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Title: ITALIAN RENAISSANCE reviewed on 12/13/02
Label: 2002 Klone Records (England)
Style: Hi Energy
Index #: CDKOPY 143

ITALIAN RENAISSANCELet me start this batch of KLONE RECORDS reviews with presenting you "ITALIAN RENAISSANCE" double CD compilation released on December 02, 2002. If you are following releases from this famous NRG UK-label, you know that very often, they feature tracks coming from S.A.I.F.A.M. an Italian labels that delivered many classic ITALO, DISCO and NRG tunes. Recently KLONE opened a poll in their site and call their visitors to nominate tunes taken from S.A.I.F.A.M. vault to fill this compilation. As a result this offering contains 18 tracks representing the fans' favorite. Compilation is divided in two disc separated by the style. First CD contains tune to S.A.I.F.A.M. more curent EURO-TRANCE style. You will find here such tunes as "Heroes" by U-TRAXX originally released on S.A.I.F.A.M.'s EURO-TRANCE label URBAN ZOO. Among other marvels featured on this CD you will fing "Return To Innocence/Kyrie (Medley)" by THE CORPORATION, 1997 remake of "Easy Lady" by L. DEDALO, "Pistol In My Pocket" by PAUL ICE and very hard to find TEXTURE's tune "Take A Chance". The second CD caters on a more POP/NRG sound. It is also filled with wicked and wild tunes from S.A.I.F.A.M. It starts with prolific interpretation of CINDI LAUPER's "Time After Time" by KATE PROJECT. No doubt that EURODANCE fans will like it, if they didn't hear it yet (tune was originally released on NEW MEAL POWER label. On another occasion I commented on U-TRAXX interpreation of JOHN LENNON's classic "Imagine". This tune was "mugged" by giving it DANCE feel. I like it, but it is brave to do thing they have done to rather slow and romantic fare. Speaking of "remakes", you will also have interpretation of BEE GEES' classic track "Words" by BAKERSTREET. With all the recordings featured here, this album is must-have for all of you EURO fanatics. In the sound sampler I mixed 8 tunes taken from both CDs. Support KLONE and get this one directly from them! For now enjoy the sound!

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CD 1
01. U-TRAXX - Heroes (Club Mix) (1)
02. LISA GOMEZ - Sister Golden Hair (Factory Team Remix)
03. THE CORPORATION - Return To Innocence/Kyrie (Medley)
04. PAUL ICE - Love Resurrection (Dance Edit) (2)
05. TEXTURE - Take A Chance On Me (3)
06. MUZIK MASTERS - Johnny Come Home (Extended Euro Mix)
07. L.DEDALO - Easy Lady (Dance Mix) (4)
08. PAUL ICE - Pistol In My Pocket (Factory Club Edit) (5)
09. LIVE2LOVE - La Cosa Mas Bella (Extended Version)

CD 2
01. KATE PROJECT - Time After Time (Club Remix)
02. U-TRAXX - Imagine
03. MIKKI - Meteor Man
04. HEARTCLUB - Don't Stop (New Power Mix)
05. FREE BOY - This Is My Life (Johnny Mix)
06. ALISHA - Sometimes (Power Club Mix)
07. BAKERSTREET - Words (F.T. & Company Edit)
08. LIMITE - I Can't Feel It (The Pepe's Mix)
09. T-ZONE - Reach Out (D-Floor Filler Mix)
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Title: NRG MAKEOVERS 3 reviewed on 12/13/02
Label: 2002 Klone Records (England)
Style: Hi Energy / Pop
Index #: CDKOPY 139

NRG MAKEOVERS 3Let's stay a little bit longer on KLONE RECORDS compilations with titles taken from S.A.I.F.A.M. vault. I am late with review of "NRG MAKEOVER 3" that was released back on June 24th 2002. Since S.A.I.F.A.M. rarely is releasing NRG/POP-related stuff on their own labels, I thought it should be a benefit to most of you who likes that sound originating from S.A.I.F.A.M. to check these titles out. Basically all presented titles were only done for licensing purpose, so KLONE took this advantage and we have now set with tracks that majority of were never released. This makes this set truly a unique opportunity to owe some good EURO especially if you are devoted to S.A.I.F.A.M. artists and music. As the title of the compilation indicates all 18 tunes are basically EURO-NRG versions of contemporary and classic POP. There are several interesting EURO-TRANCE interpretations as well. You will find here such tracks as "Escape" by RED HARDING, "Insatiable" by LAWRENCE, quite in demand CELINE DION's "A New Day Has Come" by KYRIA. Even Canadian ROCK represented by NICKELBACK's "How You Remind Me" got NRG-ised treatment by AXEL FORCE. There are many fantastic tunes to choose from. All in updated sound. Many are truly brilliant and soaring EURO/NRG/TRANCE interpretations. For instance "World Of Dreams" by ANGELICA combines great female vocals and killer synthesizers that soar over an incredibly stron bottom line that's just custom-made for floor-packing, peak-hour excitement. I am sure you gonna have fun listening to this slammin collection of the tune. For the sound sampler I have chosen 8 tunes taken from both CDs. Support KLONE and get this one directly from them! For now enjoy the sound!

