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Title: Trancemaster 3oo6 reviewed on 03/09/03
Label: 2003 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 302 4115-2
TRANCEMASTER 3oo6 After several months since last release, a new offering from TRANCEMASTER series is now available. I follow this series for several years now, and I am reviewing every single issue since volume 29. This series caters to TRANCE style and features mostly club oriented tunes and mixes. As such it caused considerable interest from many DJs as well as common listeners and clubbers such yourself. It has been always a quality experience for me. The series remains a good and sharp pne one, the choices of the tunes are excellent and warrant the full dance house. While TRANCE sound is getting more and more generic on daily basis, presented selection is still cutting-edge. I am sure you will find some of tracks featured in this double CD set quite uplifting and refreshing. For "3oo6" volume tunes were chosen as usually by SLOBODAN PETROVIC (PULSEDRIVER). There are 11 tunes on each CD in most cases at their extended versions to fill the series' destination for club DJs. The first CD starts with monumental "Ligaya" by GOURYELLA. This 7'23" minutes lasting version is much more advanced compare to what you can hear in Video Edit. An electronic marvel with exploding synth work and stunning instrumental arrangements. If you like galloping TRANCE with big room feel in it, you will like "Let The Light Shine In" by DARREN TATE V JONO GRANT. This is a showcase of electronics that changes mood from dynamic and progressive beat to ambient slow motion beauty. Quite amazing production. For some more HARD TRANCE action check Katana's Remix of "Cura Me" by SIGNUM or another club kicker done with a lot of drum and bass: "Hard Beats" by SILVESTER. This is also exceptional fare, because you will experience dramatic change in mood from monotonous DRUM & BEAT to intoxicating and passionate TRANCE/HOUSE sparkler. The first CD features much more. Among other spectacular sound tunes are "Moonshine" by SPECTROSONIC, "Sunspot" by AIRWAVE vs. RISING STAR to name the few. Second CD is cool as well. It starts with rather darker more into PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE fare "Erier" by MARC LA CRUZ & ACE DA BRAIN. Lush synths wash over a breakbeat driven TRANCE bottom underscored by some male choir in the background. Be prepared for some surprising turns in this fare. The angelic TRANCE middle section really gives a chilling experience. There few more HARD TRANCE tunes on this CD such as "Third Dimension" by SIGNUM feat. KATANA. The climate of this DC shifts afterwards. You are driven into more light IBIZA-style TRANCE in "Peace Of Mind" by DJ TATANA or "Genie" by AIRBASE. Next shift is into VOCAL TRANCE represented by APOLLO's "Dance" and following "The Sun" by DRAX & SCOTT MAC. From there we are getting once again into synth-driven TRANCE pumpers such as "Now Is The Time" by DARREN TATE vs. MIKE KOGLIN. So taken together, we got yet another interesting volume from this series, worth your money even in this bad economic and political situation. In sound sampler I included 10 tunes from both CDs in the mix. This clip will not do the justice though. You have to get real thing to experience all the moods and atmosphere various tunes will bring.

CD 1
01. GOURYELLA - Ligaya
02. SVENSON & GIELEN - Answer The Question (Original Mix)
03. DRIFTWOOD - Freeloader (Original Mix)
04. DARREN TATE V JONO GRANT - Let The Light Shine In (1)
05. SKYSURFER - Silence
06. SIGNUM - Cura Me (Katana Remix)
07. AIRWAVE vs. RISING STAR - Sunspot (2)
