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Title: Dream Dance vol. 25 reviewed on 10/26/02
Label: 2002 Sony Music Media / Dance Division (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 509033 2
Dream Dance volume 25 - Double CD Compilation Time for anniversary edition of immortal DREAM DANCE series. Hard to believe but it is already volume 25. As usually it will meet expectation of all of you who are into popular TRANCE/TECHNO sound. While the folks who decide what to put on each and every volume still are trying to stay with original line of DREAM HOUSE and TRANCE, however the music is changing so the content of new volumes have to follow. Well... there are some beautiful electronic tunes such as "Y.O.U." by NOÉMI, "Go" by TRANCE ALLSTARS, "Feel So Good" by MARIO LOPEZ, but there are also some more HOUSE oriented tunes such as "I Begin To Wonder" by J.C.A. (What on earth is that? Combination of SPEARS with FRAGMA?). If you follow dance floor these days, you probably noticed the unsophisticated trend of remaking the older tunes that peaked several years back. This trend one can see as weakness other as a attempt to revitalize the sound. Nevertheless, remakes are here as well. So, MARK 'OH is doing "Let The Party Never End", ALEX BUTCHER is butchering (sic!) "Sweet Dreams", GROOVE COVERAGE does "Moonlight Shadows", even SPACE FROG is remaking "Follow Me". Oh well... you still can find here some fares that can catch your attention. Taken together this anniversary issue does not bring too much of excitement nor is the one of strongest one. There were definately better issues in the past. Anyway, enjoy the sound sampler from this offering, featuring 13 tunes!

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CD 1
01. NOÉMI - Y.O.U. (Radio Edit) (1)
02. MARK'OH - Let This Party Never End ( Video Cut)
03. J.S.A. - I Began To Wonder (Original Radio Edit)
04. DJ SAMMY - Sunlight (Sunrise Mix)
05. DUMONDE - God Music (Radio Edit) (2)
06. ALEX BUTCHER - Sweet Dreams (Radio Edit)
07. BLANK & JONES - Watching The Waves (Short Cut)
08. TRANCEHEAD - Sundown (3)
09. BOSSDRUM - Beat Is Pumpin' (Single Edit)
10. EVA LUNA - Tell Me Lies (Sylver Remix-Edit) (4)
11. DJS@WORK - Fly With Me (To The Stars)(Long Distance Mix-Edit)
12. GROOVE COVERAGE - Moonlight Shadow (Radio Version) (5)
13. KYAU vs.ALBERT - Save Me (Original Radio)
14. DANCE NATION - Dance! (Radio Mix)
15. BROOKLYN BOUNCE - Loud & Proud (Single Version)
16. MARCO V - Good (Single Edit)
17. KENNY TAKITO - Moskito (Japanese Sunrise Radio Edit) (6)
18. TRANCE ALLSTARS - Go (DJ Mellow-D Short Version)
19. ANDRÉ VISIOR - Speed Up (Luvstruck 2002)(Radio Edit)
20. THE LOVE COMMITEE - Access Peace (Loveparade 2002) (Main Mix-Short)
CD 2
01. MARIO LOPEZ - Feel So Good (Paul'n' Johnsen Mix)
02. BEAM vs. CYRUS - All Over The World (Video Mix)
03. YANOU presents DO - On And On (Radio Edit)
04. HOOLIGAN - Hear You Now (Single Cut)
05. BLACKLIGHT feat. TECHNOIR - Love Like Blood (Headroom Edit) (7)
06. CJ STONE - The Sun (Goes Down)(Sunrise Radio Edit)
07. NATURE ONE INC. - Summer Sound System (Radio Edit)
09. DJ ROSS - Dreamland (Rocco Remix-Edit) (8)
10. EQUIPE REVEZ - 25th Anniversary (9)
11. THE THRILLSEEKERS - Dreaming Of You (Radio Edit)
12. ANACONDA - I Need A Hero (Klubbingman Radio Remix) (10)
13. SPACE FROG feat. THE GRIM REAPER - (X-Ray) Follow Me 2002 (Director's Cut Edit) (11)
14. DJ TIËSTO - Lethal Industry (Radio Edit)
15. MARC AUREL - Sound Of Love (Rank1 Remix-Edit) (12)
16. BBE - Free (Radio Edit) (13)
17. MARC - Hyperharmonie (Radio Mix)
18. KARAJA - She Moves (La La La)(Oscar Sakguero Radio Edit)
19. PERPETUOUS DREAMER - Dust.Wav (Radio Edit)
20. SONO - 2000 Guns (Resistance D.Treatment-Edit)
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Title: BLANK & JONES - The Mix - Volume 1 reviewed on 10/26/02
Label: 2002 GANG GO MUSIC / WEA Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 5050466-0761-5-1
BLANK & JONES - The Mix Volume 1 (Double CD Compilation) On September 30, 2002 this new release and highly anticipated from famous German DJ duo of BLANK & JONES hit the streets. "The Mix - Volume 1" is a double CD compilation featuring two DJ sets with 21 titles on the first CD and 18 on the second one. I am sure that many of you who like mixed sets will like this offering. BLANK & JONES have chosen in their sets tunes that in most cases you should be familiar with. In a sense it is a commercial approach. Don't expect rare tunes in here, but rather commercial, mainstream TRANCE and TECHNO sound. Among interesting fares that found it's home here are new PAFFENDORF's tune "Crazy Sexy Marvellous", "Things That Matters" by getting more and more recognition MIRCO DE GOVIA. I was also very pleased to see "Dreamland" by currently one of the best Italian DJ project NU-NRG. BLANK & JONES are also presenting some of their own productions such as "The Hardest Heart", "Watching The Waves" or their 2002 remake of "After Love". Also their very own remix of PET SHOP BOYS' "Home & Dry" is here as well. I have prepared rather longer sound sampler that includes 18 tunes taken from both CDs. The original mix was not retained, so you only should focus on music. Both guys have done an excellent mixing job, that warrants a party ready compilation if you will. For now enjoy 18 minutes of music.