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CD 1
01. RED HARDIN - Escape
02. KYRIA - A New Day Has Come (1)
03. LAWRENCE - Insatiable
04. ANGELICA - World Of Dreams (2)
05. THOMAS - Hanging By A Moment (3)
06. LEIT-MOTIV = I Believe
07. BAKERSTREET - Anything Is Possible
08. HANNA - Wherever You Will Go (4)
09. RED GARDEN - How It Feels To Be Free

CD 2
01. HELEN - I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman (6)
02. 3 BOYS - World Of Our Own
03. ANGELICA - Moi…Lolita
04. HOUZEBOYZ - Caught In The Middle
05. DB - A Song For The Lonely
06. AXEL FORCE - How You Remind Me
07. KOAN - Run
08. T.H. EXPRESS - You're The First, The Last, My Everything
09. HEARTCLUB feat. PETE - Superman
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Title: MAD ABOUT THE BOY - 9 reviewed on 12/13/02
Label: 2002 Klone Records (England)
Style: Hi Energy / Pop
Index #: CDKOPY 141

MAD ABOUT THE BOY - Volume 9 This compilation was also released earlier this year (September 09, 2002). It comes from a very popular series MAD ABOUT THE BOY. As I previously described, this series usually represents a showcase of KLONE releases. This newest installement is not different. All of you who admire the quality NRG sound KLONE is famous of, are for a good treat. Among excellent tunes are a combo remakes of KYLIE MINOGUE's "Can't Get Enough Of You" bundled with NEW ORDER's "Blue Monday" done by newcomers PANIKBROTHERS feat. NINA. JASON PRINCE contributed marvellous NRG gem "Anyone Of Us". Beautifully crafted ABBA-sque tune delivers power, beat and magic. For some cover frenzy check BOYZ WITH TOYZ interpretation of AMY STEWART's classic tune "Knock On Wood". This one should target well connoisseurs of contemporary HI-NRG sound. "Treatment" received also DEPECHE MODE's classic "Master And Servant" by MASSIVE EGO. Featured Ross Alexander's Rawhide Mix is truly solid, superb, upbeat melodic HI-NRG candy in the store. I also have to mention US (sic!) act BRAINDAMAGE who delivered a barnstorming version of LISA's NRG-classic "Rocket To You Heart". This compilation features it's Dr. Octavo 12" mix that is reach with high-octane synth line and thrust forward on the strength of powerful, hard-hitting beats. Another mix of this tune: Boyz In Toyz Slap & Tickle Mix was previously featured in BOYZ IN TOYZ "The Remix Collection" album previously reviewed in this section. Another true gems offered by this compilation are such remakes as "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by 2 AMIGOS, "Light My Fire" by FLESH or "Unchained Melody" by PAUL JOSEPH, to mention the few. I was also extremely happy to see the veteran of NRG sound: duo BACCARA in their "Wind Beneath My Wings 2002" appearing here courtesy of MIKE COPPOCK and TONY SPALDING of MAJIC RECORDS. So taken together we have yet another solid NRG release from KLONE to satisfy all of you NRG mavens. This one is maust for your collection if you are into this kind of sound. The sound sampler contains the mix of 8 tracks taken from both CDs. Support KLONE and get this one directly from them! For now enjoy the sound!