08. RIVA - Time Is The Healer (Armin Van Buuren Remix) (3)
09. SILVESTER - Hard Beats (Movement Remix)
10. SPECTROSONIC - Moonshine (4)
11. TRILITHON - Dagio (5)
CD 2
01. MARC LA CRUZ & ACE DA BRAIN - Eriel (6)
02. SIGNUM feat. KATANA - Third Dimension (7)
03. DJ TATANA - Peace Of Mind (8)
04. AIRBASE - Genie
05. APOLLO - Dance (Megara vs. DJ Lee RMX)
06. DRAX & SCOTT MAC - The Sun
07. ANDAIN - Summer Calling (Airwave Club Mix)
08. DARREN TATE vs. MIKE KOGLIN - Now Is The Time (9)
09. E-WOK - Supersound (Stimulator Remix) (10)
10. DOGZILLA - Dogzilla
11. AXEL COON - Close To You (Pulsedriver Remix)
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Title: Got Dance? reviewed on 03/09/03
Label: 2003 Surge Recordings (US)
Style: Various Dance Styles
Index #: SR-0010-2
Got Dance? This DANCE compilation came from Los Angeles, CA based label SURGE RECORDINGS. Another American label that realised the power of DANCE music. "Got Dance" is a double CD set featuring 17 tunes on the first CD and 13 tunes on the second one, all mixed by JOE NARDI of NAW-T-BOY Production. This offering gives you a wide range of DANCE styles with HOUSE dominating in entire set. There are however tunes easily classified as HI-NRG, TRANCE and TECHNO. First CD starts with #1 UK HOUSE single back from 2000 "It Just Won't Do" by TIM DELUX SAM OBERNIK. This tune is now in regular rotation on major dance stations. You will also find DAFT PUNK's "Digital Love" from their most recent album "Discovery". This tune was actually featured in one of the recent GAP commercials. Speaking of commercials: Another tune: "We're All Made Of Stars" by MOBY which is first single from group's recent album "18" was featured in commercial for INTEL. Now, how about more NRG and TRANCE oriented stuff on this compilation. "Inferno High Love" by KELLI ALI is certainly a good example in which sexualy implicit HOUSE meets HIGH-ENERGY. Another example is uplifting and energetic "The Flame" by EYRA GAIL. One tune in this CD was an amazing discovery for me to a highest degree. "Let's Get It On" by LUCAS PRATA comes as an independent single causing major buzz. It has been produced by SKIP BISHOP - one of the top rhythmic radio indi's in the US. This track is simple an incredible EURODANCE with up-to-date TRANCE feel in it. Clearly a synth-driven marvel with male vocal floating frantically around. EXTREMELY COOL and highlight for all of you DANCE mavens. The first CD features also AQUAGEN's "Summer Is Calling" that has been signed by this label for Spring 2003 release. Of course this tune was a last summer hit in Europe, but hey better late than never it finally comes to US. I was also pleased to see more current tunes such as PET SHOP BOYS' remake "Always On My Mind" by DJ QUICKSILVER. If you didn't hear "Missing" by DISCOVERY (but by now you really should). Here is your chance. Beautifully crafted into glorious mix of TRANCE and HOUSE fare. Another example of hybrid of HOUSE/NRG with TRANCE ingredients is "In My Dreams" by TINA ANN. Among other highlight of this compilation is "Close Cover" by ... MINIMALISTIX (I was very pleased to see this fare featued on American relase!!!), "Russian Trance" by Russian project PPK, OPERA oriented "Symphony #9" by SPIRITUAL PROJECT. Actually second CD has also a title that is truly TECHNO/TRANCE awesome discovery for me: "Cormiensen A Vivir" by XAVIER JACOME. Taken together a good party stomper that would fit perfectly an American audience. HOUSE flavor that dominates US based clubs is cleverly infiltrated by European electronic sound. For now enjoy the sound sampler containing 11 DANCE tunes taken from both CD. Enjoy the sound and get this compilation to support the dance music! At the end I would like to thank SURGE RECORDINGS for submitting this CD for our review.