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CD 1
01. BLANK & JONES - The Mix Intro
02. BLANK & JONES feat. ANNE CLARK - The Hardest Heart (Original Mix)
03. RAPID EYE - Circa-Forever (Iberia Mainroom Mix) (1)
04. PET SHOP BOYS - Home & Dry (Blank & Jones Remix)
05. DRIFTWOOD - Freeloader (Original Mix) (2)
06. KOSHEEN - Catch (Ferry Corsten Vocal Remix)
07. PROJECT MEDUSA vs. EXOR - Moonshine (Symphony Of Strings Remix) (3)
08. FRAGMA - Time & Time Again (Megara vs. DJ Lee Remix)
09. SURENO - Love Is An Ocean (Silverblue Remix) (4)
10. PAFFENDORF - Crazy Sexy Marvellous (Hennes & Cold Remix) (5)
11. 2ND AREA - Cry For Love (Deserted Instrumental Mix) (6)
12. BLANK & JONES - Watching The Waves (G&M Project Remix) (7)
13. SVENSON & GIELEN - We Know What You Did... (Original Mix)
14. NU-NRG - Dreamland (Original Mix) (8)
15. A SITUATION - The Situation (Original Mix)
16. TOBY LEE CONNOR - Follow The Sun (Silverblue Dub Remix) (9)
17. HUMAN EVOLUTION - Human Evolution (Club Mix) (10)
18. MATT DAREY feat. MARCELLA WOODS - U Shine On (Original Mix)
19. ANDROMEDA - Fusion (Hiver & Hammer Remix) (11)
20. PLASTIC BOY - Silver Bath (Original Mix) (12)
21. WESTBAM & NENA - Oldschool Baby (Short Cut)
CD 2
01. SARAH MCLACHLAN - Sweet Surrender (DJ Tiesto Remix)
02. ALLURE - No More Tears (Original Mix)
03. PAUL OAKENFOLD - Southern Sun (DJ Tiesto Remix)
04. THE THRILLSEEKERS - Dreaming Of You (Original Mix)
05. ANDAIN - Summer Calling (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
06. PAUL VAN DYK - Autumn (TPOD Mix)
07. EN-MOTION - Getting Away With It (The Thrillseekers Dub Remix) (13)
08. RIVA - Time Is The Healer (Armin Van Buuren Vocal Remix) (14)
09. RALPHIE B. - Massive (Mirco De Govia Remix)
10. BLANK & JONES - After Love (Love Parade 2002 Remix) (15)
11. TOUR DE TRANCE - Wan Wu (Original Mix) (16)
12. MIRCO DE GOVIA - Things That Matter (Original Mix) (17)
13. SOLID SESSIONS - Janeiro (Armin Van Buuren Dub Remix)
14. MEGA LO MANIA - Emotion (Plenty Blue Remix)
15. 040 feat. ERICA BAXTER - Dreams (Summer 2040 Remix) (18)
16. LANGE feat. LEAH - Don´t Think It (Feel It) (Alternative Dub Mix)
17. H 2 J - East & Central (Original Mix)
18. SUN DECADE - I´m Alone (Ronski Speed Remix)
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reviewed on 09/28/02
Label: 2002 Neurodisc Records (US)
Style: Progressive House
Index #: CDP 7243 5 41590 2 2
PROGRESSIVE HOUSE ELEMENTS mixed by Andy Hughes Recently I am spending most time of reviewing either TECHNO, TRANCE or EURO oriented sound, but have neglected other genres of DANCE. Today I decided to present you more HOUSE actually PROGRESSIVE HOUSE oriented compilation. It comes from US-based NEURODISC RECORDS, the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - based label. I did previously present some of their HOT TRANCE releases. This time it is a mix featuring massive club oriented sound delivered in the mix done by ANDY HUGHES. He is currently one of the US's leading PROGRESSIVE DJs with many years of experience as Radio DJ and program directors. He is currently also resident DJ at "Grotto" and "Firestone" in Orlando Florida. "Progressive House Elements" delivers a set with some xquisite sound delivered by some world's leading HOUSE producers such DESERTS, MARA, or INTERFLOW. The CD is heavily influenced by UK UNDERGROUND scene. You will find here "Revelation" by DALLAS KID or "Jawa" by STEVE PARRY or "Head Over Heals" by ALLEN & HEALEY as good example of UK club sound. Taken together this CD delivers generous chunk of club sound many of you should enjoy. Lotsa energy and dazzling hooks to get you pumped up. In sound sampler I featured 8 tunes taken from this offering. The mix is not original, since I did it to just show you the music. If you want to judge ANDY's mixing skills, you have to get this one. Trust me does a good job! Take me on this! For now enjoy the sound!