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CD 1
01. JASON PRINCE - Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake) (12" Dance Mix) (1)
02. BOYZ WITH TOYZ feat. ANGIE BROWN - Knock On Wood (Ross Alexander's Diva Mix)
03. PANIKBROTHERS feat. NINA - Can't Get You Out Of My Head/Blue Monday (Panikbrothers Anthem Mix)
04. FLESH - Let's Spend The Night Together (Boyz With Toyz Remix) (2)
05. MASSIVE EGO - Master And Servant (Ross Alexander's Rawhide Mix) (3)
06. BRAINDAMAGE - Rocket To Your Heart (Dr Octavo 12" Mix) (4)
07. 2 AMIGOS - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Club Mix)
08. FIZZARAMA - Land Of Make Believe (Panikbrothers 12" Mix) (5)
09. JASON PRINCE & KIX - A Good Heart

CD 2
01. FLESH - Light My Fire (Panikbrothers 12" Mix)
02. FIZZARAMA - Get The Party Started
03. JASON PRINCE - Evergreen (Ded Cred Club Mix)
04. TIPPI BRITTON - I'm On A Holiday (Ross Alexander's Riviera Mix)
05. PAUL JOSEPH - Unchained Melody (Club Mix)
06. TERESA MARIE - Gloria (Ross Alexander's Revisited Remix)
07. JASON PRINCE - True (Ross Alexander's Remix)
08. BACCARA - Wind Beneath My Wings 2002 (Extended Mix)
09. LEIF BENJAMIN - Dolce Vita (Euroclub Mix)
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Title: Techno Marathon Vol. 6 - The Ultimate Megamix reviewed on 12/08/2002
Label: 2002 Dance Network / More Music / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT 10114-2
Techno Marathon - The Ultimate Megamix - Volume 5 After about 6 month we have next volume of "TECHNO MARATHON" mixed by legendary SWG TEAM of DJ DEEP and DJ STUDIO 33. Both guys after closing their bootleging business by law enforcement agency in Germany did not vanish. As a matter of fact their unprecedent talent in mixing has been recognized by music industry and both DJ are making mixes for various labels. One of the series is "TECHNO MARATHON". If you have other mixes from this series you might be into a surprise (in a good sense). Usually first CD contained mix of DANCE tunes while the second one usually was more into mainstream radio type of music. Here we have both sides devoted to good TRANCE and TECHNO sound. As usually mixes are done in superior quality. The choices of the tune featured are excellent as well. Among 80 tunes you will find some very known tunes but also to my surprise it features very own DJ STUDIO 33 own tune "We Can Fly" that I decided to present you in the sound sampler. Taken together it's a great party compilation for crowd that likes good synth fireworks and exquisite electronic pandemonium. Once again, both DJs show the quality that many are trying to achieve, but very few can match if anything. In sound sampler I am featuring 10 tunes taken from both CD. No cuts were made, and the mixing was retained wherever it was possible. Please support the DANCE genre and show your respect to masters of mixing by purchasing this excellent product.