CD 1
01. TIM DELUXE feat. SAM OBERNIK - It Just Wont Do
02. INTENSO PROJECT - Luv Da Sunshine
03. MILKY - Just The Way You Are (Almighty Mix)
05. DAFT PUNK - Digital Love
06. MOBY - We Are All Made Of Stars (DJ Tiesto Mix)
07. WIDE LIFE - I Don't Want U (Dezrok Remix)
08. KELLI ALI - Inferno High Love (Riva Remix) (1)
09. THE SPACE COWBOY - I Would Die For U
10. 4 STRINGS - Take Me Away (Into The Night)
11. EYRA GAIL - The Flame (Marano Extended Mix) (2)
12. LUCAS PRATA - Let's Get It On (3)
13. AQUAGEN - Summer Is Calling
14. DJ QUICKSILVER PRESENTS BASE UNIQUE - Always On My Mind (Access Remix)
15. DISCOVERY - Missing (4)
16. TINA ANN - In My Dreams (5)
17. PLAYTHING - Into Space
CD 2
01. ATB - You're Not Alone
02. UNDERWORLD - Two Months Off
03. SOLAR STONE - Seven Cities (Solar Stone's Liquid Summer Mix)
04. KOSHEEN - Hungry (DJ Tiesto Remix)
05. MINIMALISTIX - Close Cover (4 Strings Remix) (6)
06. PPK - Russian Trance (7)
07. THE SAX BROTHERS - Careless Whisper (South East Players Remix) (8)
08. PAFFENDORF - Be Cool
09. XAVIER JACOME - Cormiensen A Vivir (10)
10. SPIRITUAL PROJECT - Symphony #9
11. STATE ONE - Forever And A Day (11)
12. JOSH COLLINS - Fathoms (9)
13. INFRARED - Lockport
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Title: DJ NETWORX - Vol. 16 reviewed on 02/26/03
Label: 2003 Sony Music Media /Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 510 667 2
DJ NETWORX - Vol. 16 More releases coming up from German club-oriented label TUNNEL represented here in US as TUNNEL AMERICA. Few weeks ago I presented you volume 15 and today brand new volume 16 from of of TUNNEL's flagship series "DJ NETWORX". No surprises here. DJ DEAN prepared yet another bombastic offering with 40 full blown TECHNO/TRANCE on this double CD compilation. The first CD starts in PROGRESSIVE style with ADRIMA's "Rainbowland (Follow Me)". Very interesting tune as it melts PROGRESSIVE sound with sophisticated TRANCE-club feel and pounding, heart-stopping beat. Well... DJ DEAN will keep us in such mood throughout the CD. You simply cannot miss remake of YAZOO's classic "Don't Go" by ANDRE VISIOR (this fare recently is swamping dancefloors everywhere) or truly thundering "What Are You Looking 4" by MARIO LOPEZ pres. DJ HEADHUNTER. If you are into so popular these days VOCAL TRANCE that got that EURO touch you will like "Stars" by PINBALL. The first CD is really rich with various flavors of TECHNO and TRANCE delivered straight into your own audio system. You will enjoy a true variety of dazzling synths, kick ass productions, female vocals, pounding rhythm. Anything you desire. The second CD is equally powerful. It starts with rather dark, pounding DJ Isaac Remix of "Loving You 2003" by MARC et CLAUDE. This otherwise, rather ambient TRANCE tune received rather shocking treatment with all the basslines and layers of cascading keyboards. Still the explosive female vocals is in there to retain what's left from the "original" version. . This rather DRUM'N'BASS oriented style is bering retained in follow up tunes such as "Wildeside" by ERIK VEE or "Housesensation" by TUNEBOY. In the concluding note, we have once again a solid package for all of you who like club-oriented TECHNO and TRANCE sound. Definately to be part of your collection. If you didn't get your own copy yet, you can buy it from TUNNEL AMERICA as I provided you with the link. For now enjoy the sound sampler containing 18 tunes taken from both CD. Enjoy the sound and get this compilation to support the dance music!

For more information on TUNNEL releases please visit:

CD 1
01. ADRIMA - Rainbowland (Follow Me)(Energy Club Mix)
02. ANDRÉ VISIOR - Don't Go (Grey & Frost Club Mix) (1)
03. BROOKLYN BOUNCE - Bring It Back (Derb Mix)
04. DJ NEIL - Go A Head (Orange Mix)
05. RALPH FRIDGE - Man On Mars (Sven-R-G & seBass-Tian RMX) (2)
06. MARIO LOPEZ pres. DJ HEADHUNTER - What Are You Looking 4 (Orig.Club Mix) (3)
07. PINBALL - Stars (Club Mix) (4)
08. DJ ROBERT & THE MARTINEZ BROTHERS - Dreaming About Paprica 2003 (Dave Joy RMX) (5)
09. PANIC MACHINE - Freeee (Too Much Panic Mix)
10. DJ SAKIN & FRIENDS feat. RUN - Thunderbird
11. WARP BROTHERS - Power (6)
12. C4 - Mysterious Place (Uberdruck Mix) (7)
13. DAVE 202 & PHIL GREEN - Legends (Geen Court Mix) (8)
14. IMPEGMENT SYNDROME - Space (Hard Floor Mix)
15. SESSION ONE pres. D.J. VIRUS - Future Shock (DJ Session One Aka Blutonium Boy RMX) (9)
16. KAROSA - Keep On Rockin (Steve L. Mix)
17. DJ HARDLEG - Rhythm (Russenmafia Mix)
18. ELECTRIC HOMEBOYS - Currence Cutters
19. ANGEL BEATS feat. GODFATHERS DOME - Raise Your Hands Up! (DJ's In The Mood RMX) (10)
20. JFS - Hypnotose
CD 2
01. MARC ET CLAUDE - Loving You 2003 (DJ Isaac RMX)
02. ERIC VEE - Wildside (Club Mix)
03. TUNEBOY - Housesensation (Da Kicker Strikes Again !)
04. SIOUX - Pho (Essential DJ Team RMX) (11)
05. DJ ZANY - Rock The Beatz (Club Mix)
06. SKAM - Close Your Eyes (Orig.Skam Mix) (12)
07. DJ SHOKO - Kick Some Ass (13)
08. STORMCATCHER - Chillin' (DJ Headhunter vs. D-Gor RMX)
09. MEGAPHONE vs. TAMOK - The Die (Super Orig. Mix)
10. M. VAN LINDEN pres. MADAGASCAR - This Way (Derb RMX)
11. SOUND OF OVERDOSE - City 2 City (DJ Scot Project RMX)
12. FIRSTFULL - The Cause (Dubby Moodge RMX)
13. DARKSUCKER - Call Me (Al Tronik RMX) (14)
14. GIGI LAV - Full Blast (Mental Miracle RMX) (15)
15. VATOS LOCOS BROS. - Vatos Locos
16. DJ THE CROW MEETS DJ ARNE L II - The Speed (Uberdruck Mix) (16)
17. P.A.R.A.D.O.X. - B.A.S.S.!!!!! (Direkt Klopfen RMX)
18. MASSIVE BEATS - Turn The Music To Your Head
19. JB BASS & NXP - Warm Up! (17)
20. DIGIMIND - Over The Clouds (Club Mix) (18)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Tunnel Goes Ibiza 2002 reviewed on 02/26/03
Label: 2002 Sony Music Media / Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 508 630 2
TUNNEL GOES IBIZA 2002 For some of you this is probably old news, but I have decided to present you this long past due releases also from TUNNEL RECORDS. Ths double CD compilation was release back in... the summer of 2002 . As a matter of fact it is tradition that "Tunnel Goes Ibiza" series is one issue/year edition. Basically during the summer time resident DJ from this German mega club take over the summer capitol of European Dance: IBIZA by force! This CD gives you an idea what kind of music the crowd is enjoying. DJ DEAN prepared the mix containing all together 33 tunes from TECHNO/TRANCE world. As I mentioned above the compilation is maybe not the newest one, but the featured sound is top-notch. If you missed some titles, that might be actually great opportunity for you, to get them, since this issue is still available here in the US, through TUNNEL AMERICA. So how about the music. "The Truth" by COSMIC GATE is here as well as other fares that throught the summer and later in 2002 gained attention worldwide such as "You And Me" by ORION TOO, "Open Your Mind" by KLUBBINGMAN, revamped "Seven Days and One Week" by CLUBCRASHER in high sought after Oktane Remix or "Ocean Of Eternity" by FUTURE BRAIN just to mention the few. This compilation has two CDs thematically different. First one is entitled "Sunny Beach" and you probably know what it means. Uplifting tunes with giddy, galloping synths here and there. This is perfect dance mix to have fun with. Second CD is entitled "Full Moon" and features more TECHNO/PROGRESSIVE flavor if you will, but not exclusively. Very well rounded offering all together. I have chosen 14 tunes taken from both CDs. The original mixing was not retained. Enjoy the sound and get this compilation to support the dance music since it still available from the link below.