If you want to learn more about ANDY HUGHES, please visit his home page at

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01. DALLAS KISS - Revelation (Original Mix) (1)
02. NOBLE & THOMAS - Timeflies (Original Mix) (2)
03. INTERFLOW - Storyreel (Satoshi Tommie Remix)
04. STEVE PARRY - Jawa (Main Mix) (3)
05. MANTICORE - Slaves (Original Mix) (8)
06. ALLEN & HEALEY - Head Over Heals (Yum Yum Mix) (7)
07. RATIO feat. IDF - You & Me (Original Mix) (4)
08. MARA - Coming Down (Stripped to Phunk Dub) (6)
09. THE GRIFTERS - Flash (D. Ramirez Mix)
10. ICE CREAM SOCIAL - Woven Air (Dark Drum Mix) (5)
11. DESERT - Lettin' Ya Mind Go (King Unique Houz Mix)
12. HOMERUN - 5 (Original Mix)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: EURO HEAVEN 4 reviewed on 09/26/02
Label: 2002 Klone Records (England)
Style: Energy / Energy-Trance
Index #: CDKOPY 137

EURO HEAVEN 4 It has been a while since I reviewed new releases from UK-based KLONE RECORDS. Well... It was my fault. Several great new compilations came out of this label and I will be presenting them to you. Let me start with released on April 29 new from NEURO HEAVEN series already volume 4. Once again folks from KLONE compiled this beauty with help of S.A.I.F.A.M. You might notice that SAIFAM these days release on their own mostly TECHNO oriented tunes, however they still make high octane HI-NRG/EURO tunes mostly for outlicensing. It's bad, because some of them are truly amazing gems. Thanks to KLONE that keeps licensing those tunes, we got set 18 NRG-flavored hits produced by SAIFAM team. Most of the tracks in this offering are basically terrific with fresh sound of some classic POP tunes. If you are quite current with DANCE trends, you know how heavily the EURO/NRG sound is being influenced by TRANCE. No wonder though, why the first CD concentrates mostly on this style. This CD starts with "Hero" from BARRY/IGLESIAS/TAYLOR team "redone" by DANIEL. Truly xquisite EURO/TRANCE at it's best. Very simliar in quality are also other tunes placed on this CD. You simply cannot miss such classic interpretations like ABBA's "The Winner Takes It All" in chilling interpetation by WILDSIDE themselves, REDNEX's "Wish You Were Here" by VENUS or LLOYD WEBBER's "Memory" with turbo charged by SAINT ETIEN. The second CD sports more traditional NRG sound with covers done by such mavens as ORLANDO, T.H. EXPRESS or RADIORAMA to mention the few. Taken together one of the strongest releases from thise series to-date. With so many exclusive tracks featured in this issue, you simply cannot afford to miss it. Please, listen to mix containing 8 tracks taken from both CDs and run to grab one copy before it is too late. Enjoy!

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CD 1
01. DANIEL - Hero (1)
02. ANGELICA - What If
03, SHELDON - Calling
04. HELEN - Who Do You Love Now (Stringer)
05. WILDSIDE - The Winner Takes It All
06. BLUE DREAM - Continuum
07. VENUS - Wish You Were Here
08. PINK PANTHER - In The Evening
09. SAINT ETIEN - Memory

CD 2
01. HEARTCLUB - Something Stupid
02. DB - The Music's No Good Without You
03. TK - Paid My Dues
04. TK - I'm Real
05. BOYZ BOYZ - Drowning
06. T.H.EXPRESS - I'll Be Your Number One (7)
07. ORLANDO - Don't Want Your Love
08. RADIORAMA - Total Eclipse Of The Heart
09. ANGELICA - Only Time (8)
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Title: CHAIN REACTION reviewed on 09/26/02
Label: 2002 Klone Records (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDKOPY 138

CHAIN REACTION Now more about original releases from KLONE. Here you have good opportunity to have a party with all KLONE music in one megamix. Yes! This double CD consits of two discs. First one features roughly 30 tunes from respected KLONE artists. They were cued into powerful party megamix by one and only ROSS ALEXANDER (the man that brought unforgettable BOYZ WITH TOYZ remixes). This megamix is special because of it's unique "snapshot" feeling. Basically not only new tunes are here but some older stuff as well. You will fine hesr such producers and artists as ABIGAIL, PRINCESS PARAGON, TERESA MARIE, CHEKMATE, DIVA DELUX and others. I am sure if you will look at the track listing you will recognize also othwe names and titles. Many of those tunes were previously released on KLONE's releases, but for the first time you have them mix for uninterrupted dance adventure. The second CD is truly a collector item. It features 10 tunes remixed by well respected American DJ remix service dedicated to NRG releases: HOT TRACKS. Never before these tunes were lined up like that, nor they were released to the public. If you do not like mixed music, you still have to have, just for this second CD. I sound sampler I have decided to present you with the original mix featuring first 8 songs. The mix was not cut or trimmed, so it should give you pretty good idea what to expect. Enjoy!