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CD 1
01 Mario Lopez - Feel So Good
02 Playahitty vs. Sasha de Vries - The Summer Is Magic
03 Vitamin T. - In The Name Of Love
04 Marc Marris vs. Ramone - Eternity
05 Futurez - Let Your Light Shine Through
06 Pro-Active - The Beat Goes
07 Floorfilla - Le Delire (1)
08 Marc La Cruz - Future Prison (2)
09 Black Spider - I Will (3)
10 The Mackenzie - Believe (4)
11 Plastic Angel - Daylight (5)
12 Clubcrasher - Seven Days And One Week
13 Godfathers Dome - Raise Your Hands Up
14 Ramirez - Accelerando
15 P Factor - This Is Cocaine Speaking
16 Double Ingram - You Know What I'm Saying
17 DJ Loop - Spring 2002
18 Starshine - Morning Light
19 Dave Davis - Underground Subway
20 Agent Plant - Empire Of Pain
21 Boris S. - Fremde
22 DJ Darkzone - Megamix
23 Seikos pres. Hyper - Ride On A Meteorite
24 Zicky - Yeah Man Bombo Clat
25 Hennes & Cold - Get Down
26 Hydrogen - Hydrogen
27 Crash Dudes - Jabo Jabo
28 Space Jockeys - Elevator Up And Down
29 Camino - Feels Like Heaven
30 Faysal - The Look Of Love
31 Sascha Müller - Atomic Mac
32 Bobby V. - Free Love
33 Remaster - Question (My Heart) (6)
34 Agent Deadline - Last Song (7)
35 Plastic Angel - Be My Angel
36 Grooveaholics - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
37 Body Shock - Mars Plastic
38 Cosmic Blueprint - The Cocaine Bar
39 Poison Club - Ibeatza
40 No Iron - Enjoy The Silence
CD 2
01 Hooligan - System Overload
02 Furilla - Shake Da Shake
03 Big Fat - Disco Gogo Fiesta
04 El Sueno - Dear Jessie
05 Zorn - Stigmata
06 Quench - Dreams
07 Ruff Driverz - Waiting For The Sun
08 Fortunato Fernando - Overstep
09 Goddess - Bound In Human Flesh
10 Airforce 1 - Keep Rocking
11 Manuel Varela - Possible
12 Hardenbrook - Time For Summer
13 DJ 33 - We Can Fly (8)
14 Ultraphase - A New World (9)
15 Trance Fuse - Killer Bass (10)
16 Dogma - In The Club
17 3 Drives On A Vinyl - Greece 2000
18 Black Shadow - It´s Time To Make The Floor Burn
19 Deluxe DJ Team - Anesthesia
20 Alex Gay - Freedom
21 Da Rouge - Die Ankunft
22 Sys - Weiber
23 DJ Amis - I Can´t Stop
24 Travel - Pacific Blue
25 Dariush - Ira
26 Global One - Wildstyle
27 Spirit G. - Love Safari
28 George Acosta - The Reaper
29 Sonic Inc. - I Feel For You
30 Kai Jaxx - Reset Your Mind
31 Blutonium Boy - Trancing Your Mind
32 Walt vs. Zero Gi - Exciter
33 DJ Tallibahn - Dance Now
34 Session One - Future Shock
35 Taiko - Rappelkiste
36 Boca - Play With Me
37 Art Of Trance - Madagaskar
38 Hardliner - Obsession
39 Mauritius - Somebody Told Me
40 Off - Electrica Salsa
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Title: Tunnel Trance Force - Vol. 23 reviewed on 11/24/02
Label: 2002 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 510 252 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Vol. 23 New DJ DEAN's mix from TUNNEL RECORD's flagship series "Tunnel Trance Force" Volume 23 is out. In this double CD offering DJ DEAN delivers 36 super powered mostly TRANCE fares! In general featured sound is not the polished, delicate TRANCE, but rather aggressive, dark side PROGRESSIVE flavor. You will encounter many hard-charging blasters with pulsating synth work throughout. The first CD entitled: FROZEN MIX starts with instrumental Mix of current top hit from PROGRESSIVE BROOKLYN BOUNCE - "Bring It Back". It might sound strange a bit at the first sight because of no vocals, yet big, majestic synths domiante entire fare. We also have DJ DEAN's very own original and recent tune "Play It Hard". Featured Flying Away Remix is a sparkling TECHNO/TRANCE with bouncy basslines topped by some female vocals. This is one of those kick-ass records that make the dance floor go frenzy. "Over Now" by CLEVER & SMART combines some DANCE NATION melodic line, with pumping and galloping TRANCE madness. If you really like galloping tunes, there are plenty of them on both CDs. For instance "Imagination" by ANDY B. features not only racing synths but also angelic female voice that calms this tune a bit. If you like TRANCE with more NRG beat in it, "Reach Out" by DANCE UNITED will do the job for you. Good example of HARD TRANCE is "Remember The Day" by JENS O. For some EPIC TRANCE ingredients you can turn to "Hope" by DE VARGAS. Since the mix presented in here was done by Russenmafia vs. Schwarze Puppen you are getting some dark feel as well. An interesting VOCAL TRANCE style is sported in "Like The Stars" by CHRIS CHRUSHER feat. CYBERUTA. This is actually a combo with TECHNO sound if you will. Speaking of TECHNO, we have it in "Dunkelheit" by DJ LERBY. No wonder why though, the mix is done by Die Schwarze Puppen, and they do indeed like DARK side of the TECHNO/TRANCE. You will be intoxicated with synths and deep bassline. The Second CD featuring Ice Mix is even more dark than the first one. It starts with "Chains Of Justice" by RIOT 303 vs OBSERVER featuring incredible synth work and spectacular masculine vocal to define this track. Truly a mesmerizing production that causes already some buzz in clubs. "Overdrive" by DJ DARKZONE is another example of highly pulsating tune with some hard synths and computerized spoken, genderless words. Taken together you are getting one cool club oriented release. DJ DEAN done a fine job to deliver helluva set of club music. this is a good release. I have chosen 14 tunes taken from both CDs. I hope it will give you an idea. The original mixing was not retained but you have to trust me. It's good! Enjoy the sound and get this compilation to support the dance music!