For more information on TUNNEL releases please visit:

CD 1 - Sunny Beach
01. COSMIC GATE - The Truth (Original) (1)
02. JAM X & DE LEON - Can U Dig It? (Original)
03. ANDRE VISIOR - Speed Up (Luvstruck 2002) (Grey & Frost Club Mix)
04. FUTURE BREEZE - Ocean Of Eternity (Paul Hutch Mix) (2)
05. MARIO LOPEZ - Free Your Mind (DJ Taylor & Flow Mix)
06. KLUBBINGMAN - Open Your Mind (Club Mix)
07. ANGEL REVERSE - Don't Care (Delicious Instr.Mix) (3)
08. CLUBCRASHER - Seven Days And One Week (Oktane RMX)
09. ORION TOO - You & Me (Tom-X vs.Steve Cypress RMX)
10. ACCUFACE - Your Destination (7)
11. VELVET CULTURE - I Saw A Light (Shah Mix) (4)
12. AREK - Feel The Power (5)
13. DOGMA - In The Club
14. SPACE PLANET - Global Trancescape
15. TILLMANN UHMRMACHER - On The Run (Ocean To Shore Club Ext. Mix)
16. E-MISSION - Electric (Zone X Club Mix) (6)
CD 2 - Full Moon
01. STARSPLASH - Nightlife
02. BEAM vs. CYRUS - All Over The World (DJ ISAAC RMX) (8)
03. MOTION CONTROL - Higher (Original)
04. ABEL RAMOS - Coral Strings (Original) (9)
05. TRANSFUSE - Welcome To The Future (Gary D Mix)
06. DREAMMASTERS feat. HARIKA - Dunkle Nacht (Niels van Gogh RMX) (10)
07. COSMIC MIND - So Happy (K.Brand RMX) (11)
08. OKTANE - Change The World (DJ Daxx Meets Le Brisc RMX)
09. DJ DISCOVER - Future (Original Mix) (12)
10. RESOURCE CLUB - (I Just) Died In Your Arms
11. ANDY JAY POWELL MEETS ROBERT KLINE - Like A Dream (Andy Jay Powell Mix) (13)
12. ORANGE INC - Recognition Past (14)
13. LUNA SYSTEM - Pink Stars (Club Mix)
14. THE AGE OF SPACE - Music Was Born In Paradise
15. DJ TRANCEPORT - Distorted Reality (Devil Force RMX)
16. IAN VAN DAHL - Will I? (Flutlicht RMX)
17. NIGHTSLIDERS - Lead 4 Trance
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Title: Tunnel Trance Force - Vol. 22 reviewed on 01/13/03
Label: 2002 Sony Music Media / Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 509 517 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Vol. 22 Next three releases come from TUNNEL RECORDS that here in the US are represented by TUNNEL AMERICA. Few weeks ago I reviewed the most recent release (Vol. 23) from this very successful series of "Tunnel Trance Force". Thanks to TUNNEL AMERICA I can present you this as well as other of their releases that I did not have chance to review preview. Volume 22 was released in fall of 2002, however because of the content carefully chosen by DJ DEAN this volume cannot be simply overlooked. If you did not get a chance to get this set yet, you should. Compilation has two CDs that do differ thematically. First one entitled "Hands Up" features mix full of uplifting TECHNO/TRANCE sound. By now you probably should be familiar with such tunes as "Move Your Freedom" by LOVESTERN GALAKTIKA PROJECT, "Full Intention" by MEGARA vs. DJ LEE or "The Rhythm Takes Control" by 666 to name the few. Among other are "Sky Is The Limit" by LOTHOS. Featured DJ DEAN Remix took interesting approach of fusing FLAMENCO theme with wonderfully pumped up TECHNO/TRANCE characteristics beats and strings. "Raise Your Hands Up" by ANGEL BEATS pres. GODFATHERS DOME delivers dark and majestic electronic club fare with thunder and hypnotic TRANCE bassline. The drama in here is chilling. An incredible infectious tune, one of my favorite in that set. If you really like the EPIC TRANCE, the next tune will fit you as well. "Echoes Of Lyra" by MALIXX in PULSEDRIVER sports luscious electronica and inspiring blue-eyed angelic female vocal. There are more gems like that on this first CD with good examples of tracks appearing in the further part of the mix such as "After The Rain" by VINCENT VEGA meets SVEN DE MAR, "Bound In Human Flesh" by GODDESS or "See You" by SLIDERS. Second CD entitled "Jump Around" shifts into DARK TECHNO/PROGRESSIVE and ACID sound yet the first track on that CD "Let's Go" by BARBAREZ feat. MIKE SPOON still oscillates between intoxicating TRANCE and accented NRG. However, the next tune by BOSSDRUM - "Beat Is Pumping" falls already into DRUM & BASS style with PROGRESSIVE feel. Such climate will remain until the end of this CD. DJ DEAN again done an excellent job with this set. Keep in mind that both mixes represent turntable sets not computer-generated mixes, yet the flow between tracks is of superb craftsmanship. I have chosen 17 tunes taken from both CDs. The original mixing was not retained but you have to trust me. It's good! Enjoy the sound and get this compilation to support the dance music since it still available from the link below.