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CD 1
01. ABIGAIL - Twist In My Sobriety (1)
02. DEZIRE - I Don't Want A Lover
03. DIVA DELUX feat. DEE - Proud
04. EM PROJECT feat. LINZI - Thank You
05. SUZANNE DEE - American Love
06. ULTIMA - Why Does It Always Rain On Me
07. PRINCESS PARAGON - Stupid Girl
08. 2 AMIGOS - Hey Baby! (Uhh Ahh!)
09. DEZIRE - I Think We're Alone Now
10. PRIMA - Into The Groove
11. BOYZ WITH TOYZ feat. ANGIE BROWN - Knock On Wood
12. CHEKMATE - A Little Respect
13. THE NIGHTBIRDS - Lady Marmalade
14. XQUISITE - Eternal Flame
15. EVOLUTION feat. J.B. - Dancing In The Moonlight
16. JASON PRINCE - Evergreen
17. JO FRANCES - Bohemian Like You
18. TERESA MARIE - Life Is A Rollercoaster
19. YVONNE LEE - Emotion
20. FLESH - Let's Spend The Night Together
22. FIZZARAMA - Get The Party Started
23. MARIE - Rock DJ
24. MASSIVE EGO - Master & Servant
25. CHEKMATE - I Will Survive
26. FLESH feat. ANGIE - The Greatest Love Of All
27. TWISTER - Over The Rainbow
28. GLAMMA feat. DONNA JAMES - Let's Hear It For The Boy
29. TERESA MARIE - Gloria
30. 2 AMIGOS - Can't Take My Eyes Off You

CD 2
01. DIVA DELUX feat. DEE - Proud (Hot Tracks Remix)
02. EM PROJECT feat. LINZI - Thank You (Hot Tracks Remix)
03. SUZANNE DEE - American Love (Hot Tracks Remix)
04. ULTIMA - Why Does It Always Rain On Me? (Hot Tracks Remix)
05. PRINCESS PARAGON - A Girl Like You (Hot Tracks Remix)
06. BOYZ WITH TOYZ feat. ANGIE BROWN - Knock On Wood (Hot Tracks Remix)
07. JASON PRINCE - True (Hot Tracks Remix)
08. TWISTER - Over The Rainbow (Hot Tracks Remix)
09. PHILIP RUSHTON - Hang Your Head (Hot Tracks Remix)
10. BWT feat. NINA - Angel (Ladado-O-Heyo) (Hot Tracks Remix)
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Title: Dream Dance vol. 24 reviewed on 09/16/02
Label: 2002 Sony Music Media / Dance Division (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 508416 2
Dream Dance volume 24 - Double CD Compilation I am very late with the review of volume 24 from DREAM DANCE series. I never got into reviewing it, but since the volume is worth of your attention. There iis already Volume 25 out that I will review immediately after receiving it. By now, most of you hard core fans of this TRANCE/TECHNO oriented set should be familiar with the track featured on this one. However, some of you who do not do shopping that often might actually miss a good set. This offering has 40 tunes on both CD. Since the series is trying to gather the best tracks from the genre, you've got such hot cookies as tunes by ATB, LAZARD, NOÉMI, RANK 1 etc, etc. The list is simply countless. Some of the tracks featured in here, I have already presented in VIDEO section or in the reviews of other compilations. By all means, if you are into TRANCE sound you will find this offering very interesting. SONY MUSIC keeps this series always in high quality, so you shouldn't be dissapointed. I have chosen 10 tunes in sound sampler to give you an idea. Among fares I sampled are "Lost In Love" by TRANCE ALLSTARS (remake of now classic TECHNO tune originally by LEGEND B.). Beautifully crafter "I Will Find You" (2002 Remix) by ANTILLAS featuring celtic vocal by CLANNAD. An impressive tune indeed. I am sure the track listing as well as sample will be a good factor te help you make the decision. CD is still available, so get it! A good buy as always! Very good set, trust me!