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CD 1 - Frozen Mix
01. BROOKLYN BOUNCE - Bring It Back (Instrumental Mix) (1)
03. DJ DEAN - Play It Hard (DJ Dean Flying Away Rmx) (2)
04. CLEVER & SMART - Over Now (DJ Pain Mix)
05. ANDY B. - Imagination (Michael Parsberg's ADF Mix) (3)
06. DJ TIESTO - Lethal Industry (CJ Stone Meets Mr.Phillips Rmx)
07. MARIO LOPEZ - Feel So Good (Orig.Club Mario Lopez Mix)
08. DANCE UNITED - Reach Out (West Mix) (4)
09. JENS O. - Remember The Day (Ext. Mix)
10. DE VARGAS - Hope (Russenmafia vs.Schwarze Puppen Mix)
11. CHRIS CHRUSHER feat. CYBERUTA - Like The Stars (5)
12. DJ LERBY - Dunkelheit (Schwarze Puppen Mix)
13. DELUXE DJ TEAM - Anesthesia (6)
14. MAT SILVER vs. TONY BURT - Teardrops (Hard Mix)
15. NIGHTSLIDERS - Turn The Music To Your Head
16. ACCUFACE - Heartbeat
17. BALEARIC BASTARDS - Avenue d'amour
18. SPACE PLANET - Timestamp (7)
CD 2 - Ice Mix
01. RIOT 303 vs. OBSERVER - Chains Of Justice (Vengeance Rmx) (8)
02. DJ DARKZONE - Overdrive (Vocal Cut) (9)
03. STORMCATCHER - Chill Out (Cosmosonic Rmx)
04. OUR DESTINATION - In Your Face (No Rock And Roll Mix)
05. DJ FROST - Poison (Grey & Frost Club Mix) (10)
06. MBO - Dirty Club Talk (Cosmic Club Mix) (11)
07. DJ CYGLAS - Catalyst (Schwarze Puppen Mix)
08. DYNAMIC D - Losing Control (12)
10. DJ SHOKO - Nothing
11. MR. AMY & SASHA DJ - Trance Mutation (Orig. Mix) (13)
12. SUN DOWNER - Baby 64
13. KAZE - No Rules (Hard Floor Mix) (14)
14. BOBBY V. - Free Love (Original Club Mix)
15. DITO - Sky (Talla 2XLC Rmx)
16. HARDLINER - Obsession (X900 Rmx)
17. JENDRIK DE RUVO - Drumcode X (Lacargo Mix)
18. RAY CLARKE - Reaching The Sky (Club Mix)
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Title: ID&T Trance 04 reviewed on 11/21/02
Label: 2002 ID&T Music (The Netherlands)
Style: Trance
Index #: PROMO

ID&T TRANCE 04 Next release from this truly exciting series featuring brightened TRANCE sound that took as motto: Music Is The Answer". This double CD features two set of 15 tunes on each CD, all in extended versions and all mixed for your listening and dance pleasure. Truly an outstanding set catering to various TRANCE flavors with emphasis on VOCAL and EPIC TRANCE. You should be familiar with several tunes already. There are few of them on both CDs like "Needlejuice" by SYSTEM F., "Running" by MARC AUREL in Dumonde Remix, "In My Memory" by DJ TIËSTO, "updated" version of "Cafe Del Mar" by ENERGY 52 in Marco V. Remix. First CD features several good dance fares. I "Crimson Soil" by HEMSTOCK and JENNINGS brings beautiful synths and lovely CELTIC vocal. This is indeed a soaring production for club circuit. Another example of VOCAL TRANCE at it's best is "Eternity" by SHADOW feat. MEL. You are probably already familiar with the track, however featured mix by GARY D. is definately worth of checking it out. Another TRANCE winner is "Epidemic" by EXIT EEE. Actually it is very hard to single out tracks that might be of interest, so you really should make some effort to find this compilation and get it. Most of the tracks sport swirling strings peaking through layers of sumptuous synthesizers and plumes of cascading keyboard, not to mention rich usage of female vocals virtually everywhere. As I predicted before this relatively new series became an important happening on TRANCE scene. It combines both commercial and more sophisticated club sound. In sound sampler I featured 12 tunes taken from both CDs.

