio Mix)
08. INTERACTIVE - Forever Young (Kosmonova Radio Edit)
09. BACKSLASH - Move Your Body (Radio Edit) (9)
10. DJ LYNUZ - Make The Sunshine
11. DJ WAG - Life On Mars (DJ Wag Airplay Mix)
12. SUNCOLLECTORS - Freak Of Paradise (Edit)
13. JT COMPANY feat. BARBIE - Wake Me Tonight (DJ's@ Work Edit) (10)
14. UNDEE - Picture Of Dreams
15. ROCHUS - High Noon (Radio Version)
16. ANDY JAY POWELL feat. ROBERT KLINE - Like A Dream (RMB Remix)
17. DJ TOMCRAFT - Overdose (Lady Radio Mix)
18. FRAGMA - Say That You're Here (Riva Remix Edit)
19. CIRILLO - Cristallo (PvD Remix - Edit)
20. DNS III - Another Day In Paradise (Comanova Club Mix - Edit)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: Trancemaster 3oo2 reviewed on 03/02/02
Label: 2002 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 302 4109-2
TRANCEMASTER 3oo2 Many truly devoted fans of quality TRANCE sound were eagerly waititng for next volume from truly fantasite TRANCEMASTER series. The waiting is over and volume 32 is out! By now you should recognize that this series is real gem among compilations featuring TRANCE sound. Presented volume continues the saga. As usually the set od 22 tunes on this double CD offering is mastered by SLOBODAN PETROVIC (PULSEDRIVER) himself! Be prepared for stunning selection of music and great club sound experience. More than 150 minutes of unforgettable TRANCE marvels with big, soaring synths in most of the featured tunes. The first CD starts with "On My Own" by CONDOR. This tune was previously featured in FUTURE TRANCE 18, but here we have much more powerful Les Voix Mix, with exceptional buttom and synth strings combining power and transcendental feeling. Next is sizziling "Don't Want Your Love" by SYMPHONY OF STRINGS in Donald & Giles Mix. Big room TRANCE to make dance floor going crazy. Pulsaiting vibes with driving to extasy bottom line and seductive female vocals. Simply mesmerizing. While you are probably familiar with "Life Is Too Short" by KAI TRACID, since this tune was widely played last year in many dance floors, you cannot afford missing Energy Mix presented here. What makes this mix so special is added impressive energy to this relatively dark tune. It makes this offering even hotter than the original version. There are many more outstanding tunes representing different shades of TRANCE. Another example of outstanding fare from this genre is of course "Freedom" by WAVETRAXX in it's Original Trance Mix. One will appreciate gorgeous synth work and beautifully crafted piano section on this one. For more dark TECHNO/TRANCE oriented sound check "Alone With Me" by DJ AIR. Among orher marvels on the first CD are such tunes as "Reunion" by K-LAB with very sexy female vocals or "Wide Anthem" by M & M feat. M. The second CD is at least equally interesting as the first one. It starts with "Proagressive" by NIGHTLIFE in Donald & Giles Remix. If you like AIRWAVE you will love this one as well. Ground-breaking TRANCE with dazzling rays of synth instruments gloriously rising from the low to high. An unforgattable experience. I also would like to draw your attention to Mario's Lopez Remix of "Now Is The Future" by DJ ORBIT. I consider MARIO LOPEZ as one of the most interesting TRANCE DJ's Germany has right now. He did a marvellous job turning this already great tune to a truly big room TRANCE monster. Lush strings and female vocals flourishes over wonderful synths. Spectacular remix! Entire CD delivers the sound you have been waiting for. I am not going to tell you that you need this set for your collection, you know you will want to. Check the audio sampler!. I included 10 tunes from both CDs in the mix for your listening pleasure. For more music you gotta get the real thing. Your money will be wisely spent as usually for the releases from this series! Guaranteed!

CD 1
01. CONDOR - On My Own (Les Voix Mix)
02. SYMPHONY OF STRINGS - Don't Want Your Love (Donald & Giles Mix) (1)
03. KAI TRACID - Life Is Too Short (Energy Mix)
04. WAVETRAXX - Freedom (Original Trance Mix) (2)
05. DJ AIR - Alone With Me (Flutlicht Mix)
06. NU-NRG - Dreamland (3)
07. I-CHING - The Forgotten Dream
08. MAGLEY - Levitate
09. K-LAB - Reunion (4)
10. HAVANNA - Shady Lady
11. M & M feat. M - Wide Anthem (5)
CD 2
01. NIGHTLIFE - Proagressive (Donald & Giles Remix) (6)
02. YVES DERUYTER - Music Non Stop (Original Mix)
03. BARTHEZZ - Infected
04. NOSTRUM - Melodrama (Original Mix)
05. SHAWN DOUGLAS - Kharma (Original Mix) (7)
06. DJ ORBIT - Now Is Future (Mario Lopez Remix) (8)
07. DREAM KEEPERS feat. DINEKA - Ocean Of Love (9)
08. PERAN - Good Time (Original Mix) (10)
09. SOLAR FACTOR - No Return
10. MO'HAWK - Previous Years
11. KLUBBINGMAN - Welcome To The Club (Mat Silver Remix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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