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CD 1
01. MEMBERS OF MAYDAY - Culture Flash (Short)
02. ATB - You're Not Alone (Airplay Mix)
03. LAZARD - 4 o'clock In The Morning (DJs@Work Radio Edit)
04. NOÉMI - In My Dreams (Screen Cut) (1)
05. DJ SHOG - This Is My Sound (Original Radio Edit) (2)
06. ESCANOR - Open Your Eyes (Original Radio Mix)
07. DJ MARC AUREL - Running (DJ Marc Aurel Video Edit)
08. RANK 1 - Awakening (Radio Edit)
09. MARTIN EYERER - Starry Night (Radio Version) (3)
10. ANTILLAS FEATURING CLANNAD - I Will Find You 2002 Remix (Martinez Radio Cut) (4)
11. JUPITER - In Love
12. MAURO PICOTTO - Pulsar (DJ Tiesto Remix-Edit)
13. BLANK & JONES - Desire (4 Strings Remix-Edit)
14. BALEARIC BASTARDS - Beautiful Thoughts (5)
15. DREAMCATCHER - I Don't Wanna Lose My Way (Radio Edit)
16. DENIM PROJECT - Freedom To Move (Razziopharm-MK2@Blue PM Mix) (6)
17. DJS@WORK - Time To Wonder (Radio Edit)
18. GAVIN & NOX - Gold (DJ Teeno Remix-Single Version)
19. MARIO LOPEZ - Free Your Mind (Radio Version)
20. KAI TRACID - Trance & Acid (Trance & Acid Video Cut)
CD 2
01. TILLMANN UHRMACHER - On The Run (Radio Mix)
02. MOBY - We Are All Made Of Stars (DJ Tiesto's Full Vocal Remix-Edit)
03. SVENSON & GIELEN - Twisted (Original Single Edit)
04. MINIMALISTIX - Close Cover (4 Strings Remix-Edit)
05. TRANCE ALLSTARS - Lost In Love (ATB Radio Edit) (7)
06. RMB - Wonders Of Life (Edit)
07. 2 PLAYERS - Signet (Original Short Cut) (8)
08. JUNKFOOD JUNKIES - Spin Out (Trance Radio Cut) (9)
09. JASON NEWMAN - I Feel Love
10. ANAMORPHIC - Dream (Radio Mix)
11. BEN DIX - String's Groove
12. IAN VAN DAHL - Will I (Radio Edit)
13. DEE DEE - Forever (Ian Van Dahl Radio Edit)
16. AQUAGEN FEAT.ROZALLA - Everybody's Free (Radio Edit)
17. LAAVA - Wherever You Are ( I Feel Love) (Pulsedriver Edit)
18. ECHO CIRCUIT - Airlane (10)
19. NORDLICHT - Whitin Each Of Us (Short Mix)
20. KLUBBINGMAN - Open Your Mind (Edit)
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Title: IN TRANCE WE TRUST 007 - DJ Misja Helsloot-reviewed on 08/30/02
Label: 2002 In Trance We Trust / Black Hole Recording (Holland)
Style: Trance
Index #: ITWT 007CD
IN TRANCE WE TRUST 006 - DJ Misja Helsloot Almost a year ago I have reviewed previous volume of IN TRANCE WE TRUST mixed by DJ COR FIJNEMAN. In May of 2002 volume 7 from this very special TRANCE oriented series was released. It features mix done by 29 years old MISJA HELSLOOT. He was actually the first DJ featured in this series (Volume 1) back in 1998. For most of you probably Dutch TRANCE scene oscillates around CORSTEN, TIESTO, MARCO V. and others with HELSLOOT being less known. That might be true, but he is actually well regarded DJ in his homeland and throughout the Scandinavia. Also, recently his career is kicking off. HELSLOOT recently established aso his own label called GESTURE in which he released single "First Second" featured also in this compilation. HELSLOOT is catering into PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE he is creatively involved with. No wonder why the CD has this particular feel. It starts with "Angel" by DRAX & SCOTT MAC more into beach HOUSE, followed by more rumbling PROGRESSIVE HOUSE in style new tune done by THREE DRIVERS ON A VINYL entitled "Carrera 2". True TRANCE sound starts with majestic "Elixir" by ROLAND K. Pumping beat, concerto of drums and killer synths. It could be actually considered VOCAL TRANCE, however male vocals are featured instead of male. If you want slide fast thru the mountain of sound, you can do that as well. "Future Voices" by DJ TON T.B. will help you to fulfill the task. This mix offers also other quite amazing tunes such as "Message From The Universe" by TANGLED UNIVERSE with intoxicating synths loops, beautifully done HELSLOOT's own "First Second" that incorporated incredible chors loops with mesmerizing synths, pulsating bassline. Well... there are mor for you to discover. I am happy that your knowledge of TRANCE will get better after listening to this gem Be prepare for more agressive sound but it should fulfill you! In the sound sampler I feature 8 tunes taken from this offering. The original mix was not retained, so get the real thing. Collector item as usually as this series is quite unique and hard to have hands on.