CD 1
01. DJ CALVIN - Stop The Violence (1)
02. SHANE - Too Late To Turn (Armin Van Buuren Remix) (2)
03. TRAVELLER IN MOTION - Believe (Minimalistix Remix) (3)
04. HEMSTOCK AND JENNIGS - Crimson Soil (4)
05. SHADOW feat MEL - Eternity (Gary D Out Of Space Remix)
06. 2 PLAYERS - Signet
07. EXIT EEE - Epidemic (Ramon Zenker 2002 Remix) (5)
08. SOLID SESSIONS - Janeiro (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
10. SYSTEM F. - Needlejuice
11. DJ ASTRID - Starfever (Clubmix) (7)
12. M.O.R.P.H. - Consequence (Benicio Remix)
13. BENICIO - Don't Explain
14. RAPID EYE - Circa Forever (Iberia's Main Room Mix)
15. CHEMISTRY - We Are One (Clubmix)
CD 2
01. FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - Papua New Guinea (Marco V Remix)
02. FRANK TRAX - Nebuchan (O.R.G.A.N. Remix) (8)
03. AIRWAVE - Above The Sky
04. CYGNUS X - Positron 2002 (Marco V Remix)
05. ARMIN VAN BUUREN - Sunburn
06. SHANE 54 - Souvenir De Chine (Club Mix) (9)
07. SENSATION - The Anthem 2002 (The White Edition) (10)
08. MATANKA - Lost In A Dream (Push Remix) (11)
09. DJ TIESTO - In My Memory (Airwave Remix)
10. STEVE MORLEY - Reincarnations
11. ENERGY 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Marco V Remix)
12. DUMONDE - God Music
13. MARC AUREL - Running (Dumonde Remix)
14. JOHN NOVACANE - Mercury (The Runner) (12)
15. DJ LOVING LOOP - I Feel Da Rhythm
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: Trancemaster 3oo5 reviewed on 11/21/02
Label: 2002 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 302 4114-2
TRANCEMASTER 3oo5 And this one is yet another quality TRANCE compilation you cannot afford to miss. This one comes from truly fantastic TRANCEMASTER series. This one is the most recent "3oo5" issue. As usually tunes were selected by SLOBODAN PETROVIC (PULSEDRIVER) and are featured in extended versions. Among 23 tracks featured on both CDs you find some tunes you might be familiar with but also many less known yet absolutely stunning fares. Right from the beginning with "Anima In Corpore" by ENCARTA you are being introduced to intoxicating EPIC TRANCE with sizzling synths that will knock your socks off. Dark, pounding fllor-packer of the highest caliber. Featured Remix by ANDRE VISIOR is just hard to resist. Some more ACID oriented TRANCE is herwe as well like the Club Mix of "We Are One!" by CHEMISTRY. While overall this fare is blasting TRANCE it has some ACID elements throughout. An interesting combination. Megamind Mix of new MAURO PICOTTO tune "Back to Cali" sports some keyboards weaving in and around the futuristic, atmospheric synths with a throbbing edge. For truly inspiring TRANCE with angelic VOCAL wrapping around listen to more than 10 minutes lasting epic "Sky Falls Down" by OCEANLAB feat. JUSTINE SUISSA. Incredible beauty that drives your body, your mind and soul by it's irresistibly catchy production. An ultimate, rousing pleasure. If you like more NRGetic-oriented VOCAL TRANCE, "Sky" by DITO will satisfy your taste. There more fully loaded TRANCE marvel both on fist and second CD to satisfy even most demanding tastes. A wonderful compilation to own and cherish. While FUTURE TRANCE series from Polystar Records became a commercial success, TRANCEMASTER remains one of the best sources or club sound. An ultimate compilation with selections that can be used by DJ. Featured maxi versions are very much helpful. A guaranteed buy! In sound sampler I included 10 tunes from both CDs in the mix. Please buy this CD to support the music and stores selling them.

CD 1
01. ENCARTA - Anima In Corpore (Andre Visior Remix) (1)
02. CHEMISTRY - We Are One! ( Club Mix)
03. 4STRINGS - Diving (Hiver & Hammer's Different Gear Remix) (2)
04. THREE KINGS (DJ Sakin Meets Schwarze Puppen) - Tokyo (Russenmafia Mix)
05. MAURO PICOTTO - Back To Cali (Megamind Mix)
06. OCEANLAB feat. JUSTINE SUISSA - Sky Falls Down (Armin Van Buuren Remix) (3)
07. STARSHINE - Feels Alright
08. DITO - Sky (Club Mix) (5)
09. THE MACKENZIE V.S. KELLY - So Far Away (Trance Mix) (4)
10. DARKSUCKER - Call Me (Original Mix)
11. THE TRANCECORE PROJECT - Jump! (Clubmix)
12. JOY KITIKONTI - Joy Don't Stop (Asteroids Mix)
CD 2
01. MATT CASSAR - Seven Days & One Week (Dirt Devils Mix)
02. TOUR DE TRANCE - Wan Wu (6)
03. LA CHIMERA - Homeland (Sunrise Mix) (7)
04. ULTRA - The Down (Spinnin)
05. MENTAL MIRACLE - Ocean Of Time (Original Vocal Mix) (10)
06. LOLO - Melody
07. ART OF TRANCE - Madagascar 2002 (Push Remix) (8)
08. FIREWALL - Touched (Plastic Angel Remix)
09. TANGLED UNIVERSE - Message From The Universe (9)
10. VECTOR 7 - Air Of Love
11. IAN VAN DAHL - Reason (Extended Mix)
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Title: TRANCE VERTIGO mixed by SCOTT STUBBS reviewed on 11/04/02
Label: 2002 Neurodisc Records (US)
Style: Trance
Index #: CDP 7243 5 42064 2 9