For more information on TUNNEL releases please visit:

CD 1 - Hands Up Mix
01. DJ C7 - Fly Away (Extended Mix) (1)
02. DJ BART The Message (DJ Bart Jumpmix)
04. BEAM vs. CYRUS - All Over The World (Megara vs.DJ Lee Remix)
05. 666 - The Rhythm Takes Control (DJ T-Rob Mix) (3)
06. TRANCE ALLSTARS - Go (Talla Club Mix) (4)
07. LOTHOS - Sky Is The Limit (DJ Dean Remix) (5)
08. MEGRA vs. DJ LEE - Full Intention (Club Mix)
09. ANGEL BEATS pres. GODFATHERS DOME - Raise Your Hands Up (Hands Up Mix) (6)
10. MALIXX - Echoes Of Lyra (Pulsedriver Mix) (7)
11. SUNFACTOR - I Won't Let U Down (Topmodelz Mix)
12. WAVESCOPE - The Spirit (Wavetraxx Remix)
14. GODDESS - Bound In Human Flesh (Delshamar Remix) (9)
15. DIVINO - Lift Off
16. NIGHTSLIDERS - See You (10)
17. BRENNAN & HEART pres. NIGHTFLOW - Day Of Deliverance (Hard Club Mix)
18. JFS - Substance
CD 2 - Jump Around Mix
01. BARBAREZ feat. MIKE SPOON - Let's Go (Club Mix) (11)
02. BOSSDRUM - Beat Is Pumpin (Essential DJ Team Remix)
03. DJ RPM - Poppin Da Bazz (Gambas Remix)
04. RAVE ALLSTARS - Braucht Ihr Mehr? (Extended Mix) (12)
05. ELECTRONIC PIMPS - Snappin Pussy (J.K. Remix)
06. DUMONDE - God Music (Cosmic Gate Mix) (13)
07. SPACEJOCKEYS - Elevator (Up & Down)(Club Mix)
08. NEBULA - Orbital Park (DJ Gollum vs. DJ Yanny Remix)
09. SILVER LIQUID - I Love You (TTF Mix) (14)
10. DJ LOOP - Spring 2002 (Original Mix) (15)
11. 89-ERS - Wap Bam Boogie (Rave Mix)
12. BLACK SPIDER - I Will (Trance Renerators Remix)
13. ANALOGIC DISTURBANCE - Dusky Noises (Original Mix)
14. BRIAN OVULATION - Kicks & Bass (Acid Step Mix)
15. ACCUFACE - 9'O Clock (We Gotta Go To Work) (17)
16. DUE PROJECT - The Goddes (Energy Mix)
17. DJ DEVIL - The Devil Inside Me (Essence Remix)
18. AUDIOWRAP - We Bring The Future (16)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: DJ NETWORX - Vol. 15 reviewed on 01/13/03
Label: 2002 Sony Music Media /Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 509 894 2
DJ NETWORX - Vol. 15 This yet another offering from DJ DEAN this time on "DJ NETWORX" series. This volume was released on October 21, 2002. Series itself similar to "TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE" features club-oriented TECHNO/TRANCE sound but more in PROGRESSIVE side. This "rule" has been a little bit twisted in this release since of quite interesting TRANCE stuff is featured as well. First CD starts with Club Mix of DJ DEAN's very own "Play It Hard". This TECHNO/PROGRESSIVE tune brings cutting endge club sound with some DRUM & BASS rifs and distinctive PROGRESSIVE melodic line. In the PROGRESSIVE mode is also next tune "Acelerando" by RAMIREZ in exquisite BROOKLYN BOUNCE Remix. As this tune drives PROGRESSIVE electronic floors into frenzy you will move to another speedy tune "Jumping Around" by DJ BOOZY WOOZY. This fast pace will dominate in this mix. DJ DEAN did do indeed a very intelligent job of selecting tunes in this CD. For instance, he picked "Chaps In Motion" by ANDY PRINZ tune. This invigorating fare starts as rather dark TECHNO, to suddenly shift into angelic DREAM to die for. The female vocals ala ENYA introduced NEW AGE feeling into this otherwise pumping tune. This female vocal section blasting at the middle of it is just a chilling experience. Way too cool to handle it. For some of you who likes NRG mixed with TECHNO I've got "Into Your Eyes" by ANGEL ONE. For all of you who want some trendy, solid TRANCE sound DJ DEAN delivered pounding VOCAL TRANCE fare "It's my Hymn" by LENA followed by dramatic, big room club stomper "Slave" by PROFOUND. There are also cool TECHNO tunes to satisfy you. Great example of such are "So Good" by SUN-TRONIC followed by pumpin' club stellar "I Feel Da Rhythm" by DJ LOVING LOOP. Yeah! Be prepared for some dazzling club experience. Second CD really shifts gears into true hard TECHNO! It starts with rather ACID sound rich in pumping bass "Strike Again" by DONKEY ROLLERS. If you like this style, you will have it ad libitum in this CD with groups such as BRAIN OVULATION, SOUNDGRABBER, ANALOGIC DISTURBANCE and other projects. Deliciously delivered plate of electronic pandemonium if you will. Taken together, we have a solid package for all of you cherish electronic sound. Good choices, good mixes, good club atmosphere. I have chosen 14 tunes taken from both CDs. Enjoy the sound and get this compilation to support the dance music! As I mentioned, this CD is still available from TUNNEL AMERICA ON LINE. Enjoy the sound!