For more info about DJ MISJA HELSLOOT, visit his page at

01. THREE DRIVES - Carrera 2
02. ROLAND K - Elixir
03. DJ TON T.B. - Future Voices (1)
04. MESH - Persuasion (2)
06. SHADOW feat. MEL - Eternity (Gary D. Out Of Space Mix)
07. TANGLED UNIVERSE - Message From Universe (8)
08. BRADSKI & JENSKI - Hardbeat (Humate Remix) (3)
09. ANTARCTICA - Lazarev (Steves Mainfloor Mix)
10. MISJA HELSLOOT - First Second (Ralphie B. Remix)
11. MIDWAY - Monkey Forest (4)
12. FIREWALL - Reflections (Lange Mix)
13. CAPETOWN - X-Tension (5)
14. GREEN MARTIAN - End Of The Earth (6)
15. DJ TIËSTO - In My Memory (Airwave Remix) (7)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Trancemaster 3oo4 reviewed on 08/18/02
Label: 2002 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 302 4112-2
TRANCEMASTER 3oo4 As usually I am eager to check releases from fantastic TRANCEMASTER series. So, today let me present you two last issues. Recently released volume "3oo4" and below volume "3oo3" released several months back. The newest offering "3oo4" brings several hot tunes cerefully chosen by SLOBODAN PETROVIC (PULSEDRIVER) himself! Some names should be very familiar to most of you who cherish quality electronic music. Among them are such projects as AIRWAVE with brand new mind-blowing, fierce TRANCE tune "Another Dimension" opening first CD , KAI TRACID in his "Trance & Acid" or brand new psychodelic PROGRESSIVE tune by FERRY CORSTEN - "Punk". Also "Awakening" by RANK 1 is here with Cosmic Gate Remix and the list continues. This compilation does not simply bring the easy side of TRANCE but is full of more PROGRESSIVE site of that sound. For instance "Full Intention" by MEGARA vs. DJ LEE bridges TECHNO with TRANCE by combining powerful big room synths to die for with wicked drums! Track is indeed excellent. This is also true for such tunes as "Speed Up" by ANDRE VISIOR where actually TECHNO is taking over! Fans of truly club-oriented sound will love "Silver Bath" by PLASTIC BOY. Strong and mysterious tune with terrific instrumental section and impressive synth work. Very engaging I have to admit. If you remember FERRY CORSTEN's Remix of "Orbit's Adagio" and loved it, they are ready for a treat! Listen to "Androids" by PALE X. While melodically similar in part, it is otherwise more PROGRESSIVE in general. Well... the TRANCE section on this one is simply tantalizing! I was frozen and stayed that way for a while. It takes creative mind and sensitivity to deliver such sound. The first CD is closed with "Future" by DJ DISCOVER. Yet another combination of big room TRANCE and whipping TECHNO with galloping synths that are dazzling to say the least. The second CD is impressive as well. Right from the first tune: "In The Club" by DOGMA you are getting into hot club atmosphere. Check the audio sampler!. "My Dreams" by SERAQUE is a seductive TRANCE thundering electronics waving up and down. Powerful production. Among other tunes from the second CD that you really gotta listen to are such gems as "Souvenire De Chine" by SHANE 45 (reflective and passionate instrumental TRANCE to die for), newest from FERRY CORSTEN - "Punk" (really into more ACID side though), "Beloved" by VNV NATION (Hiver & Hammer Full Vocal Mix sports male vocal, an interesting tune) and many others tunes. You wil lnot get dissapointed when you will spend money on this release. In sound sampler I included 12 tunes from both CDs in the mix. Please by this CD to support the music and stores selling them.

CD 1
01. AIRWAVE - Another Dimension (1)
02. MEGARA VS.DJ LEE - Full Intention (Clubmix) (2)
03. ANDRE VISIOR - Speed Up (Luvstruck 2002) (Grey & Frost Club Mix)
04. REDWING - Place To Be (Club Mix)
05. PLASTIC BOY - Silver Bath (3)
06. KAI TRACID - Trance & Acid
07. RANK 1 - Awakening (Cosmic Gate Remix)
08. PALE X - Androids (4)
09. THE MOON FEAT.NU NRG - The Moon Loves The Sun (5)
10. JAM-X & DE LEON - Can You Dig It
11. DJ BISMARK E.R.K. - Trance Love (Forum Mix) (6)
12. DJ DISCOVER - Future (Russenmafia Remix) (7)
CD 2
01. DOGMA - In The Club (Ibiza Club Mix)
02. SERAQUE - My Dreams (8)
03. SHANE 54 - Souvenir De Chine (9)
05. VNV NATION - Beloved (Hiver & Hammer Full Vocal) (10)
06. VECTREX - Line Of Fire (11)
07. MARC ET CLAUDE feat. TONY HADLEY - Feel You (I Love Trance Mix)
08. @DAM - Pure Energy (Vernon B.Remix)
09. CLONED MIND - Changes (Paul Hutsch Remix) (12)
10. TERRAPIN - Phantom Leap
11. SUNFACTOR feat. EILEEN - I Won't Let You Down (Adrima Remix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Trancemaster 3oo3 reviewed on 08/18/02
Label: 2002 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 302 4111-2
TRANCEMASTER 3oo3 This volume was released back in late April, but I just got it. Since both offerings are still available I decided to present this one as well. While by this time of the year you should already be familiar with some tracks from this release, there are still plenty of rare tunes. TRANCEMASTER series usually delivers long versions of tunes ready for club playing and this one is not an exception. You will find 22 tunes spread evenly on both CD. Quality music is what you will get. First CD features some very well know and widely played tunes such as "Take Me Away" by 4 STRINGS, "Will I" by IAN VAN DAHL or "Free Your Mind" by MARIO LOPEZ. Not only that, there are some hot club oriented tunes to mess with your mind if you will. Listen to "Sunsational" by LAKATA for magnificent TRANCE full of catchy hooks, dramatic synth lines and epic breaks building majestically with track progressing. "Angels Return" by ANGEL OF DEATH starts as fast pacing TECHNO just to turn into marvellous, deliciously dark, eerie piece of hot TRANCE. This track was co-written by KAI TRACID and quite different from his recent offering "Trance And Acid". I like the rumbling, big room synth fare featured in here. Beautiful TRANCE tune "DJ Vibrations" comes from Italian born GIANNI PELLEGRINO. Lots of dazzling, galloping synths and powerful production enriched by some female vocals in this one. Second CD is equally exciting with tunes by such projects as PUSH, PETER LUTS, GREEN VELVET, DJ PASSION, ACCUFACE or TORY KAY, the satisfaction is guaranteed. I have prepared sound sampler containing 10 tunes taken from both CDs. I hope you will enjoy it. I am sure collectors of this series will not be dissapointed, if you are newbie, here is the good beginning to start your collection!