PROGRESSIVE HOUSE ELEMENTS mixed by Andy Hughes In quest of promoting a spectacular TRANCE sound US-based NEURODISC RECORDS, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida brings yet another marvel to cherish: "Trance Vertigo". I keep presenting you releases from this label as they become available. What is so interesting about this forefront TRANCE American label is, that in most recent releases, they feature performances of American DJs playing TRANCE and PROGRESSIVE sound. This time we have mix done by SCOTT STUBBS. He is one of the pioneers of PROGRESSIVE HOUSE and TRANCE in North America with 10 years of continuous support for both genres. He holds permanent residence in various clubs in Las Vegas (RA Luxor Hotel, Glo Bar), but also plays in different clubs in the US. "Trance Vertigo" is not his first mixed CD. He previously released several of them before in PROGRESSIVE, TRANCE and HARD CORE ends. Presented here mix is equipped with PROGRESSIVE HOUSE, TRANCE and even BREAK BEAT and is simply hot! The spectacular journey into trancendental vocal TRANCE starts with "Shine" by VIVIEN G. Female vocal turns this title into a rousing battle cry over uplifting synthesizers that are big, bright and bouncey. From BLUTONIUM Records comes 2001 track by DJ SESSION ONE - "Ocean Of Emotion". This gloriously melodic tune with gorgeous, soaring female vocals was a huge success in VOCAL TRANCE genre. "Daylight" by SILIKON WORKS bears trademark of KAYLAB who written that moody TRANCEY club fare filled with hypnotic bassline. Speaking of bassline and hypnotic sound, "Mirage (of Hope) by HEMSTOCK & JENNINGS is another example of how stunning this sound can be! For some more PROGRESSIVE treat with heavy TRANCE/HOUSE influence turn to DJ TATANA vs. DJ ENERGY - "Feel (Energy Anthem)". DJ AIR feat. MEL SHAWN in "Alone With Me" present mesmerizing EPIC TRANCE fare with amazing break and haunting female vocal before synthesizers intensify and take off. An outstanding piece of electronic sound. The Italian TRANCE is represented by DJ PIEBERT feat. VALERY in "Voyage". This is electronic powerhouse, with hard-charged beats, beautifully crafted bassline, infectious female vocals and angelic synth works. It is massive! If you like some drum action ala SAFRI-DUO, check "Always On My Mind" by BADLANDS. If you are fascinated by EPIC TRANCE you should check yet another track in that genre: "Atlantis" by THE BLOCKBUSTER. Featured Green Court Mix surfaces as pandemonium of synths and brilliant hooks. EMANNUEL TOP's classic "Seven Days & One Week" was "uplifted" by DEE MARK into high-flying TRANCE marvel! So taken together you have one massive set of 13 tunes in magnificent mix. Truly a release for even most sophisticated electronic mavens! At the price tag of $13.00 you cannot afford not having copy for yourself! Please listen to a sound sampler featuring 10 tunes from this offering.