For more information on TUNNEL releases please visit:

CD 1
01. DJ DEAN - Play It Hard (Club Mix)
02. RAMIREZ - Acelerando (Brooklyn Bounce Remix) (1)
03. DJ BOOZY WOOZY feat. PRYME - Jumping Around (2)
04. AQUAGEN - Summer Is Calling (Rocco Remix)
05. SPACE FROG feat. THE GRIM REAPER (X - Ray) - Follow Me 2002 (Derb Remix) (3)
06. WALT & FELIZ - Endless (Original Mix)
07. ANDY PRINZ - Chaos In Motion (DJ Spoke Remix)
08. ANGEL ONE - Into Your Eyes (DJ Dean vs. DJ Deelay Remix)
09. PARANOID - Zick Zack Melodie (Live Mix)
10. LENA - It's My Hymn (Topmodelz Mix) (4)
11. PROFOUND - Slave (Extended Edit) (5)
12. TWILIGHT - Can U Feel Da Bass (Hard Club Mix)
13. DAVE JOY - Second Chase (Original Mix)
14. SUN - TRONIC - So Good (Version 1.0) (6)
15. DJ LOVING LOOP - I Feel Da Rhythm (Vocal Club Mix) (7)
16. ANGEL OF DEATH - Angels Return
17. DJ PROVIDE - Get Up! (Original Mix) (8)
18. PEDRO DEL MAR - The Mission (Klubbingman Remix) (9)
19. SPACE PLANET - Blue Light (Club Version) (10)
20. DRUNKENMUNKY - E (As In Eyeline)(Radio Edit)
CD 2
01. DONKEY ROLLERS - Strike Again (Club Mix)
02. BRAIN OVULATION - Kicks & Bass (Acid Step Mix)
03. SOUNDGRABBER - Acid Fighter (The Crow Mix) (11)
04. GIZZY vs. THE HOOCH - The Trip (Ard & Jorn Remix)
05. ANALOGIC DISTURBANCE - Dusky Noises (Original Mix)
06. HENNES & COLD - Get Down (12)
07. T.J. - Mellow Claps (Yakooza Club Mix) (13)
08. IMPEGMENT SYNDROM - Colors (Hard Club Mix)
09. THREE KINGS - Tokyo (Russenmafia Mix)
10. BLUTONIUM BOV vs. DJ NEO - Higher Level (Blutonium Boy Mix) (14)
11. DJ ZANY - Ardesso (Long Version)
12. WALT vs. ZERO - GI - Exciter (Showtek Remix)
13. BRENNAN & HEART pres. MISDOME PROJECT - Don't Mess With The Misdome (Black Side)
14. TOOLBOY - Fear The Drill (The Crow Mix)
15. SYSTEM OVERLOAD - Age Of The Machine
16. SILVER LIQUID - Suck X (Flash Mix)
17. ACCUFACE - Reconstruction Complete
18. JFS - The Court
19. AIRWALKER - Tuned Universe (Merlyn Remix)
20. SCHALLDRUCK - Turntable Junky (The Crow Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: DJ NETWORX - Vol. 14 reviewed on 01/07/03
Label: 2002 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 508 817 2
DJ NETWORX - Vol. 14 Volume 14 of "DJ NETWORX" was released back in April 2002, but I didn't have the opportunity to present it earlier. I owe this review to all of you who expected to listen sampler from this release and collectors who were trying to find out more about this compilation. If you are fan of this series, you probably already got this one, but if you are new to "DJ NETWORX" or simply didn't have a chance to get it, than you should check it out. Similar to above presented VOL. 15, this one also focuses on darker side of TECHNO and TRANCE. Both CDs feature 20 tracks each and I am sure many titles you already heard of. Good examples from the first CD are tunes by BROOKLYN BOUNCE, COSMIC GATE, FERRY CORSTEN (presented "Punk" fare departed from TRANCE style but became a huge success for club TECHNO mavens). The sound sampler contains 7 tunes from the first CD giving you an idea what kind of sound you should expect from this CD. Galloping TECHNO in "Nightlife" by STARSPLASH serves as a good example of type of TECHNO. TRANCE sound is represented by DJ YANNY's presents TERRAFORMER - "All Over", UNDERGROUND energized TECHNO dominates in "Hamburg Rulez" by BARBAREZ feat. MIKE SPOON. There are also more uplifting fares as well like frenzy "Dance" by SILVER LIQUID with good vocals, or "Jet Lag" by HIJACKERS. The second CD is again, more dark and more UNDERGROUND flavored dominated by TECHNO. Is starts with DJ SHOKO's "Too Strong" and followed by catchy, killer tune "Hand Up" by AROME. Well... some dark TRANCE is here as well like in "Fly To My Arms" by INSIDE or "Phase" by COOL GREY. Taken together it is a solid release. Both CDs are equally creative with the great selections featruing hard-charged fares with lots of driving synths to have fun with. I am sure you will find this CD as a good addendum to your collection. Sound sampler features 14 tunes taken from both CDs (7 from each CD) to give you an idea. Please buy this compilation to support the hard working artists and show TUNNEL AMERICA, that you appreciate the presence of the label here in States. Enjoy the sound!

For more information on TUNNEL releases please visit:

CD 1
01. BROOKLYN BOUNCE - Loud & Proud (DJ Isaac RMX)
02. STARSPLASH - Nightlife (1)
03. COSMIC GATE - The Truth (DJ Isaac RMX)
04. DJ YANNY pres. TERRAFORMER - All Over (Gollum Meets Yanny RMX) (2)
05. FERRY CORSTEN - Punk (Cosmic Gate RMX)
06. 4 CLUBBERS - Together (4 Clubbers Club Mix)
07. BARBAREZ feat. MIKE SPOON - Hamburg Rulez (Club Mix) (3)
08. DA ROGUE - Die Ankunft (Schwarze Puppen RMX) (4)
09. DJ SPOKE - Ignition (S.h.o.o.k. RMX)
10. SILVER LIQUID - Dance (Networx Mix) (5)
11. DJ MIRKO MILANO - Bang The Box (Arne L II And Mirko Milano Mix)
12. DJ TOM X - Cocaine (Bush RMX)
13. ANGEL BEATS pres. GODFATHER'S DOME - Raise Your Hands Up (Club RMX)
14. VESPA 63 - Never Die (6)
15. CLUB MANIACS - Magic White Snowball (Hard)
16. THE SQUAD - Licht & Schall
17. DJ JO vs. TOM X - This Is Your Fantasy (Club Mix)
18. HIJACKERS - Jet Lag (Dave 202 And Phil Green Mix) (7)
19. ACCUFACE - Jetlag
20. RED WING - Place To Be (Club Mix)
CD 2
01. DJ SHOKO - Too Strong
02. ARD AND JORN - 16 (DJ Nagoom Mix)
03. INSECTO - Insecto (Buzzin Mix) (8)
04. KYAU vs. ALBERT - Save Me (derb(er) Remix)
05. AROME - Hands Up (DJ Scot Project Mix) (9)
06. DJ SMOK - Trip Tonight (Manuel Es RMX)
07. DJ DARKZONE - Infinity In Your Hands (Club Mix)
08. INSIDE - Fly To My Arms (TG Power Mix) (10)
09. MOBIL JOCKEY - Auflegen
10. COOL GREY - Phase (Original Mix) (11)
11. THOMAS TROUBLE - The Real Hardcore (LeBrisc vs. 2Phaze Remix)
12. DJ ZENITH vs. AVEX - I'm Your DJ (Attack Mix)
13. WEICHEI - The Fly (Club Mix) (12)
14. DRUGFACE - Cunt Master (Honeyboney Mix)
15. FARGO - Can't Control (Shimono RMX)
16. MASSIVE BEATS - Puta Espanol (13)
17. BRENNAN & HEART pres. NIGHTFLOW - Day Of Forever (Club Mix)
18. UNIX - The Spirit Of God (Club Mix)
19. HUNTER,LAUKS AND PARIS - Movin' Exposer (Club Mix)
20. DJ SLIDE OUT - Revenge (Cargo Remix) (14)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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