CD 1
01. 4 STRINGS - Take Me Away (Into The Night)
02. LAKATA - Sansational (5)
03. PHRENETIC SYSTEM - Transformer (Club Mix)
04. IAN VAN DAHL - Will I (Voodoo & Serano RMX)
05. MARIO LOPEZ - Free Your Mind (Club Mix)
06. MARC DAWN - Expander (Flutlicht Remix) (1)
07. POLARTRAXX - Beyond The Stars (Trance Mix) (2)
08. ANGEL OF DEATH - Angels Return (3)
09. GIANNI PELLEGRINO - DJ Vibrations (Euro Mix) (4)
10. M.A.R.S. - Stargate (Original Mix)
11. AWEX - Adrenalin
CD 2
01. PUSH - Tranzy State Of Mind (Club Mix)
02. PETER LUTS vs. G-BRIC - Pacific Wish (Original Mix)
03. GREEN VELVET - La La Land (Zzino Vs Filterheadz Mix)
04. DJ GERD VS MARCEL WOODS - Once Upon A Time In The West (DJ Gert Vs.DJ Bonka Opera Mix)
05. DJ PASSION - Pitch Black (6)
06. ACCUFACE - Red Sky
07. DJ HEIN - Energetic Rhythm (7)
08. HEAVEN'S CRY - I Don't Need This
09. TRANSPONDER VS MIC-E - Infinity (8)
10. JOSH feat. RIVERMAN - Serengeti Sunset (9)
11. TORY KAY - Let The Leaves (2 Freax Remix) (10)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: TRANCE STIMULI ver 2.0 A Continous Mix by DJ Eddie Mix)
reviewed on 08/09/02
Label: 2001 Neurodisc Records (US)
Style: Trance
Index #: 0499 2 50230 2 2
TRANCE  STIMULI - version 2.0 . A  Continuous Mix by DJ Eddie Mix I am very late with the review of this truly beautiful release from US-based NEURODISC RECORDS. "TRANCE STIMULI version 2.0" was released back in 2001 but the music presented in this set mixed by DJ EDDIE MIX is basically timeless. When I heard this CD for the first time I was simply mesmerized by the intoxicating sound it delivers. All of you fans of quality TRANCE sound will cherish this one for a long time. The track listing is impressive. Among 13 tunes in this offering you will find some well known tunes such as "Cambodia" by PULSEDRIVER in swirling FRAGMA remix or "Free" by JOHN "OO" FLEMING. If you never heard "Quazar" by VOYAGER, you are missing kick-ass instrumental TRANCE of huge caliber. Soaring synths with very aggressive flavor delivered in this tune are scintillating. I listened to this tune countless time and never had enough! Definately a highlight of this mix! Outstanding! Of course there are many other tunes that will send chills into your spine. For instance "Ocean Of Light" by HYPERION sports good and uplifting VOCAL TRANCE. Speaking of this style, there are other fares in similiar style. For instance "Paradise" by ROY MARQUEZ with distinct piano section puts this one on the edge of pounding DREAM. Beautiful synths with creative and angelic female vocals produce glorious, swirling treat with powerful hooks. I also have to mention "Dreams Last for Long" by DIGITAL CONTROL. Yet another monumental TRANCE tune with energetic synths and terrific female vocal. For some big room, chilling experience you have to encounter "Escape" by SPEAKING SINS. This is another example of spectacular TRANCE sound with female vocal that is irresistibly catchy. Taken together you have offering that you cannot miss. Again, choices of tunes are just incredible and mix is perfect. Since this CD is still available you should get it either directly from the company's site or in nearby megamusic store here in the US. Unbelievable that here in the US, we were blessed by such incredible release courtesy of NEURODISC RECORDS. To spice up your appetite, please check the sound sampler featuring 8 tunes taken from this release. The original mixing was not retained! I concentrated on tunes! Enjoy the music and buy this release! You wil lnot regret it!