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01. VIVIEN G. - Shine (Ronski Speed Mix 2) (1)
02. DJ SESSION ONE - Ocean Of Emotion (Trance Vocal Mix) (2)
03. SILIKON WORKS - Daylight (Euro Mix) (3)
04. SOLID SESSIONS - Janeiro (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
05. HEMSTOCK & JENNINGS - Mirage (Of Hope) (Lange Remix) (4)
06. DJ TATANA vs. DJ ENERGY - Feel (Energy Anthem)(DJ Tatana Club Mix)
07. DJ AIR feat. MEL SHAWN - Alone With Me (Tukan Club Mix) (5)
08. DJ PIEGERT fest. VALERY - Voyage (Extended Mix) (6)
09. BADLANDS - Always On My Mind (Original Mix) (7)
10. THE BLOCKBUSTER - Atlantis (Green Court Mix)
11. DEE MARK - Seven Days & One Week (Club Mix) (8)
12. DRAXX & SCOTT MAC - The Sun (Dee Progression Mix) (9)
13. ALTITUDE - Altitude (S.H.O.K.K. Mix) (10)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Euphoria - White Label (mixed by John '00' Fleming) reviewed on 11/04/02
Label: 2002 Telstar TV (UK)
Style: Trance/Progressive/House/Hard House
Index #: TTVCD3241
EUPHORIA - White Label I am truly a fan of the compilations from EUPHORIA series. In the past I did review several of them. It has been a while since I did it last time. Well... I decided that it's time to introduce you to a truly an outstanding EUPHORIA offering. "White label" was released back in February 2002, so it is quite late to review it, but definately worth it, especially if you didn't have a chance to check it out yet. Beside it was already sold out in about 100,000 copies worldwide. First of all few words about JOHN'OO'FLEMING. He started his adventure with music back in 1986 with residency at Stern’s Nightclub in Worthing while still in school. Since then he raised as well regarded DJ with appearences in major clubs and venues in UK, Australia, US such GATECRASHER, MINISTRY OF SOUND. BUZZ, FUTURE ENTERTAINMENT and many other. He also did many remixes, radio appearance and run his own label. While his list of achievements is quite long he really never enjoyed the recognition he deserved. However, in recent two years he has been finally "re-discovered" and is rated as one of the 50 best DJ. He spins mostly electronic music with emphasis on PROGRESSIVE, TRANCE and GOA TRANCE sound. "White Label" is his second set done for EUPHORIA. The previous one "Progressive" was released in 2001. "White Label" is a very special and very personal compilation. John very carefully selected tunes to this compilation. As the name of the compilation implies, this set has mostly promo and club-oriented tunes, far from Radio mainstream. As a matter of fact he delivered his special own description to each of 30 tracks featured here. I prepared sound sampler featuring 8 tunes from just first CD, but you should trust me, that this set will poke your mind deeply. An excellent music that will carry you through the rainbow of the electronic sound with mesmerizing climates. One of the best releases from the series to date. Not to be missed!

For more information about JOHN '00' FLEMING check his website at:

CD 1
02. DJ NUKEM vs. CHAB - Wanted (1)
03. FRED NUMF vs. ETIENNE OVERDIJK - Illusion Of The Truth (Original Mix) (2)
04. HUMAN BLUE - Memorexis
05. TILT feat. MARIA NAYLER - Headstrong (Parks & Wilson Scalpel Mix)
06. JAMES HOLDEN - Solstice (3)
07. FUTURA LEGEND - Restless Nature (Tim J.Remix) (4)
08. LEAMA - Melodica (Humate Mix) (5)
09. ARRAKIS - Airea Force (Lemon8 Remix)
10. GRAHAM FEE - Forever (6)
11. T-FACTORY - Massage In A Bottle (Hiver And Hammer Mix)
12. GRAYSON SHIPLEY presents SOLARIS - The Mighty Shari (Original Mix) (7)
13. DIGITAL BLONDE - Noctone
14. AQUANUTS - Deep Sea (Martin Eyerer Remix) (8)
15. PUSH - Tranzy State Of Mind (Club Mix)
CD 2
01. GENETICA - The Nazarean
02. FUSION feat. MATT HARDWICK - Spectrum
03. OLIVAFFAIR - Electric Drum
04. S-RANGE - Out Of Range (Nomas Morning Glory Remix)
05. LEMON8 - Lose Control (Original Mix)
06. ORANGE - Orange 1
07. AYUMI HAMASAKI - Boys & Girls (Push Instrumental Dub)
08. M.O.R.P.H - Maximum Overdrive (Benicio Remix)
09. DIGITAL BLONDE - Legato 2002
10. URBAN DWELLERS feat. SARAH WELLLER - Lover Man (Satoshi Tomiie Flip Path Mix)
11. SINÉAD O'CONNOR - Troy (The Phoenix From The Flame)(Push Remix)
12. YAHEL - Heartache
13. HUMAN BLUE - Carpe Diem
14. DEEDRAH - Liquid Skies (GMS RMX)
15. JOHN ASKEW - Vellum
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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