For more information about this US-based label, visit their home page at

01. JOHN "OO" FLEMMING - Free (Club Mix) (1)
02. NEW VOYAGER - Quazar (2)
03. HYPERION - Ocean Of Light (Club Mix)
04. PULSEDRIVER - Cambodia (Fragma Remix)
05. ROY MARQUEZ - Paradise (3)
06. NIGHT & DAY - Let Me Know
07. DIGITAL CONTROL - Dreams Last For Long (4)
08. SOUND DE-ZIGN - Happiness (Coast 2 Coast Mix)
09. GIGI LAV & BEN DJ - Forever Friends (Extended Mix) (5)
10. COAST 2 COAST feat. DISCOVERY - Home (Sam 5 AM Mix) (6)
11. SPEAKING SINS - Escape (Only If You Can) (7)
12. FORCE 10 - Ecuda (8)
13. MENTAL MIRACLE - Trip To Fantasy (Original)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: DJ Networx vol. 13 reviewed on 05/05/02
Label: 2002 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Trance/Techno
Index #: 507634 2
DJ NETWORX - Volume 13 Next installement from DJ DEAN's! This time it is "DJ Networx - Volume 13. It was released few weeks ago, yet it it retains it's freshness. DJ DEAN did it again by giving you a synopis of damn good TECHNO/TRANCE sound tunes in his mix. This double CD set features 40 tunes put together into two slamming all mixed sets. The first CD starts with TECHNO pumping fare "China Lounge" by STARSPLASH. Exhausting riffs open the world of synth driven underground sound. The drama grows with following fares such as "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" by AQUAGEN where PROGRESSIVE meets TECHNO/TRANCE, following by such club hits as "Back To Earth" by COSMIC GATE, "Children" by 4 CLUBBERS and so on. There are several magniciently soaring TRANCE surfacing the dance floor. Among them are "Goin' Crazy" by SVEN-R-G (this is actually HOUSE tune with TRANCE riffs though, yet it is great!) or "One More" by ABEL RAMOS, "Missing" by DISCOVERY (in an incredible uplifting remix by ROCCO) to name the few. Speaking of ROCCO, you should also check their mix of "Cunt Licker" by PORNOROCKERS (please do not ask me how Germans comes with such song titles though :-). There was also a TRANCE tune that caught my attention (originally because of it's name): "Anubis" by MARCO DI MICOLI. This is mysterious tune referring to Egyptian god of darkness. You really gotta listen to it. The vocal is chilling the music is HUGE! From rather generic TRANCE it turns into explosive fare that will run in each and every sense of your body! The second CD as usually in this series targets INDUSTRIAL and ACID TECHNO audience. It starts with "Moinsen" by LANGENHAGEN, following by such tunes as "Pull Sown" by DAS LICHT, "All Bitches 2002" by MISS JMA and others. While I am not really into INDUSTRIAL sound, the choices made dy DJ DEAN were excellent and the music balances into various shades of TECHNO sound. For instance "Brainshooter" by BLUTONIUM BOY offers both galloping TECHNO, but enriched with TRANCEY riffs. Cool combination! Another original combination is Russian folk tracj done in slamming TECHNO/TRANCE "Russian Melody" by NETWORK RED. Taken together one of the best DJ DEAN's set to-date! Worth your money! The sound sampler featuring 10 tunes taken from both CDs should be a good evidence what you have here, but trust me there is much more! For now enjoy the sound !

CD 1
01. STARSPLASH - China Lounge
02. AQUAGEN - Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Club Mix)
03. COSMIC GATE - Back To Earth (S.H.O.K.K. Remix)
04. 4 CLUBBERS 0 Children (Future Breeze vs. Junkfood Junkies Mix)
05. FULL HOUSE - Scratchin' (… my choice) (Original Mix)
06. O.C. PROJECT - Close Your Eyes 2002 (O.C.P. Extended Mix)
07. SVEN-R-G - Going Crazy (Bass Raiders Remix) (1)
08. ABEL RAMOS - One More (Original Mix) (2)
09. DISCOVERY - Missing (Rocco Remix)
10. PORNOROCKERS - Cunt Licker (Rocco Remix) (3)
11. N-TRANCE - Set You Free (Voodoo & Serano Remix)
12. MARC JONES - New Life (Junk Project Remix)
13. SYLVER LIQUID - Energy (4)
14. DJ VALIUM - Bring The Beat Back (Axel Konrad Mix)
15. DJ HEIN - Energetic Rhythm (Donkey Rollers Remix) (5)
16. DJ ENERGY - Excelsis (Original Mix) (6)
17. KENNY TAKITO - Moskito (Japanese Sunrise Mix)
18. MARCO DI MICOLI - Anubis (Book of Darkness) (7)
19. HUNTER, LAUKS & PARIS - Let The Floor Burn
20. JFS - Bomberos
CD 2
01. LANGENHAGEN - Moinsen (Sonntag Morgen - Shogga Mix)
02. DAS LICHT - Pull Down
03. MISS JMA - All Bitches 2002 (Hennes & Cold Remix) (8)
04. BLUTONIUM BOY - Brainshooter (Thomas Trouble Remix)
05. NETWORK RED - Russian Melody
06. PRESSWORK - Don't Cry (DJ Dean Remix)
07. GOLLUM & YANNY - Watch Out
08. INDIGO - Back To The Beat
09. LAZARD - 4 O'clock In The Morning (The Crow Remix)
10. STACCATO - Always Hardcore (Yeeeaah…) (Speaker Freakz Mix)
11. DONKEY ROLLERS - Motherfuck (DJ Zany Remix)
12. DJ GENETIC - Scream (Yakooza Full Remix) (9)
13. PI-FACTOR - Cocaine Speaking
14. MAX B. GRANT - Progressive Halloween
15. NORMAN DJ - Go Back (Club Mix) (10)
16. TRONIK - Sky (Altronic Mix)
17. PSR DREAM TEAM (DJ SPOKE & VESPA 63) - Alphabet Lead
18. ACCUFACE - Cross The Limit
19. IMPEGEMENT SYNDROM - My House (Club Mix)
20. SEARGENT PEPPER - Nino (Original Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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